May Arts + Lawn Fawn Week = Day 3

It’s May Arts + Lawn Fawn week = Day 3! We are teaming up with May Arts for the 3rd day to bring you some fun projects! So after you check out this post, make sure to head on over to the May Arts blog! Oh, and there just may be a giveaway at the end of this post, too! 🙂

Oh my gosh!  I am in love with Melissa’s gift bag!!  From the way she used the Lunar Lights set, to the creative way she added in the Bright Side patter paper, and used the different May Arts ribbon, this bag is so perfect!  What a great way to give someone a gift.
I love the vintage feel to Julie’s card.  The way she paper pieced the pin wheels from the Cruising Through Life set, is just so cool!!  Using different pattern papers to do that give the pinwheels so much depth, it makes them look real.  The May Arts ribbon she paired with this card coordinates perfectly too!  
Now, for the giveaway! We are giving away a HUGE spool of May Arts ribbon of you choice every day to one lucky commenter!
Since we are doing a blog week with a ribbon company, I would love to know how you store your ribbon or any tips on how you keep it organized.  Leave your comment below for a chance to win!
Don’t forget to visit the May Arts Blog as well! They have a giveaway and some AWESOME inspiration there too 🙂
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120 thoughts on “May Arts + Lawn Fawn Week = Day 3

  1. Cute cute gift bag, and I sooooo love the paper pieced pinwheels!!!

    I store my ribbons in several shoe boxes covered with recycled fabrics from my favorite pair of beat up pajamas and wine stained khakis. I poked holes along the side of the box with my crop-o-dile and pulled a ribbon through each.

  2. i use plastic shoe boxes for my ribbon storage. i have them sorted into different colors. i must have about 12 of them stuffed full of ribbon-y goodness. thank you for the opportunity to win.

  3. Love these projects, especially that awesome gift bag! I have a clip it up, so I store the rolls on the ribbon organizer and then hang things that are shorter sizes with the clips.

  4. lovely projects!

    ugh, ribbon storage. I have some in the SU ribbon holders. I also have some ribbon on a 3' long dowel that hangs under the window in my craft cave that has spools on it. and then i've ALSO got a bin of "scraps" and loose ribbon/twine. ribbon storage is a bit of a nightmare for me. too bad i love it all so much…

  5. ribbon storage is a nightmare for me too!!!
    I put ribbons in a bag and when I have to find one in particular, i "dive" my head into the bag! 🙂

  6. Love these cards! For ribbon storage in my store we use racks that are like baskets so they can all be seen. At home I use about a 3 inch ring and just put a small bulldog style clip on the ribbons and run the ring through the hole in the clip. Sometimes if the ribbon is more that a yard I just hang it over the ring and let it hang. These really add to the decor in your craft room.

  7. these are so cute. the bag is darling and I love those pinwheels.

    My spools are lined up in a box, my floss is a mess in a gallon ziploc bag, my small twine (a few yards) is wrapped on a thread card and the full size spools hang on my pegboard.

  8. Great projects!
    I store my ribbon in different plastic boxes by color. I store scraps by color in ziploc bags and put them in the box too.

  9. Great and fabulous projects!

    I do not have any ribbon storage ideas and that is why my ribbons arrangement is a mess. I store them in spool in a small drawer. But I read so many ideas here especially on the shoe box transformation! Gonna try that soon!

  10. I recently bought some antique loom quills (bobbins) for 95cents each. They are about 10 to 12 inches tall, stand upright, and hold my spools of ribbon perfectly. No more sliding stacks of unorganized ribbon!

    Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  11. LOVELY!! both the card& the bag turned out gorgeous.

    As for my ribbon storage, I attempted to get it completely organized in January but it's getting back to that … eh not so organized stage. I use wooden down& a storage container (with it ran through a hole) like most the girls but I really dont like how it works. The ribbon always gets pulled too much/falls out. I need to reevaluate!

  12. LOVELY!! both the card& the bag turned out gorgeous.

    As for my ribbon storage, I attempted to get it completely organized in January but it's getting back to that … eh not so organized stage. I use wooden down& a storage container (with it ran through a hole) like most the girls but I really dont like how it works. The ribbon always gets pulled too much/falls out. I need to reevaluate!

  13. wow these projects are amazing and super fun…I love all the amazing creativity…great use of ribbon and twine…

    I do not own much ribbon. The ribbon I do have is wrapped around cardboard pieces and in a basket…

  14. Very cute projects! I store my smaller lengths of ribbons wrapped on cards and in a plastic tub (it's all by Cropper Hopper). I store my spools of ribbon in special ribbon boxes that have an opening on the front so that I can see the ribbon (these are from Stampin' Up).

  15. Amazing inspiration, fun gift bag and card. I store my ribbon in a large Tommy Hilfiger shoe box that has an attached lid, I also use a wire basket and a Michael's photo box and anywhere else I can find space.

  16. Very nice projects!
    I really like Julie's card!
    So adorable!
    I like ribbon and Washi tape!
    I made my own boxes.
    I use old wine crates and an old storage thing from my dad.
    I painted & redecorated them.

  17. I store mine in a plastic box that has holes on the side. I stick several dowel rods through the holes and center of the ribbon spool, so I can see them from the top. It can get tricky if I want the spool in the middle – I end up pulling a lot out to make a good bow. I'd love to hear what others do.

  18. Such sweet projects! As for my ribbon storage – I have a Clip-It-UP ribbon organizer, but it's overflowing… So, additional ribbons are in a wicker basket underneath…

  19. More wonderful creations today! My larger rolls of ribbon are stored in a ribbon rack I was lucky enough to get very cheap at a scrap store closing sale. All my ribbon scraps are stored by color in ziplock bags that I then punch a hole in and hang on a ring. I love that I can take this with me to crops etc.

  20. What a lovely projects again!! At this moment I'm storing my ribbons on their original cards and hose cards are stored in some newly altered boxes. Not the best way to organize them but it works for me.

  21. Great projects today, but the pinwheels are my favorite. I love that they almost look like they are moving. As to my ribbon, it's usually on a rod with bead spacers to it doesn't tangle up too much. Otherwise it's in a drawer marked ribbons.

  22. I just LOVE the vintage card and adorable bag! Thank you (as always) for your inspiration!

    I have an old dresser in my craft room, and store my ribbon first by color, then by size in one of the drawers. I also keep a plastic shoe box on my shelf for embroidery floss and my new fave: TWINE! Just can't get enough of that!

    Thanks so much for a chance to win some goodies from May Arts!

  23. Fun projects! I have two storage systems for my ribbon. One is a wood rack, made by a friend, to hold ribbon spools; the other is for loose ribbon that I wrap around clothes pins and store in glass jars

  24. Hi! I store my ribbon on a wire rack that hangs on the back of the door in my craft room. I can pull the ribbon off each spool w/o removing it from the rack. Works very well.

  25. Darling cards!! I store some of my ribbon around the used up #M Scotch plastic lint roller handles–where the rolled sheets of sticker paper were is the perfect place to roll ribbon around it–then there is a hole in the handle which I can hook onto a metal rod or string several of them up together! I can't stand dog hairs around the house or on clothes so I have built up quite a store of these handles! Thanks for the chance to win some ribbon!!

  26. Wow! Totally agree that her bag is so adorable! And the vintage card is so perfectly matched with the ribbon! Love it! As for ribbon organization, I use plastic bags.

  27. Great bag and card!! I store my ribbon in clear class cookie jars. First i get a tiny tag ready with the product info and thread it on a peice of string. Then i wrap the ribbon around my hand, when it's all of the the roll, i pinch in the middle and tie the string around it. Then pop it in my jar by color.

  28. I have a piece of dowel about 5/8 inch with a knob on the bottom that I had for an old craft project but didn't use. I just slide my ribbon spools onto it and stand it in a corner on top of a plastic cabinet.

  29. I have my ribbons hanging from Ribbon Rings ( One for each color, and they hang from hooks. I love it because it's pretty and it's out where I can see it- so I use it!

  30. i always stored my ribbons in big clear storage bins…BUT..recently just got my first 2 RIBBON BOXES (YAY!!) from the company that sells THE ORIGINAL SCRAPBOX…
    the boxes are wonderful..and hold many spools each..
    still…with hundreds of spools of ribbon..the reality is that id need a dozen boxes….
    for now…i'm happy with the two that i have..and eventually wold like to get ALL of my insanely out of control ribbon supply into these wonderful ribbon storage pieces.

  31. Lovely cards! I keep all my ribbon in a medium sized plastic covered storage bin. It's not the most efficent but at least it's all in one place!

  32. If I buy 5+ yards at a time I take a small snip and tape into my supply binder and keep the rolls in a drawer. By keeping it in my binder I can remember what I have very easily.

  33. My ribbons are stored in Tupperware Containers. Tupperware at one time had Big Big containers that I bought for my Tupperware kit when I sold them i have 3 and then my smaller ribbons are in the ribbon containers that was for xmas time but I need more because i have more ribbons. thanks for asking and for the chance to win. I love love the use of Ribbon on my Projects.

  34. I store mine in some ribbon boxes that I think I got from Joann — but it's not a perfect system and I've been wanting to update it for some time. I'm liking the ideas I'm reading here!

  35. Beautiful cards–both of them! Thanks again for a chance to win a May Arts prize (:

    I don't have that much ribbon (because of space), but I store what I have in a picture box that I picked up at Michaels' last summer.

  36. I love the colors in Julie's card and since I have the Cruising through Life stamp set I may have to CASE that card 🙂 Until recently I stored my ribbon across two 2 1/2 foot dowels, which was a pretty way to showcase all the spools. But I recently picked up the Ribbon Carousel (from same named company) and have just started loading ribbon spools onto that. So I have plenty of space to store LOTs more if I am lucky enough to win some 🙂 Thanks!

  37. I dont have a system for my ribbon…I tried stinging them around a large popsickle stick with no luck….I need more ribbon to have a good system that works! lol 🙂

  38. Cute project!

    Right now I store my ribbon in a clear storage box, it is not ideal but it works okay.

    Carol B

  39. I love the pinwheel card! Your Chari taught me how to make pinwheels thanks to your sweet blog and now my girls and I make them all of the time! Thanks!

  40. That pinwheel card is just the coolest combination of colors and patterns! I have a pegboard with little retail type posts jutting out of it and I store my ribbon on the posts by color. *smile*

  41. How don't I store my ribbon?!!! I have some rolls on dowels I have shoved into boards that I drilled holes into. I have plastic containers filled with other rolls. I have bags of loose ribbons. I have ribbon on my desk, on the floor…ribbons running out the doors (not really, but I was on a Dr, Suess roll!)

  42. That bag is so cute, love the colors and the blue twill pleats is adorable 🙂 The card is fabulous, so classy and the pinwheels really pop! I have a rather unorganized bunch of ribbons just hanging out in shoeboxes for the moment. Someday I will store them properly!!!

  43. Love all of your stamps and seeing all of the projects that are made with them!

    I have recently changed the way I store my ribbon and I LOVE it!!! I took the time (a whole weekend) and rolled the ribbon onto the larger Popsicle sticks. I held the loose end with a small sewing pin. I then sorted the ribbon into different categories. Solids, Stripes, Polka Dots, Stitched etc. and put them into the big glass cookie jars. They look so pretty sitting all together on my shelf and it is so much easier for me to find what I am looking for. 🙂

  44. Love these cards:) I Use Simply Renee;s Clip It Up Ribbon Organizer for my spools and for short left over pieces I have a Jumbo E-Z Pull. Love them both!!!!

  45. I love that windmill card. (My first order of Lawn Fawn stamps came today and I can't wait to start using them!)
    I keep my ribbon spools in a plastic drawer in a single level so I can see them all. I keep my pieces of ribbon rolled around cardboard from old packages of seam binding, etc. in another drawer.

  46. Love these cards! I always have black & white gingham in my stash. 🙂 I store my scrap ribbon in a shoebox (good for rummaging through) and my spools by color in shoebox-type organizers with holes on the side. Found them for $1 each on clearance at Target several years ago – a steal!

  47. Most of my ribbon is on a clip-it-up shelf. The rest are stacked on a shelf underneath. I like to be able to see it all so I know what I have!

  48. I don't have 1 single method and they aren't all together. That doesn't sound organized to me!
    It's great to see the examples. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Lovely cards! I store my ribbon on a homemade rack (rows of dowels), but am transitioning to a newer homemade version (a la Nichole Heady at Papertrey Ink), which holds so much more! My odd pieces go into a little basket.

  50. Wow, terrific projects! They are beautiful! I store my spools of ribbon in my closet. I slip the spools onto wooden dowels that are suspended from space saver hangers (the ones that have two hooks and multiple holes between). I use two space saver hangers and stretch the dowel with ribbons between them. I put the dowel through the holes in the hanger and secure it with a clothespin.

  51. I love the projects today and so so love those paper pieced pinwheels!!! How cute!

    I currently store my ribbon in a basket on spools.


  52. Love the Lawn Fawn + May Arts products on this bag and card!
    I store most of my ribbon/twine/trim by color on their spools or on their cards in a Sterilite drawer. Years ago, I also got a ribbon holder with three dowels of varying height, and I store ribbon on that too, but I outgrew it a long time ago!

  53. Love those pinwheels. I store my ribbon by winding it around 4×6 cards. Then I place the cards in a long narrow drawer. I keep them in similar colors, maybe 6 ribbons on a card. I am going to read all the ideas everyone posted .Always abetter way.

  54. Does it count if I know where all my ribbon is!?! I have no good ideas for ribbon storage. And, it is driving me crazy! I'm going to ready through everyone else's ideas and see if I can find something that will work for me.

  55. Great gift bag and card!
    I store my ribbons on pieces of chipboard that are notched. I bought a couple of sets of the cut chipboard ages ago, and they come with different sizes of notches to accomodate different widths of ribbon. They work out really well.

  56. Ribbon…we have a love/hate relationship! I am a ribbonalholic. I love buying ribbon…problem is, I haven't figured out how to store it. Right now I have my ribbon in 2 drawers, not really in any order. I need help!

  57. have not figured out the best way to store ribbon yet…I have some hanging on my tiered Renee clip it and some in photoboxes.

    Love these projects…very classy.

  58. Love the pinwheel card and the vintage feel of it. My ribbon is in ribbon boxes from Joann's and Michael's and I have way too much of it!lol

  59. Loving the sweet pinwheel card! How fun is that?! I store my ribbon on a beautiful ribbon shelf made by a friend. It has several rows with dowels and all I have to do is slide the rolls of ribbon on. I am so blessed to have such great friends!

  60. i use a jar that a candle was in–it has a tight fitting lid and looks real pretty with all the different ribbon in it
    (i don't have alot of ribbon so this is perfect)

  61. fabulous bag and love the pinwheel car, great papers. My brother made me a shelf/ribbon holder. he is such a nice brother:)
    thanks for chance to win.

  62. I love Julie's card- the colours & vintage feel make it fabulous.
    I store spools of ribbon in a box & pieces in a plastic basket.

  63. I have my ribbon that are on rolls on a dowel rob. Loose ribbon is is clear canister separated by color. Thanks for the giveaways….I love all the inspiration this week.

  64. Thanks for the great project ideas. I l.o.v.e. ribbon so I store it everywhere: on a tiered pant hanger, in a ribbon organizer, boxes, and just on my desk in plain view!

  65. I love ribbon!! I have a five drawer cabinet and each drawer is for a different color set (pink/red, orange/yellow, etc.). The ribbon is either kept on the original spool (if there is a lot of it) or rolled onto empty paper towel tubes and pinned. Very organized and easy to work with.

  66. Right now my ribbon is just in a drawer. I've been trying to figure out a better way to store it, so I'm looking forward to reading through the comments!

  67. I keep spooled ribbon stacked in columns of 6 (same colors together) on my making memories wall organizers. loose ribbon goes in a ribbon purse (bag with holes to pull it from) and bits of ribbon that i can't part with go into a mason jar 🙂

  68. Such an awesome giveaway! I store my ribbon in a clear zippered bag with holes poked all over it. The ribbon goes in and pokes out the holes. It works great! It's called the Pull EZ ribbon purse.

  69. I have several 12 x 12 drawers that hold all my rolls of ribbon. If there is less than about a yard of ribbon, I roll it up and run a quilting "T" pin to keep it tightly together also in the drawer.

  70. LOVE both of these projects! I use the Cropper Hopper ribbon cards to store my ribbon, and then I have the cards lined up in a drawer. It makes it easy to see what I have, and the cards take up much less space than leaving the ribbon on the spools.

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