Operation Write Home week! day 4

We have a fun contest going on this week with a great pirze, so get
creating for Operation Write Home and share your gorgeous cards! Check it out here!

Hello, everyone! We are SO excited about this week, and that is because we are teaming up with our friends at Operation Write Home!
Operation Write Home is an organization that sends blank handmade
cards to deployed service members so they can write home to their
families. As of March 2012, they’ve sent 1.7 MILLION cards! How
amazing is that?!

This week we are focusing on creating cards for deployed service members
to send home to their kids, nieces, nephews, etc. We love the idea of
creating cards for kids, and we think Lawn Fawn is perfect for that! 🙂
We are going to have lots of cards to inspire you to create for
Operation Write home both here and on the Operation Write Home blog, and we have a fun contest on this post where you can show off your awesome cards!

This card by Yainea would make any little girl smile! The bright colors and cute images are just perfect for kids! This card is so sweet!
Melissa S.’s card is too cute! Bright layered papers and a critter is perfect for kids, and the collage look means it could work for an older child, too! Awesome!
Operation Write Home shared a quote with us that I thought was really
powerful and might motivate you to create some cute kids cards!

“To tell you how your cards have made a difference to my family, I’d like to share with you a little about me. My husband and I have 3 daughters; 6, 12, and 16 years old. Our 6 yr old barely remembers my last deployment (thankfully) as she was only 2 then. Our older 2 girls are blind. With your tactile designs, I have written my girls quite often, always taking care and extensive deliberation over which cards they would enjoy most (best “feeling”). Of course for my youngest I chose cute cards, whether silly or pretty but all associated to aesthetically pleasing. I took mid-tour leave in February, surprising our youngest for her 6th birthday, and found all of the cards I’d sent them! Each girl had her own growing collection that she treasured and could revisit whenever they missed me.” -M.A., U.S. Army, Iraq

Make sure to head on over to the Operation Write Home blog for some more inspiration!
Also, we thought it would be fun to have some funny jokes that are perfect for kids with the answers on the other blog! 🙂
What do you get when you cross an elephant with a kangaroo?- Answer on the Operation Write Home blog!
And the answer to their joke: Because of its bark!

Thank you so much for visiting!
Have an amazing day,


7 thoughts on “Operation Write Home week! day 4

  1. What a sweet pair of cards! Both of these would be perfect for some hero's kids. It's especially nice to have some inspiration for 'older kid' cards which can often be difficult to do. Thanks for supporting OWH!

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