Operation Write Home week! day 3

We have a fun contest going on this week with a great pirze, so get creating for Operation Write Home and share your gorgeous cards! Check it out here!

Hello, everyone! We are SO excited about this week, and that is because we are teaming up with our friends at Operation Write Home!
Operation Write Home is an organization that sends blank handmade
cards to deployed service members so they can write home to their
families. As of March 2012, they’ve sent 1.7 MILLION cards! How
amazing is that?!

This week we are focusing on creating cards for deployed service members
to send home to their kids, nieces, nephews, etc. We love the idea of
creating cards for kids, and we think Lawn Fawn is perfect for that! 🙂
We are going to have lots of cards to inspire you to create for
Operation Write home both here and on the Operation Write Home blog, and we have a fun contest on this post where you can show off your awesome cards!

 Bright colors and smiley faces are perfect for kids! I love how Lynnette used the Operation Write Home sketch, too! This adorable card would make anyone smile!
Melissa M.‘s super cute card would be perfect to send to a teen! The butterflies and jewels are perfect for that! It is good to think of kids of all ages! She also used the OWH sketch!
Operation Write Home shared a quote with us that I thought was really
powerful and might motivate you to create some cute kids cards!

“I am from Tennessee and we just had several tornadoes run through middle Tennessee. The news was telling everyone to take cover. My two teenage daughters and two toddler sons went into a closet that is under our stairs (our safest place in our house). My Mom went in to check on them after the storm had passed and all four of them were asleep. She looked down and both girls had taken some important things with them (just in case the house blew away and that is all that survived) Both girls had their shoebox with all of your cards in them, their arms wrapped tightly around it. My oldest had her prom dress, prom shoes and prom jewelry also! I thought it was hilarious because they were convinced that the house was going to blow away and that is all they cared about. Too funny.” -CW3 T.B., Afghanistan

Make sure to head on over to the Operation Write Home blog for some more inspiration!
Also, we thought it would be fun to have some funny jokes that are perfect for kids with the answers on the other blog! 🙂
What runs around a soccer field but doesn’t move? – Answer on the Operation Write Home blog!
And the answer to their joke: You crack me up!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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