Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to the Seasons Givings Blog Hop! This hop is a little bit different because every single person on the hop is giving something away! All you need to do is go to their blogs and leave a comment.  Super easy!  Now grab a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe some hot chocolate, and start hopping!
Here is to starting off the year 2013 in a fun way!

Isn’t this card by Chari just gorgeous?! We hope that you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration and a magnificent 2013!! Wishing you all the best!!

We will be giving away a stamp set and 6×6 pad to one lucky winner!
Comment below with what you hope 2013 brings, and we will randomly pick a
winner! The giveaway ends Wednesday January 2nd at 10pm Eastern.

The next stop on the hop is Unity Design Team! We hope you enjoy the hop!

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778 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Happy New Year!! I recently received my first Lawn Fawn stamp sets — so I hope 2013 brings more of them!! (and I'm not just throwing roses here). I'm looking forward to spending more time crafting in 2013, too.

  2. Sweet card. I love the Penguins. I am anxiously awaiting April of 2013 because my two great nieces – sisters – are expecting babies. A great great nephew and a great great niece!! The niece will be joining an older sister who is my special Missy P! Thanks for the chance to win and Happy New Year to all.

  3. Oh, I so hope 2013 brings better health! I'm recovering from cancer surgery. My life's been turned upside down the past 6 months, but I'm blessed with positive relationships & new friendships through creative therapy in card-making, stamping & scrapbooking!

  4. Penguins in collection happily cheer 2013! What a grand message card suitable for a variety of occasions! Collecting penguins for Gd's stamping treasure box; looks magnifeek. mt23stamper@yahoo

  5. Those penguins are adorable! I'm praying that the new year brings peace to all. And then we'll have lots of time to craft because we won't be so stressed out! 🙂

    Really though… peace. It's a good wish!

  6. Of course this card is adorable! 🙂 Hoping in 2013 my hubby will stay in remission from brain cancer, and that I can become healthier as well. Also wishing for more success from my Etsy shop and of course, to buy some more Lawn Fawn stamps! 🙂

  7. Happy New Year Kelly Marie! I adore your sparkly new years card. I hope 2013 holds a year of better health for me and a year when all the animals in shelters are adopted and have forever homes where they will be loved.

  8. Love the Happy New Year card … it's totally adorable. And what a fun idea to start off 2013 with these fabulous giveways. My personal desire for 2013 is a closer connection to my family … I now live on the opposite side of the nation from them and miss them all so much. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  9. Chari makes some of the cutest cards. Love those party penguins.

    I hope 2013 brings good health & happiness to my family, friends and loved ones. Hope to find myself a good job too.

    Happy New Year to you and all at Lawn Fawn!

  10. Cute, cute cards!! For 2013, I'm hoping for a kidney for my husband. It took us almost a year to get him on the list, and now we wait. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  11. What a cutie card, and what a fun way to start the new year of too. Thanks sooo much for the chance to win here too and a Happy New Year to all of you here.

  12. I love your card and wish I would have found your site earlier. I will be stopping back and checking you out again. Thanks for the chance to win and Happy New Year.

  13. Happy New Year Kelly! Love these celebrating penguins! Lol. Looking forward to simplifying, balancing work/home life a little better, and crafting more this year. 🙂

  14. Happy New Year! What a fun blog hop.
    I love the cheerful little penguins celebrating with all the sparkles and shimmer.
    I am hoping for a year with less stress and more crafting.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  15. Adorable card……………I'm clinking my glass, too. I hope 2013 brings a stop to all this craziness happening in the world today. Much happiness in 2013!

  16. Love those little penguins! Every year, we wish for peace around the world — I hope someday our wish will come true. Closer to home, I'd like to win the lottery so I could stay home and craft all day long!

  17. So Cute…your penguins know how to party!! I hope 2013 brings more family time…a chance to travel…and always happiness in whatever we do. Thanks for the giveaway!! Happy New Year to you, too!!

  18. Thanks for this chance to win!!!! I only have one hope for this year and that is HEALTH…we have been hit so hard this past year…so my Hope for My Family and Friends is a Healthy New Year!!!

  19. Yay…and pour me some of that penguin champagne b/c I never know if I am going to make it to the New Year 2014. I want world tolerance in every way shape and form for 2013, y'all!

  20. a-dorable card by Chari…those 'lil guys are fabulous:)

    2013, I just know it is going to be a GREAT year…I hope it brings some pubs for me. That's one of my crafty goals:)

  21. Happy New Year and thanks for the opportunity to win some great stamping goodies!! Those penguins are so cute. I hope to expand my stamping horizon by learning about new companies and techniques in 2013!

  22. Aren't those just the cutest!!! I hope 2013 brings a much safer enviroment for all of us….and to me personally lots of new papercraft stuff…lol…Happy New Year Year!!

  23. Love using stamps on my cards I make cards for my whole church congregation. Use them in my scrapbooking also. Love like really nice ones.

  24. Cute card…love the penquins. Hoping for a healthier year for my family and trying more techniques this year.

  25. I hope 2013 brings continued happiness to my family and friends. I also want to maintain my 4.0 GPA during my last semester of school. Happy New Year. Thanks so much for the chance to win these yummy goodies.

    I love your card.

  26. Adorable card!!! Those penguins know how to party! I hope 2013 brings acceptance of what is and courage to make better choices. I also hope it brings Lawn Fawn and cookies! 🙂

  27. The Blog Hop is a great idea–I have never been here before and I just LOVE your stamps, especially those penguins! I hope 2013 brings more time for discovery and creating, health and happiness.

  28. super cute Kelly! Thanks for all the fun stamps and inspiration! I hope the new year brings more time for me to use all my Lawn Fawn stamps I purchased in 2012!

  29. cute card. I hope 2013 is a very creative one and I meet a few crafty friends along the way to share in that creativity. Tfs
    evl14512 at gmail.com

  30. I hope 2013 brings a lot of happiness…and a less chaos!! because 2012 was full of chaos for a bunch of us and I think we need a chill out time 🙂
    The penguin card is too cute…my old neighbor would call them mumbles 🙂
    Thanks a bunch for joining the hop 🙂

  31. I love the penguins! They remind me of my niece who just enlisted in the Navy. I'm going to have to make her a card with these guys to cheer her up when she gets homesick!

  32. I'm hoping the New Year will bring peace and happiness to my daughter and her children who experienced a huge life-changing experience in 2012 that changed their lives forever. Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to win!

  33. What a fun card! I'm hoping that 2013 brings some great family time, a better work/life balance, and that I am able to achieve some of my crafty goals. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  34. Happy New Year Kelly Marie and all the LF team. My hope for 2013 is to find more time to craft, to take photos of my craft and to blog. Not too big a wish is it? All the best to you in the New Year!

  35. Oh my, those penguins are too cute and my son is a nut for "penguinos" (his word). I just got the Say Cheese set from Archiver's last month, so I am quickly falling for your versitile sets. Happy new year to you and thanks for the fun opportunity!

  36. Happy New Year Kelly & to yr family! Love the penguins card! What I wish for this yearis that hopefully our family gets to travel more. We haven't been to anywhere for the past 2years so hopefully, this year will be better.

  37. I'm hoping this year brings better health to my family. We have had some serious issues this past year and it looks like all will be on the road to recovery! Happy New Year to all!

  38. Great blog hop! For 2013, I wish for good health, good fortune and happiness for my loved ones. And, for a less violent year for our nation.

  39. Love your card Chari. Penguins bringing in the new year with champange is too cute. My wish for 2013 is more patience and less stress in my life. Need to relax and have fun instead of worrying about everything. Happy New Year.

  40. Happy New Year to you! I am hoping 2013 brings my family and I a healthy and fun year. That's not too much to ask for, is it?!! 🙂

  41. How adorable Chari! Love their little hats and champagne glasses! I hope this year I will take time for me, and force myself to get back into the craft room until I get my mojo back 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win and Happy New Year LF!

  42. I definitely feel like this will be my lucky year. I love 13. I was born on the 13th so I feel it is my lucky number. Would love to win the a prize to start of the year!

  43. Wow, this is so much fun, after somedays without crafting. Thanks for the chance to win some candy! I love your work!! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  44. I just reached an age that makes me very aware of mortality, for some reason. However, I'm online buying supplies for next year's Christmas cards, which I plan to start making this month! I'm hoping that 2013 will be "life as usual" for me!

  45. Happy New Year, Kelly Marie!
    I'm intending to find something to be grateful for every day in 2013…including time for more creating and crafting! Thanks for sharing all the Lawn Fawn sweetness and a great prize!

  46. This cars is so cute. Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to win.

    Becky B.

    becky91804 at sbc global dot net

  47. Such a cute card! This year my dream is to make it onto one of my favorite Manufacturer's design teams and to persue getting more projects published. Love your awesome company–Thanks for the chance at a very generous gift. 🙂

  48. In 2013, I hope to…
    laugh harder,
    smile wider,
    stand taller,
    walk lighter,
    dance crazier,
    hug longer,
    live grander,
    love louder,
    and be happier than I’ve ever been.

  49. Great card. I love how the Lawn Fawn sets coordinate!

    We will be moving for the second time in 10 months this summer. I hope the new year brings a good assignment and a smooth move for us.

  50. What an adorable card! gotta love sweet penguins!
    My wish for the new year is to be close to family and friends, have health, and of course be full of creating and crafting fun!

  51. Happy New Year penguins, love it! I hope the new year brings me healthy times and a chance to enjoy the wonderful events that will be happening this year. My 21yo daughter graduates college this year and I am so excited!

  52. Adorable card, love the samples. I hope 2013 finds me time to start stamping again. I have picked up another job and don't have time anymore. I love stamping and am hoping to manage my time better for it.

  53. Thank you for the chance to win a fantastic prize! My hope for 2013 is for continued good health and happiness for me and for whom I hold dear… Happy New Year!!

  54. My wish for 2013 is for all of our Military to be out of harms way, and for the world to know Peace
    and Goodwell. I also wish for good health, love, friendship and prosperity for my family and friends. I love the penguin card, it is such a cheerful card, that makes you want to smile.

  55. Happy New Year Kelly Marie!
    I'm hoping that 2013 brings renewed health, time with my family (especially my new granddaughter), time to craft, and peace within people's hearts.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  56. (¯`v´¯)
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• .·:*¨·••·¨*:· Thanks.·:*¨·••·¨*:· for all you do for crafters all year long!
    Very much appreciated.Bless you, your time, hard work and your amazing talent.Keep up the fabulous work.
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    Good luck with everything you plan for the new year
    Have a marvelous start in the new year.take care of yourself and stay warm.
    sending hugs across the miles
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy healty new Year

  57. wow!!! this card is gorgeous!!! i love all the sparkle! 🙂
    i'm hoping 2013 brings lots of new things as we embark on a new journey of our own….and some crafting time thrown in as well. 🙂 LOL

  58. how cute is the card!!!. i really hope this year brings several things… another year with my 2 yr old poppy being clear of tumors, and my11 year old copes with her last year of primary school., those 2 thongs and i will be a happy bunny!

  59. Happy New Year to you & your team! Chari's card is super cute! :). Me? I'm hoping that 2013 brings me some physical healing & if not that, then the strength to accept & ability to continue to endure the pain. I sure would love to be able to craft more! Happy 2013!

  60. Those penguins are truly adorable!
    I hope to create a lot more cards this year especially birthday cards AND get them in the mail…hopefully for the recipient to receive by their birthday!
    Thanks for the chance at winning this prize and Happy New Year to you!

  61. This is the most adorable New Year card. Gotta love those penguins! Will really try to step out of my 'box' this year while stamping.

  62. What an awesome blog hop to start the new year! I am so looking forward to 2013! This year I hope to take my crafting and card-making to a new level. I love LawnFawn – thanks for a great giveaway!

  63. How cute are these guys!! Love the stamps and the layout. Thanks for participating in the blog hop and for the chance to win!

    Deb T.

  64. I have just received my first ever Lawn Fawn stamps and they are AMAZING! Just love the products and the projects they make mwah! Love these two guys on your card. Happy New Year to you and Thanks Mike for my little pressie.

  65. Love, Love, Love those penguins. I hope that 2013 brings everyone good health, happiness, and their dreams come true. For me personally, I hope it brings lots of goal accomplishment and tons of organizational phenomena! Happy New Year Lawn Fawn! :O)

  66. I'm hoping my children, grandchildren, husband and I remain healthy and happy in 2013.
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway and Happy New Year's! Adorable card!

  67. Happy New Year! I am looking forward to 2013. I enjoy cardmaking so much and I love all of the great cards and ideas at Lawn Fawn. I hope to have a healthy and happy year with my family and friends! Thanks so much for sharing.

  68. Cute card love the penguins! Penguins remind me of my grandma, she loved them. I hope 2013 brings more time with family and friends, since 2012 was a very busy for me.

    Thanks for the chance to win great stamps.
    Happy New Year!

  69. Chari's card is adorable! I LOVE that the penguins have champagne and hats he he
    For the new year, I want the world to be a kinder place. Good Luck to you and Lawn Fawn in 2013!

  70. Love the toasting penguins. They're adorable.

    This year I'm hoping for our home to continue to be filled with love, peace, and joy. Our home is our oasis. I feel we all function better when we have a safe place of love to unwind in. My prayer is that our home continues to be that place for our family and friends.

  71. Happy New Year! Love those penguins. 🙂
    I hope to be more organized and productive with my papercrafting in 2013. I've made great strides in 2012 and hope to continue that trend in this new year.

  72. my hope is to make a card a day and one tag a day… so by the end of the year i should have enough to fill every possible event. thanks for the chance to win… adventureofthecreativemind.blogspot.com

  73. I hope that 2013 brings less after school car trips as my 17 year old is a few weeks from getting his license (also that God will protect him in the car!). Love the card, thanks for a chance to win.