A tiny little New Year’s Day sneak!

**The Season’s Givings hop is below :)**
Hello friends!! Happy New Year! We are bringing in the new year with a little trade show booth building. I am getting ready to go paint a table now, but I thought before I did that that I should give you a little sneak to our 2 new paper collections! Here are their logos! 
We can’t wait to share more soon! Have a wonderful day today!! Wishing you all the best in 2013!
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55 thoughts on “A tiny little New Year’s Day sneak!

  1. Ohh, you tease!!!! You know now I won't be able to sleep thinking about this!!! 😛 Ughhh! Why did I click over? This is torture!! I'm so impatient to see the collections now!!! heheh (: Happy New Year!!

    1. Hopefully the year will bring Hope, Happiness and Health to all in 2013. Along with those three I am also looking forward to another year of fun cardmaking.
      Julie H

  2. Sounds intriguing and fun. However, if Daphene's Closet is anything like mine, I'm not sure if I would share it. Can't wait to see.

  3. Daphne's Closet sounds like clothes. Mannekins and clothes seem to be everywhere. The Pink lemonade sounds summery. Need that on a cold, dreary day like today.

  4. The new lines sound exciting and fun! I am hoping for a more productive year with improved sales for my business and for my family and friends I am hoping for a healthier, happier and less stressful year.

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