Lawn Fawn Intro: Treat Yourself and Color My World

Hello everyone! It’s Lawn Fawn’s June Inspiration Week! Woohoo! 
We will be showcasing Let’s BBQ, Owen’s ABCs, Sweet Smiles, Treat Yourself and Color My World along with Stitched Oval Stackables, Thinking About You Border, Scripty Congrats and the New Dies for previous sets!

Today is our showcase of Treat Yourself and Color My World! The design team has made the most amazing samples! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! 🙂


I love how Nichol combined Treat Yourself with Here’s the Scoop on this super sweet card! The striped awning she created with Let’s Polka, Mon Amie papers is adorable!

Chari‘s Color My World card is stunning! I love how she stamped the sentiment in different colors! The faces from Sweet Smiles look so cute on the crayons!

Elena‘s Party Animals are ready to treat themselves to some ice cream! I love how she combined these 2 sets to make this totally adorable card!

Nicole used pretty watercolors to paint her crayons. I love how she heat embossed the sentiment in gold!

I just love Latisha‘s fun and trendy Treat Yourself card. Her watercolor background is so pretty!

Yainea created a fun and unique Color My World card with Scripty Thanks. I love that she “colored” outside the lines!

Lynnette‘s card is sweet and simple with just a couple strips of Pint-sized Patterns, Beachside paper. I love how she left the tails of her Tangerine cord long!

Chari skipped the coloring on this cute card, instead she used a rainbow of cardstock to stamp and die cut her crayons. The neutral background lets the crayons shine. I love the sweet Stitched Scalloped Border.


Oh, how sweet is Yainea‘s Treat Yourself card?! She created a sweet scene with cute birds from Home Sweet Home and banners from Blue Skies!

Nichol’s shaker card is beautiful and so clever! The shaker pieces are in the frame around the cute crayons and sentiment. I love how she used Science of Love to add some background stamping!

I’m sorry that we don’t have an intro video today. As I talked about in this post, I’ve been undergoing treatment for Lyme Disease. I am finally nearing the end of my treatment, and I am doing so much better! My doctor wants me to rest, so I needed to take a little video break. I promise to have these videos for you as soon as I can! Thanks for understanding and for your well wishes. They have meant so much to me! 

I hope you have enjoyed this inspiration for Treat Yourself and Color My World. 
Now it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite ice cream flavor by today July 1st at 5:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for one of these sets! (If you already own this stamp set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday July 2nd when we reveal our June Inspiration Week Winners!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂 

Thank you so much for visiting!
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209 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Treat Yourself and Color My World

  1. ICE CREAM!!!!! Braum's banana split of course….LOL….my favorite ice cream at the moment is a Breyer's Gelato that you can purchase at Walmart….comes in many flavors….but the only one that I have tried and LOVE is a dark chocolate and strawberry….YUM!!!

  2. Great cards, adorable looking sets! As for the ice cream, probably Penn State Creamery's August Pie: Vanilla Ice Cream with Peaches, Nectarines & Red Raspberry Sauce.

  3. OMG!!! Love all projects!!! Great job girls!!! I love vanilla-flavoured ice-cream with chocolate chips!!!

  4. SQUEAL!! HOW CUTE are ALL of these!! LOVING them!! =) My FAVORITE Ice Cream Flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!! YUMMY!! =) THANKS for sharing ALL week and for the chances to WIN!! =) Have a FABULOUS 4th of July WEEKEND!! =)

  5. Am I still in time…here in Italy I am…
    My favorite Ice cream flavor is Pistachio…stunning, delicious and very creamy! I absolutely love all the cards, but the shaker card is so nice.
    Thanks so much

  6. I like the ice cream parlour Nichol created for her card. My favourite flavour is mint choc chip. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Love the projects, fabulous as always!

    Mmmmm, it's a toss up between cookies and cream and cookie dough for my favorite ice cream!

  8. CUTENESS GALORE – I LOVE having my world FILLED with COLOUR and CREATIVITY!!!
    I LOVE triple choc chip and caramel but my all time favourite, go to flavour is vanilla – YUM 🙂

  9. My favorite ice cream flavor is all of them! But mostly chocolate peanut butter. Thanks for all of the inspiration!
    Kirsten B in MN

  10. Beautiful cards! Both of these sets are super adorable! My most favorite ice cream is Karamel Sutra from Ben and Jerry's. Find it, try it – I dare you not to love it! 😉 Happy July to all and Happy Canada day to all the Canadians out there!

  11. My favorite ice cream flavor is a toss-up between the following Ben & Jerry's flavors: Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, The Tonight Dough, and I Dough I Dough! #ILoveIceCream

  12. My favorite ice cream flavor is Blue Bell chocolate, which you can't buy now. It has been the summer with out ice cream here in the south.

  13. I couldn't pick just one flavor, so- Mint Chocolate Chip and Pistachio Gelato! I had some Pistachio Gelato in Rome, in the Vatican to be exact, and it was amazing! Awesome job as usual with the cards/stamps, Lawn Fawn! 🙂

  14. What an awesome collection of colorful cards! Thanks so much for sharing! Love Potion #31 from Baskin Robbins is my all time favorite ice cream!!! Hope you feel better and recover quickly!! =)

  15. Just when I think I have enough stamps, you showcase another set I desperately "need"! Love the color my world crayons! My favorite ice cream splurge is strawberry ice cream! Happy National Ice Cream month in July, another reason to love summer!

  16. I love each one of these projects!! Greatness!

    Hmm… I'm not really into ice cream, but i do like a good strawberry shortcake ice cream bar every once in a while 🙂

  17. These are ALL such adorable creations from the team!! 🙂
    Every since I tried it, I've always loved the strawberry cheesecake ice cream…so yummy!

  18. What fun cards! The shaker frame is a clever idea. My favorite ice cream flavor right now is coconut.

  19. OMG!!! Love all projects!!! Great job girls!!! I love vanilla-flavoured ice-cream with chocolate chips!!!

  20. So sorry to hear about the lyme disease, but glad that you are almost out of the woods! I love these crayons! My favorite ice cream is either mint chocolate chip or something with caramel in it.

  21. I missed the post where you shared your battle against Lyme Disease. I am so sorry about this battle and wish a full recovery. ((hugs)). favorite ice cream? cookies-n-cream

  22. Thank you for such an awesome inspiration week! I have enjoyed looking forward to seeing what's new each day! My favorite ice cream is pistachio!

  23. I'm so glad they figured out what was wrong AND that there was a treatment to help you feel better. May your health continue to improve. Blessings to you.

    As for my fav ice cream… Vanilla.

  24. Ice Cream is my favorite food group, my absolute go to flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip. Love all of these projects!!

  25. So cute! love all the design team's projects today, thanks for the inspiration! My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies & creme – no question 🙂 Feel better soon, Kelly!

  26. Yummy! Love all the ice cream treats on those cards and also the colorful creations with the crayons too. As to ice cream, I think I will go with vanilla ( I know boring) but that way I can add toppings to it or add it to another kind of sweet treat. I also like rocky road too.

  27. Just recently we found a new flavor of Edy's Ice Cream called Cinnamon Bun. It's awesome. Wonderful ice cream treat images and the colorful Color my World is sure to be a hit. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  28. I love chocolate ice cream, and if I can get some almonds in it, then that is even better! 🙂
    BTW, these cards are sooooo CUTE! You can't help but smile when you look at them!

  29. I usually went with chocolate chip but my granddaughter brought some Butterfinger and it was delicious. She took what was left home with her so I had to go to the store and get myself some of the Edy's butterfinger ice cream. Delicious.
    Love the crayons. All of the ice cream cards made me hungry – maybe it's time for some butterfinger.

  30. How did I miss this? I LOVE these fun cards. I have this ice cream stamp set but my stuff does not look like any of these!! My favorite ice cream is peppermint stick. It is an old fashioned flavor!!

  31. Awesome projects! There are so many colorful possibilities with these sets, amazing! My favorite ice cream flavor is definitely cookie dough – yuuum!

  32. (I don't see my reply so I'm going to try this again). I love mango ice cream and coffee ice cream! These sets are so adorable ^___^

  33. If I have to pick a favorite, I guess it would be Mint Chocolate Chip. But really that would make the other flavors sad… The stamp sets are delicious too!

  34. I just love all of these happy cards! Especially where Elena combined Party Animals with Treat Yourself! Wow, I'm not sure it's possible to pick just one ice cream flavor but if I have to I'll say coffee. I used to love going to Friendly's in the summertime for a coffee ice cream cone with jimmies!

  35. I have a hard time choosing one flavor, just as I'd have a hard time choose just one of the above fantastic cards! But one of my faves is no longer available: Godiva's white chocolate raspberry — it was amazing!

  36. I hope you are feeling much better Kelly-Marie! My husband and I are onto an ice cream "thing" in a terrible way! I like a lot of flavors: vanilla bean, blueberry, strawberry….. Nothing but chocolate for my husband!

  37. I'm glad you are feeling better! Rest is best. 🙂 I love this stamp set! My favorite flavors are Coconut, pistachio, cherry vanilla. 🙂

  38. Hope you are enjoying some ice cream while resting! Sending lots of well wishes your way. I will be digging into some chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream later today. Yum!

  39. EEEEEEEE! What GREAT projects today. LOVE these stamps!!! ♥

    My favorite ice cream flavor…..ANY LOL……Okay…my all time favorite (if and when it can be had…..) Baskin Robbins Chocolate Almond! They have the BEST chocolate flavor in that recipe!

  40. Love all the beautiful happy cards – especially Nichol and Chari's first cards, with the tempting ice-cream and crayons with faces! My favourite flavour is liquorice.

  41. Love the cards with the ice cream,me specially the one with the fox and bear!
    Who doesn't smile when they hear the words ice cream?
    My favorite flavor is chocolate marshmallow.

  42. So much eye candy and fun cards here on this post!! Favorite Ice Cream – DEFINITELY Mint Chocolate Chip!!! Thanks for all the amazing things you all do at Lawn Fawn!!!

  43. Any one who knows me knows that I am crazy for ice cream. I eat it every night before I honestly to bed and I sleep like a baby. My fab favorite flavor is chocolate.

  44. Oh lovely projects today!!!! Love the cute ice cream stamp!!! Ok so my favorite flavor is banana!!!! I love it .. with a little bit of wet walnuts on top!

  45. Mmmm this is hard to say just one but I will choose Hagen Daz pomegranate dark chocolate chip. It was a special edition so sadly I can't get it anymore 🙁 luv nichol's card

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