Sneak Week 2018 – Day 3 + Giveaway!

We are continuing to share sneaks today of our new products for the Association for
Creative Industries (formerly CHA) Creativation Trade Show! We are
beyond excited to begin sharing everything we have been working on!
This release is so much fun!
will be showing you the new paper collections, stamps, dies and more
that we will be exhibiting at the Creativation trade show in Phoenix
later this week so that you guys can participate in the fun with us! 
These Spring-themed products will be available in late February, and we will have an awesome Inspiration Week with design team samples, Intro Videos and more giveaways then, too!
Today we are showing 15 of our 23 new stand alone die sets (with a giveaway, of course!)
Remember to tell your favorite store about our new products! We would love to show them everything at booth #2536 or chat with them via email or phone!

Cloudy Hillside Pop-Up Add-On

Scalloped Treat Box Spring House Add-On

 Tiny Gift Box Bunny Add-On

Pivot Pop-Up: create an interactive pop-up surprise!

 Mini Pop-Up Butterflies

 Slide On Over Semicircles

 Stitched Garden Border

 Little Flowers

 Spring Sprig

Stitched Basket

 Speech Bubbles

 Mini Picture Frames

Bayou Backdrop

 Quilted Backdrop

 Peekaboo Backdrop: use it as a stitched frame or add the peekaboo flaps for a hidden surprise!
Now we have a fun opportunity to win it before you can buy it in late February! Woohoo! Leave us a comment by January 22nd for a chance to win a new die set of your choice from this post!

Make sure to come by tomorrow for more sneak peeks! 

Thank you so much for visiting!
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777 thoughts on “Sneak Week 2018 – Day 3 + Giveaway!

  1. I was wondering when you were going to introduce Quilted backdrop, from the day 1 when I saw a DT used it for ducky card, and I knew I'd never seen it before, and I loved it! Anyways, so it's called Quilted backdrop! I really like it! I do make cards, with the design of some kind of quilting a lot cuz I used to quilt long time ago, so it's my thing, and I really need that!!

  2. there are too many dies I would love to have. I have a soft spot for boxes, so love the addons, and the stitches basket. But I think my most favorite would be the pivot die. Making it so much easier to make a interactive card

  3. I am blown away with this release! I love the quilted backdrop and the bayou backdrop, the cute little basket, and the flowers and sprigs!! The Spring add-on for the scalloped treat box is so cute! I have a huge wishlist.

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! I've always loved boxes, pop up and interactive cards and today I feel like Alice in wonderland!!! It's so hard to choose only one fav because all these new dies are WONDERFUL!!!!

  5. My mouth is hanging wide open in awe!!!! Your stamp sets and dies are out of this world and I especially like the interactive die. I own the magic slider die, the shadow box die, and the pop up die and love all three. I cant' wait to add another one to my collection.

  6. Oh my! Too many to try and remember that I love! The cloudy hillside, the bunny add on's (and the house), three cute little basket… and the bayou!! How cool!!!

  7. Great new release! Some terrific dies coming available. If I were lucky enough to win, I'd for sure choose the quilted background. That one is just so sweet! Good luck at the show!

  8. Wow, I'm very impressed with how well these dies are thought out. I especially love the Peekaboo Backdrop, with its brilliant window additions. The Mini Picture Frames coordinate so well with the farm theme and all your die sets seem to be stuffed full of extras. It's a very impressive release.

  9. Wow! This is such a great released!!! I’m looking forward to the treat box add-on or the cute little accordion add-on. So hard to choose! 🙂

  10. Sweet mother of God ALL of this is AMAZING!!!!!! I'm flipping out about the little basket! And the quilted backdrop! And the pop and swivel crazy card magic! *Swoon* Kelly Marie, you've done it again!!

  11. What a fabulous new release! I only recently discovered your stamps and dies, and they are not easy to get in the Netherlands. Hope I will be able to get my hands on them anyway!

  12. I think I need to get a part time job so I can afford all the new stuff! I want it all! (Just realized I sound like the blueberry girl from Willie Wonka!) You guys keep coming out with cuter and cuter stuff!!!

  13. Lawn Fawn you always get me in trouble, I absolutely love everything! I love the interactive dies, they are so much fun. I can't wait to get them and play. Looking forward to the release!

  14. 'Peek A Boo Backdrop' & 'Mini Picture Frames' are ADORABLE!!!!! Well….all the new products are awesome. I like the treat box add ons too!

  15. Ok. I'm being completely serious right now… I literally promised myself yesterday that I wasn't ordering any more crafty stuff for a long long WHILE. I've placed 5(!!!) orders this month – which is a really lot for me. Honestly, as much as I loved everything shown in the sneaky peeks thus far, I did not think I'd desperately "need" anything, but Lawn Fawn… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!? I see a minimum of 5 things today that I'm crushing on SO hard!! You have really outdone yourselves!! Truly, you've got some seriously fab goodies going on here. Way to go on continuously being innovative and creative when designing amazing products and the DT knocks it out of the park with their creations!! I'm super inspired right now!!

  16. Good heavens, this is a killer release! I have never wanted so many items from a release! Pretty much all of it would be used frequently in my collection! Wow. So many great dies… and creative. I really love the cloud pop up, and the Spring Scalloped treat box add on… but also the slider dies that make an arc, and the quilted cover die! And the peek a boo set! and the bayou set. Seriously… it is all so good.

  17. I’m going to the poor house!! This release is totally awesome!!! I NEED them ALL!! I really HAVE to have the cute DUCK STAMP SET!! Cutest thing since I don’t know when!!! Awesome realease !!!!

  18. I love, love, love the Quilted Background die! I also really like the Mini Picture Frames die set a lot….great release!

  19. I am loving all the new dies. Really excited to be able to get the mini pop up butterflies and the peekaboo backdrop. I am really looking forward to this release.

  20. Oh wow…I’m floored! Every time I thought saw my favorite “gotta have!” There was a new one! The pop-up dies are so cool but I love the stitches Garden Border & the quilted background is perfect, little frames are *adorable* & so many possibilities to the peek-a-boo stitched frames – yay!

  21. Too many awesome sets!!! I'm literally overwhelmed with ideas, I can't begin to imagine how much fun I could have with any of these. I adore the Bayou Backdrop, that is top of my list.

  22. The Speech Bubbles and Peekaboo Backdrop dies will be very useful in my house! 😀 So many card ideas are flying through my head – so excited!!

  23. Dear Lord I don't even know where to begin! These products are so AMAZING! My shopping list is now up to 16 items and there's still two more days left! My credit card is going to blow up.

  24. Oh my word….you have truly outdone yourself! So happy to see such fresh, innovative and fun dies. I will be saving up for when these release!

  25. I don't even know where to begin to compliment the work you've done on the new release! So many exciting things… The bayou die. The peekaboo frames. The Spring House add-on. The Stitched Garden die (this one will go great with the vegetable stamp set). The Mini Picture Frames (LOVE those!). The Quilted Backdrop.
    So much to love!

  26. They just so darn cute! I want them all but the quilted backdrop probably is my favourite with most being a close second. The DT did such a wonderful job showcasing them.

  27. Oh dear, I think I'm going to need a new container to store all my Lawn Fawn sets! this is a great release…Will have to get an advance on my birthday presents to get all the ones I'd like.

  28. Kelly, your releases are just absolutely jaw-dropping incredible. I am always so excited to see what you guys come up with next and every post is just filled with so much inspiration. Amazing work DT! Wishing all of you going tons of fun at Creativation!

  29. Wow, you have really covered all the bases here! This is a fantastic release, so many great dies, I feel like I have to go back and study this a few more times to be able to pick my favorites! Just awesome!!

  30. I've been a fan of your products for the past 5 years, and y'all never cease to amaze me with your new fun products!! I recently got my friend hooked on your products as well 😉 Keep up the great work and I am excited to see even more with this spring roll out!!!

  31. Oooo, what awesome products! As I was scrolling through I kept saying (out loud): "Oh, I need that one!" "OMG that is a must have." "I'm buying that one". HAHA So many awesome dies!!

  32. These are all amazing, I want them all. Why do you have to come out with 23 new dies all at once:( Makes it really hard to get everything I want.

  33. I am going to email my local store the second I finish this comment to let them know they HAVE TO GET the speech bubbles! and the butterflies… and the basket… oh dear, I think they just might need to get all of them!

  34. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Love, love, love all of the new dies!!!! I've made twist and pop card before, but your die will make it so much easier!!! Love, love, love Lawn Fawn!!! Aloha from Hawaii!

  35. I've been waiting for the bunny die to be revealed since I saw the rows of colorful bunnies in the Sneak Week email! So excited about this one, and then to see so many other cute and fun designs as well! My wishlist for this release is getting to be so long!

  36. I wondered who was going to create a twist 'n pop die for cards and by golly you nailed it! Everything is fabulous, including the creations from the DT that showcase it all! I'm completely blown away 🙂

  37. Oh my that pivot pop up! It just got better and better as I scrolled. I echo others… there goes the bank account. Thanks for the previews and chances to win!

  38. Omg! These die cut sets are the best ones I seen so far. I love the cute basket and the bayou one reminds me of the scene in the Little Mermaid where Ariel and Eric about to kiss.

  39. Amazing new products!!! I am in love with that fun Bayou Backdrop. So much you can do with any of these!! The DT creations are just fabulous.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  40. Oh my goodness everything is so beautiful, I want (need) it all 🙂 I love the cute mini picture frames but I would be happy with anything at all. Thanks for the chance to win x x

  41. Where do I start? I just put the whole post on my wishlist!! The pivot pop up is genius and topping my list so far together with the lovely quilted backdrop. Now, regarding that adorable Tiny Gift Box Bunny add-on… I'm assuming there will be a kitty add-on coming soon?!!! >^.^<

  42. Oh my, there was almost too much to take in! Loving the interactive dies and the background dies. That quilt die is really cool! I'd definitely have a tough time trying to decode which on e to get if I could only have one!

  43. So many gorgeous cards – the duck in the bathtub is so cute! I also love the ones with the Mini Picture Frames and Peekaboo Backdrop. I'm intrigued by the Pivot Pop-up – would love to know how it works!

    These are too adorable & i need every single one.
    LF you’ve hatched an amazing Spring release.
    Wish i could order direct from you guys, as your’re so sweet adding extra little hug gifts.
    But the international postage will kill me, so i will have to buy local so i can but more! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  45. OMG!!! This release is fantastic! I want all of the things. I was literally scrolling through… Oh that's cute… I want that… Me please. LOL Can't wait for these to release.

  46. Seriously, Lawn Fawn? Do you have to make everything so irresistible? I love every single thing you shared here! I LOVE that you made a die for pop-up cards – I NEED that for sure!!

  47. Holy Buckets of BIG fun!!! This has got to be my absolute Favorite Dies. I didn't think you could get any better; but, you've blown the creativity with dies out of the water. Awesome job everyone!!! I'm drooling and can't wait!!!

  48. Dog gone it! I spent days working on a pop up card like that. I finally figure it out and you come out with the die! ARRRRGH!
    I'm gonna die poor, and it will be YOUR FAULT! But I'll be happy!

  49. Oh my! What an amazing release. I think for my own sanity I should quit looking at the sneak peeks…but I know I won’t! I just can’t resist. This release is your best every. I’m going to get myself in soooo much trouble when I place my order! Just love everything.

  50. Oh, my! I’m new to Lawn Fawn, and am blown away by this release! The cuteness and usefulness are beyond words. Thanks so much for opening this new door in the creativity realm for me!!

  51. The speech bubble dies are so creative and different. Also, this would be my first purchase for any slide die. Love this slide on over semicircles die. And then there are the mini pop-up butterflies. These are the top three on my wishlist for this release.

  52. Wow! You guys have been busy! It feels like a Spring Time Christmas, with so many awesome coordinating and innovative products. The Design Team has done an amazing job pulling everything together, I love it all!

  53. Seriously?! How am I supposed to behave with all these awesome toys?! Today my favourite is a great toss up between quilted backdrop, bayou, and mini picture frame. Can't wait to see tomorrow's sneak peek.

  54. These does are too cute! I cannot pick a fave so I know a lot of them need to make it to my collection. I like the spring spring, the multi lanes window, the bunny gift boxes…omg!

  55. Another day, another fab sneak peek of the next release. It just keeps getting better and better! I keep adding to my wishlist but I am going to have some tough decisions to make before it's actually released. I can't wait!

  56. Oh my…the wish list just grew by leaps and bounds! Now I know I need another job, lol. I really love all the new interactive dies, especially the pivot and pop die. It's just so cool!

  57. ♫♫Splish splash!
    I was taking a bath!
    With a rub a dub dub
    and ducks in a tub♫♫

    Just when you think Lawn Fawn will run out of great new ideas for new stamps, they come out with so many great new dies, it's impossible to choose just a few!

  58. GAH! There is sooooo much that I love! It is all being added to my birthday wishlist (but I will probably be buying myself some gifts too from this list!). I love the butterflies, the pop up, the garden, the frames, the word bubbles! AAAAHHHH!!! Love so much of this!!

  59. I love so many of these new products! I especially love the new house add on, the basket, the quilted backdrop and the cloudy hillside pop up add on.

  60. Super cute release and lovely cards. Particularly like the Pivot Pop-Up and Slide on Over Semicircles! However I NEED the Frogs & Aliens! Really can't wait for the end of February release!

  61. Oh!!!!! Everything is too cute!!!! I love it all!
    I don't know how but every release is cuter than the one before. I can't wait to get some of these.
    Thank you,
    Cheryl R.

  62. I want to get all the dies from this post. It's hard to choose my favorite! Excited about the spring scallop house add on and the pop up pivot book.