Lawn Fawn Intro: Beam Me Up

Hello and Welcome to our March Inspiration Week! We are showcasing 5 new stamp sets, 4 new standalone die sets and our Gotta Have Gingham Paper Collection! All of these products are available now at and at your favorite crafty stores.

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Today is our showcase of Beam Me Up and its coordinating dies! Beam up some fun with this cute set of aliens! This out of this world stamp set is great for fun birthday greetings or inspirational “believe in yourself” messages. The design team has made the most amazing samples!
We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this fun new set!
Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Chari‘s super cute and clever jar featuring Beam Me Up would be perfect party décor!

Lizzy added some glittery sparkle to her fun alien-themed birthday card!

Latisha created her Beam Me Up scene on a smaller panel with lots of white space to make it pop! I love the pretty colors in her ink blended space background!

Elena‘s cute alien critter scene really stands out against the starry black Snowy Backdrop!

Lynnette used Really Rainbow paper to coordinate with her happy rainbow hued aliens! She created the fun design using Outside In Stitched Star Stackables!

Melissa‘s fun pastel birthday card uses our Peekaboo Backdrop to add some “comic” style!

Jenn created a special birthday card with the our Beam Me Up aliens! She decorated the cover with an Outside In Stitched Star and then carried the fun to the inside with a Pivot Pop-Up and colorful Really Rainbow papers!

Elise colored her cute aliens in rainbow colors! I love how they are peeking through the Outside In Stitched Star windows!

I love Yainea‘s clever interactive slider design! When the tab is pulled, the cake is “beamed” aboard the cute spaceship! So fun! She added the pretty greeting with Happy Birthday Border!

Audrey‘s clean and simple cover gives no clue to the amazing Pivot Pop-Up galaxy that springs open inside her amazing card design! She added fun details with Starry Skies and Stitched Trails dies! The cute planets and rocket from Out of this World are a perfect match with Beam Me Up!

Kristin‘s witty birthday card features the cute Hay There cow! I love how she created the fun stamped background!

Jessica‘s Beam Me Up birthday card has lots of sparkle and shine! She added the fun balloons from Bicycle Built for You and the cute little banners from Scalloped Box Card Pop-Up!

Nichol‘s Beam Me Up birthday card features an amazing galaxy sky background!

Now, I have a little video for you showing Beam Me Up in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Beam Me Up and its coordinating dies. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite space or alien movie by March 22nd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this stamp set and win, you can choose another set!)
Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday, March 17th for our next inspiration week post!
Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂







326 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Beam Me Up

  1. I love how cute this set is! So awesome! My favourite space movie would have to be, “SpaceBalls”. It’s so sarcastic and funny and who doesn’t appreciate a good 80’s movie with John Candy in it.

  2. This is the cutest set ever and the creations blew me away!!!! Love how you always have a wonderful video as well. A million thanks!!!

  3. My favorite space movie has got to be Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen and the late great Alan Rickman.
    Great samples by the DT!

  4. these cards are so cute! those martians! my favorite alien movie would have to be the blueprint – Alien. love sigorney weaver in that role!

  5. I have kicked myself so many times for not ordering this stamp set yet (although I DID get a bunch of other goodies). The more I see your fab projects, the more I see that it’s such a great addition to any stamper’s collection. I love all of these projects everyone!! So adorable and FUN!!!!

    My fave alien themed movie has got to be ET! I just love it so much and I also LOVE the fact that now I get to enjoy it with my kids!

  6. Well I have to go with ET for my favorite alien movie. Loved it as a kid and still love it. All of these ideas are so amazing!!! I love inspiration week!!!

  7. My favorite space movie is Star Trek. Nice and kid-friendly.
    Love the aliens! Love how they match with Monster Mash! Lawn Fawn is great for mix-and-match stamps.

  8. I love this cute set! I have it and can’t wait to start playing, especially now with all the inspiration. Yay!

  9. Eep! I just love love love this adorably creative little set! I think my favorite alien movie has to be Independence Day from the 90s! Haha it makes me laugh 🙂

  10. Super cute! Love all of the design team samples! 🙂 My favorite space movie is Galaxy Quest, it’s hilarious!

  11. Oh my goodness! This set is so fun. I love seeing what everyone created with it. I really like Yainea’s ‘beam up the cake’ card and Elise’s peek-a-boo stars card.

  12. Love your aliens! I think my favorite alien ever was Mork of Mork and Mindy. As far as movies, probably E.T.

  13. Love this set. Even my teenage great-grandson would love a card made with this set and you have shown so many great ideas for it.

  14. Adorable!!! Such fun creations. LOVE them ♥
    Favorite alien/space movie….hmmmmm There are quite a few that I love, but I’ll have to say Men in Black. Love Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Definitely a bonus that there is comedy in this series ♥

  15. What a super fun release. ET is one of my favorite alien movies. I love Martian Kid but I don’t know if you can really call that an alien movie.

  16. I love Toy Story and Buzz Light year. 🙂 It was the first Disney/Pixar movie where I realized there was a lot of fun adult humor in their shows too. I watched it a lot while babysitting growing up. 🙂

  17. Oh my, these samples “take the cake” and are the BEST EVER! The googly eyes! The slider card! All of it — I just can’t!…help but love it!!!

  18. Oh my goodness! These little space creatures are so stinkin’ adorable!! I really must have a set of these!!!! Although this little collection of cuteness doesn’t remind me of the ugly aliens in the movie “Signs,” I do believe it is one of my favorite alien invasion movies of all time.

  19. So adorable. What a great group of cards. The DT really outdid themselves. I am going to say my favorite space movie (and I am showing my age here) is 2001: A space Odyssey. Long time ago….. in a land far, far, away!

  20. These are so cute!! I am so thankful I got them!! Can’t wait to finish my Easter Houses & cards so I can start playing with aliens, cows & pivot cards!!

  21. What an amazing first day of inspiration!!! I just love the movie ‘Men In Black’, the original! What’s not to like about Tommy Lee Jones and aliens in a comedy? Talk about out of this world ideas….Lawn Fawn does take the cake!

  22. The new Website is looking very nice!! The Beam Me Up set, is my Favourite one on the new Spring Collections.It’s so much fun to create with!

  23. I am always looking for stamp sets that will make cards adolescent aged boys will like. This set is fabulous for them. Thank you!

  24. These guys are just the cutest and looks like everyone had such fun playing with them too! Wow, my favorite alien movie is probably none other than the classic E.T. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. I love this stamp set!! All of these cards are absolutely adorable and so stinkin’ cute!!! My favorite Alien movie would be Independence Day.

  26. I didn’t know I needed this set so badly until I saw this post! Such a talented group😀 I’m not a big alien movie fan but E.T is a classic you can always watch. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! Happy Crafting😄

  27. Apollo 13 is an awesome movie. Probably my favorite that takes place in space. But, no aliens. Independence Day and Men In Black are my faves that deal with aliens. And these cuties remind me of the ones in MIB.

  28. I recently purchased Beam Me Up and can’t wait to use it! My favorite alien movie is ET. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Does Lilo & Stitch count as an alien movie?!? This is one of my favorites thanks to my little niece…LOL! This collection is sooooo cute! I can create so many wonderful stuff like party favors, tags and cake toppers.

  30. I love E.T – it was the first movie I ever saw at the cinema and I went with my dad so it was extra special. I love this cute stamp set!

  31. Wall-E is my favorite space themed movie, but of course, I enjoy all of the Star Wars movies, too. Great cards!

  32. Hands down my favorite space/alien movie of all time is “Galaxy Quest”–I laugh every time I watch it! All of the DT’s projects are amazing–proving you just can’t go wrong with Beam Me Up!

  33. Even though there have been many, I always go back to “2001 a Space Odyssey’. When my computer is acting
    odd I always think of HAL!

  34. My favorite alien movie is Independence Day with Will Smith. By the way, this set is so adorable. I especially love the sentiments.

  35. My old time favorite alien movie is Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Loving all the Beam Me Up stamp inspiration!

  36. This is going to be funny for a lot of people, but one of my favorite space or alien movies is a B movie. It’s called Ice Pirates. Love all the samples for today’s post.

  37. Wow !! What a burst of inspiration from all the designers! All the cards are so imaginative, and colorful!
    Lawn Fawn is the best!

  38. Love this set! Just grabbed mine this week and can’t wait to get inky with it! This is a hard question – I do like Martian, although the book was WAY better. The Men In Black movies though have to be tops! I can watch them over and over.

  39. These are all so cute, but Yainea’s cards with the cake getting beamed up are the winners today. How cute! Predator is probably my favorite “bad alien” movie and E.T. my favorite “good alien” movie.

  40. There are so many great space/alien movies: Apollo 13, The Martian, Men In Black, Independence Day. It’s like asking me to pick a favorite Lawn Fawn stamp set, I just can’t do it.

  41. Oh, all of these projects are so cute & clever! What a talented team you have! My favorite space or alien movie? Hmmmm.. I LOOOVE The Fifth Element, but Galaxy Quest always makes me laugh… ET always makes me cry… I have seen The Fifth Element like 20-25 times, so probably that one, but there are SO many other great ones out there. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  42. Such fantastic ideas!! I am definitely spending the rest of my day in my craft room!! Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  43. Such cute aliens! And the samples by the designers are great. My favorite space movies are the three original Star Wars movies.Thank you for the chance to win!!

  44. I love this stamp set!!! It’s so much fun to play with <3 My favorite space movie is Wall-E (my son's too!).

  45. I use to watch Lost in Space and Star Trek growing up. Lol Probably why I don’t like sci-fi now. But a cute alien on a card is a different matter. 😉

  46. These are all great cards and projects love them all. I think that Sphere is my Favorite alien movie. I remember I was really young when I went to see it with my Opa it scared the heck out of me but it was the memories of going with him that make it an all time favorite.

  47. The spaceship beaming up the cow cracked me up! Space movie? Hmm … not a huge fan … I guess I prefer my aliens cute and on cards! 🙂

  48. Very cute cards. I will be showing my age, but I still love Lost in Space, and My Favorite Martian tv shows from when I was a little girl. Lol

  49. E.T. is my favorite alien movie…it has no generation boundaries. Love the new release…thank you DT and LF…you are the best!

  50. I am so in love with this set and these cards! I keep staring at the beautiful clean cover of Audrey’s card I also keep staring at Audrey’s sky background. So much good inspiration from all of you!

  51. I love The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy and a close second would be Invasion of the Saucer-Men a truly campy 50’s movie starring Frank Gorshin.

  52. Love all the cards and great inspiration. Everyone nailed this collection. I like Guardian of the Galaxy both 1 & 2. The
    music score is the best

  53. Wonderful inspiration today, love this stamp set! I am a big sci-fi buff, so this was hard to choose, but the Star Wars series has entertained many generations, so that is my favorite!

  54. Lots of fun projects and creations with this set! Love those starry/galaxy backgrounds! Star Wars movie is my favourite!

  55. OMGosh…..the googly eyes on Chari’s aliens in the jar are ridiculously fun! I can’t even deal with the cuteness!!

  56. Oh, my gosh! This set is absolutely perfect! My nephew will love it (my Dad, too). I think of Hanger 18. My Dad took me to that movie when I was a kid.

  57. Love these adorable aliens!! I’m a big Star Trek fan, Star Wars (the original trilogy) is another favorite.

  58. This space set is so cool! Perfect for my nephews who are crazy for all space themed things!
    My favorite movie with aliens is Pacific Rim. It’s pretty corny, but I love the giant yeagers and the glowy aliens!

  59. My favorite space movie is Space Camp from probably the 80’s. Best movie for space and being teenager ever!

  60. I ordered this set when it was first released and can’t wait to play with it! I have a bit if a twisted sense of humor so my favorite space or alien themed movie is Spaceballs.

  61. Cute creations! Among my favorites would be the original Star Wars….it was so fun to watch that on the big screen when it came out in the 70’s! Thanks!!

  62. This is such a fun set. I love how creative the design team has been with it. I think my favorite would be the Original Star Wars movies, before the special edition came out.

  63. Such a cute set and so many gorgeous projects and cards to show it off! Love Chari’s jar! Never thought about what my favourite space or alien movie would be – maybe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  64. Cute cards! My favorite alien movie has to be E.T. the extraterrestrial. It reminds me of the ride at Universal Studios where you can fly over the city on a bicycle. It’s a pretty old ride, but a classic. They also have the Men in Black ride which is another one of my alien movies.

  65. Love the cute little space critters and the beam me up rays! The first space or alien movie that comes to mind is ET. I love that movie. He was a cute little space critter. Phone home!

  66. These are all so adorable!!! Love the “take us to your cake” sentiment; so fun (and true!). I’m not really into alien movies, but I do really like Independence Day; Will Smith is so funny!

  67. What a bunch of cute
    cards! I love Star Trek
    the original and have
    seen all the episodes
    and movies.
    Carla from Utah

  68. Cute cards! Love the slider card with the birthday cake. My favorite movie would be all of the Star Wars movies. 🙂

  69. I really liked the movie Aliens, but I would have to say may favorite movie would have to be Pitch Black. Really think that this is a very adorable stamp set.

  70. I just love these adorable aliens! Such a fun set!!! I really like the movie The Martian. Matt Damon is one of my faves:)

  71. I love this set! it’s just so much fun. Amazing inspiration today 😊 space movies are some os my favorites so it’s so hard to pick just one but I’d say interstellar!

  72. The design team did a “stellar” job! Thank you for the out-of-this-world ideas. This is such a cute set and the sentiments are terrific! I like all the movies mentioned so far, as well as “Independence Day”.

  73. I love this set almost as much as you do, Kelly! (I figure no one loves these sets the same way you do.) My favorite space movie is probably Apollo 13, though I can’t watch it too much because I get sad about them missing the moon (yes, I have the tender heart of a 2-year-old sometimes).

  74. These little aliens are so cute! We actually think a lot alike (Take us to your cake!). I love the scene jars that Chari makes! So adorable! My favorite space movie is E.T.

  75. Love the terrarium. Clever idea.
    So many great ideas for cards.

    Would Ghost count? I never cared
    for outer-space movies so I don’t
    really have a favorite.
    thanks for having the preview.

  76. Love, Love, Love this set! Too Cute! Have a lot of favorite space/alien movies but Star Wars I, II, III come to mind quickly They are classics!

  77. Oh my- such cute inspiration. Guess I gotta get this set, too!! Thanks for a chance to win! ❤️
    My favorite space movie is the Martian, where Matt Damon gets stranded on Mars.

  78. This Beam Me Up set is my favourite of this release! The DT has done an amazing job showcasing all the different ways to use this adorable set, I want to try and recreate everyone! My favourite alien movie is Alien and its series which my son and I are watching again!

  79. This is one of the cutest stamp sets!! I love seeing all the great samples from the design team! My favorite alien movies are Men in Black and Predator.

  80. I don’t watch alien movies. I do love the little aliens in Toy Story!! I love this set and I can’t wait to get it!!

  81. Like a lot of other people, my favourite space/alien movie is ET!!
    Just love all the cards from the DT – and your video is fantastic too Kelly. I already have this set and have played with it already – ti’s just so cute and fun. I was inspired by a video from Eloise to combine this set and Out of this World!

  82. These are definitely out of this world. The back grounds are creative and gorgeous. The little Martians are adorable.
    Just beautiful.

  83. WOWsers Cuteness Overload!!! My favorite space movie(s) is Star Wars. 🙂 I’m a Star Wars Geek

  84. I love this set of dies and stamps! Made a card the day I received it and after all the inspiration, I have several more I want to make. I added wiggle eyes to my aliens which really made me chuckle!

    1. (ET creeped me out as a kid. I much prefer your aliens. So my favorite space movie is a non-alien-containing space move, Space Camp)

  85. Some extremely clever cards – love them all! Love The Empire Strikes Back – and E.T. what can I say I grew up in the 80s – oh yeah and Starman!

  86. Wish I had this set. Love how all of Lawn Fawn’s sets are interchangeable. Great idea.
    Elaine Rico

  87. Wowza! So many fabulous ideas using this awesome stamp set. My favorite movie would be Wall-e. It might not be a true space movie, but it is science fiction (and a love story).

  88. Oh my gosh. Lawn Fawn never runs out of cute ideas! How darling are those creatures? The stamps, the papers, the dies – oh, my!

  89. This set is super fun and those cards are all so creative!!! My favorite alien movie is Signs. Oh, so suspenseful!!!

  90. Such a cute set!! Slider cards are so fun!
    I’d have to say WALL-E is my fave – such a gorgeous movie!!

  91. My favourite space movie is Wall-E. That little guy is just so stinkin’ cute, rowing his ‘Eve’ around the canals, collecting interesting things from around the city, and you know… saving humans from become being fat floaty blobs forever! (Although, I honestly would love one of those floaty beds so I could stay horizontal on low blood pressure days, but still leave the bedroom!)

  92. Love the examples, especially how the cake is beamed aboard 🙂 I have 2 go to space/alien movies… The Fifth Element and Spaceballs.

  93. I am loving this set as I’m blown away with the DT has come up with. My favourite movie is Star Trek and ET.

  94. My 5 year old son watched the inspiration video with me. We can’t wait to use this stamp set together!

    I love ET and Apollo 13. Such great movies.

  95. This set is great! It would be perfect for my son and nephew’s birthdays. My favorite space movie would have to be Guardians of the Galaxy.

  96. Oh! One of my favorite space or alien movies would be “Galaxy Quest”. My favorite card in this blog post would be the pivot card by Audrey. It is sooo cute.

  97. Oh, Star Wars: A New Hope! And right behind that E.T. of course. Those both make me feel so nostalgic. This post had some great ideas that I would have never thought to use. Loved it!

  98. There’s so much colour and awesome ideas from the design team! I think Cheri’s project is so cool! I really like Star Wars, Star Trek and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

  99. My favorite alien movie is the one that the Scary Movie spoofs did – I can’t recall the number, but Leslie Nielson is the president and it’s hysterical! You guys just inspire me so much!

  100. These are soo cute! Unfortunately, Aliens aren’t always cute – but they wouldn’t be good movie villains if they were. My favorite alien movie is Ridley’s Scott’s Alien – they original. I think that is one of the scariest movies ever made and Sigourney Weaver rocks! We even named our dog Ripley after her bad ass character!

  101. Oh my goodness, this is such a cute stamp set with the cutest sentiments! Cocoon is always a favorite alien movie.

  102. Wow! There are so many cards and different ways to use these products! I love all the different styles! I started commenting on each person’s but after about an hour I gave up. There is so much creativity here that I got wore out commenting on it all. So in one final statement I’d like to tell all the ladies that they did an amazing job!

  103. Such fun inspiration!! Love those little aliens!! ET is my all time favorite!! It brings back so many memories!!

  104. I loved the sitcom Mork and Mindy! Robin Williams played Mork who was an alien from Ork! This stamp/die set is darn cute!

  105. I love all of these ideas! ❤️
    My favorite is Guardians of the galaxy. I love to watch it with my hubby and four kiddos. ❤️

  106. I think the slider Beam Me Up is my favorite! I do get a chuckle seeing the cow floating up to the spaceship. Everyone is so creative. Love it!

  107. My Favorite Space/Alien Movie would have to be either ET or the WallE!! I also still Love the Movie Armageddon, even though there weren’t any Aliens in that one!! THANKS for sharing I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!! =)

  108. Wow! Such a show of creativity! As a grandmother, I can definitely find ways to use this adorable set. Love, love, Love it.

  109. I LOVE Lawn Fawn! this set is so cute! I really love every set that lawn fawn comes out with! This set is one of my favorites!

    Thank you for making such amazing stamps and dies!

  110. All the cards using this stamp set are super! I love this stamp set (I actually love all Lawn Fawn Stamps sets anyway!) The fact that the cute alliens have their saucer and a liaght beam makes it so unique and fun.

  111. These samples are the cutest! My grandsons will go crazy for these! Can’t wait to watch E.T. with them when they are a bit older!!

  112. Adorable stamp set. Just love the punny sayings. My thanks to all the designers for their beautiful and clever samples.

  113. Beam Me Up Stamp and Die Sets ARE the Greatest for Sci-Fi Creative Works of Art. Makes Great cards and 3-D projects for Sc-Fi fans. Great addition to one’s creative aresenal.

  114. So many great space movies… the Alien series, Apollo 13, 2001: Space Odyssey, Space Balls 🙂 LOL And so many great card samples too! Wish I could see the inside of Jessica’s card. Looks like she used jewelry chain?!? Would love to see the rest, but its not on her IG site either 🙁

  115. Not exactly a movie but my favourite space/alien story is still Animorphs! Guardians of the Galaxy is a close second 🙂

  116. These cards are so fun. I really like the ones that use the stars and Elena’s with the “snowy” background die. also the pivot die and the slider card are so cute.

  117. I can’t pick a favourite space movie… one of the Star Wars movies, or Galaxy Quest or Wall-E, or Guardians of the Galaxy, or the Fifth Element, or ET, or Serenity, or Men in Black… probably one of the Star Wars Movies – maybe Empire – I like sci-fi

  118. Oh my goodness…this set couldn’t be any cuter!! Thanks for all the ideas for using these stamps and dies! I can’t even begin to pick a favorite! It’s so versatile…can be used for such a variety of cards! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

  119. those aliens are darling! how fun!! beautiful work on everything. that glass dome is ah-may-zing!
    my favorite alien has to be ALF!! remember him? such a happy memory from being a kid!

  120. Wow, loving these little fellas, the design team have done an amazing job (as always) got my hands on the glow in the dark powder, fantastic.Love Jane x

  121. I love the slider card from Yainea and the Glass from Chari moss! I especially like that you all show how versatile the stamp sets are..used in a glass, what a great idea!

    My favourite space/Alien film is Avatar and the fifth Element. I can’t decide between those two 🙂

  122. I love this set!!! My favorite space or alien movie is “Galaxy Quest”. It is so funny!! Some of the lines are priceless: “I see you’ve managed to take your shirt off,” “Captain Taggert has saved us!”, and “What’s my last name?” It is such a fun spoof of all the fun and camp of alien movies. It makes me laugh, and it is so sweet. Definite thumbs up!!! And it has Sigorney Weaver, Tim Allen, Sam Rockwell, and Alan Rickman. Awesome movie.

  123. Love the aliens with the googlie eyes. My favorite space movie is a toss up between Apollo 13 and Armageddon.

  124. I ADORE Kristen’s cow card and the googly eyes! And Yainea’s and chair’s projects!! I love how this set coordinates with Out of this World AND Master Mash! Fave space/alien movie(s): Star Man, 5th element, MIB, although we quote Spaceballs all the time! Fav tv alert – Mork!

  125. The slider card taking the cake up is terrific! Sadly I don’t know that I have a favorite space/alien movie. I remember watching a Buddy the dog space one with my kids that we got a good chuckle out of!

  126. Just absolutely adore the space creatures. So cute!! So many fun cards. Love the Hay There. Beaming up a cow is just plain funny.

  127. This is my favorite of the new releases! Goes really well with monster mash and the out of this world set! My favorite alien movie is probably space jam haha

  128. LOVE this set… and that glow-in-the-dark embossing powder works GREAT! So funny to put it back in the drawer glowing… 🙂

  129. LOVE this set!!! So excited to use it with out of this world!!!!

    I don’t think I have a favorite space movie!!! But I always enjoyed watching the Jetsons!

  130. Such a cute set, and one that works for boys ( young and young at heart!). I am a younger sister of a Star Wars fan, so I will always follow the way of Yoda and the force.

  131. Audrey’s pop-up galaxy card is amazing! My favourite alien movie has to be The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.

  132. What a fun set!!! Love the cute interactive cards. Not sure that I have a favorite space/alien movie but I did used to enjoy the tv show 3rd Rock from the Sun.

  133. I adore this cute alien set! Soooo many ideas, not enough time to do them all! My fave space movie… too many to choose from… ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Empire Strikes Back (my Fave Star Wars movie!), Men in Black, 2001 a Space Odyssey, Guardians of the Galaxy (1st one)… I could go on. Kinda like choosing one’s favorite child. Pretty impossible!

  134. Can we just talk for a minute about Chari’s cool jar here? I LOVE those little landscapes/scenes in a jar!! So cute! My fav space movie is probably Star Wars. I’ve used the yeti stamp from Yeti, Set, Go to make a Chewbacca for our nephew last year (totally borrowed that idea from another Lawn Fawnie)!

  135. I don’t know if it is my favorite but I like Men in black a lot!! Love this stamp the most of all the new releases!

  136. This beam me up set looks so fun! The cards created by the design team are so cool and colorful. I really love Audrey’s pop-up card! 😍

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