Lawn Fawn Intro: Tiny Gingerbread and Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s October 2020 Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2020 Release including our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products are now available at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Tiny Gingerbread and Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On! Catch this cute mini stamp set – if you can! These tiny cookies are perfect for making holiday cards and crafts!

This decorative add-on will turn Build-A-House into a sweet gingerbread house, complete with a gingerbread person, gumdrops, icing, candy canes, and a fun interactive door!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end introducing these new sets and showing some ways to use them!

Elena‘s gingerbread house has sweet white icing and festive red accents! She created a little scene for the Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On with Stitched Hillside Backdrop: Portrait and Let It Shine paper in soft and pretty Cream Sprinkle ‘n Shine!

Elise used the Tiny Gingerbread images to stamp an adorable pattern for this charming design! To finish her sweet and simple card she added a greeting with Scripty Sweet cut from our new Metallic Gold cardstock!

Megan‘s interactive Reveal Wheel card is filled with all the festive fun of Christmas! She combined Build-A-House with the Gingerbread Add-On, Tiny Gingerbread and Oh Snap gingerbread people and some candy from Sweet Christmas. She included the wreath and gifts from Car Critters Christmas Add-On to bring in some holiday cheer! That sweet sentiment is found in the Sprinkled with Joy stamp set!

I love how Grace framed her sweet gingerbread house with a Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame and pink stripes from Let It Shine! All the pretty pastel and white details combine to create a lovely fairy tale look! How fun is the swirl of vellum smoke rising from the chimney!

Audrey accented her Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On colorful gumdrops (also found in this set) and Birch Trees in the background! She used tiny sequins to add “lights” to the roof line and finished with a sentiment from Offset Sayings: Christmas!

Latisha‘s card is simply adorable! I love the tone on tone Tiny Gingerbread stamping on kraft cardstock and bit of red framing the panel! Let It Shine Teal Sprinkle is a fun pop of color in the background!

Lynnette has the cute Tiny Gingerbread characters peeking out from the window and door! This adorable house features traditional red and green “gingerbread” accents. The new So Joyful Line Border coordinates with the Tiny Gingerbread sentiment perfectly!

Kara used Let It Shine Red Sprinkle ‘n Shine paper as the backdrop for her sweet Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On house! The glittery gumdrops add so much whimsy! She created an interactive element using the Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On so the Tiny Gingerbread people can be scene in the window!

Sweetness is the theme of Tammy‘s gorgeous design! The colorful candy from Sweet Christmas fills in this adorable scene and coordinates with the cute Tiny Gingerbread characters!

Yainea cut all the pieces of Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On from Shimmer cardstock to give them a fun texture like real gingerbread! It’s so sweet how she arranged the house and the gingerbread men on the Fancy Scalloped Circle so they look like cookies on a plate! I love the clever way she added the Winter Big Scripty Words greeting on each side of the house!

Now, we have a video to introduce Tiny Gingerbread and Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On and to share some fun ways to use these sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Tiny Gingerbread and Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On!

Tomorrow we will announce our giveaway winners so let’s do one more giveaway! Leave us a comment telling us if you have ever decorated a gingerbread house by TODAY October 7th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday October 8th for our winner reveal and more inspiration!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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252 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Tiny Gingerbread and Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On

  1. On the 1st of December we buy a gingerbread house kit and design it together as a family. It also helps set the christmas mood as we also put on a Christmas movie in the back. ⛄

  2. I decorate gingerbread houses every year with my family! It’s a tradition that I love so much. I think these cards are adorable!!!

    1. I have not decorated a real gingerbread house but have done a paper one. This one is really beautiful. Would love to try it

  3. Oh yes, when my girls were little we did a gingerbread house every year! But they never locked as cute as the ones on the amazing DT cards. But we all agreed that the house was just too pretty to actually eat it before christmas and put it up for decorations. Well, no one wanted to eat it after christmas either when it was all dusty…

  4. I have done several times before. Lately I don’t have enough time to do so, but since I have this house building set, I’m going to get this add on, and will make a gingerbread house with papers! 🙂

  5. Those gingerbread people and houses are adorable! I have never made a gingerbread house. I have 3 granddaughters so I may have to give it a try.

  6. My three kids and I decorate gingerbread houses every Christmas season. When they were younger, they each invited a friend. SO much fun!

  7. I remember decorating gingerbread houses when I was a child but I haven’t decorated one recently. I think they look so cute.

  8. Thank God one could buy those kits when my daughter was at that age when she wanted to decorate a gingerbread-house…! Hope the kits will still be around for grand-kids one day 😉 I’m not a baker!!
    But I can “bake” gingerbread-cards! 😀 Especially after all great cards from LF!

  9. Super cute stamps and dies to make Christmas cards with and love how you can use the tiny gingerbread stamps for cards, reveal wheel cards or to make your own pattern paper all of these cards above really show how versatile these stamps and dies really are

  10. So cute! I cannot wait to make cards with this. Yes, I have decorated a gingerbread house a very long time ago.

  11. I have decorated gingerbread houses as a child but not recently. I’d love to develop the tradition with my children. These houses are adorable!

  12. I have not decorated a gingerbread house in a while, but have decorated lots of gingerbread people! I am also looking forward to decorating some paper ones this year! Such a cute die!

  13. yay ! gingerbread world is the best ! so yummy, so pretty so festive! i have decorated a gingerbread house, it was awesome and we never ate it, we kept it for… a year ! lol 🥴

  14. Yay! I have decorated several…several when I was younger and several now that I am older! So much fun! I love how each one is so different and it reminds me of my childhood! Love this set!

  15. When the build a house dies came I knew that for december we’d get a gingerbread one!
    Actually making a gingerbread house is a tradition in my family we do it every year and eventually got bored with the normal house form and already created a tower, an Igloo and one of those “wooden” toilet houses with a heart at the door 😀

  16. The gingerbread house is so stinkin’ cute!! Yes I have made a Gingerbread house. Once for my baking class and a couple of times with my grandchildren.

  17. I tried once to make a gingerbread house but it fell apart. Not enough icing I guess. So I will just stick to making paper ones instead ☺️.

  18. I have decorated a few! With my niece before I had kids and then with my own kids. I have been steadfastly resisting getting the Build a House die series, but the Gingerbread add on may have just broken my resolve! Amazing examples from the DT!

  19. We decorate a gingerbread house every year. We usually get a kit for the walls and make our own frosting and get extra candy. It is something my kids look forward to every year!

  20. Yes, I baked and decorated a gingerbread house once with the children when they were little. But I think I’ll do a better job with a paper one.

  21. Over the yrs I have made & decorated many gingerbread houses & a few Halloween Houses!
    My husband has helped himself to a few before Christmas! 💗
    I’m looking forward to making a few gingerbread house cards!

  22. These cards are so cute. I have never made a gingerbread card but I have decorated a gingerbread cookie house with my granddaughter

  23. All through my childhood, my family would make a gingerbread house from scratch. The kitchen always smelled so wonderful! One year I decided to make an extremely elaborate one with about 50 different pieces to cut and to assemble. My dad and I worked on putting it together all evening so the family could decorate it together the next day.
    We ended up working on it well past midnight and several hours into the next morning before it was finished. We even made sugar glass windows! It was epic. It was a great memory. Now, my parents invite all their grandchildren (over a dozen) each year to decorate their own house in a box kit. It is fun to see the individual personalities reflected in each gingerbread creation.

  24. It’s been a few years since my family and I decorated a gingerbread house. It was the first time we did it and we had a few challenges like not caving the walls in while trying to get the roof on but overall it was fun. Thank you for all the amazing inspiration this week!

  25. These tiny gingerbread characters are so cute! I love the gingerbread house add on, such a great holiday addition. Decorating gingerbread houses is super fun to do with children. I do have a hard time with my gingerbread house caving in, I guess I’m too rough 🙂

  26. Last year was the first year I have ever decorated a gingerbread house. My Mom, sister and I had a lot of fun adding all kinds of fun candy decorations. I will treasure the memory forever.

  27. We haven’t decorated a gingerbread house for years, not since the boys were little, but it would be so much fun to do it again (and maybe eat a few pieces along the way).

  28. I loved decorating Gingerbread Houses with my girls when they were young. One day, I hope to decorate with grandchildren, but will settle for paper houses in the meantime. Love these little houses being shown today!

  29. I decorated a gingerbread house one time and it fell apart! I was so disappointed. Now I just make paper houses from the Lawn Fawn products that I have like the scalloped treat box die and the add ons for it!

  30. I’ve decorated gingerbread houses a few times, with my children. It’s a lot of fun, and they love sneaking the lollies instead of putting them on the house.

  31. No, I have never decorated a gingerbread house. My sister & her girls do every year, though. The ones today are all just divine & yummy. Thanks for a great week of inspiration!

  32. When our children were at time, we made gingerbread houses, usually from a kit. Now I prefer to do them with paper on cards. These examples were amazing! Great work by all!

  33. I have not decorated a gingerbread house out of cookies, but when my daughter was younger, we made one out of fun foam.

  34. Yes, I have decorated gingerbread houses. It is one of the highlights of the Christmas season for our family. I’m definitely putting these sets on my wish list!

  35. I love making gingerbread houses. I just wish they were still good to eat by the time the holidays are over.

  36. Lots of gingerbread cuteness! I have made several gingerbread houses over the years! It’s a great way to get creative!

  37. I’ve done lots of gingerbread houses! When my niece was younger I always did one with her. One year she did one that she made me save in my fridge for months because she worked too hard on it to eat it and it was “too cool to throw away”. It made her happy just to see it still in my fridge everytime she came over.

  38. When I was a kid I did. Every year my girls decorate one together. It is a fun tradition and some good sister time.

  39. OMG these samples are all just AMAZING and SO inspiring! I personally have NOT decorated a gingerbread house but my daughter & grandkids made them a few years back and WOW … that’s a lot of work! Didn’t want to break into them since they took so much work to decorate! The kids LOVED doing them.

  40. Oh Snap! How cute is that!?! This is a set I would never buy bc of my gingerbread addiction, as YUMMY as it is, but I would LOVE to win it. So what the heck! Here’s my entry…

  41. These have got to be the cutest gingers I have ever seen, one as cute as the other…absolutely adorable! I have never decorated a gingerbread house nor have I ever had one, I feel slighted lol! Does somebody want to send me!

  42. We used to decorate gingerbread houses at school. We had to save our milk carton from lunch and would use that as the base to build it. We all loved them!

  43. Last year my daughter in-law and grandson made an adorable gingerbread house together. My husband and I love to see all the different gingerbread creations at the resorts at Disneyworld.

  44. I never have, but I always wanted to decorate one as a child. These cards by the design team are very cute.

  45. Funny story. My first gingerbread house (many moons ago) I found a recipe in Good Housekeeping. I baked and made everything from scratch. That was challenging enough. I could never get the consistency of the icing to make the it stick and every time I thought I had something secure, after it would all fall. Total frustrating. After I had spent days trying to make this, I finally used WHITE GLUE and it worked like a charm, LOL! I figured after all that work, I wasn’t gonna eat it anyway. It got a lot of compliments. After that I made gingerbread houses with the real icing and perfected my skills.

  46. Funny, but decorating gingerbread houses does not interest me in the least. I would rather just make and eat ginger cookies. To each their own. Thank you for the give aways. Such a generous & sweet thing to do.

  47. The last time I made a gingerbread house was probably in grade school. It was made with graham crackers and frosting. The best part was eating the candy decorations before they were used. Especially the M&Ms!

  48. I have created gingerbread houses from paper and these sets are great, love what the design team created! When my sons were younger, they only had an attention span for decorating a few sugar cookies, so that is what we enjoyed doing.

  49. It’s been a while since I decorated a gingerbread house but my daughter loves to do them. With my sons round, more candies get eaten then go on the house LOL!

  50. last year for a Christmas activity my sister bought gingerbread house kits and we all sat around the kitchen table having so much fun creating.

  51. We decorate gingerbread houses every year – last year was a complete fail – we ended up hot glueing the house together as no matter what icing we used, it would not stick. Gave us a good laugh, though!

  52. I LOVE THIS SET! Yes, I have decorated a Gingerbread House before with my grandchildren! I have a brand new baby granddaughter, so I look forward to continuing this tradition with her when she is older. Thank you for the opportunity to win! I ABSOLUELY LOVE my Lawn Fawn collection and am looking forward to adding to it after this new release!!

  53. I decorated a gingerbread house for our church’s Dicken’s Village. However, the person in charge had me use a different dough (I think it may have been salt dough). Anyway, I made one that was over a 12″x12″x12″ and decorated and put it together by piping royal icing and using candies. When I was in college I helped my sister build a small one out of graham crackers. We were laughing so much that we kept knocking it over.

  54. I did one years ago when my daughters were so small they sat on the counter. The youngest one was only interested in eating the candy. It was fun and we have some great pictures but those little girls are all grown up now.

  55. I have tried for many years to decorate gingerbread houses… I always get frustrated with the icing not sticking everything together that my kids and I end up eating it before it gets finished.

  56. Love the gingerbread houses! I have made a few but I remember being in awe of one that was in my moms old cookie cookbook.

  57. I absolutely LOVE the gingerbread house/people!!! My son broke both of his legs a few years ago (is healed up now) and I remember wishing I had gingerbread people to make little broken dudes – totally inappropriate, I know, but sometimes all you can do is laugh! One of the traditions that I have with my kiddos is decorating gingerbread houses each year!

  58. Yes, I love decorating gingerbread houses with my kids and we do it almost every Christmas! This gingerbread house die set is adorable ❤️

  59. This set is so cute! I haven’t decorated a gingerbread house in a long time, but it was fun. My last one didn’t turn out that great, so I am happy to stick with paper versions instead 🙂

  60. Decorating gingerbread (Graham crackers over milk cartons) houses with another family growing up was one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

  61. Such cute DT creations! I have decorated a gingerbread house! Haven’t done one for some time but think I’d like to give it a go again – that is if we don’t eat all the pieces before we even begin!

  62. Yes the kids and I have decorated a Gingerbread house. Looking forward to decorate a gingerbread house with my granddaughter this year. Thank you for another inspiration week. Your design team rocks.

  63. Made gingerbread houses with my darling granddaughters when they were much younger… they are now in high school and/or college! It was always a fun, fun, fun time!

  64. I have decorated a gingerbread house – it is such a fun christmas activity. The gingerbread designs are very sweet!

  65. All the little gingerbread houses today are so cute, and yes, I have attempted to make a gingerbread house, BUT when you live in a high humidity climate, it doesn’t work so well. (I wish I had pictures, but this was 35 yrs. ago before the cell phone age.)

  66. I started decorating gingerbread houses a few years ago with my kids. They love it. I want to get these sets and let them paper ones they can keep. 🙂

  67. I made my first ever gingerbread house last Christmas. I had so much batter that I made multiple little ones. But this year I’ll stick to a paper gingerbread house haha.

  68. My Girl Scout troop attempted one many years ago, it didn’t go well! Lol. I do like the look of gingerbread houses though.

  69. i never have decorated one, but might this year. My daughter bought a set for the kids to do…I might be invited 🙂 These gingerbread people and house are the cutest I have ever seen!! You really came up with some great designs, and your designers are so imaginative!

  70. Yes I have decorated a gingerbread house before and it so fun! Love seeing the happiness in my kids faces when they do it too. Adorable projects today.

  71. I love the mini gingerbread people; they are so cute! I try to decorate a house each season, if not gingerbread cookies

  72. I’ve decorated a gingerbread house before but most of the decoration candies were eaten before I got to use them on the house.

  73. I have decorated a gingerbread house! It was actually made out of graham crackers I think but it was super fun. I did it as a kid with my mom and my mom kept it as a table centerpiece for quite a few years (we used real glue so it wasn’t edible).

  74. I have decorated gingerbread houses with my granddaughter. But now I will be decorating gingerbread house cards! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  75. I don’t know what it is with anything gingerbread but I collect them all!! We decorate with gingerbread items, tree & so much more!! Yes we decorate gingerbread cookies & gingerbread houses! Each of us do our own.
    Love all the fabulous inspiration today!!

  76. When I was very little, it seemed extravagant to build a house of gingerbread, NOT to be eaten. It was a difficult concept, because I love gingerbread. As I grew up, I came to appreciate the scent of the scent of Christmas, and the joy of building a cookie house and it’s inhabitants. (I still love making and eating the cookies.) The LF artists have captured the essence and joy of building those seasonal treats with ardor and excitement. Mighty tasty cards!!! Thank you for the touchstone and inspiration.

  77. I have made gingerbread houses as a kid. I remember our local mall had a competition once and the entries were amazing! And way above my skills! 🙂

  78. A couple of years ago I decorated a gingerbread house with my kids for a decorating contest at my brother’s Christmas party. So fun!

  79. Every year I let me daughter and a friend go crazy and decorate gingerbread houses with lots of different candies. This set is so adorable with the tiny gingerbread people!

  80. That gingerbread house is just adorable! Love all of the inspiration! I’ve only decorated gingerbread houses 3 times – once where it was made from scratch by my cousin, once as a team building activity, and once with my sister-in-law with Rice Krispy treats 🙂

  81. Oh my gooodness these are so cute!!! I decorate a gingerbread house every Christmas. It is kind of like a family tradition.

  82. I’ve made several gingerbread houses over the years, but it’s always a struggle. They never turn out like the pictures!

  83. We’ve done a few gingerbread houses over the years, but usually ones from kits, and never very successfully. It’s the fun times together that matters, though, right? This set is so adorable, though. I love it.

  84. I think I decorated a gingerbread house when I was a little kid, but I haven’t made one for a long time! These cards are too cute!

  85. Love these!! I’m actually making a card using these sets right now. When my kids were younger, they used to love decorating gingerbread houses. We’ve made everything from houses to trains.

  86. Cute! We’ve done the store-bought gingerbread house kits for a few years. However, the last time I got them, we didn’t get to them and they’ve been in the freezer for the past 2 years. I’m hoping we get to them this year- I want my freezer space back! lol!

  87. We usually do decorate a gingerbread house each year. Last year we bought a kit that was chocolate chip cookies because we like that better than gingerbread. However, the cookie isn’t really that good once the holiday season is over!

  88. We have decorated a gingerbread house but by the time it was done most of the decorations had been eaten by my kids!! lol I love these adorable houses!!! Keep the add ons coming!!!

  89. Yes, I’ve decorated gingerbread houses with my students. Gingerbread men are my MOST favorite! These sets are so cute!!

  90. So cute! I have not decorated a gingerbread house, but maybe in a couple of years with my granddaughter who I will introduce to Lawn Fawn products. She will love them!

  91. In the Netherlands it isn’t really a tradition, it has just started to pop up here and there. I would love to decorate a gingerbread house some time!

  92. I haven’t made a gingerbread house since I was a kid but I always remember it being a ton of fun and VERY messy!!

  93. Super adorable cards! I have helped once with making a gingerbread house. It was fun to watch the kids be creative.

  94. No I have never decorated a gingerbread house, and the worst part is that I haven’t that house yet! I think I will add to my crafty stash soon!

  95. This Lawn Fawn release has been such fun! I m soooo in the mood for the holidays now. Love the 2 story gingerbread house, tee hee.. could be a house with a dog house, or a ranch house or or .. so many sweet possibilities! I have not ever decorated a gingerbread house, but once I made the cookie part once and decided to just dip them warm in icing with a candy chaser. Tasted great, less work. Tee hee. Thanks for a wondeful release!

  96. I have made a gingerbread house for my aunt when I was about 5 years old. She has kept it over all the years and presents it each Christmas. The gingerbread house turns 39 this Christmas 😀

  97. My daughter and I tried one of those gingerbread kits to build a house. I don’t think that we will be attracting any men to that “house”!

  98. Every year we have an entire gingerbread house decorating party! It’s been going on for over fifteen years now!

  99. I have never decorated a gingerbread house, but I love to see them and have even gone to gingerbread displays! These creations are such inspiration!

  100. My niece and I did a gingerbread house competition last Christmas. We had a few days to plan and we both bought candies in secret to make our homes the best. When the competition started and we pulled out our secret weapon candy we realized we had bought nearly the same things. Just another thing that reminded us why we are so close and how very alike we are. At this point I just want to eat gingerbread, DAILY!

  101. Every Christmas my 5 kids and I would each decorate our own gingerbread houses. I have such fond memories of the event.

  102. I’ve never decorated a gingerbread house.
    I’ve made a few paper ones for my greeting
    cards. I think they are fun and so cute.
    thanks for sharing txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  103. I’ve never made a real one but have made many paper crafting ones! I think this has prompted me to make sure I make a real this year 🙂

  104. Once, many many years ago, with my grandmother. We baked the gingerbread ourselves, and I ate so much I got sick. #goodtimes 😉

  105. I have “made” several gingerbread houses throughout the years. However, every time I do it ends in some horribly hilarious disaster. I think sticking to paper gingerbread houses will be the safer route to take ; )

  106. We would decorate gingerbread houses every year, before my kids became tweens because then the cute houses would become diabolical terrors.

  107. Oh my these are all so adorable little gingerbread houses!!! and yes I have decorated a gingerbread house when my kids were little I purchased one of those kits but it wasn’t as pretty as these! XOXO

  108. Those little gingerbread houses and teeny-tiny gingerbread people are SO adorable! I have a vague memory of attempting a gingerbread house when I was young. It wasn’t exactly a success! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  109. My Mom brought one for my little girl last year around Christmas so we made it and decorated it – although my little girl couldn’t resist eating some of the decorations before we had even finished! lol

  110. I decorated a gingerbread house once and it fell apart! Now I just make cards that depict the houses with the scalloped treat box die and the various add ons for it! Thank you, Lawn Fawn for everything!

  111. I love how all your sets can be combined to make new designs and help us use your stash of stamps and dies to make new ideas! That is what sold me on lawn fawn! All the inspiration ☺️😬

  112. I don’t think I’ve ever decorated a gingerbread house. I love seeing the elaborate ones that are crafted by professional bakers.

  113. I have decorated a gingerbread house with my daughter. It didn’t look as beautiful as those shown on these examples but we had such a good time!

  114. I love the gingerbread add-on, I’ll be able to make lovely ornaments for the tree this year. We love making a gingerbread house and it becomes a whole family affair, with everyone adding their own touch to the final design. We then spend the rest of January slowly picking it apart.

  115. These are adorable! Those little ginger bread dies are so cute! I haven’t ever made a ginger bread house. Maybe someday. I still have time. LOL

  116. Only decorated a ginger bread house once for Christmas and once for Halloween. I think I’ll like the 2 dimensional ones better

  117. For most of my kids life we lives in Florida. Do we made Gingerbread Houses out of craft items. We didn’t want to invite critters into the house!🤣🤣 But as a litter girl growing up in Michigan my Mom and I made one every year! Great memories! Love Lawn Fawn, keep up the great work!! Your sweetness and kindness makes a difference!❤️😘✌️😍

  118. I have Wilton cookie cutters for baking your own gingerbread pieces and making your own house. Grandma’s gingerbread recipe works great with the cutters, and baking your own house and decorating it is so much fun!

  119. I have many memories of decorating gingerbread houses with my kids. Since they have grown and moved away I have to substitute paper. Which I also think is lots of fun.

  120. My daughter and I used to always decorate a gingerbread house when she was younger. As she got older we just made gingerbread cookies. But last year while visiting my aunt she said she had always wanted to make one and so we bought a kit and made one.

  121. I have never decorated or made a gingerbread house. I have assisted with decorating a Graham wafer house with small children. I have made and decorated lots of gingerbread cookies.

  122. Love these gingerbread houses! Every year our first graders decorate houses at school! We cover little milk cartons with heaps of frosting (spread on with their fingers of course) and Graham crackers. Then they decorate with frosting and candies! They always have such a blast and it’s fun to see how their personalities shine through in their finished products!

  123. I love to buy my kids the gingerbread kits each year for Christmas! Someday, I’d like to try making my own gingerbread to build a house from scratch!

  124. Love this sweet add-on! We have decorated gingerbread houses in the past and our city’s history center does a gingerbread festival!

  125. My favorite time decorating Gingerbread Houses was with Special Needs Kids! They were so excited and could barely contain their excitement! I will say the candy supplies for the houses disappeared quickly… but smiles and laughs were abundant! Best time EVER!!

  126. We intermittently make or decorate gingerbread houses. Often we have problems keeping them from falling apart. Last year we got a kit with 4 small houses and we – my mom , girls and I all made one. Very fun!

  127. I have never made or decorated a gingerbread house but I think it would be fun! Adorable cards.
    Thanks for sharing…

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