Lawn Fawn Intro: Over the Mountain Borders and Car Critters Christmas Add-On

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Today is our showcase of Over the Mountain Borders and Car Critters Christmas Add-On! Over the mountain and through the woods… to the craftroom we go! This versatile set is great for making woodland scenes for the holidays, or for anytime!

These cute critters are driving your way this Christmas! Pair this set with Car Critters to create a cute holiday card. Choose from lots of accessories to decorate your car (and your card!)

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have two videos at the end introducing these new sets and showing some ways to use them!

Yainea combined our featured sets today in a gorgeous winter scene! She used the cute Snow Globe Scene to add an extra layer to the Over the Mountain Borders in the snowy landscape! I love how she used shades of purple in her Copic coloring to coordinate with the ink blended sky!

Tammy used an Outside In Stitched Circle to highlight this adorable Car Critters Christmas Add-On scene! The square shape of the card is so fun especially with the peek at the Let It Shine striped paper frame!

Grace turned the Center Picture Window Card on it’s side to create this adorable look at the woodland critters! There seems to be a bit of traffic on the road! She used Over the Mountain Borders to add dimension to the scene of the cute Car Critters and Car Critters Christmas Add-On!

Audrey used the antlers and red “nose” for her car! She created a snowy night sky and a glittery landscape with Over the Mountain Borders! The greeting is from Offset Sayings: Christmas; the bold red coordinates with that shiny red nose!

Latisha‘s colorful Over the Mountain Borders design is filled with charm! She continued the rainbow colors on the Peas on Earth carolers and on the beautifully stenciled Snowflake Trio!

This bright red Car Critters car pop against the snowy hillsides created with Over the Mountain Borders! Elena used the Snowy Sky stencil to create the frosty look to the backdrop!

Elise created an amazing tri-fold design using Over the Mountain Borders! Each layer of tree-studded hillside opens to reveal a cute Car Critters Christmas Add-On scene!

Here is the card with both flaps open showing the extra wide scene on the inside! I love how the Offset Sayings: Christmas greeting starts on the front and continues on the flaps on the inside!

Elise added chunky glitter on the mountain tops and hillsides as a sparkly fun detail!

Lynnette added snowman fun to her snowy scene using Ready Set Snow! The Road Border die set creates a fun highway for the car to bring home the freshly cut tree and all those colorful packages!

Mindy created a fun and whimsical Car Critters scene with an amazing lavender sky! The cute Yeti or Not critter and the little Winter Village house tucked into the hillside are such cute additions!

Kara‘s clever Christmas card starts with a single Over the Mountain Border layer and Snow Sky stenciled over an inky blue backdrop! Then she did some fun stamp surgery to add Santa to a Screen Time image! She included Santa’s bag filled with toys from Ho-Ho-Holidays on top of the car turned sleigh. It looks like the reindeer are just along for the ride inside the car!

Megan‘s gorgeous card is ready to wish a very happy Christmas! I love the little deer hanging outside the car, although I don’t recommend this activity! The Santa from Tiny Christmas is the perfect scale to fit this scene with the standing deer from Over the Mountain Borders!

Now, we have a video to introduce Over the Mountain Borders and share some fun ways to use this set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks for watching!

And now, we have a video to introduce Car Critters Christmas Add-On and share some fun ways to use this set. I hope you will be inspired! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Over the Mountain Borders and Car Critters Christmas Add-On!

Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you normally travel to visit family/friends for the holidays or if they travel to you by October 7th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday October 7th for our next inspiration week post!

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303 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Over the Mountain Borders and Car Critters Christmas Add-On

  1. Since my extended family live so far away we usually make a family road trip driving down to them. It also helps set the christmas mood seeing snowny trees everywhere. 🎄

  2. My family lives pretty far but my mother likes to come here for thanksgiving because the weather here in AZ is so nice that time of year. I usually spend the Christmas holiday with my adult children. It is very nice.

      1. So
        Many possibilities when we travel…
        we drove across country last summer and maybe doing it again this spring

  3. We usually travel to family for the holidays, but they only live about an hour away so we still get to spend time at home.

  4. We usually have people travel to visit us over the holidays and I love to host various dinners and lunches for everyone.

  5. The last 16yrs I’ve been on reverse isolation so it’s just my husband & myself!
    Years prior to I hosted every holiday in our home where we had family & friends!

  6. I live in the Netherlands so we luckily live very close together! We rotate where we celebrate, last year it was in our home, this year it will be at my sister-in-law’s. And we of course have two days of Christmas, so the second will be spent with my father. Busy times!

  7. We travel to Charleston, SC, to see my husband’s family for a big dinner about a week before Christmas. My sons and their families all near us so we are fortunate there is no traveling. I don’t know what we will do this year for Charleston due to COVID, such a shame.

  8. Usually I have to travel to see my family on Christmas eve. But I REALLY hope that mom and me can celebrate at my place this year!

  9. Absolutely amazing stamps and dies in on love with them, my family normally travels here to visit for the holidays

  10. Normally I travel to my mom’s in a little car that looks a lot like the one the critters have. I don’t know what it will look like this year. Thanks giving is definitely looking different than expected (it’s this weekend in Canada)

  11. Family travel to us during the holidays.
    Love these 2 sets! So many possibilities and such great inspiration from the design team!

  12. We travel to my Mom’s house and spend Christmas Eve with her and celebrate Christmas morning with extended family. My Grandma is still living at 102 years old and still makes ham for Christmas breakfast!

  13. We travel to my Mom’s house and spend Christmas Eve with her and celebrate Christmas morning with extended family. My Grandma is still living at 102 years old and still makes ham for Christmas breakfast!

  14. Cute, cute , cute! Love all the cards! We usually have Christmas at home. Our family all lives close so we still all celebrate together. ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Love these sets and the design team’s samples! We have done both in the past, but now most of my family lives in town! ❤️

  16. They normally come to our house for Christmas. This year we will not see my parents, I’ll bet. We haven’t seen them since last Christmas because they don’t want to catch this virus. Don’t get me started about this whole “thing” about this virus….anyway, we will be able to get together with my sister, and our daughter and grandkids….your first card, with the moutains, snowman, and car full of cute animals–really cute scene. I love it.

  17. We visit my dad and step-mom about an hour away, on Christmas Eve. Then Christmas is just hubby, dog and me! Thanks for a great inspiration week!

  18. Back in the day my grandparents came to my house for Christmas every year but as they both have passed and my parent’s have retired/moved into their old house I now go to visit them every year for Christmas. Even as our Christmas mornings have become smaller and quieter with my parent’s new location we are closer to more of my Mom’s side of the family so our Christmas afternoon’s/dinners have become larger and louder.

  19. Such wonderful cards. Our family comes to our house now. Usually immediate family – sometimes with a friend or other family members visiting us during this time

    1. We don’t normally have any family that visits or travel at the holidays. Our immediate family is all local.

  20. love all these cards!!!!
    For Thanksgiving we go to my in-laws, unfortunately not this year, for Christmas family comes to us, again unfortunately not this year.

  21. Most of my family is in the same city, so holiday travel is not typical. My brother will often come in from Toronto, but we figure that’s not able to happen this year :(.

  22. We will be with my sister for Thanksgiving. I have not seen her since before the COVID isolation began. We are already planning the menu and lots of time for Mah Jongg.
    We are hoping to be with our grandchildren during the Christmas Season. It just would not be the same without them.

    Audrey’s atlers and red nose on the car made my day! Absolutely brilliant!

  23. I don’t usually see family during Christmas. I’ve always had jobs that were open on Christmas and since I don’t see my family..I always volunteer to work so that my coworkers with kids are able to be with them. If I’m at home I’m probably just bored anyways lol

  24. Typically my family travels to see us now since we have little kiddos who don’t tolerate the car as well.

  25. We usually travel to my sisters house unless our kids are in from out of state. This year it all depends on covid… lots of health care workers in our families.

  26. We used to travel, but since my parents moved to an assisted living facility in my town, everyone travels to see us. Amazing work from the DT, as always!

  27. Most of my family lives far away so we take turns. Sometimes I go visit them in Europe and about once a year they come to Canada. Hoping it will be safe to travel soon!

  28. Yes we normally travel for the holidays. We typically alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas between my family (about a 2 hour drive) and my in-laws (flying to the opposite coast). This year we are staying home

  29. We began to host our family holiday gatherings a few years ago and have some family members that travel from all over the country. My mother-in-law was happy to just come and enjoy being with family after hosting for so many years!

  30. These are just the cutest ever!! I love all the Lawn Fawn critters. No we never travel for the holidays and luckily all the kids/grandkids live within 15 miles of us, so blessed with that, but we have a house full at times

  31. When my kids were little family sometimes came to visit us during the holidays. Now my daughter lives out of state and she comes home.

  32. So many adorable cards! I love this stamp set! We don’t travel to or have any travel here usually. It’s just us.

  33. So many fun samples! Love these!
    My family travels here for Christmas… or at least that is the way we’ve doing it! Who knows what this year will be like!

  34. I always go to PA for Christmas but by plane…. I can’t stand driving ;)…. I LOVE the OVER the Mountains Border!

  35. Most my family lives close by. My kids and grandkids come Christmas day. we get together with the rest of the family that lives close by on Christmas Eve and my sisters that live about 250 miles away we try to get together a week or two before Christmas, sometimes they travel or we do, whatever works best. Love the mountain scenes.

  36. OMG these are soooooooo cute and the DT has shared some awesome inspiration!! Thanks! As a child we always went to Grandma’s house on Christmas Day and then as I grew up we always came back home to Mom’s house. Even when I became a grandma & now great grandma, we still traveled to Mom’s house for Christmas Day until last year when she passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 15th. So not sure what this Covid Christmas will hold for us.

  37. Elise’s trifold card is such a great idea! 😀
    I’ve been the only daughter (of three) living abroad for 8 years now, so I’m expected to come home for Christmas, but my fiancé’s family lives in yet another country so the logistics are a bit more difficult now. 😮

  38. Love these sets! We rotate years so the same person is not always hosting. Love getting together with family for the holidays though it will look a little different this year.

  39. Love traveling over the holidays. So great to get away. Also, greatly impressed by the various cards for inspiration week. They are simply amazing!

  40. For years we visited family in Pa and Ga. However, as siblings became grandparents we now visit during the summer.

  41. We’re lucky that we live very close to my mom’s side of the family so we spend all holidays together. Unfortunately we live pretty far from my Dad’s side so visiting them would be a major trip 18+ hour flying time.

  42. As a child, I always seemed to travel at Christmas, sometimes by car and sometimes by plane. Now I live within a 1/2 hour of both my parents, in-laws, and one set of grandparents, so traveling any further is pretty rare. Out of state relatives usually travel to us. I do miss the travel, though.

  43. My family all live close by so we get to spend the holidays together. Pretty cards and thanks for all the inspiration.

  44. Growing up it was all the aunts, uncles and cousins going to grandmother’s house for the holidays. Im not sure how she and all the aunts (6) managed to turn out a fabulous meal in her tiny kitchen!

  45. Fortunately my mother (age 76) lives only 200 meters from me and my husband, so we will visit each other alternatively for dinners. And my 24-year old daughter still comes home for the holidays! (My in-laws normally stay home for Christmas, but sometimes visit us for New Years Eve instead….). Thanks for great cards and inspiration!

  46. My husband put his foot down 20 years ago and refused to travel to NY from the DC area at Thanksgiving. However, we do make the trip at Christmas time for 5 days when we can be more relaxed and take our time driving.

  47. Looks like there won’t be any traveling this year for some of our family who live out of state! We do have family living in the same town so we will just have to celebrate with our out-of-state family over FaceTime I guess! It’s better than not seeing them at all!

  48. We always traveled to my grandma’s for Christmas but she passed away a few months ago so I’m not sure what the plan will be for Christmas this year. She was an amazing woman – the youngest of thirteen children, mother of seven – she was tough and strong and everyone loved and respected her. She was 97 when she went. I’m her thirteenth grandchild and there were many more after me as well as lots of great grandchildren and yet she never once forgot to call me on my birthday. She was a very cool lady. Her and my grandpa were the glue that held our large family together (he passed seven years ago) and between their house being sold soon and this whole Covid thing I’m really not sure what will happen for Christmas this year. What I do know though is that I am extremely lucky to have had such a cool grandmother and to be a part of the crazy fun family she made!

  49. It’s just my husband and 2 adult sons, so they come home. But this year!!!!…… of them has a serious girlfriend so things are about to change. YAY! As always, thank you for your generous give away.

  50. We always stay home Christmas morning with our large family. We are also blessed to have both sides of extended family nearby, so we are able to enjoy fellowship with those close to our hearts around the celebration of Christ’s birth.

  51. Absolutely adorable, we usually do the traveling to see the family so the grandkids can stay home and play with their gifts.

  52. SWOON!! I just LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!!
    We Travel to my Parents for the Holidays every year on the 24th as its my Dads Birthday!! We also normally travel every 2 years to either Florida or Kansas City to celebrate with my Husbands Family!! This year will be interesting!! Holidays via the Screen!!

  53. It is just me and my husband, we typically don’t travel anywhere for the holidays and just spend the time together!

  54. All of these cards are amazing. Christmas/winter scenes are my absolute favorite!! My parents live close so, we spend the holidays with them. My Aunt always come to IL from GA and we always look forward to seeing them! Hoping the holidays don’t look too different this year as we keep things intimate anyways.

  55. I don’t need to travel very far because our family all live nearby. We usually gather at my sisters’ home for the holidays but unsure if we’ll do so this year. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful holiday card ideas. There’s lots of unique ones that I would like to try.

  56. I don’t usually travel to see family over the holidays as my immediate family lives in same city. For the past two years, family from all across the US has come to Vancouver, BC. Sadly, that will not be the case this year.

  57. Car Critters are truly happy, and who wouldn’t be? The world they inhabit makes me crave a mug of hot chocolate. Mmmm!

  58. We kind of take turns and do both, ususally thanksgiving is at our house and Christmas is at my parent’s house. I love these mountains, they are just what I need to spruce up a few layouts!

  59. Now that we live to far to visit family for the holidays we just have nice quiet family dinners with just the 4 of us.

  60. I’ve got “Over the Mountains” & a couple more sets ordered & they should be here in a couple of days. Can’t wait.

  61. After 20 years of traveling to our parents places, we our now hosting! Each has its pros and cons but in the end it’s being together that means the most!

  62. Our families live close, so not much traveling for the holidays. I love Elise’s card, the way it opens to reveal the inside scene is so cool!

  63. I travel for the holidays – but it’s only seven
    miles to my daughter’s house. We have our
    meal, visit for awhile and then I return home
    to recuperate from eating too much good food.
    Do miss doing all of the cooking and having
    everybody at my house.

  64. Every other year, we travel from Kentucky to northern Virginia to Raleigh, North Carolina and back to Kentucky to visits my family and my in-laws The other years, My in-laws travel to Kentucky to visit us. This is our travel year for Christmas.

  65. We don’t normally travel. If we do it is to our Niece’s house in NY. Otherwise, I don’t have any family left.
    Awesome and amazing creations. Super fun!!!

  66. Everyone usually comes to my house for the holidays. Thanksgiving is traded off each year, so it is at my daughters house and then back to mine. Christmas eve is at my house, everyone comes. Love this tradition.

  67. During December, we have a crockpot meal and get together and do an all day eat and Christmas movie watching session with 2 friends. We all wear our pajamas and eat warm food and drink hot drinks and indulge in holiday cheer. It’s lovely.

  68. Out of all our family members, our house is the largest, so Christmas is usually hosted at our house. Love the Christmas critters in the car!

  69. I am blessed that my family all lives very close to me … we travel 2 blocks to go to my sister’s house! lol
    Awesome release and adorable inspiration from the DT.

  70. My daughter works in Jordan right now so she won’t be home for Christmas this year because of travel restrictions to the US. I love these cards with the travel theme, and I wonder if I can do something similar with an airplane instead of a car!

  71. I love the cute travel themed cards. I am an only child so I only have to travel about 6 blocks to my parents house. My family and I usually spend every holiday at their house just because it’s more cozy over there. Thank you DT for this wonderful inspiration.

  72. We are blessed to have our families living in the area near us, so no one has to travel for the holidays. 🙂

  73. Oh Gosh, the DT knocked it out of the park with their projects!!!!
    We travel to see my family every other year.

  74. We usually drive up to see everyone on Christmas Eve as it’s only a 80 mile trip we usually spend the day visiting family then drive home on the evening to spend Christmas Day just the three of us 🙂 Then we drive back up again on Boxing Day or the day after – looks like we won’t be able to this year though because of Covid 🙁

    1. Oh my goodness… The cards are all so stinkin’ cute!! We don’t have to travel for the holidays. Most of our family all live in the same town as us.

  75. Luckily all the grandparents live in town so we don’t have to travel far! Some aunts and uncles don’t live locally so we FaceTime with them. When I was a kid we would travel every other year to my grandparents, and the opposite year my other grandmother Would come visit us.

  76. Usually we stay local, but if there is traveling it is usually me traveling with my family somewhere for the holidays.

  77. We travel back to my hometown to see my folks, and then up to where my husband’s siblings are. Always great to see everyone.

  78. My daughter and her husband always travel to see us for the holidays. We are lucky to have my son-in-laws family 15 minutes awys, so they get to visit both families when they come.

  79. Such adorable inspiration! My husband and I always travel to visit my family and his during the Christmas season.

  80. I love these cute critters so much!! For Christmas we normally visit lots of family members and go to the mountains!!

  81. One of my favorite things about Lawn Fawn is how well all the different stamp sets and dies go together! This inspiration week is so much fun see how all the interactive dies work with the new stamp and die sets!

  82. OMG! I love Grace’s Center Picture Window card! So creative!
    My husband and are from the same hometown, but moved away, so we spend the week after Christmas visiting both sides of the family. It’s an exhausting week, but our kids love it!

  83. Loving the fun inspiration from all the designers, they showcase these products so beautifully in their projects. I live within 30 minutes drive of all my relatives so there’s very little travel involved.

  84. Most of our family is in our area but sometimes we travel Disneyworld or Disneyland for Christmas. This year we plan on staying home staying safe and staying cozy.

  85. sooo many cute ideas!!
    we travel to florida every winter school break to visit my grandparents and family. 🙂

  86. Such cute cards! Love where the center cut card is turned on its side – what a great idea!
    The last few years, we have reconnected with some of our cousins and have been seeing them at Christmas at our mother’s (now sister’s) house. We took over all the rooms on the first floor to seat everyone – so fun!

  87. My husband and I usually go to my parents house for Christmas. But we also spent a few Christmases in other country’s or cities, just the two of us. Like in New York a few years ago. That was super special. Unfortunately it was warm, so we didn’t see any snow. 😅

  88. Most of our family are local so we don’t need to travel too far. I’ve just bought the car critters and add on, really excited about being about to create some Christmas cards!

  89. We have family that travels home to us. Not this year though because they live in the US and were in Canada. Makes me so sad.

  90. I absolutely love this collection! I’m German and moved to America with my sister, mother, and father when I was young. All of our family reside in Germany and Austria. We don’t go home for Christmas and no one from our family come here. It’s expensive to fly and with both of my parents in wheelchairs, it’s very difficult for them to fly (tiny airplane bathrooms). Also, Europe wasn’t designed to accommodate wheelchairs. So Christmas is celebrated with just the four of us and my dad’s caregiver.

  91. I just adore the Car Critters add-on set!! How adorable are these DT projects! Seriously amazing. My family all lives close by to each other so we’re lucky we don’t have to travel to be together.

  92. A lot of my husband’s family lives close so they usually come over to our house for the holidays. Every once in a while some of my family are able to travel to join us, those are my favorite years : )

  93. The past couple of years I have traveled to my family as I am single and my parents and sister with family live in the same town but this year I am moving there instead 😁

  94. My family lives in Iowa and traveling in the Midwest at Christmas is not safe due to many snow and ice storms, so I just stay here and enjoy my neighbors, church family, and friends.

  95. Super cute projects!! Normally my family travels to our place for holidays. Let’s hope Covid doesn’t screw up our Christmas this year….

  96. These are all adorable! Love the nose and antlers on the car. We usually go to our daughters for Christmas but it is up in the air this year due to the pandemic. The possibility of missing our granddaughters first birthday and second Christmas is making me very sad.

  97. We usually stay home for the holidays and when our children and grandchildren can come to visit we welcome them with open arms! I love the Christmas add ons for the car! Absolutely adorable!

  98. We normally don’t travel, but just last Christmas we travelled a long way – from Canada to Australia to visit my husband’s family.

  99. I travel at Christmas by sending my homemade cards with family and friends. The cute additions to Car Critters would be perfect for my 2020 cards! Thank you!

  100. These cards are all so fun! Love the different takes on each set! We all travel to one of our kids home. The week between Christmas and New Years!

  101. We alternate between traveling to Wyoming to the In-Laws or Oregon to my folks. The few times our kids talked us out of going it is just not the same.

  102. These are so darn fun I’m considering traveling for Christmas. Everyone would be surprised if I wasn’t here. I’ve been hosting Christmas meal and after dinner festivities for 25 years now. The family keeps growing though so might have to come up with a different plan! I usually host 30-40 people!

  103. We are military family and usually OCONUS, so therefore no one travels to us. Although you think they would to get to a more tropical place. We have lived in Hawaii, Okinawa, and the opposite of the USA (I grew up on the east) but no travelers to us during the holidays. We have traveled to TX to visit family and last year since we are now in VA, went to PA for Thanksgiving. I like being in my own home for the holidays. Although one Christmas, we went to Australia for a week and a half and that was great!
    Fun new Christmas scenes and tags and such. Enjoying the inspiration!

  104. Love those car critters, so cute! All our family is in the same area so there’s no travelling needed for the holidays!

  105. Wow the projects are incredible! I live in the same city as my relatives so nobody has to travel except for across the city to celebrate.

  106. Thanks to the DT for showing off such cute projects!
    To answer your question – For my husband’s family, we drive to see them over the holidays, since they’re all in the Tulsa, OL area (~9 hour drive!). For my family, my sister is the only one who isn’t in our immediate area, so she’ll come see us before New Year’s. Always happy to see my and my husband’s family, especially now, since COVID has kept us apart for a while!

  107. I don’t have to travel, hopefully. My family is just around the corner! We live near each others, so we only have to walk from one house to the next one! Love this set and the background borders, just have to buy them!

  108. We alternate traveling each year. Last year daughter & granddaughters came to my home for the holidays. This year I travel to their home. I’m stage 4 cancer and have no immune system so not good for me to fly so daughter is traveling to my home, spending the night, and we’ll get up bright & early the next morning and head to her home. So looking forward to it!!!

  109. Luckily we live close together so there is not much traveling required which is good since the holidays can be a stressful time.

  110. Both! In the Netherlands we have two days pf Christmas so for one, my parents come to us and we cook a three-course feast, and the other day we visit my in-laws with that whole family. Every couple makes a course for the big dinner at their house, total chaos but lots of fun!

  111. Such cute cards! I love how Lawn Fawn makes interactive cards so easy and so cute and clever!!

    My family is big so somethings we travel, sometimes they come here. It’s just great when we can all be together!

  112. My grandparents used to drive to our house at Christmas, when I was young, but now we just stay and enjoy our little family! 🙂

  113. I LOVE all the projects! Your designers are so clever and creative. For the holidays, I always travel to visit family. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  114. Most of the time people travel to us but occasionally we have to travel. It’s always so nice getting together and visiting!

  115. Christmas traveling for me is done via the postal office by making special greetings for family and friends. These car critter add-ons will add so much fun to the cards this year!

  116. We travel for the holidays to see our kids and grandkids! Lots of fun… Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful cards.

  117. Sometimes we go to Michigan to visit my cousins for Thanksgiving and sometimes they visit my family. However, not this year. When I lived in Florida, my parents came to visit around Christmas.

  118. We don’t usually travel for holidays. There are a few exceptions when we will travel to LA for thanksgiving.

  119. We usually spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws who live about 1 hour away. We always spend Christmas at home.

  120. Christmas day we start at our house and later in the day we go to an Aunts house where everyone in the family meets up to fill our belly’s again 🙂 . We catch up with everyone and Have a great time.

  121. Christmas Eve we go about 1 hour away & Christmas day we go about 1 1/2 hrs away. We plan on the same this year.

  122. Always travel between Christmas and New Years eve to go see my aunts and oncle. I try to spend all the little moments with them because you never know when it will be the last.

  123. We usually travel to see my mom at Christmas and my fiancé’s family but last year they came to us which was very special! I love today’s post. Thank you!!

  124. So cute!! Reminds me of the song, “Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother’s house we go”! I loved driving to our holiday gathering at my Grandparents farm in Iowa. So idyllic!

  125. Most of my family lives near by so not much travelling for me but we alternate hosting Christmas dinner with my brother.

  126. Luckily both of my children live in the same town, three and a half hours away. We travel to them to make it easier for them to see their spouses families over the holiday. You never know what the weather will be like in the midwest so it eliminates everyone having to travel.

  127. All my family still live in the same city We celebrate Christmas Eve at a different siblings house each year. Giant pot luck supper. Love this set.

  128. We travel to another state to be with family for holidays. Car critters is the cutest! Always makes me smile.

  129. Coming from a small small family, all holidays are now just us 3 and we celebrate everything together. Somehow I’ve become the planner, organizer, hostess and clean up crew. (Iwouldnt have it any other way). Blessed to be together no matter the number.

  130. Pre-kids, we traveled; post-kids, family travels to us! We usually keep a pretty low-key holiday, though, and save our big travels for summer.

  131. My husband and I usually travel and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day at my parents home in Pennsylvania.

  132. So I live in the same town as half my family. The rest can’t always travel down to visit, but when they do – they tend to come down for my parents (who are in their 80s, so we are trying to enjoy the holidays we have left). Love all the card examples today!

  133. Our family now travels to us after 30 years of traveling to them. It’s a nice change of pace. 🙂

    I love my little critters and this car add on is way too cute!!

  134. We used to always go the three hour drive to my family, but now with littles they normally make the drive our way.

    Ps I’m absolutely loving inspiration week 🥰

  135. Everything is so cute! My in-laws’ have the bigger house by far so we go to them for Christmas and always have done. My parents live close by so there’s not need for travel.

  136. Most of my family is here so we stay put for the holidays. I love cars dressed as reindeer so I love the car critters add on! Already bought it and it makes me giggle!!!!

  137. Usually we all meet at my house – including my in-law’s, my 3 girls, my brother and his family of 4 and my mother and partner. Christmas here gets celebrated on the evening of the 24th and I love having all my loved ones around me for a festive dinner. This year will be extra special since my oldest will have her first baby in november so it’s going to be my first christmas as a grandma!

  138. We have never travelled for the holidays nor has family visited. We are a small family and not very close. It was always just the three of us.

  139. Usually I don’t celebrate with families and friends for Christmas cuz I’m always working during that time toward the new years… so, I visit friends and families for Thanksgiving, instead!

  140. The postal service does the traveling for me at Christmas. I make cards sent with love to family and friends with a special message of Jesus’ birth enclosed.

  141. We stay home. When the kids were young we stayed home because we didn’t want to cart all of the Christmas stuff for 3 kids back and forth. We made sure that any family members knew they were welcomed to join us at our home. Now the kids are in college and our extended family has dwindled so we stay home because of that.

  142. Luckily between my family and me are no big distances because usually everyone drives to the mother or aunt to meet there (before it was my grandparents but they died 🙁 ) I get travel sick very easy so I couldn’t travel long distances!

  143. My children and grandchildren come to our house for Christmas. But I do miss the days when we traveled home to my parents house. They are both gone now but I cherish the memories. —-Love the cards!

  144. Traveling in the winter months to Iowa is not such a good plan, so I share Christmas with them via the postal service and pictures! I also make them a special card.

  145. We always celebrate with a group of 12 family members, each year at somebody’s house. This year is supposed to be at my parents house. Fingers crossed that we can make it happen ❤️

  146. Gosh yes! Christmas isn’t the same without a VDW Christmas. My whole family on my dad’s side gets together we can have up to 40 people. It is full of laughter and stories. We do a white elephant gift exchange and a buffet with family favorites. I hope we get to have it this year.

  147. Adorable…..we don’t travel at all on Christmas. I think it would be fun but it’s nice to stay home too.

  148. I am lucky enough that most of my family lives close so I don’t have to travel for Christmas! I love the car critters Christmas add on! May need to decorate my car this year!

  149. Stinkin’ cute!! We usually travel 6hrs to see our parents if they don’t come to us but this year… until the chance of getting/sharing Covid with them is greatly reduced, we’ll continue to stay away. 🙁 Last Christmas was the last time we saw them but hubby works in a manufacturing environment with a lot of other people. We just won’t take the chance with our mid-70s parents.

  150. Loved the rainbow mountain card! I am fortunate enough to have all 7 kids within 30 miles of my home… as well as my Mother and only sibling. Therefore getting together doesn’t require much driving at all. I have however make two or three 10+ hour road trips to see my only niece in Colorado each year.

  151. We don’t travel because we host for the holidays. I love these adorable cards!!! I’m always looking for scene building sets and these treed hills and mountains are perfect!!!

  152. I love everyone’s creations!!! Lovely! I do usually travel for the holidays, however, we think this year we will live vicariously through these cute critters – because we’re not comfortable this year traveling

  153. When I was younger, I always traveled back home for the Holidays, but when my sister had her first baby, my parents came to spend the holidays with us intead as she couldn’t travel with her newborn and it has become the new tradition ever since. It actually makes things easier as they are retired and we sometimes work up until the day of Christmas’s Eve.

    I love the Car Critters set in the last release and I’m really happy to see a Christmas add-on for it 🙂

  154. We have a fairly new tradition of getting a cabin up north in the snow the day after Christmas! Always so much fun

  155. I’m lucky enough that my family lives close by and we don’t have to go more than 10 minutes away!

    Great stamp set, so versatile.

  156. Thankfully we all live in the same city within 15 mins from each other so we don’t have to travel. Lucky to have family so close by. I love these scene builders and the car add on for Christmas. It’s so flipping adorable!

  157. We are very lucky to live close to a lot of my husband’s family so we usually host them at our house. Occasionally I get blessed with some of my family traveling to join us and those are always the best years.

  158. Traveling at Christmas means going to my basement to make special cards for my family and friends as traveling in the winter is too dangerous!

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