Valentine 2022 Inspiration & Release Week Big Giveaway Post

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine 2022 Inspiration & Release week! On December 9th our 4 new stamp sets, 8 new die sets, and more will be for sale at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! We also have an awesome BIG giveaway below, too!

Here’s a fun little peek at some of the Design Team projects we will be sharing this week!

Big Giveaway!

Now we have our big giveaway! We are giving away the whole Valentine 2022 Release to two lucky winners!  We will also be giving away prizes for commenters on each of the inspiration posts through the week, too!

Please read these directions carefully! We want to make sure you have many opportunities to win the big giveaway, so you will have FOUR chances to enter. You can do one, two, three, or all four! (Remember if you do all four that means that you have left four different comments here on this blog post!) You are not required to do them all, we just love giving you guys lots of bonus chances to enter! (Be sure that you are not replying to a previous comment, but leaving a new comment each time.)

  • Leave a comment on this blog post. (easy peasy!)
  • Like us on Facebook (“liking” always makes me want to quote the Sally Field Oscar acceptance speech! haha!) and leave another comment on our blog. (If you are already a “liker”, you can leave a comment)
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  • Follow us on Instagram and leave another comment on our blog! (If you already follow, you can leave a comment.)

That gives you FOUR possible entries! You have until December 8th at 5:00pm ET to enter. We will announce the winners here on the blog on December 9th at 12:01am ET.

Thank you so much for playing along! We can’t wait to start inspiration posts tomorrow! It’s going to be such a blast!

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2,190 thoughts on “Valentine 2022 Inspiration & Release Week Big Giveaway Post

  1. Thank you for giving us the chance to win, Lawn Fawn designsxare adorable. I love the way you keep the sizing and style thecsame and always fill the stamp sheets with lots of little extras that can be used with other sets.

  2. I told myself that I was going to skip the Valentine’s Day release this year. But NO, you had to release all of these cute new items. The skunks, dinos and puppies. I now need everything. Thank you Lawn Fawn. ❤

  3. Those skunks are so cute! And I’m excited about the little extras I can see with them. Also that flipped Dino and the cereal bowls – love, love, love!

  4. I am so excited for this new release and all the amazing inspiration from the design team! The skunks look so cute! 🦨💜

  5. Hello- Lawn Fawn is my favorite stamp company! I used the Happy Holidays you generously sent to crop and create classes for my holiday cards! Keep up the good stuff!

  6. Instagram is the first place where I get to know the details about new lawn fawn release and creations ❤️ Following you there ❤️

  7. Following the fun inspiration from all around the world from different artists and cardmakers on the lawn fawn Facebook page too 😀

  8. I’m always so super-impressed at the ingenuity and attention to detail of your designers, LF!! You all are amazing! Do you know how special you are? The cards / tags / bookmarks / ornaments / etc. that you show us are fantastic!!
    Lori S in PA

  9. I follow you on YouTube and have for a while actually. I watched this morning and liked the video before it even started. 😁

  10. Oh my gosh I can already tell that I’m going to LOVE this release! Thank you for putting it out in plenty of time to actually be able to craft ahead for Valentine’s Day!

  11. I just finished all my Christmas cards so I’m definitely ready for some new inspiration. Can’t wait to see the full release!

  12. I have been a YT subscriber for a while now! This is my third submission. YAY for Lawn Fawn! I love this company’s products!
    Lori S in PA

  13. I love your big dies! This is so exciting!! I already follow you on YT! Going to check out to make sure I follow on Instagram gram too!

  14. Love the adorable cereal bowls with hearts! And the cute skunks! Can’t wait to see all the projects during inspiration week!

  15. So excited for the new Valentine’s release! Sneak peeks look stinking cute as always! Definitely getting all the Adorable skunks! Love Lawn Fawn!

    1. Aww skunks!!
      Can’t wait to see those in action!
      I follow you on Facebook, instagram and I’m a subscriber on YouTube

  16. I love the silly puns of this holiday—the cornier the better—and especially when bolstered by visual puns! This is the holiday LF shines! And look at those Stinkin’ Cute Skunks and “Sauring”-hearted dinos! LF totally gets it.

  17. Aww skunks!!
    Can’t wait to see those in action!
    I follow you on Facebook, instagram and I’m a subscriber on YouTube

  18. That puppy on the ‘I Ruff You’ card is making my heart sing! I can’t wait to see all the inspiration, and new goodies!

  19. The skunks are adorable! And the heart / stitched background… and the flowers… and the tulips the skunk is holding! Can’t wait for this release!

  20. Thank you for doing this giveaway. Either way I’m getting these sets. I don’t usually do Valentine’s Day but these are too cute I’ll be sending valentines to everyone!

  21. Looking forward to all the latest cuteness!! Those cereal bowls are way too cute! And those skunks are so “stinkin’” adorable!

  22. Dear Lawn Fawn – Could you consider starting to look at who leaves comments every time you post a video instead of who only participates during inspo weeks? A few of us faithfully read your daily posts and comment… and yet we never win any of these contests.

    I’m already following you on IG. This is my fourth submission. I love your products and hope I win sometime in my life….
    Lori S in PA

  23. The skunks are the cutest! They remind me of Pepe le pew and how he was always falling in love with the cat who got the paint stripe accidently painted down her back! And she was always like, oh my gosh leave me alone! Hee hee hee! So adorbs! Looking forward to seeing what y’all have up your Valentine sleeve!

  24. Even a Liker of Lawn Fawn on The Facebook! Don’t go on The Facebook often, but still am a liker! IG sucks all my time because I keep looking for y’all over there! 😉

  25. Soo cute!! Can’t Wait to see it all! Love the big XOXO, and the skinks, and the cereal bowls, who am I kidding I love it all!!!

  26. I love the skunks and dinosaurs with their play on words in the sentiment. Looking forward to the design team inspiration cards!

  27. We rush through the holidays so fast.
    Hard to believe Valentine’s Day is coming
    soon. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  28. All the intro videos and the design team inspirational videos on youtube are fantastic! They really help get the creativity juices flowing! (I subscribe to your youtube channel)

  29. I must say, it’s fun seeing Valentine’s images as I’m getting a little “tired” of the holiday stamps (sorry – don’t hate me! LOL)
    I’m an Instagram follower!

  30. Awesome – cannot wait to see this release!!!!!

    I have “liked” you on Facebook, and I really, really, really do like you!

  31. 🙀🙀🙀🙀 You’ve got Skunks!!! 🙀🙀🙀🙀 I love skunks!! I can make a bouquet of flowers card!!!! 🦨🦨🦨❤️❤️❤️

  32. Like (should say luv) you on Facebook.

    Have seen commenters on posts other than this first one with the 3 extra comments and if I understand correctly only on this post is the extra 4 comments allowed. Correct?

    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  33. I am ridiculously excited for this release!!! I see things in the sneaks that makes me EVEN MORE excited too!!!

  34. Eek! More Lawn Fawn fun and hilarity!!!! Can’t wait to see more! I’m all liked, subscribed and friended! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. Excited for this release! So cute!!! Can’t believe it’s time to think about Valentine’s Day already!!!

  36. I love all of these so far! I’m gonna be broke LOL. I already follow you on all social media platforms. Can’t miss a thing!