Lawn Fawn Intro: Snowball Fight & Snow Flurries Background Stencil

Hello and welcome to September Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2022 Release with 12 new stamp sets, 20 new Lawn Cuts sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to introduce and highlight the new sets with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2022 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Snowball Fight and Snow Flurries Background Stencil! Take cover! The mice bundled up and are having an epic snowball fight, but it’s all in good fun! And when they’ve run out of snowballs they can work on the cutest “snowmouse” together!

Use Snow Flurries Background Stencil to create a snow and star filled background. This stencil works well with a variety of crafty techniques. Add some sparkle to your scene with Stencil Paste in Fairy Dust!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Audrey‘s Snowball Fight scene looks so fun on a Stitched Hillside Backdrop: Portrait! The built-in hills provide lots of space for all the snowy action!

Marine‘s charming winter scene shows how well the Snowball Fight mice play with the Mice on Ice! I love the fun pink and purple accents and the cool holographic skating pond! The Snow Flurries look so great stenciled in the bright pink sky!

Tammy‘s Snowball Fight card is so adorable! She used new Let it Shine Starry Skies paper for the background. Then she created a super clever greeting! She filled in the letter O in snow with a snowflake from the Snow Flurries Backdrop Lawn Cuts set. The rest is spelled out with Henry’s ABCs!

Wow, how much fun is Megan‘s brilliant design! She created a Snowball Fight scene in the snow globe then added more action at the base of the card! She combined Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On with a Circle Stackable to make the large snow globe!

Yainea‘s mice are enjoying lots of winter fun in the snow! I love how she created the snowbanks using layers of Stitched Hillside Borders. The greeting looks so great white embossed on a Bannertastic banner!

Latisha took her “happy winter” design in a totally different, fun and colorful direction! First, she stenciled with Snow Flurries Background Stencil in fun a tone-on-tone design! Then she created a grid with the cute “snowmouse” in unexpected happy colors! So much cuteness!

Elise‘s pretty pink sky is definitely a hit! She added lots of sparkle to her design with Pixie Dust Sparkle cardstock. And then she added even more by stenciling the Snow Flurries Background with Fairy Dust Stencil Paste!

Mindy‘s fantastic Snowball Fight scene features an amazing hot foiled background using Snowflake Background Hot Foil Plate! Her inky sky is so gorgeous!

Grace combined the cute snowball tossing mice with Giant Outlined Oh What Fun! It’s a totally adorable card that has a fun surprise inside! Look below.

On the inside, Grace created a fun shadow box scene with more cute mice! She framed the 3D scene with a Reverse Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Window cut from Knit Picky Winter paper!

Elena‘s Snowball Fight design is so clever! All the action happens on a Stitched Snowflake Backdrop, on which Elena inked cheery colors! Adding to the wintry scene is the ombré colored “happy winter” greeting!

Tammy used Platform Pop-Up and Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around to set the snowy scene! She placed the Snowball Fight critters and accessories to maximize the fun!

Lynnette created her Snowball Fight on a Stitched Hillside Backdrop: Landscape with a snowy patterned paper in the background! The white embossed sentiment on Black Licorice cardstock stands out as a bold greeting!

Kara‘s clever design features Giant Outlined Oh What Fun in frosty, glittery colors! I love how she arranged the mice on and around the letters, they look so adorable!

Mindy created a snowy scene with Snow Flurries Background Stencil! It’s a good thing those critters are wearing their cozy Ugly and Bright sweaters! They look so warm and fashionable!

I love the winter sunset colors behind the stenciled Snow Flurries Background! Caly included Birch Trees Lawn Cuts and Stitched Hillside Borders to set the scene for this epic Snowball Fight!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Snowball Fight and Snow Flurries Background Stencil! We will share some great ideas for these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Snowball Fight and Snow Flurries Background Stencil! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about a favorite snowy day memory by September 21st at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, September 16th for our next inspiration week post!

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433 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Snowball Fight & Snow Flurries Background Stencil

  1. My favourite snowy day memory has got to be the time that the whole family got together to sled down a snowy hill, it was such a blast😁 We ended the day with delicious hot chocolates❤️

  2. Im so glad this stamp is showcased today i was working on it yesterday.. A fond memory of a snow day was back in 2010 when it was really bad snow fall and we all got off school early and spent enjoying it at home with my family

  3. My favorite memory is making the first snowman ⛄️ with my kids! They where so disappointed when he started to melt 😆

  4. Unusual, but true – my family had a snowball fight when we visited Death Valley one summer when I was young. It was at high elevation and there wasn’t a lot of snow in the patch we found, but there was enough to toss around some snowballs.

  5. There is a hill near our house that kids sled down when there’s enough snow for a snow day. We’d do that when my kids were young. So much fun!

  6. my favorite snowy day memory is the halloween blizzard of 1991. we were still able to go trick-or-treating the night before and then were snowed in with all of our candy! looking back, it must have not been as fun for my parents….

  7. Fav snowy day memory is having a snow day and not having to go to school. So then our whole street spent the day tobogganing and playing outside all day.

  8. The only time I’ve seen snow, was when I was about 8. We went to North Carolina and it snowed the day before we got there, so all the snow was fresh. It was a lot of fun.

  9. My favorite snow memory is when i would wake up and see all the grass in the yard had been blanketed with fresh powder. It made everything look sparkley and clean and i couldn’t WAIT to go out and leave my snow angels in it!

  10. I like this stamp set. We enjoyed going inner-tubing down the foothills of the rockies. Always had great fun in the winter.

  11. I remember being out all day building and playing in snow forts with my best friend! How we would pray for snow days home from school! These ADORABLE mice so remind me of that!

  12. A favorite snow day memory is my then-toddler telling his dad on Christmas Eve that tonight it’ll snow and then it’s Christmas. Surprisingly he was right…we had a very rare white Christmases in the Houston/Galveston area that year.

  13. I’ve had many snowy days in my life! My favorite was the 1st 2day snowstorm after I met
    my boyfriend/husband now where we spent the night making snow angels in the fresh snow
    & build snowmen/snowwomen that represented us! That next morning, we spent the day
    shoveling neighbors’ sidewalks/cars & having snowball fights with family & friends!
    What great memories to remember & placed a big smile on our faces! Thanks for the new
    Mice stamp sets in this release! 💙❄🐭❄💙

  14. One of my favorite snow day memories is a snowman building competition with some friends. We girls build an extremely handsome snowman while the boys build a tiny witchy snowwoman. Not sure who won but we had a good laugh 😀

  15. I do not have many snow memories as I live somewhere it does not snow ever and have only gone to places where it snowed a handful of times. My first snow memory is when I was in college and lived in Atlanta where it might snow one day in the year if lucky. Well that one day was the first time I saw snow. Living on a college campus, it was a lot of fun as everyone ran outside and there were huge snowball fight. This question and these mice just reminded me of that day. It was a lot of fun!

  16. I enjoy watching the snow fall and seeing it before it gets messed up. Once it has tracks, a snowball fight is always fun.

  17. I’ve only seen snow a few times in my life, but the one memory that sticks with me was when I was at my husbands parents place it snowed overnight and it was the first time I had ever seen snow. I ran around playing with the snow until I developed a mild case of hyperthermia.

  18. My fave snowy day memory is getting all the friends in the neighborhood to sled together then making hot chocolate when e got back!

  19. My favorite snow memory is the year that it snowed so much that we were housebound for a week. The plows couldn’t get into our neighborhood so we were really snowed in. We had such fun building snowmen, baking cookies, snuggling up with a pile of books, and having the kids home from school.

  20. I love snow, so there are many snow memories! One that always comes to mind is sledding with my friends down a very steep hill. No one would go over this big bump as you knew you would get some serious air off of it. My friend and I dared each other to do it, so we got on the sled and went straight for the bump. We caught so much air that when we landed, it literally took my breath away! So much fun!!!

  21. At our old house, we had a big hill in our backyard. When it would snow a few inches, the kids loved to go sledding down that hill. Then we’d have snowball fights and make snow angels. Before they would come in for the day, we would build snow people. After they came in and took off all their layers of clothes, I would always make them hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. I would also bake chocolate chip cookies. Although I’m not a fan of cold weather, I did love the memories we made playing in the snow.

  22. I live in NYC and when I was a kid there was no such thing as a snow day since trains and buses still worked. My fondest memory is trudging through 2 feet of snow after a blizzard with my two sisters trying to get to the bus stop.

  23. Last winter there was a crazy snowday, where the snow was higher than my car. It was pitch black out but half the street was out shoveling snow. It was an odd sense of community

  24. I love this set, can’t wait to make Christmas cards. One of my favorite snow day memories is Mom making snow cream for us kids after a nightly snow storm. In case you don’t know, snow cream is like homemade ice cream but you use fresh snow. It was great.

  25. My favorite memory is my husband building an igloo for my daughter who played in it all day long. It was awesome! BTW: this is the cutest set ever!!

  26. I absolutely love all these little snowball fight scenes. I grew up in Florida & we didn’t see snow except for very light dustings every great, great “once-in-a-while”.

  27. Not my favorite snowy day, but it’s rememberable, last spring we got so much snow and I send the kids to shovel and instead the made a snowman. Fun times

  28. My favorite snowy day memory staying home cuddled under a blanket by the fire and reading a book while sipping on hot cocoa!

  29. My girls loved snow as well as the dogs. We had a dog who loved snow so much, we brought a pan of it inside so he could eat it. Now, I would rather just look at the snow than be outside in it.

  30. My favorite snowy day memory is when the whole family would sled down a giant hill and then we would have hot cocoa afterwards.

  31. Every year my father builds a big slide in the back yard for us to slide on. At the end of our yard we have two cedars and the goal was who could make it pass the cedars. Hours and hours of fun

  32. My fav snowy day memory is when I rescued my dog and following yr, 2008, it snowed and she luved playing in the snow and made snow angels which I have a video of.
    The snow creations are fun and have cute critters.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  33. It’s hard to pick just one when winter is almost 5 months of my life every year. I guess I would say that first magical snowfall night of the year, the one with big fluffy flakes is always so beautiful

  34. My favorite snowy day memory is from when my daughter was little. We had a snow storm outside and watched Christmas movies, drank hot chocolate and snuggled on the couch.

  35. I don’t love the snow now but it was fun when my kids were little and had snow days off school. We’d play in the snow, bake cookies, and hope for another day off school to do it all again!

  36. As a child, making snowmen and having snowball fights were always fun. As an adult, walking through the neighborhood and taking photos of everything covered in snow before others woke and put footprints through it all was nice.

  37. My favorite snowy day memory is when my dad, brother and I built a Robot Snowman (SQUARE body, head etc) it was awesome!
    I LOVE the new mice!

  38. My favorite snow memory was as a child living in Texas. We woke up to snow and of course we wanted to play in it…. The pictures of my brother and I wearing socks for mittens is still a favorite picture of mine.

  39. This is my favorite LF mice set so far! They are sooo adorable!
    My favorite snow memory would be days when my Grandpa took us kids out on the tractor and old stone boat. We had so much fun.

  40. My favorite snowy day memory is of standing in the frozen snow watching my two boys play outdoor hockey. It was always freezing cold and we would warm the young boys feet in between periods with hair dryers! I’m so glad I don’t have to stand outside in the cold anymore, but at the time I don’t remember hating it!

  41. My favorite snow memory was sledding for my very first time. I was in my thirties. I did not grow up near snow. It was a blast.

  42. My favorite snowy day memory has to be the time my father, uncle and sisters had a snow ball fight as a family. My mom watched us through the kitchen window. It was 1978, cold and we had lots of snow.

  43. Absolutley love these little snow mice. I don’t have any one specific memory, just lots of great memories of my boys playing in the snow and building snow forts when they were younger.

  44. Such a cute set! Born and raised in Southern CA we don’t get the seasons here so the First time I got to see falling snow was in my mid 20s. I was like a little kid.. so much fun!

  45. We live in Florida so we don’t have snow, but one year we were in Las Vegas for xmas and my kids saw a tiny patch of snow in Red Rocks and jumped out of the car to “play” with it! It was dry dusty type snow, so it didn’t pack into snowballs!

  46. My favorite snowy day memory was before work from.home was a thing and getting snowed in at home and hanging out by the fireplace.

  47. Fantastic cards!

    We live in SC and don’t get much snow. One Christmas we were in Penn. visiting family. Snow was NOT in the forecast. Our oldest prayed for snow on Christmas Eve.. On Christmas Day is snowed and snowed. My boys had the most wonderful Christmas playing in the snow!

  48. My favorite snow memory was our first big snow day in a new home and our kids made their first snowman. The picture became our Christmas card.

  49. I remember a snow day when I was a kid – think we only had one snow day where school was cancelled, so it was a big deal, and almost the whole community went sledding together.

  50. Such great inspiration! This is definitely my favourite set of the release! My favourite memory would be when me and my brothers built a classic looking igloo snow fort – it was so much fun!

  51. When I was very little, my aunt and uncle lived in a house on a hill. We would go sledding there. It was so much fun!

  52. Snowy days aren’t really a thing in coastal CA, BUT one time when I was in high school (many moons ago) it snowed in the morning and everyone was out of class scooping up baby snowballs and kinda having a snowball fight.

  53. No snow here on the central coast of California. Our most recent snowy day was last winter in Yosemite NP when we took our dog and he wore doggie snow boots.

  54. When we got our house in the mountains a few years ago it snowed during the night and when I opened the blinds in the morning it literally took my breath away!!! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

  55. One of my favorite snowy day memories was actually in the evening when I went to Lake Tahoe (half hour from where I live) with my husband, son and my grandchildren to visit my daughter’s memorial bench over looking Lake Tahoe on the 3rd anniversary of her passing. It was in December so it was a dark and snowy evening. Two of my grandchildren are her children and the other two are my son’s children.

  56. Taking my boys when they were young up Mt. Hood and sledding down the snowy hillside. My youngest loved to have his dad sit with him because he would go faster.

  57. Such fun scenes with these cute mice!
    My daughter and my husband and I had fun sledding while on vacation in the Lake Tahoe area many years ago. That was when my daughter was about 6 or 7 years old.

  58. Going outside and making snow angels with
    the kids. then we’d make a big snowman
    (if we had enough snow). Love the idea
    of the snowball fights. thanks for sharing

  59. I remember dressing up in layers and rubber boots and going outside to make a Mr. and Mrs. Snowman with my Mom when I was about five. P.S. I am loving the action poses of the mice. It makes scene stamping so much fun!

  60. Best memories are all those time I’ve been the first one stepping in newly fallen snow. When it’s still dark outside, yet lighter as the snow been falling all night, when there is no one else around and I am the one blessed to be the first one walking on these tiny, tiny ice-crystals… That feels special to me!

  61. In 1978 we had a huge snowstorm in MI. It was amazing to see that much snow. People coming into our small village on horseback. Lots os snow shoveling and building snowmen. Oh the memories.

  62. Love it when the granddaughters are here to sled ride in the snow! SNOW much fun! Taking walks at midnight in the peace and quiet with all the fresh fallen snow! Bundle up!!

  63. 16 februari 1991…lost of snow and ice here..a bad snow storm..en lost of snow fun for my eldest that day ..a neighbour even made an iglo on the ice (we live in the Netherlands unsual for here)…and in the evening our second son was born..

  64. Mine is when I first move to the mountains. We got snow in the city where I was from, but not much. When I moved, I had my first white Christmas. It made the day feel more magical with all the sparkly snow shining like diamonds, how enchanted everything looked.

  65. My favorite snowy day memory is from the snow storm of 1977. So much snow. We were out of school for over a week. Snowbanks taller than me. We dug tunnels through the snow that was piled high and neighbors were happily helping each other. Someone in our neighborhood had a snow mobile and they were driving up to the store to get groceries for everyone. What great memories.

  66. My favorite snowy day memory was from a Christmas eve. We had a little bit of snow! I made my children bundle up and walk in the woods with me. The snow makes everything so quiet. And they were just so happy to hear the birds and the quiet of the snow fall. It will always be a favorite memory.

  67. I live in a place that gets lots of snow (usually) in the winter so I have years worth of happy snow day memories – too many to list here!! I especially love the snow day memories when my kids were little and we would bundle up and go outside and make snow angels until there wasn’t much room left on the lawn to make any more! Then it was time to go back inside for hot chocolate! Love those days! PS – a snowy day is still my favorite kind of weather day!

  68. In recent years I have enjoyed just sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of cocoa watching the snow outside. Living in the midwest I have lots of snowy day memories.

  69. I don’t have many experiences with snow. A few years ago it snowed where I live and it’s rare. The family and I went outside and threw snowballs and my children were snow angels. It was so much fun but cold brr.

  70. Favourite snowy day memory is probably sledding in my parents backyard. They have a hill in their backyard and my dad would shovel off the deck and create a mound of snow for us to slide into so we wouldn’t hit the house. One winter we ended up going up over that mound of snow into the house anyway. Everyone was safe…and it was rather funny.

  71. A childhoodmemory I have is when we as a family used to go cross country skiing.
    The outing always ended with a picknick with hot chocolate, cheese sandwiches and orange wedges.

    1. One January, we had a significant amount of snow and my kids gathered with a bunch of other kids at the local elevation in the nearby park. They had sleds, toboggans, magic carpets and anything they could slide with. They had so much fun and ended up with hot chocolate and cookies at my house.

  72. I remember taking my son when he was little out to play after a blizzard. We built little snow men, went sledding down our little hill in our backyard and had hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course) .

  73. In early 2016, we had about 3 feet of snow at once in a storm. Maryland gets snow but not like that. It was beautiful but hung around for days. There was plenty of time to go outside and enjoy it! It was so deep that snow angels couldn’t be made. It had the “sinking in factor. ” Most of all, it was a good memory time!

  74. My favorite memory of snow days is waking up on a school day, turning on the radio and hearing that my school is closed due to snow. Then going back to sleep!!

  75. My favorite snow day memories involve watching my fur babies experiencing snow for the very first time. It’s always a cherished memory.

  76. My favorite snow day(s) memories come from an unusual blizzard we had when I was a kid. The snow was as deep as our fence in the backyard and there was a drift as tall as our house. We hollowed out a hole in the big drift and made a snow house and had so much fun playing out in that snow for several days.

    I think we missed a week of school and I’m sure my Mom got sick of constantly drying our snow soaked clothes so we could go back outside during that time but it was also probably worth it to get us out of the house for a while.
    I love this set so much and was looking forward to its inspiration day which did not disappoint!

  77. I remember when my daughter was about 3 and it snowed here in Texas, which doesn’t happen too often. We built a 1 foot tall snowman and had so much fun.

  78. Favourite snowy day memory is a hard one…so many to choose from. I really enjoy watching the wonder and excitement that comes on my kids’ faces when they play in it. I love this little mouse set. So super cute!

  79. My favorite snowy day memories are from when I was a kid. All the kids on my block would get together on snowdays and create these huge “caves” in the snow drifts and we’d play house in them. lol Not at all practical, but we had a lot of fun.

  80. My favorite snow memory is the day my puppy discovered she LOVED snow… So much bouncing and racing around from a very happy dog!

  81. Loving this Lawn Fawn Set which I have already purchased! I hope one of the virtual classes that Lawn Fawn offers will use this stamp set! Thank you to all the designers for sharing these wonderful cards!

  82. As a former teacher, I was always happy for a snow day!!
    My kids are grown but I have many memories and photos of playing in the snow, snow ball fights, snowmen, and sledding.

  83. SQUEAL!! LOVE the AMAZING Inspiration shared today!!
    My FAVORITE Snowy Memory would be Building Snowmen with my Boys every Year!! As they grow up its FUN to make the FUN memories and to see how their Imaginations have Grown on different ways to Decorate the Snowmen!!

  84. In the small town I grew up in, the city worker would close the steep, snowy hill for us kids to go sledding. He would also build a fire at the bottom of the hill so we could get warm!

  85. I have only been to the snow once but I managed to make a snowman and have a snowball fight before i had to head back to the car as I was freezing!

  86. My favorite snow day memories are from this year! Curling up with a good book by the window or watching movies while being snowed in for several days at a time was fun!

  87. I love these mice!!! My favorite snowy memory was while visiting friends back east, looking out a window on a train, mystified by the sparkly stuff catching light. It was as if there was a filter on the glass. It took a moment to realize it had begun to snow. (It rarely snows where I’m from.) I’ve never made a snow ball, but the mice seem to be enjoying the day!!!

  88. Love the snowball scenes. My favorite fun memory is when my girlfriend picked me up when we were teens and we did some fun donuts in the snow in a empty parking lot. 😁

  89. We don’t get a lot of snow days here on the West Coast of Canada but when we do they are memorable. My favourite memory is going sledding with my boys for the first time. So many squeals of laughter, shouts of glee and hearing “again! again! again!” when we’d reach the bottom of the hill! Then the snow was gone two days later. 🙂

  90. One of my favorite snowy day memories is watching my son & his friend build a snow fort in our front yard & then crawling in & hanging out in it. 🙂

  91. One year when we were kids, it snowed a ton. We had some friends staying with us that week and we spent hours playing outside. Snowball fights, sledding, skating on ice patches, building snowmen, etc. We had a blast!

  92. This set is so adorable! I can’t wait to play with it. We live in an area that doesn’t see a lot of snow. We visited family at Christmas and got to play in a foot of snow with our kids. They had so much fun and we built a 7 foot tall snowman.

  93. My favorite snowy day memory is from this year! My husband and I took our honeymoon in Europe and visited castles in Germany when it was snowy and peaceful. So beautiful!

  94. My fav memory is being snowed in one day. It snowed so much overnight that everything was shut down and that meant no going to work. I love those kind of lazy days

  95. LOVE this stamp set! My favorite snowy day memory is from when I was in high school. I walked to school and one day when we woke up to a big snow storm I was super excited because my Dad let me stay home from school-something he never did. A short time later, school was called off due to the snow so I didn’t get my” free” day off!

  96. My favorite snow day memory is when my kids were little, and my husband iced the small hill and made it a great sliding hill! We had races and so much fun sliding as a family!

  97. My favorite snowy day memory: When I was a kid we had a home way out in the NV desert. It would snow a lot and my dad would have us bring in fresh snow to make snow cones!

  98. I was a small child when our family lived in the Pocono Mts of PA. I remember lots of big snows and on one occasion, we actually got to take a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh! It was amazing… a neighbor organized the sleigh ride and it was so picturesque. Even as a 7-yr-old, I remember how everything looked like a “winter wonderland” and I felt like I was in a Currier and Ives painting. Of course, I probably loved winter as a small child because I did not have to clear the snow back then LOL.
    Am so happy to have daily videos to enjoy this week! Thanks, LF!
    Lori S in PA

  99. Our dog Bailey loved the snow so much! We don’t get a lot here but last year we had a solid morning of super fun snow to play in and build snowmen. It was so fun and it happened to be his last snow so it was extra special looking back.

  100. This is super cute! My favorite snowy day memory is running outside at the first snowfall of the season and snapping a photo! Stop, Drop, POSE! xoxo

  101. 2 favorite memories in Texas
    1. My office was closed and my husband was out of school but our boys still had school. Special day with just the two of us but I also went out and built my own snowman 🙂
    2. Never expected a foot of snow in Texas but everyone loved it. Us and our 2 neighbor families were out with the kids helping them make big snowball, a hill to slide down, and having a snowball fight.

    Now every year in SC we get just enough snow to make at least a small snowman. My youngest son (now 19) insists on us all going out and playing in the snow with him. He was home on leave for Xmas break from the Marine Corp. We happened to have a little snow while he was home. My husband and I and the dog were out rolling up snow to see how big a ball we could make while also throwing small balls at each other.

    Thank you so much for reminding me of these memories 🙂

  102. We live in a very small town, and there is a special hill that everyone uses for sledding. As a family we would go sledding on snowy days. My kids are all grown with kids of their own, but we all remember those days with very fondly.

  103. I think some of my favorite “snow” memories is trudging through the crisp white falling snow tugging my daughters in their sled. just us out together in the silent wintry landscape.

  104. Eek all the cards are so adorable!!! One of my favorite memories is a year we had a LOT of snow and built a snow fort that went over the fence into our friends yard next door! It was so cool!!

  105. My favorite snow memory is my son’s only snow day. There wasn’t enough snow on the ground (we live where it rarely snows) for a snowball fight, so we had a nerf gun fight instead.

  106. We had a year with three blizzards, in three consecutive weeks, that left over five feet of snow. I remember watching my boys climb on the piled up snow left by the plows in the neighborhood and the tunnels and ramps they made. They were outside for hours

  107. Not sure whether it was my favorite, but certainly the most memorable, was when we were trapped last year in a cabin at the bottom of a hill for three days. We were running out of food and we had no water. At one point the heaters gave out. We couldn’t find anybody to tow us out because they were helping out the city. Luckily a very small company was able to give us a ride and get our car out of there. I don’t think I want to see snow in a long time 😂😂!

  108. My Dad used to pull us on a toboggan behind the snow mobile in our field. Sometimes when we’d stop we’d look like human ⛄️ lol!
    I love the snowy background stencil very much

  109. I love me a mouse snowman! The memory that comes to mind for me…. we live in Arizona, we seldom get snow but when we do, it’s not a lot and it doesn’t last long. That doesn’t keep the kids from making a snowman. It usually comes out like a dirty snowman including rocks rolled into the balls of snow and a tumbleweed hat.

  110. My favorite snowy day memory was the first time I saw/experienced snow. We were moving to Idaho from California and my parents took us to Mount Baldy so we could experience it before we lived in it 🙂

  111. I love my memories of having a disc sled (yeah, like the one in Christmas Vacation) and sledding down the hills at the farm. We didn’t use “lubricant” though!

  112. That “snow mouse” was sold right away to me! <3 My fav. snowy day is to go to ski trip in winter holiday with my parents, every winter, in my elementary school years. 🙂

  113. It was in the 70’s (!) and the first and only time we got enough snow to make a snowman, I will always remember that memory, especially I was with my mom.

  114. Can’t really remember too many snowy days anyway. As Ive gotten older, I like the look until its time to shovel and drive in it. These cards are adorable.

  115. My favourite snowy day memory is the first time my son saw snow – he thought someone had left a big mess in the garden!

  116. I remember taking a walk one night in the snow with my late husband and my daughter who was 3 at the time. It was way past her bedtime but it was a really fun night, He passed a few months later and love these memories

  117. Such cute cards from the design team!
    My favorite snowy day memory is when my son and husband went into our back yard and created a whole menagerie of snow animals. Such creativity!

  118. We rarely get snow where I live, but years ago, we woke up one late March morning to several inches of snow on the ground. I turned on the local morning news to see what was going on, and the anchor said “We’re just as surprised as you are!” 😀

  119. I’m so happy with this set. These mice are the cutest! A fond memory of a snow day was driving through the woods with my husband and then going for a nice walk in a beautiful winter wonderland. We don’t often get a lot of snow here so we enjoy it as much as we can!

  120. We were not far, when I was a kid, from a national forest, so my parents would always get a tree permit to cut down our own Xmas tree. Those DAYS out in the snow and woods were the best! Lunch, snow ball fights, sledding – and oh wait what did we come for – oh the TREE! And the tree was always WAY to big for the house. LOL! Like, dad, how have you not learned. LOL!

  121. When I was a child, my mom took me and my sister to the mountains to a place called Santa’s Village. We loved checking out the snow.

  122. This little mice are just so adorable and even though it never snows here in sunny Queensland in Australia I still want to get these and see if I can turn their winter caps into otjer hats playing other fun games in sunny weather

  123. Two memories stand out: One of my cousins, my sister and I going ice skating at the big ice rink and sitting in the shelter to warm up; The other of my granddaughter, her bestie and 6 other friends on a sled waiting to go down the hill on a snow day in January 2022.

  124. My favorite snowy day memories is taking my 12 yr. old daughter and two of her friends cross-country skiing. We all had so much fun.

  125. When I was a child, the neighborhood kids would gather at a very, very steep hill to sled, inter tube, whatever device we could find to plummet down the hill with some kids on lookout because it dumped us at an intersection and we had to stop any cars! Fun times and a different time🤭

    1. Oh what fun for sure…those mice in snow ball fight action are adorable.
      Favourite snow memory was from my teen years and watching my aunt and uncle skate around the pond together like they did when they were dating.

  126. We don’t often get snow here in NC, but one year we got enough for my kids to build a small igloo next to the house. They were so excited! It lasted for several days too because it was in shade. Very fun memory.

  127. This season’s Snowball Fight collection is so “cool”. It doesn’t snow very often in So Cal, but ANY snow day in Cali is magical.
    My favorite snow day is the first one where my parents and I made a Snow Family.

  128. My favorite snowy day memory was when I was little my uncles pond was frozen over because it was so cold and my family went ice skate on it

  129. My favorite snowy day memory is when it snowed where we live for the first time in about 20 years. My son rolled all the snow in the yard into three balls and built a snowperson. It was all of two feet high and lasted until noon the next day. Then he took the remaining chunk and put it in the freezer for six months.

  130. Favorite snow memory is waking up while camping in a tent one night to it trying to collapse on us because it started snowing overnight—the forecast had listed the snow level as 1000 feet above us so it was quite the surprise! But very pretty and lovely to see the landscape covered in snow.

  131. I remember one time when we were in grade school and it snowed over a foot of snow. (I don’t remember how much.) We were off school several days. My sister, best friend, and I made the parts of the snowman and my dad put them together for us when he got home from work since we couldn’t lift the snowman body off the ground. Then we decorated it and my dad pulled us around the yard on our sled (since we couldn’t get it to go down our hill since it was a powdery snow and it just sunk).

  132. I remember seeing snow for the first time on a family holiday overseas (because it doesn’t snow where I’m from) the novelty wore off pretty quickly haha

  133. When I was in elementary school we had a snow day.
    My best friend didn’t live very far and she came over and spent the night, we had so much fun sledding and playing.
    It was a special day!

  134. Texas doesn’t get much snow but I remember the recent ice storm of 2021. There was snow and ice. I remember no water, no electricity for 3 days.

  135. This set reminds me of the forts that we would build as kids. We had two forts and lots of fun having snowball fights. Of course, then hot chocolate afterwards!!

  136. My kids and I made snow angels and sledding on the hill in our backyard. Then came in and drank hot chocolate!! Perfect day!!!

  137. My fav. was taking my parent’s for a walk through Central Park in NYC for the first time. It was a perfect light snowfall and the whole scene was so festive.

  138. I remember when we lived in Germany our son having so much fun sledding in the snow. I live in Florida now and I haven’t seen snow in a very long time.

  139. One of my favorite memories involving snow was while on vacation in Colorado. My kids were young, and after skiing lessons in the morning, we found a little hill for sledding. It was just a small hill, but it was FAST! It was a great way to end the day.

  140. These are too cute! My favorite snowy day memory is when my kids were small and they went sledding for the first time. The looks of exhilaration on their faces was priceless.

  141. Walking down forest paths whilst the snow hangs in the evergreens above. Digging out forts with the kids from huge dumping of snow. The quiet whisper of snow falling in the night air while taking a break during shoveling to take it all in. The natural and clean, crisp beauty of snow landscape, racing across fields on a snowmobile I could go on and on…

  142. Adorable sets!
    I remember a late winter snow when my whole family was together – so all the cousins got to play in the snow – it was so fun seeing them all trying to build a snowman !

  143. I live in snow country so I have many memories – but I remember years and years ago my dad taking us sledding on the largest hill ever – we all loved it but the walk back up to the hill seemed along way – yet all 6 of us kids did it over and over and over! What grand times

  144. My favorite snowy day memory was 2020 when my daughter was getting ready to graduate. She was complaining that she never got a snow day at school( we live in Arizona)… well it snowed and she got her Snow day. We went for walks in the snow and came home and had cocoa’s… yeah my favorite memory or at least one of them!

  145. A favorite snowy memory is when my daughter was 2 and we got a ton of snow. We bundled her up in her giant purple snowsuit and pulled her around the yard in her sled.

  146. My snowy memory is taking kids Christmas tree hunting and always laughing when they stand under the tree while dad shakes off the snow on top of them and hear their laughter as the snow goes down their jackets

  147. One of my favorite memories as a child was sledding down a steep street near my house. The street was always blocked off when it snowed so the kids in the neighborhood could go sledding. It was so much fun. Mom would make hot chocolate for us too!

  148. my best memory is; when my father turned our terrace into an ice rink and built the wildest snowmen with us. Now i just gave birth to our first son and i look foreward to that we will make the same for him and his friend ❤️

  149. My favorite snowy day memory would have to be when we went with friends to a cabin and it snow and the power went out so my husband and his best friend made the kids a breakfast of BBQ eggo waffles LOL. then we had fun building snowmen and igloos 😊

  150. Adorable projects today! Love these little mice!I don’t really have just one special snowy day memory, we don’t get a lot of snow here so any day that we get snow is a very happy day 🙂

  151. Our friends across the backyard lived on a cul-de-sac. After the big Chicago blizzard of 1967, a huge pile of snow was plowed into the center of the cul-de-sac. That made for the best snow fort ever! (I love these snowball fighting mice. Too cute!)

  152. I don’t have a lot of snowy day memory because I live in Texas and it hardly snows here but when it finally snowed one year me and my kids went outside to play in the snow to make snow angel’s and we made a little snow man

  153. one particularly snowy winter, when I was very pregnant I decided to go get the mail – the driveway had not been shoveled – snow was about 16 inches deep – I tromped down our long driveway retrieved the mail … but was too exhausted to make it back to the house ….gotta love snow!

  154. Living in sunny Brisbane, Australia, I haven’t had much opportunity to see snow. I first saw snow (on the ground) when I was on a student exchange program at the end of high school – we were told there was a snow storm coming, but it didn’t hit while we there, so I didn’t see snowfall only the snow already on the ground.
    My first snowfall was when I was staying with my uncle and aunt in Canada. I was so excited to see even just the faintest snow flurries that my aunt (who is Canadian) kept laughing at me and even my uncle made fun of me too… but I didn’t care. So if I was excited by slight snow flurries, imagine my excitement when it started to snow full on!! It was amazing to see the level of snow grow higher and higher in the basement window, until it was completely covered. I went down by Lake Ontario in Toronto and I swear I was followed by a very photogenic squirrel. It was just before Christmas and I really felt the wonder and magic of a white Christmas with all that snow. I was told it was the most snowfall they had had before Christmas for many years, which was good because I didn’t get the chance to stay for my first white Christmas as I flew back home for my grandmother’s funeral 🙁

  155. My snowy memory was just in 2008 snowed for 8 days straight! So much snow for here in Oregon. All I could do was make Christmas tags for the first time, I wasn’t making cards yet.

  156. Growing up, school winter sports days would always be held on the other side of the lake next to my house and afterwards me and my friends would go straight across the iced over lake and have hot chocolates at my place. 🙂

  157. My favorite snowy memory is when my three daughters saw snow for the first time in Lake Tahoe. We played all day on the snow and I remember they were so tired that they barely made it through dinner.

  158. I live in Hong Kong so our winters are very mild, nothing near snow!!
    I only remember a distant memory of when I was 4 or 6 years old at a family holiday overseas and I saw snow for the first time. I remember I had lots of nosebleeds due to the cold, dry weather!! XD

  159. During my time in secondary school we went by train once per year with the whole school to some winter sports area for a whole day. You could decide to go for skiing, skating or going downhills by sleigh. It was always so much fun to be there with your school mates. This is definitely one of my favorite memories of snowy days.

  160. So many cute winter cards! When my kids were young, I used to love watching them build snowmen in the front yard!

  161. I’ve only seen snow twice in my life (being a So. Florida native). The best
    was in 1977 when I was in 7th grade … we had snow flurries in So. Florida!
    They let all the kids out of class to see it & catch flakes on our tongues. 🙂

  162. We lived in a neighborhood full of kids! We would play in the snow for hours. Then my mom would call all the neighborhood kids in to our house and would serve us ramen noodles and hot chocolate. Then it was back out to play for all of us. Now that I’m a mom I really appreciate how she was in the house making noodle soup and hot chocolate and making us come in to get warm every few hours.

  163. I loved sledding down big hills with my family growing up. My kids also loved to “paint” the snow with old dish soap bottles filled with colored water. Fun days!

  164. We rarely get snowy days, but we got a white Christmas (skiff of snow that melted quickly😉) one year and that was pretty fun!

  165. My favorite was waiting for it to snow in Yosemite. We took a high school trip to learn all about the area, hiking all around in early spring. There was no snow but they said it may snow in the spring time. On the last hike day it started to snow. It felt so magical, beautiful and peaceful up in the mountains.
    Now as a momma my favorite snow day was making one up for my daughter. We live so far south in California you have to drive to visit the snow. So I wanted her to have some fun. We drew snowmen on our slate kitchen floor. I made us some snow shoes out of cardboard and ribbon. We went snow shoeing around the house. We had a snowball fight with those giant puff balls. Then my husband used the shop vac in reverse to make it snow. Not sure who had more fun…

  166. My favorite snowy memory is of the forts my brother dug in the deep deep snow in the backyard. Tunnels connecting rooms etc.

  167. Born and spent my first 22 years in Michigan. So we had amazing winter& snow memories. Snow forts, Tobogganing , sledding, saucers, ice skating and all the other fun things. Great place to grow up!!

  168. This past winter when We had enough snow to build a snowman, I took my 3 year old grandsons outside and they had so much fun helping. The snowman was about as tall as they were so they decided to have a snowball fight with it. They were laughing the entire time. Then I showed them how to make snow angels.

  169. Being a Michigan girl and living in Park City Utah I have made many many snowmen! I live in Arizona now so not much chance of making snowmen…lol.

  170. Building snowmen with my kids and grandkids, was always so much fun. My husband would really get into it and every year he would build a different snow animal and the kids couldn’t wait to see what it was. Now that he is gone brings back special memories.

  171. We used to make snow forts at the end of my driveway when I was growing up. We’d bury into the piles of snow that were made as a result of my parents shoveling the driveway :). Those mice throwing snowballs are the cutest!!!

  172. Sledding, and snowball fights are such iconic winter memories for my family. Now that my kids are grown we look forward to building those same memories with grandkids one day 🙂

  173. We don’t get much snow where we live, and when we do it’s not ofen that much. But I do remember one year when I was a child when we got lots of snow, with snow drifts covering cars and hedges!

  174. Favorite snowy day memory: It’s actually 2 days. We were shopping in downtown Boulder in shirt sleeves in 70 degree weather. Then overnight, 18 inches of snow fell in the backyard of the B&B we were at. We spent the next day bundled up and slipping and sliding around a lake walk with lots of other people doing the same. That’s Colorado weather for you!

  175. So adorable! My favourite snowy memory is from only a few years back, actually, from our family trip to Lapland – we had a husky sled ride organised, and I will honestly never forgive that experience! Sledding fast through snowy frosty fields was so exciting!

  176. My favorite snowday was when my puppy saw snow falling down for the first time; he jumped up and down trying to catch snowflakes ❄️🐶

  177. My favorite snow day memory is with my little sis, just playing in the snow like the kids we were at the time! My fav part of the year most definitely!

  178. One of my favorite snow memories was about 7 or 8 years ago, after we got our puppy. I was sled-riding a block away with my kids in 3 feet of snow, & the puppy took off. We were trying to run after her, but the snow was too deep. I was so scared but as I got home, I saw her sitting on our front porch! I realized at that moment just how smart she was. She found her own way home!

  179. I have never build a snowman! 😥 If I am not the lucky winner I will definitely have to buy the set. Love all the samples the design team made. Super super cute set.

  180. From the first time I saw this stamp set I thought of my grandson. We have built snow brick walls and have had our share of snowball fights.

  181. Unfortunately no snowy day memories for me since I grew up in North Queensland. Hopefully next year I will get to take the kids to the snowy mountains in nsw.

  182. My favorite snowy memories are playing outsude with my 2 sons. Making snowmaen, snow angels and sledding. Then warming up inside with hot cocoa and a movie.

  183. My favorite snow memory is when I took my dog to experience snow for the first time, he loved the snow and didn’t want to leave.

  184. I have many fond memories of snowy days when school would close and I’d go to my Grandma’s house for the day and my cousin and I would play in the snow, much like those adorable mice!

  185. I remember a freezing cold day when we made snow angels and snowballs. Then came inside for hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  186. My grandpa bought me a sled when I lived with my grandparents for a year when dad was on TDY to Iceland. I still have that sled even tho I don’t live in a climate that gets snow….Tucson, Az.

  187. My boys were very young (they’re in college now!) and we hadn’t had the girls yet. We lived in Japan. With what little snow we got, we would sled down the hill beside our tower apartment. Snow much fun!!

  188. I don’t get snow in my country as its all day tropical! Haha however once we did travel to korea and there happened to be snow over night, everyone had woke up to see the snowfall but they left me sleeping ! Was so surprised to see all the snow the next day! Haha

  189. I remember building mini snowmen with my kids when they were little – there was very little snow that fell so we made them mini!!!

  190. Michigan brings snowy memories every year, but back on the 60s I remember a storm so bad the drifts were up to the roof line. There it was… the first time I ever saw a snowmobile as our neighbor went shopping for all of the stranded neighbors. Kindest act of kindness that I will never forget.

  191. I remember taking my sons sledding when they were young with my husband and he and I went down the hill together on a saucer type sled and wiped out BAD! The boys loved watching it and still talk about it. I love Audrey and Kara’s cards.

  192. I remember when we were kids on a snowy day my dad would help us make a slide in the backyard. He would add water to make it nice and slick!

  193. A couple of years back, Texas was slammed with frigid temperatures and snow. It was so beautiful, but oh so rare. Thank God for that! 😂😂😂

  194. My favorite snowy day memory was Christmas many years ago. It had started snowing when we got the kids up to open gifts. Within a few hours, there was enough snow to actually go sledding. This was the only white Christmas I have ever experienced and the first time my youngest daughter saw snow. It was such a wonderful day.

  195. Snow much fun playing in the snow as a child. Now I appreciate the use of paper vs. the real thing! Wonderful projects showcasing new products!

  196. My favorite Snowy activity is night sledding at my parents! They used to set out tiki torches to light the driveway all the way down and pick us up on four wheelers so we wouldn’t have to walk back up. My mom always made hot cocoa and once we got older that turned into hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps 🙂 The best memories

  197. I love getting up super early on snowy mornings and going for walks in the fresh snow. The way it sounds and feels when being crunched by my feet is the basis for most of my snowy memories.

  198. As a kid all the kids in the neighborhood met on the street, playing hide and seek behind the snow walls the snowblower had created, went sledding on a near hill, mixing in a little snowfight every now and then and catching snowflakes with our tongues. I’m pretty sure I don’t remember well, but I still think we had lots more snow back then than we have nowadays. But you know how it is with childhood memories….

  199. My favorite snow memory has to be when we listened to the radio in the morning to hear about school closures! Snow days were the BEST thing ever !

  200. I grew up in Northern US, so have lots of fun memories of snow days. But, living in the south now, those days are few and far between. More recently, I took my grandson (then only 2) to visit family, and he got to see and play in the snow for the very first time! What fun to watch his reaction to the wet and cold!

  201. This is such an adorable set! Brings back so many childhood sledding and snowball fight memories. We were always spending hours outside having fun in the snow with my brothers, sister, Mom and Dad!

  202. My favorite snowy day memory was when my kids were little. We had always lived in the south, so they hadn’t seen snow at all! When we arrived at their grandparents’ house; there was about 1/2 inch of dirty snow left on their car. My kids HAD to build a snowman. We had to use a baby carrot for the nose and the darned thing was only about 6 inches tall, but they were SO EXCITED!!

  203. Making a snowman until your were freezing cold and then coming in for hot chocolate with extra mini marshmallows was the best snowy memory.

  204. Squeeeee! These snowballs are awesome!! I have a weird favorite snowy day memory. I grew up in rural Alaska and we would always go to our cabin, which was about 90 miles away from home for holidays and weekends. One Thanksgiving, when I was about 5 years old, my family and I, along with our dogs were in our vehicle, and another family in their car were driving to our cabin. We got stranded along the highway due to an avalanche, and had to wait hours. Us kids had the best time. My brother and I, along with our two friends, and all the dogs, played in the snow and jumped in and out of the car windows while waiting for the snow plows to clear the highway enough that we could get through. Good thing my Mom had pre-cooked the turkey. She set it out on the passenger seat and we all just nibbled away on it as we all played and whiled away the night. That was my favorite Thanksgiving of all time.

  205. My fav snow days were days off from school having snow ball fights and making snowmen with my big brother in NY. I now live in CA and miss the winters sometimes.

  206. The Snow Flurries Background stencil is a must for my stash. This brings back memories of all the snowy days when I lived in Chicago. The merry mice are always so cute.

  207. Every snow day school cancellation. They were not that common where I grew up, so each one was a wonderful treat. Even if we had to shovel the driveway

  208. One of my favourite snowy day memories is building a snowman with my Mom. She was a single Mom and made a huge effort for me and I appreciate her so much for it, even now more so because I am a parent of 3 myself. Thanks Mom.

  209. My favorite memory is building an igloo in the backyard and having snow bal fights. This stamp set brings back memories. It’s soooo super cute!

  210. I picked the most beautiful sunny winter day to try cross country skiing for the first time – and I loved it! Until I fell over and had the hardest time getting back on my feet! Definately not as easy as it looks! The sun sparkling on the snow was a breathtaking sight 😀

  211. I can remember being in the car with my family driving up to Mt Cheaha with hot chocolate and a sneakers bar sitting on the lid. It made the sneakers so soft. I loved both sets today but that mouse snowman is adorable!!

  212. Those lawn fawn mice are at it again! Love it. I enjoyed staying up past my bedtime building huge snow forts with my family. The snow falling muffled all outdoor noise, and the whiteness reflected moonlght so you could see clearly even after the sun was well gone.

  213. My favorite snowy day memory, was sledding with my kids the first time they experienced snow. This set is so cute, I love the mouse eared snowman.

  214. My favorite snow memory was when I actually got snow for my birthday about 10 years ago. I live in the deep south and snow is rare so I really enjoyed the special treat! 💙

  215. The 2011 blizzard in Chicago that people called Snowmageddon! It was absolutely insane! And the clean-up from it took days; BUT, it was magical for the kids, and when we the adults took breaks from shoveling, it was fun to have snowball fights and help the kids build their forts, because the snow was also fantastic for packing!

  216. My favorite snowman-building memory was in 2011 when our first granddaughter was only 1 year old. We made a day trip up into the foothills so she could experience her first snow. We had muffins, hot chocolate, a sled or two, and the young parents built a short snowman with a snowdog beside it (of the family’s German shepherd/lab, Marley). Pictures are adorable of our little Avery with her dog, alongside her first first snowman and snowdog!

  217. A while ago when I was still at school I had a class and we couldn’t see the outside. An hour later everything outside was covered with snow. Something we totally didn’t expect.

  218. My favorite snowy day memories are when the snow is light and fluffy and we’d go out and make snow angels while the snow continues to fall lightly on our faces!

  219. My favorite snow day was playing with my cousins at my Grandparents and sliding down the hill behind their house when I was 12.

  220. I live at a ski resort that is considered one of the snowiest inhabited places on earth — so it is not an exaggeration when I say that I have dozens of amazing snowy day memories. I think my favorite thing about all the snow at this place is that we are basically guaranteed to have a “white Christmas” each and every year. Most of my favorite snowy day memories involve dragging family and friends out in a blizzard to go for a hike and take pictures.

  221. I remember my friends and I burying each other in snow at recess. I always love it when the trees are covered in fresh snow and it looks like a winter wonderland.

  222. Oh, these are soooo adorable!! I grew up in New Hampshire where we had lots of snow, so there are lots of snow memories. Lots of sledding down my parents very steep driveway and jumping snowbanks at the bottom with out sleds!

  223. These are such adorable cards! One of my favorite snowy day memories is when we would go sledding. My parents would drive us to a big hill and we’d hav fun sledding for a few hours. Then we’d have a snack…homemade caramel corn and hot chocolate. 🙂

  224. I was happy to have adventures in snow caves near my grandmothers house. There was tons of snow close to her home, as it was shoveled there from the nearby church parking lot. It was amazing. My brother and I made obstacle courses in all the snow!

  225. My favorite snowy memory is the Blizzard of ‘78 in Massachusetts! No driving for a week – kids sledding down a Main Street – shoveling 36” of snow!!!

  226. It was always so much fun to drive two hours from our hot climate to a cooler one to cut our own Christmas tree. Such a good memory.

  227. I grew up on farm surrounded by fields and woods. My favorite snowy memories were the when the trees would be full of fluffy flakes and the birds would knock snow off of branches with their antics.

  228. My favorite snowy day memory is just from a few years ago- playing with the grandsons and watching them build a snow man.

  229. My favorite snowy day memory is when I was newly married, had moved from the Bay Area in California to a one stop-light town in Indiana. My husband had been sent out of town with a group of men to pick up cars for a dealership. That night the Blizzard of 1978 hit. I had never seen so much SNOW! A few days later I went outside from our apartment to find snow up to my hips. Everyones cars were buried.

  230. As a child I remember visiting my aunt and there was so much snow that t was taller than our van! Not so favourite memory is when we got a snow day because it was -40 degrees celcius outside!

  231. we don’t get alot of snowy days in East or South Texas! But we moved back home from Colorado in 2014 and woke up Christmas Morning with 10in snow in DEEP SOUTH TEXAS!!! We had the best time building a (tiny) snowman and having snowball fights!

  232. I think my favorite snowy day memory was taking my son up to the ski slopes to do some sledding for the first time. He had so much fun!

  233. I have so many snowy day memories it’s so hard to choose! I did really love when my husband and I went cross country skiing on the trails in northern Saskatchewan. The trees and the snow were absolutely beautiful!

  234. I remember when I was little my dad would take us on snow mobile rides. I had a blue sparkling helmet my sister had a red one. So fun!

  235. My favorite snow day memory is sliding down the big hill at my elementary school on a snow day. We used the plastic saucers and went really fast down the hill. It was so much fun! I love this adorable mouse set! 🙂

  236. When I was small, it snowed so much that it was over my head, and my dad wouldn’t let me go outside for fear that he would lose me!

  237. I went to Whistler for my Senior trip, maybe that, coming out of the nutcracker at night to see it snowing, or hunting Christmas down Christmas trees in the snow.

  238. My first night in New York City ( actually my first night every in the USA), it started snowing! Coming from Australia, I rarely experience snow days so it was extra special for me.

  239. These scenes of playing in the snow remind me of playing in the snow when I was a child. One time we had received almost 3 feet of snow overnight. We dug out and made a room in the front yard with snow furniture.

  240. One of my favorite snowy memories was taking my children to go sledding on a nearby hill. It was just the three of us, and at the end, I went down the hill myself, and then all three of us rode down together!

    LOVE this new stencil. It looks so awesome and versatile!

  241. I’ve only ‘seen’ snow about 5 times in my life so I can’t say I have interacted with it much, but when I was in elementary we got about an inch of snow…. All the kids collected the snow from the entire playground to make a single (very muddy) snowman. Then we broke it apart so the next recess could rebuild the single snowman, lol. Great cards!

  242. One of my favourite snow memories is the first snowman we built together as a family and my daughter really enjoyed it. It was so much fun. I think I enjoyed much more than her!

  243. I grew up in Florida and we actually got snow once which was so rare! We were so excited even though there was only one inch of snow on the ground. We had never seen snow before.

  244. I grew up in WI and so we always had lots of snow, but my favorite thing was to finish our homework and then go ice skating at the local park, they made a big rink in the winter and it had lights so you could skate at night. All the kids in the nieghborhood would go skating. It was so much fun!

  245. We used to haul wood in a wagon with skies on it. We got stuck and worked so hard to get unstuck…after we got unstuck…we had a snowball fight and laughed and laughed and laughed!!!
    The colored Snowmen Mice remind me of Peeps for Easter!!! I just love all the Mice and to come out with them having a snowball fight is just brilliant. Thank you for all you do!!!

  246. I don’t have any particular favorite snowy day memories, but school being cancelled for a snow day was always the best! I love Latisha’s card – what a fun idea! Kara’s glittery color-coordinated card looks great too!

  247. My favorite snowy memory was many years ago in Albany, NY. The morning after a snowstorm, my hubby, dog and I took a walk in the nearby park. The walkways were snowplowed, but of course, the drifts on the side were huge! My sheltie decided that he wanted explore the open fields… he leaped up onto the drift, then POOF! Disappeared into it! It was the funniest thing ever! We had to dig him out, laughing the whole time. I live in sunny San Diego now, and I don’t miss snow storms, but we do have this fabulous snowy memory…

  248. My favorite snowy day memory is from my childhood, we were on vacation with my parents and slept in a cabin deep in the forest. Early morning I woke up, everyone else were sleeping. I was just wondering through the window, the snow was so pure and beautiful, it was a perfect, peaceful morning.

  249. Last winter, my daughter couldn’t wait for snow. Tween the first few flakes fell, she grabbed her coat and had to run outside to see it fall. She lasted 2 minutes-it was freezing out there! 😂

  250. I remember building a snowman with my best friend but being unable to lift up the head to finish it off, so we took it down instead. We currently live in Hawaii, and my girls will finally see snow this year!

  251. When I was a kid you couldn’t keep us in the house on a snowy day. We built snow ramps for our sleds and spent hours launching ourselves down the hill and over the ramps. If I were to do that now I think I’d get whip lash!

  252. When my family traveled to the snow for a day of fun! Parents poured hot chocolate into a styrofoam cup and the hot liquid melted the cup. It was still a great day playing in the snow without warm liquid inside our bodies.
    The memory of that day with the cup melting still brings laughter to our family.

    1. Playing in the snow, making snowmen and snow angels with my sons when they were little. Then warming up with hot coca is always a favorite memory.

  253. When I was little we used to get MUCH more snow than we do now. I remember there was so much snow and ice one year that we lost power. We went to my grandparents house to get warm because they had a fireplace. My grandma collected kerosene lamps for years prior to this, but for the life of me I can’t ever remember a time I saw them lit. Well, their power was out also, but she had taken the lamps and set them up around her great room. It was such a beautiful sight. I don’t remember one other time she ever did that. I always secretly hoped we would have another outage so we could do it again!

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