Lawn Fawn Intro: Build-A-Snowman

Hello and welcome to September Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2022 Release with 12 new stamp sets, 20 new Lawn Cuts sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to introduce and highlight the new sets with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2022 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Build-A-Snowman! Let’s play in the snow! This set includes all the accessories you need to build your perfect snowman, all while keeping your hands warm! Use your favorite colors of cardstock to create a new snowman each time!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Caly‘s delightful card is so pretty in pink! She inked the background then added the hot foil Snowflake Background. The sentiment from Making Frosty Friends is so perfect for this warm and happy design!

I just love this card by Tammy so much! The sweet snowmen pair nicely with the Outside In Stitched Mug for sending “warm winter wishes“. The Knit Picky Winter paper is a pretty background for this charming card.

Elise used pretty Knit Picky Winter papers to make the scarves and earmuffs for her cute snowman pair! Then she found the perfect sentiment in Toboggan Together!

Marine used Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On to make a shaker scene! The Build-A-Snowman looks so cheerful in this frosty landscape!

Grace also had the idea to make shaker snow globes, but she opted to make them tags! I love how she hot foiled the acetate windows! The sparkly foil makes them so festive, perfect for the holidays!

Grace used Knit Picky Winter paper for pretty color, then she added the sweet bow from Build-A-Barrel: Apple. She framed her snow globes with Stitched Scalloped Circle Frames.

Elena‘s card is just so beautiful! Her snowman pair, leaning into each other, is too sweet! I love how she added the sparkly die cut Fa La La La La Border as the perfect greeting!

Lynnette chose a fun red and white color story for her Build-A-Snowman card! The red scarf, bowtie, and cardinal are complemented by the red in the Knit Picky Winter paper! The black accents and Happy Holidays Line Border make everything pop!

Audrey‘s snowman has so much personality! With the beautiful hot foiled snowflake background and cool blue colors this is the perfect way to send “season’s greetings“!

Kara used Copic markers to add amazing color, shading and shadow to her Build-A-Snowman design! She stenciled the background using Birch Tree Stencils and Snow Flurries Background Stencil. Then she hot foiled a Winter Big Scripty Words sentiment! So gorgeous!

Latisha used a fun color palette for this whimsical snowman winter card! I love how she inked the background, then stamped the tiny snowflakes over the top!

Mindy paired her happy snowman duo with a Snow Flurries Backdrop and a hot foiled sentiment! This design is just so adorable!

Megan created another amazing Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On, this time starring Build-A-Snowman! The bright, cheerful colors and shiny silver accents are so eye-catching! I love how she used the sweet little holly to call attention to the sentiment!

With his upturned carrot nose, this snowman looks like he’s catching snowflakes from the Snow Flurries stenciled in the background!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Build-A-Snowman! We will show how to assemble the snowman and then we’ll share some great ideas for this new set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Build-A-Snowman! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you’ve ever built a snowman by September 21st at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday, September 17th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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420 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Build-A-Snowman

  1. We don’t get a lot of good snow but when we do I alway go out to build a mini snowman and position it outside my window so I can look at it when I wash the dishes. It always puts a smile on my face, until it melts 😂

  2. We don’t get snow where I live, so I have never made a snowman. I once made a snow bunny – just a lump and a pair of ears, as that’s all I had to work with, lol.

  3. Yes! When I was a kid in SC, one winter we got 2 1/2 feet of snow, so we built a snowman. I tried it with my kids here in KS, but the snow was so dry it wouldn’t pack, so we sort of had a snow mound with a hat and buttons!

  4. these guys are so cute, great idea for a new die! And yes, I grew up in Maine, so I could probably put snow person building on my resume- LOL!

  5. I’ve made lots of snowmen with the family & buy myself! If we got snow right before Christmas,
    my husband & I would create a Santa snowman! My house is in the middle of a cul-de-sacs
    & area children would stand next to Santa & have pictures taken! ⛄🎅

  6. This Michigan kid…..! My most memorable was 6 inch fella that lived in my my freezer until spring until…… when we had a power failure. Often wondered how long he might have stayed, but with each power flicker or outage I think of him.

  7. We don’t get a lot of snow in SC, but when we do we definitely build a snowman. He may be 8 inches tall or 3 feet tall, but we love to build!

  8. I love this snowman set! Living in Texas, we don’t see a lot of snow but when it did, my kids and I would definitely go outside and build a (little) snowman!

  9. 2nd part answer to yesterday’s question: the 2nd time I saw snow (and the last!)
    was back in 1982 I went to upstate New York and there was a snow blizzard in
    April (I was wearing flip flops as I drove in!). I wanted to build a snowman sooooo
    bad, but I could only stand to be outside for 5 minutes … so nope, no snowman! lol

  10. I helped my kids build a snowman and an igloo. We don’t get a lot of snow in my part of Missouri but we had lots of fun when we did get it.

  11. Love this Build A Snowman set and all the wonderful cards & projects you can make with it! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. When I was little for sure. I love these snowmen. My Grandson will be 2 in November. I am hoping to build some with him this winter.

  13. Hum we have to go to find snow. I once loved in a state that had some snow. We built a small snow man. We gave him some rock or burned wood for eyes. He had twig arms. He looked a little scary as he melted because our snow was a little dirty.

  14. I’ve built a snowman but it’s been a”few” years. Most of my snowman building consists of cardstock or fabric nowadays.

    1. Mom made flannel snowmen so cute with toothpick nose and buttons and dots of black paint for eyes and mouth..shabby vintage.

  15. I don’t like where it snows but we have fun going to the snow. Yes making a snowman is always one of my favorite things to do and it has become a tradition on our trips.

  16. We get maybe 1-2 snows a year here, and rarely very much to build a snowman with. We always seem to manage it, but one year we got a crazy amount of snow for our area and we built a giant snowman that was nearly as tall as the front porch! It was so fun.

  17. We built many snowmen over the years. Often the snow didn’t pack well, so the snowmen didn’t last long, but they were fun to build. Fun cards!

  18. Here in the dessert we get only light snow maybe once a winter. People work really hard to scrape up enough snow to make small, pittfull little snowmen. But I still love to make paper snow people. They look so cute as favors on holiday tables.

  19. Sadly, no snowman building for my. I’m a born and raised CA (coastal) girl so no snow. I have gone to the snow a few times, but it was for skiing and there was no place for snowman building. Maybe I should get this set and I could check build a snowman off my bucket list 😉

  20. These snowmen are all so cute!!! I can’t wait to create with my dies! Yes, I have built a few snowmen with actual snow! Lol

  21. Of course I built a snowman!! I love in New York where we get lots of snow. My hubby and the neighbors were off from work and school due to the snow. We all got together and built a BIG snowman! It was so much fun!!

  22. Have built several snowmen in the past
    82 years. Not looking forward to being
    able to do it this winter. Love the
    little snow people. thanks for sharing

  23. I love building snowmen. When my kids were young we used to do it all the time and we’d dress them up in hats and scarves. Being in Canada we get lots if opportunities 🙂

  24. This snow couple is adorable. I love the tags that were made with them.
    Growing up in a large family (9) we could make a. Snow family. ⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄

  25. We always built snowmen as kids. whenever we got a good snowstorm, we’d be out rolling snow balls. I continued that tradition with my daughters and my grandkids. My husband put a twist on our snowman by making different animals. The kids were always excited about that. love these dies

  26. I’ve built several snowmen during my lifetime. I remember when I was younger helping my dad roll the snowballs for our snowman, I don’t know how he did it, but the snowman was always taller then he was, so over 6 ft before the hat was put on. Every year it snowed, we would build a very large, tall snowman. I love those memories.

  27. I’ve built lots of snowmen when I was kid! But now loving in Arizona, only snowmen out of crafts supplies. Sometimes tumbleweed! Lol

  28. As a kid, we probably tried building a tiny snowman on a very infrequent snow day in the south. No snowman building in recent memory!

  29. Yes, I have built a snowman. When you have kids, it’s what you do. Even if you don’t have kids, there’s always a little kid inside of us that needs to build a snowman.

  30. Oh, I do want this Build-A-Snowman! I thought I had enough snowmans. Turns out… I don’t! Hahaha…
    Yes, made snowmen when I was little in the 60’s and 70’s – then in the 90’s with my daughter. Nowadays – not so much! On the other hand; we don’t have that much snow longer… at least not where I live…

  31. I’ve definitely built some snowmen and snow-women too!!! Loving these die cuts…perfect size/shape and they have the happiest expressions on their faces!!!

  32. I sorta built a snowman lol. We get tons of snow, but must of the time it’s really soft and it’s hard to roll into balls. I can get tiny ones, though!

  33. SQUEAL!! SO IN LOVE with this Set and ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!!

    YES, Snowmen are one of our Family Traditions each year!! Something about the Magic of Creating them and watching them come to life just makes building them SPECIAL!! So many Memories to CHERISH!!

  34. Yes, living in New England, I have built MANY many snowmen! I love building them and playing in the snow, now with my grandchildren. I love the build-a-snowman die!!

  35. Unfortunately we don’t get ANY snow. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to winter scenes. Love these inspirational cards!

  36. I’ve built some big snowmen when I was little, but haven’t for quite some time. These inspirations are making me want to build a little snow village next time it snows!

  37. We live in the Rockies so, yes, I’ve built many snowmen, snow women, snow families, snow animals! The snow and the temperature has to be just right though or the magic can’t happen!

  38. Build a Snowman makes such a happy figure. Makes me wish I’d ever made one from snow. I think my parents made one when I was a kid. (It gets cold where I live, but at sea level, it’s snowed maybe three times in my life, and it never stays for long.) I’ve never had to shovel off a driveway, but I’ve also never gotten to make snowballs or snowmen.

  39. I have never built a snowman. I’ve built little mounds of snow, but they never turned into a recognizable snowman…
    BTW – LOVED Latisha’s ink blended background in her inspiration post!

  40. I built a snowman a long time ago while living in Germany…
    The cards by the designers are adorable.
    Thanks for sharing.

  41. We try to build a snowman every time it snows…well with good packing snow. The last snowman my son made was actually the first day of spring 2014, the day before it was 60° and first day of spring we had a snowstorm of 6 inches… so weird. But great pictures.
    Love the build a snowman.. you don’t have to put layers on to build it!!

  42. I have never actually built a real-life snowman as there is no snow where I live and grew up. However, I look forward to building a snowman using this new Lawn Fawn release!

  43. I have built alot of snowmen!!! When I was a kid and then with my kids!!!! I’m having soooo much fun with this set!!!!

  44. Since I live in Northern Nevada just 30 minutes from South Lake Tahoe I have built many snowmen. Love going to Lake Tahoe in the winter to sled and build snowmen with my grandchildren.

  45. hahaha I have attempted to build a snowman but i am not a fan of the cold! I do really love these ones and would happily build crafty snowmen all day long!!

  46. I had the snowman set in my cart on my last order & ended up taking it out….big mistake. It will be on my next order. The only snowmen I have made have been miniscule because we rarely ever get snow here and when we do, it’s very little.

    1. Oh no Tami!!!! I hope you are able to get your snowman die soon. I hate when I accidentally remove something from my cart that I regretted later. Have a happy day.

  47. I built snowmen as a child, but now that I live were it rarely snows, I don’t make snowmen. But I love paper snowmen. I can hardly wait until I can build them.

  48. I’ve built lots of snowmen since moving to the Midwest many years ago. I know that I will enjoy building them with the Build-A-Snowman die just as much!

  49. YES!!! I have built many snowmen in my lifetime of living in Michigan. You have to wait until the snow is just right for packing then roll away. One time we made a snowman so tall, we had to get the ladder to put his head on. LOL. I love these adorable snowmen so much and thank you for all of the wonderful design ideas. I can’t wait to start making my Christmas cards (right after I finish Halloween).

  50. Oh yes, I’m lucky to live where we get all 4 seasons from very hot to very cold weather. But building snowmen doesn’t happen often as the temperature has to be just right for snow to “stick and pack” together. Most of the winter it’s too cold but we do get those just below freezing temps making it awesome snowman-building, snow ball fight days

  51. No matter how old you are, building a snowman is something you just have to do ⛄️(even if there is just a little bit of it)

  52. Oh my GOODNESS!! They are SO adorable!! I can just see so many cute ornaments, cards and tags and so many ways to build them. Well done!!

  53. I don’t think I’ve ever built a snowman now that I stop to think about it. I’ve definitely played in the snow many, many times though. I’ll have to make lots of these adorable paper snowmen to make up for my snowman deficiency!

  54. Growing up in Minnesota, I built many snowmen and a few snowdogs. In northern Virginia though we don’t get snow very often, so it’s been a while since my last build. 😊

  55. When we were little, we got so much snow we were able to build several snowmen and a snow fort! It froze so hard that winter that the fort lasted several weeks. I have an idea for a scene with these guys and I can’t wait to get started on it. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  56. These are so cute! Yes, I have built a snowman but it’s been decades! And now that I live on a tropical island, I hope I never build another. LOL! 7

  57. I have built many snowmen and women in my time. I live in an area now that doesn’t get much snow so our small snow people usually have lots of leaves, grass and dirt as we roll them

  58. Growing up in the Midwest, building snowmen was a favorite winter past time. Some more recent favorite snowmen include the one my hubby built in our front yard complete with his favorite cowboy hat and one my grandkids built using dried hydrangea flowers as hair on the snowmen.

  59. These guys are so adorable and the DT creations are amazing! My favorite is Tammy’s hot cocoa card. We don’t get snow very often, but when we do we try to build something.

  60. We luv building a snow family that represents our family. Is it too early to send a letter to Santa?
    Dear Santa: All mom and I would like for Christmas is Lawn Fawn.

  61. Oh yes! We love snowmen and Colorado always gets a good snow for that at least once per winter. Now we pass the cold work onto our grandchildren, though, haha.
    I love the design team ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  62. I’ve built several snowmen! Not so many in recent years, but plenty throughout my life.

    Loving all the fun snowman cards today!

  63. These snowmen are the cutest and the knit picky paper is perfect for the scarf. Its been many. many . many moons ago that I built a snowman.

  64. Since I live in a state that doesn’t get snow I have never built a snowman out of snow only ones out of paper and cotton balls. Love this die set.

  65. These snowman are adorable. It’s a family tradition to build a snowman each year. This past year we were luck enough to see a 18 foot snowman that our neighbor built!! It was incredible.

  66. I did get to build a snowman four or five years ago when it snowed here. I hadn’t made since I was a little girl. So much fun!

  67. Yes I have built a snowman when I lived with my grandparents for a year in Pennsylvania when I was in 2nd grade. Love the creations by the DT using the snowman die.

  68. Florida native here, and I have never built a snowman. (Unless paper snowmen count, and if they do, I’ve made hundreds.) I decorate my house with lots of snowmen during the winter holidays, too.

  69. Definitely have built my share of snowmen. Even get enough snow in the south once a year to make a snowman. Now that my kids are grown and on their own, I will ha e to continue the tradition and think of them

  70. My sister and I used to build them at our grandparents home. There wasn’t much else to do there! LOL. The best part was picking out the scarf 🧣

  71. I’ve never built a snowman as I live in all year round tropical! Seeing snow and building snowman and having snow ball fights is like a dream to me! Wish i could travel to snowy countries during winter! I always love anything snowman, makes me happy to see them! 💙☃️

  72. When I was under five, we lived in New Jersey, so yes, I built some snowmen back then! My family has since moved to the Houston area, and other than vacations to snowy areas or fake snow, my kids haven’t had many opportunities to build their own snowpeople. The paper kind will be fun to make, though. 🙂 Thanks, Lawn Fawn!

  73. My daughter lived in Louisiana for several years. Moving from Minnesota I knew she would miss all the winter fun so I sent her a can of snow. That year in snowed and surprised everyone. She and her students made a snowman and she took a picture and sent me a message “sending snow much love”. One of my favorite photos of all time.

  74. Oh, my goodness!!! I LOVE snowmen and these little guys are ADORABLE!!! I live in the Northeast so, yes, I have built lots of snowmen in my day! My kids and I have even made an entire snow family to represent ours. : )

  75. Where I live it has only snowed a couple times and it was only a little bit of snow so I was only able to built a tiny snowman

  76. Best snowy day memory was many years ago when the kids and I built an enormous snowman in our front yard – well over 6 foot tall

  77. No snow in South Florida so the only snow people I can build are the ones mad with fabulous Lawn Fawn dies, stamps, paper and trimmings !!

  78. Such happy little snowmen! The only snowman I’ve ever built was about a foot tall and had lots of pine needles & rocks in it. (I’m from the Phoenix area.)

  79. Beautiful projects
    I have built a couple of snowmen – but being in Australia we don’t have nearly the amount of snow as my northern hemisphere friends so our snowmen don’t look as ‘full’

  80. I have built many a snowman in my day when I lived in the midwest just outside of Chicago. But alas my snowman building days are over now that I live in Florida. With this cute set, I can build a snowman here in the tropics. Love Tammy’s card with the cup of hot cocoa.

  81. My kids and I love building snowmen! We get the kits that come with accessories for them and it’s so much fun to dress them up and watch the kids giggle over all the funny things they can do.

  82. My son and I built a snowman years ago. It still makes me smile to think of him bundled up in his snowpants with those rosy cheeks!

  83. I have built a snowman. I remember building them across our street to make something have to drive through them. It was funny when I young.

  84. It never snows in Texas especially San Antonio, but when I was about 15, we had about 13 inches of snow. It’s the only snow man I have ever made.

    1. Yes. When young with my brothers and sister. Then again when my children were young. Now I build snowmen with paper. Can’t wait to use the new stamp sets with my granddaughter.

  85. I’ve gone to Big Bear during February and been lucky enough to get fresh snow. I made a snowman with my grandsons, maybe it was crooked but we had so much fun making it. A wonderful memory for us and I hope we can repeat it

  86. Yes, I have built a snowman before. Thank you for the awesome inspiration. I love all of the design teams cards and tags.

  87. When I was young child I did get to build a snowman with my sister. Now I live in Southern California, where we don’t get snow. I do love being able to go to the beach in December though sometimes.

  88. Yes, I lived my childhood in Northern MN where we got plenty of snow. Each year we would add more items to our snowman. It was so much fun to gather the accessories. Love this Build A Snowman die set and its versatility!

  89. I don’t think there’s a year I’ve never NOT built a snowman. Which is why this die set was a must have for me! Can’t wait to start playing.

  90. I built a lot of them growing up in CT and have built a few her in TN. The last one was a couple years ago. A small one I put on our deck railing. You can’t help but smile at a snowman.

  91. I’m in sunny Brisbane, Australia so no chance to make a snowman. I did however make a snow armchair before I left Canada. My uncle had shoveled the snow from the driveway and there was a big mound of it in the front lawn, and it was high enough that I could just jump into it backwards and sit in it! It was so much fun!

  92. I’ve built lots of snowmen – and still do whenever we get enough snow. When they are home, my girls join me – and with a little grandson of nearly 2 years I see more in my future. And everytime the weather starts to warm up again we go outside, put the fallen snowman back together, trying to save him for as long as possible. We even had a tiny snowman in our freezer for a year since my girls didn’t want to let go of him…. Well, until it snows again making paper snowmen for sure is a great thing!

  93. I have built more snowmen than I could possibly count! It was a favorite pastime for me and my five siblings where we received an annual snowfall of 40 inches, and one year 90!

  94. Yes, I have built a snowman ☃️ it was hard and cold work! I prefer these paper ones!! DT outdid themselves. I love every single example!! You’ve made these new products a must have.

  95. I loved building snowmen when I was a kid! The best ones though, were the ones we built on campus when I was in college. Engineering and architecture students can be really creative in their building of snow objects!

  96. I couldn’t pass this set up! Memories of my children and I building snowmen and women with my husband as well as when I was little and built them with my siblings and patents! Such great memories!

  97. Honestly I have not built a snowman before. Living in the California desert we don’t usually get snow. Someday I will build one on a vacation. I will have to build them with Lawn Fawn too.

  98. Tried once as a young adult, it was harder than I thought it would be. Cold, wet – but laughing we persevered with our 2 foot high snowman 🤣

  99. I used to make snowmen every winter growing up…even during my college years! Resumed the tradition when our girls were growing up. These snowmen dies are absolutely adorable!! Fabulous inspiration from the team, too!

  100. Building a snowman was what you did with the first big snow of the season growing up…snowman, snow bunny, snow bear, snow dog (snoopy),

  101. I love these snowmen! I grew up in a snow belt, where wi ters were long and there was tons of snow. We used to build all sorts if fabulous snow sculptures, including snowmen, and paint them with Kool- Aid. Then we would pour water over them so they would freeze up solid. The sculptures would last forever until they melted. It was great!

  102. These snowmen and snow frames are SOOOOO FUN! Yes! I have built many a snowman. I grew up in Alaska and we had a lot of snow. I spent a lot of time rolling snowballs into snowmen parts and stacking them up. Let me tell ya, one learns pretty early to not make the snowman too big cuz then the second and third tiers are super heavy to lift! But we had so much fun.

  103. Since we don’t get much snow around here, the snowmen we build are usually miniatures! And most often, on the top of a picnic table!

  104. I love the Build a snowman die set! I plan to make tags with it. I also like the Snowflake hot foil plate. Will need to add this to my stash.

  105. When I was a kid we were lucky enough to grow up with lots of snow every winter so I’ve lost count of how many snowmen I’ve made. Still lucky enough to live where there is snow in the winter but I much prefer the activity of drinking hot cocoa as I gaze out the window and the beautiful sparkly wonderland.

  106. I’ve built many snowmen in my life but probably haven’t done it since my 29 year old nephew was a kid so it’s been quite a while.

  107. These are the sweetest!!!! I am a snow-person (love our Midwest winters, dislike heat and humidity) so I have built quite a few snow-friends over the years;-)! All are welcome in my yard to build with a snow-buddy and I’m more than happy to help, if needed!

  108. Love this set! I grew up in the place where there were 4 seasons, and before they paved the road in asphalt in front of my parent’s house, snow stayed longer, and we built the snowman every winter. That was in my elementary school years. In adulthood, i’ve been living in warmer climates and never see the snow nearby. So, this set is a must have! I can make snowmen on my cards! <3

  109. I loved building snowmen when I was a kid and I love this die set. Didn’t think I needed another snowman/ snowwomen die set, but absolutely love this one!

  110. I usually built at least one snowman every winter as a child, growing up in Sweden, and also once visiting my grandparents in Scotland.

  111. This is a fantastic product. Glad I ordered it when the release landed. Yes, I have built many snowmen over the course of my life… most of them before age 15. Some I built when I was a babysitter as a way to keep the kids occupied outdoors.
    Lori S in PA

  112. I have built many snowmen (and snow ladies) over the years; but, since moving to Florida, I am limited to building sandmen … or PAPER snowmen❣️

  113. I have built several snow people in my life, but it’s been about 20 years since I was near enough snow to build one.

  114. Well of course, I lived in Iowa/Nebraska when I was little. It happened every time we got fresh snow which was alot!!! I love snowmen I decorate with them for Christmas as well as Santa too. Loved all the cards today but my favorite was the snowman globe shaker it was super cute

  115. Snowman building is a winter favorite! I always try to make sure I have big “snowman” carrots in the fridge ready for whenever the first show hits each year. Also, the knit pattern paper for the scarves is adorable!

  116. Yes I have built a snowman with my kids, I probably did it as a child, but don’t really remember. Love the release!

  117. Living in the deep south, we rarely see snow but when we did a few years ago I made a little snowman. He was barely a few inches tall 😆

  118. We live in Arizona now so not too many snowmen are built, but when we lived in Colorado we built one ever chance we got!! It is always snow much fun😂

  119. We don’t often get enough snow in Texas to build snowmen, but I love it when we can! My favorite is building one with the kids because they’re so creative.

  120. I love building snowmen! I used to love rolling the biggest snowballs I could manage and half the time I could not get the balls on top of each other because they were too big to carry!!

  121. I don’t remember ever building a snowman when I was young but since I have been an adult, I would love to build a snowman. I just wish it snowed more where I live.

  122. Love the adorable snowpeople! So cute!
    Yes, I have built a snowman! Bunches of them…but to be honest, I would rather build them with your cute die sets! Looks like so much fun!

  123. Oh, yes as a child we built them all the time! Whenever it snowed which wasn’t very often, when my children were young, we jumped at the chance to make a snowman.

  124. Building a real snowman who are made of snow has only ever happened in my dream, yet building his snowman cousin who are made of sand happens many times we visit the beach.

  125. Yes. However, I enjoy building snow horses. You push to big snow balls together and fill in the middle for a place to sit. Then you add a tail to one end and a neck/head to the other. My mom use to build them for me and her mom use to build the for her.

  126. Yes. I was 15 and San Antonio got an extremely rare snow storm that dropped 11 inches of snow. It came out pretty cute with zero experience. 😂😂😂😂

  127. Yes! Had one day of snow while visiting my sister in Colorado. He was only 12 inches tall but that was so exiting to this Hawaiian girl!

  128. I’ve built a snowman with family with my family three years ago when we went on a family road trip to Canada. Wow it’s been a long time.

  129. As a child definitely we had to build a snowman at least once each winter. It was no “real” winter w/o snowman building.

  130. I love this set, it’s so adorable! Definitely built snowmen growing up and may have even built one or two as an adult!

  131. I have so many fond memories from “snowdays” with my kids of building snowmen. We dont get a lot of snow where I live, but every time we do you can count on even the tiniest of snowmen getting built in my front yard 🙂

  132. Just LOVE this set ‘Build a Snowman’. There are so many options and uses and they are so cute! Really love the designs the Lawn Fawn team have come up with.

  133. It’s been awhile since we’ve had enough of the right kind of snow but I used to build them all the time as a kid and they’d hang around for months.

  134. I have tried building snowmen when I was a kid. Sometimes our snow was too fluffy to make a very good one but we still tried! I love this snowman set! They are so adorable! 🙂

  135. I sure did, with my kids 🙂 Didn’t have carrots on us to make the nose nor black buttons for the eyes and mouth but we improvised haha

  136. I’ve built many many snowmen and snow women in my life. I miss making one and dressing it up with my kids. Super cute dies!! Love the creations today too.

  137. Yes! I grew up in a place when we don’t get snow so when I moved where I live now and it snowed, that was the first thing I did.

  138. I have built a couple of snowmen, it is harder than it seems to get the snow to stay together to make the big snowballs, has to be the right type of snowfall.

  139. Living out in the middle of the woods, we’ve built many a snowman and so did a lot of our family members who are gone now.
    I just LOVE each and every Snowman creation that you have all made. Now, I’m being a traitor on the Mice. I love the Snowmen just as much!!!
    And, I LOVE the Hot Foil Snowflakes and can’t wait to give them a go. I ordered the Hot Foil System yesterday!!!

  140. So many great cards! I really like the use of the Knit Picky paper for the snow people’s accessories. Grace’s snow shaker globes are so cute, and Megan’s snow globe card looks amazing! I’ve definitely built snowmen in the past, but haven’t done so in years. Maybe this year I’ll give it a try again.

  141. When I went to college, it was my very first experience with snow. My roommates joined me making a tiny ice man (the first snows were slushy ice). But later in the school year, we finally got a real storm, and they helped me make a real snowman. It was such fun!

  142. This snowman die is the cutest ever! Yeah I’ve built a snowman and many other snow creatures, even a unicorn! It is such a fun!

  143. Oh yes, building a snowman is part of winter. We don’t always have enough snow but I made snowmen as a child, with my kids and hopefully I will have the chance with grandchildren.

  144. years ago we built a hugh snowman in front of our garden. there were about a meter of snow… unfortunately these possibilities are getting rare…

  145. Oh yes, when I was younger my family would travel to the snow so my brothers and myself could build a snowman. (We live in southern California, hence reason we had to travel to the snow). Then when I had children we would go build a snowman. Now it is time to share this tradition with my young grandchildren.

  146. We don’t usually get a good covering of snow but there have been a few good years where we’ve managed to build some. It’s always fun to try even if they are miniature!

  147. I love building snowmen! One year we got such a late snow fall it was almost Easter! We built a snow bunny. I took out Easter grass for the hair. Used plastic eggs for the eyes and buttons and put a set of Easter bunny ears on her! So much fun!

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