Franci’s Hello Baby Card

We are buzzing with excitement!! Our May Mini Release will be available on May 18th! Until then we will introduce all the awesome new products with Intro videos (with premieres), Design Team inspiration and daily giveaways starting on May 10! We hope you will fly on over for all the release week fun! (For a little sneak peek, check out this video!)

Happy Monday friends! Today Franci joins us to share another sweet card design! She combined old with new to create an adorable card to welcome a new baby!

Franci started with Dotted Moon and Stars Backdrop: Portrait in soft pink, layered on a white card base. Then she colored just the letters from Giant Outlined Hello Baby to arrange on the backdrop.

She added so much cuteness with the baby carriage from our sweet older set, Plus One and the cute mice from Elephant Parade! She finished the card with a sprinkle of stars glitter!

Thank you so much, Franci for sharing your adorable card design with us today!


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9 thoughts on “Franci’s Hello Baby Card

  1. A precious card. The stars and moon die cut on the soft pink background adds a gentleness to the card.

  2. So pretty this card is!
    My prayer tonight will be “Dear God. Let the MIni release be really MINI as my bank-accounts are all drained!”
    Ha ha ha, that little flying mouse is already a MUST HAVE! Ah, never mind.. One must think of all the happiness a new release brings.
    CAN’T WAIT!!!

  3. Such a beautiful card!!! Can’t wait until the 10th!!! I love seeing new stuff and thinking of all the fun cards I’m going to make!!! 💖💖💖

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