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I decided to make some more versions of the card I make for the Color Inspiration Challenge #48. It was fun to try some different color schemes!

I love green and blue together. The brighter hues make it a lot of fun!
I love the flower on this one!! It’s so pretty. It’s a really soft velvety fabric. I wish I could remember where I got it! It reminds me of my honeymoon in Hawaii. It kind of looks like a plumeria! Oh my goodness those smell good!
It is really hard to photograph this moss color well, but in real life, it is really pretty!

I have this great widget on my Mac dashboard that gives you “This day in history”. So, I was thinking I would share one today! Trivia and history is so fun! 🙂
So, here we go! This day in history … Queen Elizabeth II signed the Constitution Act, making Canada completely independent of the United Kingdom, 1982.
Can you believe that only happened in 1982? I thought it was earlier than that!
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