Lawn Fawn Sneak Peek: “My Silly Valentine”

Hello and welcome to the first sneak peek of Lawn Fawn’s December release! We are just so excited about this release! We have three stamp sets and some new ribbon packs named “Lawn Trimmings”! They will be for sale on December 2nd at 12:01 am EST and until then we will have sneak peeks and giveaways and lots of fun inspiration!

We already have one place you can leave comments to win:
Release week post

Lawn Trimmings sneak peek post

AND today’s post too! 🙂

Today is our showcase of “My Silly Valentine”. This 4″ x 6″ set is perfect for Valentine’s Day and lovey-dovey cards all year round! The design team has made the most amazing samples!  I also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some images of the set!

Remember to click on the person’s name or card to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! 🙂


Teri‘s card is just so super sweet! I love the way she used a faux clothesline to hand the socks from! Too cute! Her background with Teeny Tiny Backdrops is just perfect, too!


I just love Mariana‘s card! How fabulous is that pink card stock mixed with the fushia ribbon from the “chipper” Lawn Trimmings pack? She used the bunny from the set and his accompaning punny sentiments! He’s a punny bunny :).


Lynnette made some amazing mini Valentine’s! I just love this card set! And the good thing is that you get to see previews of almost everything from the set here! 🙂 These stamps are perfect for mini card sets just like this!


Latisha‘s card is so sweet! The scallops are just perfect! I also adore the white on white! Perfect! She used the adorable socks and sentiments, also. I am telling you, these socks are hard to resist! 🙂 Also you can see some of the string from the Lawn Trimmings on the card, too!


Lea‘s card is the perfect Valentine! The colors are just perfection! I also adore the cotton tail she added to Mr. Bunny! That is such a wonderful touch!


Tiffany‘s card is just the cutest! Apples in love! I’m in love! These images are just perfect for paper piecing, and I love the way Tiff highlights the sentiment with the patterned paper flag. Such a great idea!

Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!

Now, I have a little video for you showing you images and fun ways to use this set. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at You Tube.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of “My Silly Valentine”. Tomorrow we have another fun stamp set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave me a comment telling me who your Valentine is by December 1st at 10:00pm EST, and we will randomly pick one winner!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday November 30th, at 12:01am EST for our next sneak peek day!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement! Your comments, tweets and facebook messages mean so much to us! You guys are the best!

Stamps: Lawn Fawn (my silly valentine)
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165 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Sneak Peek: “My Silly Valentine”

  1. my valentine is my hubby of 30 and a half years. We met at summer camp in 1972. We rekindled our friendship each year at camp until I was old enough to move to his hometown to go to college. In 1980 we married and here we are today. He is the love of my life.

  2. Of course, my valentine is my husband! I can see so much potential for this little set… I've been looking for a set just like this! =D Along with my hubby, I also make valentine's day cards for everyone who is close to me every year, and so this set will be just perfect for that! Thanks again for the chance to win! =)

  3. Wow…what lovely cutie cutie stamps…love em 🙂
    My valentine is my to be hubby 🙂 He is my bestest friend and loves me very much…My wedding is on the 28th of January… 😀

  4. Oh my gosh, this is even cuter than I'd imagined! I LOVE this set. Especially the bunny with the heart on his rump. And the socks. And the pears. Yeah, pretty much the whole set. The design team sure rocked this one!

  5. This set is soo adorable!! The DT did an awesome job. I'm really loving this set! Their little faces are so sweet. I loved My Little Ponies too! My Valentine is my boyfriend Kris. Thanks for the chance to win! -Nicole

  6. The images in this set are soooo cute. I love punny sentiments and images – these are just wonderful. My Valentines are my hubby of 26 years, our two sons and may daughter-in-law – who is a fellow Lawn Fawn lover.

  7. Oh my, these are the cutest stamps! I have 3 valentines.

    1) My fiance who "knocks my socks off!"
    2) My daughter who is "the apple of my eye!"
    3) My son who is "my cutie pie!"

    All three reasons why I'd love to have this stamp set!

  8. These are sooooo cute! I love that there are coordinating sentiments to go along with these cuties! Hope to see more of these sets in the future. Oh yah- my valentines are my DH and DD. 🙂

  9. Kelly,
    This set is adorable, and as said by others, my dear annoying, supportive, snoring would do anything for me husband is my valentine, the romance has long since left us in over 20 years we have been together, but without the friendship and companionship we have had, I do now know where we would be, he has been my support through the years with my many health issues, and as in most relationships we have ups and downs, and without his strength I would be lost, he is my anchor and my heart!!

    Thanks for reminding me, can't wait for the next reveal!!!


  10. I dont have a human Valentine but my darling has been my faithful valentine for 13 years through thick and thin and always listens to my troubles and that is my wee dog Ringo. Sounds odd i know but he really has helped me so much, i honestly dunno what i would do without him. And i seriously think i have fallen in love with this set! Amazing is the only way to put it! thanks for your great work.

  11. Lawn Fawn smileys are the BEST – this set is awesome!!! Especially love the little ledger apple smileys – how CUTE. I have two valentines – my dear hubby and my sweet baby girl.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Im greedy I have to valentines this year!! My best friend who is my fiance Adam and my lovely little furry baby boy Buster the Beagle hehe. Love this set it is super adorable!!

  13. As always, the new set is uber-adorable and the DT rocked it. I could not imagine cuter cards. I have two valentines — my wonderful husband, whom I love and appreciate dearly, and my 10 year old daughter who still hugs me and lets me pick her up and hold her. I love them both immeasurably.

  14. So cute…. I love the cards but imagine my surprise when I saw Lynette's mini cards. Look at all those fabulous images. I mean, I knew it was cute, but man, as soon as I saw all the images and cute sayings, SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My Valentine is my hubby of 6 years….

  15. Adore these stamps and love the font..such a cutesy font…you're a rock star!! Thanks for such a cute set!
    My Valentine would have to be my husband of 2 yrs! such a darling!

  16. My valentine is my husband of almost 20 years. I am a lucky girl! This stamp set is adorable. I am sure I would use it for cute tags for my kids to give out to friends. So many fun possiblilities!

  17. My Valentines are my sweet hubby of 10 years now and our sweet children that will love to make cards too with this set, Every time i make a card they want to make one too. My daughter just loved and giggled at your bunny and the sentiment that goes with it. The My Little Pony toys are still around and my daughter loves them.

  18. Amazing set!!! I love, love, love it and i have so many ideas that I can use it for beside valentines day. Thanks so my for a chance to win…each month my "Wish" list gets longer and longer. =)

    Blessings to you!

  19. My valentine is my Dear Hubby of 31 years. He came into my life right after I left my abusive first marriage and he treated me as a lady should be treated. I was apprehensive after having been almost 5 years in an abusive situation, but he proved that all mean are not mean and hateful. He took me and both of my toddler children and I swear he looked like a shining knight on a white horse! He will always be my very special valentine! 🙂

  20. the little bunny is just the sweetest thing ever! loving the not quite so traditionalness of the images and phrases!

  21. The DT knocked it out of the park, as usual! I love the punny sentiments that go with the adorable images!
    My Valentine is my darling husband, who I'd love to give a different Lawn Fawn Valentine card everyday 1-14 leading up to V-day with this set!

  22. SO cute!!! I love all of the cards the design team made, so pretty! I like the sweet bunny with a heart on his rump. 🙂 I played with My Little Ponies when I was a kid, and just recently brought out my old collection for my daughter to play with! They still sell the ponies too… My daughter has her eye on a remote control My Little Pony- they've come a long way- lol!

    My Valentines are my daughters and my husband. 🙂

  23. My valentine is my husband but another special valentine I have is my granddaughter (our first grandchild) who was born on Valentine's Day–5 years ago this February.

  24. I have two special valentines my hubby and son! I love this adorable set!! We have alot valentine b-days in our family! Thanks for a chance to win!-Leesa Berry

  25. Love the adorable Valentine stamps and card inspiration ladies!
    My Valentine is my husband and he is my hero. I never dreamt I'd meet anyone so loving and thoughtful. He's my 'some bunny' to love for sure!!
    Thanks for the giveaway chance 😉

  26. How cute & adorable!! I think the cards are all gorgeous. It's going to be a fun Valentine set. Every single person in my family is my Valentine, as well as my dearest friends. 😉

  27. Kelly your KILLING ME.. OH MY GOSH HOW Freaking CUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTE are these.. OH MY GOSH.. ok focus.. My Valentine well I have 4 actually I bake each of them a special heart shaped Chocolate Chip cookie and of course a card from me 🙂 They go to my Hubby & our 3 babies!

  28. What a beautiful set of stamps Kelly, and I adore the sentiments! Thank you for a lovely video too! My Valentine is my wonderful husband of 10 years!
    Will be looking out for what other wonderful items you are realeasing!

  29. What adorable images and fun sentiments!! My Valentine is my fiance who I met at work many years ago at our first job out of college. It has been an adventure!

  30. I have to have the set. It's a must for me! I have 2 Valentines (lucky girl!) my 5-year old boy and my sweet husband! I would be head over heels to use this set to make their Valentines!

  31. I LOVE the new set! Of course, my hubby is my main valentine, but I also have 2 beautiful daughters, one for whom this is her first Valentine's day! I al so lucky to be surrounded by LOVE! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Super cute and at our school, we give valentines to everyone and this set would make it super easy!
    My valentine is my mom! She has always been there for me and it is always fun to be around her!

  33. Cute name for this set and just right for it. Each of the stamps are so cute and really can be used almost all year round! The bunny is perfect for next year Chinese New Year as it is rabbit year in 2011.

    My valentine is my beloved husband and lovely daughter.

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  34. I feel like I'm copying the very first comment because my Valentine is also my hubby of 30-1/2 years. He loves my handmade cards to him so this set has so much potential for that! *smile*
    P.S. Loved your video! The stamps looks sooo user-friendly besides being downright adorable!!

  35. For the last 4 years & hopefully for 40+ more, my valentine always will be my amazing husband 🙂

    He's had to share me the last year tho with our darling daughter & will have to share me again as we're expecting our 2nd baby 😀

  36. i was going to say my dear fiance is my Valentine but after seeing the peek for this new set I think Lawn Fawn is my Valentine cos I'm besotted! LOL!

  37. My Valentine is my fiance Matt. We got engaged back in September and are getting Married April 2nd and I can hardly wait! He is sweet and loving and doesn't seem to mind my love for stamps. 🙂

  38. THIS set is one that will get TONS of use from me. the DT does is again. i am soooo in love with all of the creations.

    for this next year i think i will ask my Dad to be my Valentine. i hope he says yes!

    if not then i will just ask my husband. ;o)

  39. I LOVE those socks ~ too cute!!
    My Valentine is my hubby… I am grateful each and every day that I have such a loving & supportive man in my life.

  40. I love the banana! I know a boy I call Daniel bananiel, and I can't wait to send him a note using this stamp! My valentine is my husband of almost 15 years! How lucky are we, to still be in love? Thanks for a chance to win this delightful set!

  41. My valentine is my husband. He's a great guy! These are cute stamps and it would be fun to make him a card with them!

  42. Absoluty with no doubts my valentines are: my 2 boys and my boyfriend! Love them all so much! I love how this set is so versatile. I already have 5 ideas written down for how I'm going to use this set. Can't wait!
    Sharon : )

  43. My valentine is my hubby. We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary a few days ago. This is such an adorable set!! I just love Lawn Fawn's style of stamps. It's so distinctive and fun.

  44. My valentine is my husband of 16 years. I think this is the cutest valentine set I have ever seen and so versatile. I could also see using the image stamps for lots of other projects.

  45. Oh my goodness, these are adorable, especially those GORGEOUS little socks!!! My valentine is my gorgeous man, Ian. He is just the best, my perfect soulmate. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world to have met him and be able to call him my own!

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