Upcoming events!

We have some really fun stuff coming up!

Have a Very Fawny Holiday! November 7-10

We will be featuring all of our Holiday sets (old and new) in a really fun inspiration week to help you get ready for your Holiday crafts! There will be lots of design team samples, giveaways and videos!!
We are going to be focusing on Bows and Holly, Making Frosty Friends, Winter Bunny, Winter Fox, Happy Hanukkah, Ornate Ornaments, Critters in the Snow, Frosties, Cozy Christmas, and Pa-Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum!

A Mini Release!! December 5-8
We will release a really fun set that you will just love as much as you love breakfast!
(There are some hints there! ;))
We want to put a new set out there before CHA in January because everybody loves new stamps :). We have some amazing stuff for the CHA Tradeshow that we cannot wait to show you in January!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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13 thoughts on “Upcoming events!

  1. Breakfast? I'm imagining pancakes, waffles, eggs and a TOASTER! All with smiley faces on em! Can't wait to see what's new! December's my birthday month too yeay!

  2. I just ordered 5 sets of LF stamps this week-PLEASE don't tell my husband!! Can't wait till the inspiration week to get some more great ideas on how to use them.

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