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  1. These cards are so colorful, cheerful, and fun!! I just LOOOOVE those clouds wearing smiles!!! How incredibly cute!!! Thanks for your family's service ladies, and thanks too for the inspirational notes. I will be sure to send more cheerful and happy cards in my next OWH box!

  2. Such happy colorful cards and fun! I've come to expect fun from Lawn Fawn and its always there. Thanks so much for supporting OWH and special thanks to Latisha and Tiffany.

  3. These are all such amazing cards, I can't pick a favorite!! I think I will need that kite stamp…. Totally fab for paper piecing!

  4. Latisha and Tiffany, thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt stories. OWH is so important in so many ways. I hope this event will be successful and the number of cards available to our deployed families will be overwhelming.

  5. It's very cool that LF is supporting this fabulous cause! I hope everyone takes a moment to pause and reflect on Memorial Day 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Latisha and Tiffany, and these cards are all stunning ladies!

  6. I love the smiling cloud faces on Teris' card!The way Caris grouped the hexagons as a background is so cool!
    Tiffany's color choices just made me smile 🙂
    The mustache placed on the rosette of Yainea's card is just to cute!

    Fabulous cards gals!!!!!!

  7. Thank you Kelly for sharing the inspirational cards, but more importantly thank you for sharing Latisha and Tiffany's words.
    They bring tears to my eyes and and deep gratitude for those FAMILIES that are sacrificing so much for me, and my family and this country.THANK YOU!
    They are the reason I make cards.
    I am so glad that OWH exists!
    OWH makes it SO EASY to get those cards to our HEROS.

  8. Thank you for sharing all this talent from the DT, Kelly. and for sharing the precious stories from Latisha and Tiffany. They were so moving.

  9. All of these cards are fantastic! They are all so perfect in different ways. How awesome that you are promoting such a great cause with your stamps!

  10. Each of these cards are sooo inspiring. Made me want to run to my craft room and stamp! 🙂 Thanks too for doing the OWH blog hop…..truly a great cause. 🙂

  11. What a beautiful post, both cards and words! Thank you Lawn Fawn Team for supporting our Troops and OWH. Special thanks to Latisha and Tiffany for your families' service to our country.

  12. WOW–all these cards are wonderful! Thanks so much for supporting OWH, giving candy, and esp. for all our heroes and their families; you make us proud to be Americans!!

  13. I am so glad to have stopped at your blog today as part of the hop. The samples are wonderful.. such great ways to use the sketch and the stories.. ahhhhhhh, the stories. As an Army wife, daughter, sister and Air Force mom.. so much of those are times I have lived myself. Thank you to Latisha and Tiffany for sharing your stories…. blessings ~ Pam

  14. These are so fun! But I'd expect nothing less from Lawn Fawn! Thanks for the inspiration and a special thanks and hugs to Latish and Tiffany for your families' service!

  15. What a wonderful collection of cards. I was touched by the messages from family members. May God bless all those who are "serving at home" as well as those serving abroad.

  16. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories with us–that's so wonderful! I appreciate you and your family's service so much! Thank you Lawn Fawn for the support of OWH!

  17. OWH is the best organization. These people donate their time and talents to bring a little appreciation to deployed troops. Bless them. These cards are so adorable. Anyone would be proud to send them.

  18. Thanks so much for supporting OWH! Such great cards that I know will bring such happiness when they arrive in the mail. My DH is retired Navy and I still have the cards he sent me when he was deployed – that's how much these cards mean to families

  19. Great cards. Thank you for the inspiration and also for re-posting the messages from your team members. I read them before and re-read them now. They really make you think and remember what the troops and their loved ones give up for us which is what this day is all about.

  20. Lawn Fawn has the most cheerful stamps ever. The use of colors on these is so eye-catching. Thanks for taking part in the hop and showing your support of our troops. The notes from Latisha and Tiffany were especially endearing.

  21. Thank you to Latisha and Tiffany and their families for the sacrifices they are making for our country. I'm so happy to see Lawn Fawn's continued support of OWH because I enjoy using Lawn Fawn stamps to spread cheer to our country's military families. 🙂

  22. these cards are fun and cheerful – and just the ticket! The two stories bring tears to my eyes, and make me proud to contribute cards for our service men & women!

  23. Four truly fabulous cards! It's really great to know that the cards do make a difference to our military families and words of inspiration like these from Latisha and Tiffany are such great motivators. Thanks to everyone at Lawn Fawn for joining in the Memorial Day hop and for supporting OWH.

    Paula S.
    OWH Blog Team

  24. Those smiley clouds are too cute for words! And what an inspirational post. Thank you for remembering our men and women who serve and protect us!!

  25. I always love the cards on this blog, so inspirational and unlike most blogs/sites don't go overkill on the hard sell on the products. It's always a pleasure to view this blog again and again.
    You are so generous giving your support.
    Promise to not change the way you do things and you will always have at least one fan.

  26. I'm a military brat and married to a military member and I appreciate the thoughts shared. Love the cheer & laughter in these cards!

    So glad to see businesses supporting OWH in their mission to support heroes and their families!

    Much love!

  27. OWH is such a great organization! It's wonderful to see – not only such cool Lawn Fawn cards, but also so many companies participating in the blog hop. 🙂

  28. Thanks to Tiffany and Latisha for the service and sacrifice they and their families make.

    Love the bright and cheery colors — even the clouds are smiling!

  29. What an incredible amount of talent and inspiration provided by the design team – thank you! I'm lovin' the stamps and papers they chose to use – so many bright and cheerful colors. Thanks for supporting OWH!

  30. I remember when my husband was sent on a remote to Spain in 1990. Our kids were very little and I was not handling single motherhood very well. I would get letters from him on yellow notebook paper that I still have in a scrapbook. While yellow notebook paper was not great, it was better than most other options. This is why I make cards for our troops. Thank you for supporting this generation of troops.

  31. Great cards! I'm so happy to see some of my favorite retailers participating in the OWH blog hop! Just makes you more special than you already were (which was hard to manage, but you did! LOVE my Lawn Fawn stamps!)

  32. These are such cheery cards! I know they will bring lots of smiles to both giver and reciever. Special thanks to Latisha and Tiffany for their sacrifice and for supporting OWH. Thank you Lawn Fawn!

  33. Great inspiration comments…of course the cards are pretty cool as well. Please do not make me pick a fav! Thanks for supporting OWH!!!

  34. Wonderful stories by the families of soldiers! I cannot thank their loved ones enough for our freedom, but also them for their sacrifice! THANK YOU! Thank you Lawn Fawn for being a part of this great cause, I myself have made cards for OWH and cannot think of a better way I can help in my own way to say Thanks!
    Crafty Hugs,

  35. Love the sentiment in the 2nd card! So appropriate for the troops. All the cards are great! As a Army Mom, I have to say thank you for all you do for the troops! God bless them!
    And you all!

  36. Great cards that can't help but make me smile. I especially like the clouds with the smiles! It is important to me that you support OWH! Thank you!

  37. What great cards!! Thank you for supporting OWH and for the tears I shed reading those beautiful words!! Thank you for your families service Latisha and Tiffany!

  38. These cards are just beautiful and the story behind why these are being made is touching. I think this is the sweetest thing any of us crafters can do to help support our troops and give them something to put a smile on their face while letting them reach out to their loved ones. I'm happy to be apart of this!


  39. I so appreciate the sacrifices our military families make. OWH is doing a wonderful thing! I love these cards. Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Your stamps make such beautiful cards and these examples would make any serviceman's family very happy!I LOve the card with the kite…so simple but beautiful!

  41. These cards are just wonderful and sure to cheer up the recipient! I have been making my own cards for OWH and I applaud the troops who help keep us safer!

  42. What fun to see the different "personalities" in your cards, The smiley clouds on the first card are a great touch, and I love the ladt card in red white and blue. Thank you for supporting OWH!

  43. Awesome cards. They are all great. From a veteran's view point, OWH is the best thing in the world, from the spouse of a veteran OWH is the greatest thing in the world. Being able to send cards home to loved ones is the best gift we as civilians can give those that serve.

    Thanks to all those serving and their spouses and families wherever you are at this time.

  44. Definitely going to make several cards for this cause! I LOVE card making and, except for at Christmas time, I generally make more than I can actually use!

  45. Kelly Marie and company – you all are amazing! Each card is so unique – and they just make me SMILE! Thanks for hopping with us this weekend!!
    Sandy, Pres, OWH

  46. Kelly Marie I admire your joy for life and that you inspre us each week with your great videos, you are always in a good mood! That is so great, listening how excited you are about your products,make me want more badly to play with them!

  47. Thanks so much for sharing these stories from your DT members again. It's always nice to hear that the cards that we make for OWH mean so much to the soldiers and their loved ones. I have a DD that was stationed in Iraq for 18 months. I made cards for her unit before I heard about OWH, but was happy to hear about them when she returned. ALl of these cards are fabulous! Your DT always does such fabulous work! Thanks again for your support of OWH!!!

  48. All your cards are adorable! I just learned about OWH and am eager to make up some cards of my own to participate! what a great way for paper crafters and stampers to express out appreciation to the troops!

  49. I so love all the papers used in these cards! How do you all combine such colors and patterns and get such fab cards?!

    Kris in Alaska
    funamom at yahoo dot com

  50. I love all your cards, thank you for sharing the letters, they meant alot, seeing how much the cards meant to the families of servicemen and women. I think I'm inspired now to donate some cards to this worthy cause.

  51. Great cards, and loved reading the comments from the service wives also.This is my first OWH hop and I'm getting introduced to some wonderfully talented folks and new stores, too!

    gbee1117 at gmail dot com

  52. I fell in love with Lawn Fawn stamps and papers recently and was so pleased to witness their support of Operation Write Home. I love the cards that were made for this hop and the letters from your design team members brought tears to my eyes. Making cards for OWH for a year now has been such a gratifying experience, one that I plan to continue as long as we have folks defending our freedoms so far from home. Thanks for your support and thanks for offering a giveaway.

  53. Thank you for a wonderful post. I have been making cards for OWH for two years, it is a small thing to do but I know the troops do appreciate it.

    Carol B

  54. Fun cards! Love the smiling clouds, the fun colors and the mustachioed rosette. Thank you for supporting OWH and all of our Heroes!

  55. what a nice initiative!
    in singapore we also have something like this but we give the cards to nurses in hospitals / caregivers who serve at home for aged and sorts.

  56. The comments you shared brought tears to my eyes. It's so wonderful to hear that something so small can make a big difference in someones life. That's why OWH is so wonderful! Love your designers' cards and thank you for supporting OWH!

  57. I just love red, white, blue and stars. I am proud to be an American and very thankful for our service men and women who sacrifice so much. This is a great way to honor them and their families.

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