3 new stamp sets!

We are so excited to begin sharing
everything we have been working on for the Craft and
Hobby Association (CHA) Trade Show!! Today we are showing 3 of our 10 new stamp sets! These products will release in February, and we will have inspiration weeks then, too, of course!
We will be showing our new paper collections, stamps, and a fun new
product this week and next, and we will, of course, have giveaways each

Make sure to check out these previous sneaks:
Lawn Trimmings

Summertime Charm is a brand new 4×6 set. It coordinates with our new Pink Lemonade paper collection, and it is so much fun to decorate and fill the mason jar!

Lynnette has made the cutest sample using the fireflies from the set! I just love them! She also used some of the new Lime Lawn Trimmings from yesterday!

 Critters on the Savanna is the newest addition to the Critters series! These critters have been long requested, and we hope you love them!

 Yainea‘s adorable scene makes me smile! She also used Interlocking Backdrops for her background and a tree from Critters Down Under. I love how well the Critters sets work together!

Latisha‘s card is so sweet! I love the bird and lion together! That chevron paper? That’s from the new Pink Lemonade paper collection we will show soon!

 This is our newest ABCs font. I love how quirky and bold it is. There are lots of extra letters and they all have a rectangle base so that they line up perfectly! It’s a great addition to our ABCs!

Leave a comment and we will pick one lucky winner on on January 16th to receive all three of these new stamp sets!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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487 thoughts on “3 new stamp sets!

  1. Girrrrrl!! You did it again! These are amazing! I'm glad I waited to use my prize!!! Ahhhh, I've been waiting for you guys to have a mason jar set πŸ˜€ Lawn Fawn stamp quality is amazing!

  2. WONDERFUL – as always! LOVE, LOVE LoVE those Savanna cuties !!! Suddenly 2 weeks seem like an eternity (-:
    Can't believe you have 7 more to share – WOW!!! So looking forward to seeing them! Hugs, Karin

  3. wow – wow – wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am SO excited for the new critters set!! eek!!!! and the mason jar?!?! YES please!!!! and i am in LOVE with the new font! ack!!! so much lawn fawn fantasical sets in one post!!!! thanks for the chance to win!! and good luck with CHA!!

  4. This is so cute and yummy…I was correct, its sweet and sour and beautiful treat. Love the jar set and the Critters are super cute and the ABC set is fun. All projects by DT are wonderful as always.

    Thank you Lawn Fawn. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh my–Summertime Charm will be heading my way–love! I'm such a fan of anything with Jars and then add that cute little firefly..happy sigh…

  6. This is one of the cutest Mason Jar sets I've seen – love all the things we can put inside! Thanks for the chance at these fun sets – would love to see your booth at CHA – you always do such fun things with it!

  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! A Rhino stamp!!! I am so excited – I work for a company called The Rhino Group, so I am super excited to see him! πŸ™‚ I love the alpha set as well – I love Lawn Fawn's alphas and they are the only kind I will buy/use! πŸ™‚ Can't wait for the rest of the reveal!

  8. OMG!!!!!! I have a Mason Jar obsession and I can't believe you guys finally came out with a set for it!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhh!!!! I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!! SOOOOO getting this set as soon as it becomes available on the store!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  9. Be still my heart! Oh my gosh, you should have seen the fist pumping that was just going on over here. SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! I love all three sets so much, and I have to say, I think you guys KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK with Critters On The Savanna. I love, love, LOVE all my Lawn Fawn critter sets to pieces, but this one is seriously your cutest one yet! SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! Good grief, I'm using triple exclamation marks and I only save them for when I'm totally freaking out with gladness. You guys at LFHQ rock my world! Seriously! So stoked. Is it February yet?

  10. These sets are so cute! I love the new alphabet! Will definitely be adding that to my collection. I love all your alpha sets! They make it so easy to make custom greetings!

  11. Oh my goodness, these sets are fantastic and the sample cards are amazing! I love the font used in the Summertime Charm set and those ABCs are a must have! I can't wait to see the rest of the sets! πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks for the sneak peeks! These new sets are great, especially the mason jar and a new alphabet! I also can't wait to see your new booth. It looks so big in the construction peeks that you and Nancy showed us. πŸ˜‰

  13. LOVE the mason jar set. It's going to be so cute and SO used. The font is really cool. The fact that you made it easy to line up is awesome. Both sets are now on my wish list. I can't wait to see the rest of the release.

  14. These are just too adorable, love summertime charm but growing up in Africa those critters on the savannah are just soooo special. Adore that set!!!!

  15. Oh wow! Is it February yet? I love all the three stamp sets! I just LOVE the Savannah Set, they are so adorable! Can't wait to stamp them and color them in with watercolor pencils! And the Alphabet Stamp Set is also a must have, I just love love the font and I love that they all have a rectangle base so you can easily make a sentiment! And of course I also love the mason jar set, it's so cute and I'll use it TONS! Thanks for the chance to win these 3 sets, because they are just awesome!

  16. Oh my goodness!!! Love these new sets!!! The summertime charm sticks out as being especially cute. How fun to fill the mason jar with whatever you want. I am a huge fan of those critters too!!

  17. Ah! I needed those critters this week while making a card for a baby shower!!! Love summertime charm and those cute lightning bugs with their glows!! So cute!!

  18. OMG… I can't contain my excitement!!! All three of these stamp sets are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them…. That awesome mason jar with the fireflies and fruit, and those adorable little critters!!!!

  19. I am so excited for the new releases. These three sets are on my wish list and am looking forward to the next ten besides the trimmings then paper too? My wallet will be on fire this Feb. Yahoo!

  20. ahhhhh love the zoo set and I have to say I received my first alphabet stamp set from you for Christmas, and I LOVE it, the letters fit so nicely together and stamped beautifully I def. want more!!! Thanks so much!

  21. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE them!!!! πŸ™‚ So adorable! I am so excited for these! Thanks for all the chances to win such cute stuff! πŸ™‚

  22. OH MY GOSH! My BF's nickname is Simba so we have a lot of cute little lion things around, and out of four kids, THREE are in love with savanna animals (WHY NO ELEPHANT?) so Zoe would adore the Zebra and Destiny LOVES Giraffes and I just know I will HAVE to have this set!!!

  23. Cute, Cute, and even more Cuteness! I really like the first set and how fabulous it will look with the awesome Lemonade dsp and Lawn trimmings! I'm really liking what I see here πŸ™‚

  24. OK, critters of the Savannah is what I've been waiting for!! Soooo excited! The summertime charm is just beyond adorable! Love them all, as always! πŸ™‚

  25. We all seem to be "jar stamp" addicts! These are all SUPER DUPER..I'mloving the Summertime Charm…so sweet and also the cute way the animals eyes are drawn – this is why LF stamps are the BEST! Hoping to be the lucky, lucky winner!

  26. Omg these sets are everything I luv I luv mason jars and all the critter sets. I luv doing scene cards it would be so awesome to win these amazing new stamps great job as always lawn fawn

  27. Oooo i love all of these, and those wee savanna critters are just so darn adorable πŸ™‚ I hope i get to play with these soon, thanks for the chance to win. Hugs xNx

  28. I love the critter stamps the best. You do not find many stamps of zebras.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Becky B.

    becky91804 at sbc global dot net

  29. 229 comments so far… Haha! Just goes to show how amazing and loved your stamp sets are! Winner or no, they will be mine!!! But thanks for the chance to win! I love them all and I can't wait to collect MORE CRITTERS!!!

  30. Oh what cuteness all in one blog post! I love love LOVE the new Critters and Riley's ABCs! The Summertime set has so many creative options – the lightning bug in the jar idea is fabulous! Lawn Fawn – you have outdone yourself. Again. πŸ™‚

  31. The new stamp sets are fabulous. I really like the mason jar with all of the goodies. That is one set that can be used for any occasion and any age. It's a must have and everybody loves critters and alphabets. Thanks for making the alphabets so easy to line up and use.

  32. OMG! In love with them all, but my very fave is Summertime Charms ( you're right, I can not WAIT to fill that jar!! ) and Riley's ABC's! Wonderful release

  33. These new sets are so cute! My sister would get a kick out of Critters in the Savanna, because she loves lions, and that mason jar set has so many possibilities for all kinds of occasions! Thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  34. I LOVE Summertime Charm! It could be used all year, I believe. I also love the new paper collection and lawn trimmings, especially Pink Lemonade!
    Please make more variegated trimmings.

  35. I know that I have no chance of winning, but I'm still excited to see the new stamp sets! I've been wishing for you to create a set like Summertime Charm, so I'm sure it will be my first new set πŸ™‚ The new Critters and alpha sets are darling too…this is FABULOUS, Kelly Marie!!!


  37. Oh my goodness I love these stamp sets!!!! It would be so much fun filling up that mason jar and making adorable cards! The critters on the savanah has the CUTEST critters!! I heart zebras!! And Riley's ABC's is so cute!!! Thanks for bringing us such great products!!!!


  38. Oh my gosh, I MUST have these stamps and can't wait to see more of the paper collection as well. PLEASE pick me, it is my birthday (Jan. 4th) and it would be the Best present ever! Thanks for the chance and the sneak peeks at all the great products coming soon from Lawn Fawn.

  39. I don't know if it took my previous comment, I don't see it. I LOVE all of these new sets, I have a huge mason jar fetish, so nuff' said about the first set. I adore all your critters and think that giraffe is heaven! Those alpha are fantastic and I adore the extra letters. The new paper looks so pretty and I can't wait to see it all. I would LOVE to win these stamps, and it is my birthday, so it would be the BEST present ever.

    Thanks so much for the sneak peeks as well as for the chance to win. Have a great time at CHA!

  40. These stamp sets are awesome!!! Can't wait for them to be released!! Thanks for the chance to win them!! :))

  41. They're all wonderful new sets, but Summertime Charm has my heart…reminds me of those warm summer night that I really miss in the dead of winter!

  42. I confess I don't quite understand the fashion for stamping mason jars — but that doesn't mean the stamps aren't cute! I hope they'll sell really well for you. I DO understand wonderful wonderful Critters sets, though, and of course I love this one! And I really appreciate your practical approach to alphabet stamps — hurrah for line-up-ability!

  43. Lawn Fawn has the most adorable stamps ever….. I have just recently started collecting them and here you go and release MORE that I will need to have! Love the sneaks and can't wait to see all the new goodies…

  44. You just keep producing the most wonderful stamp sets. They are all great but I think my favourite is the Critters on the Savanna.

  45. these are just fab! beeeeee luvr here…gotta have em! lol..well..all I hope this year..saving my pennies! luv the sneaks! ty for sharing.

  46. I only use Lawn Fawn alphabets when I need to stamp out a saying. They are so user friendly. I love this new font. And I've always wanted a RHINO stamp!

  47. These stamp sets are all adorable!!! Love the mason jar set…the firefly card brings back memories of when my brother & I were little & we use to catch them outside & put in a jar. And those critters are adorable, just like the rest of your critters. I love that new alpha set! Super cute!!

  48. so many possibilities with these wonderful sets. Not just summertime but for each season, holiday and occasion. I can see the jar perfect for the front of a recipe book as a special memento for family. The second set would make a darling card or even decor item for a childs room and birthday party favors. The last set. The skies the limit. even use the whole sheet for the backdrop of layout.
    thanks for the inspiration. I didn't have any today until I came here

  49. I love the bold font of Riley's Abc's. It makes me want to play with some rainbow colours in my stamping so I will definitely be getting this set when it's available!

  50. I love lawn fawn stamps. As a new crafter with a low budget it would be great to win. Also my favorite animal is a giraffe.

  51. These new sets are just PERFECTION. But, I'm a HUGE animal lover, so I have to say Critters on the Savannah is a homerun for me! πŸ˜€ Can you do no wrong?!?!!? mannnnn <3

  52. Oh I just can't choose a favorite I think they're all great! The critters in the suvanna is going to be so much fun to play with! Can't wait for the release date!

  53. Such adorable sets these are! Can't wait for a chance to buy them in your store. I am so sorry I couldn't go to CHA so I could create with the Summertime charm already. These jars are just the best πŸ™‚

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