Lawn Fawn Intro: Happy Trails + Starry Backdrops

Hello and welcome to the first post of Lawn Fawn’s March inspiration week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring five stamp sets, dies and the Let’s Polka paper collection, and we will have fun posts and giveaways and lots of inspiration!

We already have one place you can leave comments to win:
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AND today’s post too! 🙂

Today is our showcase of Happy Trails, its coordinating dies and Starry Backdrops. These sets are so fun and versatile! The design team has made the most amazing samples!  We also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some fun ways of using these sets!
Remember to click on the person’s name or card to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! 🙂
Elena‘s card is so cute! I love how she added the smiley to the camper!
Yainea‘s scene is so sweet! I love how she colored in the road!
Lynnette‘s smiley-faced trees make me smile!
Yainea‘s lunch ensemble is so cute! I love the Starry Backdrops clouds at the end of the rainbow!
Lynnette‘s mini card is so cute! I love her glittery sky and how the trees are layered behind the camper!
I love how Nichol created her Starry Backdrops sky. Spring Showers is a perfect match for that set, and Lucky Stars has great sentiments for it!
I love Kim‘s idea of using Starry Backdrops for a baby card!
Chari‘s gold stars and clear embossed Woodgrain Backdrops background are too cool!
Nichol‘s Critters Ever After card is so fun! I love how she did that rainbow!
I love how Lynnette created a card from the smaller elements of Starry Backdrops! The Stitched Journaling Card is a perfect frame for smaller stamps!
LawnFawn happytrailsstarrybackdrops latishayoast
I love how Latisha stamped the stars white on kraft, and the way she used the Journaling Card die as a frame!
I love how Elena created her own patterned paper with the tree in Happy Trails, and the Speech Bubble die is a perfect match for this set!
Tiffany‘s scene is incredible! I love how she created the Winter to Spring background with Gelatos. The Speech Bubble Border die is perfect for highlighting a long sentiment!

Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!

Here is our video showing this set! You can watch it below or at our You Tube channel

Thank you so much for watching!!
I hope you have enjoyed this look at Happy Trails, its coordinating dies and Starry Backdrops. Tomorrow we have more fun examples to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you’ve ever gone camping (I have! I used to back pack when I was younger) by March 19th at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for both of these stamp sets! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)
Make sure to come back tomorrow for our next inspiration week day!
Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂     

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236 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Happy Trails + Starry Backdrops

  1. What a super cute camper card! I love the starry background you created!!! My husband and I LOVE to camp! We go camping every summer and like to try out new places each time!

  2. I totally LOVE the happy trails set, so cute. I love all the cards shown, such a great source of inspiration. The stars are very cute also. I really enjoyed this post. Now off to watch the video 😀

  3. Oh my! I have done a ton of camping. Worked with high schoolers for 28 years and we did week-long wilderness waterski camps where we slept in tents. Love it! These cards and sets are so adorable!

  4. I used to go camping at beach parks regularly when I was younger…then I got stung by a Portuguese man-of-war on my last camping trip and haven't gone camping again since!

  5. We camped on the beach all the time when we were younger…fun summer memories! Lovely cards with fabulous scenes…looking forward to more!

  6. Adorable projects! We used to go on huge camping trips ever summer with extended family, but we haven't been the last few years! I totally miss sitting around the fire, eating smores and playing cards. 😉

  7. Love all the cards. When I was little we went camping all the time and now my mum and dad bought a motorhome so now my husband and I can borrow it and take our girls camping.

  8. We went fishing/camping when I was about 17. It was okay, if not to count mosquitos. 🙂
    Your cards are amazing! Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  9. During college, we camped a ton. Almost every weekend when the weather was nice….it was so fun and relaxing. These cards are rocking awesome! I just LOVE inspiration week -thank you!

  10. Super fun projects today, love everyone's use of the starry backdrops! I've done many a camping trip! But, now that I'm older, would love a camper! Sleeping on the ground hurts! lol

  11. My husband loves camping and the one time I agreed to go, there was a storm with thunder and lightening. Amazingly, our kids slept right through it. But I seriously thought our tent was going to collapse on top of us. And I was six months pregnant. So, it might be awhile until I agree to go camping again. But totally love the stamp set. So cute. And the starry backgrounds stamp is awesome. Love it.

  12. They all are so adorable. I have been camping with my daughter's girl scout troops and am planning a family camping trip with my boyfriend and all our kids. I can't wait to get out there. I love the outdoors so much.

  13. We go camping at least once a year! I love being away from it all and having the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones without the trappings of technology.

  14. I love all these projects, especially the happy face on the camper! We go camping one week every summer, although it's in a tent rather than a camper. We absolutely love it!

  15. I did the Duke of Edinburgh award when I was younger and went camping as part of that, now I much prefer a comfy bed for my holidays

  16. I've never gone "camp-camping", tent and all though I went on a few school "cabin-camping" trips. I don't really count those though. 🙂

  17. Oh my gosh, the DT has done some amazing things with these sets! Absolutely love, love all the samples! The last time I went camping I was about 20 and I slept in the van. Lol. I'm not a sleep-on-the-cold-hard-ground kinda girl. 😉

  18. Oh my gosh! Just fabulous! Love the DT projects! No, I have never been camping but we are planning on taking the kids this Spring! I think I need this set so I can craft while camping! Lol!

  19. I love camping! It was something we did all the time when I was younger and I love it when we get the chance to do it now. These stamp sets are so awesome, I can't wait to get my hands on them!! <3

  20. I went camping about a year ago, but when I was little we would go almost every weekend! These sets are adorable! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. We had a canvas tent trailer when I was a child. A tent on wheels! No conveniences. We loved it, but I'm not sure my mother ever really had a vacation camping. 😉

  22. All the cards are so amazing!! I adore them to bits. As far as camping, I have only gone with my girl scouts in southern Illinois. The best time ever!

  23. Camping was something our family did every summer when I was younger. Loved it then but I love running showers and potties too much to go roughing it now a days. :p

  24. We have been a few times…now that we have kids we've gone once in the back yard…and another with a borrowed pop-up… my kids are still a bit to "domesticated" to do the camping thing…that may have to change as I think it's fun to be out and about without the technology… Thank you for the chance to win!

  25. Love these sets! We use to go camping a lot growing up, especially when we lived in Texas! I think two of my most memorable camping trips where when we lived in Germany. We'd go for my dad's birthday on Memorial weekend and then the week long trip with the base boys and girls club. That was awesome, and an experience I will not forget!!!

  26. I have gone camping lots when I was young, but never since. I'm a big bug-phobic, so the thought of sleeping out there where there's a ton of creepy crawly things makes me a bit anxious.

    Loving all the cards in the post! I've got a bunch of stamps from the release, and I think Happy Trails is my favorite so far. 🙂

  27. I went camping with my mom and dad a lot when I was growing up. We went to the 1982 Worlds Fair in Knoxville, TN and we camped the entire time we were there. It was a lot of fun!

  28. What darling cards!! es I have been camping , in fact I still go and I love it!! This set would be so fun to take take camping with me and color and make cards and a journal page!!!

  29. All of the cards are SO CUTE!! I haven't camped since my older kids were in scouting, but I think I would prefer a trailer to a tent! The kids didn't mind roughing it though!

  30. Yes, I have camped for years…tent, fold up, and pull along. Now we are motor home camping in our retirement years. I love the Happy Trails set and the video. Your stamps have a quality that I LOVE. It is a sweetness, happiness, fun like sincerity. I love them and every card I make with your stamps. I think they are probably my favorite. I love your products!

  31. Such adorable cards. I've never gone camping before. It is definitely not my cup of tea lol. I'm opposed to anything involving bugs and potential wild life attacking me lol.

  32. What fun stamp sets! I love the Starry Backdrops! It seems so versatile. I was a Girl Scout for many years and we went camping often. 🙂

  33. Our family camped a lot when I was growing up. My parents were brave enough to camp with five kids under the age of ten, including infant twins! Such great memories!

  34. Beautiful projects and great ideas using the Happy trails stamps and dies. I just adore the starry background. I just love the first card, it's adorable.

  35. Wonderful sample cards! I think the Happy Trails stamps are my favorite. I have been camping and enjoyed it when I was younger. We tent camped near Williamsburg, VA in the late 80s. It was a great time. I also loved camping in the Smoky Mountains. The body is getting older now and the ground seems a lot harder.

  36. Love the stamp sets! My family and I would go camping every summer when I was younger, and now my husband and I take our son. It's so peaceful and relaxing!

  37. All the card samples are great! My parents took me camping when I was little and we had a lot of fun. Now I have kids of my own, I love to take them camping one day too!! It is a great fun activity for everyone in the family! ^_^

  38. Yes, I've gone camping – only in my adult years as a mom of a Cub Scout and then a Girl Scout. Thank goodness they have manuals on how to help your kids learn to be campers! 😉
    I think the Happy Trails set is adorable. And the Starry Backdrops is perfect for creating great backgrounds. Your designers' creations are amazing!!

  39. Kelly, these sets and card examples are amazing! I love them! We used to camp all the time when I was a kid… Great family memories of tipping over canoes, camp fires, bike riding, and more!

  40. I camp infrequently since I live in the country I have that alfresco living that's always renewing my spirit. Love your stuff they always have that whimsical look that's timeless.

  41. I've enjoyed camping all my life. I have camped at the beach, mountains, lakes, etc. I think you never get tired of it if you love to camp. Nothing better than a campfire with smores too. This set is so cute. Just love the car and trailer.

  42. We have an RV and I "camp" with a microwave, satellite TV, good coffee maker and a blender for cold blended drinks in the summer. Does that count? I can't wait to use this set. It's so cute and I love that happy camper card.

  43. Every summer I went to camp – complete with latrines and tents, surrounded by woods. Singing songs and eating s'mores around the campfire at night were the best.

  44. Oh good grief I forgot to talk about camping, we are a camping family. We have traveled with our travel trailer just like this one, across Canada, up to northern Ontario, Across the top of the US and down to Florida. This set will be perfect for camping scrapbooking adventures!

  45. Lovely cards, and I'm super impressed with Tiffany's and how she went from winter to summer! Great inspiration here for us to enjoy. I've never been truly camping. Closest I have come is staying at my in-laws place at the lake/cabin. Not actual camping, though.

  46. Adorable cards and projects. My wish list is so long, now!:-) Anyway, I have been camping a few times!

  47. YES!! I have been camping and I LOVE it in all forms!! I look forward to even more camping as my boys grow up!! =) THANS for sharing!! I LOVE all of the AMAZING Inspiration!! THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  48. YES!! We camped all the time, when I was younger. Every weekend, when it started to warm up until it was too cold! Tents, campers, trailers, I have camped in everything. I love these two stamp sets! All the projects are so cute!!

  49. I love love love these sets. I am not a happy camper but these sets make me want to scrap some camping photos …. may just have to send the boys and tell them to take lots of photos 😉 x

  50. yes … used to camp, used to camp all the time, for many years …. many, many, years ….. but have not been camping in a long, long time.
    But we still have all the gear …. so who knows, maybe again sometime!
    Sandra ltb

  51. My hubby has taken me camping many times. These are adorable stamp sets! Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing all the fun and happy cards 🙂

  52. Yes I have camped, its been awhile and I remember it was hard work….
    but worthwhile being outside under the stars…which
    brings us to that awesome starry skies stamp…
    I have to have it!!!

  53. Love, love, love all of these cards!!! Great ideas with the starry backdrop and on a baby card too! I'm swooning 🙂
    My family loved to go camping when I was a little girl and I have carried over that tradition with my girls. We love everything about camping… camp fires, s'mores 🙂 , being out in nature, hanging out with friends, eating and more eating and just relaxing. Now I'm ready to go again…

  54. I went camping once that I recall growing up. (we were not a camping family!) A bunch of my friends and I went out to a state park and ended up sleeping outside. It was fun but I knew I was more of a "hotel" kind of girl! 🙂 However, camping cards are adorable. I <3 them.

  55. Our family used to go camping when I was little. I haven't gone camping in a long time, but these stamps bring back good memories~ 🙂

    Love tiffany's card and Nichol's card!

  56. Love these cards….I pinned Elena's CAS card….it is awesome! My dad took us camping to the mountains when I was a kid. I remember being in awe at how many stars I could see in the night sky. Good times.

  57. I love these sets. They are too cute!! I have been camping, but scrapbooking and card making are how I like to spend my time 🙂 Thanks for all the amazing projects!!

  58. I love to camp in a little trailer like the one in your stamp set. I have so many fond memories of camping while growing up and enjoying the outdoors, but still having a door to close at night! These sets are amazing and the Starry Backdrops is perfect to go with the Happy Trails set! Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful projects!
    We used to camp EVERY weekend rain or shine when I was a child.
    I have seven siblings and we would go hiking in the forest for hours just hanging out.
    We also camped a lot when our daughter was younger.
    Thanks for the chance to win some Lawn Fawn goodies.
    Crafty hugs,

  60. I just love Lawn Fawn. They are the only stamps I buy now. I like CAS so your stamps are just right. Thanks for the videos, they give me so many ideas. I love your new stamps for spring. Look forward to you doing some more die cuts for the older stamp sets.

  61. The projects today are simply amazing. Happy faces on campers and trees, rainbows and dragons and so many other wonderful designs, I am so inspired! I think I have to purchase the camping stuff first (can't afford everything I want at one time) unless of course I'm a very, very lucky person and win this very generous and delightful giveaway!

  62. Fantastic stamps & dies. Love how you can create a road or hills.
    All the projects are so fun.
    My family went camping every summer when I was little.
    I have a lot of great memories from those summer trips.

  63. Yes I have, all the time actually my husband and I love camping and hiking so go as often as possible love seeing new places and being in the great outdoor! Super impressed with the DG girls card! They're always amazing my this time I was saying WOW over and over again! Thanks for the wonderful video and post can't wait to get these stamp sets for myself.

  64. I love these sets. That caravan is just so cute. I go camping a lot. Our holidays are always road and camping trips. Thank you for the chance to win

  65. I don´t like camping very much,but all creations are funny and I like them.My favorite are the ABC die and the little feathers,stamps and dies,so cute and lovely for use.First time I saw the little feathers I fall in love with them,
    hugs Sylvie

  66. Oh My we used to go camping all the time when my kids were younger. Had such fun times. I just love all the cards made. I love both sets of stamps and dies.

  67. The colors on your card (video) are so pretty.
    I have never been camping. I may end up the chhicken that sleeps in the car instead of the tent. Lol

  68. We went camping several times when I was younger. I just remember it being a lot of work packing to go, then all the work packing up to head back home. Plus being out in the sun and heat all day made me so tired!

  69. Eeek! That little camper is adorable! I always wanted to travel in one of those – maybe one day. As for camping? Yup, did it as a kid in Vermont!

  70. I really like both sets and the star background is great!! I think I've been camping once or twice when I was younger but I barely remember it!

  71. I love every project today, but the twilight backgrounds with the camper set are right up my alley! I love camping ,for two nights or less). And I insist on access to a bathroom when camping. My husband hopes to convert our young kids into true backpackers some day. 🙂

  72. I love the starry backdrops set, I just received it and I´m already in love with it!! it has the perfect size, the perfect amount of stars… what can I say! I LOVE IT

  73. I think I've only camped once…with my brother's Boy Scout troop when we were little…I couldn't tent it up now though – I'm so paranoid about bugs!! Ha ha!!
    But I'll tell you what I CAN do – play with these two sets over and over because they're incredible!! I just LOVE how the DT showcases the camper in so many different colors!! It's so versatile!!

  74. I've camped since I was a teenager. Now I'm a Girl Scout Mom type camping companion for my second daughter, as I was with the first. Love seeing the girls explore and learn.

  75. I went camping as a kid but as an adult I don't see why I need to pretend I'm homeless and sleep outside when I'm not. 🙂 I don't mind nature and fresh air and will open the house as much as possible but I draw the line at sleeping on the ground. 🙂

  76. I used to love to camp when I was a kid and we did it all the time! I haven't camped at all since I was in college but now that we have our own child, looking forward to experiencing it with her!

  77. Ok, I must admit-I HATE camping!! I had a traumatic time in Girl Scouts growing up where a skunk got in our tent. I did used to go in my twenties with an old boyfriend but it wasn't my favorite. However, those stamps are just totally adorable!! This is the kind of camping or card making I should say, that I Like to do!!

  78. I've gone camping as a child and let's just say I'm not much of an outdoors person. I would prefer to just stamp and make cards about camping 😉 Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  79. i did go camping but i was really young. can't remember too much about it, other than it was a family affair. i'd like to get some friends together but i watch too many horror movies….my imagination would give me too much anxiety out there camping!

  80. oh my goodness.. these cards are too stinkin' cute! thanks for sharing all this creativity. We used to go camping when I was a kid. I remember one time at the lake and we were all in the camper home and the biggest rain storm rolled in.. it seemed like it rained forever that night ~ but we had a great time. ~ Pam

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