Lawn Fawn Intro: Hello Baby

Hello and welcome to the second post of Lawn Fawn’s Summer release week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring four stamp sets, dies, and we will have fun posts and giveaways and lots of inspiration! These products will all be available on May 22nd!

We already have two places you can leave comments to win:
Our big giveaway post!!

AND today’s post too! 🙂

Today is our showcase of “Hello Baby“. This 4″ x 6” set is perfect for showers and congratulations cards! It can even be used for other occasions, too! The design team has made the most amazing samples!  We also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some fun ways of using the set!

Remember to click on the person’s name or card to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! 🙂

Yainea‘s cards are so stunning! I love her coloring and that she used the “Happy Adoption” sentiment!
HelloBaby LatishaYoast
Latisha‘s card is so fun! I love the idea of highlighting an image in the negative space of a circle die cut!
I love how Elena did the no-line coloring technique with this set! It works so well, and I love the painted stripes!
Chari created such a cute scene with the circle shape. Grassy Border is perfect for these bunnies!
Kim‘s mini cards are so sweet! I love the watercolor look on the Tag, You’re It die!
Nichol‘s scene is so sweet! I love that this set is great for boys, too. The Stitched Journaling Card makes a great panel!
Lynnette created such a cute scene! I love that the rain drops are bouncing off the umbrella!
Kim HelloBaby Collage
I love how Kim created a bunch of variations on the same cute chevron-based idea. If you are already creating, it’s a great idea to create a bunch of cards with the same supplies! Love it!
I love how Lynnette showed that this set can be great for other occasions, too! These bunnies are perfect on any type of card!
Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!
Now, I have a little video for you showing this set in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!


I hope you have enjoyed this look at “Hello Baby“. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite baby name by May 21st at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday May 18th for our next inspiration week day!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂     
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476 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Hello Baby

  1. Yay! Another baby set – just love it!! My favourite baby name at the moment is Jasmine. All the projects in this post are simply gorgeous!!

  2. Aaaaaahhhh!! These are all SO cute!!! The design team rocked those projects!!!!! I thought I had enough baby themed stamp sets… that's until I saw this one of course LOL! (: My favorite baby names at the moment are: Jaylen (for a boy); Madison (for a girl).

  3. Oh my, if this set and the DT creations aren't cuteness x adorable to the max! Sooooo sweet!! Two favourite baby names – Tessa and Connor – because they're the names of my niece and nephew, the lights of my life! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  4. This set is just adorable. I love the bunnies and the duck. My favorite baby name is Jason (my son's name), and for a girl it's Emily

    1. I'm Laura Stewart and this comment it my, but my google account wouldn't let me publish my comment…strange.

  5. This set is so sweet! I'm in love with the frog and the duck. 😀 MY favorite baby names are the names of my babies: Xavier and Corwin. They are the light of my life!

  6. My favorite baby name changes over time….back when my kids were born….Sara and Adam were my favorite! 😉 Now I love Grace (Grand daughter) and Gabriel! Love these baby cards!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  7. I love this set because I call my little boy bunny! It reminded me of that! the critters are so sweet as always and these cards are adorable!!!

  8. How CUTE!
    Love the cards with these sweet lil critters.
    Thanks Lawn Fawn for the inspiration I need:)
    I think a sweet baby name is Sophie

  9. My fave baby name is for a girl although I don't have a daughter :.( and it's Lily.
    Gosh, this set is really cute, I love love the baby bunny.
    Thanks for creating such amazing, always cute and sweet products for us !!!!

  10. Oh this set is ADORABLE!! My favorite baby name is… Grace.
    I hope all of these darling sets don't sell out instantly. They are so sweet and I can't wait to get my hands on them. I just hate waiting!!!

  11. Makes me almost wish I was in the baby stage — such whimsical, sweet cards. My favorite name is Lily — all the flower names.

  12. Adorable Design Team cards! I loved seeing the video, too. The little animals in this set are so sweet! My favorite baby names are Jonathan and Victoria.

  13. Oh my! Lawn Fawn has done it again!! Each set is cuter than the last! I can never resist!! Ok, now for the baby names: Kelly and Michael are my favorites. I couldn't talk my husband into either one for our children, but if it had been all up to me, that's what I would have picked!

  14. oh my these are just soooo precious!!!! My favorite baby name is Holden. We named our middle child that. Although I originally wanted Xander – it didn't go well with our dutch last name!!!!

  15. My favorite baby name is Dallas. It's unique, easy to spell/read, and my son will always remember he is a Texas boy, no matter where he goes in life 🙂

  16. This is an absolutely adorable set! My favorite baby names are Linnéa, Elina and Malin (The names of my girls…) I was lucky with Malin though, as at first my husband didn't like the name… I also really like Ida and Rika for girls and Björn, Nils, Linus or Lars for a boy…

  17. what a fun sweet set – lovely!
    Favorite baby name ….. hmmm I have 3 kids … that could get me in trouble!
    I will have to go with my first baby …. Anthony –
    Sandra ltb

  18. I am totally in love with Hello Baby!!! All cards are just amazing!!!
    We have three boys, if I had to choose a girls name, it would be Elisheva.
    Wishing you a very happy day!

  19. Adorable set! All of the cards are precious! Your blog and the DT blogs are a never ending source of super cute inspiration! My favorite baby name is Noah. Thanks for sharing all the extra tips in the videos.

  20. Wow! Such great cards and such a versatile stamp set!!! 🙂 I LOVE it and I LOVE LAWN FAWN! These bunnies are too cute, and I must have them.

    I don't think I have a favorite baby name. But a friend of mine just had a baby boy and she named him Oliver and I think that is pretty cute. A little old school, a little retro, but still feels unique and fresh 🙂 What is your favorite baby name?

  21. Another adorable set! Going to be pennyless on May 22 lol. I think I love the name Lelita. I think it is sweet. Thank you for another chance to win! Also I think the little duck image is my favourite yet!

  22. Such sweet and adorable cards! I have several favorite baby names! I named my youngest Amanda Joy because I just loved the name. My husband named the first 3!

  23. OH, my goodness, I don't think I've ever been so excited for a stamp set!! All the design team work, and Kelly's, are gorgeous. Thanks so much, LF! My favorite baby name? Cecilia.

  24. These are just so sweet.. I love them all..I must have this stamp set, along with all the others… I know they are gonna be out of this world….
    Hannah is my favorite name, that is our youngest name…. I can't wait to purchase all the new stamps..
    good luck everyone

  25. Such an adorable set! I just LOVE the images!! So sweet. My fave boy names are Graem and Greyson, and girls are Adeline (pronounced "add-a-lynn") and Elyse. 🙂

  26. Pure preciousness! Of course I've used my favorite girl names on my daughters (Eleonora and Carina), but we had a boy name that never got used which I love – Niklas.

  27. Love the cuteness of this set! All the designers are amazing! My favorite baby names are : for a girl- Bailey or Kayla and for a boy- Dylan

  28. Lovely baby set stamp!

    My favorite baby names are now used on my daughter, Ezel and son, Jaxzel! I created them! Guess what! My daughter name, Ezel is actually been trademarked by Acer on one of their product!

  29. Oh my goodness these images are just too cute for words! I love how sweet they all are. My favorite baby names are Michaela and Joshua.

  30. I love this set. The bunnies and the duck are super adorable. My favorite baby name right now is Olivia, the name of a little girl a friend of mine might be adopting very soon, which is also why I like that you included the adoption sentiment in this set as well.

  31. I love you have designed the sentiments to build on one another in these new sets! Such a sweet little set. I find myself drawn to the little prince cards and I don't even have boys. 😉

  32. I 100% absolutely adore this set! Would be so fun for little munchkins' birthday cards and projects. I love the name Zander. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. I desperately wanted my little guy to have a brother…named Zander.

  33. I love this sweet stamp set! I appreciate all the options that were designed into it and would love to have it. My favorite name right now is Ellen Joy.

  34. What a sweet set! Love it! I have way too many names I like…my husband said he'd name his son Spike. Lol! Not sure about that myself…

  35. Love love love this set!! It's so cute and really versatile. My favorite baby name is Lindsay and Devon……. just happens to be my daughter and son's names. 😉

  36. I love the hello baby set. My favorite baby names would have to be Julian for a boy and Genevive for a girl. Julian was the name I chose for my youngest son until I allowed my mom to talk me out of it because she didn't want him teased and called Julie:-) Got to love the Nana's.

  37. Absolutely adore all the cards – this set is soo cute. It's funny because Hippymom83 has the same favorite baby name – although mine is the nickname version of it: Zeke 😀

  38. Baby favorite name would have to be Austin, and can't leave out Patrick and Natalia, all great niece and great nephews. These projects for Hello Baby are just adorable.

  39. Sqeeeeee! I must have these!! There are too many lovely names to pick a favourite but I'm very pleased with the names I chose for my 3 boys, Adam, Sam and Connor 🙂

  40. This is SUCH an ADORABLE set!! I wish I had it four years ago. My brother has had two sets of twin four years apart with a little girl in between. And can you believe the boy twins and girl twins are identical! I am so clucky at the moment and would call a little girl Kate if I had another one but we have a disabled son and because it's genetic what is wrong with him, we could repeat it. But I adore that boy sooooo much. I really love the frog and duck. My boy would like them too. It is such a well designed set. I can see I need to start saving up frantically. Thanks so much for making it!

  41. A very sweet stamp set- reminds me of The Velveteen Rabbit or Beatrix Potter- more vintage! I've always loved the name Lucy (but some close friends of ours already named their daughter Lucy- so too bad!)

  42. What adorable cards!! I especially love the "Little Prince" frog image, too cute!

    I'm very picky about names but of course I adore what I named my 3 kiddos….Alexander, Courtney and Joseph. It's too late now but if we had been able to have another child and it was a girl I love the name Paige!

  43. This is such a sweet set! My favorite baby now is completely different from what I actually named my children…it's Grace…simple and beautiful.

  44. I always said if I had a baby girl I would name her 'Lucy Joy' – I have always loved the name 'Lucy' and it would be a memorial to two of my dear loved ones who have passed.

  45. Oh I love all the sweet animals and all the cute accent stamps.
    My fav baby names are Michael and Nicole.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,

  46. Absolutely adorable stamp set, Kelly Marie! So cute I can hardly stand it! This is going to be a must have set for me. The bunnies have stolen my heart.

  47. Can you her my "Awww"s and "Ooohh"s? This new baby set is so very cute!
    My favorite baby name is ♡Alina♡ – no surprise that this is the name of my sweet baby girl ;o)

  48. Oh my gosh!! SOOOOO cute! I like Glenn and Luca! I was planning on making baby cards soon, now I need these 😉

  49. So cute!!! That's a hard question since I have 3 grandkids…Sawyer Gray, Savannah Rose, and Sutton Paige…and I love all three names!!!

  50. Adorable stamp set! All the cards from the DT and yours are fantastic!!! Can't wait to have all the stamp sets in my hand. My favorite names are Melody and Adam (my kids) but also I like Joshua.

  51. Oh, what precious and sweet little cards! I am in love with the new releases this spring and suspect I will be adding a few of these new goodies to my crafting stash!

  52. My first thought with the bunnies was — yay, Easter stamps! My favorite baby names were Kathryn (Kate) and Alex, but since I had my son his name is my favorite: Will.

  53. I just had a mini card trick class laast weekend and started subscribing here. So creative, my fave baby girl name is Kimi, which is the name of my daughter ❤️

  54. Great versatility with this set. Love the two bunnies looking at each other. My fave baby name right now is Gwendolyn, which is what I suggested – and was picked! – for my cousin's daughter.

  55. I am so excited about these new sets! I have only recently been getting into card making and these are perfect for all occasions. I especially love the frog cards, which are perfect for all the boys being born around me right now!

  56. How cute are those projects?! LOVE THEM! Thank you for sharing esp since it's that time of year where it seems everyone is pregnant!

  57. I love all of my kids names but they are grown now and if I had the chance to name babies again – they would have Irish names a Declan for a boy and Siobhan for a girl. Love these stamps – they are so sweet. Love that you included the word adoption in the set. Also love the scalloped die. Fabulousness!

  58. This set is so sweet and will be so popular for sure!! For my favourite name I have to choose my children's names Phoebe and Max, as they were the only two names my husband and I agreed on!

  59. How adorable is this set. Those bunnies are way too cute.
    Being a Labor and Delivery RN, a lot of names that are popular are: Noah, Jonah for boys, Isabella, Ari for girls. I've noticed how the older names are really coming back in style as well. I love the name Camden for a boy the best.

  60. I have no legitimate reason to make baby cards right now, but I must have these on the sheer cuteness factor!

    No favorite baby names, but my mom said if she ever had a fourth girl, she would have been named Annaliese. 🙂

  61. Absolutely adorable. the DT out did themselves with the great project. Love the "Frog Prince" Great work. This week is going to be so fun. Can't wait to see what comes next.

  62. These cards are simply adorable! I just found out that I'm getting a new grandbaby at the end of the year…so excited! My favorite name for a baby right now is Kendyl.

  63. I totally could have used these the past year, as so many of my friends and family have had babies! My fave baby name is Elijah, because that is my newest nephew, and he's the cutest chunky monkey ever!

  64. It's so sweet! we're trying to be a family, we love kids, but at the moment it doesn't works. I dream the day that I can use this set to communicate our new family to all the friends and family that we love.

  65. Adorable,love this cute frog,beautiful coloring and gorgeous style! It´s so great every day new stunning cards and so loveley images!
    The Design Team made a great great job! Thanks a lot for so many beautiful inspirations!
    Hugs die waldfee

  66. Oh how sweet this set is! The projects that the DT created are awesome, love the "happy adoption" sentiments!!! My favorite baby names were my children's names… Anthony & Gianna … =)

  67. My favorite baby name is Vivian. After I had my daughter Olivia I wanted another girl. I wanted Vivian But then I thought to many "v"'s. That would be a little too much. Lol. My second ended up being a boy anyways. It all worked out.

  68. We are expecting our first grand daughter this fall. Her name is Isabella, so guess what my favorite baby name is right now 😉

  69. I love the duck in this set and I love all the other stamps so you can build a scene. My favorite names would be my sons, Noah and Conner, but I also like Benjamin and for a girl I like May. Stamp set is going on my wish list. Kelly you are so talented. Just love lawn fawn. 🙂 Cherie

  70. This is a wonderful baby set. Those bunnies are so cute. I love it!!
    My favorite baby name is Katherine, but definitely with a "K".
    It is such a regal name and has so many nicknames.

  71. Such a darling baby set. But wait, I don't have any babies, my friends don't have babies. I'll find someone at the grocery store! Too cute.

  72. Ces cartes sont magnifiques !
    mon prénom préféré est Virgile, le prénom de mon bébé de 5 mois !! 😀

    these cards are gorgeous !
    my favorite baby name is Virgile, the name of my 5 months baby boy !! 😀

  73. Each set you introduce is cuter than the other! I LOVE every single one. I am retiring from teaching next week….was worried about my free time….pretty sure that won't be a problem with these wonderful new stamps! I can't wait to get some of them and start making some new cards!.

  74. Okay since we currently trying to have child #10 I like the name Samuel. Love this set! As a mother of twins we really get shorted for twin sentiments in the stamp world, but I am seeing them more and more HOORAY! THANK YOU! I absolutely love it!

  75. This set is totally adorable the frog in the set is my favorite and I just love all the samples and the video. Favorite baby names Aimee for girl and Jake for Boy.

  76. I'm always looking for cute baby card inspiration and these are going to be perfect. My favorite baby name is Olivia for a girl and David for a boy.

  77. My daughters are Emberlynn & Juniper…. so I guess those are my favorite names. I was also super partial to Ahren (Embers boy name) & Korbin (Juni's boy name)

  78. Oh my goodness!! The frog prince is so adorable!! I can see some fun things with the Critters Ever After set!! My favorite baby name is Xander and Analise 🙂

  79. Hello Baby is SO CUTE and ALL of the cards shared DELIGHTFUL!!!
    LOVE EVERYTHING about them and the endless designs that inspire!!!
    My favourite baby name is for a girl and it is Sarah … sadly we were not blessed with any children, but if we did have some, our baby girl was going to be named Sarah and our son Billy.

  80. Cute and beautiful all but I have to say, I also love the look of Elena's no-line image. I'm going to have to go look that one up- lovely result! I'm still a fan of Liam which is what we named our son almost 7yrs ago. Not a fan that it's become such a trendy name. Christopher is also one I like a lot.

  81. Hi Kelly Marie!
    I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this baby stamp set….these are the CUTEST images! I would have to say that my favorite baby names are Brett and Blake…(names of my two sons…lol)! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I adore the beautiful projects!

  82. I am so love all the stamp on the cards here on this post all are adorable cute and I want to have this…love much the cute duck with umbrella and the rain drop….And I love baby name for a boy: Adrian (we said ADE in Indonesia) and for a girl: Levy (also for a boy name)…Great cards all..

  83. oh YES. those adorable little bunnies and duck and my favorite – the froggie!!!!! this stamp set is definitely on my must-have list. it is so very sweet! my favorite baby name of course would be the name i chose for my girlie – Layla!!!!

  84. what a sweet set wz lots of varieties for the sentiments! luv that a lot! 🙂 well, for boys, my most fav. is Jesse. It changes time to time but this is my current fav. 🙂 For girls, Nicole, for now 🙂

  85. Adorable!! I am in need of some baby cards very shortly, with baby showers around the corner!!
    I always liked the name Audrey…classic, beautiful. That is what I wanted to name our daughter, but when she was born, we decided on April (she was born in January!) Don't know why, but she fits that name. IF I was to have another girl, I would definitely name her Audrey.

  86. Oh these are just so adorable-I love that little duck and umbrella! My absolute favorite baby name is Evelyn (Evy for short) with James a close second.

  87. i just love the bunnies in this set and the happy adoption, so cute. it could even work for pet adoptions. my fave baby name for a girl is simona and evanthia, and for a boy daven.

  88. Hmm, favorite baby name – with three boys, never got to use this one, but I love Katherine, with a nickname of Katie. Cute, cute cards, thank you for the chance to win!

  89. Who doesn't love baby cards and these are no exception every sample card is adorable these new sets just keep getting better and better!

  90. This set is so stinkin' cute! I've been wishing for elements like the lily pad and the cattails for so long! Can't wait to get my hands on them. My favorite baby name is Avivah.

  91. I love this stamp set. I just had to make a baby boy card and this set would have come in handy! I really have no favorite baby name and I don't have kids…..but I do kind of like the name Wyatt for a boy.

  92. It has to be "Maya", the one I picked for my little one. [Don't tell anyone, but I chose this name years before I got pregnant. I'm glad I'd had a daughter :-)]

  93. Lovely cards, so incredibly cute stamps. My fave baby name is Amy or Aimee. Love the boy's name Jonathan too, it is my eldest son's name and he is practically an adult, I will never get tired of it.

  94. I am totally in love with this set! Those bunny's are crazy cute! And the little prince sentiment with the frog is just perfect for baby boys. Great addition to my plus one set! Favorite baby name would be Nynke.
    Love from Holland!

  95. These projects look like they are straight out of the sweetest children's book. I love each one. Lydia, is one of my favorite names. I had hoped to name my little girl this name, but we went with my mom and her great aunt's.

  96. Such a cute set…and would be lovely to use for my new niece whose currently "cooking" right now…I better say Jocelyn is my favorite baby name since that's what my new niece is going to be named once she gets out of the "oven" in August! 🙂

  97. Oh goodness, these critters are just darling! Great job design team! My favorite baby names for the twins I'm never going to have (thankfully) are Megan Nicole and Michael Nicholas. I know they are more traditional, but being a teacher who is constantly dealing with outlandish names (Corporate) and spellings, I like going back to the basics!

  98. What a sweet stamp set. I can see myself using this on upcoming events in my friend's and family's lives. Right now my favorite baby name is Johnny. I think it's a classic.

  99. Favorite name would be Jennifer (or Jonathan – my kids) because I like a name that has a formal & a simple version and that you don't have to mess with the spelling at all for the informal version – Jen & Jon.
    Very cute baby stamp set & adorable cards – love how simple but eye catching they all are!

  100. Love this! My favorite baby name.. well.. I have three babies.. and love their names – Kaitlyn Ann – Adrienne Lane – Brian Jacob <3

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