Cute cards from Lynnette, Yainea and Nicole!

 This adorable card by Yainea just cracks me up! The Santa hat on the Yeti is so cute!
 I love this Goodie Bag by Nicole! Winter Gifts is a perfect match to this die!
This card by Lynnette is so sweet! I love the white and gold. Gorgeous!
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17 thoughts on “Cute cards from Lynnette, Yainea and Nicole!

  1. It would be very heartwarming to receive one of those cards! They all look so wonderful! But what really caught my attention is the Goodie Bag created by Nicole. It’s cute and eye-catching, and can be a very nice giveaway for the season, since people can add them to their own trees or hang them as decorations. Cheers!

    Sally Park @ Client Retention

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