Lawn Fawn Intro: Lovable Legends and Everyday Sentiment Banners, Extra Sentiment Banners

Hello and Welcome to our March Inspiration Week! We are showcasing 6 new stamp sets, 4 stand alone die sets and our Let’s Polka in the Meadow Paper Collection! All of these products are available now at and at your favorite crafty stores.

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Today is our showcase of Lovable Legends and its coordinating dies! This 4″ x 6″ set features a loch ness monster, kraken and big foot along with fun, punny sentiments for making some “unbelievable” projects! Everyday Sentiment Banners are perfect for most of our sentiments and they can stack for some fun layering! Extra Sentiment Banners fit most of our smallest and longest sentiments!  The design team has made the most amazing samples!
We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this fun new set!

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Lovable Legend Big Foot is ready to celebrate an unbelievable birthday complete with festive Party Animal balloons! Chari‘s card is so colorful and fun; I love the sequins scattered around like confetti!

 Yainea created a fun water-colored scene for the adorable Nessie from Lovable Legends! I love how she combined the scene building trees from this set with the stitched clouds from Spring Showers.

I love Latisha‘s green and blue color combo on this awesome clean and simple card! The perfectly colored kraken is clearly the star of the show! She even color coordinated the Lawn Trimmings!

 Nichol used rich colors for creating the gorgeous water splattered background for her Lovable Legends card! I love how she white heat-embossed the greeting on an Everyday Sentiment Banner die cut from vellum!

Nichol added some cute detail to inside of the card by stamping Big Foot’s footprints; so cute!

I love that Elena included a little fairy from Fairy Friends in this group of legendary characters!
Her card is so full of fun colors, even on the Everyday Sentiment Banner!

It looks like Nessie is enjoying splashing about in this beautifully water-colored scene by Nicole! I love the detail she added to the cute Lovable Legend!

Big Foot is ready to celebrate a fun birthday in Lynnette‘s adorable scene! I just love the cheery colors and the cute trail of footprints!

 Chari created an awesome rainbow of Sentiment Banners by blending Lawn Fawndamentals inks on white cardstock! She layered them with a large Everyday Sentiment Banner and a bold Scripty Friends die cut! I love that there is no stamping on this card, just some awesome die cuts!

 Such a fun card by Jessica! The cute kraken looks right at home in her beautifully water-colored “ocean”! I love how she added detail to the Sentiment Banner with a Stitched Border!

Kristen added some cute background stamping to her Lovable Legends card! I love how she cut the Sentiment Banner ends to give it some fun dimension!

Nichol‘s simple design has so much great detail! I love the vellum Ocean Wave layer and the fun pop of color from the party hat on Nessie!

 Now, I have a little video for you showing Lovable Legends in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Lovable Legends, it’s coordinating dies and Everyday and Extra Sentiment Banners. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what new critters sets you would love to see by March 23rd at 5:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this stamp set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday March 21st for our next inspiration week post!
Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂

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304 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Lovable Legends and Everyday Sentiment Banners, Extra Sentiment Banners

  1. I just love this set! This might be my favorite of the whole release!! Cant wait to use it:-).
    I would love to see more birds (like tropical birds).

  2. oooh these are so cute.. again!
    new critters…
    mm maybe some more gnomes,
    the size as the fairy friends?
    can be used with a lot of other sets,
    great to make scenes!

  3. Love what's kraken!! I would love to see a whole set of monkeys (chimps, gorillas,orangutans…) also a vanity set with little nail polish , lipsticks and hairdryers for girls and maybe a sports theme for boys like footballs and baseballs and so on.

  4. Love these!
    I agree with mermaids being a great idea!
    Apart from that, I would love donkeys and goats… (I looove donkeys and goats and I can never get enough of those!)

  5. Love this set. Works great for all the boys in my life. I would love a dance/ ballet set or a truck set. I know they aren't critters but that's what I need 😀

  6. Kraken, I love you. 🙂 Make babies (maybe 2 or 3 of each facing different ways) out of the "grown up" critters you've already made. I love the baby bunny from Hello Baby and baby owl from Mom + Me. All time favorite stamps for me.

  7. Awesome cards with great coloring! Love those feet … reminds me of the 70's and "Hang 10" … most of you are just too young to remember! lol Anyway, I would love to see dolphins … never seem to see too many.

  8. Love all the cute projects! I would like more farm animals, especially horses. And I wish you would make more carnival rides, like a roller coaster. 😉

  9. WOW – these legends are SO LOVABLE and the sentiments FUN 🙂
    I'm SO INSPIRED by the CUTENESS and AWESOMENESS shared by EVERYONE today!!!
    … there are so many critters, I would love to see some larger birds in pairs, parrots, flamingos, toucans, hummingbirds, maybe even some peacocks, great for so many occasions and FUN to colour!!! YES, I'm thinking of how COOL it would be to mask & stamp, mask & stamp some more, then colour a flock of flamingos!!!

  10. I love this stamp set, I have it already, since I couldn't resist it 🙂 I would like to see raccoon, monkey, cats, parrots… but all the critters you make are awesome.

  11. I have so many of your critter sets and they are all so cute. I love owls so anything with more owls I would have to have. But I also like the idea of anything with monkeys or elephants as well.

  12. Another fun and inspiring post!

    For critters, I think it would be fun to have safari or exotic animals… I think it'd be super fun if they were also layering stamps that you can build upon (like the rooting for you set)!

  13. This is such a fun set and I think the big foot is great for masculine cards, so that's a bonus! I have 2 Bassett hounds so I would love to see a set with some droopy Bassett hounds, or a dog set that included a Bassett. Also I really like birds so a tropical bird set would be fun!

  14. These are all such great cards ladies. I believe you have everything already covered as it is. LOL (I can't keep up with buying the basics, I still haven't got a grass border die. HAHA)
    I always like to see deer, beavers, bears coyotes and owls but I am pretty sure you've done them all! Surprise me…I'm never disappointed with LF!

  15. A most fun and adorable set! Love the Legends! Fantastic creations from the team. LOVE

    New critters to see? There aren't too many that you haven't covered 😀 How about a mythological creatures set to go with the Legends? Pegasus, Unicorn, Phoenix, Griffin, Kitsune, etc.

  16. The LF design team is very inspiring! I would love a stamp set of various birds. I love so many of the birds that are in random sets but it would be fun to have a set with birds, sentiments and maybe some branches or small trees.

  17. You guys must just sit and giggle in the office when you come up with these ideas! Really funny! Critters I would like, well last year's hamster knocked me out, I use him all the time so a set with all hamsters or guinea pigs would really be fun! It really lends itself to the workplace, hamster trails, hamster balls, rat race puns…maybe with office accessories? Water cooler, copy machine, lunch box, brief case, dressing the little guys for the office Fun! I am a die hard cat lady so even though cats are well represented in your line, I would never say no to more! But hey, you guys are so creative, what ever you do I know we will love it!

  18. I love all of the cards. The lovable legends is a great stamp set. I'd love to see some birds…like a peacock, a toucan and more exotic birds. They would be fun to color too.

  19. I would love to see a cute little donkey, other than that I can't think of anything you haven't already done. Love the Lovable Legends set and all the cute projects today.

  20. Adorable! Love this creative set of critters! (Kraken? Who woulda thunk it, but that's awesome!)
    Have you done a sloth yet? We just watched Zootopia and the sloths in that movie were hilarious!

  21. Such amazingly creative projects!! One of my best friends and I have an ongoing "yeti" joke between us and I'm thinking your fun Big Foot might be able to double as a yeti.

    I also have a camel joke with my sister, so would love to see a set of camels! Being Canadian, beavers would make for a fun set too.

    Small Bits of Paper

  22. I have to agree with many others that I would love to see a set with birds, including the more exotic! 🙂 Camels, beaver, porcupine, horse………it will be exciting to see what you choose! Thanks for a chance at the giveaway! 🙂

  23. I love the "What's kracken" sentiment! I know there are several Lawn Fawn sets that have dogs, but it would be great to have a set with different breeds like beagles, labs, yorkies, german shepherds, corgis, cocker spaniels… Lawn Fawn critters are always so adorable and cute!

  24. I'd like to see Critters at Home… little doggy, kitty cat, rabbit, birdie, goldfish, and their respective domestic paraphernalia. But any critter collection by LF is cute.

  25. The Lovable Legends set is adorable and the sentiment banners are a must! All of the cards are so cute! I would love to see a set of small animals–small enough that they could fit on balloons, the cute little clothes in the new Little Bundle set, etc.

  26. Super cute set and cards! I would like to see some sea lions and more otters. They're both such playful creatures and would be perfect for some puns (If I'm "lion", I'm dying). 😉

  27. I just love your stamps and I can't tell you how much fun I have using them. It has taken me two days to get to spot that allowed me to comment. Ugg, Not even sure what I did this time to get here, but I'm here now, so Yay!!! Anyway, I think a set of tropical bird would be fun or even a complete set of polar bears, I love polar bears and they could be for winter time or just about anything to do with love. My husband is my big polar bear. lol… Thanks for the chance to win. Fingers crossed. Hugs LisaG

  28. Love Lawn Fawn!!!! Everything you do is cute and amazing!!!! Now for a set of new critters I think you are missing critters in the pond! What do you think??? Whatever you do is going to be awesome ❤️

  29. Such wonderful cards – it cracks me up to see Bigfoot and Nessie wearing party hats!! Maybe some additional critters from the burbs (skunk, coyote, owl, chipmunk) – I love the squirrel in the Critters in the 'Burbs set.

  30. oh my gosh! all of these projects are fab! love love love the stamp set so very much!!! the only fantasy critters I can come up with right now are a phoenix and a swamp monster.

  31. Hmmm… Maybe a secondary Africa set with wild dogs, hyenas, Cape Buffalo, baboons, Kudu, Waterbuck, Impala (make sure to highlight the "bum" area of the last two), Wildebeest (may be gnu to you!), Bushbaby…just to name a few.
    Definitely need a beaver and a billy goat and a camel and a manatee and a flamingo that isn't a lawn ornament, as others have mentioned. (I sort of loose track… you don't have those in little sets do you?) ( think you have done Hippo and hamster and porcupine and penguin and polar bear and starfish that others have mentioned.)
    How about the animals of the Chinese Zodiac with an Asian look?
    Maybe an American West set with a Bison, Prairie Dog, Mustang, a Bald Eagle a coyote and a raven.
    And I know they aren't animals but I'd like to have additional gnomes too, girls and old ones and young ones. Same goes for elves. Old ones and young ones, a whole family.

  32. And I just thought of another great set for you Kelly Marie… Animals of the Galapagos. You could have Giant tortoises, Marine iguanas and blue footed boobies and frigate birds. Maybe little Galapagos penguins and you could put the flamingos in that set. An albatross would be good, maybe several finches with different beaks. A Sally lightfoot crab would be great for coloring with Copics. You could add a lava lizard, land iguanas and sea lions and fur seals and you could come up with two sets! Have we given you enough ideas yet?

  33. Kraken, I love you. 🙂 Make babies (maybe 2 or 3 of each facing different ways) out of the "grown up" critters you've already made. I love the baby bunny from Hello Baby and baby owl from Mom + Me. All time favorite stamps for me.

  34. love that these show you how to use for cards for males my struggle making for. Why not do some Australian animals or the Giant Panda and maybe some stamps with the men in mind

  35. Your DT is amazing! Their projects always put a smile on my face! That's also because your products are so fun and cheery, I can't help but smile when I see them! I would love to see more bunnies like the Mom and baby from Hello Baby and a set with koalas and kangaroos.

  36. I love them all. Everything you come out with are always a "gotta have." Let's see…suggestions for new stamp and die sets I would like to see mythical creatures from fairy tales and Greek & Roman mythology like Pegasus, centaurs, dragons (as there are so many kinds), satyrs, mermaids (mermaids deserve their own stamp set because they have so many classic poses and of all their accessories and a big seashell or a rock for them to sit), a phoenix, and maybe some Greek/Roman gods and goddesses, heroes, statues, and some columns (Hades, Athena, Zeus, etc.). The cute versions of the bad creatures like Medusa, sirens, Cerberus (three headed dog), and some henchmen. Also, how about a build your own recipe card set that could be used any sized cards or layouts with some chefs, iconic recipe card food images, and category items. I would love a Lawn Fawn version of a recipe card builder set and any set because your stamp sets are simply the best.

  37. i'm not sure what critters i would like. my fav is bunnies and you already have so many cute ones 🙂 i love that nessie! so adorable!

  38. I LOVE this SET!!! It is by far my favorite… the adorable nessie and kraken just make me smile! As far as ideas, hmmm… how about birds? Parrots, peacocks, robins, swans, hummingbirds, etc. I can't think of any others right now, but all of your critters are the CUTEST! I have them all 🙂

  39. So many awesome ideas! I can almost hear my wallet complaining of all the exercise it is getting! As for sets, I'm not really sure. I'm partial to birds (especially owls), and pandas. Though I'm sure anything you guys make will sell well. 😀

  40. I would like to see a teddy bear picnic stamp set! A family of seated bears, a picnic basket, a watermelon slice, a checked blanket, and an ant!

  41. Love all your sets! I would so love to see a set with all different dog breeds or one benefiting rescue organizations. You guys come up with awesome ideas though so anything is cool. 😊

  42. I really love all this inspiration every day — love all the cards and creativity!! Hmm…good question. What about some cute bacteria critters for get well cards? Maybe some big fish and whales???

  43. I just love the kraken and the way each of you have coloured them – so much fun! Love the video, too – now I want to stamp some more krakens to colour! Thank you!

  44. I really love these cute legends stamps. If I had to pick some new critters to hope for, it would have to be penguins! Penguins are so adorable and make me smile every time I see them.

  45. Omg I'm in love with the loch Ness stamp so fun. I'd love to see critters of the rainforest with parrots snakes n frogs or critters of the tropics something like that as I own almost all lf critter sets. Also a cat set would be great to go along with the dog park set.

  46. Love this set and all the ideas. I would love to see ponies so I can colored them in rainbow colors, also I would love some kind of princesses like a mirror with options like mirror mirror on the wall who's the birthday girl.

  47. This is hands down my favourite set of the whole release!!! (I think I already told you that 🙂 ) I own it now, too! <3 I would love to see more animals on the farm (donkey, goat, horse, etc)

  48. Lovable Legends is my favorite stamp set from this release and the design team has really outdone themselves! There have been some really great suggestions for new stamp sets and I agree that mermaids, flamingos, more dogs (especially weiner dogs!) and baby critters to go with all your existing critter sets would be amazing!

  49. New critters? You have tons and tons!! Maybe some new set focused on a single critter in different style?Spiders? butterflies? dragonflies? birds?

  50. I'd love to see ever after 2, I love it when the critters come with interactive bits, so the grass and castles etc, I'd also love to see somethings that add to the beauty of gleeful gardens, btw I love chari's banner card

  51. The 'rooting for you' set and this one are my absolute favourites of the new releases! Nessie is just so adorable and almost looks like the little plush Nessie I got during our last summer vacation in Scotland. Which brings me to the critters: I would loooove something like critters from Scotland!

    There are Puffins with their bright orange beaks and feet, they also have beavers and deer and the ram/sheep from the 'baaah humbug' set would also fit right in. BUT most of all I really really would wish for highland cows! And how cute would it be if they had little wellies you could put on their feet!? Together with a littel rain puddle and a sentiment like 'have a splashing day'!

  52. Oh my, I just never thought I'd love this set as much as I do when I see what the DT does with it! Totally fun!!

    I too draw a blank on new critters. Although I really love LF birdies and am always excited when I see a new set coming out with adorable birdies. Maybe new butterfly designs and dragon flies. Maybe fronts/backs of some of the critters you already have – so we can play around with pop-ups and dimensional cards? I dont know, whatever you guys come up with is sure to be adorable.

  53. So many wonderful samples from the DT! Tons of great inspiration! I would love another doggy critters set–perhaps one that was puppies rather than adult dogs, esp. with a poodle! 🙂 I can never get enough dogs. LOL tfs and inspiring! Love LF!

  54. Lots of wonderful ideas and verses today. I think you have quite a great selection all ready of animals so what ever will be cool. Birds maybe if I need to say something.

  55. I love Chari's friends card, great with the colorful banners and it doesn't even need stamping! I would love to see a kitty critters stamp set with a mix of kittens and cats.

  56. I just love how Jessica and Nichol used the watercolor in those cards, perfect!! If I had to choose more critters, I'd love to see some horses! My daughter is a cowgirl, and I'd love to see your version of horses! (Most horse stamps are way too "serious" instead of fun!)

  57. If I had to pick new critters, I'd love to see some horses! My daughter is a cowgirl and all the stamps I ever find are "serious" instead of Lawn Fawn fun! I love the cartoon-y sweet style of your stamp drawings. So bring on the horses, please! 🙂

  58. I love these legends! They are so cute and a lot of fun to craft with!! Enjoying my set!! Thank you!!

  59. Lovable Legends is my new fav set!! And the everyday banners will come in handy, for sure! I love the precision of these banners – so much better than my own fussy cutting. For the next set of critters, I honestly want another dog set. I love the originals, but our dog is a whippet/fox terrier mix, so if there was a stamp that looked more like her, I'd use it non-stop! 😀 OR a variety of birds that aren't yet represented, like a cardinal, a toucan or an eagle!

  60. My goodness, I love this set so much. I say that about all your stamps and dies! LOL! But it's true! I am partial to Papillion dogs and I think their big butterfly ears would be so cute in a stamp set. I also think goats are really cute and playful and would make a wonderful stamp set.

  61. These new stamps are so clever and fun!!! Love the sample projects too!!! I'd love to see critters in the mountains—mountain goats, big horn sheep, bears, mountain lions, bobcats, elk, coyote, foxes, red tailed hawks, marmots, etc.

  62. Thanks for sharing your fantastic projects everyone.
    I would love to see some of your cute birds is larger sizes. I think they would make wonderful focal points for my cards.
    Crafty hugs,

  63. My 2 year old saw my Lovable Legends stamp set and asked for a footprint "tattoo" on one hand and a pirate (ship) "tattoo" on the other! That was worth buying the set right there 🙂 Would love to see work trucks (dump truck, excavator, crane, etc.) even though they're not critters.

  64. I can't get enough of loveable legends! It's my favorite stamp set! I would love to see some dragons!I know there was a dragon in the critters ever after set but I'd like to see more of them. You guys do such a great job making you critters adorable so I'm sure it will be lovely. Oh, a new dinosaur set would be great too – maybe with a triceratops, dilophosaurus (the spitty one from Jurassic park), Dimetrodon, Velociraptor and Ankylosaurus? (sorry, I'm a dinosaur nerd)

  65. I would love to have this set its so cute. I think a sloth would be way fun, chameleon, camel, or do a special set of imaginary friends based on drawings from kids and donate some of the proceedes to a kids cancer charity.

  66. Kitty sets! wz some sentiments! Tabby cat, black/white cat, ets. I love "Unbelievable birthday" sentiment in this set, with these creatures to accompany with. Perfect! 🙂

  67. Love all the DT cards. Awesome job!!!!
    I would LOVE to see FROGS!!! And SQUIRRELS!!! Groundhog!!! Tropical fish!!! Chickens!!! Goats!!! Dragonflies!!! Grasshoppers!!! Pigs!!!
    Lots and Lots! I'm one of your BIGGEST fans!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  68. I'd love to see a Camping Critters set. With a tent, aluminum fishing boat, rainbow trout type fish, chipmunk, deer (fawn), fishing rod. I'm from Beautiful British Columbia and we love to camp in our beautiful forests.

  69. This set is going on my wish list! It's so funny. I also love the, What's Kraken?, sentiment. It cracks me up. Of course, the big foot and Nessie are fun too. Gosh, I have no idea what critter I would ask for next? How about some true to life parrots, like Parakeets, Peachfaced Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Quakers, Parrotlets, conures, African Greys. And maybe some decorative cages for them with a swing and open cage door. Some on wheels, some on pedestals, some hanging on chains. How's that? LOL The ideas are flowing now. Haha Thanks, Lawn Fawn! Craftqueen417 at yahoo
    Since Google-Blogger can not figure out how to unmerger my dead blogger profile with closed email and outdated info. from my google acct, blog moved to WP in 2012! It should not be rocket science…just sayin'

  70. Oh this set is fantastic! I love that you've thought outside the square – again! Hmm…new critters? Puffin, mermaid, dugong, goat, panda, donkey…anything really. You always knock the critter designs out of the park.

  71. I love that Nessie stamp! I would like to see a kitty set and Critters in the Dog Park but with big dog breeds like labs and shepherds and retrievers. I'd love to color them to look like my dogs!

  72. What fun these are!! I think manatees are cute and they're also endangered, so would make a good awareness set, too. Coatis are sooo cute and curious to smell everything! (they're called nose bears)… I have some fun pics if you want. : ) An ostrich with his head in the sand and a sloth for those of us with slow-moving chronic illnesses would be fun, too! I know you've done snails, but a snail on a turtle's back going 'whee' would be great fun!!

  73. The inspiration cards are so adorable – I love these new sets! The papers are gorgeous too! As for new critters, I would love to see a new cats set – just cats – including cat puns. Will be buying that one in a heartbeat!

  74. I would love to see more birds. It would be so great to stamp and color my cute amazon parrot (Akachan) along with macaws, budgies, cockatoos, etc.

  75. Your critter stamps are my absolute favorite! I would love to see a set of just cats – playing, sleeping, being silly; the same with dogs – playing, tail wagging, etc. And/or a mix of the two!

  76. Im loving those legendary creatures! Very cute! Ive been trying to eat healthy lately. You should add to the veggie line with corn cobs, broccoli &/or cauliflower!

  77. Such cuteness today! Critters in the pond. I would also LOVE to see some sports equipment for the party animals. Tennis racket, baseball, football…

  78. I would love to see some horses, seeing lots of unicorns right now. And not necessarily farm horses. How about some Bichons? And it would be fun to see the LF version of elephants. Can't get enough of those either.

  79. This set has me Kraken up! Love big foot so adorable. I made brother a birthday card using it so much fun to color! It would be nice to see more vehicles…cars, tractors, horse and carriages, scooter…

  80. The projects are amazing!!! Love your inspirations!! And for the critters: I agree with some entries before. I would love to see: mermaids, trolls, red pandas or monkeys 🙂 super excited which ones you choose 😀

  81. SQUEAL!! LOVING LOVING LOVING the AMAZING Inspiration shared by the DT!! My Idea for a New Critter set is a mix of Different Critters!! Making them so you can add the Facial Expressions you'd like!! I think it would be FUN to have the Critters so that you can personalize them with Spot/Strips Hearts/Stars Horns, Bows Ect.too!! I LOVE the idea of being able to Personalize the different Critters for ALL different occasions!! THANKS and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  82. I am IN LOVE with this Lovable Legends set! I would love to see adorable zoo critters – -elephants, giraffes, hippos! I'd also love to see adorable shore critters too, like a pelican, shark, dolphin!
    Take care!

  83. I would love to see another Halloween Critter set….or another Christmas Critter set….or a Puppy Love Critter set…with a sheltie…I have a Shetland Sheepdog and it is so hard to find any crafty goodies with a sheltie theme. Thanks for the chance to win.

  84. WOW the design team really did an amazing job with creating such beautiful projects to showcase all the new sets! I love the banners! They look amazing on the fronts of cards and tags! I would love to see some bird critters… like exotic birds, eagles, hawks, owls, gray amazons, blue winged mccaws,etc … and I think another critter set that would be great to work with would be critters at a circus! Horses, Elephants, Monkeys, dogs, lions, tigers, etc…. a circus theme!

  85. Awesome samples. Your DT is so very talented, as is/are your designer/s. I would love to see a big dog set–Newfies, St. Bernards, Sheepdogs, Leonbergers, Burnese Mt. Dogs, Greyhounds, Komondors, etc. I know–probably too specific. Pandas, peacocks, I'd love a mermaid, wolves… your critters are so cute whatever you'd choose to do would be great.

  86. This isn't my favourite set – these aren't creatures I connect with for some reason – but once again your DT shows superior technique in coloring, design and composition so they are still a joy to look at.

  87. This isn't my favourite set – these aren't creatures I connect with for some reason – but once again your DT shows superior technique in coloring, design and composition so they are still a joy to look at.

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