Sneak Week Spring 2019 – Day 3 + Giveaway!

We are sharing sneaks of our new products this week for the Association for Creative Industries (formerly CHA) Creativation Trade Show! We are beyond excited to begin sharing everything we have been working on! This release is is pure joy and happiness!

We will be showing you the new paper collections, stamps, dies and more that we will be exhibiting at the Creativation trade show in Phoenix later this week so that you guys can participate in the fun with us! These Spring-themed products will be available on February 21, and we will have an awesome Inspiration Week with design team samples, Intro Videos and more giveaways next month, too!

Today we are showing 1 of our 16 new stamp sets and 17 of our 25 new stand alone die sets (with a giveaway, of course!) Remember to tell your favorite store about our new products! We would love to show them everything at booth #541 or chat with them via email or phone!

You will amaze your friends and family with pictures that magically change from one scene to another with the pull of a tab! Our new Magic Picture Changer die set makes it so easy to craft an interactive card that will be a total WOW!

Magic Picture Changer Add-On

This die makes it easy to decorate the front of your Magic Picture Changer card!

We’ve added a wavy curve to our Fancy Wavy Banners and gave them design style with folded ends, stitched detail and a frame! They coordinate with our Wavy Sayings to create sentiments with lots of interest!

And our Simple Wavy Banners have the same curve in a no-frills design!

Wavy Sayings

Straight Flower Border is a happy new addition to our scene building borders! Use it to add a flower garden to a scene or die cut with bright colors to combine it with a sentiment for a beautiful clean and simple yet colorful design!


Our Mushroom House die set comes with everything you need to create an adorable dwelling for our cute gnomes, fairies and garden critters!

Use the Mushroom Border to set the scene for our Mushroom House!

We created a sweet Butterfly Treat Box with a cute “puffy” design! This box requires no adhesive to assemble. It is so cool! Add some flowers and you have a perfect little treat box for Easter or an adorable Spring party favor!

We are so excited about our new Shadow Box Card Add-On sets for Spring! They have new shapes to frame the window and fun new scene builders for the inside!

Shadow Box Spring Add-On has a sweet bunnies, butterflies and a gently curved flower border with a pretty stitched oval for the opening!

Shadow Box Park Add-On has a squirrel, bird, tree and grass with a unique arched window!

We love these new Spring critters for our Tiny Gift Box! Introducing Tiny Gift Box Chick and Duck Add-On!

Create beautiful butterfly themed cards with our next two die sets!

Layered Butterflies

Pop-Up Butterfly

This die helps you create a quick and easy pop-up element in your cards!

Perfect for shower invitations and cheery shaker cards our Stitched Umbrella set will allow you to add fun and whimsy to your crafts!


Help set the scene with our new Rainy Backdrops!

Rainy Backdrop: Landscape

Rainy Backdrop: Portrait

Fancy Lattice Backdrop

This backdrop is so gorgeous. It looks great with pretty patterned paper or a watercolored rainbow behind it!

Now we have a fun opportunity to win it before you can buy it next month! Woohoo! Leave us a comment by January 21st for a chance to win a stand alone die set of your choice from this post!

Make sure to come by tomorrow for more sneak peeks!
Thanks so much for visiting!
Have an amazing day!



899 thoughts on “Sneak Week Spring 2019 – Day 3 + Giveaway!

  1. Omg, it’s all so cute! The butterfly dies, the shadow box add on, the flower border, the wavy banners and text and the Fancy Lattice Backdrop.. I don’t think my bank account will be happy with me😂😂

  2. Even more amazing products that I can’t wait to be able to get.
    The magic picture changer and the mushroom House dies are first on my wish list.

    The umbrella is too adorable.

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    And all those lovely inteactive dies……my heart is jumping for joy!🤗
    Well done again for such a great release!!!

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  5. I need all of this!!!! It will be my gift to myself if I can run for 30 minutes by the time of the release. I’m on 25 minutes now, so hope I can do it. It’s all so incredibly cute! I love all the flowers and the butterflies are gorgeous, not to mention that magic picture changer, so many possibilities :O :O

  6. Oh my god you really outdid yourself with this collection…I will have to sell a kidney XD! A new interactive desing! New borders, new shadow box fun and this mushroom house…it is all so darling. I cannot wait to start crafting with all these beautiful things <3. Thanks for bringing so much joy into my hobby.

  7. AWESOME!! I want it allll 🎤 I think this is the best release in Lawn Fawn history (okay okay I say that everytime!) my wallet will cry next month 😂 keep up the good work and much fun at creativation!

  8. Oh my!!! All these new dies are pretty amazing!!! LOVE all the fantastic ways they can be used!!! Wonderful projects!!!

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  11. Gorgeous butterflies. Love the flip scenes. The little gnome Home. It was just an awesome release. Love it all.

  12. Ohmigoodness, so much cuteness in this release! While I dearly love the Magic Picture Changer dies, and can’t wait to play with them, I think the Spring-themed Shadow Box add-ons might be my favorites. Oh, my budget is going to take a hit in February!

  13. OH HELP ME! I’ve fallen on the floor. EVERYTHING is so darn cute! And what wonderful samples! Thanks for all of your hard work!

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    The mushroom set is fantastic.
    I’ve gotten hooked on the ideas
    for gnomes and the mushrooms.
    thanks for sharing so many
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    1. And I have fat fingers apparently, and not enough coffee to catch my mistake… my above comment should read “Lawn Fawn”.

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    I don’t know how you did it, but these dies are game changers! Just incredible!
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    I have already been talking to my craft store and sweet Marcia will be stopping by to see you!!!
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    I can’t wait to see the Magic Picture die in action in a video. I’m intrigued to see how it’s put together. Another innovative action card idea!

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    1. I don’t know how to delete this one. I accidently hit post twice thinking the first one hadn’t gone through. I’m sorry.

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  142. I can’t get over all the cute. This time of year, we all need some brightness in the day, and your new products do just that. I am very excited and am preparing a list. Have a great time at Creativation! I’m there in spirit!

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  144. So much amazing stuff! I have no idea how I’m going to narrow down my wishlist to a reasonable amount! I’ve already decided I need everything featuring a bunny or squirrel, and that little chick add-on for the tiny gift box is calling my name, too. And then there’s that pretty lattice die, and the cool butterfly box, and the neat wavy banners with sayings….

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  146. But they are beautiful !! I can not wait to use them … every time these stamps and dies are always more beautiful !! Thank you!

  147. BUT they are beautiful !! I can not wait to use them … every time these stamps and dies are always more beautiful !! Thank you! Michela da Padua, Italy

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  152. The mushroom house just made me giggle and ideas on how to use it pops up in my head. Love it:) oh, the rest is beautyful too,

  153. This is insane! I’m so in love with today’s release. I”m going to have to seriously save the pennies between now and Feb 21.

  154. The Magic Picture Changer and Fancy Lattice Backdrop dies would be my favourites today but it was very hard to narrow it down!

  155. OMG I love the magic picture changer, and the umbrella, and the flower, and the backdrops, and the banners, and… everything! This release will dig a deep hole in my wallet I tell you! 😀

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    I also love the butterflies, I already have different butterfly dies, but I’m sure those will be added to my collection also.