Lawn Fawn Intro: Treat Cart & Treat Cart Sentiment Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2024 Inspiration and Release week! On May 16 our 11 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 21 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Treat Cart & Treat Cart Sentiment Add-On and their coordinating dies! Add a sprinkle of sweetness to your summer cards and crafts! This treat cart is perfect for lots of occasions, and a super cool way to tell Dad he’s the best this Father’s Day!

This add-on sentiment set for Treat Cart is the cherry on top for all occasions! You’ll find the perfect sentiment to make them melt! These sentiments would be an amazing addition to I Scream, You Scream for quick and delicious greetings. 

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and then leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace made the sweetest, happiest card featuring the cute critters and yummy treats in Treat Cart! Her pretty pastel colors and mix of patterned papers are just so beautiful! And she included Scalloped Fringe Border to add even more sweet detail!

Elise stenciled the background with grass and clouds before arranging an adorable Treat Cart scene! She white embossed her sentiment on a Stitched Sentiment Banner. And she added sweet little clouds from the new Whoosh, Kites set!

Audrey‘s Treat Cart design is so charming! She put Simple Puffy Cloud Frames in the pink sky and then assembled her delightful little scene!

Marine‘s sunny card takes it bright color cues from the Pint-sized Patterns Summertime paper! This happy scene makes me smile! I love how she used the cake stand from A Creature Was Stirring as a cute bistro table for the bunny and fox! But the best part of this card is that Marine made it interactive with the Reveal Wheel!

As you spin the wheel, a different sweet treat appears on the treat cart!

The hot fudge sundae is my favorite! Yum!

I love how Tammy arranged her Treat Cart scene on pretty scalloped oval! And the way she softly inked the background puts all the attention on those adorable critters and yummy treats!

Latisha‘s bright and happy card features the new Pint-sized Patterns Summertime paper and lots of whimsical color! I love how she tied the new twine on the card, it matches those cheery colors so well!

Megan featured a greeting from Treat Cart Sentiment Add-On on her happy card design! These sentiments are just perfect with I Scream, You Scream ice cream cones! And she included another fun new die set, Scalloped Arches Border, to decorate the top of the card!

Elena‘s birthday card is so sweet! I love that she used Rainbow Ever After paper to create a pretty sky and then added the little flag banners in the corners. How cute is the bear adding fudge sauce to the fox’s triple scoop ice cream? So cute!

Mindy shows just how well Wheely Great Day works with the new Treat Cart set! Her slimline card has a stenciled background and bright sunny sky thanks to Mr. Sun!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Treat Cart & Treat Cart Sentiment Add-On! We will show you some great ideas while creating three inspiring cards. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Treat Cart & Treat Cart Sentiment Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite shop to visit for the perfect yummy treat by May 15th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, May 10th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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447 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Treat Cart & Treat Cart Sentiment Add-On

  1. My favourite shop to pick up a sweet treat is any grocery shop currently holding a sale on my sweet treats. 😊

  2. Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors ice cream shop. But when I was a kid, we would go to a place called Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurant and try to eat a trough. It was like a giant sundae with lots of ice cream and toppings. We went there on birthdays because the birthday person would get a free sundae.
    I love this new set. Ice cream has so many fun memories for me. We used to go to grandma’s house, and we could eat ice cream before we had our dinner. Didn’t make my mom happy, but us kids loved it. She always had different flavors each time.

  3. I grew up next to an ice cream factory. They had a little shop there where they sold the products that didn’t go into the shops. Loved it! Baskin Robins is one of my favourites when we go on holiday. Nowadays I like to make the ice cream myself as I like to play with the flavours.

    Love this release ♥️

  4. Here in the Midwest we have Braums. They only have stores within a certain radius of their farm. Delicious ice cream, and they often have a tiny grocery store attached, where you can buy milk and ice cream.

  5. Here is New Jersey, we have a place called Ralph’s Italian ices and they are the best! They make homemade cream ices and my favorite flavor is Jelly Ring, so delish! Best part is, they are located 5 min down the road from me. That’s a god thing AND a bad thing LOL

  6. My favorite shop to visit is a local coffee shop here called Kickback Cafe. It’s a nice place to go catch up with a friend!

  7. I love this place called Rita’s (and they are only in very few areas) so I get to one ONCE IN A BLUE MOON! They make GELATO by blending your favorite Italian ice flavor with custard… so I get Swedish fish Italian ice with vanilla custard and OMG it’s to die for. Thank goodness I can’t get it all the time!!!!

  8. We have a great local dairy – Guernsey! They have the best ice creams around. Love the little treat cart – so very cute.

  9. DQ for a strawberry cheesecake blizzard. Or enniskillen general store for sweet caramel
    Truffle ice cream. Sooo good !

  10. There is a place a few hrs south of where I live called Simmo’s Icecream that has the most fabulous Coconut icecream. It’s the best thing in the world haha.

  11. I’m pretty much an equal opportunity kind of gal when it comes to ice cream but if I’m feeling indulgent, I head to our local Oberweis ice-cream store for the “good stuff.” I have fond memories of one of my first jobs working at an ice-cream shop called The Big Dipper.

  12. I have the biggest sweet tooth that is currently taking over my brain. My favorite treat place is the Village Scoop. They have the best creemee( that’s what we call soft serve in Vt) sundaes, shakes, tornadoes, ice cream cakes…..they have endless options.

  13. I love anywhere that serves Bluebell ice cream. The DT cards are so cute! Can’t wait to make some Treat Cart cards for all the summer birthdays coming up.

  14. Given in the state of inflation, Stated Bros is my choice of places to get ice cream. Yum. I love these new stamps. They might be my all time favorites

  15. My favorite place to get a treat now is the local farmer’s market! Fruit that is in season is the best!

  16. My favourite place for yummy desserts is an Asian bakery place called Anna’s Cake House. Their mango cakes are so delicious!!!

  17. I love Dairy Queen for their blizzards (pre-blizzards my favorite childhood treat there was a butterscotch dilly bar).

  18. Love the new Ice Cream Cart. We have a place called “Truffles & Tortes” that make the best scones we like to go and get. They always have a bunch of cute high calorie desserts that look amazing.

  19. Locally I love Graeter’s Ice Cream and Whit’s Frozen Custard! (But I was just in France and oh my, the pastry shops!

  20. My grandmas house is my favorite place to visit for a fun treat…she makes the best deserts and even if she has ice cream, it’s in the cutest little fun dish with the perfect toppings 🍧

  21. Normally I would just go to one of my local supermarkets. A super special treat, though, would be going to Max Brenner and getting pancakes or waffles (complete with ice cream and melted chocolate – YUM!)

  22. There is an ice cream shop and garden centre near us. It is located in a valley and an absolutely gorgeous and peaceful place to visit. It is my favourite place to go in the summer.

  23. We have a cream puff bakery that is absolutely divine, it’s just far enough away not to be too dangerous!

  24. Ames, Iowa has a restaurant called Hickory Park. They have a huge variety of old fashioned sundaes, sodas and other ice cream treats.

  25. This set is so cute! My favorite shop to visit is Pure Bliss, in Bellingham WA! They have cake slices and pastries. Always a tasty treat!

  26. During the summer, we enjoy our local Wailani Shaved Ice which is a Hawaiian style ice cream topped with syrups, shaved ice and whipped toppings. YUM!

  27. I just love this new set and all the amazing things you can do with it! One of my favorite places for ice cream is Zestos! They make an amazing banana split!

  28. One of my favorite sweet treat stops on way to work is Dunkin’ Donuts! And after work, a local store for handmade Ice Cream makes the day complete! Beautiful creations from DT!!

  29. For sweet treats, I just go to my mom’s or my mother in law’s house. They’re always baking! 😅

  30. Yay for summer, fun cards from the team! Dreamy Creamy is my fave for waffle cones and amazing flavors!

  31. There is a family owned restaurant in my area called Taylor Freeze, and they have the most delicious hot fudge delight! it is soft serve ice cream layered with hot fudge and chopped up snickers, topped with whip cream. So Good!

  32. I used to call my dad, pop. He passed in 2020. But I’ll always remember him as my pop. Now he’s up in heaven. Would love to have made him a father’s day card with that sentiment!

  33. When we want sweet treats, we usually go to the grocery store. A favorite is Lemon Ice Box Pie ice cream and a lemon cake. 🍋🍋🍋😋😋😋
    Love the new sets today! I’m looking forward to the fair this summer and getting funnel cake!

  34. We used to have the best ice cream shop close to our house. We would take the kids there for the best dollar cones all the time. Sadly they closed a couple years ago and we haven’t found anything as good since.

  35. This set is so cute!! When I want a yummy treat, my favorite place to go is a local cupcake bakery. They have the yummiest cupcakes and cookies.

  36. I have two! We have a local farmer’s market store everyone just calls “Candyland” because it has TONS of candy. From penny candy to chocolate bars to lolliepops! We also have a local ice cream shop that only runs from the end of May until the end of summer.

  37. STOP THE CUTENESS!!! I LOVE the little critters and treats!!!! We have a cute ice cream parlor in town called Tates!

  38. Although I have never met an ice cream stand I didn’t like, my favorite is a local store called New Baltimore Ice Cream. All of their flavors are made fresh in house and change every 2-3 days.

  39. Our local dairy bar has the best soft serve ice cream. YUM! This treat cart is so adorable – love it!

  40. I love to go to a place called Pace’s for a rainbow. It is soft serve vanilla ice cream in slush. The peach rainbow is my favorite.

  41. Cute new sets!!! We have a local shop called The Creamery. Baked goods, ice cream and froyo and coffee stand. Love it

  42. My favorite shop to visit for the perfect yummy treat just changed the ice cream they serve. I need to find a new shop – an enjoyable goal!!

  43. Gotta lovea cute treat cart! My favorite place to get a treat is at Gayles, a local shop filled with yumminess.

  44. I don’t eat ice cream often but if I want a treat I will stop at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard, preferably chocolate at caramel concoction.

  45. I always like a good French pastry from bakeries! Or bubble tea! And good Gelato! I clearly like a lit of sweets!

  46. Our family love Baskin Robbins so that’s our favourite place to grab something cold and tasty!

  47. I go to my local Dairy Queen for a chocolate dipped cone. Yummy! Loved all the cute cards created with this stamp/die set. Will definitely be adding it to my wish list.

  48. The treat cart is adorable! Lots of possibilities for using it, and adorable samples!
    I have a local coffee shop called Honey+Cream that has really good homemade ice cream.

  49. I love visiting Crumbl cookies for the perfect treat. I am so excited for the two new border dies showcased in the adorable cards above.

  50. We have an old fashioned soda fountain in town that makes all kinds of yummy things – even hand-dipped chocolates! Haven’t been there in a while so I think I’ll go today for “lunch”!

  51. It is a tie, we have the best donut shop here that we love going to but I also love the ice cream shop…

  52. I don’t have a favorite store. But we have a little ice cream shop around the corner named Vanille & Marille and they make the best ice cream!

  53. LowrIder Cookies are THE BEST cookies! I’m lucky enough to have Nutty Squirrel gelato within walking distance of my house.

  54. My family loves going to Mrs. Curl for our summer treats. I always get a Crunch flavored Razzle. It’s like a Blizzard. It had Oreos, sprinkles, and Rice Krispies in it. It’s amazing!

  55. This is adorable! I cannot wait to see the entire stamp set. And my very favorite treat is a Sprinkles cupcake. Sadly we don’t have any in my small town, but my kids love a local shop called Mallard’s Ice Cream.

  56. My favorite shop to pick up a sweet treat is a local bakery called Marc Hu, it is a French patisserie and has amazing flavors. Almost too pretty to eat!

  57. We have a local bakery that makes the best pastries. Like almond croissants and danish. Soooo good.

  58. In town close to mine, there is the Tasty Freeze that has the best soft ice cream cones! It’s best to eat in the middle of summer so it cools you down.

  59. i love the little ice cream stamps! my fav place to go is coldstone. they make a banana sundae concoction that is delicious.

  60. In the town we used to live in, they had the best ice cream shop. We went there for special occasions.

  61. I just discovered a sweet little milkshake bar in my town called The Yard and they make the best ice cream treats, as well as super yummy edible cookie dough! It’s a great place for a special sweet treat!

  62. We have an ice cream-shop nearby that is only open during summer when all tourists come to visit our island. And they have aaaaaaall the flavours. Well, they have many, many, MANY at least…

  63. This new set is just the cutest!! Love all the design team projects today!! One of my favorite shops to get a sweet treat from is Dough Joy. 😊

  64. Oooo. There’s an artisanal chocolatier in North Beach. He makes the very best truffles, and if you buy a coffee drink, he will give you your choice of truffle. Oh, and speaking of chocolate, there’s another chocolatier on South Park. His shop, the Velvet Raven, has all sorts of beautiful chocolates, in two sizes plus candied ginger. The shop used to be a bistro, and it’s still one—but it’s also known for its choco. Yes, you can order a Big Girl drink to accompany your treats! Wowee. Now I want dessert before breakfast!

  65. My favorite place to visit for a wonderful ice cream treat is a local place here in Rochester, MN called Flapdoodles. They have wonderful homemade ice cream. It’s the best!

  66. Salt and Straw ice cream shop is my favorite. I love that they have new flavors every month.

  67. Love Tammy’s color palette! My favorite place to get a sweet treat would have to be … the frozen section of the grocery store!

  68. Love the treat cart characters and especially love the scalloped fringed border set! Can’t wait to see the rest of the summer release!

  69. My favorite treat place is a little franchise that started in Quebec and has made its way into Ontario. Chocolat Favoris makes the best rich flavors of chocolate dipped cones and chocolate treats as well as fondue 🫕 😋 dip.

  70. Omg, I love this treat cart! My favorite shop to get treats, actually it’s an ice cream van that new in town, they have fun treats from slush to sundaes, churros and even Mexican street corn!

  71. What sweet cards! I love walking across the street to Little Man Ice Cream. Their cute shop is under a 75-foot airplane wing! This is because the location was the original site of Denver’s primary airport for over 70 years 🙂

  72. I bring home ice cream from the store. cute cute set would pair nicely with the amusement park themes too

  73. So I have a few friends that are bakers so I enjoy Total Happiness Cookies and Sweet Swirls Bakery treats so much. I also think my scrapbook supplies are treats so I go to One Paper Place for all of those yummy treats!

  74. I am not a huge ice cream fan so I just pick up Haagen Dazs at the grocery and enjoy it. Especially if it’s coffee flavored.

  75. My all time favorite sweet treat is a hot fudge sundae from Sanders. There are only 3 stores left, and none that are close by. My granddaughter and I go to Baskin Robbins occasionally and I like to go to our local soft serve place, too.

  76. I love Andy’s frozen custard. In the summer they have Key Lime Concretes which are my all time favorite treats!

  77. I generally get dairy treats at the grocery store. This treat cart set is just what I’ve been looking for; can’t wait for release day.

  78. This set is beautiful, I really like ice creams, both designed and eaten. My favorite ice cream shop is Non Solo Gelato da Loris in Ravenna, Italy. I love the licorice, chocolate and strawberry flavour.

  79. This set is adorable!! My favorite place for a sweet treat is the local ice cream store in our town

  80. In California they have Fosters Freeze and the one I went to in HS is still there. A must stop when I go home for soft serve ice cream.

  81. Aww this is such a a cute set! The design team did an awesome job making super cute cards! My go-to ice cream spot is a dairy farm near our house Crystal Springs Farm.

  82. I used to work an a local ice cream shop so this set is a must have for me! The adorable critters serving up ice cream are just too cute! I actually make my own homemade ice cream now so I just go to my freezer in the garage. Ice cream is my favorite sweet treat!

  83. I think this is by far my new favorite release – I have to pick this up! I love going to the nearby ice cream shop for a cone!

  84. Locally, Glenburn Soda Fountain has the best sundaes, shakes and floats! Or the Night Market has so many yummy sweet and savoury treats to eat as well!

  85. In Keene, NH we love Rick’s Ice Cream, open year round becasue New Englander’s love ice cream regardless of the temperature!

  86. We have a local candy shop, Scumptious, that has all the oldies but goodies candies, and homemade ice creams

  87. We have a little place by us called the lil’ goodie shoppe. It’s so fun in the summer and has awesome ice cream treats.

  88. Cold Stone Creamery! I love their coffee lovers ice cream even though I don’t like drinking hot coffee!

  89. My favorite place for a treat is “sømod bolcher” in Copenhagen. They make we greatest candy and the store has been family store for so many years ♥️🇩🇰

  90. The designteam did an amazing job <3
    I’m in Sweden and I like a local place where you can buy their homemade icecream.

  91. We visit Handel’s Ice Cream, where I live. The company originated here but now is branched out in several other states.

  92. When I’m in Logan, I always stop by the creamery on campus and order True Aggie Night ice cream. It is seriously delish!!….. And it’s extra tasty as I am a True Aggie!!😄

  93. My favorite was McVey’s Ice Cream Shoppe but they have been closed for years. Now I stop at Culver’s or DQ.

  94. Ugh… trying to take my diabetes seriously, so avoiding treats for now, but will still love to scrapbook about them!

  95. I love getting an ice cream from the ice cream van when he visits our street on a hot day!

  96. My favorite ice cream treat is from a food truck called The Praguery. They make delicious chimney cones filled with wonderful ice cream concoctions 😋

  97. I love to get a nice, cold, fresh fruit smoothie from the local shop to cool me off during our hot Florida summers!

  98. Moonlight Creamery Ice Cream shop, right on the canal. Its so fun to get a scoop and sit by the canal and watch the ducks.

  99. We have a new sweet shop called Kilwin’s that serves fresh chocolate goodies and ice cream!

  100. There’s a cute little bakery not too far from me that has amazing baked goods from almond croissants to kouign-amanns to lemon tarts!

  101. I love to go to any ice cream soft that serves soft serve ice cream! It is my favorite part about summer!

  102. We have a little bakery across the street from work that’s fun to stop in for something yummy!

  103. My favorite place is a famous outdoor stand called Ted Drewes. They have frozen custard as either a Concrete or Sundae. My favorites are the Cardinal Sin (custard with tart cherries and hot fudge) or the Fox Treat (custard with hot fudge, fresh raspberries, and macadamia nuts).

  104. Perfect way to start introducing the summer release! Love the “ice cream makes everything better” sentiment. Because it does.

  105. My favorite ice cream shop is Ben and Jerry’s in Manchester, Vermont. they used to have pretzel cones which were literally worth dying for!!!!

  106. I live in Amish Country, PA where there are a lot of farms. So we have tons of homemade ice cream stands!

  107. Honestly our own restaurant has the best treats, as my husband makes the best gelato out of basically anything you can imagine!

  108. I forgot to answer the question! I love Dairy Queen! The Peanut Buster Parfait……💜💜💜💜

  109. I used to manage a baskin Robbin’s , love the hard ice cream, not to many stores around anymore. Also used to own a Dairy Queen, I guess you can say I love ice cream! Love it all

  110. I used to love Baskin Robbins, but now I usually just get grocery store ice cream treats. I love Creamsicle ice cream! Homemade ice cream, Gelato and strawberry sorbet or froyo are also great!

  111. Depends on my mood and what sweet I want.. Usually my grocery stores bakery or a local ice cream shop..

  112. I can’t do ice cream but we have an awesome doughnut place called Duck Doughnuts. Thanks for the chance to win this sweet set.

  113. We don’t have a lot of choices for ice cream shops here, so Dairy Queen blizzards help us make do.

  114. We have a locally owner bakery called “Fairy Sweet” that is pur go to when our sweet tooth needs a fix ❤️

  115. Sublime Cupcakes in the area where I teach is one. A new one nearer to my home is Colorful Macarons.
    This vendor cart is super cute!!
    Lori S in PA

  116. We have an ice cream shop here that hand crafts ice cream and you can get whatever mixed in. I love pomelo flavoured with fresh mango, graham cracker and cheesecake pieces!

  117. In New Zealand our local fruit shops make “fresh” fruit ice cream in summer time – I always get mixed berry

    1. Oops! Missed the prompt – my favorite ice cream store is called Wanderlust- has international flavors like abuela chocolate, Vietnamese coffee rocky road and Ube crunch

  118. Blank Slate Creamery in Ann Arbor. They have a fantastic cinnamon and lots of other delicious choices, too!

  119. We have a cute little Mexican ice cream shop down the road that has delicious ice cream and sweet treats. So yummy!

  120. I love Cold Stone Creamery because there are so many option:-) Yum
    This set is just too cute.

  121. I love getting homemade ice cream at Humble Cow in Olympia, WA. Humble Cow is a woman owned business and during Girl Scout cookie season they use their cookies to make fabulous flavors of ice cream!

  122. A favorite place of mine is Scoops Ice cream – they have great flavors and will make you a flavor if that tub is empty. (Hello chocolate peanut butter!)

  123. I used to love going to Cinnabon, but since that shop is no longer, just a simple trip to the ice cream store in summer is fine with me. I love ice cream 🙂

  124. I’m so found of ice cream, this stamp set is perfect ! The best I know is Udderlicious in London, and it’s vegan !

  125. In NJ great custard/ice cream/water ice shops! The Kohr’s brother’s started 1919 custard & moved to
    Jersey boardwalks est.1923 know for The Twist flavors cones Orange & Vanilla, Choc. & Peanut Butter, Hot Belgian Waffles & Fresh Fruit Orangeade. Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard, Thomas Sweets Ice Cream Shop, DQ Blizzard
    & Artic Ice Cream 💗 peanut butter ice cream! 😊😋

  126. I love the chocolate store to get handmade fudge. My local store is Lamb’s Candies, and they have great fudge. They also have great chocolate covered strawberries.

  127. I love ice cream and I am allergic to milk… so any store that carry’s a dairy free ice cream is my best place!

  128. Right now, our favorite treat shop is Wendy’s – they have the orange cream shakes and taste just like the orange creamsicle! It’s soooo yummy! Love the sweet cart & add on. Darling!

  129. My favorite treat is taking the family to frozen yogurt bars. You pick your flavor and toppings and build your own treat, it is always a (friendly) joke to see who makes the largest.

  130. We have a little roadside stand about 2 miles from us. It’s only open in the evenings Thursday to Sunday as it’s run by students mostly. But they have the best ice cream (London Ice Cream Company – which is also local) and they aren’t shy with the size of the scoops! Ice Cream is life!

  131. My favorite shop to visit is Loard’s Ice Cream and candies. My favorite ice cream flavor is Black Raspberry Marble. Good thing the shop is 45 minutes away from me LOL

  132. We have an amazing bakery here called Harvest Moon. They have all the yummy sweets. My favorite is the Almond Croissant. It’s so big you have to share it or eat on it for 3 days. So good.

  133. This set is so adorable 💕 it reminds me of the Ben & Jerry ice cream shop in my neighborhood when I was little. They often offered free ice cream samples during summer

  134. Ice Cream is my favorite treat, period! But if I’m eating it at home it would be Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Chunk, Bluebell’s Homemade Vanilla or Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel gelato! So many great choices just like this set! Cannot wait to buy it all!!! I SCREAM for ICE CREAM!!!

  135. Love this set!! We make our own ice cream because of a food allergy. The kids have fun coming up with their own flavours!

  136. My favorite place to get a Tasty Treat is Dairy Queen (DQ) for a Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard yummy 😋 !!!! But I’d also have to add Chick fil A for a Cookies & Cream Milkshake….oh goodness!! My mouth is watering haha 😂.

  137. Our favorite place is Sarris Candies in Canonsburg, PA. Their chocolates are delious and their ice cream, milkshakes and ice cream cakes are out of this world!

  138. A local grocery store puts their donuts on sale half price every night at 7pm…there’s always a crowd! Yum!

  139. My new favourite place is called Ella’s in Regina, Saskatchewan. The other is called Tastees in Brandon, Manitoba!

  140. Love this treat cart, the critters and all the tiny treats! Even that precious little spoon!!!
    Ice cream always brightens everyone’s day!

  141. I cannot resist ice cream shops after a meal! Love the sweet treats and always seem to have a second stomach for one! 🙂

  142. adorable set!
    I live in a beach town and we have lots of ice cream shops – we don’t go too often but went last night and it was good!

  143. SQUEAL!! I LOVE all of the AMAZING Inspiration!!
    We have a YUMMY Ice Cream Shop in our little Town names the Scoop and I LOVE to go there for an Ice Cream Treat on a Hot Day!!

  144. There is a local store that sells froyo in different flavors. I like to order vanilla and add peanuts and hazelnut cream as a topping! I love it! 😋

  145. We go to Dairy Queen occasionally, but we mostly get grocery store ice cream and enjoy it in the evenings!

  146. I like to go to Baskin and Robbin’s for an ice cream treat, or else I just treat myself to some expensive real cream ice cream at the local grocery store. Simple pleasures for this gal.

  147. Very excited for this set! There’s many great bakeries or patisseries in my city, so for a special treat I get something from one of them.

  148. My favorite place to get a cold treat is anywhere that has dairy free options. My favorite is a place called yodels. They always have at least 1 option and then type can put your own topping on like sprinkles, chocolate and berries. Then you pay by weight. I do miss eating ice cream freely like I did as a child but there are many dairy free options in the store too! This set is so much fun. I can’t wait to try it out!

  149. There is a very old Ice Cream Shoppe in Calgary called My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe and it is SO GOOD! Perfect for a summer treat.

  150. Just love the treat cart! Reminds me of my love of sweets. I think my kitchen is the best place to get a yummy treat! I love to bake and love to please the people who visit. I do visit Kroger’s sweet shop more than any place, though. I love their white cake with whippy icing! Yum! My husband bought me one for Mother’s Day! How sweet is that?! Can’t wait to see all that you offer us this release.

  151. There used to be an amazing ice cream/gelato place nearby, but they’re gone now. Always on the hunt for really good ice cream!

  152. I use to work at Swensen’s when I was a teenager. They had the best ice cream! Currently, my husband and I don’t usually go out for treats, I prefer to just bake chocolatey desserts at home!

  153. There are several local ice cream shops we enjoy visiting and our freezer is always stocked with ice cream.

  154. I love icecream and last year I bought my own machine. So now I can make my own icecream with different flavours

  155. In central oregon we have a sweet shop with homemade things, chocolate, ice cream and more, Goodies, goodies is the place to go!

  156. These are adorable!! I love the big cones. I love a local store called Tre Sorelle….all handmade ice cream.

  157. Pinkberry frozen yogurt! The plain flavor with berries, granola and sliced almonds is my favorite little treat when I’m in a city that has one!

  158. We got an ice cream place here in Sweden called Smultronstället, it´s like a restaurant with lots of different cool and tasty treats (and you don´t need to eat anything else that day, that´s how big the ice creams are)

  159. We have this chocolate shop in walking distance from our house called Kilwins. They also sell home made ice cream. I have a decades worth of memories of our family visiting there.

  160. There is an ice cream shop in the town where my parents live. My favorite flavour of ice cream there is Cookie Caramel. I love it!

  161. Cute cards!! Our local Dairy Queen is my go to spot for ice cream – my favourite is a classic vanilla sundae with cherry topping. Yum!

  162. Cute cards!!
    I love Blue Bunny ice cream! Use to go for Dairy Queen, but do not know where the store is here…

  163. My favorite treats lately are smoothies and acai bowls, so Smoothie King has been my go to place. (Plus they serve pup cups for dogs, so the drive through is 👍🏼 for my dog Lucy too!)

  164. Such awesome cards! I love ice cream at home but Culver’s has some great custard and you have get all kinds of treats.

  165. I don’t have a favorite shop because I have dietary restrictions that mean I have to make my own goodies, but I love window shopping and just looking at the beautiful sweets!

  166. I love old fashion candy shops when I go on vacations…root beer barrels, atomic fireballs, pixie sticks…yum!

  167. Our local mall has an ice cream shop and it’s the best! I don’t know the name of it off hand, but we go there every time we go to the mall with our kids 👍🏼

  168. I love ice cream pretty much anywhere but Aggie Ice Cream at Utah State University is by far the most creamiest of any I’ve tasted!

  169. Favorite shop for a treat? I try to steer clear, but cookies are my jam! Crumbl Cookie is awesome!

  170. My favourite sweet-shop is in the Lotus Kolín. There is a lot of cakes and ice creams to choose from. Everything is home-made and really delicious.

  171. My favorite place to get a yummy treat is my local ice cream shop. It’s called penguin palace. I go there so much they know me by name. The treat cart is Soo cute. I love that you can mix and match other things with it.

  172. There’s a great local frozen yogurt shop that we love, It’s always so fun to see what new flavors and toppings they have.

  173. I love to get peanut butter parfait at Dairy Queen. I alway get them to add butterscotch to it. Yum!!

  174. I am so lucky to live pretty close to the Lopez Island creamery in Anacortes- LOVE visiting for a tasty treat!!

  175. My favorite shop is for Fudge from Mackinac Island! Also I love Cherry Republic which is a Michigan based store with everything Cherry! Thanks! 😊

  176. Here in Hawaii, the BEST treat is shave ice! (snow cone) and of course, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
    My favorite is Waiola Shave Ice – the ice is so fine and they have great, tropical flavors.

  177. I don’t have a favorite store to shop my sweet treats – as long as it has chocolat in it I want it, wherever it is sold! The more exotic or unusual the chocolat combo is the more I want it, too….

  178. I love Affogatos! There is one on the way to my parents house, a little antique store plus espresso and homemade ice cream! Perfect treat!

  179. My favorite place to get sweet treats is always Disney World. When I’m not there, I like to visit Twisters Ice Cream because they carry pineapple Dole Whip just like Disney. ❤️❤️❤️🍦

  180. We have an own fashion ice cream parlor with a player piano. There’s also a homemade candy store attached and they always have a big chocolate castle that they change with the holidays.

  181. Lumia Gelato is an ice cream store in Berlin/ Germany and it’s near where I live. My favorite ice cream there is hazelnut with chocolate sprinkles, it’s so yummy.♥
    The DT inspirations are so amazing, can’t wait to order the new products.♥

  182. This is my favorite of the new releases 🙂 can’t wait to make sweet treat cards all summer long

  183. Now that it’s getting warm I love splurging and getting a fancy drink from Swig.
    So excited to for the treat cart!!

  184. My favorite treats are Pralines from River Street Sweets. Yum! I love that little treat cart!

  185. We love Bruster’s for ice cream. It has become my son and my favorite place to grab some ice cream and spend time together. I love this treat set.

  186. We recently visited Augusta, Georgia and got dessert at the Boll Weevil Cafe – they had the best and most GIANT cakes I’ve ever seen. Delicious1

  187. We love going to Andy’s Frozen Custard. There are multiple locations across the country, but our favorite ones are in Southwest Missouri!

  188. My favourite place to find something sweet is lawn fawn!
    For edible sweet it has to be an ice cream van!

  189. My favorite shop for a sweet treat is just a short walk from my college dorm! It is a little gelato shop downtown!

  190. I am a big fan of sweet treats! This treat cart is so cute and I love the fun sentiments. I love to go to the local bakery to get a cake square. They have them in different flavors, but I just love the white cake with white icing. That is a real treat for me. I would love one right now!!!

  191. I love sweets and don’t have a favorite shop as most of them have closed. I do appreciate a great creation when I can find them though. Will have to weigh in on where I would go to find another great treat shop again. Cute ice cream carts today.

  192. We have a local soft serve ice cream place only open in the summer in my small town called Belts. It’s so good!

  193. Where I live the favorite summer hang out for treats is Frozen Custard at Columbian Park. They’re also famous for Fruit Juice, as I call it. It’s their secret recipe.
    I love this Sweet Shop! 🥰

  194. We have an ice cream shop in my town that employs special needs individuals. It’s called Special Scoops. Best ice cream in town!

  195. My favorite shop to visit for the perfect yummy treat is the local seasonal creamy whip. I love getting soft serve with tons of sprinkles!

  196. I love this treat cart so much. I love going to Marianne’s ice cream for a scoop of coffee ice cream.

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