Lawn Fawn Intro: Mini Easter Eggs, Reveal Wheel Easter Egg Add-On + Reveal Wheel Spring Sentiments

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2019 Inspiration and Release week! On February 21st our 16 new stamp sets and their coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, 3 new paper collections, new ink color, 5 new cardstock colors, new Schoolyard cardstock pack, new Sparkle Spring cardstock pack, 2 Reveal Wheel Templates, Clear Embossing Powder, and 2 sizes of double-sided tape will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Mini Easter Eggs, Reveal Wheel Easter Egg Add-On and Reveal Wheel Spring Sentiments! Layer the pieces in our Mini Easter Eggs die set to make cute eggs! Use different colored cardstock and patterned papers for variety! Pair this egg window with Reveal Wheel for a fun, interactive project! Perfect for Easter, baby, and spring projects! These spring sentiments are sized to fit perfectly into the windows from Reveal WheelReveal Wheel Square Add-On, and Reveal Wheel Speech Bubble Add-On. They are great for Easter, graduations, congratulations, weddings, baby showers, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day cards! The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a couple of videos at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fun new sets!

Audrey’s adorable Easter card combines our new Mini Easter Eggs die set with an older stamp set, Chirpy Chirp Chirp! Those cute chicks are having so much fun using bright colors to “paint” the Easter eggs!

Elise created  a rainbow of Mini Easter Eggs using Spiffy Speckles papers to cover her card! I love how she added the sentiment from Eggstra Amazing Easter!

Megan‘s whimsical Easter Reveal Wheel card features our new Reveal Wheel Spring Sentiments stamps! Her cute scene combines critters from Some Bunny and Chirpy Chirp Chirp!

Yainea’s card is just so sweet! I love how she has the Mini Easter Eggs hanging from the top of the card! How cute is the little “chick” popping out of the cracked egg! The “chick” is found in our Shadow Box Card die set. The Mini Easter Eggs set includes a die to create the cracked egg. Yainea finished her card with a greeting from Celebration Scripty Sentiments!

Megan‘s bright and cheerful Easter card is so cute! It inspired me to re-create it for the Intro to Mini Easter Eggs and Reveal Wheel Easter Egg Add-On video below!

Kay‘s pastel layered Mini Easter Eggs are so pretty! I love how the Eggstra Amazing Easter bunny looks like he is jumping up from the eggs!

Lynnette used the Reveal Wheel Easter Egg Add-On to create a glittery Sparkle Spring color changing egg for her super cute Easter card! I love how she die cut the Happy Easter Line Border from more Sparkle Spring cardstock!

Elena used Copic markers to add pretty pastel color to the basket and Easter eggs! Her sweet interactive card features our new Reveal Wheel Spring Sentiments set!

Melissa‘s Reveal Wheel card uses a super cool color palette! I love how she layered the Paper Bag cardstock on top of the pretty pink Spring Fling background! The colorful eggs look great sitting the glittery green Grassy Hillsides!

Megan‘s special mother’s day card features Rub-A-Dub-Dub ducks with sweetness from our new Reveal Wheel Spring Sentiments set!

Now, I have a video for you introducing Mini Easter Eggs and Reveal Wheel Easter Egg Add-On sharing some fun things you can do with this set. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you for watching!

And here’s a video introducing our new Reveal Wheel Spring Sentiments stamp set! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Mini Easter Eggs, Reveal Wheel Easter Egg Add-On and Reveal Wheel Spring Sentiments. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you have fun Easter egg traditions by February 20th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday February 20th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

**New Spring 2019 Release will be available on February 21**
Mini Easter Eggs
Reveal Wheel Easter Egg Add-On
Reveal Wheel Spring Sentiments
Eggstra Amazing Easter + coordinating dies
RAWRSOME + coordinating dies
Celebration Scripty Sentiments
Spiffy Speckles paper collection
Really Rainbow Scallops paper collection
Sparkle Spring cardstock


333 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Mini Easter Eggs, Reveal Wheel Easter Egg Add-On + Reveal Wheel Spring Sentiments

  1. So cute! I am Polish, so we have slightly different Easter egg traditions – we colour, embellish or dye hard-boiled eggs (we call them “Pisanki” – google it, you’ll see!), and then put them in a specially prepared basket, together with some other foods, and bring them to church for blessing, just before Easter Sunday. We then eat them on Easter Sunday, for breakfast! 🙂

  2. Bring on spring! So many great cards with colors of spring, i am so tired of rain and cold weather I need sunshine!!!

  3. We have the great Easter egg hunt around the house. The Easter bunny leaves all sorts of treats for the children, not just edible ones!

  4. In Sweden we don’t get baskets at Easter instead we hunt for larger eggs filled with pick and mix candy. When I was a kid we would have to find the egg with the real egg with our letter in it. If we found someone else’s egg we would have to put it back quietly and keep looking for ours

  5. When my son was younger (he’s 16 now) we always did an Easter egg hunt in the backyard … and Easter Bunny would always leave some eggs in his room as well

  6. I have fond memories of coloring Easter Eggs with my boys. That’s something we haven’t tried yet with the grandkids – maybe this year. Love all of the spring cheer in the design team’s projects.

  7. WOW!! The cards are all so cute and look so fun!!!
    Our Easter family tradition is that we all go over to my oldest sister in law’s house for lunch . Each individual family brings their own meat to BBQ and a side dish ( they always expect me to bring dessert since I’m the baker in the family). Then we have all the kids go into the house while some of us hide all of the plastic Easter eggs ( all 300 to 400 of them) then I run around and try to get the best picture of the children while they are looking for the eggs along with all the other people that showed up for the Easter party!!

  8. Yay!!! So much fun!! I love Megan’s Mom card. Those ducks under the umbrella … !!! My current Easter Egg tradition, is to get a new Lawn Fawn Easter stamp and make my sister in law, who loves bunnies, an Easter card with bunnies and eggs on it. Her love of bunnies feeds my need to get more LF product and my need to create. I love these eggs and they will go so well with all the bunnies in this and in prior releases. I am always so amazed at your creations. Kelly Marie, Erica, and Mike are my heros!

  9. All these bright and happy colors are a great welcome for spring. We have no traditions in my family, but when my children were younger, they participated in Easter egg hunts and bonnet parades at school.

  10. I am in love with the mini easter eggs die! It reminds me of the colorful chocolate eggs I’ve been searching for as a child. Unfortunately no one is hiding any for me any longer.
    A few years ago I’ve been living in Norway and found out that they do not have the tradition of hiding easter eggs. The simple explanation was: no one would be finding them under all the snow :-). So instead we took the snowmobiles and a grill on skis and went on a barbecue trip

  11. We usually go to a friend’s house to have an egg hunt in her backyard, We started when the older children were 2 and now they are 17!

  12. My family decorates Easter Eggs the Saturday before Easter. There is an Easter Egg hunt after church. After that, we use the decorated eggs as placemarkers on the table for Easter Lunch. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  13. Those mini Easter egg dies are adorable!
    Our fun tradition is setting up an egg hunt for our little kids. They get sooo excited!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win

  14. No easter egg tradition here, but an easter tradition: baking sweet breads for all my friends with a colorful egg in the middle :-).

  15. When my boys were younger, we had great fun dyeing eggs and decorating the house and wishing for the Easter bunny to come! My husband and I would hide chocolate eggs for the boys to find and when they were older and could read, we’d make a treasure hunt with clues! I just love the a Reveal Wheel sets and these Easter eggs are no exception, they are so cute! Hats off to the design team for today’s and the previous week of incredible card and project designs!!!

  16. These are all so cute! We’ve done Easter egg hunts when our kids were younger. Now sometimes we will color Easter eggs and the kids get a little something for Easter.

  17. Growing up we always dyed and decorated eggs. One year some people from our church colored eggs to look like us and hid them in our yard! We thought that was so much fun! 🙂

  18. Love the cards with the mini easter eggs!! Our tradition is we hide treats for the dogs all around the house. It’s fun watching them sniff them out and gobble them up!!!

  19. Every year we would fill the plastic eggs with candy and some with money and then there was one special egg that my brother-in-law would paint gold. He hid them all – the kids would fill there baskets with the eggs they found, but the lucky finder of the gold egg won a special prize!

  20. Our tradition was to hide candy with one black jellybean on something black, whoever found it would get something special.

  21. Such cute projects! I love all the colors and cuteness!
    Although my kids are now in their 20’s, they use to do easter egg coloring either with their grandmother or a friend of mine. For being crafty, I never got into Easter eggs for some reason. Last year my daughter and I dyed eggs and I had so much fun, new tradition now 🙂

  22. we don’t have an easter egg tradition per se. it started that way but now my son and his cousin like to hide and seek anything! LOL!

  23. I cannot wait to make them all! I am obsessed with yellow ducks and have watched the Intro many times for Rub a Dub Dub so excited for all the new stuff!

  24. Love dyeing eggs with the grandchildren, they come up with some clever designs. Every year we try a new way of decorating then if the weather is warm enough we have an outside egg hunt.

  25. We don’t have Easter egg traditions — no one in my family really likes hard boiled eggs so we never made them growing up, nor do we now… but I love the chocolaty kind!

  26. Love these cards… so cute!! As kids, we’d always decorate hard-boiled eggs and do Easter egg hunts with the plastic ones (filled with candy). Now that my nephew is getting older (almost 2), we’ll start doing those traditions again.

  27. My sister always has an Easter egg hunt at her house, but we call it a Birthday egg hunt because there are so many April birthday’s in our family. Loads of fun!

  28. Our family tradition, is that everyone seated at the table for breakfast, cuts their hard boiled egg in how ever many pieces for each one seated. then we give each person at the table a piece of each others eggs. The meaning behind it, is that we will all be together for another year. Love all those cards….great release!

  29. These are adorable as always!! I think the reveal wheel concept is just genius!! We don’t do anything with Easter eggs at our house, so no special traditions.

  30. The kids are grown and the granddaughter is
    married so I don’t have anyone who wants to hunt
    Easter eggs. When they were little I always
    colored eggs and Bob would hide them. Now
    that it’s just me – I do a little decorating but
    not much else. thanks for sharing

  31. Use to dye eggs and have Easter Egg Hunts when the grandkids were small and much younger. Now they’re older and taller than me so we don’t do that anymore. Your stamps and dies are as cute as ever… always leave a smile on my face!

  32. What an amazing release – and even after pre-ordering a good part of it I get inspired by the DT to buy more.

    Beside a family brunch that will be extended until evening and the usual egg hunt we always do something that could be translated as “egg fight”. Two players take one dyed, hard boiled egg each and smash either the bottom or top against each other which will cause one egg to crack. Then the eggs get turned and it is done again. If now both eggs are cracked there’s a third round. The one who’s egg is less damaged wins. It’s always lots of fun – and I remember that one year when my dad had brought one of those plaster eggs you sometimes use in chicken coops to show the chickens where to lay the eggs. Of course he won every round – and it took my girls a few of them to realise something wasn’t right there…

  33. Oh wow! The cards today are amazing!!
    We used to do an Easter Egg hunt when there were more littles around. My niece will be about 18 months at Easter, so maybe we’ll start something up again. As kids, we would do the hunt inside the house since March- April weather isn’t ideal for egg hunting 😀

  34. We don’t really have any other than it is my husband’s favorite candy time of year so we always have a mission to find his favorite and tend to stock up when we do!

  35. No Easter egg traditions / celebrations. I have helped my sisters in the past with hiding Easter eggs / candies for my nieces and nephews.
    Fun and festive cards today. x

  36. The release keeps getting cuter and cuter. The only tradition we have is getting together with the family for an Easter Meal. Now that we have a two year old in the family, it’s nice to see her get excited for the Easter Bunny!

  37. We do baskets first thing Easter Morning, then we do an Egg hunt then we do Easter dinner. That is our tradition every single year!

    These cards are amazing. It’s like they keep getting better and better! Love this new release!

  38. I think the mini Easter eggs are so adorable. Usually just spending the day with family and having an egg hunt for the little ones.

  39. My little boy is just starting to toddle, so this year we’ll break out the bunny ears and wicker basket for hunting eggs around our local National Trust property! Happy Easter everyone!

  40. Loving these spring colors on the cards.
    For Easter, we love coloring eggs. Something the almost grown up kids don’t seem to grow out of. I’m so glad!

  41. these cards are so cute !!!!
    we don’t have an Easter tradition now because the kids are grown up, but I always gave them an Easter basket on Easter when they were little – so fun:)

  42. When our son was young we did the traditional egg hunt with candy filled plastic eggs. As he got older the candy was replaced with money. He’s 30 now so we don’t do the egg hunt anymore but he still gets an Easter basket filled with candy, a gift and of course, a chocolate bunny.

  43. Every year I make a few fun eggs and those are the special eggs during our egg hunt usually worth money or a special prize. Last year I made teenage mutant ninja turtles.

  44. That dinosaur card is too cute! We don’t really do an Easter egg hunt anymore, the nieces and nephews are all too old for it!

  45. Our family gets together to color eggs, and to fill the plastic eggs. Then we hide them outside for all the kids!

  46. We have a family dinner and a small Easter egg hunt for the great nieces and nephews!!! Love all of the fun Easter stamps and dies!!!

  47. When the kids were little they’d wake up every Easter morning to an empty basket and a trail of chocolate/candy eggs leading to a small gift. They were always so adorable collecting all the treats in their baskets. Cannot wait to recreate this tradition with grandkids some day!

  48. I used to have Easter egg traditions, but there aren’t any kids in the family currently so we haven’t been doing Easter eggs.

  49. These eggs are sooo cute! I love all the spring colors! I just started a tradition last year… I became a “BEST BUDDY” with the Best Buddies International program. My best buddy is Maggie and she has down syndrome. We decorated eggs together last year and will again this year!

  50. These are all so cute! I love the reveal wheel and can’t wait to add the new items to my collection. Every year we have a big Easter egg hunt for the kids in the family. It’s great fun. 😊

  51. These projects are so totally amazing!!! Love everyone’s creations!

    For Easter, by family always goes to church and we have an Easter egg hunt after church.

  52. I wish I had the creativity that all your designers have. I love what they come up with and i bet they have the best craft rooms too!

  53. We love getting together with cousins and decorations Easter eggs, then hiding them for the kids to go on an egg hunt.

  54. Such cute creations with these adorable new supplies! Nope, no Easter egg traditions here, sorry! Maybe eating a few Cadbury creme eggs, heh heh heh, but that’s it. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  55. The Easter Bunny visits our house and my in-laws house. So my kids get to hunt for eggs in the morning before church and after a perfect brunch at my in-law’s they hunt for more. We also dye eggs but we don’t hard boil them because we would rather cook them into scrambled eggs instead of eating them hard boiled. 🙂 It makes it exciting too since you can’t drop them. The Easter Bunny even brings them baskets. It’s a great family day for us. Thanks for a chance to win another one of your beautiful stamp sets.

  56. The bunnies are so cute. Now I can’t decide which card to make! I fix Easter baskets for my grandchildren and have an egg hunt. There is one bigger egg that is filled with an extra surprise, so of course they look for that one first! It’s so much fun.

  57. No egg traditions here in Italy. I like so much decorating them and cooking them in many different ways for the Easter lunch. We use to give each others chocolate eggs. They’re so yummy. Inside there’s a little surprise that’s much fun for kids.

  58. We have a great egg game that we play at the end of Easter dinner! Each person takes a hard boiled egg from the basket and holds it in their hand. Then we go around the table person-by-person (starting with the oldest guest), tapping the end of the eggs together. The person who has the egg that does not crack moves on to challenge the next person at the table. The one who holds the winning (uncracked) egg at the end wins a prize! And I get to have egg salad sandwiches for the next 2 days!

  59. We dye hard boiled eggs, and use them as decorations for Easter brunch, of course we eat them too. The extras are used for egg salad sandwiches.

  60. We go to a very chilly sunrise service and later go out for donuts! It’s the only time of the year I eat them. Also, I like to decorate the house with flowers.

  61. My uncle used to hide eggs for us (the plastic ones) and he would hide a few dollars in them. He would forget where he them and if we didnt find them all they were left out there til the next year!

  62. We color Easter eggs together as a family. Our goal is to find out who can come up with the most unique color for their eggs. 🙂

  63. my easter tradition is sitting at home and probably crafting ^_^ But sometimes i also have some time with my family and also the traditional brunch at grandmas

  64. Loving all the work from the DT for the release! Everything is beautiful. My Easter tradition is just eating dinner with my family.

  65. The easter egg tradition we have is to make chocolate covered eggs – either with a peanut butter filling or cherry nut — YUMMY!!

  66. I always make the kids Easter baskets with eggs and fun stuff – even now that they are grown and out of the house!!!! That’s my tradition.

  67. In Hungary we colour, embellish or dye hard-boiled eggs (my 6-year-old daughter love adding glitters, lots of glitter), it is great fun. And the Ester egg hunt for her is fun, too.

  68. I’m loving the new reveal wheel additions! We do Easter baskets on the Saturday before Easter. We’ve been doing it for years, ever since an unfortunate Sunday when my daughter ate her entire chocolate bunny before church and was bouncing off the pew during the service. 🙂

  69. Very fun projects! Love the Easter eggs!
    When I was growing up, we always had an Easter egg hunt in our backyard! One year, my Dad hid a yellow egg up in our lemon tree… we needed help to locate that one!

  70. Love the pastel colors on those eggs! 🙂 When my kids were younger, we would hid items/money in their Easter Eggs and they would go look for them! Sometimes we forgot where we hid them! LOL!

  71. All these Easter cards are just delightful! When I was young we would dye and decorate Easter eggs and of course hide them all over the yard!

  72. Adorable! I don’t really do anything for Easter anymore but when I was young we used to decorate an Easter egg tree, color eggs, and always have an Easter egg hunt with a big basket full of chocolate at the end. Yum! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  73. My friends and I decorate hard boiled eggs together for her very young children. My daughter receives a visit from the Easter Bunny, he leaves them outside if it’s nice out but hides them inside if it’s not the best weather (He’s very considerate). My daughter and I usually make Jell-O eggs with the special egg mold. So fun!

  74. We always decorate eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide for our daughter. It’s a family affair. Sometimes we try using different, new ways to dye them and sometimes we stick with the tried and true Paas dye. We were just at the store yesterday talking about this very thing because Easter is already out in the stores!

  75. Love all the bunnies, chicks, and the dinosaurs! As kids, we did candy Easter egg hunts at my grandparents’ house; so much fun!

  76. Easter cards are my favorite cards to make. I’m so excited about this new release. For Easter my mother would sew me a new (dressy) dress. She loved to sew and I loved to be in dresses. We would color eggs together before Easter and she would hide them in the backyard on Easter morning for my brother and me to find.

  77. Such adorable creations, lots of cute Easter Eggs!!
    No Easter Egg Traditions, but my office sometimes has a little Easter Egg / Easter Bunny Chocolate Hunt! (One time, someone hid one inside the photocopier……)

  78. I have done an Easter egg hunt indoors for my kids since they were little. At 17/21 they still insist that there is an Easter egg hunt.

  79. So many cute items. I thought I could live without the eggs! Maybe not! I love what you are adding to the reveal wheel!

  80. Well…I shared one the other day with spring traditions, but I’ll share again…Easter Egg Ball! We set up bases and play ball with our hard boiled colored Easter eggs (and usually hide a raw egg in for good measure!). After hitting the egg, the other team finds the largest piece of egg remaining and then tries to tag the runner with the egg. Terribly messy…terribly fun. Such cute mini eggs and details on the cards today!

  81. We have a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and potluck. The children over 12 get to hide the eggs and we always include a few golden eggs.

  82. I’ll hide plastic easter eggs with candy around the house for my kids to find. We also color and decorate eggs a few days before easter.

  83. We don’t have any traditions surrounding Easter eggs. I did color them as a kid but since we have no kids, we really don’t make them. I do love eating hard boiled eggs though from time to time!

  84. I just can’t handle the cuteness of all these projects! Especially Chari’s card with the duckies. So adorable!! My children are adults now but when they were little we enjoyed painting/dyeing the Easter eggs.

  85. My two girls love dyeing hard boiled eggs (which I always turn into egg salad…yumm!) and we always invite our neighbors and friends over for an Easter egg hunt! This new Easter set is super adorable!!

  86. Our family’s egg tradition is that we try to get together the night before Easter and all dye eggs together. So many super cute examples this week! Can’t wait to get the new stuff!

  87. Do you know how agonizing it is to see all these cute projects and have to wait to be able to play along? …Just two more days!

  88. Cant wait! By far my favourite Brand, another lot to add to my collection! *goes off to find a stash hiding place…*

  89. These are such cute bunnies and chicks. The design team sure makes these new stamps come to life.
    We fill the plastic eggs with treats and hide them for the grandkids to find. I still do Easter baskets for my children who are now in there 40’s.

  90. Our kids attend a military event on base where they have special hunts for the different age groups. Once, we even did their Easter egg hunt in the base swimming pool!

  91. This is my first Easter married to my husband so I am excited to start some new traditions together. Hoping to dye eggs together. I love hard boiled eggs!

  92. I love those mini Easter eggs! So cute! No real Easter tradition any more. When I was young we would all get dressed in our finest clothes and go to church. When we got home we’d see what the Easter bunny left us in our baskets. It was really fun.

  93. We have a family get together and hunt for Easter eggs and then have a dinner together.
    Love all of the cards today – so fun! I love the egg dies!

  94. Oh what fabulously happy and springy inspiration! Adorable! Growing up, my mother would hide the little foil covered chocolate eggs in the house for my brother and I to find.

  95. spending it time with the family is the most important…since the passing of my dad…but now with the grand daughter old enough to egg hunt…it’s a whole new ball park

  96. We used to do egg hunting when kids were younger. Looking forward to grandkids so I can enjoy this again. It was always fun to find the surprise egg that was never found weeks later in an unexpected place.

  97. At Easter, I still hard boil and dye eggs. As a child, my family made pickled eggs. The eggs were hard boiled then added to pickled red beets and refrigerated. The eggs absorbed the color and some of the flavor of the red beet juice. This way of preparing eggs may seem a bit weird to some, but they are very pretty and taste good, too.
    Thanks for the “eggstravaganza” in today’s blog.

  98. Our tradition was that each child had their own color of plastic egg to look for. Depending on weather, they would be hidden in either the backyard or the living room. My husband hid the other kids while I hid the younger ones. Of course my husband had to make the eggs difficult to find.

  99. Love all the cheerful cards!!! Our family tradition with Easter eggs is my hubby and I used to hide eggs all over the house. As the kids got bigger the eggs got harder to find. Candy in some and money in others. My children are all adults now but they love the tradition and will pass it on to their families. Meanwhile, they are 30, 28, 28 and 26 and I still make baskets with goodies and Easter eggs.

  100. My girls are older now but we still try to color eggs. When they were younger after dinner we would go outside and play soccer. We had so much fun. We haven’t done it in forever and we have talked about doing it again now that my sister in law has grand kids.

  101. Love this release ♥

    I don’t know why, but somehow the last person waking up on easter has to eat a carrot? :’D And my brother (who doesn’t eat any vegetables or fruits beside apples) usually sleeps until its time for lunch and we all kind of enjoy that he either has to eat a carrot what he doen’t like or has to go to sleep early (that means before 5am lol) so he wakes up earlier than my mother.. Now that i write it I see that its a weiiird tradition :’D

  102. Love the cards!!! We don’t really have any Easter egg traditions. I do, however, love to dye eggs and do an egg hunt with my students.

  103. Love all the bright and cheery colors in these spring cards. Their cuteness brings a smile to my face. We do a special meal for Easter.

  104. I love your cards! My family would do an egg hunt for us kids, then an egg hunt for our dad! It was fun for us to hide the eggs!! 🙂

  105. We used to go to church, then meet at my parents for egg hunts and big dinners. My parents are gone now, but my kids and nieces and nephews still talk about those Easter’s. Good memories.

  106. I decorate my Mom’s ceramic tree with fun Easter goodies that my Mom collected over the years. Each BIG leaf on the tree is a little shelf and my Mom would always decorate each shelf with chocolates and little Easter ceramic critter sitters. All your cards and projects are totally awesome!!! I can’t wait to try some of the new products out. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  107. When my kids were young we did the basket and they were hid, as they got older, they were harder to find. I was fun!

  108. When I was a kid we’d always hard boil some eggs, die them, and then hide them in the yard along with plastic eggs that had candy or money inside.

  109. I love the little eggs, they are so adorable. I miss when my kids were little as I used to hide eggs. Sometimes I would forget where I hid them and they would find them a month or so later..a surprise treat…lol.

  110. The reveal wheel cards are so much fun!
    Our kids are adults, so we don’t bother with Easter eggs any more. We used to hide plastic eggs in the yard, filled with candy, trinkets or coins. Each child was allowed to collect a certain number of eggs, then they would help the others find theirs.

  111. So cute. Our only tradition is doing the easter egg hint with the kids. Everyone always has a blast, even the big kids!! 🤣🤣

  112. We always hide eggs for the children. We walk with the little ones giving them clues before the older kids grab all the eggs!

    Love all the Spring release sets! Such cute samples.

  113. When the kids were little we did baskets and egg dying and the whole thing. The grandkids always want to know what did you do when you were little and they have started their own traditions. I always love the new spring designs you come out with and those mini eggs are so sweet.

  114. Such cute egg dies! It’s such a fun tradition hiding or searching for eggs. I’ve always had the normal Easter egg hunts. I have heard of some families have a hunt with one of the eggs having a special prize. Using a treasure map to find them is a cool idea too.

  115. We always experiment with dyeing eggs, testing out combinations of colors and the way they look on brown eggs. Then, of course, we eat deviled eggs and egg salad for a week!

  116. We’ve always done an egg hunt in the town until the kids got too old and we do one at home too. We continued that hunt til now, and my kids are both officially adults 🙂 love the die cut eggs here!

  117. Our family’s fun easter tradition is chucking the kids’ chocolate bunnies down the driveway (still in their boxes) until they are decimated. I don’t understand it but the kids love it. Weirdos.

  118. Growing up we always made colored eggs. But the best egg tradition was when I grow older and we started doing a large Easter egg hunt each year at our house after church. We had 3 of them: 1 for small kids (with plastic eggs filled with small toys & candy) , 1 for older kids (each got a number & they could only find eggs, some with candy or coins, with that number whoever found all of theirs 1st got a prize), & one for the adults (because they didn’t want to be left out, they got different small prizes). It lots of fun but also a lot of work.

  119. We dont have any easter egg traditions but I do bake a giant Easter chocolate cake and let the kids decorate it with easter candies and chocolates!

  120. My parents would leave trails of mini eggs that the Easter Bunny ‘lost’ on the way out the door. I think I’m gonna do that for my daughter this year since this is going to be her first memorable Easter. So excited to make some cute cards with her as well using all these fun goodies.

  121. I always buy at least two dozen eggs that we dye for easter and the adults get in on the fun along with the kids. I usually buy one fancy egg dying kit, and then just one regular one that we can combine with stickers for the little ones.

  122. We always have a big egg hunt, with plastic eggs filled with candy and quarters! Even when all the kids and cousins were adults (and before they had kids) we would have our egg hunt. It was hilarious to watch all the grown up kids run around the house and yard looking for eggs, Now we have grandkids, and have a separate egg hunt for the little ones and grown up kids!

  123. These add on dies are amazing! Our Easter egg traditions are just to boil some eggs and then my kids dye them however they want to. We’ve had some pretty interesting color combinations in the past lol.

  124. We have two little trees infront of our house which I decorate by hanging colourful eggs in them. We also have a treasure hunt for the children, the Easterbunny leaves a letter for them to start of the hunt then they will find little gifts and eggs together with new clues along the way. At the end of the hunt there is a surprise waiting, one year it was a real baby rabbit waiting for our youngest 🐇

  125. Sigh…Lawn Fawn, I love you! You just took me back to childhood Easters with little chicks and bunnies and lots of pastel colors. That was a sentimental sigh, by the way – I am overwhelmed by just how sweet all these cards are!

  126. This is a tradition that my family had when I lived in Minnesota. The Saturday before Easter we would bring a sampling of all the ingredients that it took to make a special Polish soup to our church to get blessed. I do not know if they still do this or not. We now live in California and my mom doesn’t get the ingredients blessed but she does continue to make the soup. My mom just recently gave me the basket we used. I love it!

  127. Love those cute little Easter eggs and the Easter Egg add-on! We always colored eggs for Easter and I loved creating the bright colored eggs. I’m looking forward to coloring eggs with my granddaughters this year.

  128. The hunting for Easter eggs, dressing in new clothes for church traditions have now been passed onto the grandkids, but I love creating Easter cards & projects to send out!

  129. I would love to use crayon on my Easter eggs before dyeing them to give a resist look. And when I was a child, doing the Easter egg hunt down by our lake was always fun. The eggs had a different colored duct tape which represented a different coin amount. So you would get money for your troubles. And if you were the lucky one to find the one egg that the had GOLD tape, you got a bigger amount. Always a fun time.

  130. Every year I make some fun easter eggs and those are our special eggs for our egg hunt worth money and prizes. Last year I made teenage mutant ninja turtles, haven’t decided what this year’s will be.

  131. I love Elise’s egg card – so pretty! Now that we are empty nesters and have no grandchildren our holidays are more boring – LOL! We used to have fun hiding the boys’ Easter baskets in hard to find places.

  132. Decorating and dying eggs together. We have a fun picnic and Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter Sunday.
    I love all the cards and LOVE the mini egg dies! So so cute!!!

  133. My mother-in-law always visits from the UK. Grandma, the kids and I make delicious easter egg nests with rice krispies cereal, melted chocolate and cadbury chocolate eggs.

  134. we always have an Easter egg hunt and I ALWAYS HIDE the boys’ baskets. My husband never understood that, but that was always how my mom set up our baskets!

  135. Oh gosh love these little eggs!!!!!! Perfect size for gift card holders, treat bags and cards!
    Yes every year our family goes to the Jersey Shore for Easter. We first go out to eat an early Easter meal, usually around 2-3pmish, then we head to the boardwalk to put the kids on rides, play in the arcades and play games, then during the evening hours we will get some pizza and ice cream!
    Jo in Jersey

  136. We don’t have any Easter egg traditions in my house! I’m the only child and have been out of egg collecting for many years now!

  137. Those Easter Eggs are amazing! I can’t wait to get one and make felt ornaments for my holiday tree with them! What amazing eggs!

  138. I love all the different ideas for Easter cards! I don’t have any Easter egg traditions now, but when I was a kid there used to have Easter egg hunts outside in my grandmother’s yard for my brother and I and all our cousins. So much fun!

  139. Our Easter egg tradition has been to always color our eggs on Good Friday! then I still make up a Easter basket for my two boys even though they are 22 now 🙂

  140. SQUEAL!! LOVE ALL Of the CUTENESS!! We have an Easter Egg Hunt around the house, both ours and the Grandparent Houses!! The Easter bunny leaves all sorts of treats, and not just edible ones!! Its such a FUN time to Celebrate!!

  141. We don’t have any Easter egg traditions but when we get together with the cousins we do an egg hunt. I love all these cards – all so beautiful!

  142. Our Easter egg traditions are pretty typical. We dye hard-boiled eggs and do a plastic Easter egg hunt. When my kiddos were little candy was inside; when they got older money was more of a motivator. 🙂

  143. Out tradition is that the Easter bunny leaves his eggs all over the house and in the morning we go around and find out where he dropped them all

  144. Just started last year with what I hope will become a tradition: having my niece and nephew at our place (and their parents). Hid a zillion eggs, decorated an Easter cake (whatever they wanted, went…loads of chocolate *grin*), made bath bombs and pasta, both from scratch, coloured images for cards and…well, just a day filled with immense joy and a whole LOT of activities! Finger crossed more of the same this year (with our new puppy being part of the excitement, too)!

  145. Our family tradition is coloring Easter eggs and using them to hide and hunt over and over. I have many happy family memories of hunting eggs.

  146. We follow the Polish tradition of making up a basket of decorated eggs, sausages, and sweet things and bring it to church for a blessing 🙂

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