Lawn Fawn Video {2.6.19} Nichol’s Cute Valentine’s Day Treat Holders

Today we are happy to have Nichol join us to share a super cute idea for Valentine’s Day treats! She combines Woodland Critter Huggers with the Tiny Gift Box Raccoon and Fox Add-On to make coordinating cards with attached treat boxes! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

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These cute card/treat box combos are perfect for hand-delivering a unique Valentine’s Day gift to friends and family.

The Stitched Gift Card Pocket on the inside is the perfect place to slip a gift card or a sweet little note!

Fill the Tiny Gift Box with little candy treats!

The cute hearts on the critter bums leave the recipient with a smile! I love how Nichol always thinks of the cutest little details!

Thanks so much for sharing this adorable project with us today, Nichol! I love these charming treats so much!


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14 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Video {2.6.19} Nichol’s Cute Valentine’s Day Treat Holders

  1. Oh my gosh, those are so stinking cute! I’m gonna go home and make that sweet raccoon today after work!! Great Job!

  2. Does Lawn Fawn have a cuteness pill they give all their designers like a daily vitamin? It just unbelievable the cuteness factor!

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