Lawn Fawn Intro: Reveal Wheel Friends & Family Sentiments, Reveal Wheel Arc Frame Add-On, Reveal Wheel Templates: Sweetest Flavor

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s June Inspiration Week! Our Summer 2019 Release is now available at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Reveal Wheel Friends & Family Sentiments, Reveal Wheel Arc Frame Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Sweetest Flavor! These friends and family sentiments are sized to fit perfectly into the windows from Reveal Wheel, Reveal Wheel Square Add-On, and Reveal Wheel Speech Bubble Add-On. They are great for birthdays, summer cards, and cards for a significant other, friend, sibling, or parent! This frame coordinates with the arc window in Reveal Wheel. It’s great to add a decorative touch to your next Reveal Wheel project! Stamped images and sentiments line up perfectly with our Reveal Wheel Templates!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fun new sets!

Elena‘s whimsical card combines the new Reveal Wheel Friends & Family Sentiment set with the Reveal Wheel Arc Frame Add-On! She used cuteness from Oh Gnome, A Little Sparkle, Forest Feast and Birthday Before ‘n Afters to create that magical scene!

Nothing says Happy Birthday more than an adorable Stitched Cupcake in a rainbow wrapper! When you pair the cupcake with our Reveal Wheel Friends & Family Sentiments it’s even better! Lynnette‘s card is so happy and filled with color, who wouldn’t want to be surprised with a card this adorable!

Yainea’s card shows how beautifully A Little Sparkle works with the new Shadow Box Card Rainbow Add-On! This magical birthday card will definitely bring smiles!

I love how Yainea continued the sentiment onto the Spring Showers cloud, that is such a great idea!

Kay created this brilliant card by combining the Sweetest Flavor ice cream cone along with Reveal Wheel Sweetest Flavor Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Sweetest Flavor! I love how the cute fox from Butterfly Kisses is holding the cone with changing colors of ice cream!

Audrey‘s amazing Reveal Wheel Square Add-On card features the Reveal Wheel Arc Frame Add-On! She filled in the windows with super sweet words from Friends & Family Sentiments that coordinate perfectly with the cute Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters rainbow!

I absolutely love how Elise used the sweet sayings from Reveal Wheel Friends & Family Sentiments in the speech bubble from Say What? Pets! Her card is just so adorable with the cute pups and the awesome greeting featuring Scripty Friends!

The second adorable card features more Say What? Pets and Meow You Doin’?! I love how Elise added the sweet paw prints, it’s just so cute!

Megan‘s adorable card combines the kids from Screen Time with cute images from Science of Love! This super fun science lab scene works so well with the special sayings from Reveal Wheel Friends & Family Sentiments! You can find those comical eyeglasses in Dad + Me and So Owlsome!

Now, I have a video for you introducing Reveal Wheel Friends & Family Sentiments and Reveal Wheel Arc Frame Add-On, and sharing some fun ways to use these sets. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Reveal Wheel Friends & Family Sentiments, Reveal Wheel Arc Frame Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Sweetest Flavor! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about your favorite kind of card to make; e.g. interactive, clean and simple, scenes, etc. by June 19th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday June 16 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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326 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Reveal Wheel Friends & Family Sentiments, Reveal Wheel Arc Frame Add-On, Reveal Wheel Templates: Sweetest Flavor

    1. I love to make a variety of cards! But, I must say I love using the reveal wheel and I try to design a lot of cards around it!

  1. Okay, you got me! For months I thought I would not need the reveal wheel set, but now I am starting to change my mind, LOL! The inspiration is fabulous! I am a very eclectic card maker and I make everything and anything, from CAS, through scenes to interactive cards. Interactive ones and shaped ones are my favourites, but I don’t get to make them very often nowadays due to lack of time.. When I do get the chance, however, I always have so much fun!

  2. I love scenes and CAS, to make. But when I have to make for gifting, I love interactive cards. These are some of the cutest interactive cards, so inspiring!

  3. I love making the interactive cards, and your dies make it really easy. I make all kinds of cards but people really enjoy the interactive ones i give them. Loved all the cards today

  4. Great inspiration!!! I’ve been slowly collecting all the Reveal Wheel add-ons and stamps and the Shadow Box add-ons. I like to make interactive cards and decoupage cards.

  5. My favorite card to make changes with my mood, I guess. Right now I’m enjoying using the life-changing blender brushes, so I’m happily making backgrounds-and keeping the rest of the card simple. My family has gifted me with some of the stand-alone dies, so I’m trying to use those–just did my first double-slider card for my husband’s birthday.

  6. I like to make interactive cards. I don’t have the Reveal Wheel die or any of the add-ons as I didn’t think I needed them….but I NEED (want) THEM ALL!!!!

  7. I love making cards. It depends what kind of mood I’m in as far as what kind of cards. Some times I feel like being more putzy. Then I love making interactive cards. What I have really loved making is beach cards with your dies (the palm trees and hammock) and then the stamps to go with. Love them so much!

  8. I love making simple cards, not too much fussing around and minimal equipment needed. I don’t have much space to work in, so I need to make as little mess as possible.

  9. I enjoy the inspiration I get from your designs and products. I like to make interactive cards.

  10. My fav would be something unique, so I love the interactive/ shadow box cards. Great inspiration today!!!

  11. I love making the interactive cards. They are so cute and fun and everyone loves receiving them. Plus there are so many ways to use them you can get completely different results every time.

  12. I love making interactive cards and Lawn Fawn makes that easy with all of the dies and coordinating stamps.

  13. I love the all the Reveal Wheel products! I hope you keep coming out with more add ons! My most favourite cards to make are the interactive ones – the recipient is always surprised with them and it’s fun to watch their reactions!

  14. I love to make all kinds of cards – depending on what mood I’m in. And I can never resist cute critters…

  15. I switch off from day to day on what I feel like making! My style is so different all the time! But I really do love making interactive cards the most, though!

  16. At the moment i am all about the interactive cards! Absolutely love how they make my old stamps like new again
    Thanks lawn fawn team 🙂

  17. My favourite type of card to make are the interactive cards. I love to make the reveal wheel cards, I love that you keep adding fun new stamp sets and dies to add to them.

  18. These cards are amazing! My favorite cards to make are…. all of them. I’m too indecisive to have a favorite anything. Lol

  19. Wow! Each release the designers really outdo themselves with their projects! My favorite cards to make are shaker cards. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  20. I absolutely love the revel wheel!! That new little arc frame die is perfect!! Great inspiration… love it all!

  21. My favorite cards to make are clean and simple right now. I’m too scared to take on interactive right now. I’m still on the learning curve. But I’m still practicing!!!

  22. I love making cards for immediate family and friends who appreciate my crafty hobby…I put that extra effort into making them interactive. Love the family friends sentiments!

  23. I love making cards with great puns as it put a smile on my face while making them. Otherwise I love making an interactive card as it shown that little more effort you put in the card.

  24. Love all the new reveal wheel inspiration. They have given me some great ideas for future cards. Thanks.

  25. Hooray for more Reveal Wheel sentiments. I tend to make Clean and Simple cards because I’m always in a rush, but I love making Interactive Cards (especially for my grandsons) and want to play more with building scenes on my cards. Beautiful samples.

  26. There are so many ideas flowing through my brain as I look at your examples. The possibilities are endless

  27. I still can’t believe how all the sets mix and match so well to create other themes! Love inspiration week <3

  28. These examples are all so very cute! I love the Reveal Wheel sets. Interactive cards are my favorite to make because the recipients are always so delighted by them.

  29. Love making pretty much all types of cards, but shaker cards are fun and the pop up scalloped box is fabulous too.

  30. I love trying new things all the time! I have been enjoying making scenes lately, but always love learning a new card fold or interactive card!

  31. I have been making a lot of interactive cards lately, everyone likes them, and they are a lot of fun to make. Your awesome dies and videos make it so much easier!

  32. I love the reveal wheel!!! I love to make interactive cards! Pop-up cards and light up cards are my favorite. Though I also like to make plain and simple cards too. 🙂

  33. I love making interactive cards — reveal wheel, shakers, pop-ups! They are all fun and I love when the recipient says, how did you do that?

  34. What I call ‘Reveal Wheel Magic’ is just over the top fun. Your tutorials make me think I’d be just fine making one. Can’t believe how stinking cute this product is.

  35. My favorite cards to make sure clean and simple but I am loving learning how to make interactive cards.

  36. My favorite cards are Clean and Simple. Need to try interactive. Thanks for the wonderful product and inspiration!

  37. Great inspiration! Love the cards!
    I like to make different types of cards, it just depends on my creativity mood at that moment.

  38. love the new sentiments!! I’ve had great fun with the reveal wheel for birthday cards. The recipients oooh and aaah over the cards!! My favorite cards to make are interactive cards.

  39. Just darling reveal wheel creations! I like to make layered cards with patterned papers as background!

  40. My favorite kind of card is the interactive ones! I find them so fun and different! And the scalloped box pop up. Those are fun too!

  41. My favorite projects to make are typically clean and simple. However, when I am using Lawn Fawn products I try to fit in as many images as possible in a scene because they all work together and are so cute! I find my cards are a bit bigger too!

  42. That’s hard to answer, it always depends on my mood. I love interactive cards, but always have trouble getting them perfect. But I would have to say clean and simple is usually my go to for all my cards.

  43. I love to make a good interactive card to give to people. Just seeing their faces light up is what makes it all worth it!

  44. Slightly desperate to get my hands on the reveal wheel die! They always look so incredible 😍

    I love making all types of card but my favourite have to be scenes with lots of elements such as fields with all the critters or a kitchen with all the bottles and jars! Basically the more fiddly for me to make the better 😂

  45. My favorite card to make is…. interactive, clean and simple, scenes! 😉 All depending on mood, inspiration of that day, what I see in front of me!

  46. So many fun cards! Love all of these samples!
    My favorite kind of cards to make are clean and simple!

  47. I cannot specify a favorite card as I do cards according to my inspiration from the Lawn Fawn samples and supplies from Lawn Fawn that I purchase or already own. Thank you for amazing products!

  48. I love to make a variety of cards but right now my favorite to make is interactive. Thank you so much for all your creative dies that make those cards such a joy to make. Lawn Fawn is the best!

  49. I usually prefer clean and simple, however I do like the interactive cards. Once I get started making the interactive ones I tend to make a bunch at once!!

  50. Clean and simple because they are so quick and I am usually behind! When I have time I love all of the interactive cards. The pivot pop-up and center window are (some of) my favorites.

  51. I love making shaker cards!! So fun.
    There is never a day that I am not wowed by your awesomely
    talented design team. 🙂

  52. Definitely love to make interactive cards and you have provided awesome dies and tools for us to use these past couple of years! Thanks so much for the great ideas!

  53. My favorite cards to make are Thinking of You cards, you don’t need a special occasion to send them. Who doesn’t love a card for no reason?!

  54. Interactive cards for kids (and sometimes adults!) are the most fun for me. I love that you add new stamp sets that expand the sets I already have!

  55. Since I mostly make cards for children, interactive and scene cards predominate. Lawn Fawn has been especially helpful in making it possible for me to create those fun cards. Thanks!

  56. Love this add-on! It’s hard to pick my favorite type, but anytime I can use cute critters, that’s a plus!

  57. I like making many different types of cards but Scene cards are my favorite. A scene + interactive equal a really great card.

  58. My go to cards to make are simple ones but lately I have been into making interactive cards. It’s been adding pizzaz to my creations.

  59. My favorite type of card depends on the mood I’m in….I like almost all types of cards, so I’ll try any style. I have to admit I don’t have any interactive card making die sets (yet), but trying new techniques is always inspiring. I love fresh ways to use my card making “toys”.

  60. All of the reveal wheel card samples are amazing! I like to make scene cards, but hope to eventually work my way up to interactive cards 🙂

  61. I love making scene cards! And that’s why I love lawn fawn so much because all the stamp sets combine to make wonderful scenes 😍😍

  62. I just make whatever comes to mind or maybe something that I saw and liked. I don’t really keep to just one genre. I love every style.

  63. My favorite type of card to make is a scene card. I love mixing and matching sets and coming up with fun scenes! Great cards, ladies!

  64. I love to make interactive cards, and as I have 5 grandchildren they love th surprises that their cards do.

  65. I love to make all types of cards; but most people I make cards for love the interactive cards the best.

  66. I love to make interactive cars, but it is also fun to make little bitty cards with just little bitty stamps. My friends only expect monumental cards for monumental events!

  67. I love making interactive cards! The grandkids love receiving interactive cards! Fun reveal wheel cards today – DT did a great job!

  68. I enjoy making all cards… although they take more time and concentration and trial and ever, have to admit I enjoy making Interactive cards!

  69. Interactive cards are SO much fun but you also can’t deny the beauty and elegance of clean and simple.

  70. I LOVE interactive cards, they are so much fun to create but the joy when you give it to someone is priceless!

  71. These are all absolutely adorable, and so much fun. I like making all kinds of cards, but interactive & scene cards are my favorites.

  72. This is hard!!! I like to make all kinds of cards! But the challenge of making a new interactive are is pretty exciting!

  73. Oh My! I just wish I could quit my job, win the lottery and play all day with the Cuteness from Lawn Fawn!!

  74. Oh my wife is going to love these reveal wheel cards! The science of love might just be my favorite set.

  75. I love these so much! Interactive cards are my favorites to make, especially when they are really elaborate. I definitely make more of the simple ones since they are so much faster.

  76. I love the variety! Sometime is so rewarding to make an involved inactive card and other times it’s so satisfying to execute a great CAS card. I need it all.

  77. I have been wanting to purchase the reveal wheel. It really depends on my mood and what stamp set I am using. I like to make them all, but I seem to lean towards the clean & simple.

  78. Beautiful cards. I would love to make more interactive cards, but are so time consuming, so I make more simple cards.

  79. I love interactive cards as they are a lot of fun for the recipient as well as the maker! I love Megan’s card (though it’s hard to pick a favourite out of so many gorgeous cards!)

  80. The fun begins as Lawn Fawn release another series of stamps, dies, and other products! Thanks to the fine staff and designers at Lawn Fawn!

  81. Amazing projects! I love clean and simple cards – they seem to come more easily to me. But I love looking at scene cards – I just can’t seem to do them !

  82. Fabulous cards and oh so cute!! It really depends on who I’mmaking the card for. Latley I have been enjoying making cards with your Magic Picture Changer Die. Next on my list to buy is the Reveal Wheel and the Pivot Pop Up die.

  83. The DT rocked it again! My favorite cards to make are either scene cards or clean and simple ones. It depends on my mood and how much time I have to craft as to which kind I make.

  84. I like to receive all cards! 😉
    I have a huge family so clean and simple are best for me though you dies make interactive cards easy!

  85. I love making the interactive cards. It is So much fun watching people especially the little ones go and take the card and play with it again a nd again thanks Lawn Fawn.

  86. I guess my favorite kind of card to make would be scenes using cute animals. That’s why I love Lawn Fawn stamps and dies so much. They have the best designs!

  87. I like making the interactive cards. Just got a bunch of the lights to make light up ones. Don’t have the reveal wheel yet though.

  88. Wow so many adorable inspirations, love themall.♥
    My favorite kind of cards are little scene cards.
    Many thanks for the chance to win,♥

  89. It is like Christmas morning when Lawn Fawn puts out new stamps, dies, and other products. I feel so grateful for all of the inspiration that is provided. Thank you.

  90. If I have time, I like to make interactive cards. Recently, I’ve been using the magic picture changer die set. So much fun!

  91. I love to make birthday cards for family and friends, I like simple and classy. Would love to win your give away.

  92. If I am in a hurry, then I rely on clean and simple but I love to learn and stretch myself by trying all different types of styles and techniques! Love the new release and the work by the design team is fantastic!

  93. I could spend 24/7 making paper products with the supplies from Lawn Fawn. Thank you so much for all that you do to make the world a better place!

  94. OMG! I love interactive cards of all kinds. Today I got to see my 7 year old nephiew play with the claw machine card I made for him with stars in the background that lit up. He loved it. I wasn’t sure the battery would still work after all the play time I had with it first. Thankfully, he didn’t try to climb inside one of those machines this year. Last year, I went to check on him, and there he was inside the machine crying because he couldn’t get out. LOL. I love my little minion child.

  95. I LOVE all the reveal wheel sets; they are really so fun! I don’t really have a favorite type of card to make; I enjoy making lots of different kinds–always up for trying something new!

  96. I love making interactive cards with lots of little details! It makes me smile when the recipient of my card finds all the hidden details in the card

  97. Definitely want to add the Family & Friends for my reveal wheel die set. Interactive cards are my favorite

  98. Love to do interactive cards. I just finished a Reveal Wheel card so the new sentiments will be on my “must-have” list.

  99. I tend to make scene cards. I think that’s just what I picture most often so that’s what I make most often. I am horrible at clean and simple, but I am working on it. Interactive is fun, when I have time for it lol!

  100. My favorite kind of card to make is simple ones because, with three young kids I barely have time to work on my cards! I would love to try interactive ones if I ever have the time though.

  101. I love to make all kinds of cards! If I have the time I like to make scenes and if I can incorperate an interactive element that’s perfect, but if I only have a few moments to create I love making simple cards too.

  102. Even though they’re time consuming, I enjoy making interactive cards, especially shaker cards.

  103. I love making the Reveal Wheel cards. I was very excited to see another set to use with my favourite die. Thanks for the chance to win. Good Luck everyone!!

  104. I like making cards with scenes. I would love to get into crafting more types of cards like interactive but need some more tools and Lawn cuts for sure!

    My fave kinds of cards are usually birthday cards because I send SO many of them – I love making interactive birthday cards most of all!

  106. Such cute cards by the DT – as always! :0) My favorite cards to make are scene cards but generally I don’t have enough time to do them justice so I make clean and simple more often.

  107. I usually make fairly simple cards, but I do love adding die cuts and layers! Haven’t really tried my hand at interactive designs yet because I always seem to mess them up!

  108. I like making interactive cards. It’s so fun to see the recipients face light up when the card is more than just a card! 🙂

  109. Fun projects! I like making interactive cards, but sometimes just don’t have the time! So quick and simple cards are next up on the list for me.

  110. Wonderful card designs and so many cute reveal wheel sayings, I love making interactive cards and my favourite is the reveal wheel! Plus there are so many add ons that make it so versatile! I love how the design team puts older sets with the new for so many more possibilities!

  111. Currently, my favorite cards are scenes with frames. Some other times, it’s clean and simples, and then there are the interactive ones!! There is not enough time in a weekend!!
    In the last 3 posts, my favorite has been Elise Constables cards!! She seems to have my taste! I CASED her seahorse card recently!

  112. I love making cards with scenes – even though Lawn Fawn has took some of the sweating and cursing out of interactive cards, with their helpful dies, I still tend to shy away from those types of cards.

  113. Everyone’s cards look great. I like making scene cards the most. I have a few of your interactive dies and I always go back to making basic scene cards.

  114. I love building scenes and interactive, but clean and simple is always refreshing to make because it is quick. So basically I love it all!

  115. I love the dog stamps so cute…for my favorite card to make are birthdays cards or Christmas cards…heck I like making all cards except for sympathy ones..made a few to many of those

  116. I have to make a lot of cards for family so I do tend to make clean and simple ones however I do really love making a more unique or interactive card for special birthdays or special occasions 🙂

  117. I love seeing interactive cards but lean more towards making clean and simple. These samples are gorgeous though

  118. I make cards for Royal Family Kids Camp for Foster kids and I love to make them interactive cards. Besides making the cards I also write encouraging words inside. Lawn Fawn makes it easy for me to make cute cards for kids!

  119. My favorite card design is a scene, as I love building characters and creating stories, but I also love interactive cards. People get so excited when card elements move or light up!

  120. I have the wheel now I need the templates! I am so inspired to make so so so many wheelie goodies. Thank you for sharing all the great ideas, but the science one is my favorite. Two of my kiddos are scientists!

  121. Wow! These are amazing!

    I love to make all kinds of cards … But I have really been loving these recent Lawn Fawn interactive cards! I made the Magic Picture Changer die for my Dad’s Father’s Day card this year. He is an Engineer and loves the interactive cards too. It made him really happy. Thank you Lawn Fawn!

  122. I have fallen for the reveal wheel and magic picture changer interactive cards! Currently, making 9 for my niece and nephew’s teachers! Love the new ideas for pairing different sets with these dies!

  123. All I can say is I love love love your stamps and dies one true thing I really like over some other stamp companies is how real like your characters are, if it’s a dog then it looks like a cute little dog that someone would love getting on a card. Thank you

  124. I tend to lean more toward clean and simple, but I probably have more fun making the interactive cards. I love playing with them after I’m done 🙂

  125. Although I love the interactive cards, I tend to end up making more of the clean and simple cards because I always wait too long to start working on them and run out of time. Lynnette’s rainbow cupcake card is so cute, and now I definitely want to try making a card like Yainea’s with the rainbows and unicorn!

  126. I love interactive cards! I’ve had many a recipient ask, “How did you get it to do that?” Lawn Fawn makes it easy!

  127. Love all the new sentiments ! I am definitely a simple card creator like the dogs & cat example card haha but I do enjoy trying to create interactive cards like the ones with the little light 💡.. those were fun kits !

  128. I love interactive cards. I’ve finally “mastered” the Magic Card Changer after a few “trial and errors” with the paper.

  129. I usually make simple and clean cards .. once in a while I’ll feel adventurous and try interactive cards which (to me) are a bit more fun but require a bit more of time ..

  130. I love the look of interactive cards, but I usually find myself in a pinch for time and make simpler cards with distressed ink backgrounds to draw attention.

  131. Interactive cards are so fun, but I find myself drawn to making clean and simple cards. Probably because I run out of time to make one!

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