Lawn Fawn Intro: Fortune Teller Tabby, Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Circle

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall/Winter 2019 Inspiration and Release week! On August 22 our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Fortune Teller Tabby, Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Circle! I predict that you will love this stamp set! This cute fortune teller tabby cat is great for cat lovers, or anyone who needs a pawsitive prediction! Make an interactive card with this versatile circle! This set coordinates with Fortune Teller Tabby and Reveal Wheel to create a card that reveals different colors, sentiments, or images as you turn a wheel. These templates are perfect for eliminating pencil marks and guesswork! Simply layer a stencil over your reveal wheel, then stamp through the open windows.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fun new sets!

Megan‘s Fortune Teller Tabby is predicting fun for the Meow You Doin’ cats! Her Reveal Wheel card features the new Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On and the Reveal Wheel Square Add-On! The “purrfect” sentiment is awesome ombré inked Cole’s ABCs letters!

Audrey‘s awesome inked backdrop creates a mystical look for her super fun Fortune Teller Tabby design!

Nichol brought out the Upon a Star critters to see what the crystal ball predicts for the future! Such a fun idea to pair them with Fortune Teller Tabby and the little Keep on Swimming feline!

Grace used the Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On set to create a pretty flower with happy messages and smiley faces! She paired a Stitched Scalloped Circle Frame (you could also use the scalloped circle frame from Mini Picture Frames)with the scalloped frame in the new set! I love how she white embossed the sentiments and faces on Black Licorice cardstock so they really pop!

This Fortune Teller Tabby is not so spooky because Chari used bright and happy pastel colors for a more whimsical look!

I love how Latisha added that other-worldly glow behind the Fortune Teller Tabby! She covered the crystal ball with Prisma Glitter, that is such a cool look!

Elise‘s Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On card is so adorable! I love how she coordinated her coloring with the color of the purple glitter cardstock in our Autumn Sparkle pack!

Lynette‘s Fortune Teller Tabby design is so amazing! She used Shadow Box Card Theater Add-On to create the Black Sparkle curtains and Put a Bow on It as tie-backs! I love how she used the Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On to create a shaker for the tiny stars in the crystal ball, so cool!

There is so much cuteness happening here on Elena‘s Reveal Wheel card! I love how the gray inking in the background adds a bit of spooky mystery!

The Keep on Swimming cat and the cute kitten from Say What? Pets are hoping their day will be “super duper”! How cool is Elise‘s inky background! I love how she added the sparkly sequins and stars!

Yainea created an amazing Reveal Wheel card with spooky curtains, cool color and a cute Elphie Selfie mouse whose future is filled with smiles!

Now, I have a video for you introducing Fortune Teller Tabby and Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On and sharing some fun things you can do with these sets. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Fortune Teller Tabby and Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Circle! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what activity you’d like to see our critters doing by August 21 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday August 18 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

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467 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Fortune Teller Tabby, Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Circle

  1. I can’t for the circle add-on for the reveal wheel! And I would love to see the critters having a little fall festival

  2. I would like to see the critters in a supernatural scene with the fortune teller. Kinda like the tv series, ya know!

    1. I love this set. I would love to see the critters having a spa with putting some cucumber slices in their faces. This would be too cute.

  3. Wow hard to say about the critters, your critters do so many things now. Maybe for get well cards, the critters with casts on, or with injured limbs or something with get well wishes included of course. I love all the other ideas being left too. The cards were awesome today!

    1. Critters crafting, baking, and playing nurse or doctor. I work in a hospital so my thought process is animals helping animals get better

  4. What adorable card samples! I’d love to see critters picnicking or flying or crafting. No matter what you guys do your critters are my favorite!

  5. Critters that have a bakery. They can bake birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and make cookies, cupcakes and pies, all for their little critter friends. And wear chef hats and aprons, too!

  6. Oh my, this and the mice on ice are my fave stamp sets from this release 🥰.
    I would love to see our critters do some dancing – ballroom, ballet, step dance or anything like that. Crafty Critters would be cool too 😁.

  7. This is so cute! Love the different things with the reveal wheel. I would like to see the critters doing things to support a critter friend. Like putting a bandage on a paw, comforting with a hug, etc.

  8. This tabby is so cute. I love the idea of the crystal ball and being able to use the reveal wheel with it. What i would love to see are critters surfing!

  9. Loving the cards for the Fortuneteller Tabby!

    I would like to see the critters in other jobs, like a firefighter, a doctor, a scientist, that sort of thing- still cutesy but gender free so they can easily be used for anyone!

  10. Wow…I was considering skipping this set but…..the designers have changed my mind.
    I must have this fortune telling cutie. I see it in my future.

  11. Love the versatility of the Reveal Wheel! Oh man… I would love to see crittersplaying sports maybe? Or dancing… like ballerina animals?

  12. Love the fortune teller cat card ideas. I would like to see critters eating candy for Halloween. Thanks for sharing.

  13. So many possibilities! I would like to see some sport activities, baking activities or something involving a pickup truck.

  14. Omg love the fall themed reveal card so cute, and critters hmm maybe it would be cute if they had a crafting day or maybe an apple picking theme haha perfect for fall !!

  15. I’d like to see a magicians set to go with the fortune telling tabby! There could be a tiny rabbit stamp that fits inside of a top hat!

  16. Love the new circle add on for the Reveal Wheel !!
    I think it would be fun to see the Critters Swimming maybe in a pool or lake that would be fun … I think I just cant let go of summer yet lol

  17. How about getting tattoos? That would be cute and amusing. The critter tattoo artist could be covered in tiny animal tattoos.

  18. What a cute cat set! I would like to see critters biking, camping, hiking, riding a Razor scooter, paddle boarding or acting out a nativity scene.

  19. All your samples are so, so cute! And I’d love to try them all… but maybe some critters and or humans baking and/or crafting. And I love Halloween… maybe incorporate that…

  20. Critters on a paddle board or motor boat would be cute. Swimming, hiking and camping themes could go along with. The reveal window cads are such an awesome interactive idea and the possibilities are endless.

  21. Such cute sets and inspiration from the designers! I would love to see some critters exercising. Thank you for the chance to win!!

    1. This set is adorable! Since it is a fortune teller cat, how about critters doing circus stunts? Some can serve popcorn, one can take tickets, and then bunnies on the trapeze!

  22. Fortune Teller Tabby is such a great idea and so cute! I’d love to see your critters swimming, at a pool or at the beach.

  23. This kitty cracks me up!! So many fun options for the critters to do, but thought about them driving different vehicles like a car, train, bus, etc.

    1. Critters playing sports would be awesome. I would also like more critters that could lay in the hammock and lay on the beach blanket.

  24. i would love to see the critters :
    in an office setting ! (with water cooler, desk, words relating to colleagues like congrats on your new job, goodbye you’ll be missed, happy birthday to a great coworker)
    also… critters at the olympics!

  25. I can’t get enough of critters hiding in piles of raked leaves or ambushing their buddies from a pile of leaves. I like critters being lazy too!

  26. I have always loved how your sets mix and match together for endless new possibilities! How about the critters going back to school? That’s where I am soon headed.

  27. I would love to see the critters WORKING OUT! Running, Lifting Weights, Kettebells!
    These samples are DARLING! Loving this release!

  28. Love the Fortune Teller Tabby and the Reveal Wheel cards! The Circle Add-On looks great!
    Your critters are all so cute! Your cats are a favorite of mine!
    Can’t get enough Halloween, so maybe decorating a Halloween tree?

  29. I would actually like there to be a dog version of the fortune teller (sadly with an entire family allergic to cats they aren’t super popular on a card). what about critters around the world … You could have them traveling and landing in different countries and celebrate that countries symbol. for example, Scotland… Have a kilt, an elk, a thistle, Netherlands clogs and tulips. … I am sure you get my point

  30. Seriously cute….do you peeps ever sleep??? So many fun ideas. I would love to see the critters building a snowman.

  31. Wow, I love seeing all the different cards your design team comes up with! Simply incredible and very inspirational.

  32. Love, love, love, fortune teller tabby especially since it can be made into a interactive card. Your critters already do so many things…I would love a set where they are kissing, dancing, holding hands – would be great for many themes such as Valentine’s day, thinking of you, love you, anniversary, with sympathy, best friends etc. !

  33. I predict that I will be buying this set! So cute! How about critters in space or critters riding bikes (maybe even a tandem bike)?

  34. I love all the samples the design team made! The Reveal Wheel Circle add on is just so fun! I would love to see critters playing sports, baking or crafting!

  35. I would love to see more dog stamps! Specific critters like a poodle or Maltese or a french bulldog! Then maybe we could do a doggie swami too like the kitties!

  36. The primary recipients of my cards love science, reading and martial arts. I’d love to see critters doing similar activities.

  37. Awesome inspirational examples! I would like to see the critters doing water sports activities, like canoeing, rafting, windsurfing, surfing, etc. The surfboard or canoe can be an interactive card by using a slider.

  38. Love these ideas and colors and new products! Since reading is what I do when I can’t craft, I would love to see critters reading books, surrounded by books, at a library, sleeping with books, etc….Or if the critters could make cards, I’d like to make a card of them making a card! 🙂 Thanks for these giveaway chances.

  39. Yay! More options for the reveal wheel, which I absolutely love! This fortune telling knitting is amazing and I love the upbeat fortunes! Your critters would be great baking, wedding or camping…I love them all! Someone else suggested job themed critters which would be fun too! Safari, zoo or other vacation destinations.

  40. I’d love more sports critters! More little people is really what I would love to see! Kids playing sports. Baseball. Soccer. Kids at the beach!!! Great job DT! Loving how different all of you create and how stunning each card is!!

  41. I love the fortune telling tabby with the reveal wheel additions – so cute! I would love to see the critters doing something around a Thanksgiving theme – maybe sharing messages on a pumpkin pie?

  42. Critters exercising, reading, playing the guitar and keyboard…maybe a rock band. I definitely like somebody else’s idea about doing science, jump on the STEM movement! How about traveling, with their rolling suitcases in tow? And sick and injured critters for making get well cards. Critters using canes and walkers too. Critters working in the garden. Critters hiking. Critters doing more winter activities like throwing snowballs, drinking cocoa, building snowmen, snowshoeing, skiing, regular and cross country. People I talk too, and myself, really like the anthropomorphized animal stamps better than the human kid ones. Human kid stamps are the ones in the sale bin at the store!

  43. How about some more before and after critters…like baking…crafting…hugging…hi fives…etc. Critters that are designed specially for the flipping awesome die…so telling a story.

  44. I absolutely love this kitty set!! It’s my favorite!!! I would love to see some critters crafting. They could be card making, knitting, crocheting, or sewing. I think it would be cute!!

  45. I use the critters with birthday cards that my granddaughter loves to make. How about blowing out the candles on the cake

  46. I’d love to see a critter Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead/sugar skull set with a cat, dog, mouse, people, ect…
    I’d also love to see a popcorn themed set and enamel pin.

  47. I love seeing the critters do everyday activities. Because so many of them are facing different directions, I would like to set them up playing a board game or playing some other game. I love seeing them having a snowball fight in the winter or making a snowman (or snowcritter). Because the lawn fawn characters tend to be the same size through all the sets, it makes it easy to combine them and create an endless combination of scenes.

  48. Critters crafting – like we do! I made a Christmas card with critters from various sets and a “peace on earth” sentiment. All your fortune teller cards are so cool!

  49. Awesome cards from the designers. I’d love to see critters playing sports, Valentine’s Day activities, skiing. I’d also really like stamp sets with outfits to dress up the critters/children.

  50. The Fortune Teller Tabby set is so fun.. but my favorite is the Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On 🙂

  51. Oh! I love to see the critters doing anything, but I think seeing them do nerdy things would be the best! Crafting, reading books, playing board games!

  52. So cute. ? Watch the moon change colors
    Hard to say. Love the fortune teller tabby but also the flower was so cute!

  53. I can’t wait for th e kitty to arrive. You have so much great ideas for the critters I never could imagine. Maybe after their vacation on the beach some wandering? Something for retirement cards?

  54. I would like to see the critters maybe playing some kind of sport. I love all the fall items and Halloween stuff. Makes me want to make Halloween cards.

  55. Wonderful products from Lawn Fawn that are going to be terrific to share with friends and family! Thank you!

  56. Critters on a road trip would be fun. Critters reading, crafting (stitching!), and gardening. Love the fortune teller tabby! Great ideas DT!

  57. This stamp and die set is already on my wish list – it is so so cute and I can’t wait to play with it! Love this new release.

  58. A fortune telling kitty! How do you come up with all of these cute ideas? This would make a cute added element with the Roller Coaster set … maybe stamping this image inside with the message.. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one either as I already have so many thoughts racing around my brain! So cute! As for other activities for the critters — all the suggestions so far are really good, but I have to agree that I would loves seeing them crafting or cooking, & involving them more with Birthdays, add-ons for some of the holiday sets, or special occassions like weddings or graduations.

  59. Critters playing sports so I can use them for kids who play them – volleyball, tennis, football, GOLF, baseball, etc

  60. I have this set on the top of my list for August 22! I would love to see some critters dancing in the Nutcracker 🙂

  61. I would LOVE to have some Girl Scout critters!!!!! If I had the money I would pay someone to make me some lol. I was a Girl Scout when I was younger and I am the leader of my daughter’s troop now! This is my 4th year as leader and I just love it! My little girl is a VERY PROUD Brownie and is a Girl Scout through and through.

  62. I love the Fortune Teller Tabby and Reveal Wheel Circle. All of the cards on the blog from the Design Team are so inspiring and beautiful!

    1. Maybe critters could be quilting/crafting. I get together with 5 lovely ladies 2x a year and they all quilt and craft.

  63. I love the new autumn papers – they look great with all the new products. But, the crystal ball is super adorable! Can’t wait to use that stamp!

  64. Maybe the critters could be doing a sport activity such as golf, tennis, soccer. I have a lot of golfers in my family. It’s great to have the circle add-on for the reveal wheel.

  65. I’d like to see your critters in a snowball fight :-D. But no matter what they do: I always love what you come up with!

  66. I ❤️ these cards and that Fortune Teller stamp set is a must have. I liked a previous comment about having critters baking.

  67. I would love to see the critters playing video games, going to the movies, baking, celebrating Halloween, celebrating Christmas, crafting, playing Hockey, etc. Thanks for the giveaway. : )

  68. Love all the options for the reveal wheel. I have this die and love the cards I create with it. Now I’ll have more options 🤓

  69. Love this release countdown. Maybe some critters baking or playing football or sports (boy oriented) Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Amazing creations!
    All are so charming
    with the many sayings.
    Love to see the critters
    doing archery!
    Carla from Utah

  71. I would love to see the critters starting school. Maybe include a teacher critter. This time of year they would sure get used a lot!

  72. Since the Olympic games will be held next year, that has me thinking about sports. The critters could play summer sports such as soccer, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics, golf, canoeing, and later on winter sports like skiing, ski jumping, skating (you already have bears and mice skating), snowboarding (yetis), etc. The slide on over dies would work great with sports. Also since this is an international event, I’m thinking that dressing critters in costumes to reflect their country of origin, country symbols, and greetings in various languages would be fun and could be used with the reveal wheel dies. As always, whatever your designers come up with will be really cute and better than I can imagine.

  73. Love the little black eyed susan reveal wheel. Those cute little faces are adorable. Also love the little fall scene reveal wheel. This release looks to be very versatile. While the fortune teller cards are very cute in design, I just am not a fan of fortune telling.

  74. So many cute options! I think crafting critters, Halloween critters, baking critters, maybe more carnival type critters to go along with the fortune teller kitty!

  75. Love these cards!!! I would like to see the critters hanging out at the lake…they can kayak, hike, bike, have a campfire, go fishing. I think a set of critters that could bake would be adorable too!

  76. You all are killing me with all these adorable projects! I love them all! I would really enjoy a set where some pups, I love them best, maybe kitties too, are wrapping holiday gifts and decorating Christmas trees, I’d use those a lot! And since I crochet and knit a lot a set with those kinds of images would get a lot of use as well. Thanks for the chance to win this adorable set!

    1. I would love to see the critters dancing. Also kayaking would be cute as well as any other outdoor activity. It would also be cute if they could hold signs. I love the critters that hold objects. We could use a hedgehog that holds items too. Love Lawn Fawn! My go to for my first choice of stamping etc.

  77. The fortune teller series from Lawn Fawn has so many possibilities. I can hardly wait to use them. Thank you!

  78. It would be interesting to see career critters with tools of the trade for props, like a nurse , teacher, craft store owner, etc.

  79. Can’t wait for Fortune Teller Tabby. So many great possibilities to use this with other Lawn Fawn cat-themed stamps… I forsee these will be just purrfect!

  80. Love the reveal wheel dies! maybe the critters could be watching a big drive in movie screen that changes.

  81. This set is too cute. I’ve been racking my brain about something new for the critters to do and came up with nothing. Sorry.

  82. I would love to see other critters making crafts! I also would love to see a Ribbon that can be
    used to represent various cause/support ex. breast cancer, prostate, etc.
    I like to also see critters performing everyday professions/careers Nurses, teachers, police,
    fireman, doctors, and can’t forget craft/supply owners to keep mailman, etc.

  83. Fortune teller tabby is so cute. I would love to see critters in an office setting (I keep thinking of a baboon talking to his boss on the phone!) or a road race. Therapy critters might be good, or some critter set for pet get well/sympathy cards.

  84. Love this Fortune Telling Kitty! So many great suggestions for critter activity. Crafting and reading would be my picks.

  85. I love your critters doing lots of different activities. That is why I love your company because you make your critters so versatile so that we can put them doing many different activities.

  86. I would like to see critters/humans doing: baseball, surfing, skateboarding, swimming, bicycling, hiking, picnicking and it goes now. Reading thru some of the post, I also like the ideas of crafting, Christmas decorating (my favorite kind of stamp) and acting out a nativity scene.

  87. I’d like to see the critters playing cards. My husband and I play bridge and other friends play poker. It’d also work for children who play Old Maid or War!

    In the meantime, I’ll have to see if the kitty sees the cards in her crystal ball.

  88. I like that you are creating things to work with already existing dies. I would like to see more dogs. (Love the pet set). A dog looking up like so it could work with Wish Upon, Winter Skies and the new Fortune Teller.

  89. I just love all the Reveal Wheel Products!! So fun! hmm . . . critters . . . I don’t think I could come up with anything betterh than what you already come up with every month!

  90. Cute, cute, cute! It seems the LF critters have done just about everything, but how about some critters in tu-tus?

  91. Beautiful touch making the phrases fisheye. I actually would love to use the circle as part of a set of bubbles, either with the Sublime or Rub-a-Dub-Dub set. As for next activity…critters playing on a playground? Slide, swings, see-saw, hide and seek?

  92. I would love to see the critters dancing. Also kayaking would be cute as well as any other outdoor activity. It would also be cute if they could hold signs. I love the critters that hold objects. We could use a hedgehog that holds items too. Love Lawn Fawn! My go to for my first choice of stamping etc.

  93. I would love to see cats and dogs in rain gear, jumping in puddles. It would be such a cute take on the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs,” don’t you think?

  94. I would love to see your critters in vehicles! Cars, trucks, tractors, construction vehicles. The sets could be called Critters Road trip or Critters on the move. My kids have been hoping for vehicles for a very long time, and tractors and construction vehicles are hard to find in stamps.

  95. I love the Fortune Teller Tabby! What fun! I love the reveal wheel cards and have a lot of the products within that overall line. They are fun to use. I love everything that the critters do. Hmmm, what else could they be doing? I like the previous release with some critters laying down so we can put them in hammocks and on beach towels. I would like critters to hold hands or kiss. I would LOVE to have an interactive die that moves two critters together when the card opens. I rigged something up like this for a wedding card last year, but would love it if Lawn Fawn could create a die that makes this happen. I created two interlocking strips of acetate and glued them inside the edges of a gate-fold card. When the front flaps were opened, the two critters went from the outer edge of the card to the middle. That would be awesome to have something to make this happen! THANK YOU for being SO incredibly awesome! I LOOOOOVE Lawn Fawn!

  96. Oh so sweet! My daughter just rescued a kitten from college (and promptly went back, so we have a new ‘baby!’) I love the different colors and how many different FUN ways you’ve used the creative wheel! I’d love to see the critters doing kid’s games! Hopscotch, jacks, hide and seek! Memories of childhood 🙂 Thanks for sharing AND inspiring!

  97. I would love to see some critters reading or cooking, these could be so versatile for many different holiday seasons.

  98. Oh, what a wonderfull cards. Just adorable! The critters baking or cooking would be fun or maybe skiing, hiking, camping, traveling …

  99. Good video , wow let’s see maybe the critters could be baking or cooking ? Or playing some sport oh or maybe going hiking or surfing !

  100. Love this fun stamp set and love the new addition to the reveal wheel family too!
    I would love to see some critters reading books and drinking tea!

  101. Oh my! How cute is this set!! And I have just purchased the keepon swimming stamp set, in inspiration and plus I have an old lady grumpy kitty too!

    Thank you so much for sharing talent and ideas.

  102. It would be great to make a store front die that you could have the critters grocery shopping, make a coffee shop, a beauty salon, surf shop, pet store, bakery, Italian restaurant , boutique… the possibilities are endless ! !! Make the store with a window so we can see critters inside – have a blank sign so we can make the store into whatever we want – you can even make sets to coincide with different stores – Grocery with a little cart with food and cash register / Salon with people in chair, under big hairdryer, various beauty products and each set will include a sign for whatever store is featured. So am I hired for ideas department? Lol – I will work for stamps – lol

  103. I can tell a fortune of praise for all of Lawn Fawn’s products each time I see the creations that people make!
    Thank you!

  104. Love how the Fortune Teller is being used with the Reveal A Wheel die… but think the curtains and bows add a super special touch… think I’d have to copy that! So cute!

  105. Would love to see the critters being able to play tennis / sports. That would be fun. Love the DT samples. So great.

  106. The thing I love most about Lawn Fawn is how you can mix and mingle all of your products! I feel like when I buy one of your products, they aren’t a “one and done”. Your design team offers so many great ideas too! LOVE!

  107. about critters playing sports, critters going off to school, critters at the movie theatre or having dinner in a restaurant. Oh and some more people would be fabulous! Love everything you do! 😀

  108. I really enjoy using the reveal wheel for my cards…..everyone finds them so creative – thanks for the tools to make them!

  109. Decorating the Christmas tree.
    Carving a pumpkin.
    Chasing a turkey
    The fortune-teller kitty is unique and
    cute. thanks for the peek.

  110. I would love to see the critters and humans in different poses. I like that we are seeing a few new things lately like laying on backs, Animals facing backwards etc..

  111. you really have covered most of the bases … sports is a good idea that some folks have suggested …. maybe a critter wedding?

  112. I’d like to see a set with things with Wheels and the Critters riding in or on them. It would be (wheely) cute!!! Ha Ha!!!
    And, I love Ostrich, so I’d like to see an Ostrich set too!!!
    Awesome designs. Love the new Reveal Wheel.

  113. I love all these cards! For the question, I would like to see critters playing softball. It is really hard to find girls sports, especially softball.

  114. A reveal wheel card looks like lots of fun! I think it would be fun to have a bat character stamp set to play around with.

  115. Hmmm, it’s a tough one. I guess I would like to see some more masculine type topics such as sports, tools, etc… I’m sure whatever you come up with next will be great!

  116. I would LOVE to see some Dancing/Singing or Sports playing Critter Sets!! I LOVE the Critter sets, so ANYTHING would be FUN!! AMAZING Inspiration!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Week!!

  117. Your critters already do everything – they have more active social lives than I do! I always love to see them celebrating holidays together.

  118. I love the Reveal Wheel and all of the Add-Ons! They are so well thought out and when I make a card using the Reveal Wheel – it always looks so special and so impressive! Who knew it could be so easy – especially with the templates! Thank you so much for creating such amazing products!

  119. I think fortune teller tabby is my fav of the whole release! Especiallyw ith the reveal wheel add on. I love reveal wheel cos its very simple to put together! Adds a real wow factor to cards simply!

  120. I love the fortune kitty ! My mother would love it. I would love to see critters in a hospital setting. Dr and nurses caring for peeps. More get well soon.

  121. I am trying to think of what you have not done yet with critters! I always love all the holiday themes you do with them.

  122. I think I would like to see critters surfing, like an iguana or a lizard! Or parachuting out of a plane, like a flamingo or eagle! HA! Dogs playing pool or cards would be hilarious too! Maybe skunks at a kissing booth or handing out advice! Such a fun thought. Let your imagination run wild!!!!

  123. I love all the cards. As far as something to have the critters do, that’s a hard one. Maybe have dogs catching frisbees, chasing balls, cats playing with yarn. Or, have farm animals doing farm animal movements (eating grass, running, someone riding a horse, goat butting something) or more natural movements.

  124. Love the designs today. Would love to see critters playing cards. Poker, old maid, go fish, etc. or dressed up as monsters and trying to scare each other (peeking around corners, hiding, etc.).

  125. You know.. I love this little kitty and her revel wheel. I love all the revel wheels but haven’t yet bought any because I’m afraid to fall down that rabbit hole. LOL I’ll have to have ALL of them!! and totally break my crafting budget.. but someday.. sigh. I will have it!

  126. Adore the new fortune teller tabby and reveal wheel add on. So many uses come to mind.You could give it the spooky effect over the words by using some form of glitter to make it “not clear” as if it is coming into focus.

  127. Purrfect! I’d love to see a baseball/hockey set for my nephew; ballet/ringette for my niece and gymnastics for both! Tall order *grin*

  128. Birthday and baby critters are always needed. A birthday present or hat reveal wheel add on would be fun. Another thought – spring babies or critters smelling a flower reveal-wheel add on would be fun too… Ooh! Now the ideas are flowing…you could really go out on a limb and have a pregnancy tummy reveal-wheel add-on…one baby, twins, triplets, boy or girl… maybe with bunnies or kitties…or a mama bear…?

  129. Cute creations! I would like the critters in sports activities as well as dancing. I am in need of a ballet set!

  130. Wow…that is hard. You already have your critters doing so much. So, I guess, whatever you decide next is great with me. I wasn’t going to get the fortune teller kitty, but now that you have shown so many different ideas and cards with this set, I have to get it.

  131. I am just in LOVE with this one!!! DT, as always, you’ve totally rocked this stamp set and used it in fabulous ways!! I love all of the ways you (Lawn Fawn) are putting the critters into fun scenes! I’d love to see more mail themed critters. I know that you have a post & mailbox (and love those sets) but I think it would be so great if you created a stamp set with critters or Fawny peeps that have a mailbox, letters, sentiments – maybe a little mail truck the critters or people could fit into – all scaled to size to work together in a stamp set. I can be sure whatever you guys come up with next we will all love!! Your creations always blow us away!
    *Also maybe a little circus themed stamp set – with people ala “The Greatest Showman”?!?

  132. I love all the critters lol. So whatever the critters are doing is fine by me. You all do a fantastic job!

  133. So amazing once again, you take a stamp set that I am convinced that I don’t need and make it impossible for me to pass up.

  134. I would love to see critters in a library! With books, a library card, a cute librarian with glasses, card catalogs (that’s how old I am, ha!) OR critters sewing!

  135. Love the new kitty fortune teller! Super duper cute! Hmmm… I can’t think of anything for the critters to do that we can’t make happen now. I’m sure your very imaginative creation team will come up with great ones that we GOTTA have 😀 !!

  136. I love this set. The kitty is so cute. Love the crystal ball. You all have done critters in every situation imaginable!!! I would say would say maybe crafting or perhaps like a wedding/bridal party set. Thanks. Take care ❤️

  137. Lawn fawn ❤️ is the best when it comes to stamp sets and inteactive cards.. I love everything, its very addictive and super fun to make🤩🤩 and this week giveaway is rawrsome😊🤗Thank you for giving us all the chance to win your amazing collection😉 Kudos

  138. I would love to see your critters having a tea party! A table of tiny cups of sweets to color in any color, maybe some of Mother’s summer hats or pearls to wear for dress up. I think it would be an adorable sister, general family, or friend sentiment set.

  139. I would love to see some critters jumping from a diving board — especially with the Summer Olympics next year. 🙂

  140. The circle is a great way to change the fortune teller. I love the cards and how the colours vary the effect. Thanks for the chance to win!

  141. I see them staring up at a starry sky, imagining what could be out there in outer space, while also thinking about their goals and dreams in life… it’s all written in the stars, you just have to find the right one!

  142. This fortune teller set is going to bring smiles to the faces of so many of my friends and family members. Thank you!

  143. My fortune is ensured today because it is 22 August and all of the Lawn Fawn products that I pre-ordered will be packed and sent to me! Hooray!

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