Lawn Fawn Intro: You’re Just My Type, Love Poems, Reveal Wheel Square Window Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Square

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine Inspiration & Release Week! On December 12th our 3 new stamp sets, 7 new die sets, a new Reveal Wheel Template and some fun new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of You’re Just My Type and its coordinating dies, Love Poems and coordinating dies, Reveal Wheel Square Window Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Square! This fun stamp set is just your type! Featuring a typewriter, desk, and a cute “typing” mouse, this set is perfect for “I love you” cards, Valentine’s Day, or cards for co-workers.

Roses are red, violets are blue, the Love Poems stamp set is totally perfect for you! This set works on its own, or pair it with You’re Just My Type for a cute typewriter to stamp the messages into. With lots of different sentiments, this set is great for all types of cards! Make an interactive card with this versatile square! This set coordinates with Reveal Wheel to create a card that reveals different colors, sentiments, or images as you turn a wheel. To make it even easier, use the option Reveal Wheel Templates: Square.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Megan‘s super cute card combines all of our featured sets! Her Reveal Wheel design used the new Reveal Wheel Square Window Add-On to cut the perfect sized square for the You’re Just My Type scene and the sweet messages from Love Poems! The cute envelope from Love Letters coordinates really well with these new sets!

All the little mice are very busy in Grace‘s fun Magic Picture Changer scene! The mice from Wild for You and Elphie Selfie play nicely with our new You’re Just My Type mouse! The Love Poems messages are perfect for creating two part messages with Magic Picture Changer!

I love how Elena has the typed papers of Love Poems flying out of the typewriter! The desk, typewriter and desk lamp are all images from You’re Just My Type!

The fun images and sweet sayings from You’re Just My Type and Love Poems are perfect for adorable little Flippin’ Awesome scenes! Marine created the sweetest card design in shades of pink cardstock and patterned papers along with a Quilted Backdrop!

The Fall Fling “wallpaper” gives this cute office scene a decidedly 70s vibe in Melissa‘s adorable birthday card!

Tammy‘s adorable set of Valentine cards combine You’re Just My Type with notes from Love Poems! She made the sweet window cards with Outside In Stitched Heart Stackables and Simple Wavy Banners! The greeting from Love Poems is curved perfectly for our Wavy Banner sets!

The Let’s Toast Pull Tab Add-On is another interactive die that’s a great partner with You’re Just My Type and Love Poems! Raise the tab to pull the paper out of the typewriter and reveal a sweet message! Yainea also added the Elphie Selfie mouse and some happy mail from Love Letters!

Audrey‘s bright and happy design features our versatile new XOXO Backdrop which we will introduce later in the week!

Elise created a whimsical design with colorful typewriters and a beautifully inked ombré background! This happy design will surely bring a smile to everyone!

Latisha‘s lovely clean and simple card features the “typed” heart from You’re Just My Type stamped in pretty shades of pink and red Lawn Fawndamentals ink!

Lynnette used more masculine colors of black, red and kraft to create her adorable design! She used the A Little Note Line Border to add the perfect greeting!

Everyone loves a pretty grid design! I love how the typewriter colors coordinate with the Really Rainbow paper in the background! Marine combined Cole’s ABCs in Pixie Dust Sparkle cardstock with a red Outside In Stitched Heart to craft a special greeting!

Elena also used a grid design to create this playful card filled with cute mice and their happy messages!

Eloise created beautiful layered Valentine tags using Tag You’re It! She added some really cool texture to the tags with ink blending and our new Just Stitching Double Heart Stackables!

Tammy’s adorable heart day card has lots of charm! She composed a sweet poem on typewriters layered on Lacy Heart Stackables and finished with the Happy Heart Day Line Border!

Marine‘s fun Reveal Wheel card includes cute accessories from Holiday Helpers (hot cocoa mug), Ho-Ho-Holidays (small gift, plate of cookies) and Plan on It: School (books)! The Happy Heart Day Line Border looks great die cut from Pixie Dust Sparkle cardstock with a bright Chili Pepper red heart!

Now, I have a little video to introduce You’re Just My Type, Love Poems, Reveal Wheel Square Window Add-On and the Reveal Wheel Templates: Square and show some fun ways to use them. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch  at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at You’re Just My Type, Love Poems, Reveal Wheel Square Window Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Square! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you’ve ever written a poem by December 11th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday December 8th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Valentine Release Products will be available on December 12th!
You’re Just My Type stamps and coordinating dies
Love Poems stamps and coordinating dies
Reveal Wheel Square Window Add-On
Reveal Wheel Templates: Square
XOXO Backdrop: Portrait
Just Stitching Double Heart Stackables
A Little Note Line Border
Happy Heart Day Line Border

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418 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: You’re Just My Type, Love Poems, Reveal Wheel Square Window Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Square

  1. Oh yes…. heartbroken teenage-poems with teardrop-smeared ink… 🙂 Glad I didn’t make THAT my profession 😉

  2. So excited to see more add-ons for the reveal wheel. The only time I ever wrote a poem was in school…because I HAD to.

  3. I did write poetry when I was a teenager. Not as an adult though. It would be funny to see those old poems as an adult I bet!!!

  4. I don’t think I ever wrote a poem so the “I can’t rhyme” stamp feats perfectly . The way you integrated the smile on the typewriter is so amazing!

  5. The only time I think I wrote any poems was in school. I will definitely be using the new stamp set to make poem cards now, though! So cute!

  6. I just love these sets and all the things you can do with them! The last time I wrote a poem was probably in high school for an assignment!

  7. I totally have, most of them were about love, all meant for my now hubby haha at the time we were dating. I think some of them previously were more sad, which I think was a way for me to deal with sadness and problems which when I look back boy a teenagers mind really blows up things haha 🤣 btw I love Robert Frost Poems 💕

  8. I couldn’t write a poem to save my life lol! I can’t wait for all this cuteness to be released. Love it all 🙂

  9. I have definitely written poetry before – not great at it but have done it. Those mice are super adorable! Well yet another LF set that I need to get now!! Too cute!!

  10. These cards are adorable…such creativity. The new sets are precious. When I was a teenager, I wrote a few poems. They were decent enough. Still have them in a binder, stored away. I’ve never had the heart to get rid of them.

  11. Love this set can’t wait to get it.. Yes I love wrote my mother a peom on mother day.. I love peoms that ryhme.

  12. Oh yeah, my dad and I entertained my mom all the time with our rhyming little ditties! I dream of writing that one perfect song for someone to sing and collecting the royalties and buying new crafting goodies from Lawn Fawn!

  13. Of course you always had to in school, but I did write one in 2009 for my son called, There is always a place at the table.

  14. I’ve never written a poem. I love maths and I didn’t like italian when I was al school (i’m From Italy). But I like everything in these two sets: the table, the lamp, the writing machine! Can’t wait to get them

  15. That typewriter is the cutest! I remember writing a poem with my elementary school bestie that we all recited at 6th grade graduation. 🙂

  16. Yes, I wrote a poem when required as a school child but I prefer the Lawn Fawn method of stamping with wee mice and an awesome typewritter!

  17. This is my favorite reveal wheel set so far…and I didn’t think it was possible to top the others! I haven’t written a poem since my school days.

  18. I am not a poem writer. I don’t think I have ever tried, though. Sure to like the poems in the release. Such cute ideas.

  19. Oh yes, wrote many poems in school.
    One year we planned a treasure hunt for the kids at our block party. I wrote a poem for each of the directions- turned out very cute and kept the kids busy for quite a while.

  20. I have written silly and serious poems over the years, but I loved the poems my students wrote when I taught poetry in elementary school. They were absolutely the best and purest of all! Love the new releases too.

  21. I had a huge poetry project in high school, and it involved writing many different kinds of poems. I had an amazing English teacher at the time, and I remember being very satisfied after finishing the project!

  22. So much cuteness overload, loving these new sets! Yes, many moons ago I wrote a poem and it was published in my college newspaper.

  23. I used to write poems… Now I might participate if we write an homage to someone (my family tend to write a poem for big milestones)

  24. Lawn Fawn’s a blast; brings memories from the past; these mice will just do; and the typewriter too! Love it all!

  25. This is darling! I love the little sentiments! My DAD is the KING OF POEMS! He writes all of us one for every birthday and holiday… he is Dr. Seuss.. I have written poems but I’m not as good as my sister or dad!

  26. Such cute valentines! The only poems that I have written were for school assignments, they never were my thing.

  27. Wow, everyone is so super creative with these new sets! I loved each and every project! I’ve only ever written a poem when it was required for school. I liked art class a lot better than English class lol.

  28. Such an adorable set and so many great cards for inspiration! I don’t think I will be able to resist this one.
    I remember being very proud of a Haiku I wrote for school many years ago.

  29. I know that over the years I wrote poems as part of school assignments. I don’t think I ever wrote a poem just because I wanted to. I have never been a fan of rhyming cards/sentiments.

  30. Wow, what amazing projects! Just love this cute set and all the new dies. I haven’t written a poem since my elementary school days.

  31. When I was a kid, my friend and I used to write poems and make my friend’s parents listen to them in a variety show. This set is so creative and cute! I love how you can use different kinds of interactive dies with it!

  32. Oh yes! a poem…and I still remember his eyes, oh to be 15 again! … I wonder what happened to that book of poems. Thanks for the smile! And this set made it to my must have list!

  33. Kind of. School of course made me write some but i also tried my hand on writing a poem for a loved one once, didn’t turn out that good though

  34. Love the ideas. Still need to finish Christmas!
    Yes I have written poems but nothing recently
    My daughter wrote me a cute poem when she was a senior in HS

  35. I’ve written poems for school assignments but hats about it. I’m in LOVE with this new release of little mice tho!!! Must have!

  36. I used to write my boyfriend-then-husband a poem every year for Valentines’ Day. I haven’t done that in several years though…oops! I’d better get back on that!

  37. I wrote a poem when one of my college friends died. I sent it to her parents and they were touched. I send a great deal of cards from the theme – “Just a Note” – and can hardly wait to include this one in my collection.
    Thank you.

  38. The Love Poems and Reveal Wheel Add-ons are so fun! I have written poems for school, but I’m not very good at it!

  39. I wrote poems when I was a teenager. I kept some of them. Reading them now, they are pretty bad! Love this new release.

  40. No poems from me – I’m terrible at words!! lol
    I am squealing with delight, however, at all these
    adorable mice – who are just too cute for words.

  41. Began writing poems at an early age; some humorous, some thought provoking. Before I retired, wrote humorous poems about the people with whom I worked and read them at the office Christmas parties!

  42. Love all of today’s inspiration! The mice are just so adorable!!!! Can’t wait to get these sets! I kept a spiral notebook of poetry I wrote as a teenager. Glad to be past those years!

  43. Love all the cuteness in today’s post!
    When I was little, 7-10 years old, we use to have poetry books for our friends to write in. We swapped books and wrote poems to each other. Think I still got mine with all my friends poems somewhere.

  44. Whenever I hear the name “Lawn Fawn”
    I know it is a brand I can count on.
    Made with the trendiest designs around,
    I know my cards will be the talk of the town.
    I can’t wait to see what is arriving soon,
    Whatever it is my heart shall swoon.
    Lawn Fawn is my truest friend
    And the only stamps I recommend!

  45. In elementary school and high school I wrote quite a few poems. In fact, in grade 10 I wrote my, now husband, best friend a poem telling him I was in love with him. That was the beginning of the next chapter of our relationship.

  46. Love all of these ideas! Darling cards!
    I have written poems! Took a few creative writing classes way back when!

  47. Oooo boy I am SO BAD at poems. I think I had to write one for a school project many years ago and well, that was the last time. LOL! I’m loving all these new designs and can’t wait to start playing with some of them!!! Great job to LF for the new products AND amazing work from your DT!!!

  48. Oh my gosh! Those typing mice are SO adorable! And I love what the designers did with the set – so cute. I have definitely written poems – both for school assignments and just on my own. I love writing but write more stories than poems. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  49. So excited about all the new goodies!!! Yes I had to write poems in school when I was in a creative writing class.

  50. Do song lyrics count?? 😉 I’m actually way better at poetry and lyrics than writing academic papers…not helpful in college at all! lol
    Love the little mousies today, especially with the interactive elements!

  51. I love to read but I’ve never tried to write anything – a
    poem or a story. I was a secretary for many years.
    Seeing the working mice in this release is fun.
    Clever ideas. thanks for sharing

  52. I used to love writing poems in elementary school, but I do not think I have written one since then! I do love these little mice though! Maybe they will inspire me to write more poems!

  53. Way back when my husband and I were first going out I used to write poems to him all the time. I think he still has them stashed away somewhere.

  54. When I was younger, I used to always write poems. I used to love to come up with short ones and ones that rhyme.
    Love these samples, makes me want to put away the Christmas and start the red and pinks!

  55. Such cool cards. I love them all. I can’t express my happiness after seeing these adorable mice stamps. The way they are expressing their love to their Valentine – Adorbz!!

  56. I had to write poetry senior year of high school and I recently found those poems. I embarrassed myself that I turned in such dramatic poems. Ha

  57. These are just the cutest! I have written several poems before in school, mainly high school, which was awhile ago! I loved writing and reading poetry.

  58. I have wrote a few poems, the one best loved I wrote about meeting my husband 40 years ago. I love the look of the new release! Thank you!

  59. I used to write poems when I was younger. This set makes me want to take a sheet of paper and start writing a poem right now! Roses are red, violets are blue, LawnFawn I’m inspired by you!

  60. Poems have always been my favorite and I have even transposed a few. Thank you, Lawn Fawn staff and designers for all of these amazing products!

  61. Swoon! OK, I am officially IN LOVE with this Release! The adorable little mice, the sweet typewriter with the perfect different sentiments, that lamp that will work perfect with chibitronics, and I love how it works now perfectly with all the different interactive sets! OK, to answer your question: yes, I wrote a poem as a child in school in art class and it went on a wood block then got stained and such; I gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day. She still has it sitting on her fireplace mantle in her FR!

  62. Love Poems is cute! At school I wrote poems but not anymore I’m not good at it (better in making cards😜)

  63. OmG the You’re Just My Type stamps are sooooooo cute, a really must have. Love it.♥
    Oh yes I write some poems, but that was a long time ago, when I was a teenager.
    Many thanks for your inspirations today and the fantastic video.♥

  64. Oh these are all
    so adorable! Love
    the Mice and all
    the fun ways to
    use the new goodies.
    I haven’t ever wrote
    a poem.
    Carla from Utah

  65. Soooooo cute! I have written a poem, it was pretty funny! My brother had a car that we named Bo Moby for some reason and when he got rid of the car, I wrote an ode to Bo Moby! 🙂 My family and I got a lot of laughs from it. I also wrote a pretty silly poem on talk like a pirate day to enter a contest for free cupcakes. I didn’t win but my submission was read on a local radio station!

  66. I actually had a few poems published when I was in middle school. Still have the book. I absolutely LOVE this little typewriter. Great work!

  67. I’ve written a few poems in my younger days, best forgotten, I’m sure. I LOVE this typewriter and desk set!!!

  68. I’ve only written poems for assignments – so the last time I wrote one was in high school! Not much of a poet, here.
    LOVE your stamp sets. This new one reminds me of Just My Type, one of the first sets I ever bought from you.

  69. I might of tried to write poetry way back in high school, I’m sure it was horrible. Not very talented in that field. Very cute sets. Still doing Christmas cards, hard to focus on Valentine’s day.

  70. Wow, what wonderful projects!

    I am sure I had to write a poem in school, but I was never any good at doing so.

    Carol B

  71. I used to write poems a lot in middle school and high school. one was even published… but I didn’t get a copy.

  72. The poem I was most proud of was a sonnet I wrote with proper iambic pentameter. Took forever but I can still recite it to this day.

  73. Well…I’ve tried writing something like poetry, but calling it poetry would be aggrandizing beyond its worth.
    Love these sets with the mice. This one is darling!

  74. These are adorable! Does various renditions of Roses are Red count? Then yes 🙂 Otherwise not since a poetry unit in Elementary school.

  75. These new sets are adorable. Can’t wait for the release. How fun!!! I used to write little poems for my nephews birthdays. Just silly little rhythms. It was fun. I think my sister kept them all!! Take care ❤️

  76. I love all of the inspiration from the design team!! I have journals full of poems that I wrote in high school and college.

  77. The endless possibilities for You’re Just My Type set make it a must have!!!! I love the set of valentine cards for an ultra quick batch make, and the square reveal wheel makes for really love notes! Brilliant!!!!

  78. Well these sets are all stinkin’ adorable.
    Gosh – I think my original poem writing days ended in 8th grade. More recently, I’ve been known to write parodies of song lyrics for events at work and last year included a New Year’s Eve version of A Visit from St. Nicholas in my Christmas cards which I was very late in sending out.

  79. I can’t wait to get all of these new products!
    I don’t think I can remember the last poem I wrote, but it would have been in primary school I think!

  80. lol, what a fun question! I did, in my senior high school years! But then, I stopped completely, years and years ago!
    By the way, I looooooove the desk stamp!!

  81. I’ve written poems for school, but never just because. I’d rather make you a card than try to wordsmith. 🙂

  82. Such an interesting question and I love poems! And as a retired Kindergarten Teacher I created lots of poems on my own for my tiny tots and after retiring my next love is card making!!! Lol

  83. I love all the ways that this set can be used, so much versatility! I can’t wait to add this set to my collection!

  84. Oh my gosh I have to have these adorably creative sets!!! SO fun for all year around! I’m not the best writer so I try and stay away from poetry writing, haha!

  85. Just so you know Lawn Fawn these sets are “JUST MY TYPE”
    You had me at….Roses are Red….
    Thanks Lawn Fawn for superior products.

  86. I have written several. It was part of a school project. Sort of did like a portfolio with art and poems for English class.

  87. Yes, many, and some published in a recommended poetry magazine too.
    What nice mice. Sorry, got a headache, unable to think of anything better. LOL! x

  88. It is often thought that a poem has to be something very specific with rhymes or a pattern. But really poetry is a much bigger category of literature than most people realize… I know this because my husband writes scientific research based poetry… Lol

    That being said I am more the let’s make phisical art than word art… Like making lovely cards with all the Lawn Fawn stamps I can get my hands on!! Lol

  89. The ” You’re Just my Type” set is my Favorite of this release!! I love mice, I love creating scenes, interactive cards and writing and I love puns! Just perfect ♥
    I’ve written many poems indeed! It’s kind of a family thing to write, my Mom writes short stories, my brother writes poems (kid of dark romance?) and I do both, short storys, I have going on a fantasy novel 8but since University I don’t have time and strength for it anymore) and I write short poems too. But Since I started crafting I use my scarce free time to make cards 🙂

  90. This release is adorable!! Yes, I used to write poems in school…it was actually pretty fun even though it was homework, lol!

  91. I am totally OBSESSED with this new release so far!! Totally adorable inspiration from the DT!! Wow!! Yes, I have written poems…many poems. I have two duotangs from back in high school full of poems I wrote. I still write them today but they’re few and far between these days.

  92. I love this set so much! I’ve never written a poem – I’m not so great with my words. I just rely on the sentiments from my stamp sets to get me by 😛

  93. The keys with the smiley face for the typewriter is just such a cute idea!
    I have written a couple of poems. I used to teach high school and I wrote “Ode to Coffee” as a sample during the unit.

  94. Definitely, they were love poems, all thinking of my now husband. We were younger then, haha oh young love 💕. Also took a poetry class so wrote many poems in class.

  95. AWESOME creations! I love the reveal wheel computer screens! Even though I love the poetry others write, I’m no good at it and the only think I HAD to write in school received a big fat C!

  96. Oh, yes, I have written poems! I wrote one as a kid that was called the “tired poem” for my mom! We kids must have been wearing her out!

  97. Yes, I remember writing poems in school and the most recent one was probably to one of my favorite artists for his birthday.

  98. This is a stamp set after my own heart!!! As someone who has done so much creative writing, poetry, and completed a communication major/journalism internship in my life; I love this one SO much!! Need this one for sure!

  99. Oh my, these are absolutely beautiful cards. What a perfect stamp set for someone who has no clue on how to write a poem like me. I’ve never written any poem ever. 🙂

  100. I probably did write a poem or two in my youth since I loved writing, but poetry was not the kind of writing I preferred. I’ve written hundreds of letters to friends and pen pals over the years, though. My mom also had a typewriter in our basement since she was a secretary (an olive green typewriter – I’ll have to make a card with an olive typewriter to send my mom once I get this stamp set!) and I loved practicing typing on it. I wanted to give it a new life to add typing to my scrapbook pages but my parents told me that the typewriter was unfortunately not working anymore. 🙁

  101. I’m crazy about the You’re Just My Type set and the love notes! Can’t wait until the new release! I have written love poems to my boyfriends when I was younger and I still write love notes and poems to my sweet husband!

  102. Yes I have written poems. But not in about 20 years. I love the
    desk, typewriter, faces….all the new images.
    They are so cute. Can’t wait to start creating with them.

  103. Oh I love this typewriter set! That mouse is so cute and the “I can’t rhyme” stamp is hilarious!!! Yes I have written a poem before. One time my teacher sent it into a contest and it was chosen as one that got to be published in a book, “Whispers in the Wind” I think was the book title. Funny thing was I remember writing it last minute because I had forgotten it was due that day. haha.

  104. Hahaha, yes! I was obsessed with haikus for a long time.

    Its’ release time now
    Plenty of new stamps to see
    I am out of cash

  105. A poem to someone special is on the tip of my fingers on the computer. I love to “gift” the children with them!

    Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  106. I absolutely love poems that rhyme or not, whether in song, in puns, in tag lines.
    My husband and I love our poem chats where we have fun adding them to our daily conversations!
    I absolutely love love love these new sets. Can’t wait to orders some for me and a friend.

  107. What a wonderful stamp set!!!! So much cuteness and so many possibilities for awesomeness!!

    I don’t think I’ve ever written a poem and if I have it probably stunk haha!

  108. I love the love poems!! I cant wait to get those!!! I’ve tried writing poems but writing those is not my thing!!

  109. I’ve written lots of cheesy poetry! 🙂 And of course what was required in school.

    I’m excited for this reveal wheel release!

  110. So, so cute!!! I especially love the little smile added to the typewriter. How can you not love a happy typewriter!?! I think the last time I wrote a poem was when I was in school many, many moons ago.

  111. The mice!! their little notes!! Oh my goodness, they are so cute. I love them so much!!

    I don’t think I’ve written a poem since English class in high school… I’m not much a poetry person, but if it comes with an adorable mouse peeking over the top, I’m all in 🙂

  112. Oh my goodness, these are amazing! LOVE! And… akhm…need 😉 I have written poems as a teenager, never done it since, although I do like to write little stories in my friends’ bday cards etc, and they usually rhyme… does that count? 🙂

  113. Love love the Mice – the Mice are very nice -I hope they don’t eat rice – but I would still love the mice – yes, I have written many poems when in grade school and college – thanks for showing us these lovely releases!

  114. I used to write poems regularly as a teenager trying to figure out life. That typewriter makes me think of my grandad when I was a little kid watching him use his.

  115. Writing poems for my family is a favorite past time of mine and then including it in a special card made from Lawn Fawn products. Thank you!

  116. I wrote some poems in primary school..but not since then. I LOVE these stamp sets! I love how you can use it with the reveal wheel. Too cute!

  117. I write often for work, and use a typewriter for journaling sometimes, but haven’t written a poem since I was in middle school.

    Melissa’s typewriter card with the wallpaper is giving me 😍😍😍!

  118. Poems express one’s love to others and give special meaning when one uses the awesome Lawn Fawn products attached to them. Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  119. YES, I used to write Poems all the time for SPECIAL occasions!! It’d be FUN to write a SPECIAL one for Christmas!! SQUEAL!! I LOVE ALL of the NEW Products!! Such AMAZING Inspiration too!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and for the chances to WIN!!

  120. I use to love poetry and wrote quite a few. Now though I rely on my cute puns included in stamp sets to be the magic writing in my cards.

  121. I love to read poetry, but definitely do not like to write it. I still have bad memories of struggling in school. I do appreciate those who have that talent!

  122. I’ve wrote poems before and wish I could write them more often because I do enjoy doing it. The type writers are so cute!

  123. I haven’t written any poems since I was in school and they were assignments. However, I love all of these new sets being shown today! They work wonderfully together!!

  124. Working madly on Christmas cards and just love taking a break to look at your valentine post! So many ideas, .. love the shaker heart. The mice are always so adorable!

  125. I’m not a poetry writer but do have fond memories of typing school reports on our family typewriter before we bought a computer. These mice give me warm fuzzies!

  126. This is an adorable set! I love how Lawn Fawn makes such versatile sets that interact with each other! A crafty story waiting to be written!

  127. I have written some poems, but not in a long, long time. I am not usually a “mouse person” but these guys are absolutely adorable!! Thank you–I always enjoy your release weeks!

  128. I tried in junior high, but I quit. I have never been romantic enough to attempt one for someone. They may lose interest in me, if I did. ha-ha

  129. I LOVE all of these products!!! The cute mice, the typewriter set, and the new square reveal wheel add on are all on my gotta have list! I haven’t written a poem since middle school, when we had to for class. I’m not the literary type… I’ll let the mice write the poetry 🙂

  130. I DID used to write poems when I was a teenager! It seemed like a good way to get through the crazy teenage emotions. I absolutely LOVE these new products!!

  131. This set is so fun!! Love the old fashioned typewriter; so cute! I have definitely written poems, but not since I was a teenager and I’m sure I will never do it again! Definitely not my skill set. : )

  132. The reveal wheel, magic picture changer, lets toast pull tab and flipping awesome kit will make these stamp sets so much fun to do. I may not want to give away the cards. Can’t wait

  133. Love the samples! Great job team!
    I have written poems when I was younger. I think haikus are neat to write and read

  134. fantastic inspiration – I have never written a poem for Valentine’s Day – but I do like to read them – lol!!

  135. Back in Middle school I definitely wrote a love poem to a boy, but I actually wrote a poem that was entered into an English contest in school! Second place 🙂

  136. I love all the new products and all the cards are simply adorable! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new collection. Soon!

    Here in The Netherlands we have a tradition during the Sinterklaas period where young and old create “surprises” (French pronunciation) for others. It’s kind of like Secret Santa. All the names are tossed in a hat (figuratively speaking) and everyone has to pick a name out of the hat. The person you’ve picked is the one you need to create (at least) a poem for. I’m not a great poet though. But it’s still a yearly tradition in our family.

  137. Oh my goodness! Can it keep getting cuter and cuter. When I think I have all I need you guys come out with new stuff and I think I’ve got to have it. LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️

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