Lawn Fawn Intro: Snow Much Fun, Waving Pull Tab Starter Set, Snowflake Border

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2020 Inspiration and Release week! On September 10 our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Snow Much Fun, Waving Pull Tab Starter Set and Snowflake Border!

This stamp set is Snow Much Fun! It’s perfect for creating cute snow-angel themed holiday cards. Pair this set with Snow Much Fun Lawn Cuts and Waving Pull-Tab Starter Set to create an interactive snow angel card!

This simple Snowflake Border is great for creating holiday cards! Pair it with a simple sentiment like Let it Snow Line Border to make a quick and beautiful card!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some creative ways of using these new sets!

Yay! Let’s make snow angels! I love Grace‘s amazing slimline winter scene that featured the Snow Much Fun bears! This glittery card has an interactive element with the Waving Pull Tab Starter Set that makes the large bear move his arms up and down!

This super clever design by Elise features the bear lifting weights, these are from Plan on It: Fitness! The punny sentiment, spelled out with Oliver’s Stitched ABCs, is a sweet reminder to keep going!

Audrey‘s simply gorgeous card uses the Snowflake Border to frame the Louie’s ABCs greeting! I love how she substituted the little snow angel-making bear for the O in snow!

For this clever design, Yainea used the Snow Much Fun coordinating dies to cut windows for the bears in her card. She mounted the cute bears on Action Wobbles to make a fun interactive element!

Tammy‘s card is “snow much fun“! This tall slimline design is perfect for creating the “snowdrifts” for the bears to play in!

Jenn‘s card is so festive with the green glittery Snowflake Border! Her cute bear is making snow angels with the help of the Waving Pull Tab Starter Set!

Megan‘s card is so joyful! The bright colors of the leaves and the happy woodland critters enjoying Fall make me smile! She made her card interactive using the Waving Pull Tab Starter Set with Snow Much Fun!

Latisha‘s holiday design is simply amazing! She used the new Snowflake Border die to frame a large glittery snowflake! This big snowflake is stenciled using our new Snowflake Trio Stencil, we will introduce this stencil during the October Inspiration Week.

Everyone is having fun making snow angels in this adorable scene by Elena! I love how she popped up the bears to add lots of fun dimension! The striped paper is from the Let it Shine paper collection!

This super happy design by Lynnette combines the bears from Den Sweet Den and Snow Much Fun! This large family of bears is having lots of fun in the snow! She used Let it Shine papers to give her card a festive holiday look!

How sweet is this adorable scene?! Grace paired the Snow Much Fun bear with some honey loving bears from Den Sweet Den! I love how she used the Waving Pull Tab Starter Set so the papa bear can shoo away the pesky bees!

Now, we have a video to introduce Snow Much Fun, Waving Pull Tab Starter Set and Snowflake Border and to share some fun ways to use these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Snow Much Fun, Waving Pull Tab Starter Set and Snowflake Border! Now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about a fun memory of making snow angels by TODAY September 9th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)

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411 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Snow Much Fun, Waving Pull Tab Starter Set, Snowflake Border

  1. One time I made what I thought to be the perfect snow angel however once I stood up my dog ran threw it. I actually preferred it with his paw prints in it. 🐾

  2. Unfortunately, in Texas we don’t have snow very often. About 10 years ago, we had several days of snow in North Texas. There was a big hill in the greek section of my college campus, and we all tried to sled down the hill. Mostly, it was just enough snow to cover the ice on the roads and ground so classes cancelled for several days. Our weather here tends to fluctuate so quickly that it can be lightly snowing one day and then 90 degrees the next.

  3. This set is soo cute! I love how you can made a perfect snow angel in action! Well, where I live it dosn’t snow often, but I remember that when I was a teen, it snowed during the New Year’s Eve. I was out with my friends and I got home at 5.30AM in the morning. My little brother woke me up at 8AM because there was snow, I went outside with him and we made two snowangels….I would have slept in the snow as I was sooo tired!

  4. I have to say, even though my city gets a lot of snow, I don’t think snow angels are really a thing in NZ. I do love watching my greyhounds doing zoomies in the snow though

  5. I lived in snow for a few years in my 20s but only had a really good snow one year. I free fell backwards and made an angel. Also made my first snowman in that snow too. So glad to only make sand angels now!

    1. Growing up in Minnesota I tried many times to make the best snow angel. But you have to have fluffy snow to make nice ones. A lot of times the snow in MN is more ice than fluffy snow. So, basically you just slide right off it.

  6. Also being from Texas, I have not had much experience with snow activities. Due to my inexperience with winter weather I tend to over bundle. This issue along with the slippery surface causes me to fall and make very not picture worthy snow “angel”. I’d rather experience snow in my card making.

  7. I grew up in SC, where it almost never snowed. But one year we got 2.5 feet of snow! We did it all, snow man, snow fort, snowball fights and snow angels!

  8. I’m from Canada’s capital, so I grew up in the snow and cold weather. I loved making snow angels with my middle brother in the field behind our house — such fun memories! Playing for hours.

  9. I don’t remember making any snow angels; snow is very infrequent where I live. I do remember falling down in the snow in Colorado when I was about 5. I was wearing a dress so my legs were red and freezing from the knees down! 🥶🥶🥶❄️

  10. In Belgium there is not much snow last years, but when i was a child i used to make snow angels with my brother with the first snowfall of the year 😀

  11. When we were kids we always ran out when the first snow was falling and dancing in it. We forgot how cold it was and when we went inside our whole body hurt so much . Our mom brought us hot chocolate and we warmed up at the fire place.

  12. This is such a sweet stamp set, love the interactive die. So much fun.
    We don’t get snow where we live, so I haven’t had the chance to make snow angels.

  13. What a fun stamp set!! Totally in love with the cards the designers made!! We don’t get snowfall here, so only see others make snow angels in cards

  14. I can’t even handle how adorable these bears are! I love them all so much!!
    I haven’t made snow angels since I was a little kid growing up in Sweden. My favourite part was probably coming in all cold and being given hot chocolate made from scratch by my mum 🙂

  15. My last chance to hopefully be the winner of any of all the products of these amazing super cute release!! Everything is just…..GREAT. Good luck to everyone…..

  16. We don’t get snow every winter, but when we do we always go outsider and make snow angels, the whole familj together. This year I hope I get the opportunity to show my two 2year old grandsons how to make snow angels 👼🏻👼🏻

  17. When my son was about 5 he is 12 now we would go in our backyard and make snow angels and snowmen and and have lots of snowball fights. Now he prefers sledding and still snowball fights!

  18. Not much snow in the Netherlands ❄️☃️ But when it is snowing over here we always make a little snowman ⛄️
    Love this set it’s so fun! ❄️

  19. We lived in New Hampshire when the kids were little and the best memories of snow angle making were when their grandfather got down in the snow and made some with them! Such precious memories. I adore these cards! I love the fall leaves one very much!

  20. I remember making snow angels with my sisters in our backyard when we were younger. It had been the first time we had seen so much snow!

  21. We are a family of skiers, so we’re in the snow a lot over the winter. My kids like to make snow angels in the unpisted snow down the side of the ski runs, especially on competition days when there’s lots of hanging around.

  22. As kids, my brother and I would run and build snow forts, snowman, and snow angels. These adorable bear snow angels are so cute!!

  23. Unfortunately no snow angels for us in Queensland, but plenty of sand angels and mermaid tails!
    Beary cute stamp set – think this is my favourite so far!

  24. It’s been ages since I’ve made some snow angels…like three decades ago ^^. We were on holiday in th Harz mountains and my brother and I fell down a slope (no one was hurt, just a bit surprised) and while laughing our behinds off we made some angels.

  25. It’s hard to recall making snow angels, but I do remember one time my husband and I just wanted to feel like kids again and just dropped in the snow and made angels… we had a good time that day 🙂

  26. I think the last time I made snow angels was at a winter carnaval. There was an event with kids that was a snowball fight. And we were rather hot by the time it was over.
    Snow angels are always fun to o try to make.

  27. This set is really adorable, love it.♥
    Here in Germany we don’t have much snow in the last years, but in my childhood I love to make snow angels and building snowmen.♥

  28. I loved making snow angels as a child (even as an adult!) But, I always wanted a way to levitate out of them so not to ruin the image. Winter is great fun and those bears have the right idea to get out there to enjoy the snow.

  29. we love making snow angels but don’t have snow that often! The last time I did though, we had a fab day with our best friends and all the kids, and we also built a snow man and snow dog that we still talk about!!! Lovely memories!!

  30. LOVE these adorable little bears!
    The best part is they are so versatile that I can make seasonal or all occasion cards!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win and for the inspiration with this cheery set that’s a real day brightener.

  31. Visiting family in Italy was my last memory of making snow angels. They live near the alps, beautiful scenery and no shortage of snow. Excited about the new products.

  32. Cute card sets. When my granddaughter was two she made her first snowman and snow angel. She looked so cute in her pink snowsuit against the glistening white snow.

  33. I love these adorable bears and the interactive die which adds to the possibilities! So much wonderful inspiration using these new stamps and dies!!

  34. I think the waving bear is the best!!! I love it! We don’t have much luck making snow angels anymore, because as soon as we’re on the snow, our dog thinks it’s because we’re getting down to play with her and she bounces in and out of our “angels”! 🙂

  35. I loved making snow angels as a kid and sometimes my gramma joined me! Thank you for all the great inspiration all week and all the chances to win!

  36. When growing up after I made my snow angel, if it was still snowing I liked to lay there for a bit and watch the snow falling.

  37. Who doesn’t love a snow angel and these bears are so cute. I am excited to see more of the snowflakes in October.
    Being from Canada and a family of 9 there were always snow angels in the yard. I remember when my grand children first learned how to make them.

  38. We just moved to the Midwest and had a ton more snow than the south. We were all so excited that we made snow angels on the 1st big snow this year. I love these sets- can’t wait for the release!

  39. Where I live we don’t get much snow, but when we get a good snowstorm, I love watching my nieces make them, and I even sometimes join them. Just a thought, we make sand angels all the time, since we live close to the beach. This set could even be used during the summer…..Love this set! So cute!

  40. I love to watch my daughter and husband make snow angels and snow forts. I always bake something yummy and watch from inside, LOL. That exercising bear is really too cute!

  41. I don’t have a specific memory of making snow angels – I just know that growing up in the midwest – Chicago suburbs, snow angels were definitely part of my winter experience growing up! These little snow angel bears are definitely SNOW MUCH FUN.

  42. Iiiiiiiiiiiiii…. I wonder what the waving pull-tab will bring in the future?!! Looking forward to… 😀
    Oh, snow angels…. that is maaaany years ago I did one. 25 years ago with my then little toddler. Latter years not that many. None, to be correct.. But it was fun! Except when snow found it’s way inside the warm clothes hahaha

  43. Trying to make the perfect snow angel in deep snow…the getting up part without ruining it! Needing that friend to help pull you up and out!

  44. It doesn’t snow here very often, but the last time it snowed, my kids were pretty little and it was so fun to see them feel snow for the first time and teach them to make snow angels!

  45. One winter, when I was 12 or so, the snow was especially deep behind my friend’s house, it was still light and fluffy, so we would go running and then throw ourselves down and land in hilarious freeze frame style “angels”.We would stand up in the imprint we had just created and then continue on with this, trying to get no footsteps between imprints. It was so much fun, we laughed and laughed as we looked back at the various shapes we had left behind us.

  46. My brother and I would always make snow angels! Never once did I remember just how cold it was doing that! These bears are adorable- I love them!!

  47. Eeek I love this set!! I have so many fun memories making snow angels with my fiancé’s little brother (he is 9) and also when I was little I would make snow angels in the front yard and also build a whole snow house. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada so there is never a shortage of snow! Haha

  48. I live in Germany and sadly we never really get enough snow that also stays long enough to really make snow angels. But regarding fun snow activities we had one huge pile of snow one day and we made snow tunnel out of it to hide in ^^

  49. Putting my toddler in the snow and making snow Angel’s together for the first time is one of my favourite memories!

  50. I have photos of my daughter and her dad making snow angels together! They are so special because he passed away a few months later

  51. It rarely snows where I live in Texas, but we got a light a layer a few years ago. I loved seeing my sons play in the snow and make snow angels with the grass peeking though the bottom, lol!

  52. These are BEYOND CUTE!!! Snow angels and waving bears!!! Love EVERYTHING! My FAV snow angel is when I was walking alone and decided to flop in the snow and make an impromptu angel 🙂

  53. My first snow angel was when I moved to Utah and experienced winter and lots of snow. It was fun, but too cold. I like looking at snow more than playing in the snow!

  54. This is such a fun idea and sweet set!! My only memories of snow angles is all the snow that would get in your coat from the neck and then fall down your back when you stood up lol

  55. I used to make snow angels when I was young- but it’s even more fun to make them with my own children now.
    I love that we can enjoy Canadian winters together!

  56. I have no snow angel memories of me making them. I think my girls did this when they were young. Fun cards and love the bear with the snow angel design.

  57. So darn cute… This one is definitely on my list to get right away! Are used to love making snow angels when I was a kid and then I loved making snow angels with my children when they were little and now I hope to make snow angels with my grandkids…

  58. Growing up in Miami, FL we didn’t have snow! But we pretended sometimes to make snow angels in the grass in our backyard!

  59. I remember making snow angels at my Grandma’s farm in rural North Dakota as a little girl! Winter always seemed extra magical out on the prairie 🙂

  60. I have a very treasured memory of watching my children playing in the snow, they would fall backwards in the biggest snow drifts with as much force as they could and see who could fall the deepest.

  61. When I was young there was a winter with lots of snow. I didn’t make any snowangels, but we did slide of a hill a lot

  62. When I was a child I had a chance to create snow angels. Nowadays all I can do are angels in the fallen leaves as snow is a rare thing around. I hope I can make some snow angels again with my grandchild once…

  63. Watching my boys make snow angles for the first time was a wonderful experience. Love the bears with movable arms.

  64. My funniest memory of snow angels is someone dared my little brother to make a snow angel IN HIS SHORTS, OUTSIDE, IN THE SNOW (obviously lol) And he did….can’t wait till the stroke of midnight tonight!! Yay!

  65. Oh my…these cards are all fantastic. I grew up in Florida, so snow angels were something we only saw on the TV or movie screen.

  66. This is so cute! I’ve only made snow angels once – we don’t live near the snow so it was when I went on a Ski trip with my friends. I would love to do it again one day (when we are out of our Covid 19 lockdons!)

  67. Oh my goodness, I’ve got to get all of this collection. I love making snow angels both as a kid and an adult with my children. I can’t even tell you how many we have made together and tried to get out of them without leaving footprints. It’s not as easy as one think lol.

  68. I remember teaching my son when he was little how to make snow angels. I remember him asking me “What’s a snow angel?”

  69. I guess my favorite time making snow angels will be the one and only time we ever got enough snow to do it. That was back in 2008, we had a whopping 8″ of snow. Living in the deep south snow is a VERY rare treat. Love these adorable bears.

  70. My best snow angel memories came from watching my two kids when they were young making snow angels! Love these snow angel bears! I can see using them on my scrapbook pages of my kids making snow angels. Now that both kids are off to college, I have many pages to catch up on (like 16 years).

  71. I don’t really have a snow angels memory but when I was growing up we had a dog named Puppers and she loved to play in the snow. So I would go out around the side of the house and hide in the snow and then call her. She’d run around the side of the house like a bolt of lightning and try to catch the snow i threw in the air.

  72. Not snow angels but my parents have a picture of two year old me shovelling my grandmother’s walkway with a spoon 😁

  73. I lived in the south and there was never any snow! After getting married, we were stationed in Germany, I got to see my son make snow angels…Fun

  74. Snow Angel’s are a fleeting memory at my age! Living in texas you don’t get much snow…but I can pretend can’t I? Love this release!

  75. one set is better than the next! Snow angels…so many memories of my daughters making snow angels in the yard after each snow storm. White, calm, silent, pure atmosphere with blissful giggles of girls creating angels in the snow.

  76. It rarely snows enough here to make snow angels, but a few years ago we tried to get my toddler to do it. Her face was so funny!

  77. When my husband and I went to Seattle, we woke up to snow. So we went somewhere (I can’t remember where) where the snow was really deep and gorgeous!! We made snow angels and had snow ball fights. We ate at a road cafe (the food was delicious!!) and they told us we had better start heading back to Seattle because they were going to start closing the road we came in on. It was a great memory!!

  78. No snow where I live but when we would go to the mountains, we would enjoy the snow. I remember the first time I tried making a snow angel I thought it didn’t look like anything. Maybe I was doing it wrong!

  79. I love seeing the wonder on my kids faces when they make their first snow angel!!! Love this release snow much!!!!

  80. I used to love making snow angles with my sister and dogs in our backyard when it would snow! This set is so cute! It is a very clever idea

  81. I totally love the Snow Angels set. So darn cute! We don’t get a lot of snow here in North Carolina but when daughter & granddaughters lived in Chicago there was always lots of snow during the winter season. I remember one winter the girls made snow angels as I watched, smiled, & took photos & videos. Afterwards they went sledding… then inside for some nice hot chocolate! Great memories…

  82. I did not grow up around snow, so I don’t believe I have ever made one! But the cute bear family is making some great ones… can’t wait for the full reveal tomorrow!

  83. Did you save the best for last? Snow angels are a blast. I love seeing my kids make them. It’s fun to watch their impressions grow in height each year. I remember the first time i took our firstborn outside in the snow to play. The little snowsuit made such an adorable snow plop angel.

  84. We get snow once or twice every few years. It’s always super exciting when it happens. I love watching my kids make snow angels, and their excitement to play in the snow. We like building snowmen and snow forts with slides best.

  85. My favorite snow angel memories involve the younger generation doing their best angels in the snow. It will also be fun designing cards with your wonderful new releases!

  86. Snow angel, snow angel, ❄ ❄ ❄ will you be mine?!
    These bears are darling! Snow creative!
    I like the leaf piles that Chari created for those bears to jump in. We used to do that growing up: I even got the neighborhood kids to help me rake to pile the leaves higher!
    A fun memory I have of making snow angels is up in Big 🐻 Bear, CA. We rented a cabin for Christmas and it snowed Christmas morning and my husband, and our kids, we all went out and made snow angels before opening presents and eating breakfast! Ah it was so nice. Sweet memory!
    Thanks for all the beary great ideas with this new release!

  87. I remember making snow angels with my brothers and sisters as a child, life was so much simpler back then. I past the fun onto my grandchildren when they were younger and we would go out and play in the freshly fallen snow, Brings back great memories

  88. Love the cute bears making snow angels! We don’t get much snow where we are but a few years back we got several inches and our whole family went to the field next to our home and made snow angels that day! Thanks for so much inspiration this week ❤️

  89. Making snow angels in winter is so much fun. I remember making them with my grandparents during the holidays! I love this set and how sparkly the projects are!

  90. I’ve loved in Iowa since I was 5 years old, so have made dozens of snow angels throughout my life! They’re so fun!

  91. I remember a big snow when I was a little girl and my mom taught me to make snow angels and then we made snow ice cream. It was so much fun.

  92. I can’t really remember making snow angels, but I’m sure I did because we had lots of snow. Can’t wait for my granddaughter to make her first one. I love all these adorable critters!

  93. I grew up in a circle at the end of the road with 9 other kids and every winter we would lay in the circle making snow angels together. Then have a snowball war of course.

  94. We had lots of snow when I was a kid in Northern IL. Snow angels at least once a year, with friends or my brothers. I love the idea of making a sand angel in a beach scene with this set!

  95. Having been born in and lived in So. Florida my whole life, I have never
    made a snow angel. Love the new release!!

  96. Don’t spend much time in the snow in Arizona, but we visit my husband’s home state, North Dakota, where we’ve been able to make snow angels in May!

  97. Making snow angels in our backyard with my kids when they were little are the happiest snow angel memories for me! After playing in the snow we’d go back inside and enjoy hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows!

  98. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! My favorite memory of making snow angels is my daughter when she was younger. She was so bundled up that she couldn’t get up!

  99. AHHHHHH these snow angel bears are DARLING! I love watching my niece and nephew make snow angels for the first time!

  100. Making snow angels with my boys when they were little is my favourite memory, but I remember really enjoying making them when I was a kid, too! Blissful!

  101. Great memories as a kid and teen making snow angels!! Moved from Michigan to Florida at 22. So sand angels after that! Every release gets better and better! Your design team is amazing! Love these!!

  102. Not a snow angel memory, but my kids were about 2 and 5 the first time they had enough snow to play in. We made an awesome snowman!

  103. Wow! Love the snow angels! I remember making them as a child—seems we had so much more snow “way back then.”

  104. Oh my! These are my favorite products yet! Snow angels are super fun and I have made a lot of them growing up in Northern Germany. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to do any lately (it never gets that cold here in Texas), but now I’ll have the opportunity to make them on my cards!

  105. When my daughter was about 5 we went out to make snow angels she fell straight back and the snow was so deep she just got swallowed up in the snow! We both laughed so hard. Love these cards!!! So creative!!!

  106. We’d been living in tropical climates for 5 years and when we returned for our son’s wedding in Dec it had snowed and I got down in the parking lot of our hotel and made snow angels!

  107. It was one of the sweetest memories from my childhood when my sisters and I would race outside to see if it snowed enough for us to make three little snow angels.

  108. Those Snow Angel stamp.set images are so cute!! I grew up in Alaska with a lot of snow. We made snow angels all the time. Nothing like a fresh fallen snow, an older brother, and a dog … We spent many an hour making snow angels! Always fun. Good times.

  109. I love watching my children make snow angels. Then bringing them inside for hot cocoa and cider!! They are getting too big for that… hopefully not. We will see with the first snow!! GREAT SET of stamps/die cut goodness!! Love it!

  110. Well, believe it or not, my kids can make snow angels TODAY! Can’t remember having snow this early in a very long time!

  111. The snow much fun set is my favorite of the new release. We made snow angels every time there was a new snowfall growing up.

  112. I love these snow angel bears! Adorable! I haven’t made a snow angel since I was little but my granddaughter made sand angels at the beach this summer! 🙂

  113. The one year we had a snow day, my sister and I got to play in the snow all morning! We had snow fights and made a bunch of snowmen and snow angels before my parents came and made us shovel the driveway.

  114. Hahaha, when we were kids, we would go to my grandma’s and the snow would get several feet, so we would freefall off the front porch and make snow angels in the deep snow, it was pretty amazing.

  115. I was six years old and it was the first time I had seen snow. My mom had bundled me up so much I could hardly move. My dad then showed me how to make snow angles and after my first one i stayed there for a while because I couldn’t get up. My dad laughed and took a picture of me struggling to get up.

  116. There are 7 of us kids growing up in Michigan – Winter Wonderland – so we had plenty of opportunities making snow angels – in which we did in our own back yard numerous times and of course showed our children how to do the same – thanks for showing us the great display of art here with the new releases!

  117. When i was in college we went dancing and we danced a ton and were so hot so we all went out in the middle of the night and made snow angels. Snow much fun!

  118. My brother and I made snow angels as kids, we had a lot of fun playing in the snow! Those bears are too cute, and the snowflake border is gorgeous!

  119. I love the entire new release so much! Thank you! My favorite memory making snow angels was with my little girl last year. At 3 years old she was having so much fun making snow angels everywhere, then it started to snow and she laid still and was trying to catch snow flakes on her tongue. That moment of pure innocence and joy was everything!

  120. Eek so cute!!!! I live in S Fla and don’t have much experience with snow angels, but a few years ago, we took the kids to NY and made a few there!!

  121. I live in Arizona, so Haha!! No memories of making snow angels!😂
    But I absolutely love everything about this release. I’m feeling the need to buy almost every single thing! Those bears making snow angels are adorable!😍

  122. Love the possibility of having an action snow angel on a card! Such a nice idea. My daughter got upset every time she did a snow angel as our dog jumped onto her perfect snow angel and started digging! lol

  123. I’ve only made a snow angel one time, and it was when I was an adult. I was visiting the east coast at Christmas time and the snow was just perfect for snow angels, so I was told. I was nervous about falling backwards into the snow but I did it and the angel turned out great.

  124. These bears are so cute! I love the little pull tab to make his arms flap. We don’t get as much snow where I am compared to the rest of Canada but often we get enough to build snowman and make snow angels. I was trying to explain the concept of a snow angel to a friend who had never experienced snow before. I forgot to tell him to lie face up and he just dove into the snow head first and started moving his arms up and down. It was pretty funny.

  125. I live in southern California so snow is not a regular thing or even seasonal. However, I do remember making snow angels at 6th grade camp where we went to big bear for the week and we played in the snow a lot including making snow angels. We had a blast. The bears are so cute and the snow angels are such a great new idea.

  126. I remember my boys being bundled up with all the snow gear and going outside on blustery winter days to play in the snow and make snow angels! This release has so many cute images that coordinate together and with older sets, just amazing! I love the new snowflake border and hope more border dies like this are coming!

  127. Love these adorable bears!!! Well, I’m 46 years old and I still can’t resist making snow angels—HA! I absolutely LOVE falling back into a pile of fluffy Colorado snow and swishing away 🙂 Happens on pretty much every snowshoe outing all winter long for me 😉

  128. I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis and we got so much snow back in the 80s. I don’t remember snow angels much but we used to make snow forts at the bus stop by using the piles of snow from the plows. We would go to the bus stop early to make the forts and then sit in them until he bus came.

  129. Always made snow angels as a kid- back then we’d get more snow that we do now. We’d make them in college and anytime I’m out in the sun. Just a fun thing to do- got snow? Make an angel.

  130. Oh my goodness, this is so much fun.i haven’t made a snow angel since I was a small child.i always think about them when I see an untouched piece of snow.

  131. I remember the first time we took our kids up to the mountains for sledding. Seeing a 5 & 7 year old making snow angels is the best!

    1. I remember when I was little we got stuck sitting in completely still traffic for hours while we were trying to go to my grandparents for Christmas because they were clearing the road ahead from the massive snow. All these random kids from all the different cars got out and we were all playing in the snow – building snowmen, throwing snowballs, making snow angels. I have never had so much being stuck in standstill traffic!

  132. Made snow angels when the kids were little.
    They are grown and gone so I don’t get to
    do it anymore. And we usually don’t get
    enough snow for a good angel.
    thanks for sharing.

  133. So cute!!! When we were growing up we made lots of snow angels was always so much fun! But I will never forget showing our daughters how to make snow angels for the first time. They were about 4 and 2 and they did not want to get their clothes “dirty”. LOL. But before long they got over that, it was a very fun day.

  134. love that snowflake border! I don’t have a memory of myself making snow angels but of finding ones made by my son when i got home from work on snow days!

  135. Only one more day!! The snow bear angel card inspirations take me back to making snow angels as a child growing up in Colorado and Wisconsin. And, Chari’s card takes me back too, with jumping in the giant piles of leaves we raked up every year in Northern Wisconsin! Great release:).

  136. This set looks like it would be so much fun. I loved making snow angels as a child, especially if I was the first one out in the pristine snow.

  137. We don’t get a lot of snow around here, so I’m not sure if I’ve ever made a snow angel before. We did go up north and get lots of snow last winter though! My twins loved it!

  138. Well it wasn’t a fun memory for me but a funny one. My neice broke her arm falling back in the snow to make a snow angel. It was embarassing for her to tell her friends that was how she broke it.

  139. LOL! My fun memories of making Snow Angels was very short each time. I always had a blast running out and flopping down to make them but for some reason even having my hood up and my scarf wrapped around my neck I always managed to get snow down the back of my coat making me jump up to quickly shake it out BRRRRR….. Even though it happened almost every time, I still couldn’t resist making them. I thought they were so beautiful (minus the boot impressions I left on my angel dress when jumping up) LOL! Now…about this pull tab and these bears…They will be mine for sure!

  140. That mechanism is such a fun idea! Love it!
    As for a fun memory about making snow angels…. Our backyard was lower than our house and we had these these grass hills and some steps along the side of the house to get down into the backyard/garden. We would sleigh or roll on the grassy part and make some snow angels once we made it down. We always had snow much fun! 😉

  141. I am loving all the things showcased today! The stamp set is so adorable and I love the waving pull tab! My fond memories of making snow angels is teaching my kids to make them!

  142. I live in rural Alberta, Canada and we get lots of snow! In fact, we had some on Monday!!! Snow angels – how fun! So many great memories. Cant wait to make some cards with this!

  143. When I turned 60, a couple of years ago, there was a snowstorm on my February birthday. My pastor sent me a text with birthday wishes and told me to get outside and make snow angels. So I did! My husband recorded it, and we posted it on fb. It was really fun, and the pastor has not challenged me since then! Love all these cards, and the snowflake border.

  144. We would go to the mountains to play in the snow and make snow angels. More commonly, living in Southern California, we would go to the beach and make sand angels.

  145. Hello. This set is so much fun and I’m happy to hear you will continue making more sets to go along with this one. I live in Southern California and where I live it doesn’t snow. Last year we did take our kids to Mountain High which is the closest resort in Southern California and my kids had a blast. They loved playing on the snow and making snow angels and having a snowball fight. Fun times. Thanks for the chance to win.

  146. Adorable little bears! Snow much fun! Lol. Gosh it has been so many years since I last played in the snow. However, I do remember making snow angels and how much fun it was to make as a kid. The one memory that I loved was making them on Christmas Eve with my cousins. It was super cold outside but we didn’t care. We played and played while all the adults socialized. Good times.

  147. We don’t have snow where I live and we don’t go to the area with snow so I don’t have any memories to share. Thanks for providing all the very adorable card samples.

  148. I remember making snow angels after a crazy snowstorm at Lake Tahoe during my college years. It snowed so much we couldn’t go skiing so we made snow angels instead!

  149. My best memory of making snow angels, is playing with my grandchildren in the backyard last winter and showing them how to make one. Snow much fun!

  150. EEeeek!!! How adoarable is this?! and also I love that there are more options coming for the waving pull tab dies! I am also excited for those, when they come, already!
    I already have BIG BIG ideas 🙂 now to see if I can pull them off.
    When I was in Winnipeg you would get BIG snow and we would fall back into it and before you knew it, there were snow angels all over the lawn and then when you went in there would be big cups of cocoa! Yumm….good times!

  151. What beautiful and amazing cards!! Four years ago we went and picked up my two oldest grandchildren from a bad situation. That December we took all 8 of our grandchildren to the snow. It was their first time in the snow so of course we had to show all of them how to make snow angels.

  152. I have always loved making snow angels and I am LOVING this set! Fond memories are me and my daughter and grandson making snow angels in the snow. We didn’t have enough to build a snowman but enough to make snow angels. Great job DT! ❤️❤️❤️

  153. I haven’t been to the snow in over 10 years, but my best memory of making snow angels is with my dad in Lake Tahoe when I was about 3 or 4.

  154. Snow Angels in Arizona can be a rare thing for sure. But we have done it.. As a child I have made my fair share of muddy snow angels. It’s unavoidable to add a little dirt in the mix, snow isn’t the depth needed. We also had the occasional snowman with a tumbleweed hat. Arizona Winters!

  155. Just too darn cute…love making snow angels!!! I would make them when my dad would take us up to the mountains to get our Christmas tree…love the wonderful memories.

  156. Another adorable stamp and die set for clever interactive cards! I grew up in Indiana making snow angels every winter as a child. Fun memories!

  157. One of my favorite memories of making snow angels was last year, taking a day trip north with my family to find some snow to play in. My daughter got to see snow for the very first time! We got to build a snow man, went sledding, threw snowballs, and made pretty snow angels.

  158. When I was a child we would go to Lake Tahoe in February for family reunions. I had lots of fun sledding and building snowmen with my cousins. I’m sure we made a few snow angels, too!

  159. I remember one year for New Year’s we were playing a game and which ever team lost had to do a dare. When our team lost, we had to go outside, in the middle of the night, and make snow angels. It was so much fun.

  160. So many fun things in this release…. love the snow angels and the snowflake border!
    We lived on the central coast of CA years ago, so the only time we got to play in the snow was when we’d take a trip up to the Lake Tahoe area. We would usually head to the family cabin a couple of times a year for a vacation… once in the summer and another time to enjoy the winter there.

  161. The last time I made a snow angel was last year. We did it for our Funny Friday Facebook post. Living in Canada, I get lots of opportunities to make Snow Angekles. This set tops my Must Have List.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  162. Making snow angels with my siblings was so much fun! I also made a snow fort with my brother one year. We took a couple of Mom’s bread pans to make blocks for it and we had a spray bottle that we used to freeze the blocks together. We had a blast!

  163. Fun time making snow angels was when it last snowed here in N TX (I remember the Super Bowl game was in Dallas) and my Lab/Retriever Mix enjoyed playing in the snow and I videoed her making snow angels.
    The creations here are snow much fun!
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  164. Ok you saved the best for last! We used to make snow angels all the time growing up! Brings back so many wonderful memories of my parents! I adore this interactive set the most! You guys never fail! ❤

  165. SWOON!! I just LOVE the New Products being showcased today!! The Inspiration is AMAZING as usual and I CAN’T WAIT to create some FUN Projects!! My FAVORITE Snow Angel memory is when I was little and my 4 Siblings and I would make Snow Angels in our Front Yard to create our Family!! My mono had a Polaroid Camera and took a picture!! To this day that’s still one of my FAVORITE Childhood Photos!! She Framed it and puts it out EVERY Winter as part of her Holiday/Winter Decorations!!

  166. These bears are adorable. I remember making snow angels when I was little and now my grandkids love to make them too.

  167. When we were kids at our grandparents we loved playing in the hot tub in the winter when there was lots of snow. Anytime we would get hot we would just run off the deck and make snow angels. Of coarse then we would be freezing so we would sprint back to the hot tub. The cycle would repeat it self until we had to go inside.

  168. I forgot to include that the snowflake border and stencil set is amazing! 😍 This is my favorite so I am definitely trying to enter the four times!😘

  169. I absolutely need this set! When I was young we used to make snow angels and take off and run and slide across our little pond in the back yard. Thats how I ended up breaking my collar bone! So from then on, it was just snow angels for me!🤣

  170. yay for more interactive dies! and those snowflakes are super cute.
    i don’t live where there is a lot of snow, and most of the time the snow is already hard. but i’ve tried making snow angels with my kiddo Abi last time we were in the snow a couple years ago… but it mostly just was laying on top of the hardened snow, hehe.

  171. Ok my last a final entry! I am so excited about every last item and I appreciate you making us think about wonderful memories! I am definitely excited about the release! Thank you for giving us such a cute set!!😍😍😍

  172. I love making snow angels, we did it all the time when I was growing up in Germany. I live in Texas now and on the few occasions we get snow, my son and I carry on that tradition.

  173. The only thing I remember about making snow angels is that I never could figure out how to get up without ruining the angel. So I just laid in the snow, and enjoyed the feel of snowflakes falling on my face.

  174. We don’t always have snow here but I remember making snow angels a few times as a child. If there is snow this winter, I hope to watch my grandchild make a few snow angels.

  175. Every time I see snow angels, it takes me back to my childhood. That was just a normal part of playing in the snow.

  176. I must say I’m looking forward to this snow much fun stamps, waving pull tab die and new paper pad!
    I remember the first snow fall my boyfriend/husband we played in the snow & make snow angels!
    I can’t wait to play with the new stamp & die sets!

  177. I don’t have a specific memory of making snow angels but I do remember how fun it is and how happy I feel whenever I get the chance to make them!!!!

  178. Love, love and love everything; the Bear’s are so, so and so CUTE!!!
    Forty years ago, when we first bought our property, I made Snow Angels all over the yard!!!
    Thank you for such great products and inspiration!!!

  179. Watching my daughter and grandkids making snow angels always brings a smile to my face. This cute set has also made me smile!

  180. That bear is so adorable. Love the interactive element to him. We didn’t get a lot of snow where I grew up. I’m sure I must have made a snow angel, but don’t recall.

  181. I’ve never lived in a place where it snows so I don’t think I’ve ever made snow angels. This set is so adorable!

  182. Loved making snow angels as a kid and even more with my friends in college on the hill outside my dorm, that and sledding on trays “borrowed” from the dining hall. 😅

  183. When I was little and lived in Ohio, I loved making snow angels. But then I moved to in the part of Arizona where it doesn’t snow. Now I actually live in Snowflake AZ where it does snow! Needless to say, I love everything snowflakes and love everything about this post!

  184. I have very fond memories of making snow angels with my siblings when we were young. I haven’t done it in ages, but I could go outside and make one right now! I’m in Colorado where we had the weird snow storm blow through.

  185. Watching my boys make snow angels when they were little was so much fun! These cards are very cute, love the bears in the leaves!

  186. We haven’t had snow here in a long time but I do remember the excitement of getting ready to go out in the snow to make snow angels and snowmen.

  187. Adorable sets and great inspiration from the designers – as usual! I remember trying to make snow angels when we had a particularly heavy snowfall and I’d plop down in the snow and just kind of disappear! The snow was too deep to be able to move it with my arms so I failed at snow angels. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  188. My favorite set so far! We used to make snow angels as kids and I love to visualize my siblings and I running out to make them in our snowsuits, just like “A Christmas Story”!.:)

  189. I remember teaching my children how to make snow Angel’s when they were toddlers. How much fun we had on those snowy cold days! These bears bring back a lot if memories.

  190. Love this set. I remember being a kid, trying to find that perfect patch of snow and make as few footprints as possible to get to it, and then throwing yourself backwards into that perfect spot. Getting up was always a challenge as you didn’t want to ruin the beautiful angel you’d just made ❤

  191. Haven’t made snow angels in a long time – used to play in the snow when my kids were very little – they were magical time:)

  192. I never did snow angel when I was young, but the first time my daughter come with us to the mountain (she was three) in the Winter, the first thing she did was lay down in the snow and make a tiny supercute snow angel! And a snow man, of course. 🙂

  193. I wish I had a fun memory about making snow angels, alas, I’ve never made one. I live out in the desert. We don’t get much snow.

  194. I didn’t grow up in snow country, so snow angels didn’t happen until about last year! My kiddo got to experience the snow for the first time, that he can remember and we made some together!

  195. These are absolutely adorable! Believe it or not, but i have actually never made a snow angel! My kids love making them, though! Looks like lots of fun, one day I’ll need to try it 🙂

  196. I grew up as an only child with a single mother – I have great memories of Mom and I making snow angels together after school. Great memories and whoo hoot for single moms!!
    Hugs from Canada.

  197. Oh my gosh could it get any cuter??? You really out did yourself Lawn Fawn!! I love the interactive bears!! So fun I can’t wait!!

  198. Oh my GOODNESS Talented LF DT!! How you have created yet again such incredible options with this snow bear angels set! Both for Fall and Winter designs you can’t beat the adorableness! With this amazing bear family and then the squirrels and acorn house and then the beautiful snowflake borders, I can start in Fall and roll right into Winter with ease!

  199. My best memory was back in Hawaii when my daughter was 4 and laid in the blue rocks in the front yard trying to make a snow angel!lol

  200. My favourite part of playing out in the snow and making snow angels was when we would come back inside and warm hot chocolate would be waiting for us 😊

  201. The cards today are so cute! I remember making snow angels with my brother when we’d play in the snow and go sledding.

  202. I loved making snow Angels with my best friend, just giggling and then walking pictures (like hearts) in the snow 🙂
    I love the Stamp setfor making snow angel cards but they’re also great for all occasions like the bears with the leaf piles, gym bear or maybe a dancing bear!

  203. I used to live up north when I was a child and fondly remember making snow angels with my brothers. We live in FL now and my kids don’t get the snow to do this 🙁 I will definitely want these to make some memory cards for my brothers from when we were younger 🙂 We do get big leaf piles here so I do love that idea as well!!!
    Very clever idea and can not wait to see the other sets that will coordinate with the waiving pull tab!!!

  204. LOVE the DT projects, super cute set! I actually don’t remember ever making snow angels. I grew up in the desert and when it did snow, it did not last long.

  205. How delightfully fun! A favorite memory making snow angels was last winter. We had a big storm come through leaving plenty of white powdery snow and my youngest was SO excited when we went out together to create snow angels.

  206. Super cute projects!
    We live close to Houston, so not a lot of snow in these parts. I do remember going a vacation to the Denver area for spring break. My kids were young and there was just enough snow to do angels. ❄️ 👼

  207. Love the snow angel Bears!!! We used to make snow angels all the time as a kid since we had snow for at least half the year 😀

  208. Snow Much Fun is such a cute stamp set. I always think I have enough Holiday stamp sets but you prove me wrong every time. Making snow angels in the front yard was always fun. Cold but fun…

  209. My favorite snow angel memory is from playing with my son in the snow when he was 6 months old. He made the cutest angel on accident when he tipped over from a seated position.

  210. Growing up in Minnesota I tried many times to make the best snow angel. But you have to have fluffy snow to make nice ones. A lot of times the snow in MN is more ice than fluffy snow. So, basically you just slide right off it.

  211. I’ve never made a snow angel. Not so much snow in the south of England 😊 I’m loving the cute bear family making snow angels and working out with the dumbbells! Such great ideas from the DT.

  212. Living the last 15 years in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s been quite a while since I could make a snow angel. As kids, we would make as many as we could in the yard, helping each other stand up so we wouldn’t leave big holes from our handprints. Makes me feel so nostaligic <3

  213. We made snow angels when I was a child I love making them now I watch my grandkids make them. I really like this set I can’t wait to use it to make cards perfect for winter cards. Thank you so much for sharing

  214. I haven’t made snow angels since I was a little girl. I would love to show my granddaughters. I’m sure they would love it! The interactive cards are so much fun!

  215. Lovely set!
    I don’t remember having ever made snow angels. 2 years and a half ago, it snowed so much that a lot of people couldn’t come to where I work. As we couldn’t work much, before going back home, some colleages and I had a snowball fight and then we made a snowman. 😀

  216. This set is just adorable, but my favorite part of this post is the snowflake border. It will be a great addition to holiday cards!

  217. Best snow angels happened on my grandparents’ farm in Manitoba,when we were kids. We had fields upon fields of snow to flop into and make angels…and snow forts…and have snow ball fights. Thank you for an awesome release!

  218. We have a lot of winter snow to make snow angels. I made them as a little girl and enjoyed teaching my daughter to make them too. Love this set. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  219. These bears are darling and so many fun ideas shared by the amazing design team. I’ve never made snow angels as I’m not a fan of cold weather.

  220. I love the snow angels.

    The best we can get to making a snow angel is on the softest part of the beach sand. Living in Florida we just don’t have the opportunity to make one. Oh, how fun it would be to make one though.

  221. We used to make snow angles in the deepest snow we could find. The outline would still be there when the rest of the snow melted.

  222. To be honest, I never made a snow angel myself, because living in area very almost no snow is falling in winter makes it hard to do so 😀 Nevertheless I like people doing snow angels in movies. It feels like fun 😀

  223. Such a cute snow set!! Beautiful cards from the DT as always. I haven’t made a snow angel since I was a little kid and that’s going back many years so I can’t really remember how it felt but I do have some awesome b/w photos of that day.

  224. Absolutely adorable and so much fun! I can’t remember the last time I made snow angels. I think maybe I’m due to try it again:)

  225. My memory of making snow angels comes from living in the German Alps and enjoying the freshly fallen snow. Thank you for this reminder and also the cute products presented today!

  226. When I was young, I wasn’t allowed to make snow angels and since I’ve grown up, we haven’t had enough snow to do it. So it’s still on my bucket list!

  227. I love making snow angels with my kids. The best time was when they were all little, the mini snow angels are just so much cuter!!! They are as wide as they are tall 😍

    This is an adorable set!

  228. I love Cristinas card so much. Super cute idea. I’m so excited for all the new products that we have seen so far and I am looking forward to all the products we have yet to see. ❤

  229. I can remember making snow Angel’s with my cousins and friends. I grew up in Saskatchewan and there wasn’t any lack of snow. Hoping I win a prize. Thanks. Great releases.

  230. Love those bears! My kids used to do snow angels all the time, but they’re teenagers now so they don’t leave their rooms…lol!

  231. Those bears are adorable!!!! We don’t see a lot of snow down south, but once when we visited family up north, they had a pretty big snowstorm. My daughter (young at the time) went outside, ready to make a snow angel, but when she laid down in the snow, she disappeared! It was very funny. 🤣

  232. I remember when I was little we got stuck sitting in completely still traffic for hours while we were trying to go to my grandparents for Christmas because they were clearing the road ahead from the massive snow. All these random kids from all the different cars got out and we were all playing in the snow – building snowmen, throwing snowballs, making snow angels. I have never had so much being stuck in standstill traffic!

  233. Mon meilleur souvenir d’ange dans la neige c’est quand mon bébé est venu sur la marque que je venais de faire pour faire son propre ange dans la neige par dessus ,🥰

  234. This set is soooo cute! My fave snow angel memory is when my oldest (now 18) was just a squirt and all bundled up in a cute snowsuit trying to figure out how to wave his arms and legs in the snow. *cue the mama tears 🙂

  235. I just remember making snow angels on the hill in my front yard facing the main street for all the cars to see while driving past.

  236. Making snow angels is sooooo fun! It’s a real treat to get to see snow for me since I live in Fabulous and sunny Las Vegas. Utah has great snow and after you make as many snow angels as you can you get to warm up with some hot coca:)

  237. Snow angels were always so much fun to make! I remember making them and then trying not to mess them up when I got up which wasn’t easy with all the snow gear I had on!

  238. Don’t remember making snow angels. It seldom snowed and I was all about giant snow people. That was all I had time for before turning into a popsicle.

  239. I vividly remember the awesome snow storm we got when my daughter was 3 and I taught her how to make snow angels for the first time. We had a blast and made them all over the yard for days.

  240. I never saw snow as a kid, and I think I would have struggled getting up from the snow if I had tried making a snow
    angel when I finally got there. But it certainly looks like fun.

  241. Fondest memory of making snow angels was introducing the concept to my little nieces and nephews during a snow storm. They loved it so much and it brought joy to me watching them do it while giggling and having so much fun!

  242. As a Florida native, I’ve never made a snow angel. Now that I’m several decades past childhood, I don’t envision getting in the snow to make one, either. However, the snow angel bears on the cards are right up my alley.

  243. Bears making snow angels couldn’t be cuter!! I’ve actually never made snow angels at all…not having grown up where it snows. So I’d have to make do with these sweet images.

  244. Best memory ever of making snow angels was with my dad who has now passed. My childhood was spent in Michigan and we always had those wonderful snow storms with the powdery snow. My dad was really involved and decided we should make snow angels. The thing that stands out was that my dad never wore a coat in the winter and was usually in shorts he was known as a polar bear and his friend lovingly called him chuck tuna. We dropped back in the snow and made the most of the newly fallen snow then after making snow angels. My dad started on creating a snow horse which he made every winter for me. I was allergic to horses, but snow horses I could ride for hours. It is a memory that will stick with me forever.

  245. We don’t get much snow here except for icy snow. We used to get it more often when I was a kid, but I think we mostly tried to use our sled and build snowmen. I believe we tried to do snow angels a few times, but don’t know if they turned out very good.

  246. Super cute set!! When you slip and fall in the snow, just start making snow angels. Then it looks like plopped on the ground on purpose haha.

  247. Oh wow, this set is just adorable!
    I’ve never made a snow angel – my son tried when he was about 6 but there really wasn’t enough snow!

  248. Thanks Chari for all the great videos this week! You won’t find any real snow angels here in San Diego, but I can put them on a card. Love the waving arms!

  249. There is no snow in Egypt at all.My first time to see a snow was 2018 here USA and it was fantastic ! I took over 100 photos playing with the snow to share with my family in Egypt and it was fun !

  250. My favorite memory of making a snow angel was when it snowed here(Arizona) a few years ago SO much, we all went out as a family in the backyard to make a family set of snow angels… it definitely was the best TEAM of snow angels I have ever seen!

  251. I love these!!! My favourite snow angel memory….here in Vancouver BC we got a lot of snow and my daughter plopped in the soft snow and made a perfect angel while my son decided to face plant in compact hard snow.

  252. Hello from Malta, NY. When I first saw the snow Angel’s bears, I though the bears were on a wiggle thing, moving on the card. I think I need to get this so I can make this.

  253. I love the snow angels set. I have made snow angels but I never likes the cold so I didn’t like to go outside much even as a child. As soon as my mom would get me in my snow suit and send me out I would turn around and have to go to the bathroom and get undressed.

  254. We occasionally get snow in Western Washington. When my kids were young, and we had enough to sled down the hill, we also would make snowmen and snow angels. My kids are married adults now, but that time really was so full of fun and joy! The joy of innocence.

  255. I have only done it once, when I went to Park City Utah with the ski club in college. I had never been in falling snow before, and we had fun making the angels.

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