Lawn Fawn Intro: Gift Card Heart Envelope and Conversation Heart Stencils

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine Inspiration & Release Week! On December 10th our 3 new stamp sets, 7 new die sets and some fun new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

We already have five places you can leave comments to win:
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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Gift Card Heart Envelope and Conversation Heart Stencils! This small envelope, held closed by a stitched heart, is a sweet way to package a gift card or small note. Decorate the envelope with included small script “for you,” scalloped note card, and heart clusters. Or decorate it with Conversation Hearts Stencils!

Say it with love! This stencil set is perfect for Valentine’s Day cards and crafts! These work well with a variety of crafty techniques. Use the two stencils separately, or layer both together for a complete conversation heart look!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showing fun ways to use the Conversation Heart Stencils! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elise‘s rainbow stenciled Conversation Hearts make me smile! She used clear ink to stencil the messages so she could white emboss them! The glittery black Scripty Love looks so cool against the colorful backdrop!

Latisha kept to a traditional Valentine color palette for her beautiful Gift Card Heart Envelope! I love the stenciled hearts on the outside! She added a Chili Pepper fancy scalloped rectangle panel with the delicate die cut sentiment and hearts in white; they are all included in the die set!

Elena‘s sweet Valentine features a Conversation Heart Stenciled background with a heart cut out! The Den Sweet Den bear has Special Delivery happy mail love to share!

Melissa created a happy gift Goodie Bag by adding the Gift Card Heart Envelope! I love the cheery color scheme taken from the Hello Sunshine Remix paper!

I love how Audrey stenciled the Conversation Hearts over the Quilted Backdrop! It looks so sweet! The pink Special Delivery owl is a hoot!

Grace‘s card is so stinkin’ cute! She used Spring Critter Huggers to make that adorable chick who is holding the Gift Card Heart Envelope! She white embossed the prompt from Open Me so the recipient knows there is a surprise inside!

Kara created a sweet Conversation Hearts stenciled background for her Scalloped Slimline with Hearts: Portrait card! I love how she added the cute Love Poems mice to the hearts!

Yainea used Let It Shine Mint Sprinkle ‘n Shine paper to make her Gift Card Heart Envelope! It looks so pretty with the Really Rainbow heart and the gold metallic accents! It sure dresses up the plain brown paper bag!

Megan‘s adorable card features the Gift Card Heart Envelope on the front with a sweet hedgehog message inside! She used the Tiny Gift Box Hedgehog Add-On to give a hint to the hedgehugs she is sending!

And now we have a video to introduce the new Conversation Heart Stencils! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Gift Card Heart Envelope and Conversation Heart Stencils! Tomorrow we will announce our giveaway winners and we have more sets to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you like inking and stenciling your projects by TODAY December 9th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday December 10th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Valentine 2021 Release Products will be available on December 10th!
Gift Card Heart Envelope
Conversation Heart Stencils

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299 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Gift Card Heart Envelope and Conversation Heart Stencils

  1. I love stencilling on my cards as its such a simple, fun and relaxing ting to do and it adds so much to the card. I especially love your bayou stencil as it goes so well with the swans from Swan soiree.

    1. I love to do stenciling. It’s so much fun after you have stenciled. It’s like magic when you remove the stencil and see what u have created.

    2. I love inking and stencilling. A great way to match your background to your coloured image and also to make scenes with the cloud, hill and grass stencils!

  2. I LOVE inking and stenciling! I am so into ink blending right now, and then doing ink and water color splatters. Makes me so happy! I have been busting out my stencils too. So. Much. Fun! I love Audrey’s card here. It is so pretty. Those ink blended hearts are incredible!

  3. I love inking and stenciling, such a fun way to either create a pattern or an easy background. I love Audreys card it’s so cute with the hearts and owls

  4. I have recently found that I love using stencils and how they can add so much to a card in such a short amount of time.

  5. Yes I do the inking is awesome for backgrounds and I have found that the stencils can make a more painting like effect for cards on making scenes. I adore the heart gift card die it is so cute

  6. I keep picking up new stencils but I’m still a bit of a novice at using them – loving all the inspiration by the DT!

  7. All of these are just so beautiful and stunning, I love inking and stenciling my projects it adds an amazing touch to all kind of projects

  8. What a great week! I love Megan’s card with the treat boxes and the hedgehogs! I haven’t used stencils much but I’m eager to try them, especially with the pastes. I love Lawn Fawn! You guys truly are the best!

  9. I love ink blending on my cards. I used to have some stencils that I would use constantly but haven’t used any in a long time.

  10. I love using stencils and inks. I also loving giving texture to my projects by using gels and pastes with the stencils. The reveal is the best bit!

  11. I am not one for Valentine’s but I love the transferable stamps and dies which are so easily mixed and matched with other sets to create other cards for all occasions. I have just purchased the hedgehog add on so may need to purchase the envelope die when it is available.

    keep you the good work during this weird year!

  12. I use ink blending on most projects that I make. I like using stencils, especially your cloud and grass stencils, but find they are hard to store and find easily.

  13. I have only recently started exploring ink blending and stenciling with my card making. I definitely need some practice but I like the results I have achieved. I recently ordered some blending brushes and they are to be delivered this week.

  14. I like both inking and stenciling – they add such great effects to cards! Can’t wait to get this release tomorrow!

  15. I love stencils but I always forget to use them! I have so many and I’m sure these will be added into my collection…my purpose for 2021 is to use them more!

  16. I always thought inking was too messy but with all the new blender products out I am discovering what a fun way it is to all the perfect touch to cards and projects.

  17. Love the gift card holder, so sweet! I do love getting inky and I do use stencils on my projects with ink and glitter gels/glazes.

  18. I love stenciling- and this stencil set is fabulous! It ifalls in the category of “I Need That!” I also love the heart envelope – so cute. Your DT has done a great job once again!

  19. Love the gift card heart envelope and the new stencils! The design team knocked it out of the park! I love inking, but haven’t tried stenciling yet!

  20. I just love the heart conversation stencil. It’s so fun to stencil backgrounds big & bold or very subtle. Always a special touch to any card. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  21. This little envelope so lovely! I love to use stencils in my projects, such a fun.
    Thank You for all of the inspirations!

  22. I love using ink and stencils on my projects!

    This heart stencil would be a perfect addition to my collection of stencils!

  23. I love inking and stenciling on my cards! I’m still learning so I don’t have the best technique yet but it doesn’t stop me from trying! These conversation heart stencils are everything! I love them so much!

  24. Yes I love stencilling. There is such a great satisfying feeling you get when you pull the stencil off your project to see the result.

  25. I’m so excited about this valentine’s release! I am starting to do more ink blending lately and have rediscovered how fun it is to use stencils. They can make a big impact on a simple card.

  26. I really do like to stencil my cards. I find it gives a one dimensional card some real depth without adding to the bulk so it’s great for posting cards.
    Great release – can’t wait to get my hands on all of it!
    Hugs from Canada!

  27. I have several stencils and enjoy pulling them out and inking them. Love new stencils! So enjoyable to see the stenciled backgrounds.

  28. I do not have any blending brushes for stencils, but your card examples look so cute. I especially like the pink hearts over the white quilted background die.

  29. I use stencils quite a bit on my cards. It is a great way to add interest to backgrounds. And I can use them with pastes and foil and inks and emboss with them… lots of fun!

  30. I love inking and stenciling on my cards! I love to get better and better in inking and I love stenciling to make cards extra special 🥰.

  31. I am just learning how to stencil without creating a disaster! Love the simplicity and softness it can create.

  32. The last thing I need is another gift card holder die, but this one is just screaming at me, “get me!”
    I have never stenciled on a card other than doing a cloudy sky a couple of times.

  33. I LOVE the look of inking and stenciling but have not mastered the technique yet as – to be honest – it scares me! watching the utube videos helps. IF ONLY I HAD MORE TIME TO CRAFT!!!

  34. I LOVE the cloud-stencil. I saw another brand some years ago and thought; WHY would anyone use that for clouds? Then LF came out with the cloud-stencil and my thought went; OF COURSE I will use that for clouds! 😀 That’s being addictive to LF for you…

  35. I love stenciling and inking! I’ve been using a cloud stencil a lot lately. The conversation hearts stencil is so cute and versatile 🙂

  36. One of my favorite techniques is inking and stenciling! There are so many endless possibilities and it’s just so fun! Can’t wait to add the hearts and words to my stash of stuff.

  37. Love the gift card envelope! I will admit, I’m a little scared of trying to stencil. I imagine the stencil moving around and not getting a clear result. But I have some stencils and I’ll get the courage someday to give them a try! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  38. I just recently started to use stencils, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how much I like the results.

  39. i love inking and stenciling and I need to expand my tools for doing it. Your videos allow me to see better ways to achieve my goal. Thanks, Lawn Fawn!

  40. I enjoy inking on my cards and using stencils. It’s a quick way to add both a fun design and colour that can be a subtle background or the focus of the card.

  41. I like the thought of inking and stenciling, but haven’t gotten into it that much, yet. I plan to, though.

  42. I love inking and stenciling! I do need to practice more though! What better way than with this new stencil!

    1. I like stencils because besides inking them you can emboss with them. I don’t use them as much as I should though.

  43. LOVE hearts! Maybe I love love? Either way, I like to stencil, I feel like it can give the card something and it looks so “perfect” with very little trying. I especially like it when I add just a little on an edge or in a center and can choose not to ink the whole thing.

  44. I love using stencils and sponging when making Cards. It just brings the Cards to life!
    I’m in LOVE with Audrey’s Card…the Pink Owl and the background is just awesome!!!
    Well done to all the DT for such awesome inspiration for this release. All the colorful and brilliant designs are just spectacular!!!

  45. I really do enjoy inking and stenciling my projects! There is something so magical about lifting that stencil up! No matter how many times I do it, it is equally exciting each time!

  46. Don’t do a lot of stenciling. What I’ve
    done, I’ve enjoyed. I usually stamp
    most of my projects. thanks for
    asking. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  47. I love the amazing backgrounds and effects that are so stunning with ink blending and stencils. I love the results when I take the time to do it! I think it gets better with practice too.

  48. OMG…inking and stenciling is one of my new favorite things to do. I’m not very good at it but with practice, I’ll get better. Watching the videos and seeing all of the Amazing Design Team projects really helps with inspiration 🙂

  49. I love to play with ink and stencil. In the beginning always used design paper. Now i make most of my background with stencils. So fun to do and you can get always different results.

  50. I’m starting to get into inking my cards, I love the look of it! I have not used stencils yet, but I LOVE these cute conversation heart stencils!

  51. Stencils are a great way to add interest without bulk for mailing. They are an awesome price point and there are many techniques you can try with them. I love yo get inky!

  52. I love the heart stencil! It’s so cute! I own a few stencils, and I do love using them to give a softer effect ❤️

  53. Still getting the hang of ink blending but would love to try some stenciling – such beautiful cards! These would go perfectly with the “How You Bean?” set that I own ☺

  54. I recently started using more stencils I find them very useful because you can create your own custom pattern paper. I even bought more white cardstock to try out more blending and stencils techniques. So excited for this release. I’m loving all the wonderful cards and projects we’ve seen.

  55. Love using ink and stencils for subtle backgrounds when a card needs a little something! Stencils are so versatile, too, because they can even be used for embossing! Cute examples today from the DT! ❤️

  56. Heart envelope is adorable! ♡♡ Also, Stencils are must have!. Great inspiration week, so excited for tomorrow’s Valentine release! O(≧▽≦)O ♡♡♡♡♡

  57. Cute card, Chari! I do use stencils but find sometimes I use a too heavy hand and damaged one. I still need to practice.

  58. I love the stencils. I bought a few but haven’t used them yet. Still working on learning how to do backgrounds so these stencils would be perfect! Have you thought of doing a Lunar New Year money envelope? This template might also work.

  59. I love the heart conversation stenciling background. Stenciling is so interesting and I enjoy doing it to achieve different effects! The gift card holder die is so cool. ❤️

  60. I think stencils give a really nice contrast to the stamps. Haven’t tried inking but on my list of fun things to try!

  61. I enjoy ink blending and stenciling but am kind of new to it, and therefore not too good at it. Hope to get better at it! Practice, practice, practice! 🙂

  62. I don’t normally use stencils for my cards but I do have some stencils. Perhaps it’s a bit more effort for me or I’m not yet comfortable using stencils. Love the new envelope/gift card holder.

  63. Oh man! I love stencils! They are so affordable and versatile! I have really gotten into them this past year and I think I will have to add these conversation hearts to my stash!

  64. I love the look of inking and stencil, but haven’t tried it yet!! These beautiful cards…make me want to try. I loved Audrey’s owl card!!

  65. I use stencils a lot. They make me feel artsy 🙂 So I have various brushes I use, and have been buying thicker stencils so they don’t bend. I LOVE the new animals in your collection, especially the die cut hedgehog.

  66. I do like stenciling and inking on my cards. I have been using the Lawn Fawn snowflake stencil to decorate all my Christmas envelopes.

  67. Inking is my favorite way to add some depth to a card. I like to stencil too, but I am better with the inking. In fact, my hands are often inky and my son often asks, what happened; especially when I have been using red ink! HE, HA, HA! At least he is concerned about my welfare ;)! So many fun items you have here LF, and the Valentine’s release has not disappointed us at all! Excited to see all the future projects everyone makes! Happy heart day to y’all!

  68. I love stencils!!! You can do so many things with them! And they don’t take up space!! I Adore these cards!!!

  69. That’s a super cool stencil and so many ways to use it! I love ink blending and using stencils on my cards. I really like how this technique gives so much interest to an otherwise plain background.

  70. Yes, I love doing stenciling, especially on the front of an envelope in a light color so that you can still read the address!

  71. Adorable projects! Yes, I enjoy stenciling my cards, I recently got some glitter paste and I’ve been enjoying that,too!

  72. Honestly I enjoy stencils and ink blending so much! It really adds so much to the card. I’m so excited for these!!

  73. I love inking my backgrounds to make a custom background. The stencil I haven’t really used too much but those hearts are so cute!

  74. Inking and stenciling is so versatile, so definitely! In the UK we have a fab company called Sweet Poppy Stencils who have created tools to do the best stenciling ever.

  75. I love inking and stenciling on my cards! And I’ve instantly fallen in love with the conversation hearts stencils – they are so cute!

  76. Love all the beautiful projects! I like inking and stenciling on my projects occasionally, but it really depends on what I am making.

  77. I love the idea of inking and stenciling! I’m pretty new to card making so I’m currently building up basic supplies to be able to do all the cool things! Hopefully I can try it soon!

  78. Love the heart gift card envelope. I’m still new to card making and haven’t inked or stenciled yet but would like to try it! Thanks for the fun new ideas!

  79. I love using stencils. I find it intimidating when I first put ink to paper, but they always turn out great. They’re so fun.

  80. I do like inking and stenciling on cards as so many before me have shared for all the same reasons. Stencils allow me to create my own patterned paper and to switch up the colors. I particularly like these conversation hearts because of the layering of these stencils — stencils are much more sophisticated than when I first started card making! In fact, it took me a minute to figure out that there must be two stencils when I saw the cards (before seeing the video) because I am such a “mature” card maker! LOL

  81. I do love to ink and stencil on cards! It is a fun way to add color and dimension without bulk. Love this new conversation heart stencil set Chari showed us today.

  82. I love using stencils on my cards. I love how much it can add, without adding any bulk to the card. I adore ‘love hearts’ sweets, so I can’t wait to play with this stencil 💕

  83. I have not done much inking and stenciling. The results are intriguing though. The Gift Card Heart Envelope die is a fabulous way to present a gift card.

  84. Don’t laugh. I have all the stuff but i don’t use it. mostly it’s simple stamping and die cutting… time to break out the ink and stencils and play!

  85. I’ve really grown to love stenciling. I love that I can now buy stencils from my favorite brand, to keep everything on the card all Lawn Fawn! These are a lovely addition!

  86. I LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration being shared today!! I also LOVE to Ink and Stencil in my Projects!! I think it adds so much dimension to the card, especially for backgrounds!! THANKS for sharing and fie the chances to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  87. Inking around the edges of all my cards and sentiments was one of the first first “fancy” techniques I learned and even today I ink all my edges; they seem to look more finished to me. Now I am just learning stencils and acquired my first stencils from a sweet “scandi”. I am looking forward to binge watching the shows and what not to do in my new stencil world. I think inking edges will be my favorite of all time.

  88. I love stencils! I can make my own background paper with the inks, pastes and glazes. I have to get the Conversation Heart Stencil for sure. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Heart Giftcard holder is so cute. Adore all the talented designers samples.

  89. The conversation heart stencil is pretty cool….I think it will have to come and live at my house!
    I’ve just started stenciling. So far, so good!

    1. I love to ink and stencil. I have been using a lot of stencils with glitter paste recently. Very pretty inspiration cards.

  90. I’m definitely not a super skilled inker yet, but I do think it’s a lot of fun to play around and really personalize cards in this style!

  91. So excited for these stencils! I love stenciling my projects <3 What does SWT mean though? I remember Sealed With A Kiss (SWAK), but SWT is a new one to me.

  92. I love to ink and stencil. I have been using a lot of stencils with glitter paste recently. Very pretty inspiration cards.

  93. I love using stencils, but I mostly use them with thicker mediums than ink… like Nuvo Mousse or Heavy Gesso. I don’t know why I don’t do them with ink very often, maybe I’ll do that next time I have a chance!

  94. Like stenciling. Mostly with hills and clouds and some other stencils. Nice to make a flatter background at times

  95. I love ink blending for backgrounds and recently added the starry sky stencil to my collection! Keen to get more stencils as it does make my projects look even better!

  96. I love the concept on layering the new heart stencil a top of the quilted backdrop. A very unique but still quite flattering idea. I will definitely have to try that technique when I order the stencil. Cute card Audrey.

  97. I have done a great deal of inking and still need to do more stenciling! These are so cut – today’s releases – and will inspire me. Thank you!

  98. I love to use stencils. They’re so versatile. Inking, embossing, pastes! Love stencils and getting inky!!

  99. I love the look of stenciling, but have not had the stencils to do as of yet. Ordered some for Christmas and can’t wait to try them out.

  100. Oh so cute. I have the Conversation Heart dies from Lawn Fawn – love them & now we have a conversation hearts stencil too. Yay!

  101. Love the entire collection! I’ve been stenciling for yrs and will be buying
    the new stencils and want everything that was in this release! Thanks

  102. I love inking on my cards but don’t do alot of stenciling. I do have some stenciling techniques to try in the future!

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