Fawny Spring Week! {Day 1}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Spring Week! This week is all about sharing fun, sunny, Spring projects! The Design Team will share lots of ideas using old and new Spring products along with daily giveaways! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win: a stamp set and coordinating dies of your choice, and a 6×6 paper pad of your choice!)

Grace starts our fun Fawny Spring Week with an amazing slimline Swish ‘n Pop Pull-Tab card! From the Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop fox chasing butterflies, to the cute ducklings and the friends in a cozy den; this card says Spring loud and clear!

The Swish ‘n Pop allows the cute fox to chase a butterfly from one side to the other side!

Grace created lots of dimension for this little den! Her little bunny, squirrel and snail friends wish you a Happy Spring!

To create this woodland background, Grace used Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop which she trimmed to 2 trees. Then she added the tree tops using Puffy Cloud Borders!

Audrey‘s card is full of gorgeous sunshine! She combined the older Hello Sunshine birds with a new Magic Messages sentiment! I love how the cute birds are perched on Simple Puffy Clouds on the sunny watercolor background!

What could be more Spring-y than flying kites on a cool, breezy day! Chari‘s beautiful design features Yay, Kites! I love how the bright, colorful kite scene pops on the subtly stamped kraft background!

Chari added the stamped and die cut hello with a pretty pink shadow! You will find this sentiment in Yay, Kites! as well.

Renata‘s wreath features pretty pastel flowers on bright green Stitched Leaves! She used both stamped flowers from Fab Flowers and die cut flowers from Build-A-Basket: Easter! The sweet little bird is found in Magic Iris Birdhouse Add-On! I love the touches of gold in the bow and the gold embossed Simply Sentiments greeting!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Spring sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Spring celebration, but for now, it’s giveaway time!

Leave us a comment sharing a favorite Spring activity by April 16th at 2:00PM ET. We will randomly pick one winner to receive their choice of stamp set with coordinating dies and a 6×6 Petite Paper pad!

If you post about our Fawny Spring Week on social media, you can leave another comment for another chance to win!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday April 13th for our next Fawny Spring Week post! We hope you guys love this week!


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310 thoughts on “Fawny Spring Week! {Day 1}

  1. I love these cards they are adorable. My favorite spring thing to do is going to anything outside and feeling the warmth of the sun.

    1. These are so cute!! My favorite spring activity is being able to go for walks and see the trees and flowers budding.

    1. I love that stamped kraft background and the kite card. I cannot wait to try that. My favorite Spring activity is seeing all of the flowers in bloom. I go for walks and drives to enjoy everything in bloom.

  2. I get so excited to start my garden in the spring! Starting my seeds inside, prepping my garden area (I do a veggie garden in containers), and just generally being in the sunshine makes me feel so excited—and peaceful! (Even though my pollen and grass allergies go through the roof, haha)

  3. Spring means watching the flowers arrive in the bushes, trees, and in the lawns and gardens. I love the warmer weather and the sunshine.

  4. When the snow has gone, the bike comes out. I love Spring and fresh beginnings! But sometimes the weather keeps me inside making Spring cards!

  5. I like watching the birds through the window. I have a Cardinal and his girlfriend come. I think they had baby!

  6. My favorite spring activity is walking around the yard to see which flowers will bloom first. It is also wonderful to send our kids outside in the warm sunshine!

  7. As a kid I loved to let our kites fly. Today I enjoy all the blooming trees and plants while taking a walk in nature.

  8. these cards scream spring! i love sitting out on my deck when the weather is great just watching the birds and enjoying nature.

  9. I love the promise of longer, warmer days that Spring brings and I can’t wait to plant some flowers!

  10. My favorite spring activity is bathing in the colors that come out again when everything starts to bloom

  11. Favorite spring activity – go to the Cincinnati Zoo. They have the most beautiful gardens and the spring blooms are the best! I always take my camera and get some great photos. Today’s cards are beautiful. Grace’s card is amazing!

  12. My favorite spring activity is to clean up the garden and get those early seeds out! Just being outside to hear how happy the birds are that the sunshine is happening!. Love the spring card inspiration!.

  13. My favorite springtime activity is coming out of winter hibernation! I also love dandelion spotting with the kids, and listening for the return of the birds. Also, celebrating my birthday has been a lifelong favorite activity every April. The past handful of years I have shared my birthday week with my youngest, and he is such a delight.

  14. I love this Spring Week idea, so fun! One of my favorite Spring activities is planting the veggie garden.

  15. What gorgeous cards. Spring is a fun time to be out in the garden, working to make it look pretty, and enjoying the flowers.

  16. I love the underground looking card. What a great idea! My favorite springtime activity is walking through nature looking at the flowers, trees, animals…

  17. My favourite spring activity is opening up the summer cabin for the season!! The cabin is my happy place !

  18. Yay for Spring and these cute Spring cards! I love getting outside and seeing everything come to life – birds, bunnies, budding trees and flowers, and rainbows!

  19. Such fantastic inspiration! One of my favourite spring activities is getting outside and planting the garden and being able to sit outside and read.

  20. A big thank you to Renata, Chari, Audrey and Grace! These are AMAZING cards. I adore Grace’s card and might try to replicate it when I have time next weekend. Thank you, also, for introducing me to Fab Flowers! Somehow I have missed this set in my many trips to and around your site. GASP!!

    My favorite spring activity w/o a doubt is flower planting. I just saw my baby rocket mix snapdragons at my grower’s greenhouse. I asked her to save me two flats. I love them! I’m tall and they come all the way up to my hip! I plant them 2-3 places around the yard in different flower beds and they reseed themselves to a degree, so I always have some “volunteers” the following year. I love many kinds of flowers – my Guinevere and Red Emperor tulips are blooming now- So pretty!!

    Have a great day!! Thanks again,
    Lori S in PA

  21. These are great! Spring for me means nice weather and starting back at one of my favorite spring activities which is bike riding!!

  22. Cute inspiration cards today! One of my many spring favorite activities is to get my containers ready for container gardening! Love to plant things in old galvanized wash tubs or coal buckets or anything unique! My favorite “container garden” is actually my childhood bicycle – I plant flowers in the baskets! So cheerful – makes m smile every time I look at it!

  23. Adorable spring cards! I love getting outside again to walk and enjoy all the flowers and trees starting to bloom.

  24. My favorite spring activity is getting the yard
    ready for the summer. Rake up the leaves,
    do a little pruning, and start cutting the
    grass. thanks.

  25. These cards and stamps are just the cutest! I love seeing beautiful flowers around the house during spring time!

  26. I love the spring days when the air is still cool but the sun feels warm and good! Love all the ideas that are so creative!

  27. I just 💚💚💚 Inspiration week! Can’t wait to see what great stuff the Lawn Fawn designers have created!! Whoot whoot!! Happy Spring everyone💚

  28. Awesome cards! Spring is time to start gardening. Awaiting anxiously the last frost of the season so the majority of the planting can begin!

  29. WOW such amazing Spring inspiration!!!! My favorite spring activity is working out in my yard/garden and watching all my bulbs coming up:)

  30. Oops, I commented in wrong place and could not delete. Sorry. I love seeing flowers in the Spring. I also love the kite card with kraft background.

  31. These cards are amazing!! Love the spring colors. When I was a kid my favorite thing to do in the Spring was go to the beach for picnics with family and friends. We lived in the Florida panhandle so it was still chilly sometimes with the wind blowing, but it was so much fun! Now, that I live in the mountains of east Tennessee, we love to go to the mountains and walk around. We also get the camper ready for the season.

  32. Love today’s cards! I like to get takeout and find a great spot for a picnic. I enjoy eating outside in nature, listening to the breeze and the birds while sitting in a peaceful spot. After lunch, I explore a little bit.

  33. One of my favorite spring activities is shopping for plants for my garden. I love to imagine how pretty and/or tasty they will be.

  34. I love getting back out into the garden. Even weeding is joyful in spring and it’s so much fun watching the new life poking up through the ground and reminding me of what I planted where!

  35. I am a big fan of wreaths for any occasion. Change the one on my door for seasons and special holidays and at the cemetery. So why not remember and celebrate on cards. Of course many options at Christmas but love for cards at anytime, any occasion.

  36. Cup of coffee and a good book when it’s warm enough to sit outside….! Can’t wait!
    Pretty cards!!!!! ALL of them!

  37. I love picking tulips and bringing them inside to brighten up our home. I think that is my favourite spring activity other than shopping for new spring/summer clothes. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  38. I love being outside when the sun is shining. Be it sitting on the patio having a cup of coffee or working in my flower beds. Spring is awesome and the cards were super cute!

  39. Delightful cards! I especially like the sweet wreath created by Renata! I like planting flowers in the spring to add lots of color after a dull winter!

  40. I love Grace’s “Happy Spring!” card! The Swish&Pop let’s the fox chase the butterfly almost off the card. And the mechanism hides a mound, and a whole world secreted beneath the surface. It’s like two separate cards rolled into one. I also love that the bunny’s a bookworm!

    And on Audrey’s card, who’d have guessed birds can walk on the clouds? Just like angels. 😄

  41. I love teaching my students about butterflies and ladybugs in the spring! It’s so much fun to learn and be creative with spring themes at this time of the year!

  42. Wow! Cute card. Can’t wait to see more. I enjoy planting flowers in the Spring and going for nature walks.

  43. I love shopping for flowers and putting out yard decorations and just watching the world come alive with color again! Love the new ideas using old favorite stamps and dies!

  44. Love the examples and inspiration! My favorite spring activity, is freshening up my yard with new flowers and mulch 🙂

  45. It may sound silly but I always love a good Spring cleaning! Something so cathartic about getting rid of dead leaves, junk and built up stuff on the lawn and watching it go back to green and lush.
    Hugs from Canada!

  46. I just love Grace’s Swish & Pop Happy Spring card! I always looked forward to spring
    in knowing the warm weather and it’s time to start our garden! I enjoy the rewards of
    growing fresh vegetables to eat! Looks like this yrs garden not going to happen I’m
    currently recuperating from a recent hospitalization & 2 surgeries! Getting ready for
    Dr’s post-op appointment today! I can’t wait to see the rest of LF cards from this
    Spring release! 🥰

  47. These are adorable cards but I really love the scene Grace created. So many details. I like to just sit in my backyard during spring to listen to the birds, feel the breeze and sunshine and watch my cats who finally get to go outside into their “playground.” They have so much fun.

  48. I love spring cards! They make me feel so close to summer, which is my favorite season. These cards are adorable. Can’t wait to see more.

  49. As spring is upon us, my projects out-of-doors increase. I prepare the soil for vegetables, plot where my summer flowers will be planted, and too many other projects outside that are critical for summer enjoyment. Thank you, Lawn Fawn, for all that you do to bring us creative ways to use your products!

  50. I don’t have a particular favorite spring activity, I just love getting outside without having to bundle up.

  51. My favorite spring activity is getting out and walking my dog after being stuck inside all winter. Great inspiration from the designers! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  52. Wonderful spring cards. My favorite spring activity is when my crocus and daffodils start blooming. I love the start of spring.

  53. HAPPY SPRING LAWN FAWN! Oh my goodness the swish and pop butterfly net is amazing… love how it goes over the edge. (Hubby has a birthday and I want to swish a basketball, thinking this will work…..yay!). 🐥 🌱🦅🦆🌷
    I love to watch and feed the birds, set out feeders, waiting for hummingbirds, watch the flowers start to emerge. I guess I just plain enjoy the sweet new life that begins each Spring!❤

  54. I garden so my favorite Spring activity is planting seeds and then watchfully waiting to see them come up. Seeing new little leaves pop up from the soil brings me joy!

  55. My favorite Spring time activity is enjoying the blossoms on trees and spring flowers.
    Love all the card samples today. Thank you for sharing.

  56. I love seeing the flowers bloom in my backyard. I absolutely do NOT have a green thumb so the fact that flowers are still alive in my yard amazes me!

  57. I love seeing my plants get new flowers and then I make everything ready to sit outside again. And I love going for walks or cycle in the woods with my husband.

  58. My favourite spring activity is getting the garden ready for planting. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  59. My daughter and I walk our dog and check out the plants using the Seek app, which tells us what each one is. It’s such a beautiful time of year!

  60. I love all the cards! My favorite spring thing to do is sit outside or take walks and listen to all the birds. I love taking pictures of them as well! It’s one of my favorite times of year!

  61. Spring flashes with swatches of color, the kites, and he flowers the birds; all excited for a new beginning! These sets mimic the heart of spring!
    One of my favorite things to do in Spring is get out my seed packets and prepare my pots for the green house.

  62. My favorite spring activity is walking around my yard seeing what flowers are coming up & just seeing everything green up❣

  63. Lovely cards! In the Spring, I like planting my container garden pots, and watching them “go to town” if I remember to keep them watered.

  64. Beautiful cards! My favorite spring activity is going to the tulip farm and seeing all the gorgeous 🌷! Went with two of my nieces this year and it’s so pretty.

  65. Love the fox chasing the butterfly! Such a great idea <3

    I just love getting out and walking around our neighbourhood everyday.

  66. I love taking walks in the spring. It’s nice to be outside without bundling up too much and to see flowers start to bloom.

  67. Love all these amazing spring cards.♥
    My favorite spring activity is to clean our balcony and prepare all for the new spring flowers. I also love to go outside in the park and let me inspire by the beautiful nature colors.

  68. I love the swish & pop fox!! My favorite spring activity is landscaping the yard after the azaleas have bloomed. They’re so gorgeous in bloom. I also love watching the Carolina Wrens nest on our porch and carport. So cute.

  69. I love Grace’s little fox chasing the butterfly! I haven’t gotten a chance to use my Swish and Pop yet…….
    I live in the south, so one of my favorite springtime activities is getting the pool and backyard ready for summer. It’s already been warm enough (barely) for us to jump in!

  70. These are such cute cards. I just got some kites for my nephiews and I to go out and fly. I don’t remember ever doing it when I was young so I wanted to share it with them.

  71. All the cards have such happy vibrant colors. I love Audrey’s idea to use simple yellow watercolor for a sun. Spring is a good time for yard work here before the heat of a long summer arrives.

  72. I love going to the beach in the spring, before it gets too hot and crowded. There’s something about just smelling the fresh, sea air that is soooo invigorating and almost medicinal…it’ll certainly cure what ails you! (At least it does me!) Another favorite springtime activity is working in the yard and planting the garden. All the hard work pays off when there are pretty flowers on the table adorned with homegrown veggies!

  73. These are all amazing cards! In spring, I love spending time in the garden, having afternoon tea daily in my backyard or going on a picnic to Botanical Garden on the weekend.

  74. My favorite spring activity is probably just getting outside on a regular basis! We just had spring break here … yard work, beach time, botanical gardens … loved it all!

  75. Happy Spring, Lawn Fawn! My favorite spring activity is to take walks with my dog and see the pretty flowers and color blooming all over our neighborhood!

  76. I love taking walks with my daughter and husband in spring to see all of the flowers starting to bloom!

  77. First let me say how incredibly awesome Grace’s card is! That has so much going on and it has the feel of a story. Love it! As for my favorite spring time activity… I am dub but I love the spring cleaning and taking box of junk to the 2nd hand store. Ok maybe I don’t like the cleaning part just the feeling after it is all done. 🙂

  78. My favorite Spring activity is walking in the parks near my home looking at all of the beautiful Spring blooms. ❤️

  79. Since there are many spring birthdays (including me) in my family, I love getting together and celebrate along with making cards.

  80. I love to mow the grass for the first time in the spring! There’s just something special about a freshly cut lawn in the springtime! Thanks so much for the great springtime ideas! My head is just swimming with ideas! Now I just wish I had time to go with my ideas!

  81. Walking in the sunshine is my favorite Spring activity. Love all the new cards. Great work design team!

  82. My favorite spring activity is sprucing up our yard, seeing flowers bloom, and watching leaves grow back on our bare trees. I love seeing everything turn green again! Seeing baby deer in the neighborhood are a special treat…real life lawn fawns!

  83. Happy Spring! I love to be outside, playing with my dogs, walking with a girlfriend, or just relaxing on the patio with my husband.

  84. Yahoo! Inspiration week with Lawn Fawn! What a wonderful time of year. I do a lot of things to celebrate spring … one of them is to plant new flowers in my deck rail planters. I also love to take photos of cherry blossoms. That is my most favorite part of spring.

  85. I have posted about Fawny Spring Week on social media! Sent it out on Twitter and Instagram. This week is already off to a great start! LOVE these cards and how much fun they are. Swoon!

  86. These cards are gorgeous! I love just being able to be outside in the sun after a long, cold winter. Now I just need to figure out how to craft outdoors… lol ❤️

  87. first off the art work you have displayed on this post is incredible!
    I would say we just get out and play in the dirt … get those gardens ready for all the beautiful flowers!

  88. My fav spring activity is checking out all the flowers in the farm markets and getting flower baskets ready!

  89. One of my favorite spring time activities is planting a garden and I especially like picking out some flowers to plant for my mom. She prefers that since she can enjoy them all season long.

  90. I love how Grace used the Swish and Pop die on her card. These cards are all do adorable and I love how they offer some new ideas on how to use both new and older stamp sets.

  91. Love the swish ‘n pop card! One of the best I’ve seen with that mechanism. In spring I love seeing the spring flowers and trees blooming.

  92. So much goodness on these cards. Love them. My favorite spring activity is going fishing since the weather is warmer.

  93. In the spring, I love to sit in my garden. Enjoy the birds starting to build a nest, watching my veggies to grow and enjoy the sun (with a blanket for the still chilly wind)

  94. So fun and cute! I really like the kites. We just just flew kites with our daughters last week. They claimed that we have never done this with them before. 😬

  95. Love today’s inspiration!
    My favorite activity in spring is planting flowers and getting the garden ready for summer.

  96. I love all those cards and stamps sets.
    I love to admire my garden in spring. Planting vegetables and watching the plants grow and bloom. I also like to watch the birds. And in spring you can put the handicrafts back on the terrace.

  97. For us, Spring has arrived when the ducks start to build their nest next to our pond. It’s so great to get out into the garden, and to see everything begin to grow again. And, hopefully, in a couple of weeks we will see the ducklings before they head off down to the river. 🐣🦆🌸🌼

  98. Spring brings happiness into the lives of so many people in this hemisphere due to the changing weather patterns. I like to create cards for spring and summer and share with others. It is particularly appreciated at this time due to the pandemic. Thank you for making the sunshine in our lives, Lawn Fawn!

  99. Our favorite Spring activity is always our annual Easter egg hunt. I love watching the grandchildren hunting for the brightly colored eggs!!

  100. Cute cards! We love to just finally be able to get outside without freezing cold weather and snow! Love all the new growth as well!

  101. I love all these beautiful spring projects — especially when your talented designers mix old and new Lawn Fawn sets. I love seeing tulips and daffodils in the spring

  102. I love them all! The lovely idea of the bunny and the squirrel having a wonderful tea party down below the tree, and the little fox play with his kite up above is brilliant!!

  103. Cute Spring ideas! In the Spring I love planting flowers and getting outdoor spaces ready for warmer weather.

  104. I love getting in my RV and taking a trip to the mountains in the Spring to hike the trails and see nature bloom in all its glory.

  105. I love ALL of these ideas..they have been such an inspiration to get crafty last night after a first day back in the classroom with students in over a year. This was just the thing I needed and I’m so thankful I have found Lawn Fawn during this Pandemic. It is what kept me going every day!

  106. AWESOME designs.
    I LOVE to go out and uncover my flowers and raking in the fresh air on a Spring sunny day!

  107. The design team is so creative!!!

    I’d say my favorite is (not an actual activity) just seeing everything pop back up in that bright green color and the buds on the trees 🌳 🌸
    An actual activity (lol) watching my daughter play soccer. This will be her last season of the rec league and my momma heart is sad!

  108. My favorite spring activity would include walking by the river in the evening with my boyfriend 🥰 and then come back inside for some crafting 😁

  109. I like to watch the birds coming back and flocking to the feeder.
    Love seeing all of the inspirational card ideas, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  110. my favorite spring activity is prepping my garden for yummy veggies and making some bright cheerful spring cards!

  111. Love, love how the swish n pop used. Need to add it to my collection of all your interactives. Thanks as always for all the ideas.

  112. I love the spring line up and all these super cute projects!! I have lots of goodies on my wishlist!! Looking forward to seeing lots more! 🙂

  113. I am so excited for planting in the garden. I love to see all the new growth and what made it through the winter.

  114. I love being able to spend more time outdoors weather it be walking around my gardens to see what is coming up or going for a bike ride. Just to be outside with the sunshine and not freezing brings me joy.

  115. My favorite spring things to do are 1) watching my youngest collect tadpoles, bugs, worms, etc., and 2) listening to peepers at night.

  116. In the Spring I enjoy the beauty of all the flowers and trees in bloom. I work on plans for my deck container gardens. Lastly, my sister and I meet up on Saturdays to shop community yard sales. I have found so many fun pieces to use for storage or decor in my craft room.

  117. The best part of spring is the first time it’s warm enough to sit outside and have coffee in the sun ☀️

  118. Beautiful cards!! I love to pick the flowers in my garden and bring them in the house
    for a pop of color!

  119. My favorite Spring Activity is planting a garden, especially tomatoes. It’s hard growing in the desert, but it’s very enjoyable.

  120. I like doing all the easter things with my grandkids- coloring eggs and decorating. Also watching for all the spring flowers to pop up

  121. Our family, really likes to sit outside by the fire pit and eat dinner and chat. It is just so nice to be outside and enjoy the fresh air; although it is raining so much here, that the wood burned creates a lot of smoke! We smell like a campfire for days! It is still fun to sit around and chat and enjoy being with each other. I really like that about spring. 🙂
    Such wonderful cards here! Great inspiration!

  122. SWOON!! LOVE the AMAZING Inspiration!!
    My FAVORITE Spring Activity is watching my Boys and Nieces play Basebal/Softballl and compete in Track!!
    THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  123. amazing projects! my favorite spring activity is staying inside and taking my allergy medicine. jk. i like the weather in spring time! so just enjoying breezes outside – maybe eating dinner outside?

  124. Love all the cards!! My favorite spring activity is walking the neighborhood and enjoying everyone’s spring flowers!

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