Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant Sending Big Hugs, Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag, Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s May 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On May 13th our 7 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 9 new standalone die sets, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Giant Sending Big Hugs! Send someone big hugs, and mean it! This giant sentiment fits a standard sized card.

We are also highlighting our new Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag! Create cute, narrow tags and add fun embellishments to your cards with this set! It includes hearts and stars in three sizes, and reinforcers in two sizes. The heart and star dies are also perfect for adding decorative elements to your card designs and for making lots of confetti to fill your shaker projects!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Latisha‘s amazing card shows just how giant the Giant Sending Big Hugs die is! All you need is a colorfully stenciled plaid background and this new die! Who wouldn’t love this!

Elise‘s card is all kinds of gorgeous! This new die looks beautiful in Gold Metallic cardstock layered over the dark navy Textured Dot cardstock! Elise brought in more gold with the Fab Flowers and gold embossing!

I love that Yainea used the Giant Sending Big Hugs die to create a shaker card! All the cute Happy Hugs critters help to send hugs and lots of love!

Grace created rainbow clouds in the background along with awesome rainbow goodness on the Giant Sending Big Hugs die! She cut the hugs die a second time from Pixie Dust Sparkle cardstock and used Copic markers to create the colorful ombré rainbow! Just gorgeous!

The Happy Hugs set is a perfect partner for the Giant Sending Big Hugs die! Here, Elena arranged the critters and greeting on a Sunburst Backdrop! She die cut it from Let it Shine paper that she inked up to create a subtle pattern.

This large greeting becomes the star of Mindy‘s underwater theme! She ink blended a beautiful watery background for the Mermaid for You and You Are Sublime images! It looks like the cute lobster is holding up a sign!

Elise stenciled a beautiful plaid pattern to start this fantastic clean and simple card! She cut the Giant Sending Big Hugs die from pastel glittery cardstock, it’s so beautiful and perfect as the focal point! She added a few little hearts and this beauty is ready send a hug!

Audrey‘s card is absolutely stunning! The greeting pops on the starry night sky created with the Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop! The little mice from Dandy Day and Happy Hugs add so much charm tucked in around the large sentiment!

Kara used bright Stitched Rectangle Stackables then layered Giant Sending Big Hugs on top! The pretty plaid paper gives the die cut a fun pattern! I love that the tiny hugging birds from Happy Hugs are a clever contrast to the giant sentiment!

Tammy‘s Happy Hugs critters look so cute placed around the Giant Sending Big Hugs greeting! I love how she cut the die from white and black cardstock to create a shadow that makes it stand out on her adorable design!

Melissa‘s sunny design uses bright color to send big hugs! The Sunburst Backdrop is perfect behind the Giant Sending Big Hugs greeting! She added some cute critters and Hello Sunshine Remix paper to complete her card!

Megan‘s card is so beautiful! I love how she switched up the look of the new die by overlaying Finley’s ABCs in sparkly cardstock! She added texture to “big” with the Stitched Woodgrain Backdrop die.

Marine got so creative with this amazing card! She used the paint cans and brushes from Chirpy Chirp Chirp to let a bunch of our mice paint a rainbow on the Giant Sending Big Hugs! I love how the little mice have paint splotches all over them, so cute!

Elise combined our new Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag set with Simply Sentiments to create this beautifully simple card! She coordinating the colors of the tags with the paper in the background and added a few little hearts included in this die set.

I love Melissa‘s sweet design! It’s so clever how she combined the hearts and stars on the tags! The monochromatic colors add to the charm of this lovely card!

Here I have a quick video to introduce Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag and our new Double-sided Adhesive Sheets! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching!

Now, I have a video to introduce Giant Sending Big HugsChari and I will share some creative ways to use this new die while making 3 cards. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Giant Sending Big Hugs and Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what greeting you would like to see on a “giant” sentiment die by May 12th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, May 11th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

May 2021 Release will be available on May 13th!
Giant Sending Big Hugs
Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag
Double-sided Adhesive Sheets

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456 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant Sending Big Hugs, Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag, Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets

  1. I would love to see “I miss you!” as a big die. Or just the word “love” as you could do so many things with it.

    1. LOVE would be amazing either stretched out for a slimline or stacked on top of each for an A2 card.

    1. First of all beautiful cards from the dt. I would like to see Miss You, When I Think of You,
      Welcome Baby Boy or Girl.

  2. I would love to see “Your beautiful”, “Your amazing”, “Your Special”,
    “Get Well”, “Best Wishes”, Thank You”, “Love You” & “Hugs & Kisses”
    in large letters! Today’s my husband’s Birthday & just getting ready to
    sign his card and realized that a marker leaked and ruin his card!😢
    I’m glad I colored extra mice & bubbles!🐭 I now need to design the
    background & add Happy Birthday with sentiment!🎂

  3. A giant “Thank you”, “Happy Birthday” or even a “Happy Day” would be great! So many possibilities!

  4. I think the most used would be ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘I love you’. Maybe also ‘XOXO’.

  5. It’s probably pretty stock standard, but I’d live to see a big Happy Birthday. Birthday cards are what I make most.

  6. A big ”Get Well soon” would be nice to cheer someone up when their not feeling well. 🤧😌

  7. A happy hello would be good. It might be too many letters so it would have to be a bit smaller.

  8. Wowza, I love big sentiments and this one is awesome! I would be happy with more, like: Make a wish, Never give up, Fear nothing, One step at time, Let’s get Spooky, Bring on the Merry

  9. Wow the sending big hugs die is so cool. And the skinny tags are surprisingly effective! Love them!

  10. I love love love that sending big hugs die.
    I love uplifting sentiments like you’ve got this, you rock, you matter.

  11. I love the sending big hugs die! Would love big words die with Happy Birthday, Good luck, cheers to you, get well of anything like that. Counting down the days untill the release on the 13th of May…

  12. A giant Happy Birthday, Thank You, and Thinking of You would be the most useful. These cards are all amazing! Kudos to the DT!

  13. Holiday versions..Merry Christmas or Season’s Greetings, maybe others too something for Halloween & Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday is a must. Maybe even Miss you, love you, you are Amazing (with a “thank you so much” banner that fits across it),..I just really love the idea of more giant phrases! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one and see what else you come out with!

  14. I would love a “Thanks So Much” in the large size. Also – something for Halloween that I could sit pumpkins on and and have spiders dangle from.
    Another great day of samples – they are all amazing! Love the idea of cutting multiples and stacking them up on one another and also using as a shaker!

  15. Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Happy Halloween, Feliz Navidad — these would be some that I would like to see.

  16. Something for happy birthday would be the most useful for me. But I’m sure whatever you come up with I will love!

  17. Love the ideas for bumping up the WOW factor.
    Hip, Hip, Hooray! Celebrate, Stars & Stripes, Trick or Treat, Merry & Bright, Fun & Games

  18. Love this big word die! It goes so well with all the critters. Would love a “thinking of you” or “thank you” one too!

  19. Loving this new giant format for lawn fawn sentiments. I would love a basic happy birthday and happy holidays.

  20. So cute!!! I’d love to see a happy birthday or a sending love your way type of big sentiment. Thinking of you would be sweet too.

  21. I’d love to see a giant “Thinking of you” with a coordinating stamp set that has expansion sentiments in a font that works with the die.
    – at this time (sympathy)
    – and sending healing hugs (get well/ encouragement)
    – and celebrating with you on your special day (bday/wedding/graduation/anniversary)
    – and how you make our lives better (thank you)

    And I’m sure there are more options that could be added in 🙂

  22. I love this Sending Big Hugs die! Everyone has had some great ideas – how about I Love Your Smile, or Be Happy, for something a little different? Or just HAPPY, and lots of little stamped sentiments could go with it?

  23. Love, love, love the Giant Sending Big Hugs die and the Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag is SO cute!
    Here are some of the greetings I’d like to see as giant sentiment dies; “Hip, Hip, Hooray”, “Hello”, “Hi”, “You’re awesome”, “You are amazing”, “Hello Beautiful”, “Thinking of You”, “Happy”, “We Love You”, “Love You”, “Hugs & Kisses” and “Gone Sailing”.

  24. I’d love a huge Thank You sentiment, as I send a lot of thank you cards. Happy would work too, as then you could wish people a happy … day, anniversary, birthday, etc.

  25. All of the ideas are beautiful! It would be great to see “Hello” and “Love you” as giant sentiments 🙂

  26. OOOoo what big sentiment? Well I think the big hugs is pretty darn good because it goes with everything really doesn’t it? but….HELLO is another fabulous one, Thank you…always good! This one might have to be a slimline but
    THINKING OF YOU is another sentiment I frequently use as it covers a LOT of occasions. And…LOVE YOU! (or love you big time LOL!)
    I actually love that you are doing big sentiments this makes the outside of a card so easy. I mean sometimes I have an interactive scene inside and then I draw a blank for the front, I don’t want to do a second big scene but I want some impact…KWIM?
    TFS all the fabulous inspiration!

  27. I think a giant HAPPY would be great then you could stamp sayings along with it like stamp Birthday, day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day- all the holidays lol it would be very versatile!

  28. I think it would be cool to have big letters that say DFTBA then a little * that says Don’t forget to be awesome.

  29. So many possibilities for a large die. Previous comments are right on……….. I like Happy Birthday, Get well and Congrats.

  30. I would like to see giant happy birthday die and ur other sentiment dies could also be turned into giant dies like …. hugs, friend, love, kisses 😘💕💕

  31. I love this BIG sentiment! I would like to see additional BIG sentiments, including: Happy Birthday, I Love You, Sending Love, Thinking of You, and Happy Halloween! Thanks so much for creating the best products. I love Lawn Fawn!

  32. I would definitely get the most use out of a large birthday die. “Happy Birthday”, “Wishing you a happy birthday”, “Sending birthday wishes”, anything like that would be amazing.

  33. LOVE would be amazing either stretched out for a slimline or stacked on top of each for an A2 card.

  34. So many different cards with one die! I love it! And so many excellent suggestions for another giant die! I can’t really think of anything new to add! I think “You Are Amazing” is a card I’d like to send a lot, so I’d go there, I like all the critters and other options for birthdays and holidays, but a simple, you are amazing would be excellent — or maybe you are Excellent! 🙂

  35. This is so beautiful! A must have for sure. I would love a big SENDING LOVE or SENDING BIRTHDAY WISHES

  36. I think I’d like to see “You’re Loved” or something to that effect! There’s so many to choose from!

  37. Big sentiments are my favorite! It becomes the focal point of the card and you can either keep it simple with ink blending or jazz it up!

    I would love to see “Miss You More” or “Love You More” as a big sentiment. Can’t wait for this new release. Each day is like a Crafty Christmas!

  38. Love this huge heartwarming sentiment and the DT’s beautiful cards showcasing it! I think “Congratulations ” would be another idea for a big sentiment

  39. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! Is what I would like to see in huge letters.
    I love the hugging animals 🙂

  40. Maybe something that you could use on any occasion. “Have an amazing day ” would be a super Lawn Fawn quote! I’m a sucker for the holiday stuff, too, so “Happy Holidays”, etc. would be tempting.

  41. I love this giant die! I’d love to see “you’re the best” as a giant die. All of these cards are beautiful! Marine’s blows me away!!

  42. There are so many that will be great – love you, hugs and kisses, best wishes, get well soon, you’re the best, you did it, all my love. Fab cards from the designers.

  43. Love the BIG!!!! How great would a you’re amazing! One be!! Loving all of the sneak peeks!!

  44. The large sentiment is so awesome! I think a large Happy Birthday would be great…
    Thanks for sharing.

  45. Love the big die for Sending Big Hugs! I would like a big thank you and get well soon because I could really use those.

  46. CONGRATULATIONS or CONGRATS would be awesome as a larger sentiment <3 or LOVE YOU for a more well rounded one that has more uses

  47. “Happy Birthday”, “Make a Wish” or “Birthday Wishes”, “Love You”, “Thank You”

  48. Love how the large sentiments become the focal point on a card! Lots of ways to really make them stand out! I would love to see giant seasonal and holiday sentiments or just general encouraging kinds of sentiments. Whatever your design team creates will be awesome!

  49. Nice cards. I would like to see the follow to send Genealogy updated to the family:
    Sister, Brother, Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, Grand, Cousin, Genealogy, Our Family Tree. Anything genealogy related.

  50. I would would like to see Happy Birthday,Big Wishes, or Congratulations on a “giant” sentiment die

  51. Giant loves, kisses, wishes, smiles. Words that can go with anything so it’s more versatile.

  52. I send more birthday cards than anything, so I would use a large Happy Birthday! Love the new hearts and stars with the tag die. I use my little hearts all of the time and having more is always a plus.

    1. Lots of Love
      Miss you
      Happy birthday
      Gift for you
      These are some of my thoughts for big sentiments

  53. I vote for a giant Have A Happy … with maybe a coordinating stamp set to fill in different occasions with it. It would be so versatile that way.

  54. Oh Boy! Do I love giving my opinion, ha ha. I think a “Thinking Of You” die set would cover so many occasions. Thank you again to the design team for working so hard to create beautifully inspired projects for us.

  55. There are several big dies that I would love. Hello Sunshine!, You are Awesome! I love you! You are the best! Love you bunches! I can keep going if you need more.

  56. Love these dies and the wonderful samples!
    I would like to see ‘Happy’ in a big die, and a set of stamps with different messages to use with it.

  57. The giant sentiment says it all. And with the little happy hugs set, the card is complete! Love this die! Front and center, says I miss you wo getting all mushy!

  58. That big “hug” die is so awesome! Any encouragement phrases would be great on a big die, such as “Woo Hoo!”, “Way to Go!”, “You Did It!”, You’re Awesome!”, Happy B-day!”, “You Are Amazing!”, “Love You”, “You Make Me Smile”.

  59. I would love a big “Love you More” die. This is a special saying my grandparents and I always said to each other.

  60. Happy Birthday, Hello, Congratulations, I Love You; I especially like dies that are all in one without a disconnected dot for the i, etc.

  61. Love the cards submitted by the design team, especially the ones from Mindy, Marine and Tammy! That koala one at the tail end of the video is terrific!! I would love to see either “Thinking of you” or “Get Well” in a big die because those are cards I often make.
    Looking forward to the release.
    Lori S in PA

  62. Wowzers…that is BIG!!! I would love to see the word YOU as it goes with a lot of sentiments!!!

  63. Hi, I can think of three big sentiments that would be good- Hello, Happy Birthday and Thinking of you, which then made Get well soon pop into my head.

  64. The sentiment(s) I would love to see BIG are …love you, miss you, thank you, thanks, thank you very much or thank you so much. These new dies are so much fun!

  65. I think a big die of SENDING VIBES with summer/sunny/good/healing/cozy/warm coordinating stamps would be fun and different!

  66. “[Heart] You!” with the heart being a stitched stackable that you could fill in completely, frame (shaker or not), inlay or layer. The more I’m thinking about this, the more excited I’m getting. Please, please make this! =)

  67. …oh, and a big “Thank You”. I personally hate “Thanks” as it seems too informal and not as meaningful.

  68. I absolutely love this new die and especially the card samples that combine it with the new plaid stencil! Amazing result with not too many steps to make!
    I’d also love to see of course “Happy birthday” but also “Just for you” and (my current favorite) “PAPER hugs”! 🙂

  69. A big die idea would be You are the Best (Ever)!, then you could have a stamp set that has the words: friend, Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Sister, Brother, etc.
    A big Thanks a bunch die would be another grand idea! 🙂

  70. Everyone needs HUGS right now!! I make cards for Cards for Hospitalized Kids and Cards for Kindness, so anything that says You’re Awesome, You’re Strong, etc would be wonderful

  71. I’d love to see a sending big thanks die!! I make a lot of thank you cards! Or sending big wishes for birthday cards!!

  72. I would like “You are the Best!” because then you can pair it with other smaller stamped sentiments like “thank you”, “happy birthday”, “congrats”, “hello”….

  73. You have such wonderful designers! All their inspiration projects are great. I think a big “With Lots of Love” or “Just A Note” would be helpful. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  74. I would love to see a giant Love you! Greeting.
    I’m enjoying all of the inspiration from the design team showcasing this fun new release!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  75. Happy Birthday! Thank you! We’re so proud of you. You can do it! I believe in you! I love you. Everything will be ok! Congratulations on graduation! Merry Christmas. O happy day!

  76. I would love to see your take on birthday and congrats giant word dies. The lawn fawn version is sure to perfect! Maybe hooray too!

  77. I love the idea of more giant words. The ones I would use the most are “Thank You”, “Love”, and most of all – “Happy Birthday”

  78. So happy you’re going to release bigger sentiments! Since most of my cards are Birthday cards I’d love to see a big happy birthday. And maybe something like big best wishes, congratulations, baby, etc.

  79. It’s so hard to choose! I make a lot of birthday cards so Happy Birthday or Sending Birthday Wishes would be awesome, and a thank you sentiment is always helpful.

  80. Something like “BRIGHTER DAYS” or “STAY STRONG” or “WE’RE HERE for you”. ( A set of WE are or from US, or OUR family, Our hearts… most sentiments say I, ) thanks

  81. LOVE the way the ‘Sending Big Hugs’ die covers the front of an A2 card. Perfect for sending virtual/paper hugs in the current times.

  82. SWOON!! LOVE the NEW Products and the AMAZING Inspiration!!
    I’d LOVE to see the Sentiment “LOVE you LOTS” for a Giant Die!!
    THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  83. These dies are so amazing! I would love to see Get Well Soon or Best Wishes! This inspiration week as been so much fun…Thank You!

  84. There is the obvious “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well”, but I would like to see something with the Lawn Fawn caring and humor. “Feliz Navidad” is good, or “Happy Christmas”, but “Feel Better”, “Life is like a butterfly”, “Have a Sparkle day”, “have a wild day”. Just something sweet that no one else does. Maybe Merry Christmas in all the different ways it is said around the world.

  85. I’m so excited for this die! I’d love to see a big Happy Birthday or Thinking of You die!

  86. I would love to see something simple like Happy Birthday, or even something like Thinking of You or Just a Note. I find these “simple” sentiments get used much more!

  87. I think this one is pretty perfect! I think happy birthday would be the most useful and I like the suggestion of you are amazing.

  88. I would love a big Thinking of You – can be used for so many different occasions. Love all the inspiring cards.

  89. I send lots of thank you card, so a giant ‘thank you so much’ would be amazing. Other sentiments I’d love to see are ‘good luck’, ‘get well soon’, ‘you did it!’ and ‘it’s a boy/girl’
    I’m loving this release so much!!

  90. I’m not sure what else I would like to see in Giant sayings
    There are so many things that would be good.

  91. what greeting you would like to see on a “giant” sentiment die: The same as most others: Happy Birthday!!!

  92. Happy Birthday or Congrats or Season’s Greetings….I make lots of cards for Seniors and some of your sentiments are just too small for them. I love your sentiment dies though. I really hope you do one for the Holiday Season so I can use it on my holiday cards. I’m aiming to make 300 to donate this year.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone!!

  93. Families are Forever or Best Friends Forever
    Or anything Christmas themed. I like when a sentiment takes up a card and all we have to add are cute details.

  94. I love the big word dies! They really fill in the card and then you add littler images and I think it is so cute. Also the heart and stars die is so good because i do use that a lot to fill out my cards! Loving these two for sure!

  95. I love the lobster holding up the sign and the fish as the dot in Mindy’s delightful ocean card.

  96. So many good ideas in the comments above already! I like “You are Amazing” but I think it would be fun to have a giant “thank you” multiple times in 3-4 languages (e.g. “Thank You, Gracias, Merci”…etc.)

  97. Classic phrases like:
    Wishing you a happy birthday
    Have the happiest birthday ever
    I love you this much.
    Live, Love, Laugh

    But also some funny phrases:
    I have no idea (stamp: how old you’ve become, etc.)
    It is not easy (stamp: getting old, etc.)

  98. Absolutely love the big word dies. Would love to see more of these in the future such as thinking of you, praying for you, happy birthday, etc. very cute cards!!!

  99. ” For someone special ” would be useful. Could then add a sub sentiment for multiple possibilities e.g.. happy birthday, thinking of you, happy Valentine’s, have a great Christmas ect…. The variations are endless.

  100. Giant “YOU” with stamps “are amazing” are the best, are loved, are so special, and me, give the best hugs, make me smile…

  101. Love, happy birthday, or merry would be fun sayings to have in a big die like the sending bug hugs.

  102. *Love you loads or
    *Loads of love (great with laundry set)

    *Thanks a TON (with elephants)

    *OH Happy Day can be versatile for several occasions!!!

    I love this die!! I hope I win it because I have a feeling it will sell out fast!!!

  103. I make more birthday cards than any other, so a Happy Birthday sentiment of some sort I would love.

  104. I would love a “Feel Better Soon” big sentiment! That’s missing from my collection of big sentiments.

  105. Love these great new dies! I’d love to see: You’re Special Hello You Dear Friend With Love & Kisses Sending Love & Hugs Sending Hugs & Kisses Sending Big Hugs Sending Lots of Hugs Happy Thoughts Special Wishes You’re SO Kind

  106. I love this new die! I agree with everyone who said a giant “Happy Birthday” is a must. I also would like to see “G’Day” in huge letters!

  107. Adorable creations from the team, love the new giant die.♥
    I’d love to see:
    Wish You, For You, Wishing You, Sending You, Happy, Lots of Love, Best Wishes, Thank You

  108. Loving the BIG sentiment. I would like to see: “Hi, Hello, Hay There”, “Happy Birthday to you”, Happy Holidays to You”, “Thinking of You”, “Wishing you a Happy”, “Have a Happy Day”, “Praying for You”, “Just a Note to Say”, “Have a Beautiful Day”, “Sending a Smile”, “Have an Amazing Day”

  109. “hola” (hello/hi) “amistad” (friendship) “amiga” ([female] friend) “te amo” (I love you) “gracias” (thank you) “feliz dia” (happy day) “abrazos” (hugs)

  110. “Dream Big”. I wouldn’t mind see that as a giant die. It would go great with the speech bubbles, Super Star and Upon a Star stamps.

  111. I would love something with “YOU”. I appreciate you, I miss you, something like that. Love this die though! I miss hugs!

  112. I’d love to see thinking of you or you’re on my mind. Something I could use for cards when hugs would be too much.

  113. I love the font this die is set in! I would love to see a big “hooray” word die! You could use it for birthdays to graduations!

  114. I agree with a lot of the earlier comments about Hello and Hooray and Happy Birthday. I would like a stamp that accompanied it that said ‘Just a small note to say’.

  115. I love this huge sentiment! Thinking of You, Happy Birthday, Miss You, Thank You would all be great giant sentiments…

  116. This big sentiment is gorgeous! I would really like to see something in Hebrew! It is not likely but
    I am aloud to dream! 😁

  117. The big word die is awesome sauce yo! I would love to see the phrase, “You’re My Favourite” then you could fill it in after with “friend”, “Teacher”, “Coach”, “Mom”, “Dad”, “Sister”, “Brother”, etc… So many possibilities. I’m sure what ever you come out with next will be amazeballs! 😀

  118. I love that big sentiment die. “Thinking of you” would work great, but really, what I would love to see is a French die! Something like “Je t’aime” or “Merci beaucoup” (that anglophones would understand as well), but I think I’m dreaming big here…

  119. Love that die … mentally adding it to my wish list!!
    Can I request a giant happy birthday and a giant thanks!
    Amazing samples from the DT!

  120. “Big Thanks” comes to mind. I seem to always be reaching for “thank you” sentiments.

  121. I’d love a huge “HAP-PEA BIRTHDAY” die that I could add loads of peas onto!
    A Christmas one would be great too, maybe “merry christmouse” as there’s so many cute mice to use!

    Todays examples are amazing as usual. I love Marine’s mice painting a rainbow on the words!

  122. “It’s your day!” would be awesome! It could work with birthdays, graduations, or any celebration.

  123. I love this die so much!!! I’d also love to see “Miss you”, “Sending Smiles”, and “Friends Forever – or Friends FURever” would be fun too!! Love all of these awesome projects!

  124. I would like to see a large Happy Birthday! Besides Xmas cards the next ones that I give the most are “Happy Birthday”. It would also be cool to have a “wish big”. Ohhh and an Xmas one! Hmmm that’s harder it would have to be the right size🤔 jingle bells, happy holidays, stay cozy, sending warm wishes. Ohhh an Xmas one would be awesome!!!

  125. How does one pick what would be appropriate for a giant die cut in script? It would take more than this space to mention all of them and I know that Lawn Fawn could do ALLLLLL of them eventually! I’ll give you the time and a big HUG!

  126. I LOVE this new die cut! I love how it can fit on a slimline card as well! I would love if you made a birthday one, an thank you one, a congratulations one, a happy day one…so many great giant sentiment dies are hopefully in my future!

  127. A happy birthday-related big die would get a lot of use in my stash. Though I love how this “big hugs” die can be combined with so many other sentiments.

  128. I love this big die! I want this entire release! I would love to see another big die for “Happy Day To You”

  129. When I first saw “sending big hugs” I read it as “sending bug hugs” 😂😂 I’d like to see “miss your face” in big letters. My friends and I say it all the time to each other.

  130. Big Hugs & Best Wishes would be my 2 top choices actually. I can get a lot of mileage out of both sentiments.

  131. ❤️❤️❤️ this set and I can imagine using so many cute critters on this card! ❤️❤️❤️

  132. Love this die. There is so much potential with it! Trying to get new grandson to do “SOOO BIG” and when he finally does and I have a pic the BIG in this die will be part of the scrapbook page!

  133. This is all too cute… these blog posts are getting me so excited! It’s Wednesday already in New Zealand… but still so long to wait for you to catch up days 😂😂😂

  134. This big die is awesome. A simple Happy as a big die would be great. It would be so versatile.

  135. I love big sentiment dies. They are so fun and makes it easy to design a card. There are many sentiments I would love see “super-sized”, but if I had to pick only one I would say… YOU’RE THE BEST!

  136. Happy Birthday is a given! Others could be, Feel Better, Sending Prayers or Sending Love & Prayers, Congrats,

  137. As much as I don’t like the saying, it will probably be a good on for the not too distant future when we all start getting back to our regular activities. “It’s been a minute” is a very trendy saying right now.

  138. I’d love a big “cool” die – or even “you’re super cool”. Was looking for one and couldn’t find a single company that has one, no matter what size. It would make making boy’s/men’s cards so much easier!

  139. Birthday and something that tells someone how awesome they are…which could be used as a thank yours well.

  140. Would love to see a thinking of you or just because in a big sentiment.
    Love the font of this die, so perfect!

  141. I love all of Lawn Fawn’s BIG sentiments but can’t think of anything specific I’d like to have. Gonna check all the comments here for ideas!

  142. I would love to see a giant “hello.” One that spans the width of the entire card (side to side, not top to bottom)

  143. Happy Birthday (landscape), Love You, Celebrate, Congratulations, Thinking of You, would all be great sentiments.

  144. I love the Sending Big Hugs, any big word die would be great to have. I also love the Hearts and Stars Mini tag. the hearts and stars could be also used in a shaker card.

  145. I would absolutely love to see a giant Christmas sentiment – whether that will be a giant Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. That would be such a great addition, and would make crafting a bunch of Christmas cards a lot easier without sacrificing cuteness

  146. I would like to see Lawn Fawn products that reflect the joy and happiness on the faces of those who receive my cards created with MANY Lawn Fawn items! Perhaps a mirror image!!!! Just kidding!

  147. The BIG hug is exactly what we all need. Great work Lawn Fawn – once again you exceeded my expectations!!

  148. Such a great giant sentiment die! I love it! The font is awesome. I love how the word BIG is BIG!

  149. Happy Birthday to you or love you would be great. I do hope lawn Fawn makes more of these large-scale dies (and more scripty dies).

  150. I am in love with the subtle background that Elena created for her card. It just adds to the things that can be done with the plaid stencil.

  151. I’ve recently taken a liking to the giant sentiment dies! I’d love to see one that says, “Happy Happy Happy” (Duck Dynasty anyone?)… that way you could add other smaller LF sentiments on the front like “birthday”, “wishes”, “you make me”, etc.

  152. Thanks to your inspiration videos, I have a lot of ideas to use this big sentiment. But maybe another big sentiment could be: To the moon and back

  153. Love this! I am terrible with smaller word dies so I am loving this size! I think a “Miss You Tons” or “Big Thanks” would be great!

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