Lawn Fawn Intro: Purrfectly Wicked, Purrfectly Wicked Add-On and Giant Happy Halloween

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On September 16 our 13 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 19 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Purrfectly Wicked, Purrfectly Wicked Add-On and Giant Happy Halloween! These cute cats are purrfect for all of your Halloween card projects! And what’s more purrfect than cats creating magical potions and turning worms into candy? More cats, more potions, more magic! Combine Giant Happy Halloween with the cats to send a big greeting for Halloween!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new products!

Elena‘s Purrfectly Wicked design is so spell-cial! She included the standing cat from Purrfectly Wicked Add-On in order to create an awesome, symmetrical apothecary scene!

Latisha‘s mini slimline card is a great size for our Giant Happy Halloween greeting die! It provides the purrfect spot for the cats in colorful hats to make some meow-gical mischief! In the background she stenciled a Starry Sky with our new Stencil Pastes!

Grace took her design in a whole different direction; these cats aren’t just for Halloween! She incorporated Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to give the punny sentiment a whole new meaning! The Brick stenciled wall and Woodgrain cardstock floor add so much style to this sweet scene!

Tammy doubled-up the cauldrons and the fun by creating a fantastic slimline card! She inked the background in a spooky shade of purple before she arranged all the cute images! She used Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to spell out a bold greeting!

Mindy‘s Giant Happy Halloween design is so much fun! She filled the background with clouds stenciled in eerie shades of green and blue to create the perfect backdrop for the Booyah ghosts!

What is better for a Halloween card than the spooky color combination of purple and green? Lynnette used these colors purrfectly for this adorable card!

There is so much cuteness in Audrey‘s little scene! Her design is purrfect for Halloween with the black and orange Simple Stripes: Portrait in the background! In order to add some sparkle and let the scene stand out, she layered it on a Zig Zag Square cut from black glitter Autumn Sparkle cardstock!

I love how Chari used the Peekaboo Backdrop as the base for this super cute Purrfectly Wicked card! She inked up each framed section with bold colors before arranging cute little vignettes in each window!

For her design, Lynnette let the Giant Happy Halloween take the spotlight, while the cute images from Purrfectly Wicked and Purrfectly Wicked Add-On play a supporting role!

Kara took the meow-gical cats out of a Halloween setting and put them into the home office! She combined fun sets like You’re Just My Type, Virtual Friends Add-On and Plan On It: School to set the stage for “cat”astrophe! All of Kara’s details are so much fun, especially the tiny Lawn Fawn mug in the cat’s paws!

The Purrfectly Wicked cats are brewing up something meow-gical in this special design by Megan! Like Kara, she likes to include lots of special little details to her cards! The little Love Poems mouse on the shelf is so adorable in the tiny witch hat!

Jenn used one of her favorite expressions to wish a “wicked” awesome Halloween! The fun colors she used for books, brew and potions make this design so charming! She brought in beautiful purple by cutting the glittery Giant Happy Halloween from Autumn Sparkle!

Mindy created a spooky apothecary scene for the Purrectly Wicked antics of the cats using Stitched Dens and Brick Stencil! She added a spooky tree, bright yellow moon and a few bats for good measure! The little frog doesn’t look too concerned while he waits to see what those cats are brewing up!

Elise made a pair of oh-so cute Halloween cards; they are definitely more sweet than scary! She spelled out Purrrfect with Finley’s ABCs, it pairs so perfectly with the sentiment in Purrfectly Wicked! I love how she used Quilted Backdrop to add a bit of pattern in the background!

With a trio of the shelves, Elise designed a cute vignette on a Textured Dot cardstock panel. A glittery Scripty Happy makes this card so “spell-cial”!

Yainea‘s card is so adorable! The desk from Virtual Friends is the perfect accessory to hold the spell book while the cats brew up some fun!

Elena added extra bubbles to show the potion floating up out of the cauldron, it must be a strong brew! It definitely made the cats giddy enough to dance on the Giant Happy Halloween greeting!

Intro Video

Now, we have a video to introduce Purrfectly Wicked, Purrfectly Wicked Add-On and Giant Happy Halloween! We will share some fun ways to use these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Purrfectly Wicked, Purrfectly Wicked Add-On and Giant Happy Halloween! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us a favorite Halloween memory by September 15th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday September 12th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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513 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Purrfectly Wicked, Purrfectly Wicked Add-On and Giant Happy Halloween

  1. My favourite Halloween memory every year is spending time hand making an outfit and getting regonised when out and about. 😊

  2. My favorite halloween memory is trick or treating with my kids in a blizzard. Doesn’t sound like fun, we weren’t out very long, but it was something none of us will ever forget!

  3. Halloween isn’t a big thing for me, but my boyfriend loves it. Last year I put up quite a few decorations in my place for him to enjoy when he visits since he was not able to do all his usual Halloween activities due to the pandemic. I have good memories of watching as he discovered the various items I had put up or tucked away.

  4. Many, many years ago, when I was in 2nd grade, my teacher had a cute cat and honeycomb pumpkin decoration that she displayed in the classroom leading up to Halloween. On October 31st, she drew a name from the students in the class to win that decoration and my name was chosen! I still have that decoration 🙂 Love all of today’s awesome inspiration! Such fun new Halloween sets!

  5. My favourite Halloweens were when my kids were tiny babies. At 3 months my eldest was a black cat. And at 2 months my youngest was a witch. Now the kids are a bit older, and we all enjoy dressing the dog up in a cute little outfit!!

  6. As a family we never really celebrated Halloween growing up (my favourite holiday now) but my favourite memory is when my friend invited me to my first Halloween party with her family and we had spooky food, done apple bobbing and got all dressed up in spooky costumes.

  7. my favorite halloween memory is of my daughters halloween parties. i organized one every year until 6th grade. i’d spend weeks making cute little treat boxes and bags!

  8. Oh all these cards re awesome! My favorite Halloween memory is when my children were little and it was always cold or raining during that time of the year in Chicago area. One year it was sleeting outside! The kids had to wear their winter coats, gloves and boots. You couldn’t even really see the costume underneath. However, even though they were shaking because it was so cold they were all determined to go Treat or Treating for candy. We made it around one and half blocks before I said “that’s enough”. I remember them with their little happy facesthat they went out. Great memories.

  9. Halloween isn’t really a thing here, so honestly don’t have any Halloween memories…. that said I am still going to be buying these sets because I think they’ll be pretty versatile

  10. Even though we don’t really celebrate Halloween here, my best friends’ birthday is three days before Halloween. We used to combine her birthday with Halloween and dress up and play games, have fun food and such. But now I haven’t seen her properly in over a year, so no celebration of Halloween, but I am looking forward to making her an awesome Halloween themed card!

  11. Halloween hasn’t really been a ‘big’ thing in the UK until fairly recently, so when I was young and my son was, it wasn’t really celebrated. My granddaughter enjoys it now though, so new memories can be made.

  12. Halloween isn’t a big thing in Germany – it’s getting more common though – but since we live close to an US Military Base and have lots of Americans living around, we always threw a Halloween party for our girls. One year we might have gone a bit overboard with our decorations and also installed the fog machine my husband uses with his band. We had to call the fireworkers ahead to let them know that our house won’t be burning down, just in case anyone would call them. We had eerie sounds playing and plastic strips hanging down from the little roof above our front porch. There were flickering lights and lots of bones and stuff put in the front yard. There was that little girl – she might have been 2 or 3 – that didn’t dare to come up our stairs because she was so impressed, so we had to carry the bowl of candy down to her. Seeing her face light up made my day!

    Even if I don’t have anyone to send Halloween cards to, I love making them! And it’s most likely the only occasion I love to use purples for. My inks always know Halloween must be around! 😉

  13. I love lighting candles, turning off the lights and getting cosy in blankets whilst watching horror films, usually with my cat curled up on my lap. It’s not as fun as trick or treating but it’s a memory that makes me smile.

    I adore this set and can’t wait for the release for it! Those little worms in the add on are just too cute too.
    Every design shown using these is stunning!

  14. My favorite Halloween memory is when me and my whole family would go hay riding on the back of my in-law’s tractor to go trick or treating around the neighborhoods

  15. I think my favorite Halloween memory is a Halloween party when I was a high school senior. A couple of friends’ moms went all out making wonderful food for us.

  16. Trick or treating with the kids when they were young, and sending Halloween craft to the school for all their friends to make.

  17. My favorite Halloween memory is last year when I surprised my family with tons of festive treats and foods, celebrating together and watching Hocus Pocus ✨

  18. This year is special as we will celebrate Halloween with my grandson and these critters are purrfect for some paper crafts for him. Love the set😍

  19. It would be taking my son trick or treating as a child, Halloween not a big deal when I was younger but my son loved the dressing up as his favorite hero’s.

  20. What an adorable set of cards! My daughter loves cats, I was just imagining the cute cards I will be sending her for Halloween and all year round!!!

  21. My favorite Halloween memory is when my kids were 5 and 2 and they dressed up as Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. It was so cute!

  22. As a kid, we would get costume to wear at school and we got to parade through all the classrooms. Those old boxed costumes with the plastic masks bring back memories! Fun times!!

  23. One of my favorite Halloween memories is trick-or-treating as a kid with my brother, then afterwards coming home and checking out all the fun goodies!

  24. I love the cards where the cat is knocking things off the shelf into the caldron or onto the other cat’s head. It is so true!

  25. My favorite Halloween memory was a trunk or treat we did for the kids with their scouts group. My kids and I decorated my trunk as a dungeon with a skeleton, fog, scary music, etc. I had my hand inside a costume claw holding out candy while my body was hidden and the kids all got a kick out of it when the hand would start moving when they went for the candy.

  26. My favorite Halloween memory would have to be my eldest son’s 2nd Halloween. He was about 13 months old and I made him the most adorable red bird costume from feathers and felt. He was just too cute waddling around with his big yellow feet and baseball cap made to look like the bird’s head. That was the beginning of many years of great costumes for all 3 of my boys! We had so much fun as a family putting them together each year.

  27. So, I’m not a huge Halloween card fan. I don’t have many to make cards for and can’t justify a holiday-specific set. BUT these kitties are the cutest!
    My favorite memories these days revolve around our toddler grandson. He is truly the sunshine in my days. And he loves Halloween dress up!

  28. My favorite memories are of the excitement of figuring out our costumes for each year. My mom always helped us make them.

  29. I don’t have a particular memory that stands out, but I loved Halloween growing up. Getting dressed up, decorating the house, school parties, carving pumpkins….

  30. I will always remember my daughter’s 3rd Halloween. She was dressed up as Mary Poppins and we were Michael and Jane. She turned to us and said: Spit spot, time to go Trick or Treating! Every time I think about it, it makes me smile.

  31. I always loved seeing my kids in their costumes when they were little.. My son especially really got into it. Loving all the design team inspo, especially the kitty knocking things off the shelf!

  32. I think my favorite Halloween memory is when my kids were little and trick or treated. One year they were matching pumpkins. Lizzy was in 1st grade and Ellyn was 4. Oh they were so cute!

  33. You know my birthday is on Halloween so every Halloween memory is special. Now with my kids I love Halloween even more because I (usually) make their costumes and go trick-or-treating with them. I love seeing their happy faces and love my slice of chocolate mocha cake my husband always buys for me.
    Hugs from Canada!

  34. When I was really young, I didn’t know who the band KISS was. I knocked on a door to say trick or treat and someone dressed like Gene Simmons answered the door and he did the tongue thing while making a loud sound. I thought he was just a scary clown and started crying out of fear. Now it’s my most memorable Halloween moment

  35. That last card with the glow-in-the-dark texture paste is amazing. I absolutely love the colour scheme and the blending of the inks. I will try to emulate that one!

  36. When our kids were younger, we would have the yearly Halloween party with a spooky barn, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows, costumes and hayrides. Loved those times.

  37. My favorite Halloween memory was when I went as a television set and had the Hulk, the big green guy not the wreastler, in the screen. I worked on that television for a long time and hand drew the green hulk myself. I don’t think he was quite porportioned; but that is okay. This was back in the 1970’s so art was kinda wild then anyhow! I used up a lot of tin foil and paint for sure!
    Super cute Halloween 🎃🎃🎃 additions! Looking forward to grabbing some treats and not tricks from the Lawn Fawn store!

  38. Around 30 years back I visited a friend living in Chicago (Swedish, just like me). We went to this pumpkin-field, which I thought was great fun and loved all pumpkins around!! Halloween wasn’t a Swedish thing then really, even though a few people might had picked it up a little bit (but not as much as it is today!). Anyhow. I got hooked. Bought some candy corn, “halloweeny” ornaments, spiders… all sorts of small stuff. Ever since then I love Halloween, and still decorate with the few things I have left after 30 years – not the candy corns of course hahaha. Always buy a couple of pumpkins to decorate outside our front door.. LOVE THE COLOR! (Love anything orange haha)
    May I say that I want Kara’s Lawn Fawn-mug to be a part of a future set! SO CUTE!!!!

  39. These cats are wickedly adorable and they are cooking deliciously dangerous fish! Purrrfect for Halloween and I love it!

  40. These cats are so cute. We had a Halloween sock hop my 8th grade year because it was too cold and snowy for anyone to be outside. Best Halloween ever.

  41. When I was a kid, a lady from the office in the height school would let the highschool drama class turn her barn into a haunted house every year.
    I went with my friends, got scared by something and grabbed what I thought was my friends hand… Turned out it was a Vampire! 🙂
    I have never really enjoyed being scared, so was very unsure about going it but I descovered that I link hunted houses…

  42. My favorite Halloween memory is from my first Halloween in our new home. I wasn’t expecting that many kids and my husband had to run out to buy more candy mid trick or treating. He made it back just in time. I only had 5 pieces left!

  43. My favorite halloween memory is my sons first halloween. He was a little over a year old and I dressed him up as Tiger from Winnie the pooh… He was just the cutest kid ever

  44. I enjoyed halloween every because I made my daughters costumes and I always liked the challenge that she brought me each year with her various requests

  45. My favourite halloween memory is the year my brother was old enough to take me trick or treating, instead of my parents. My friends and I thought he was so cool at the time and it was sweet that he still wanted to spend time with his little sister 🙂

  46. My favorite Halloween memory is my daughter’s first time trick or treating. I handmade her ladybug costume and she was so cute saying please and thank you!

  47. I love watching my daughter and her friends/cousins trick or treat. I usually put a casserole in the oven when we leave. Poof. Dinner is ready when we get home. Could not be more fun to see what costumes the kids wear.

  48. One of my favorite Halloween memories was taking my youngest daughter around trick or treating for the first time a few years ago. She was so excited that people were giving her free candy—-she kept wanting to go to the next house and the next! It was like she had won the lottery.😂
    I love this adorable set of cats!! Very excited to get this one.

  49. My favorite halloween memory is my sonsdressed up as a pumpkin. My grandmother crocheted him a little pumpkin stem hat to complete the look. 20 years later i still have the costume 🎃

  50. One of my favorite Halloween memories was the halloween parties my family had. I love this set! Definitely a must-have!

  51. My birthday is 10/29 so several years my mom had my birthday party on Halloween and then we allwent trick or treating together. So much fun!

    Love these kitties so much!

  52. When we first started our family, my husband was in college and we had very little extras. For Halloween, we dressed the boys in their blue long Johns, pinned a receiving blanket to their shirts for capes and used blue eye makeup to put around their eyes for masks. The photos are legendary in our family. I keep telling them that they need to do a repeat picture! I love Halloween and am excited about this stamp set!

  53. One of my favorite Halloween memories was carving pumpkins with my brother out in our back yard and we had recently gotten a puppy and the puppy stuck his head inside of the pumpkin we were carving and got covered in pumpkin then ran all over the yard because he didn’t want a bath. We still laugh about it

  54. I’m not a big Halloween fan, but I love how Grace and Kara used the sets for non-Halloween cards. Those kitties are adorable. I can see the need for more kitty sets in the future!

  55. I don’t have a favourite Halloween memory, but I remember with some fondness just the excitement of going trick-or-treating when I was very young. It almost always rained, and I almost always wore a mask that I couldn’t really see out of and was hot to wear, but it was still something I looked forward to every year. ☺️

  56. I’m not even a “cat person”, but these critters have such personality and the set is so versatile. I can see using the books and shelf all year long for great scenes. Love this and glad to see more giant letter sentiments. So wicked cool!

  57. My favorite Halloween memory is the many years
    we would have a fire in the driveway and pass
    out candy to the kids who came by. I’d fix
    chili, pumpkin pie, and lots of other good
    food for friends who would come and spend
    the evening with us. Those days no longer
    happen – not many kids in the area and
    many friends have passed on.

  58. My favorite memory is when my Dad dressed as Frankenstein and dressed my son as Frankenstein, like a mini me. They looked amazing.

  59. Love this set and also that it can be used all year round. My daughter asked when she can get them to make her birthday party invitations.

  60. my favorite halloween memory is trick or treating in the big halloween blizzard of ’91. my brother and i were the only kids out in our neighborhood and had a great candy haul!

  61. We had friends who held a huge Halloween party every other year with every part of their house and yard decorated. And the costumes people created were amazing!

  62. My favorite Halloween memory was our daughters first year trick or treating. She was the maid version of Cinderella, I was the fairy godmother and my husband was Jaq the mouse. We had a wagon that looked like Cinderella’s carriage. It was so magical for our little one.

  63. My favorite Halloween memory is my mom, double checking our candy haul for safety reasons but there were always a few pieces of candy missing after her check. As an adult, I look back on this fondly, as a kid I was always indignant about it! These stamps and dies are so cute. Love the cauldron and its toppings.

  64. My favorite Halloween memory is my now 20-year old trick-or-treating as a toddler — when they opened the door, he tried to go in, not realizing we were just there for the candy, lol.

  65. Not necessarily the “favorite” but the year we had a blizzard and it was freezing. My kids were determined to show off their costumes. Growing up we used to always have a hay ride for Halloween and treats were different caramel apples and cookies. So yummy!

  66. We don’t do Halloween now but when my son was little we did and I always made his costume. He was a Pokemon or a turtle or a cardinal.

  67. I love Halloween. We’ve had numerous parties with different themes. The costumes have been amazing. Trick or Treating as a child was so much fun. We could go trick or treating for a week in the town I lived in as a child. Of course we went every evening! Love the cards today. So cute!

  68. Kute Kitties! I have a general happy memory of the excitement of my littles as they got their costumes on to go trick or treating. I miss those days!

  69. One year my sister and I made these huge goodie bags to hand out to all of the trick or treaters. The combination of doing something with my sister and the look of amazement and excitement on each of the kids faces made it a Halloween I will never forget.

  70. I think my favorite thing about Halloween was working on the kids costumes and then getting them all dressed up for trick or treating.

  71. I loved enjoying Halloween when my son was young. We would go all out decorating the house and our neighborhood was a trick or treating wonderland – swarms of happy kiddos and spooky decorations!

  72. I loved the Halloween I spent with my family in Illinois (I’m from Germany)! I’ve wanted to visit them again ever since but covid made it impossible in the last years

  73. What an awesome set! I think my favourite memory of Hallowe’en was the year my daughter “knew” what was going on and was so excited she wore her costume every chance she got!

  74. My favorite memory is when my friend showed up with a Wonder Twin costume for me to wear and we went trick or treating together. It was a blast!

  75. One of my favorite Halloween memories is making Wizard of Oz costumes for 4 little friends…Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow! So fun!

  76. When our sons were young, my husband and I would take them trick-or-treating, literally, for 3 hours! We would drive on our golf cart and try to fill a whole ice chest with candy (we would give half of it away to friends and family). My husband would drive the golf cart, wearing a Winnie the Pooh costume! We had so much fun together!

  77. In my much younger days (we won’t say how long ago!), I went on a Halloween pub crawl. It was a costume pub crawl and I dressed up as a dalmatian. It was a blast – best Halloween ever!

  78. When I was younger & in the band, the younger elementary students would get to have a Halloween parade for parents. It was in the school parking lot, & lots of parents came & watched the kids walk around all dressed up while listening to us perform!

  79. When I was a kid my mom helped me make an elephant costume out of some oversized grey sweats, pillows, and fun foam. It was one of the best costumes I have had, even if it made trick or treating difficult with all the extra bulk.

  80. These kitties are the cutest! Loved dressing my boys up when they were little and trick or treating in the neighborhood.

  81. My husband is a scenery and lighting designer, and one year he designed a haunted house for a local charity. We even had a 12-foot bat stored in our dining room for the weeks leading up to the event!

  82. I love the kitty Halloween additions! We don’t really celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands, but for the past few years my husband and I always host a party around Halloween for our friends. I have some really fond memories of those nights 😊

  83. My favorite Halloween memory is when our family dressed up at the incredibles for trick or treating! It was supper fun. Last year we had a quarantined Halloween and made all kind of treats, painted our faces and had a dance party. That was really fun too!

  84. OK That’s it…where’s the cashier, I’m ready to check out.
    Gotta have these cats, they are adorable…..
    Thanks Lawn Fawn and Designers for sparking my inspiration button:)

  85. My favorite Halloween memory is of my brother and I, in coordinating costumes made by my Mom, trick or treating in our small town neighborhood.

  86. These kitties are so adorable! My favourite Halloween memory so far has been the first Halloween with my two daughters a few years back – it was also my very first Halloween ever (as where I am from, we don’t celebrate it!), so it was truly magical for all of us!

  87. I remember getting dressed up in costumes my mom made every year and going trick-or-treating with my best friend. We had so much fun together.

  88. I remember my mom driving us around trick or treating – she would stop at the end of busy streets and we would run to get back in and end up with like 13 pounds of candy!

  89. These makes are wonderful. Such adorable cards. I love all the purple and green used as these are my favorite colors for halloween. I am looking forward to release day.

  90. My favorite Halloween memory would be taking my niece and nephew to see and be part of their neighborhood Halloween parade! To see the joy on their faces that day is something I will always cherish. ♥️

  91. So many great memories of Halloween. One that sticks out is dressing like a hobo clown in my dad’s work jeans, flannel and suspenders so he could take me out last minute on one of those years I thought I was too old to go but still really wanted to have fun.

  92. I love Halloween! One of my favorite memories was after Superstorm Sandy we lost power and celebrated my nieces bday (10/31) and played games by candlelight.

  93. My favorite memory is from growing up- A neighbor at the end of our street, had a big house and on Halloween, he would dress up like a wizard and had a big cauldron with warm apple cider that he served to the kids of the neighborhood and the house was decorated very spooky, so you had to brave to go there and see the wizard and get some cider.
    So fun.

  94. Love the cats! My favorite Halloween memory is taking my kids out for heir first trick-or-treating night! So adorable in their little costumes <3

  95. I love Halloween! My favorite childhood memory is going trick or treating with my brother. Being 6 years older than me, he was too old to trick or treat as I got older. He would willingly take me trick or treating if I paid the candy tax (gave him some of my haul!). I remember sitting at the table sorting the candy into two piles! As an adult, I love taking my kids. My mom has made many a costume for my children!

  96. My favorite Halloween memory was sewing my sister a penguin costume and her wearing it to work. I made her a full body, black and white, emperor penguin costume out of felt fabric. It even had yellow penguin feet to cover her shoes. She ended up winning best costume that year!!

  97. My favorite Halloween memory is going to a Haunted House and my school and then realizing my mom was there playing the role of a witch! 😊

  98. For my son’s first Halloween (6 months old), I put him in a fluffy teddy bear costume and brought him to the photo studio for pictures. We brought along a plastic pumpkin full of candy bars. He had a bag of M&Ms in his hand and put the bag in his mouth, and he discovered that if he sucked on the bag, he could taste the chocolate. Every photo he has the bag of M&Ms in his mouth!

  99. My favorite Halloween memory is trick-or-treating with my best childhood friend and taking along our dogs that were also in costume!

  100. Without a doubt trick or treating was my favorite as a child and then as a parent. Loved running from house to house as a kid, cool crisp air, crunchy leaves, bag getting heavier and heavier!

  101. Favorite Halloween memory is dressing up and trick to treating. I loved creating costumes for my girls. I am sitting here creating Halloween cards. Love the large Halloween and the fun cats.

  102. I have lots of favorite Halloween memories but one in particular popped into my head! I loved making costumes for my kids and made quite a few. One year, when my daughter was a little older, she asked if she could please have “a plastic costume with a mask”! Hmmmmmmm….. She picked out a My Little Pony costume, complete with mask, and was so excited to actually wear a “plastic costume”!! Makes me smile when I think about it!

  103. My favorite (or most memorable) Halloween memory was when I was ten. I don’t remember the costume, but it was dark and I was trick or treating alone in a bustling neighborhood. And… no joke… I got lost… in a cul de sac. I must have gone around four times before I started recognizing the people handing out candy. Looking back, I was thankfully oblivious to the weird looks I was probably getting.

  104. My favorite memory was going out trick or treating with my siblings and then when we got home we would trade our candy with each other so everyone ended up with what they liked.

  105. I can remember the years of having a plastic face mask. Who knew we’d all be wearing masks 45 yrs later! The mask got all (uck!) full of condensation on the inside from having to keep it on but having to breathe and the rubber band thing that went behind my head to keep it on was too tight and kept catching on my hair. Ah, fun times!
    I also remember the big fun of sorting the candy haul once we got home. My sibs and I liked some candy but did not like other stuff (I like Mary Janes now but I did not like them then — same for Bit o Honey). We’d trade with each other and my mom would have to step in and ration how much we could eat that first night. It was funny how the candy stash got lower faster than I thought it would (ahem – parents at night!).

    These new items are just fantastic — or should I say purrfect?! I have four cats, so the news today is a purrfect fit!!
    Lori S in PA

  106. My favorite halloween memory is when I was about ten years old and my mom would throw us our own little halloween party after we went trick or treating.

  107. Halloween isn’t big in Australia, but helping my daughter dress up last year for a Halloween birthday party was fun. Loved doing her vampire makeup!

  108. We did really celebrate Halloween when I was a kid but I have loved taking my niece’s trick or treating in recent years! They love coming to me to get their facepaimt done before we go out!

  109. I love Halloween! So much I’m not sure I could pick a favorite memory. First memory that comes to mind is taking my daughter trick or treating for the first time!!

  110. I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween for much of my childhood, so I think one of my favorite Halloween memories is getting to trick-or-treat with my besties in high school.

  111. I actually don’t have many memories of Halloween (or anything before age 12). Probably my favorite was my my two oldest were young and we all dressed up as Blue’s Clue’s characters.

  112. I love them all but I think these are my favorite so cards and wow that glow in the dark glimmer paste I am going to stock up on that stuff. You always knock it out of the park with these release.

  113. My favorite memory is when my little niece finally understood what Halloween was. She was so excited about picking out her own costume and going trick-or-treating. Loved seeing her happy face when her first piece of candy was dropped in her bucket. She thought that was it! Little did she know, she had tons of more houses to go to!

  114. My favorite Halloween memory was celebrating Halloween in elementary school! It was always a party, and we got to parade around the whole school in our costumes!

  115. My favorite Halloween memory was going over to my aunt’s each year to trick or treat in her neighborhood. She would always make goulash, then we’d go out after we ate.

  116. My favorite Halloween memory as a child is when my mother, sister & I where dressed up a witch outfit that she had
    made for the 3 of us! We had a black dress with cape, hat, spayed black sneak broom & cauldron trick or treat bag!
    As a adult my husband I dress up and make give trick or treat bags to the neighborhood children!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on glow in the dark paste to decorate cards, treat bags & pumpkins! 🧛🏼‍♀️🎃🧛🏼‍♂️

  117. Years ago when we ran our local rural community volunteer fire and rescue department we would park the ambulance up town to pass out candy to kids.

  118. Love the kitties! My favorite Halloween memories are of making my daughter’s costumes each year. We would spend hours planning it out and then making it. She was always so excited to wear it as she knew no one else would have one just like it.

  119. My favorite Halloween memory was from about 10 years ago, when my kids were still young…my next-door neighbor, a sound engineer, put on a light show with fire and smoke, and it was PERFECT for Halloween!

  120. My favorite Halloween memory is making lots of cool costumes like Ariel, the Tardis, Princess Peach, etc. I love dressing up, showing off and eating candy!

  121. My great aunt’s birthday was October 31st, we’d often gather at her house with extended family to celebrate. We’d dress up, give out candy, and trick or treat.

  122. My favorite Halloween memories center around homemade costumes for my kids. Having grown-up with old school store bought costumes (plastic face masks), I took great satisfaction in sewing their costumes. To see this tradition carried on with my uber-talented daughter-in-law who designs costumes for my six grandkids, without benefit of patterns, always brings a big smile to my face. Today’s projects are fright-fully fun!

  123. A favorite Halloween memory for me is when a kid one year I wanted the most perfect, unique Halloween costume that no one else had. I worked with my dad to make a really cool Christmas tree costume to wear for Halloween. I loved that costume so much.

  124. Wonderful projects! I love Halloween!
    My favorite memory is the year I made my daughter, who was in preschool at the time, a Tinkerbell costume. I dressed up as Peter Pan!

  125. My favorite Halloween memory was the year when I dressed up as Big Bird and went trick or treating with my brothers. I tripped on one of the driveways and was crying and refused to go up to the door to get candy, so one of my brothers asked for extra candy for me. That memory warms my heart because that is the kind of brother I have.

  126. When my kids were younger, I would have a Pumpkin party every Halloween where they would play games and decorate pumpkins with their friends and cousins. That is my favorite Halloween memory.

  127. I have a lot of good Halloween memories, but one of the more recent ones is the time when one of the trick-or-treaters loved my costume so much she came back to get a photo with me. I always enjoy seeing all the kids happy expressions when they come by and all of the fun costumes. I can’t wait to have these sets because I’m a huge cat fan and have one myself.

  128. My favorite Halloween memory was trick-or-treating with my siblings when we were younger. We tried to trick our father into giving us candy when we rang our own doorbell haha!

  129. I love that set so much!!! I don’t have a specific Halloween memory, just general memories of getting dressed up and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with my friends. Always one of the best nights of the year!

  130. I’m starting to have anxiety attacks waiting for this release on September 16th!!!🤣🤣🤣 All the cards are absolutely amazing!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!🥰🐾😱❤️

  131. The cats and their accessories are so cute- I know my friends and family will love getting cards using these stamps- got to get them!

  132. I’m not a huge fan of cats BUT this has got to be one of the most adorable sets I’ve ever seen. It’s DEFINITELY on my list 🙂

  133. I love that giant happy Halloween die cut! And I love Halloween. My favorite memories are all the amazing costumes my mom made for my siblings and me through the years.

  134. My favourite memory was walking around the neighbourhood supervising my young kids while admiring all the Halloween decorations on the other houses and visiting with the other parents. Many houses were beautifully decorated and there were hardly any cars driving on the road in the subdivision. Very few kids now and not many people bother to decorate.

  135. These kitties and their accessories are the cutest!! Halloween-cards aren’t really a thing where I am, but I can think of so many other ways of using the Purrfectly Wicked-sets.
    Likewise, trick-or-treating wasn’t particularly such a big thing when I grew up, but my high school friends and I did throw a few fun Halloween parties 🙂

  136. When my kids were growing up we always made a special dinner with creepy Halloween inspired food and decorations! Too much fun! Love this release for Halloween 👻

  137. We used to decorate for Halloween big time! We had fake zombies and ghosts all around the yard. I have an alcove as a front porch. We had a smoke machine and various decorations everywhere. By the front door was the bucket of candy, protected by the Grim Reaper. He had blinking orange eyes with hay bits peaking out of his hands. The exception to this guy from the one’s in the front yard was my son was inside this costume! Kids would comment about other kids being afraid to get candy, he’s not real! Then when they went to grab the candy, my son would scare the heck out of them! One poor kid ran all the way home with his parents trying to catch him! Tears were running down my face all night from laughing! It was the best Halloween ever!

  138. These cards are adorable! My favorite Halloween memory is taking my three year old daughter out trick or treating, and her realizing that people were actually giving her candy! She went to the neighbors house the next day and tried to get more!

  139. I lived in a safe town growing up, so we were able to take our pillow cases and run all over town collecting candy! LOL! The thought of all that candy makes me a little sick to my stomach as an adult. 🙂

  140. My favorite Halloween memories have been hosting Halloween Costume parties for friends and their kids over the past 20 years. I miss parties since COVID, but we are trying to keep everyone safe.

  141. My favorite Halloween memory is taking my niece and nephews out trick or treating in the neighborhood I grew up in – so much fun and get to catch up on the gossip : )

  142. Another well thought-out set. Love all the little elements and how the cauldron was made, with the elements to put in it!

  143. My favourite Halloween memories are from a combination of years…Running home to empty my Halloween bag because it was so full of juice cartons and then later sorting our haul by type and trading./secondly, still having candy well past mt Feb birthday while my brothers was gone before Christmas…every single year 🙂

  144. My favorite memory is of trick-or-treating with my kids and some of their friends. My son was about 4 and only lasted 3 houses, but it was the first year my daughter wanted to keep going to ALL the houses.

  145. We don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia, but have lived in Hong Kong for many years.
    My favourite memory is from when my now 18 year old son was 3 – he and his first girlfriend were Peter Pan and his mermaid friend – just adorable

  146. My favorite Halloween movie was our first in Germany, my parents made a door hanging for our apartment door and everyone else in the build started acting odd towards us. They thought it was the American’s weird way of dealing with loss.

  147. Oh wow! I love these sets!!! The cats knocking things off the shelves! Epic! My favorite holiday is Halloween. And, my favorite Halloween memory is trick or treating for hours as a little kid. We would fill our pillowcases with candy! We’d go home, dump out our candy, then go out again and hit up the other half of town, and fill up our pillowcases again. We got so much candy!! Absolutely magical.

  148. My favorite Halloween memory was my baby sister’s Halloween costume “kooky spook”! It was an inflatable hat and a cape. She was a bat. We had the best time trick or treating that year. Sorting the candy once we got home is the best. These sets are adorable and I love that they’re not limited to Halloween. I love them.

  149. When we were kids, many moons ago, we lived in a big city and we used to fill pillow cases full of Candy and then come home, unload and go back out!

  150. I can remember as a kid, all the kids in the neighborhood got together and went trick or treating as group all over town. We actually were able to go at night in the dark like Halloween is suppose to be. We all had a really good time.

  151. My favorite Halloween memory is always walking down to my grandmas house on Halloween and showing her our homemade costumes for the year.

  152. I love trick-or-treating with my kids so much. We had a Halloween tradition of doing it in our adjacent neighborhood with some friends. Miss it so much!! My favorite story to tell is when a scarecrow scared my friends, my mom and me so badly when I was seven, (she was 25) , that we all ran home!!

  153. My favorite Halloween nemory is when my father celebrated his birthday on Halloween (he have been born on the 26th) and my brother dressed as crazy scientist (he is a real life scientist) and I had to style his hair because – like a cliché – he really has no idea at all about how to style himself. So I made it look like something exploded and styled his hair all up like a cartoon and sprayed some blue color in his hair, forehead and into a test tube. I really enjoyed that time together and now that he is abroad for post-doc work I miss him very much!

  154. My best Halloween memories are tied up with trick or treating with my brother and sisters`. We always had a lot of fun.

  155. our parents were dressing us for Halloween, then a knock on the door and a ghost was there- we could not guess who the guess was! as it turns out my mother sneaked out of the house to become the ghost…and we did not notice. LOL

  156. My favourite Halloween memory was then my daughter and I joined with a family across from us to visit the other houses in our street! A fun night with all the kids dressed up. It was our first!!! Love these stamps and dies!!!

  157. My first Halloween in a house where I stayed home to pass out candy. My dog was so confused why all these people kept coming to the door, but she ended up falling in love with Halloween because I’d bring her and the candy to the door and encourage the visitors to pet her… She was on cloud 9 with all the attention.

  158. My favorite Halloween memory is when we dressed our dog up as pig! He was so adorable and it was so much fun to see the kids face light up when they came to the door to get candy.

  159. My favorite Halloween memory happens every year. It’s more of a traditional memory where we have a trunk or treat at our church and have indoor games and cake walks. I love helping with all the stations and so do my kids. We get to see all the kids/families dressed up and having fun. It’s the best tradition ever!

  160. Halloween isn’t a big Holiday over here, but t’s so fun seeing all the fab costumes and decorations on social media from places that do celebrate!!

  161. My mother always made our Halloween costumes. One year my costume was Little Bo Peep and that was my favorite and the most memorable for me. It was always a fun night! These cute cats and Halloween cards are very fun too.

  162. My favourite Halloween memory has to be my daughter’s first Halloween. She was an avocado & I was a strawberry! So fun reliving holidays with our little ones!

  163. Such a cute set! The DT cards are all amazing! My favorite memory is when my daughter dressed up as an inflatable dinosaur and ran around the neighborhood. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much and everyone loved her costume.

  164. My favorite Halloween memory was when I was around 9 years old. My mother made me a Tinkerbell costume out of crepe paper. It was adorable and I won best costume prize. That was some 60+ years ago!

  165. Such a cute Halloween set. My fav is the year my son decided he only wanted to wear the hat that went with his dragon costume. He still got lots of candy.

  166. I always enjoyed sewing my daughter’s Halloween costumes when she was little! All these new stamps make me excited for fall and Halloween!

  167. It’s was our bunny’s first Halloween and we found out he liked candy! Got in the trick or treat bowl and started pulling out ones he wanted! (of course we had to replace the candy with parsley and he was just as thrilled!)

  168. My favorite Halloween memory is going as an entire family to trick or treat. We did for many years and now since mostly everyone has moved or frown older, I think of this with the fondest memories.

  169. Very cute and imaginative cards!!! My a favorite Halloween memory is when my nephew, sister, and I joined up with a another little boy and his Mom purely by chance and we went trick or treating together in the neighborhood – so much fun making a new friend.

  170. Just being with my sisters and brothers—coming home and laying out our stash sorting, comparing, and trading!! So fun!

  171. What a great release. The designers have outdone themselves. These cards are right up my alley but my don’t compare to these. Can’t wait to give these a try. Thank you for all the great ideas designer team!!!! You guys are truly my favorite team ever!

  172. My Mom would always take my sister and me around for trick or treat, and our next door neighbor would always give us a full size candy bar. We always thought we hit the jackpot!

  173. Love, love, love this. From the cats to the shelves the cauldron, books, potions. Everything about this. I cannot wait to get this stamp and die set. Your design team is awesome.

  174. My favorite Halloween memory has to be enjoying the spooky fun, fireworks and trick or treating with my daughter, who has Autism at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Bash at Walt Disney World. Just watching her truly enjoying every moment was a cherished and magical Halloween memory.

  175. Well, it’s not a FAVE; but, It was raining one Halloween and the bottom fell out of my bag of candy and, needless to say, I lost all my candy. My Mom made my brother share his candy with me. That was awesome; but, my brother was so mad that he didn’t talk to me for a long, long time!
    I LOVE cats…and the catrophies the happen! =)

  176. Trick or treating in the city was my favorite activity as a kid. We lived in a rural community that did not make trick or treating possible. So to go to my grandmas house and trick or treat made Halloween that much better since it is my favorite holiday.

  177. My favorite Halloween memory is when My mom made my princess costume out of crate paper sewn onto a sheet. It rained and the pink and green paper bled all over.

  178. When my kids were smaller, we have a little park in our neighborhood where we (the social committee) would host Halloween celebrations for the neighborhood families. Haunted Forest (which was, still is, an apple orchard), pumpkin patch (we brought in tons of little pumpkins), decorating stations for said pumpkins, frosting stations cookies and cupcakes. We had a magician one year. Lots of candy and photo op spots with haunted houses or giant spiders, etc.

  179. My favorite Halloween memory is more recent … taking my kiddos trick or treating (pre-Covid). (This set is beyond adorable and I can imagine so many additional uses for the pieces of it!)

  180. My birthday is the day before Halloween so I have lots of fun memories of this time of year but my favourite is a bday party I had where every single one of my friends dressed up (I’m in the Uk, Halloween isn’t quite as big here!) and it was soooo much fun! I was maleficent and loved it!!

  181. My favorite Halloween memories are the ones with my cousins, my brother and I trick or treating together. We did it every year when we were kids, and now that one of them is gone, it’s a very cherished memory.

  182. So purrrfectly adorable! My favorite Halloween memory would be the fact that my Bro-in-law flies to Dallas from Nashville to very Halloween to go trick or treating with our daughter. It’s something we all look forward to each year. This year she is Senior. They are considering what they will be this year. Considering Luke & Laia with the possibility of dressing the cat as Darth Vader!! 😂

  183. Fave Halloween memory is dressing up and getting treats! Every year it would rain but we would still have a blast… my poor mum tho, that was another story! She was such a trooper!!

  184. These cats are adorable, a must have! A favorite Halloween memory I have, I even just got asked about it again, is getting together with friends and the kids decorating Halloween cookies. I hope we can do that again this year.

  185. My favorite memory is wearing my grandpa’s big overalls with a pillow stuffed in for my belly. I walked around town and fell in a ditch and couldn’t get up because I was high center. My uncle couldn’t stop laughing.

  186. Once, when I was a Girl Scout leader I took our troop to a retirement home; the girls were in costume and were basically there to entertain the residents. Lots of the kids were dressed like Jeannie in “I Dream of Jeannie” and were wearing telephone operator head sets! I couldn’t figure out what was going on! One of the other (younger) leaders explained to me they were all Christina Aguilera and the headsets were wireless mics!!! It is important to be able to laugh at ourselves!!

  187. My favorite Halloween memory is running around Halloween night with a group of kids trick or treating. We were allowed out by ourselves back then. No adult escorts.

  188. A few years ago we went to Salem, MA in October. The costumes were great. My granddaughter and I sat down with the Adams Family and Ghostbusters. It was so much fun. I love the kitty’s!!!

  189. Eeek! These Halloween kitties are purrrr-fect! I can’t wait to get my hands on this set! Hope my cat Spenser won’t be too jealous that I’m playing with other kitties besides him! Lawn Fawn, you rock!

  190. One of them would be taking my nephews to Legoland, during Halloween, when they were really little and the other would be taking them to Disneyland also during Halloween. Both times were so much fun especially seeing all the kids in their costumes!

  191. My favorite Halloween memory was when both of our children won best costume in their age group and were highlighted on the evening news!

  192. My favorite memory of Halloween 🎃 is trudging through snow or leaves to trick or treat! Those well fought candy gathering nights made it all the more sweet! I’m living for these cat 😻 sets, really Lawn Fawn this release is SO adorable!!

  193. My favorite Halloween memory is eating gingerbread cake with lemon sauce at my grandparents house every single year!

  194. We don’t really celebrate Halloween in the part of the Netherlands where I come from. But I did celebrate it one time with my sister and mom and dad in Disneyland Paris. We were all dressed up and the parc was open until midnight and they had a special parade and fireworks show. That was absolutely amazing!!!

  195. My favorite Halloween memory is when two. He would not say trick or trick, but would say, “I’m a monster,” every time the door opened.

  196. My favorite Halloween memory was making the zombie mask for my little brother almost ten years ago now! He was so happy and proud!
    This stamp set is the most adorable ever! 😍

  197. Best holiday memory ever….
    Set the scene …. Three girls and Daddy. All dressed up and filled with excitement. The older children knew what was going on, but my almost three year old sister was a bit confused.
    We knocked on the door …. It opened …. We gleefully yelled trick or treat, … and my baby sister spotted their television in their den. Before anyone realized what was happening, she ran through the door and climbed up on this strangers couch to watch tv.. 50 years later and I still remember

  198. It was last year for me when my little girl first appreciated and enjoyed it, we got her a flashing monster eye headband and went to collect a goody bag from the village Halloween stand that had been set up 🥰

  199. I love this new stamp set, those cats are so adorable. One of my favorite Halloween memories was when my oldest was about 4 years old. We grew a giant pumpkin that year and everyday for months he would go outside and want to check on the pumpkin to see how big it was getting!!!

  200. My favorite Halloween memory as a child would have been TP ing houses of friends in our Middle School and High School (parents even drove us around as we lived in the country). Also, when my own adult children were little and I made their costumes and made the cutest frog costume for my son to wear only to have my mom show up in the same costume.

  201. my favorite Halloween memory must be that my mom always handmade my costumes and then handmade costumes for my children and now my grandchildren get to wear them too- great family tradition!

  202. These cats are so purrrrrrfect! I loved trick or treating with my friends each Halloween. We had the best neighbors and candy in the city!

  203. Always loved visiting the pumpkin farm – we would get hot apple cider, look at displays, go on a hayride, feed animals at the petting zoo, and end the day with choosing our pumpkins!

  204. I live in an apt for low income and disabled and a few years ago we had all the grandkids come in costumes and they were just adorable.

  205. I really don’t have a favorite Halloween memory but I love walking around my neighborhood on Halloween night to see all the houses decorated and all the costumes. Our neighborhood really goes all out.

  206. I love how creative these cards are (and the filings for the cauldron)! Trick or treating with my cousins, sorting and trading candy, and getting little goodie bags are some of my favorite memories! We always had such fun! Oh and the cold! Because where we live, winter jackets, hats, and mittens are a must for trick or treating!

  207. A favorite halloween memory is the year we had like 6 of those huge blow up dinosaurs wandering around the neighborhood! It was so funny!

  208. Well Halloween is always a special time at out house with 2 kids with Halloween birthdays. (Not twins they are 3 years apart) Last year because of covid we couldn’t go out so we had a big family spooky Halloween party to celebrate birthdays!!

  209. Love this. Can make cards using my very own black kitty Ocho as my inspiration. She is wicked after all. Favorite Halloween memories, trick or treat on the Army base wherever we were stationed, we could fill a pillow case!! Candy for months!

  210. We’ve ALWAYS Dressed Up as a Family and went Trick or Treating from the time I was little!! Now that we’ve ALL got Children we’ve carried on the same Tradition and Dress up as a Family and go Trick or Treating!! I hope our Kids will Grow Up and carry on the Tradition as the Memories made are just SO SPECIAL!!

  211. I don’t follow Halloween however what I love are the cats they are gorgeous and I love that they can be used all year round and combined with other sets to create (as above ) a birthday card

  212. One of my favorite memories is when our family dressed up as the characters from the Scooby-Doo gang for a Halloween party. My kids were little and loved that show so much – it was fun doing a group theme and they were so excited!

  213. My mom threw this awesome Halloween birthday party for me. I loved it. She made spaghetti with green sauce and eyeballs in it. We carved pumpkins etc. was just a lot of fun.

  214. I dont have a lot of memories but I am really hoping to make some new ones in our new house! First time getting trick or treaters!!

  215. my favorite halloween memory is when we turned our house into a haunted house and invited the school principal over. in smalltown france, a party like that is quite unusual. i think the kids and the principal will remember it for a long time🎃🎃🎃

  216. Favorite Halloween memory is the first time we took our daughter and her friends trick or treating. They were so excited to see all the houses decorated and collecting sweets!

  217. In Europe we do not celebrate Halloween as much as in the US, but in school we used to have pumpkin carving and hand craft witches doll competitions. I know I won a hand craft witch doll competition and won a Harry Potter book! Best Halloween ever for me ❤

  218. One of my favorites was dressing up as the Avengers and watching all the little kiddos in their super hero costumes show us their super hero stances and power moves while walking through the neighborhood with our boys.

  219. My favorite Halloween memory is the first time I took my 2 daughters out for their first time trick or treating. It is so magical seeing their faces light up when they get their treats.

  220. My favorite Halloween memory is waiting for the cute kids all night long and giving them treats (only if they are wearing a costume and spooky). They are so happy!

  221. After seeing the “sneak peeks” of this stamp set, I could not WAIT to see what you all do with these adorable images – and I’m not disappointed!!! I love each and every project!

    My fave Halloween memories have all happened since having my kiddos – it’s so nice seeing the world through your children’s’ eyes

  222. My favourite Halloween memory was going trick or treating as a witch. No one recognized me…it was Spooktacular!! Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  223. My favourite Halloween memory is my only one! Living in Australia we just don’t have much to do with Halloween but an American friend from my mother’s group held a Halloween party when our children were about 3 and that was my introduction to this spooky holiday.

  224. I have two favorite Halloween memories. The first is my mom. She loved to dress as a witch every Halloween. She did not do a cute witch, she did a scary witch. So scary that she scared a large 20 something Hawaiian man. Hilarious! I also loved going trick or treating with my kids.

  225. My favorite Halloween memories revolve around the new costumes every year – the design and then sewing them. Loved getting those creative juices going – much like creating cards!

  226. Trick or treating when I was a kid is my favorite Halloween memory. Growing up in a tiny place, knowing everyone, you could even go inside the houses for a cup of cider or to enjoy a popcorn ball.

  227. My favorite Halloween memory will be watching my sons when little trying to scare trick or treaters jumping out of bushes and using walkie talkies. It was everyone’s reactions were hilarious!

  228. My favourite Halloween memories are when my dad could come out trick or treating with us, he often worked nights so it was always so fun when he would come! he’d dress up too 🙂 (We were clowns together, which is exactly how we act too lol!)

  229. My favourite Halloween memory is the amazing costumes my mom would make for us as kids. I had a very cool Cruella De Vil costume that was complete with half my hair dyed white and the other half black

  230. That’s it…now you HAVE to make a tiny Lawn Fawn mug stamp for all of our little critters to use! So clever! =) Let’s see…favorite Halloween memory…there are so many, but I think I’m going to have to say taking my son trick-or-treating for the first time. He was trying to figure it out and get the hang of it but the excitement in his voice and delight in his little eyes was just so precious.

  231. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away … my best friends mom made the best costumes. She turned my best friend into R2 D2. With and upside large Tupperware bowl with aluminum foil and a rounded box for the body. It was amazing for the time when Star Wars was first released.

  232. OMG, these magical cats are just too cute! My favorite Halloween memory is probably dressing up as a vampire at a party and then again going to Disneyland! I also have lots of great memories with my own kiddo.

  233. My favorite memory is my oldest daughter dressing as a scarecrow each year during trick or treat and sitting propped against the light pole near our driveway with her head flopped over a little and as people walked up, she would yell “trick or treat” and scare everyone! People actually asked where was my scarecrow the year after she got married!

  234. Fantastic inspiration! Hmmmm, I don’t really have a most memorable Halloween. One would be the year that my brother had a Halloween party to go to and dressed up as road kill. I did some pretty fun skull face make-up for him – definitely fun to do for him!

  235. Beyond excited for kitties with witch hats! My favourite Halloween memory is when a fluffy faux fur coat was incorporated into my costume ( I think I was a bear maybe – no photo exists) because it was so cold and snowy out.

  236. One of my favorite Halloween memories is getting to dress up and go trick or treating as the princess Belle from beauty and the beast. My mom handmade my costume and it was so fun to wear – I really felt like a princess.

  237. We don’t celebrate halloween but I do love the cats in the set. Been waiting a long time for more cats so I will be getting these. Glad that so of the designers used more of everyday type of design. Can’t wait to get these cats cooking in the kitchen.

  238. My favorite Halloween memory is from when my daughter was about 5 years old. She had gone to a few house and trick or treated then asked “When am I going to get a candy cane?”…omg my husband and i laughed about that for years. We did explain that Candy Canes were a Christmas candy. They were her favorite candy at the time.

  239. I think my favorite Halloween memory was when i went trick or treating with my mom and I didn’t just get candy I got mini cheer poms and a little mini toy truck.

  240. I must confess Halloween is something I’m only
    getting into now that I have kids, it’s only getting big here now (even though we technically invented it 🇮🇪 😀) these sets though make me want to buy the banner dies and go wild decorating the house with Halloween images.

  241. My favorite memory is having a small carnival at my elementary school every year, where kids would dress up and we could play games to earn tickets. One of those “totally carefree” memories that you cherish as an adult.

  242. My favorite Halloween memories are when my children were little and the excitement of dressing up to go trick or treating!

  243. Favourite Halloween memory was when we dressed my son (2 years old at the time) up like Mr. Fredrickson from the movie UP. It was so stinking cute and he really stayed true to his role.

  244. My favorite Halloween memory is the one where we just got back from taking my son trick or treating for the first time, and I immediately went into labor with my daughter!

  245. I miss when my kids were small and their costumes were cute butterflies and pirates. Now they are older and the dress like zombies and video game characters. Luckily I have my niece and nephew to take door to door now.

  246. Trick or treating with my kids when they were younger…now that they are older, we have a Halloween party with friends, complete with “spooky” foods:)

  247. We don’t celebrate Halloween here, really, but I keep pushin’ the tradition on people. I’ve been doing Halloween activities for a couple of years now. My favorite memory was when I was a student and threw a Halloween party and my dad showed up dressed as a mummy in full on bandages all over his body. Btw love love love the purrfectly wicked sets!

  248. As a child, I was a big Star Wars fan. One Halloween, my mother made me a Yoda costume. She connected a wire from the ears to my hands so I could wiggle the ears. So much fun!

    As a parent, I will never forget dressing up my first child as a shark when he was a baby. He crawled all over with the dorsal fin up- we called him baby shark!

  249. All of my favorite memories now involve dressing my boys when they were little! Pirates, jedi, Buzz Lightyear, and yes, a Teletubby!

  250. When I was about six, my Dad came trick-or-treating with me dressed in a full bunny outfit complete with whiskers painted on his face 🥰

  251. We don’t often celebrate Halloween in the land down under, but my friend decided one year to throw a Halloween party and she got us all mini pumpkins to crave so we can see what the fuss was all about! It was such a fun night and I feel like we miss out on the festivities here!

  252. My mom always hand made all of our costumes. It was very special and I cherish that. Also, we would go over for pizza to my grandparents every year after trick or treating. Any time spent with family is a great memory! This has to be my favorite stamp set from the new launch!!!! So excited!!!!

  253. Love these cats!!! My favorite halloween memory was one year when kids came to our house and a little girl looked over the full-sized candy bars we gave out and then said “No thanks.” When we asked what she was looking for, she said “pasta,” and started running to the next house. My husband went to the pantry and brought a box of uncooked pasta and yelled out the door “I have spaghetti!” Hilarious!

  254. I have quite a few memories and they’re all great! But what I want to share is how incredibly perfect these sets are for me! My dad & his wife have 2 tabbies they are so I’m love with, plus they LOVE Halloween, and my step-mom’s MOM lives with them (she is 93), and she used to be the most AMAZING Special Ed teacher her entire life; she’s the most amazing woman to this day. Halloween is her FAVORITE holiday and she starts decorating for it like 3 months early! Plus, she loves those 2 cats. Now, they ALSO, HAVE CAT SHELVES IN THE HOUSE😅! So, you can see why these sets are SO perfect and will be very special for me 🧡🖤

  255. I need these stamp sets. How cute are those cats? Sadly, in Spain, we do not celebrate Halloween. But I don’t know why I love everything Haloween-related. May it be because I’m a Misfits band fan? 🙂

  256. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and your purrfectly wicked dies and stamps make me think of black cats and halloween.

  257. These are all so fun and cute!! One of my favorite Halloween memories is remembering when you carried a pillowcase to fill up with candy and some houses (the really good ones) gave you king size candy bars! lol That was a big deal. 🙂

  258. My favorite Halloween memory is when I dressed up as a REALLY GOOD ZOMBIE (a friend did my makeup) and even scared my own kids!

  259. My daughter’s birthday is Halloween so every year is fun and special. One real favorite is when she was tinker bell and her older brother was Peter Pan

  260. I’m not even a cat person, and I absolutely love this set! You made this set so versatile. I could use all the accessories with any animal I have (den sweet den bears would be so cute), and I could use the furniture items, and the cats any time also. This might be my number one pick this release. I loved one of the halloweens I had a newborn and made her a pineapple hat I’d made. 🙂

  261. As an adult, neighbors all walk around the hood with beverages, stopping at other neighbors houses to check out outdoor decorations. It’s so fun.

  262. My favorite Halloween memory is organizing trick or treat plans with the neighborhood kids and figuring out which house gave out the BIG candy bars.

  263. Halloween is my favorite! I made a scrapbook of my husband and I’s first holidays over the years. Going through all of our costumes is a fall favorite!

  264. My favorite memory is the same group of families coming for dinner and then trick or treating together every year, for years, as the kids grew.

  265. One year we had put a scarecrow in a chair by our door this little boy came running around the corner saw the scarecrow and screamed his little sister told him to come with her because it was fake laughed so hard

  266. the little cat that is knocking stuff out is the best thing ever!!!!! I remember going w/ my brother and big sister and the neighbors and we just trick or treated for hours.

    — Dalis

  267. One Halloween, a neighbor’s black cat decided to visit and appeared on our front door when I was younger. My friends and I were supposed to go trick or treating but ended up staying in and playing with the kitty. That was fun!

  268. My favorite Halloween memories include dressing my babies up in themes:
    – we were chefs and carried our 8 month old in a pot (she was dressed as a lobster
    – my oldest was a butterfly and the newborn was a catepillar one year
    -doc mcstuffins and lambie
    – a super hero family
    – the Adam’s Family (complete with Cousin Itt)

  269. When my son was little our church had a big carnival as an alternative to trick or treating (even though we would also treat or treat some family members before going to the carnival). At one point they decided not to have the carnival anymore and we had to come up with our own solution. So, my son would trick or treat at the neighbors houses and then I would prepare a little themed family party for our immediate family. So we would pick a “scary movie” (The Ghost and Mr. Chicken with Don Knotts was the first one we watched) and I would make the food (we did Germanfest with Brats and
    german potato salad, we’ve done fair food, etc. and of course movie snacks and candy). The fun thing is, we still do this even though my son is college now.

  270. I remember my mom making me handmade Halloween costumes, especially fancy dresses. I loved dressing up in them and trick or treating in my neighborhood.

  271. My favorite Halloween memory as a kid was trick or treating in the snow. Nothing like having a really cute costume and no one can see it because you are all bundled up in your winter coat. Lol

  272. My little sister’s birthday is on Halloween and we had the best Halloween/birthday party each and every Halloween. We had an awesome time.

  273. Such adorable projects. My favourite Halloween memory was when my mom made me a Wonder Woman costume when I was in grade five. She was such a talented seamstress.

  274. Lovely sets!
    Halloween was not so popular here in Italy when I was a child, but I remember one time I went to another city toys shop and there were so many pumpkins, ghosts and halloween decorations! And my parents bought me a witch cap I still love!

  275. When my granddaughter was about 6, after she was done with her trick or treating, she helped hand out candy to the other kids. She sat on the porch and was approached by a couple boys in costume and then the STARE OFF started. No one said anything (nor did she hand out any candy to them). The boys stood there with open bags…waiting. She finally spoke up and said…”you need to say Trick or Treat”…and then she gave them the candy. Hahaha..I will never forget (we actually “amazingly” captured it on video).

  276. Purrfectly Wickec & the Add On set are adorable. I don’t have many cat stamps but these are the purrfect sets to change that. I love the Halloween elements but that these aren’t exclusively Halloween so that they will be used year round. Love it!

  277. Love the cats especially in this set.
    We don’t have many Halloween memories as it is reasonably new in Australia. But they are just so cute!

  278. One of my favorite Halloween memories is taking my kids trick or treating around the hospital when my youngest at the time was inpatient for treatments.

  279. My favorite Halloween memory has to be making my own costumes – fun, creative, and I didn’t look like every other kid on the street!

  280. This set is so fun! I didn’t use to love Halloween (I never enjoyed dressing up much), but as I am getting older, I am starting to appreciate it more. My favorite memories are making cards and treat wrappers with my mom for our neighborhood children though. Since I haven’t been able to see her in a while due to Covid, these memories are all the more special to me.

  281. Those adorable felines in Purrfectly Wicked are precious! So many ways to use this set, I particularly love the options to build such great scenes… especially the bookcases and cauldron. Can’t wait to play with these little kitties!

  282. Thank you for making the cats versatile. I don’t make a lot of Halloween cards. My favorite memory was the year my youngest son was born I made my daughter a kangaroo costume and he was her baby in the pouch.

  283. Admittedly, Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday. I really loved when my kids were little, though, and they could make their dreams come true dressed up as their favorite characters. My favorite memory is the year I made my daughter an Angelina Ballerina costume. She was adorable in it and it was so fun making all the pieces to create that character for her!

  284. I really loved dressing in costumes as a kid and do trick or treat with my friends. I still love dressing in costumes but I’m to old for door to door trick or treat ^^

  285. When I was little the people on a street a couple of blocks away gave out silver dollars (yes, I’m that old!). I miss dressing up for Halloween but the kids have their own kids now and it’s so much fun to see their costumes every year.

  286. My fave Halloween memory is answering the door one Halloween to this little girl who was dressed as an elephant and her little, shy voice saying trick or treat. I almost put half the bowl in her bag she was just soooo adorable. Since that year I haven’t really enjoyed Halloween other than hiding out in my apartment with those cookies with pumpkins on them, my Halloween themed pyjamas and my tv shows.

  287. Awesome release…those ghosts are adorable. For me, my favorite Halloween memory was the first one with our son. He was 3 months old. We dressed him up as a little pumpkin and then set him in a pumpkin patch that the local mall had for people to take photos. He was soooo adorable!

  288. My best Halloween memory was when I went to my first ever party a few years ago as a teenager. I dressed up as Arwen from Lord of the Rings. Had so much fun that night with my friends

  289. Last year was my favorite. Our little grandkids came over to trick or treat, and we also had a party to make it extra special since we didn’t know how many people would give out candy. I love your kitties!!!!

  290. My favorite Halloween memory is the year my Nana sewed my sisters and I costumes using sheets of crepe paper. They were so cute and brightly colored and then it rained lightly during trick or treating and we left pieces of our costumes up and down the streets of our neighborhood. It was so funny we didn’t even mind walking around cleaning up the pieces the next day. At least we had gotten to wear them several other times during the month before Halloween so all of her hard work didn’t go to waste.

  291. I can’t get over how awesome everyone’s cats are. I personally struggle with coloring cats and dogs… but the urge to buy everything showcased here, is strong! My favorite memories revolve around stopping at my grandparent’s house to trick-or-treat. They always made it extra special for us. It’s bittersweet because I wish my kids were able to have the same experience with them.

  292. My favorite holiday memory is a super sweet Hula costume my grandma made. Their basement had a Hawaiian theme with a fake palm tree and I loved playing down there in the costume.

  293. My favorite Halloween memory is trick or treating with my sisters and at one house my younger sister rang the doorbell and accidentally scared a little girl that was handing out candy. We still laugh about it to this day since my sisters costume wasn’t scary at all.

  294. My favorite Halloween memory is trick or treating with my youngest daughter and my oldest daughter and my grandkids. My oldest and grandkids don’t live in my city so it was Special to go trick or treating with them.

  295. One of my favorite Halloween memories is when I decided I was too old to go trick-or-treating and I was still in elementary school— Probably like fifth grade.My mom left and took my little brother trick-or-treating . I quickly had regrets because I wanted candy But I did not have a costume. So I decided i would be a “street walker”and raided my older sisters closet … she had a hot pink slinky satin prom dress that I put on over my clothes and put on some of her make up… LOTS of blush and blue eyeshadow because street walkers wore a lot of make up on TV. Anyway I went trick-or-treating as a street walker having no idea that meant prostitute.

  296. My favourite is making glowing hands to decorate outside using plastic gloves led lights and rubber bands. Using a straw to blow them up

  297. i have lots of Halloween memories. We have a huge Halloween costume party with all our friends so there are always some memories made.

  298. These cats are sooo cute! My favourite halloween memories involved making the costumes – one year I went as a box of nerds and had shinny paper/ pom poms glued all over – it was epic!

  299. A favorite Halloween memory is decorating the front of the house and the inside of the house every year with my family and then handing out candy to the trick or treaters on Halloween. It was so much fun to see the joy on the kids’ faces because they thoroughly enjoyed all of the decorations. I love this set and it makes me think of the “Wickedly” Awesome Jenn Shurkus!

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