Lawn Fawn Intro: Flippy Flappy

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On September 16 our 13 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 19 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Flippy Flappy! This die set creates a fun, interactive project! Hide a gift card or a cute stamped element behind the front panel. When the recipient pulls the tab, a surprise flips out! It holds a standard size gift card!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new interactive die set!

Elena thought her cute You Autumn Know scene could use one more mouse, so she used Flippy Flappy! When the tab is pulled another adorable little critter makes an appearance!

Grace created a gorgeous thank you card using the new Giant Thank You die and Mushroom Border. The sweet sentiment doesn’t seem to make much sense until you pull the tab.

Now it all makes perfect sense! When the tab is pulled our adorable new Cheery Deer pops up to fill the scene!

Audrey‘s stunning Christmas card features her favorite set, Making Frosty Friends along with the new Giant Merry Christmas die! It becomes a thoughtful gift with the addition of the Flippy Flappy interactive die! She added a gift card that pops up when the tab is pulled!

Chari created an interactive Halloween card with the help of Flippy Flappy, Giant Happy Halloween and Purffectly Wicked! Those mischievous cats create a potion that changes the scene when the tab is pulled! That is so much fun!

Elise needed the perfect way to finish her You Autumn Know sentiment, so she added it to the Flippy Flappy! Now a sweet greeting pops up and tucks away with the pull of a tab!

Kara‘s amazing card sneaks a few more new products! She featured Lovely Latte, Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On and Fall Leaves Background Stencils along with our new gold Stencil Paste, woohoo! It’s so perfect for gifting a coffee gift card with the help of Flippy Flappy! Look for a video later this month when Kara shows us how she created this amazing card!

Latisha put our new Purrfectly Wicked cats to work mixing up a potion for someone “spell-cial”! The recipient will get a “spell-cial” treat when they pull the Flippy Flappy tab! So fun!

Megan‘s Flippy Flappy Halloween card gives you a sneak peek at another fun set in the release! She used Window Scene: Winter to create a spooky scene with Purrfectly Wicked, Spooky Village and Spooktacular. When you pull the tab, a cute Booyah ghost pops out with a happy message!

Rebecca and I collaborated on this Flippy Flappy card featuring Joy to All with Furry and Bright! Adding a gift card to any card is so easy and fun!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Flippy Flappy! I will show you step-by-step the easy assembly for this interactive set while sharing fun ideas. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Flippy Flappy! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your ideas for using Flippy Flappy by September 15th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this die set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday September 11th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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Flippy Flappy

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560 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Flippy Flappy

    1. I absolutely love the flippy flappy! It’s perfect for gift cards! I have 2 boys who live next door that will love getting acguft card that way!

  1. I like the idea of continuing a sentiment- like
    sending hugs …. And kisses, or
    To my best friend …. That’s You!
    Also adding a graduation hat to a critter using the pop up feature would be fun.
    Can’t wait till I get my hand in the die!

  2. Oh my. I can’t wait to get my hands on all the new goodies. Everything I’ve seen so far is amazing.

    I think this die would be awesome for a gender reveal card, with the tab that pops out coloured blue or pink.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of this release 😍

  3. A birth announcement for a baby animal to appear (such as the swans). Have the couple and then reveal a baby/twins to announce the new family members.

  4. Cute reveal. Design team is great. I would use the flippy flappy as a baby announcement or a school picture day and have a photo flop out. Any photo or event will work.

  5. Your interactive die sets are the best!!! They are the products I most look forward to seeing with every release. I think the first way I’d use the fabulous Flippy Flappy set is just to add a secret greeting. Something cute and punny to make the recipient smile 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, I have so many ideas for using flippy flappy! Mostly for the small children in our family with mermaids, dinosaurs, cat, dogs and fish – you name it! – all jumping out to surprise them.

  7. oh this is a tricky question. I don’t make interactive card much cuz it’s complicated! LOL, other than shaker cards! lol But I love that leave’s stencil! <3

  8. Wow, these cards are awesome. Flippy Flappy is a MUST have die set, you can use it for every holiday, baby gifts, wedding too

  9. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Flippy Flappy! I have a nephew who I send money to, but always hide the money somewhere in the card. I can’t wait to make a card with this mechanism…with him I would not put the arrow on it, try and actually camouflage the pull tab with the rest of the card, so he can try to figure out where the money is.

  10. Flippy Flappy looks like an awesome addition to your interactive card line-up! Already picturing using it for the Christmas gift cards for my kids’ teachers.
    Also, I adore Kara’s mug card. The colours are so beautiful.

  11. It would also be a cute idea to put a message to the recipient in there that you did not want everyone to see. That way when they stand it up or put it on the fridge, no one else will see their message.

  12. I will figure out a way to attach money. My teenage grandkids like receiving money for their birthday. This will be a fun way to present it.
    I love the name of the die!

  13. This is fabulous!! You can’t go wrong with the gift card but I really like the magical scene changing aspect like Chari’s Halloween cauldron card! I love these!

  14. I see tons of use for this interactive die set – sentiments, critters, scenes… But I would totally love to try doubling up the foam even more and put a flat candy onto the mechanism that pops out, maybe in combination with a halloween themed card and a got candy? text on it.

    Thanks for all the great inspiration again – makes narrowing down the list of must haves nearly impossible. And we’re only on day two!

  15. Ahh the cats!!!!!! <3
    And the flippy flappy die is ingenious, LOVE all the examples by the design team, so many ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I am excited to use the flippy flappy for gift card surprises. I can’t wait to get the new cat and dog stamp sets! Also the die cut deer!

  17. Flippy Flappy looks awesome!! I can totally see using it alongside with the “Really High 5” set I have to make a some fun birthday cards!!

  18. I think using Flippy Flappy as a spot to add a sentiment is a great idea since it’s so easy to get carried away when you build a scene and then you realize you don’t have space for a sentiment!

  19. I really like the idea show about putting the sentiment obit. I am often unsure about adding one to my very busy scenes….

  20. Oh, my … I didn’t think I needed another interactive card, but the new Flippy-Flappy is so cool. I just love it. The possibilities are endless. Can’t wait to start creating.

  21. I love the cash stash idea. … but … well I am one of those horrible people that love to spread love and glitter. I am already considering turning it into a glitter bomb.

  22. I think this would be great for any announcement type cards like baby announcement/gender reveal or wedding announcement.

  23. I would use this adorable die with the den sweet den bears getting more books on the flappy part!
    I love bears & books so it would be a perfect cozy scene

    1. Oh my!!!
      Lawn fawn is hitting it out of the park with this new release, I love it!!
      I’d use the flippy flappy for an anniversary card and I’d have a heart pop out that says I love you.

      Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Soooo much fun!

  24. I would use flippy flappy for a birthday card with a gift card or a Christmas card with a short recipe inside like pumpkin pie, pecan pie or sugar cookies.

  25. I think it could be funny to use to have some important words in your sentiment missing…. Like maybe it says “I don’t like you!” And then you pull the Flippy Flappy and add the words “being so far from” so that the card really reads “I don’t like being so far from you!”

  26. I love the new Flippy Flappy!! I can’t wait to make Birthday cards & Christmas cards with it. I give money and gift cards as gifts so this is perfect for that. I can see using this with Giant Happy Birthday & Tiny Friends Celebrate. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  27. I am blown away! I loved seeing that interactive die last week, during the sneak “ad”, but really thought it was something I’d barely use. Your design team has blown it out of the park with all the cute ways to use it! Not it’s on my “gotta have” list! I’d love to use it to add cute critter surprises to my cards!

  28. This is a fun design. I’d use it for a birthday card where a number die-cut (birthday age) would pop out for the recipient.

  29. This is such a great addition to your interactive die collection! I would use it to create birthday cards where a surprise cake pops out!

  30. My nephew is turning 17 and I think he would think this is a cool way to get a gift card. I also would use it to make a batch of thank you cards to give away $5-$10 coffee gift card to use throughout the year.

  31. I think it would be fun to pop out a picture of somebody in the flip flap. Like guess who misses you, or guess whose birthday it is, or guess who wants to say hi or something like that. Especially since we are all missing each other right now! That would be a fun surprise.

  32. This is a great new interactive die set. I can’t wait to see what kind of cute Christmas cards I can make that will surprise my different family members. They love the interactive type. I also think it will be good for halloween cards which I don’t make but will this year because I want the cat set and my oldest nephew would loves halloween just moved to a different state.

  33. I love interactive cards and this one is right up my alley! I would use this die to create birthday cards for family and friends.

  34. This interactive is going to be so much fun to play with! I think it would be fun to use for Easter and have the Easter bunny popping out from behind a bush or something!

  35. Oh my gosh….this is just magical! Unexpected and fun!!
    It’s not my idea but I want to do Chari’s bubbling cauldron!!
    My idea is to use it for game card gifts for my girl to give her friends for Christmas! 🙂

  36. I love the pop up gift card idea. All the kids in the family are of the age where a gift card is all they want. This makes it a bit more fun to give them what they want.

  37. What a nifty design…..having this option to bring some extra “punch” to all of our favorite stamp sets. A unique way to add a gift card. Can’t wait to give this a real work-out over the holidays. YAY!

  38. I have read some great ideas besides the gift card and money….birth announcement, recipe, and what about using it on a scrapbook page in celebration of a graduate (HS or college) you could have baby pictures and the pull tab could have a recent picture of the graduate. So many possibilities and can’t wait!

  39. Wow, these are so great, II have six nephews and when Christmas comes that means gift cards for all the boys! This will be so much fun to make them special cards instead of little envelopes. I cannot wait!

  40. Just when I think you can’t come up with another amazing interactive die, you do! I would use this one to create gift card holders.

  41. Ohhh I 💚 this new floppy flappy die! I can’t wait to add secret pop up critters or messages!! Definitely using it for gift cards! Sooo fun💚💚💚

  42. This is so so fun! I don’t know how you come up with these amazing ideas! I’d love to use Flippy Flappy with some of the Before n After stamp sets

  43. The astronaut from Out of This popping out in space all of a sudden! Or flowers on a birthday-card. Mermaid jumping in the sea. And for writing a personal note… or…. oh, so many fun things. Love it!!!

  44. I love this new die!! Ingenious. I can’t wait to use it to give birthday gift cards.
    Absolutely love all of the other new dies and stamp sets I’ve seen so far too!

  45. This is so cute! I can’t wait to see how it works in a video. I think I would use it for birthday cards. I could have a little animal pop up in a party hat.

  46. I absolutely love interactive cards and the Flippy Flappy is amazing!!! I would use it for so many reasons, gift cards, a secret hand written message, to change the scene, I just love it!!!

  47. Oh, I love this die! So clever! I might use it for a question and answer card…or a riddle. But mostly to have surprise critters appear! It’s so fun!

  48. Wow, this flippy flappy is just brilliant. I think that it would be fun to have a bride come down the aisle; not sure how I would have her pop out like that but it sounds neat! Or since there isn’t a specific bride walking, maybe it could be a bride biking and she pops into the scene; like a destination or themed wedding!
    All really great flippy flappy card designs up above; so enjoying the previews and new products to come!

  49. oh my goodness! Another inactive card to figure out! So adorable. The ideas are endless. kinda think under the sea and dun nuh would work great

  50. I would love to use a bunch of balloons that pop out on a birthday card! They could look like they float out of the card. So fun!

  51. OMG I can’t wait to play with the Flippy-Flappy dies!! Chari’s Halloween cauldron card is amazing and the type of thing I would love to use it for – a before/after type scene.

  52. I’m so excited about this die. Maybe happy holidays then a tree or star popping up. Or a birthday card and the cake appears and lights up. So excited for it.

  53. I think I would use flippy flappy for a Christmas themed card – to make presents appear under a tree, to “light” a fire in a fireplace or maybe to make Santa appear/disappear on a rooftop or by the chimney (or fireplace).

  54. This is another great idea by you guys…. gift cards for sure maybe a ghost on a halloween card could pop out and say boo

  55. I am always looking for a cute and unique way to send gift cards, the flippy flappy die will help me do that perfectly, can’t wait to play with it!

  56. I for sure want to use it for giftcards and was thinking of a jaws inspired card with the shark hiding until they flip the card.

    1. I would love to try a confetti pop out for a happy birthday card🥰🥰 how fun if confetti comes out of the card when you pull the flippy thing🤩

  57. I’m not a big gift card giver, but I think I’d use Flippy Flappy for the hidden sentiment. BTW, nifty name for the die.

  58. I’m so excited! Lawn Fawn’s interactive die sets are my very favorite! I want to use Flippy Flappy for gift cards and to make balloons and smiley faces pop out on cards.

  59. This is so cute! I love the gift card idea! I currently use the pocket but this makes it so much more fun to receive!

  60. You have made me so happy!!! I saw a card made with this flippy flappy type design a couple of years ago and thought to myself “hopefully Lawn Fawn sees this and comes up with a way to make it consistent and work with gift cards!” and then you did!!! I don’t have any specific cards designs in mind but I love interactive cards and the Deer one is so clever! I’ll have to think about this more 💗

  61. I would like to make a card with a little mouse that flips up to put a star on top of a Christmas tree. This die looks so amazing!

  62. I think it would be great with Halloween cards! Maybe a skeleton’s hand flips out
    with a sentiment saying “I want candy”! I could also see using under the sea with
    a mermaid on front of card & then a shark flip out! Thanks for offering us chances
    a to win from this New Fall & Winter 2021 Release! 😊

  63. These are so fun! I love the gift card idea, and all the samples are wonderful!
    I’d make a Halloween scene with a ghost popping up!

  64. This is such an awesome idea for a die!

    I’d use it to for gift cards or have something pop out of something else! Like a bunny popping out of a hole for Easter, or Santa coming down the chimney for Christmas!

  65. Oh my gosh this flipping die is so cool! I love the gift card idea and would use it for that. Lawn fawn comes out with the most amazing interactive dies!

  66. I was just working on a card from one of jenn Shurkus classes, and when I saw this interactive die I decided I will wait to finish it and use this die to add a gift card to it

  67. I love the idea of using this interactive set to hide a gift card or cash. I struggle with ideas on how to gift those creatively.

  68. I love the idea of a gift card, but another idea would be to use scootin by and have the small mouse on the scooter pop up to follow the first scooter with the bunny.

  69. I was suspecting there’d be a new, cool interactive set in this release! I’d probably use it to finish sentiments with a word in Oliver ABC’s or similar, or have a central critter pop up holding a gift.

  70. Really creative idea! Love it for gift cards for sure. I could use it birthdays, Christmas and more. Reveal the baby gender announcements too.

  71. I would use it for gift cards or money, but I’d also like to experiment with just having some reveal aspects to a card, like bats coming out of a cave for Halloween or a shark coming out from behind something. 😀 I’m very excited for this one!!

  72. I love the gift card idea, but I can see so many possibilities like surprise messages or little critters popping up. I would use it for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays.

  73. I can’t wait to try this one! I sometimes have trouble getting the interactive cards to work smoothly but I might try this one. I like the idea of the surprise at the end – just what grandkids have come to expect! The videos make it look so easy.

  74. I can’t wait to use this new interactive die! I would use it with dogs and have a squirrel popping out to taunt them! Because, that is what usually happens on our walks each day!!!

  75. Definitely will use Flippy Flappy for birthday cards. Awesome…and, as my Great Niece and Nephew are getting older, they, of course, want money for birthdays and Christmas so the Flippy Flappy will get lots of use!!!
    Awesome designs!!!

  76. The Flippy Flappy is amazing. I can’t wait to try it. I would use it for gift cards, but I also really like the idea of something flipping onto the front of the card.

  77. Lawn Fawn has the best interactive elements! You’ve outdone yourselves with Flippy Flappy! Love he name, too! Think an underwater or outer space card would be fun. Or maybe a Christmas card with Santa appearing and disappearing. So many possibilities!

  78. So many cute projects! I think it would be cool to create an underwater scene and have a shark appear and swallow a fish! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  79. These are all very cute. I’m not sure I have many ideas though. My mind just doesn’t work that way I think, which is why I tend not to make interactive cards. However, if I were to make one of these, I’d probably just put in a gift card.

  80. So fun, love it! Great for using with vouchers & gift cards, or even a small money bill. An unexpected way to make the $$$ pop out! 🙂 But it could be fun with many critters / hidden sentiments, too!

  81. Flippy Flappy, SURPRISE!!!!!! Love the gift card idea, but I am looking forward to using this set for Halloween cards to have ghosts 👻👻👻 and all kinds of spooky surprises popping up 😱 🧛🏻 🧙‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️!!!! Too much fun 🤩

  82. Interactive dies are so fun and this one is Definitely must have!! I have to scratch my wish list, because I want everything I see so far!

  83. I’d love to try flippy flappy with the fairy stamp sets and the mermaid stamp set! It would be so cute to see fairies pop up unexpectedly!

  84. What an amazing concept for Flippy flappy. Looks easy to use and put together. I love interactive elements on a card. Super cool!

  85. I would love the Flippy Flappy for Christmas cards and Birthday cards, just to make the card extra special and have that “wow” factor for the receiver.

  86. Wow – I love this die. It is so perfect for gift cards. I think it would also be fun to add a secret message or a picture (especially for birth announcements).

  87. Another Lawn Fawn cool die! This will be great for sending gift cards to my nephews and nieces. A cute sentiment under the gift card will be fun!

  88. This flippy flappy is so much fun! I love having new ways of giving a gift card so I can see myself definitely using flippy flappy for that! I love how the DT also used it for sentiments!

  89. Such a fun and cool interactive die!, great examples from the DT team!!, I really like the idea of using this to “pop up” a cute and thoughtful sentiment!

  90. WOW!! That is so clever! I like the idea of using the coffee cup and having marshmallows appear! This Flippy Flappy is insane!! Love it!!

  91. What A great interactive die. There are so many uses in my mind, the biggest juice would be for Christmas Gifts for my older nieces and nephews as the card can hold a gift card.

  92. I love that this interactive die set is unique and can be used in more than one way. It could be fun to have a thought bubble appear above a character’s head, or a little light bulb light an idea came to the person!

  93. Love the look of the Flippy Flappy die! So many options, but I might choose to have a dolphin leaping out of the ocean by the beach.

  94. How about a 4th of July card with a dark starry sky and the flippy flap coming from the top of the card with some fireworks!!! Can’t wait to try that out, interactive dies are my FAVE!

  95. Well I’m in trouble. See numerous ones I need. 👀 floppy flappy is top of my list. And loving the thank you and merry Christmas ones.

  96. I think the before and after stamps would be great with the flippy flappy die. Stamp the before image on the card, pull the tab, and then the after image flips over on top of it.

  97. Omg. What an ingenious new die!!! I would definitely have to use it to make some cute critters pop onto the scene and I also think it’s absolutely perfect for gifting money!

  98. I think I would use this Flippy Flappy card maker as an interesting way to present badges to my Girl Guide units. Combined with the tent border frame and the S’more guy *chef’s kiss*

  99. I want to make tons is flippy flappy cards with giftcards for friends and family especially now we still can’t celebrate our birthdays as we used to do but this will make that better ☺️

  100. I’d probably only use it for critters or gift cards, but I like the idea of using for gender reveals or baby announcements.

  101. I am super excited to have this die to make some big reveal cards. I have a pregnant friend and would love to make her gender reveal! I also think this would make great save the date card for a wedding

  102. I love making interactive cards for my grandkids and see myself casing many of these delightful designs showcased here today!

  103. At first I said “Na”, but after watching the video – now I want the flippy flappy! I would use it for cute gift card cards!

  104. The Flippy Flappy will be my go to for Christmas cards and gifting gift cards! Lawn Fawn has done it again with another cleaver interactive idea!!!

  105. I would use the flappy die to add on the the scene and create another scene that would complement it when open! Love the interactive element of these cards!

  106. This looks like it would be so much fun with the Before and After stamp sets. I love interactive cards and can’t wait to watch the video to see this card in action!

  107. This die is awesome! Can’t wait to give it a try. I’d love to try like lighting candles on a bday cake or santa popping out with a gift card.

  108. Theres so many ideas for this already popping up!
    I’d try using it to have some flowers pop up on a thank you card.
    Creating a little scene with a magician that has a bunny pop up from a top hat would be so cute too!
    Or having the critters from really high five with their balloons pop down from the top of the card, like they’re floating down from the clouds 😊

  109. Wow, Flippy Flappy is so cool, looks. Easy to use, possibilities are endless, pop a rainbow out… so many ideas.. love the interacting cards.

  110. I’m not very creative on my own, so I’ll have to copy someone else for flippy-flappy. But I like saying flippy-flappy! 😀

  111. Flippy Flappy is flippin’ awesome!!!! I will probably just use it to make coffee themed cards with gift cards to Dunkin’

  112. I would probably use the flippy flappy more for sentiments and pop up surprises. I always like putting an element of surprise in the cards I send.

  113. Dang, I wish I could pre-order this. I love it! I want the flippy flappy! Such a versatile gift card idea. Loved the video introducing it.

  114. I absolutely love the surprise of the flippy flappy – especially the gift card because it is such a BIG surprise! I was thinking a birthday card for a landmark birthday, where the gift card holder would flop up to reveal a baby photo of the birthday boy or girl!! Or anniversary card with a wedding photo popping up as a surprise!

  115. Love Flippy Flappy, the DT already gave so many great ideas, gift cards, scene changing, really the options are endless. I always wish I was as creative as the Lawn Fawn DT, they are so amazing.

  116. I love the new addition to your interactive card dies! I would probably use it most for hidden messages and critters but also for gift cards.

  117. Oh wow! I wish I had this last night when I made a wedding card. What a needed die for making cards for giving gifts of gift cards!! Amazing!!

  118. Oh my gosh…. This release is going to be AMAZING! The flippy floppy die is incredible! Love the mice and leaves and also the cats for Halloween. It’s gonna be hard to wait for it all to come out!

  119. These would be perfect as a pregnancy announcement. I would place a picture of the sonogram in the space where the gift cards would go! Super cute

  120. I have 7 grandsons (!) and always hide money in their birthday and Christmas cards. Flippy Flappy would be a great way to accomplish that with the added fun of hiding the $ on the flap some way.

  121. I love the gift card sample and I would use the Bubbles of Joy set with the mouse floating up on the bubble on the pull tab and the gift card popping out.

  122. These are sooo fun!! I’m not sure of ideas at the moment using the flippy flappy, but I would most certainly make some cards and maybe even try to make some tags. I’d just have fun with trying things! 🙂

  123. This is so exciting! I love Flippy Flappy! Lawn Fawn makes the BEST interactive dies! I can’t wait to use it for a gift card or to make a critter appear. So cute!

  124. I think that I will probably use it most as a fun way to give a gift card. However being able to use it to make cute critters pop out unexpectedly is so fun! I think it would be fun to have a Polaroid type picture pop out when using Elphie selfie or ocean shell-fie sets.

  125. I think this would be perfect for like the bonus scene after the feature film…. just an extra little scene to make you smile.

  126. My family loves receiving the interactive cards I create with my Lawn Fawn dies and Flippy Flappy would be an amazing addition for adding surprise pop out gift cards. Love it ♥

  127. These cards are all so incredibly clever! I’d use the plane from Plane and Simple, flying above Puffy Cloud Borders that have Oliver’s ABCs spelled out to say BON VOYAGE in sunset colors… and inside the gift card flap, a minimized copy of a surprise plane ticket. *cue* “Two Tickets to Paradise”.

  128. This if Flipping Awesome! OOPS, that name is already taken! Ha! I LOOOOOVE this new die. The Flippy Flappy is so cool. I will definitely be using it for gift cards – I prefer to give gift cards to my nephews and nieces for birthdays and holidays. I love to present the gift card in a fun and interactive way. The Flippy Flappy is a PERFECT way to present a gift card. I just gotta say WOW!

  129. Love the gift card idea the most!
    but a baby in pink or blue popping out would be cute with an announcement. Lol 😂

  130. Wow! I love this Flippy Flappy die! It is just the thing I could use for making card for the people on my holiday list that I give a gift card to. Also, love the ABC flippy card.

  131. Flippy flappy is an amazing addition to the interactive die collection! I can’t wait to use it for my kids’ birthday cards. My oldest loves surprises!

  132. That is a really neat and unique new stand alone die. I think the possibilities for utilizing it are endless! I do love the new cat Halloween set so maybe something using that set.
    Hugs from Canada!

  133. I think it would be fun to make a build a house card and have the car appear with flippy flappy as a fun congrats on your new home or welcome home card!!

  134. I’d use this for a greeting card for
    Halloween. What fun to see a ghost
    or goblin revealed. thanks for sharing

  135. I think flippy flappy is perfect for gift cards! Will definitely use to send my Niece and Nephew gift cards for Christmas if we can’t travel this year to see them.

  136. I want to stamp the little people as a happy background and have my RAWR dragon flippy flap into the scene, like the bedroom Godzilla scene from Lilo&Stitch. RAWR!

  137. Love all the makes. Look forward to the release on the 16th. I am really loving the you autumn know set and the leaf frame.

  138. Such a fun new interactive die to add to the collection! I already see myself making Christmas cards with this. Maybe Santa, a gingerbread man or a yeti flying into the scene 😄

  139. Flippy Flappy is my favorite new word!! Love it and I know it will be of very good use this Christmas to give giftcards in a personal way and be appreciated by our loved ones 🥰

  140. You know the trick or treat candy bowl with the skeleton hand that snaps down on the unsuspecting hand that reaches in? I wonder if the new die set can making something like that for a card. Or maybe a hungry hungry hippo, or slap jack, effect.

  141. Love the Floppy Flappy! What a great surprise to someone! I like the idea of putting a birthday cake or the words surprise on there and a gift card or cash comes popping out for the person! Or it would be great for a scavenger hunt! It could be the last clue for a key to pop out…to ? Oh what fun!

  142. I was *just* having a conversation about how I should include gift card holders in the cards that I sell at a local coffee shop, so I would definitely make a coffee-themed card with a fun way to conceal a gift card to the coffee shop!

  143. The first idea that came to mind with Flippy Flappy was just like your awesome designers created. A surprise gift card, baby sonogram etc.

  144. I think the Flippy Flappy looks a lot easier than the picture changer. I have always been intimidated by that one. This one looks manageable. I don’t make a lot of interactive cards other than shakers.

    I would use Elise’s idea and put the sentiment on the gift card holder piece OR just put a gift card there as intended.

    What WILL you all think of next? You are SO innovative.

    Lori S in PA

  145. Oh my goodness! So clever and will work for every Lawn Fawn set! Critters surprising my family and friends by jumping out onto the card! You bet! And gift cards are one of my fav things to give. What a fun way to present a gift card!!!

  146. Wow! Love it!
    I love the idea of the gift cards, but I think my first cards will be using it to flip out the sentiment, and some cute critters!

  147. I use lawn fawn stamps and dies to make banners. I would use the Flippy Flappy to add a cute interactive element to a fall critter banner with the cute mice stamp and die set.

  148. I have no new ideas of my own for how to use this, but I do love the idea of using it for a gift card, and I totally want to make my own card using Chari’s fantastic potion design – it’s so cute!

  149. What a fun die! Thanks for the detailed video…I feel ready to create as soon as the Flippy Flappy die set arrives! I really like the idea of using it to make interactive Christmas cards with gift cards.

  150. Left a comment on yesterday’s video but forgot to leave one here! Getting old is so much fun! I love the new Flippy Flappy and can not wait to get my set!

  151. I’m thinking it would be fun to use as a birth or wedding announcement. Card says we’re having a… With the flippy flappy announcing the thing.

  152. I love fun ways to give a gift card! So amazing. It could also create a fun underwater scene that adds another mermaid or a whale that jumps out of the water!

  153. I would create a birthday scene with everyone waiting in anticipation of the cake that some critter – glippy flappy – brings to the scene with the candles all lit, ready to be blown out! 🙂 And there is potential for soo much more!

  154. I can’t wait to use it to hide some fun surprise messages! I can also see it as a special way to add a gift card for a special occasion!! So many ideas for so many occasions!!!

  155. I love the interactive dies. No more measuring and figuring out sizes. The flippy flap is another cute surprise element to add to cards.

  156. So many possibilities! Halloween ghosts or zombie hands rising from a tombstone. Leprechauns at St. Patrick’s day; angles at Christmas, streamers and confetti on New Year’s or birthday; submarine or space person/rocket; hedgehog for Valentine’s Day….I could go on and one! LF makes the best interactive dies!!

  157. So many ideas for using Flippy Flappy!!!: Giving cards, secret pop-up messages, pop-up characters – love all the ideas you showed in the video and pictures!!!

  158. So many ideas for using Flippy Flappy!!!: Giving cards, secret pop-up messages, pop-up characters – love all the ideas you showed in the video and pictures!!! So fun!

  159. Floppy flappy is pure genius! I send money tot all the kiddos in the family and usually create a pocket inside the card, it this idea is so much better – a fun surprise!

  160. Flippy Flappy, I need this die based on its name alone. I will be using it for all 4 family birthdays next month. Great new way to present a gift card.

  161. This is cute, maybe a word like Boo (with ghosts) or Happy, or Love. Adding the baby pictures or school pictures when you send a card to the grandparents. A baby or word “Surprise” to announce a pregnancy. Or a girl or boy to announce a gender.

  162. I’m thinking of a way to add a photo with this new flippy flappy die — new baby, Christmas card, just a fun “it’s been awhile, how are you?” Scrapbook pages come to mind, this will work in documenting December albums!!

  163. I’d use it to surprise the recipient with their # for their birthday or anniversary. That would be sweet and personalized.

  164. I would love to make flip tags for the holidays and I am in love with the Weiner dog – I would do black and tan to match ours! great new release!

  165. I love the variety that can be done with this. I think I can use it with Christmas Peas or Santa coming from the fireplace.

  166. What is this Lawn Fawn sorcery?! Flippy Flappy is an amazing addition to the line up. I’d love to use it to give gift cards like the examples above.

  167. the flippy flappy is an amazing concept!! I love it! I would like to do a card where the candles get blown out!! haha

  168. What an awesome way to tuck a special surprise away. Gift cards will be awesome to use this for. I love the hidden element idea too, adding that special character within. This might be my new favorite!!

  169. Such a wonderful release! Flippy Flappy is a super versatile interative die! It’s a 2 in 1 solution for a card and gift card/voucher and can be used for any occasion (baby shower, wedding, birthday, christmas)! I love it 🥰

  170. WOW!! What a fabulous addition to the Lawn Fawn interactive dies!!!! So many options!!! I’d love to use it with the bugs/ladybug/magnifying glass – somehow!

  171. Lawn fawn makes the best interactive dies! This is so cool! I would use flippy flappy along with bubbles of joy and scripty bubble sentiments to have the sentiment and some more bubbles pop out from the flap

  172. It’d be fun to make a bunch of birthday cards with the floppy floppy using tiny birthday friends and the giant happy birthday die.

  173. I like to make cute lawn fawn cards with rude sentiments from other stamp sets 🙂 So having those flippy flappy their way into existence is very exciting to me!

  174. Not sure how to use the new die yet. I think I want to make another little card of it of some sort of message. So many possibilities. Love all the designs.

  175. My 5 year old is watching all the videos with me this week and is very eager for me to get this so I can have unicorns and rainbows popping out of EVERYWHERE! She’s making a list of her friend’s birthdays for me to make cards for them.

  176. Teacher gifts!! I love seeing a teacher explore an interactive card. Their minds tend to be similar to us card makers (a lot of them are card makers themselves) and they way they react makes my heart so happy. I love sharing the gift of creativity

  177. I love interactive cards. The Flippy Flappy is so cool. It would be hard to top the wonderful inspirations ideas. My idea is, it would be fun to have a photo pull out.

  178. I know the interactive card trend has been going strong for some time now, but I continue to be pleasantly surprised when new releases feature unexpected gems such as Flippy Flappy.

  179. The possibilities with this die are endless! I love the idea of being able to hide any little surprise or message and have it flip out!

  180. I love this die! I really love that Lawn Fawn has a fantastic new interactive die in each release. I’d use this die for punny sentiments. For instance, instead of stamping or die-cutting “Toucan do it!”, I’d use the die to reveal the toucan and use alphabet dies to spell the rest of the sentiment.

  181. I love how you can choose between a gift card or a picture/sentiment pop out for a SURPRISE!! I would love to use this for birthdays coming up.

  182. Wow so many ideas spinning around in my head for flippy flappy cards 🙂 I think it would be fun to have the card be the start of a fun birthday treasure hunt where the first clue pops out of the card or even the prize pops out at the end of the treasure hunt. It would be fun to use it with Ahoy Matey!

  183. Mum and I definitely have our Must Get List growing with each day’s release of new Lawn Fawn products. The new Deer & Latte and Large Sentiments with that gorgeous Fall Border are Must haves in this bunch.

  184. I think I would use it for gift cards, or to add the sentiment when I have a full scene of images! I love how you can make a regular card front to work with this die.

  185. What a super FUN way to incorporate gift cards for the kids into homemade cards, and $$ to the grandkids! Loved watching the video to see just how easy it really is to create such an awesome, “wow” worthy surprise!

  186. I will definitely use this at Christmas time, birthdays or whenever I want a cute surprise the examples were so cute

  187. This die set has a lot of potential! I don’t usually like to mess with a lot of moving parts on my cards but this looks doable.

  188. Such a versatile set! I’m thinking:
    – teacher appreciation gift cards
    – gender reveal or baby announcement
    – “just because” notes to say hi or love you (in a child’s lunch box/planner or hubby’s brief case/taped to the steering wheel before work

  189. The Flippy Flappy die is so awesome! I think it would be perfect for hiding sentiments and of course, cash gifts!

  190. This is a great way to give gift cards to family and friends for their birthdays or the holidays. Kids would especially enjoy it.

  191. I love the idea of the Flippy Flappy. I would use it to make Christmas cards for my boys or family and add money or gift cards. They would love the Flippy Flappy surprise.

  192. I would have Santa and his sleigh pop up flying through the sky over a night time village scene on the front of the card. I think that would be so fun. Such incredible projects.

  193. Your mechanisms are always the best! I really love the idea to use it for an adding sentiment, so I think I would use it in this way!

  194. I already have so many good ideas for this die! I would love creating hidden gift cards underneath my scenes, but I also want to make a card with some of the village sets where a new house pops out with the flippy flappy to welcome someone to the neighborhood!

  195. I love the idea of ​​the interactive mechanism from flippy flappy! There are so many ways to pop out slogans or figures, that is great!

  196. I love this interactive die! I watched the intro video with my granddaughter and we are anxious to get it and do some cards!

  197. I will use this die with a note to answer for a wedding : it appears when you pull it, you take it, respond it and send it again !

  198. My young son (10yrs) and I love to watch the release videos together and after this video he had to write down all his ideas he was soo excited! He has quiet the plan for a “story card” that involves the flippy flappy, the Halloween cats, your just my type and all the mice! He hasn’t stopped planning it out since we watched it 3 nights ago. 😂 I guess I will have to save up and get this die so that he can bring his dreams to reality!

  199. These are perfect to make GC cards for my son’s friends. We give a lot of GC, especially now with the pandemic and drive through parties. It makes it so much easier to give gifts

  200. I would use the Flippy Flappy in a scrapbook with my son and pregnant daughter in law on the outside with a picture of our newborn grandson on the part that flips out.

  201. I really love this fun interactive component for cards! I think I would use it to carry on my sentiment or to even write a personalized message to the recipient! Thanks for the chance to win.

  202. I would like to use it to make invitations for my little granddaughters birthday party. Unicorns….with fairies inside

  203. I love the interactive component of the Flippy Flappy and think it would be adorable for Santa to pop out of the chimney or some toast to pop out of a toaster.

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