Lawn Fawn Intro: Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On September 16 our 13 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 19 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On! Pair this add-on set with Magic Iris and Magic Iris Add-On to create a project that features a fall leaves frame that opens to reveal a surprise! This Lawn Cuts set can also be used on its own to create a pretty frame.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new die!

Megan‘s Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On card is so stunning! Those bright fall colors she used for the leaves look amazing against the beautiful blue ink-blended background! She used the fall leaves as a frame for the gold embossed Magic Messages sentiment!

Mindy‘s Magic Iris interactive card is so adorable! She featured the cute little You Autumn Know mice with polka-dot Sweater Weather Remix 6×6 paper! When the tab is pulled, a happy little mouse appears! I love how she layered the Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On with white and bright cardstock, it looks so beautiful!

Kara cut the Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On leaves and flowers from colorful cardstock. And then she added ink to the edges to create pretty dimension! With a Quilted Backdrop and a greeting from Scripty Autumn Sentiments, this design is perfect for Fall!

Audrey gave her card a rustic look by using Stitched Woodgrain Backdrop! After cutting the fall leaves frame and the backdrop from kraft cardstock, she blended on rich colors of ink! This design is just so gorgeous!

The square shape adds so much charm to Latisha‘s lovely thank you card! I love how she layered the beautifully inked Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On over a white layer.

I love how Grace used the brown plaid paper from Sweater Weather Remix to give this card a sweet home-spun look! Adding to the sweet design, she included the little bird from Magic Iris Birdhouse Add-On to the pretty Fall wreath before she layered it on an Outside In Stitched Scalloped Circle!

Kara put her no-line coloring skills to use once more to create this stunning Magic Iris interactive card! She used our new Fall Leaves Background Stencils on a Magic Iris Add-On before layering the Fall Leaves Add-On on top!

The cute Let’s Go Nuts squirrels look so adorable with the acorns included in the Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On set! And then when you open the Magic Iris, Kara included a sweet sentiment from Magic Messages inside!

This card by Lynnette is so beautiful! I love the pretty watercolor-look of the leaves and flowers on the Woodgrain cardstock! Happy Fall Line Border is so perfect as greeting!

Elise created a card to welcome Fall that is so charming! She inked up the leaves in Autumn colors before trimming a white Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On to layer a frame on top! I love how the Sweater Weather Remix polka dot paper coordinates so well with the colorful leaves!

Elena layered a Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On in kraft cardstock over the mint Let it Shine paper to create a fresh Fall color combo! Using the happy little bunny from Really High Five with the You Autumn Know leaves is such a fun idea!

Intro Video

And now, we have a video to introduce Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On! We hope to inspire you with some fun ways to use this new set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Chari‘s Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On design is so sunny and beautiful! I love the look of shiplap in the background using Simple Stripes: Landscape and Woodgrain cardstock!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling how you decorate your house for Fall by September 15th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this die set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday September 13th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On

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507 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Magic Iris Fall Leaves Add-On

    1. Pumpkins and mums outside and candles and fall decorations inside. This is after Halloween. I decorate separately for both.

  1. I don’t decorate for fall. I have a couple cats that make it their life’s work to destroy anything like that. Christmas is a super fun time, keeping them out of the tree.

  2. Oh wow! I love, love, love this awesome new Magic Iris add-on! That it also creates the perfect fall leaf wreath makes it even more of a must-have. I like to decorate a few areas of my house with sunflowers and mini pumpkins. I also usually have a potted Mum sitting by my entrance.

    1. I make a new wreath every year and decorate my apt door.

      Love these designs. Just got Magic Iris recently… great inspirations for future cards!

  3. We don’t do much decorating, but every year, my kids and I go on a “nature hunt” (as they call it) around the beginning of September. We scour the park for conkers, acorns, and pine cones, and then clean and bake them in oven to preserve them. We use these to build wreaths and a garland to go along the mantlepiece.

  4. I love pumpkins of all kinds and a lot of Buffalo plaid. Orange, red and green color palette. Fall is a Great Season for decorating

  5. I don’t do a lot of decorating for Fall the only thing I put out is candles I love all of the different kind of fall candle smells

  6. We have a huge bag of Halloween decorations that we put up in October. We have pumpkin fairy lights, spiders webs, skeletons, flying witches and lots of ghosts!! After bonfire night, the Halloween decorations come down to make way for the Christmas ones (*squeals with excitement!!*)

  7. I decorate for the Holidays, so Halloween then Thanksgiving and December last. The cards were great today but my favorite was Grace Camou’s it was adorable and the colors grabbed my eye

  8. My house is decorated for fall just the same as every other day… piles of clean laundry waiting to be folded and dishes in the kitchen sink. Isn’t that what everyone else perpetually has decorating their lives with kids?

  9. I like to my house with cute fall Knick-Knacks and place mums around the yard and a fall flag hanging from the front door. Super cute new sets and the DT’s examples are wonderful!!

  10. This year I would like to do some handpainted pumpkins and some mums on the table. I also have a bowl of fake tiny pumpkins that I spray with pumpkin spice essential oil blend.

  11. For me, nothing says fall better than mums all over the yard! Love the colors they come in. The fallen leaves are natures contribution to the decor!

  12. I love decorating for autumn/halloween. It makes the house so cozy for the dark & chilly evenings. AND it sets the scene for some craft fun with new LF stamps, dies and paper. All in all a recipe for success as we enter the hibernation season here in the North.

  13. I decorate for fall with color. I like switching out my decorative flowers and adding little cute knick knacks. Also, I switch my candle scents to pumpkin, apple and cinnamon!!! My favorites!!!

  14. When my kids were little, I would decorate a ton for every season/holiday. Now that it is just me and my husband home, I only put out a few pumpkins and a few fall items. That reminds me. . . I should do that today!

  15. I have been embroidering fall themed items for the last few years so now I have a sizable collection I use to decorate our house with.

  16. I don’t decorate my home for Fall but I love seeing all the decorations when I was visiting the US years ago. Such fun. A lovely thing to do. Here is Australia, where I live we don’t really see much sign of Autumn in the garden only the slowing of growth as the weather gets cooler. Love this addition for the magic iris!!!

  17. Outside I put mums into my planters and change the wreath on my door to an autumn one. Inside I have fall touches throughout. Pumpkins, leaves, a few critters like a fox, owl & squirrel mixed into the decor. I just love Fall!!!

  18. We decorate with pumpkins, turkeys, and faux fall leaves. My favorite decoration is the Thom the Turkey tulle wreath I made several years ago.

  19. I love decorating for the fall by getting out my pumpkins and scarecrows and having all my fall candles burning! It’s so much fun 🤩

  20. I just change the floral decor around my fireplace including adding some grapevine pumpkins and apples. And I like a nice fall scented candle.

  21. Actually I don’t do any fall decorations in my house. We have lots of trees and bushes in our garden, some of them really close to the house. Their colorful leaves are the best decoration mother nature provides for free – and I love looking at them even more when the soft fall sunlight is shining through the leaves. But I love to do fall cards and put those up in my craft room to look at them. All those amazing fall cards in today’s post would make wonderful fall decorations as well – loved each and every one of them!

  22. We decorate the house for fall with all the traditional elements. We have fall leaves and pumpkins, harvest gnomes as my children call them, apple cider candles and pumpkin spice candles of course! Lots of dried cornstalks and solar lanterns outside with the mums and pumpkins under the bistro lights. We also have a lot of hocus pocus decor that goes up. Halloween is my moms birthday so we love to decorate.

  23. I don’t really do much for fall, but I do have Halloween decorations. I buy a plastic pumpkin in November when they are cheep and then in sept or October I carve them.
    I like it because it’s not goupy… And I get to keep the pumpkin for next year!! This year will be my 5th pumpkin.

  24. I like this new reveal. Great inspiration. Not much of a decorator but I like less curtains on the windows in the fall so I can enjoy nature’s natural change from summer to fall. The colors are fantastic.

  25. I love to decorate for fall and Thanksgiving–fall leaves and turkeys! We always have our fall themed Lego sets. Wreath on the door. And table decorations.

  26. This is such a pretty sure set. All of the DT’s cards are so elegant. We don’t do a lot of fall decorating, but for Halloween, we have monster silhouettes in our windows that light up at night (Halloween version of Home Alone). It’s a lot of fun

  27. I loveeee decorating especially for fall. I have lanterns, pumpkins, Boyds Bears, and scarecrows. My mom and I get together to help each other decorate for every season it’s a fun tradition we do together!

  28. I sometimes have mini pumpkins and colourful dried corn, but most of my fall decorating efforts usually go into Halloween. We have jack o lanterns, a smoking cauldron, potions, and windows projections!

  29. Oh how cute!!! I love the sunflowers and leaves! I love the fall colors, so I have a set of tiered baskets that I am going to fill with small cross stitch finishes, and I’ll have fall leaves and flowers and pumpkins and such around. My favorite fall decoration is a little bear dressed in a Dalmatian costume that I got at Culvers many, many years ago when my kids were little. It still makes me smile!!

  30. For fall, my house gets decorated with subtle colors of green, orange, red, and brown around the house, like a new table cloth, towels, pumpkins, home decor items, candles, and lots of sunflowers (while they are still in season)!

  31. We decorate for every season and holiday! Fall is my favorite. September first I put up all kinds of figurines and leaf candle holders. We add Halloween in October but fall decos stay up until the day after thanksgiving. This magic iris add on is adorable. So simple and elegant.

    1. I set up small hay bales with scarecrows and pumpkins, I have leaf garland around my front door and solar lights that are large acorns on stakes.

  32. I haven’t had little kids in years so stopped decorating the house but I do have a halloween wreath I put on the door and a couple knick knacks around the house.

  33. I love Fall decorating, even though it’s still in the 100’s here! A beautiful golden wheat sprig wreath on my front door, some pretty plaid, orange and gold cushions on my front porch bench, and Fall touches inside the house too, including candles and soaps at the sinks, help me pretend that Fall is here when it’s actually hot outside!😂
    Loving all these new stamps and dies so much! Collecting what Lawn Fawn brings out for autumn/winter is also on my favorite Fall things list!

  34. The fun with the Magic Iris never stops! Thanksgiving is the first week of October in Canada so as soon as September hits I start bringing out my fall decorations, fall wreath goes on the front door and slowly over September I bring up more decorations introducing my Halloween decor too so my Canadian thanksgiving the house is decorated for both fall and Halloween, inside and out!

  35. I love decorating for fall. You will find pumpkins and scarecrows all over the house. My parents got to a point that they stopped decorating so they split their large collection between my sister and I. My college aged children love coming home at Fall Break to see the house all festive.

  36. I love this new add on die for the magic iris! I was just thinking about getting my fall decorations out. I love fall (living in the upper midwest) the fall colors are simply beautiful!

  37. I have a really pretty fall leaves garland that I decorate our fireplace with. I also have fall scented candles and plug-ins to get the house smelling like fall (apples and cinnamon and fall leaves scents).

    1. Love everything about Fall! Bring out the pumpkins, autumn colored leaves, plaids and sweaters and bowls full of nuts!

  38. We don’t do much decorating for fall or Halloween, just a wreath on the door and a yard flag.

    Gosh, this looks to be a great release.

  39. We change everything out! Leaves, lanterns and pumpkins everywhere! Then it gets spookier for Halloween and back to fall for November. We love it!!!!

  40. I love this wreath and that it can be used with or without the Magic Iris! I decorate pretty simply for fall – a pretty wreath on the door and pumpkins on the porch.

  41. I don’t typically decorate for Fall but will buy one or two pumpkins and pull out my fall-scented candles like pumpkin spice and Macintosh apples to give e that warm cozy fall feeling!

  42. I don’t do much extra for fall.
    At the end of September I’ll gather
    up my Halloween decorations and
    put them out on the first of October.
    Love all of the leaves.
    thanks for sharing

  43. Kind of a minimalist when it comes to seasonal decorating. Wreath on the door changes but that’s about it. However, during fall I almost always have a candle burning or scented warmer with essential oils. That conjures up the season perfectly for me!

  44. fall decorations…september and october – halloween, november – “fall” thankful, autumn colors, leaves, etc.

  45. My house is decorated for fall year round. I have vases filled with in the shell nuts on my table and I have collection of artisan blown-glass pumpkins as well as ceramic, fabric and metal pumpkins. For fall I add real pumpkins around the house and yard. I like pumpkins!

  46. We have leaf garlands, lights, pumpkins and wreaths! Fall is so fun. What sweet cards today. The die makes beautiful wreaths!

  47. I’m so excited about this new fall wreath that I already tried to order it. I forgot it’s not released until next week.

  48. My favorite way to decorate my house for fall is incorporating pink, blush neutral tones into the decor. Those are my favorite colors so I incorporate them into wreaths, door signs etc.

  49. I decorate with fall felt pom pom garlands, bowls and vases of pine cones and acorns and of course pumpkins. I am loving this fall wreath die set. I don’t have the Magic Iris set but I got the tropical leaves add on and love it, so this fall add on is coming home with me!

  50. I love to burn a pumpkin spice candle and we have a giant light up pumpkin that is always out on our front patio. No real pumpkins because we have to keep the bears away!!!💚💚💚

  51. I have some wood block letters that spell fall with the a being a leaf. I also have a few pumpkins that are wood. I place these on my mantel.

  52. I love this release!!!!! I decorated for all on Monday (Labor Day) and it’s mostly cute pumpkin things and RAE DUNN Halloween decor 🙂

  53. I don’t really decorate inside the house but I’ve planted bushes, trees and flowers that show off their autumn finery outside! Fall is my favorite time of year, and I love the changing leaves and flowers that bloom after the hot summer is over.

  54. I love to decorate for Halloween! I have a light up ceramic Halloween tree, ceramic pumpkins, and Anna Lee dolls dressed up for Halloween.

  55. My fall decorations include a mailbox cover, mums in the flower pots, and often a banner across the fireplace mantle. Love the leaf iris and the bird. Such pretty cards!

  56. Decorating for fall will be changing curtains and cushion-cover in our living-room from green/beige ones to ones with more orange/brownish/reddish colors. Both sets of colors work with the rest of the rooms, which is pretty neutral…
    This fall leaves add-on for the magic iris… Hurray!

  57. Every year I make a Fall banner to decorate the kitchen. And a crafty friend made me a Fall Wreath and that goes on display on the front door. And this year, I’m going to tray and make a cornucopia in the oven!

  58. I don’t really decorate for ‘fall’ as much as I decorate for ‘Halloween.’ For Halloween, I go all out and there are pumpkins, cats, bats, webs, etc in my house and my yard is filled. All family friendly, but I know that all my neighbors can tell it is my favorite holiday based on how much I do for Halloween and how little I do for everything else.

  59. I love to decorate for Halloween and fall. Put streamers of fall leaves around our porch(which stay up until the day after thanksgiving) I have a fall wreath and thanksgiving wreath for the front door. We have lots of pumpkins on the porch and once I made a black cat out of pumpkins that sat on our steps that was so cute. We turn one of the pumpkins into a turkey after Halloween. Love this season.

  60. My home is always decorated in fall colors, like browns, rust reds and creams so transitioning to fall is easy. I do go over the top with garlands and sprays and decorations. Life is to be celebrated!

  61. Sooo I have Halloween, Day of the Dead and Thanksgiving decorations. On Nov 1 we do day of the dead decorations for a week then I get out the turkey quilt and the fall leaves decorations. All of my table top quilts are a scattering pattern of beautiful colorful leaves. Autumn is very exciting at my house : )

  62. I decorate our ceramic birch log for every season, fall included. Plus get out our autumn throw blanket, and misc other fall plates and centerpieces.

  63. I’m just loving all these magic iris add ons! We already have summer tropical leaves, fall leaves, and winter snowflakes. If we have spring easter eggs or spring cherry blossoms. It would be complete all seasons! Love all DT’s cards, they are so talented!!

  64. I love fall so I place cute painted wooden decorations in the front porch. My mom made me five autumn decorations with candles in them so I place them all over the house. I also fragrance the house with apple cinnamon scents!

  65. I love these fall creations!
    I usually have some pumpkins out on my porch and a have a couple of velvet pumpkins I have in the house for decorations.

  66. Another must have for me! Reminds me of the leaves and pumpkins I have put up through my home, along with a scarecrow or two!

  67. I have mums, gourds and pumpkins inside and out. We also put up a large scarecrow that sits on a bale of straw surrounded by pumpkins, etc. and corn shocks around the light pole. Wreaths go on the front porch with other containers filled with fall flowers. We also decorate for Halloween with lots of indoor/outdoor decorations.

  68. We do pumpkins and a few things, but this year I think I want to try to do more outside … Halloween ornaments in the tree in the front, maybe! I love this die!

  69. The colors of the paper are so perfect for fall! (Add to list). This is perfect for fall wreaths! (Add to list) this could be dangerous!

  70. I’m loving all the new products! I don’t do too much fall decorating – I go all out for Christmas, though. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  71. I have a giant cork board in my room, I decorate for Halloween/Fall. I like to hang my favorite fall themed cards on string to make a banner.

  72. Orange turkey and pumpkin removable stickers were placed on the windows by a small visitor a few days ago. I will get some pumpkins for the porch which will become Jack-o-lanterns just before Halloween and hang an autumn wreath.

  73. I bring out all of the pumpkin, hay bales and autumn leaves decor. It’s always such a nice transition from the summer (even if it’s still hot here in So Cal).

  74. Love decorating for fall! I put corn stalks, scarecrows, and pumpkins on our front porch. Inside I like to use fall garlands around our fireplace mantel, pumpkins and little scarecrows scattered about, and scented candles or wax melts in various rooms. We have color-changing bulbs in all our light fixtures (courtesy of our son!) so we can change the lighting to fit the seasons – especially love the cozy feeling of the amber/orange lights in all the rooms for fall!

  75. I do not really decorate for fall…maybe because Florida does not really have a fall. I used to decorate for Halloween when my kids were younger, but now that they are teenagers, they do not seem to care for it.

  76. So go crazy with Halloween decorations! We do a graveyard out front complete with a floating ghost, and inside tons of Halloween decorations everywhere!

  77. I don’t really decorate for fall. We don’t have any young kids in the neighborhood and haven’t had any trick-or-treaters come any more. If my family is hosting Thanksgiving, I will do some simple decorating with some pumpkins, gourds, and colored leaves. I also doing fall themed floral centerpieces for the tables.

  78. I fill vases with fall-colored flowers and put out my little glass pumpkins and other decor all around the house. I love Fall colors!

  79. We have Halloween decorations for Halloween and pumpkins for after Halloween. We like to get different size & color pumpkins and gourds plus one GIANT cinderella pumpkin. I also let my kids smash the giant pumpkin in the spring when it is rotting, bit of a mess but so much fun!

  80. So fun! Im not much of a decorator because we don’t have the storage space so we don’t really decorate for Fall but we decorate for Halloween. We put a light on the outside of our house & wreath on the door.

  81. I don’t decorate for fall. I did a little when the kids were young but now it seems that by the time I put things out it’s Thanksgiving and time to decorate for christmas!

  82. I love that the magic iris add-on can be used by itself! Fall is my favorite season so I decorate with leaves, pumpkins and fall flowers!

  83. I decorate with lots of Fall colors. Leaf garlands over the fireplace with lots of pumpkins in a variety of textures – metal, fabric, glass. And a big Fall wreath on the front door.

  84. Oh that is cute – I particularly love the one with the shaded tips of the leaves, looks fantastic. I have 3 busy kids, I don’t have time, really to decorate my house for fall. I do however get them to help clean it for fall.
    Hugs from Canada!

  85. We decorate with lots of pumpkins!! In October we put out our cauldron and spiders! In November we have a bunch of turkey decorations 🙂

  86. I have a large white cabinet in my DR/LR that I display all my seasonal smaller decor. It has drawers underneath so I can easily access all of my decorations for that holiday. Except for Christmas – that takes over my whole house.

  87. I love fall it is my all tome favorite however i dont decorate my house.. but i love the colours and leaves, we make leaf pills to jump in every year

  88. I decorate my foyer and stairs with leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows- my husband always says that it looks like fall has throw up in our house, but I like it because fall is my favorite season!

  89. Many years ago, I made several seasonal “scene” quilts. I hang up the one with pumpkins, fall coloured leaves and a black cat on a window sill for fall. Closer to Halloween, we will decorate with pumpkins. Love all the designs your team has come up with!!!

  90. I have a cute ceramic village, lots of fall acorns and leaves to decorate our home. Fall is fun, but I love to decorate for Halloween the most. Never get tired of spooky decor.

    1. Halloween is not really celebrated in the Netherlands. Fortunately, the neighborhood children still take to the streets in our neighborhood. I think Halloween has something magical and atmospheric! There I decorate my house with ghosts, pumpkins, scary big cobwebs and big spiders. I also always include a homemade hand lettering poster with a spooky magical text! That’s what the people in the neighborhood always like so much! And I myself enjoy it the most! This fall add on is fantastic fun! Great release Lawn Fawn!

  91. I love this Magic Iris add-on! I don’t make many fall cards, but this would be beautiful for Thank You or Birthday ones as well. Nature does a lot of our decorating for us, but I do have flags and will get a pumpkin or 2 later on.

  92. I have decorations that are fall themed and Halloween. The fall stuff I leave up till after Thanksgiving and the Halloween things come down the first of November and then I put things up that are specific to Thanksgiving. Then it all comes down and I start on Christmas. FunFun!!!Really liking on the fall leaves

  93. I don’t do a lot of decorating just get out a couple fake pumpkins until we buy real pumpkins for carving. Love the fall wreath die.

  94. We decorate a little bit for Halloween, the odd toy spider and spooky skeleton, but it is more important to decorate for Christmas for us so we usually wait until then.

  95. Its sometimes difficult to decorate for fall in the UK, there isn’t the love for it that you guys get, so it can be harder to find decorations, but it’s slowly creeping over here – which I LOVE!
    I do have some decorative pumpkin ornaments and get out candles more as a small celebration, but I hope to one day have a little autumn heaven of my own.

    This die would be great for making mini wreaths for cards as well as to hang!

  96. Well I kinda combine Fall and Halloween together. I use a lot of pumpkins and fall colors. So when Halloween is over, I remove that but still have the pumpkins out til Christmas time.

  97. Decorating for fall at my house includes: pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, a cornacopia, and fall leaves. I like corn stalks too but those are hard to find in our beach town!😂
    The design team really did a wonderful job showcasing this new magic iris! They always do; and thank you all for such fall fun!

  98. I tend to decorate with lots of fall colored (fake) leaves, acorns, candles and fairy lights. I like using fall colors and pumpkins, too! I also decorate with Halloween things like haunted houses (that I made myself!), owls, bats, etc. It’s my favorite season!

  99. Oh my gosh I am so excited to decorate for fall. Usually it’s just a crochet wreath I made because we’ve lived in apartments. But THIS YEAR we get to decorate our new house. So off to the store we go…..(hoping there will also be a fall build a house add on… 😉)

  100. I love to decorate with leaves and pumpkins! I just bought a new sign that says “let’s give them pumpkin to talk about!” Absolutely!!! Fall is my favorite!

  101. It doesn’t feel like Fall here (Houston) until late October, but I pull out our box of halloween decorations on or about Oct. 1, and then after the 31st I take out the Halloween stuff and leave leaves and plain pumpkins out through thanksgiving.
    Super-cute samples today – thanks to the awesome DT!

  102. What an amazingly beautiful the additional smaller dies in the set. I decorate my fireplace mantel with Fall greenery and pumpkins.

  103. Beautiful cards! I haven’t decorated in a few years but I used to decorate Halloween for the month of October and then for the month of November using pumpkins, fall leaves, scarecrows, and turkeys.

  104. I decorate with fall leaves inside and once Oct hits, we decorate with cornstalks and pumpkins. I love the fall wreath magic iris. I love all things autumn, the crispness in the air, the leaves, the shorter day. All very relaxing.

  105. Autumn is my favorite season! I take down all of the spring and summer decorations and replace them with fall flowered wreaths, pumpkins and scented candles.

  106. We go to the pumpkin patch and pick up a few carving pumpkins and a lot of gourds of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Placing them around the house with some ribbon and other decor.

  107. I love to decorate in the Fall. Pumpkins and mums on the porch, Fall leaves in the windows and pumpkins on the table. I love the colors in the fall. My favorite time of the year..

  108. Honestly, I never put away my few woodland creatures that I decorated with last fall, so I suppose they’re now year-round decorations.

  109. I like using swags of leaves and like to display pumkins. Fall is such a fun time to decorate! I love the oranges and reds, so pretty!

  110. I decorate for Halloween and for Thanksgiving, although if I don’t get the Halloween decor down fast enough, sometimes we just go straight into Christmas and skip the Thanksgiving decorations!

  111. I don’t usually decorate my house until Hallowee’en to be honest… with back to school and Guiding there just isn’t time. It I do appreciate that others do.

  112. Fall has several stages – first the leaves table runner comes out – when it gets closer to Halloween – the Halloween decorations come out – then for Thanksgiving back to more leaves and gourds come out ….not sure I am ready to give up summer yet though!

  113. Starting in October – the decorating is all about Halloween – spiders, pumpkins, bats etc. Then in November – it gets changed to pumpkins, guards, cornucopias, and a banner that says grateful. I love the fall! This magic iris is wonderful and the DT cards are gorgeous!

  114. Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins! We decorate the whole house with tons of pumpkins and beautiful fall leaves and sunflowers. My favorite time of year for sure!

  115. Gorgeous cards! I haven’t decorated my house in a few years because of hurricane damage. Looking forward to this year since we are finally back in our home.🤗

  116. In the past I had a whole box of Fall/Autumn and Halloween decorations. Somehow that got lost when I moved in with my husband 🤔🤣. But now we have kids and I would love to carve pumpkins with them and make wreaths of leaves and other Fall items like acorns and such.

  117. I decorate just about everything from the dining room to the bathroom! Fall leaves, sun flowers, little bales of hay to pumpkins! Table cloth is home made with fall leaves and pumpkins! Love the Fall second best, Christmas is number one! This year I’m thinking I’m going to take some of your Fall leaves and the mice and stick them in my arrangements for some whimsy!

  118. I love fall and try to keep my decorating in line with natural elements: pumpkins, acorns, leaves of various colors, apples, squash/gourds, wheat sheaves and dried corn.

  119. I decorate my house for fall with lots of pumpkins and leaves. I make banners using Lawn Fawn stamps and dies especially the little critter stamps. They match perfectly with the woodland creature decorations I put up in my son’s room.

  120. How do I decorate for fall? I open the shutters at my kitchen window. There’s a beautiful maple tree just outside that really puts on a show in the fall!

  121. I don’t decorate much for fall, more for Halloween, and even then, not every year since I don’t have kids. Depends on my mood and how much free time I have…

  122. My entire house color palette is for Autumn. However, september 1 I put out all the pumpkin, Fall and halloween swag that I have.

  123. I love fall and Halloween and blend my decorations – flowers, wreaths pumpkins . I have a little collection of glass pumpkins and also quilted table runners!

  124. Well, let’s see. I have ceramic and resin (good ones that look ceramic or real) and I intertwine leafy garlands some years (this year I have not done this so far, but it’s early) in fall colors. I also have mercury glass light-up spheres (see QVC) in chocolate, amber, gold and a green that leans toward yellow (not toward emerald). I nestle those among all the leaves and gourds and pumpkins. On the windows, I use fall leaf clings. Some of the clings are the Peanuts gang (those are starting to get old but I love them so much and treat them very carefully so they don’t rip). I put them on the windows that get a.m. sun so that they don’t fade much. I also have beautiful beaded acorns that I scatter around. Oh! And I have a ton of pinecones! I love pinecones as a decor theme. QVC has excellent decor from Valerie Parr Hill if you need ideas!
    I am SO excited for this release! Can’t wait! The cards for today turned out FABULOUS! I cannot get my non-science brain to figure out how your “capacitor” works (my husband is an engineer and he chuckled as you said the phrase including the term “radioactive” — right away his ears perked up and he cited Back to the Future). I guess it’s that you’re turning the middle of the three circles using that little handle (which is affixed to the upper side of that circle) while the underside of the middle circle is attached at three points to the “sausage” pieces that pivot and make a rounded triange as they shift. Did I get it?

  125. I like to decorate my home for fall with lots of pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, and sunflowers!!! Love the new magic iris add on!!!

  126. With the last name of “Leaf”, we leaf it up really well with home grown pumpkins and squash, sunflowers and a leaf vine or two.

  127. Fall is my favourite time of year. I have a wreath that I made several years ago with lots of fun leaves for the front door and I also add pops of yellows, oranges, reds and browns around the house.

  128. I have some wonderful throw pillows as well as candles and lots of fall knick knacks such as metal acorns. I have ceramic, wood, and real pumpkins and gourds for inside and on the front porch and a wreath with a gorgeous bow that my mother put together, hand towels and fall themed soaps in the bathrooms. My interior is tuscan orange and a sage green so it really looks like Fall all year!

  129. I have a bin of decorations for various holidays. It’s time to pack away the patriotic and break out the fall decor which includes favorite pieces I’ve picked up over the years.

  130. I have a cute fall wreath for my door and some inside decorations that are non-breakable for when my cat decides to knock them over

  131. I put up a fall scene piece wall quilt that my older sister made me. I also put out fall decorations like pumpkins and use fall leaf and pumpkin spoon rests. We love fall.

  132. Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins! We go to local pumpkin patches (we even have one at our Church) & load up on Pumpkins!
    Love this release especially the fall leaves add on!

  133. I love that this die is great for many types of cards besides the Magic Iris! We decorate primarily with Mums in our garden and near the house.

  134. I love to decorate for fall and am always on the lookout for cute vintage goodies to put out. I have a bobble headed pumpkin boy. That is one of my all time favorites. They let us decorate around our doors in our apt. bld. so that is always fun too. I already have my suitcase of Halloween pulled out and have started.

  135. I use to go all out for every holiday! We have mums, pumpkins on our porch
    and wreath on the door! Inside we burn Fall scented candles and I cook
    hearty meals & bake goods! My list is continuing to grown! 🍁🌰🍂

  136. I decorate for fall by bringing out my pumpkin decor! I don’t think it would feel like fall without it. I also love to have fall gem colored throws and pillows. Hello mustard yellow, emerald green, and rich rusty oranges!

  137. I decorate the house for fall by bringing out all my Halloween goodies. Black cats, crows, and ravens abound. I love a gothic victorian look for Halloween.

  138. I’m so grateful that you keep coming out with add-ons! And so many items can be used with others!! I decorate more autumn, less Halloween specific. And by decorate I mean I might set out a saying on my felt board, but in truth I’m a lazy decorator.

  139. For fall decorating: I love a cozy cable knit blanket thrown on the back of chair, fall leaf garland, & a fall-scented candle

  140. I love to decorate for fall by putting lots of pumpkins around and leaves. I have lots of cozy blankets and candles around too!

  141. As We don’t celebrate Halloween but I love fall and fall decorations! I changed my curtains in fall-inspired colors, potted some sunflowers and decorated my entry door with money plants and artificial fall leaves.

  142. This release is amazing!! I love the Magic Iris Fall Leaves. So pretty. All the cards are great, but Chari’s is incredible! I love her simple yet elegant design. I like to decorate for fall with pumpkins. Can’t ever have enough pumpkins on the porch!

  143. These cards are unbe-LEAF-able! I don’t really decorate for fall but I do love the fall smells from the kitchen–pumpkin bread, spiced apple cider…. Yum!

  144. I change the front porch flowers to autumn colors, add faux leaves around the planters and put out pumpkins. Inside, not too much – change the decor of the dining table and put out fall themed candles.

  145. I really like my Magic Iris collection and this will be a great addition. However, seeing it used simply as a wreath is brilliant! Thank you for the inspiration.

  146. Oh dear, I think the ‘Magic Iris Fall leaves Add-On’ is going to be one of my all time favourites! We don’t much celebrate Fall (our Autumn) here in Australia but I guess I’ll have to start a trend!

  147. we pick up large leaves, write loving words on them and tape them on the windows. it’s a chinese friend who taught me that.

  148. I don’t decorate for anything other than Christmas!( I like this die cos u can use for autumn or u can make a thank you card

  149. I decorate for fall by switching out all of my soaps and candles to more autumnal ones, I put up fall leaves garlands and cozy blankets, in the kitchen i hang up new tea towels 🍁

  150. I always start by decorating the fireplace mantle and then our dining room and coffee table. I love decorating with small pumpkins and pine ones. Fairy lights are also a must! It gives it that magical feeling.

  151. Not a lot of decorating in the Autumn, as it’s back to school time it feels like time to sort the house out, cut back the garden and prepare for Christmas!

  152. I love decorating my house and any opportunity (season or festivity) is welcome. For fall I decorate my house with fake autumn leaves, wreaths with leaves, natural mini pumpkins and pines, squirrels and hedgehogs figures in ceramic.i recently bought a gorgeous ceramic mushroom and some moss that will look wonderful in my entrance 😍

  153. I like to decorate with halloween decorations.. i nice spooky wreath on my door and some ghost candle holders. Some small pumpkins in a basket and I am ready for Fall!

  154. Wreath.. pumpkins and candles.
    I add in a few creepy statues to the mix for Halloween that I remove later for fall.
    I can’t decorate as much as I have gotten older and arthritis. Harder to get up and done in the attic. Lol

  155. Love the fall leave add on. Even though it goes with magic iris, it can also be used without the magic iris. Love having the flexibility!!

  156. I put fallen leaves and autumn treasures around everywhere. Autumn is so beautiful and colorful! I love this Season so much!

  157. EEK!! Totally amazing projects by all of the DT members!!!! I love fall and seeing all of these projects are just making me so happy!! I don’t usually decorate for fall (weird!)

  158. The idea of decorating my house for a season or holiday (except Christmas) is pretty foreign to me (maybe another big difference between life in Australia and life in the USA?) but I do enjoy the cooler weather.

  159. I just LOVE all that scrumptious color in all the designs. Great job DT!!!!
    I don’t decorate much anymore; but, I do put out my tin pumpkins with candles in the house and a few pumpkins and a scarecrow outside.
    Thanks so much for your amazing designs!!!

  160. The pots and planters on our patio and in front of our house gets filled with autumn flowers and plants. In time for Halloween we add some pumpkins 🎃

  161. Pumpkin scented candles and fall colored pillows and throws. Twinkle lights and fall leaves really set the mood for me. Love all the inspiration from this new release.

  162. I have a giant copper pot that I put silk sunflowers in for September and sometime during October I change them out for silk colored leaves. I have changing door decorations and entry mats too. Halloween decorations appear all over the house during October and on Halloween lighted pumpkins and a mad scientist lab display with colored potions in vials appears.

  163. I deck my house out for halloween….My favourite holiday, this year kitchen witch themed, herbs and crystals in bottles!

  164. I used to decorate more when kids were young. Just mainly decorate for Christmas. Love the new release. Can’t wait for the 16th!

  165. We have skeletons, spiders, creepy statues, witches shoes, scarey doorbell and much more. I like going all out for Halloween.

  166. I do lots on the inside and some on the porch. I already have my Halloween village on the piano 🙂 And the snoopy fall shower curtain/towels in the bathroom! LOVE FALL!

  167. I love to decorate, for fall I put out my fall candles and my fall wreath. I also have a garland that is fall leaves that I place on the fireplace mantel.

  168. I don’t really decorate for fall, but I have halloween things that I put out. And my black cat is my everyday halloween decoration, LOL!

  169. To decorate for fall we put up a wreath on the front door, have pumpkins on our front steps, and have a garland of leaves in fall colors across the mantle. I just love fall!

  170. Thank you for making this magic iris add on so usable for other creations, especially the Magic Messages stamp set! It’s one of my favorites to use alone without the iris 😉

  171. We decorate for fall with fall leave swags around the windows. We have the cutest squirrels made from pine cones (I made them way back in Jr High) on the coffee table.

  172. The fall leaves add-on is so cute! I have lots of pumpkin decorations and Halloween-specific outside decorations are added about a week before Halloween.

  173. I decorate for fall as soon as possible, putting out small hay bales and pumpkins. We make sure the candles in the house are all “pumpkinated” so the house smells like fall! I absolutely love this Magic Iris add-on…. need it for my stash!

  174. We grow pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn. We put up corn stalks and put pumpkins all around and some fun gourds. We do this in a couple of spots in the yard. Then we put pumpkins around the yard to decorate. I also take small gourds and put them in my fall bowl for the table! We sell the rest of the pumpkins! Love seeing grandkids pick their pumpkins out!

  175. I decorate my foyer table with fall flowers in painted mason jars and with pumpkins. I also put out pumpkin shaped door mats at my front door. I try to burn some kind of fall scented candle also.

  176. Now that we have plants, I’m planning on decorating the plants (like mini Christmas trees) with acorns and chestnuts, collected from the trips we are about to make. I also have several beautiful leaf dishes in fall colours, and the orange glass pumpkin in the window sill is a staple!

  177. Around our house we decorate with a leaf wreath, brown, yellow, orange flowers, pumpkins, branches, scarecrows, rusty garden tools, lace, hay. It’s my fave season so we go a little crazy with the decor.

  178. I love fall colors and Halloween decorations so this is my favorite time of year to decorate! Pillow covers, wall hangings, flower arrangements, wreaths, towels, and even the candy get a fall update.

  179. I don’t own the magic iris component (yet), but I think the add on is simply divine (it’s just so lovely, even without the interactive element)!

  180. I don’t decorate for fall. I put out a pumpkin for Halloween and give out candies to the neighborhood kids on Halloween.

  181. Warm white lights on some trees outside, so I decorate more outside than in, autumn coloured flowers inside. I really need to up my seasonal decorating game!

  182. Fall is my favorite time of year, so I decorate everything possible! Mantle and hearth, shelves, staircase, kitchen, dining room table, porch, doors, etc…lots of pumpkins, fall florals and leaves, and candles. Mostly in traditional fall colors.

  183. I have several figurines for fall to decorate my place. For Halloween/Fall, I have a small tree, like Christmas tree to hang small ornaments, and small orange lights string! Although I love living on Tropical islands, I do miss FALL in east coast. .. I love “fall colors” on trees, under a gorgeous blue sky! <3

  184. I do not decorate for fall. I need to get back into decorating my house for fall since it is my favorite time of the year.

  185. I don’t really decorate for Fall because it’s just SO HOT and by the time it’s cool enough to feel like Fall, it’s already Winter.

  186. I have some velvet pumpkins I put out on a table. Mostly decorate a little for halloween if I remember. With a banner I made. Also a cute Minon ghost that blows up and lights up when plugged in
    Excited about the release !

  187. We put out a wreath, door mat, cozy blankets, pretty fall colored pillows and just some pumpkin decor around the house. Christmas is the only holiday I really go all out for.

  188. I love the idea of having a fall wreath that can work with or with out the magic iris. I like the idea of having my sentiment surrounded by the beautiful fall leaves and flowers. I need a chunky sweater, coffee, and a pumpkin candle STAT! 🙂

  189. I decorate by using a few ceramic pumpkins and a few felt leaves someone made me. I also get some autumn smelling candles and put them around the house.

  190. I’m not a big seasonal decorator, but my kids love putting pumpkins on the front porch. We paint faces on them for halloween. 🙂

  191. I put up a lot of faux fall leaves, owls, and foxes. I also like autumn scents, pumpkin, cinnamon and apple. I bring out any gold bowls or dishes and usually add cinnamon smelling pine cones.
    I use a lot of oranges and yellows (candles, pillows, throws) to match the fall colored leaves.

  192. Since fall colors are my favorite, my house inside always looks like it’s fall! The addition of pumpkins and a scarecrow sitting on a hay bale continue that theme onto the porch for Sept. through November!

  193. Such beautiful cards you guys! Can’t wait to get my hands on this! I am obsessed with fall decorations. Especially my 3 tiered tray!

  194. I make fall leaves garland and decorate my room with pumpkins, apples and scented candles, put a cosy plaid on the couch and some books about autumn . I love this season even though we don’t usually celebrate Halloween in France

  195. Fall is my favorite (besides Christmas) to decorate. I have pumki s of all shapes and sizes throughout the house. I also have white, grey, and gold apples and pears to accent. My fall wreath comes out and is refreshed with new picks of the season.

  196. I don’t really decorate for Fall, but I do put up Halloween decorations! Window clings, door mat, candles, haunted house displays, etc.

  197. I am lucky to have my daughter help decorate our house for fall, she really enjoys it. We have have pumpkin and leaves items and some good smelling fall candles around the house.

  198. We decorate our house with mums and pumpkins. I love to burn candles and have a fire in the fireplace. If the weather is nice enough, we have a fire in the fire pit.

  199. First of all I need to take down my patriotic things from the summer, then I’ll think about Fall. I like to decorate with pumpkins and of course a few Halloween characters too.

  200. Gorgeous projects! I don’t really decorate at all at Fall time other than some sewn pumpkins and little scarecrow ornaments that I put out.

  201. That magic iris add on is amazing!! I usually don’t decorate my house during fall, but I start thinking how to decorate it for Christmas LOL

  202. I don’t decorate for fall specifically but we do have boxes of Halloween decorations that we decorate the front door and windows with

  203. Being in Australia we are just coming to spring, but I love the autumn leaves. Love collecting them, when they aren’t wet!
    Love this set, can see it being used for many things

  204. I only live in a small apartment so there is not much in terms of decorating I can do – I wish I could have all the pumpkins on a front porch or something, but for now I do some decorations on our dinner table and lots of candles and throw pillows.

  205. I don’t decorate for fall. I have a kitty “helper” who thinks his job is to push things off the mantle. I love all the new fall products!

  206. Magic iris is so much fun and the fall leaves add on is beautiful. I love Kara’s card and how she embellished the wreath! As a New Englander, I love anything with fall leaves!

  207. In fall, I like to decorate with lights, pumpkins and other things. This year I want to make a colorful garland with the stitched leaves dies.

  208. Being new to the magic iris I am really enjoying these add-ons. It really helps me create a fun card without having to over think it. I can’t wait to create some fun fall scenes with this.

  209. The magic iris is one of my most favorite interactive dies for Lawn Fawn. I love that you make add-ons that go with the dies. So much fun!

  210. I used garland of faux red leaves (their are all the year on my shelves haha) and a garland of felt pumpkin.
    I also use a lot of pine cones and delicious candles

  211. Out in the country, we don’t get any trick or treaters so we don’t do much outside but I do have some fall scented candles and spooky candle holders that I put out every year.

  212. We don’t decorate for fall, per se but there is always something baking so the house smells like fall – cinnamon, spice, etc. I call it “baking season”

  213. To decorate my place I have kitchen towels that I love to put out, some fall themed table runners, a painted jack-o-latern for my kitchen table, a glass pumpkin and a beaded banner to hang on my front door.

  214. I love these iris cards. I’ve never used this before but it looks pretty cool! I don’t usually decorate that much for the seasons. I just have a few things here and there that I put out.

  215. I live in Sweden and we don’t do a lot of decorating sadly 😢 I do have a few bouquets of fake flowers around the house though that I switch out for dried flowers and grass instead ☺️

  216. I love decorating, especially with all the fall colors. I decorate using lots of fake leaves, pumpkins and candles! I’ve also made some garland using Lawn Fawn’s leaves dies.

  217. I make fall decor. But this year I am adding a bunch of different hand felted, needle felted crocheted and knitted pumpkins. I just got them on our camping trip😁😁. I love your stamps and dies, by the aay.

  218. I don’t know why but I really don’t decorate for Fall. I do have a wreath I hang on the front door but it’s seen better days. Maybe I’ll look for a new one and pick up some other things while I’m at it. I do love Fall and it’s colors.

  219. Magic Iris is new to my collection after the Tropical Leaves add-on was released… so I’m thrilled to see this addition. Fall is my favorite. We don’t decorate much right now since we rent and are trying to keep things minimal until we move for good… but all bets are off once we do. 😄

  220. I love to decorate with leaves and pumpkins. Oh and scarecrows and straw. Let’s just say pretty much everything that is classic fall lol.

  221. I love Fall but I decorate for Halloween more so then fall. Loving the new die to go with the magic iris. The magic iris is my Favorite die of all time!!!!

  222. I don’t decorate the house for fall (or any season other than Christmas), but I always burn delicious fall candles in October and Novemeber:)

  223. As a teacher, I used to always decorate for September with Back to School decorations but now that school starts in August I don’t have much. We tend to use it as a break before the fun of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas come. These Magic Iris Add-on are a must because I love the versatility of them and how they can be used even without the Magic Iris.

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