Lawn Fawn Intro: All-Star, Tiny Sports Friends, Stadium Seating, Giant Go Team & Giant You Are #1

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2022 Inspiration and Release Week! On May 19th our 11 new stamp sets, 17 new die sets, 3 new stencil sets, new paper collection, and more new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of All-Star and Tiny Sports Friends and their coordinating dies! Create sports themed cards and crafts for all the all-stars in your life! This set includes basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, and football. There’s a cool trophy and fun sentiments to celebrate a great season, coach, or an all-star family member or friend! Our Tiny Friends are now having a ball playing their favorite sports! This set includes cute sports equipment so the kids can score a goal, hit a home run, make a three-pointer and run for a touchdown!

We also introduce Stadium Seating dies! This die set creates bleachers to add to sports themed cards and crafts! The set includes pennants and #1 fingers to elevate team spirit! And we also have new Giant greetings; Giant Go Team and Giant You Are #1!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have two videos at the end showcasing lots of ways to use these new sports-themed sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

The Tiny Sports Friends set is so perfect for filling the windows in the Peekaboo Backdrop! Elena created happy little scenes with all the fun sports images and clouds included in this set!

Elise created the perfect card for a sports enthusiast! She stamped All-Star images in two fun ways! First, she stamped a tone-on-tome background directly on the panel. Then she stamped and colored more images to use at the focal point of the card!

Tammy‘s card makes me smile so big! I love how team cat and team mouse are playing a game of football on this slimline design. The fans from Simply Celebrate Critters are watching the game from the Stadium Seating!

Lynnette‘s Giant You Are #1 card is so much fun! She combined the Tiny Sports Friends with Stadium Seating to create a great birthday or congrats card!

The Tiny Sports Friends are so perfect for a Flippin’ Awesome interactive design! There will be action with every flip just like here on Marine‘s super cute card!

Kara filled up the Stadium Seating with Tiny Friends ready to cheer on their Tiny Sports Friends team! I love how she used the team colors throughout, even adding coordinating stripes to Giant Go Team!

Audrey‘s birthday card is so special and just right for any athlete or sports fan! She combined Giant You Are #1 in shiny gold metallic with images from All-Star! The Stitched Bouncy Trails she added in the background add so much fun detail!

Grace created an amazing card filled thanks for an All-Star teacher! She filled in the Stitched Star Frames with inky fun using Sunray Stencil, then she added the basketball playing foxes! She found them in Really High Five and Scootin’ By!

Mindy‘s design has so much team spirit with its combination of Giant Go Team, Tiny Sports Friends and Stadium Seating!

Latisha‘s layered design is so colorful! She used our new Lots of Stars Background Stencils with rainbow ink colors, then she used those same colors to create the layered Giant You Are #1.

Lynnette paired All-Star with Giant Go Team! I love stamped background and how the subtle design lets the big greeting stand out!

Tammy‘s tall slimline design is so much fun! She divided it with the Giant You Are #1 on the top and some All-Star images below. Then she added lots of cuteness with a few little mice!

Mindy created another cute Tiny Sports Friends card! This time she stenciled the Sunray and grass and layered Stadium Seating on top! Then she added a special greeting using Cole’s ABCs and glittery Sparkle cardstock.

Caly‘s Tiny Sports Friends soccer themed card is so cute! She stenciled and inked the background, then she added the Giant You Are #1 greeting. I love how she layered the All-Star trophy on the greeting!

Now this is an All-Star card! Kara added lots of awesome gold accents with gold metallic cardstock and gold stenciling! The birthday sentiment is so great for all the sports fans you make cards for!

Intro Videos

Now, I have a video to introduce Tiny Sports Friends, Stadium Seating and Giant Go Team! We have some fun ideas to share. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

And now here’s another video to introduce All-Star and Giant You Are #1! We will share fun ways to use these sets while creating 2 cards! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at All-Star, Tiny Sports Friends, Stadium Seating, Giant You Are #1 and Giant Go Team! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite sport to play or watch by May 18th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, May 16th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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  1. We don’t have sports bleachers like you do in America over here in the UK, but I love these stamps! The tiny sports team are adorable. I love the fathers day card idea.

  2. I’m not really big into sports in terms of participating (swimming and riding a bike is as far as I go, hahaha!), but I do enjoy watching various disciplines. Figure skating, ski jumping & volleyball are probably amongst my favourites.

  3. I love Sports!!! My Fave to watch are Basketball ( Golden state warriors, Phnx Suns, & Brooklyn Nets), Baseball (Az Dbacks), Football (Chicago Bears & Az Cardinals). I played basketball for my high school. Fabulous creations by the DT.

    1. I’m not a humongous sports fan, but I AM a humongous fan of all of your awesome products! 😎

  4. I’m a huge sports fan!, from golf to football and everything in between!….super cute and fun new sets!!

  5. Thank you for the sports sets. I have been asking for them since for ever! I hope you add soon some quokkas or dolphins instead of making more flip flop….a 2*3 set with a cute dolphin and a set with a cute quokka will make me so happy!
    Maybe they will have some add one in the future for other sports that are missing.

  6. So happy to see Sports Themed stamps & accessories! It’s like watching my littles play…while I stamp away in my craft corner 😉 Wh@t could be better! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, and figure skating are my favorite sports to watch and even used to do myself when I was in school.

  8. Football for sure, then baseball. I adore the stadium die it will be a must for anyone making a sports card.

  9. Formula1… !! I watch every race, wouldn’t miss them for the world!!
    Now. All these sport-stamps/dies is not for me (though I LOVE all the creative cards, they’re so good!!), but…. That seating-die; oh, I’m thinking flower-pots, kitchen-ware, books, Halloween-potions, Xmas-presents, Easter-eggs…. It’s a MUST-DIE!!

  10. My favorite sport to watch is anything my grandsons are playing. Mainly football and basketball. Love going to Rodeo’s too!

  11. I like watching any sport if I know someone that is participating–nieces, nephews, students..

  12. Not a sports fan, but I enjoy skiing. This new release is awesome, and so many cute cards by the DT!

  13. Baseball is my favorite to watch, but volleyball is fun to play. This is one of my favorite groups of stamp sets yet. My kids would love them.

  14. With six little, active grandkids, I see a lot of use for these stamps and dies. Amazing projects by the design team.
    My hubby and I love watching sports. My favorites to watch are football and golf but during the year we’ll tune in to a variety of college and professional sports, especially during playoff seasons – women’s softball, Little League World Series, Track and Field, etc.

  15. if card making doesn’t count, to play…TENNIS and to watch, DANCE! My daughter dances competitively and I wish it got more credit for the athleticism it requires. This release is amazing!!!!

  16. I like to watch football, mostly college. I like to bowl and play pickle ball! This set is super cute! Thank you!

  17. I’m not a massive sports fan but I do enjoy cheering on my son when he’s playing football.

  18. I loved going to my kids baseball games. Now I go to my grandson’s games. Love the sports theme stamps and tiny people.

  19. My favorite sport to play is Roller Derby, though I haven’t played in a long time.

    I don’t watch sports much but I watch e-sports a bit.

  20. I am so pumped for these sports themed goodies! I love to play volleyball! My favorite sport to watch is any sport my kids are playing!

  21. Nice cards. Go to the rodeos. Now that it is warming up every Friday our friends goes to our neighbors to practice. Everyone around gets on their side-by-side to watch them practice with their horses, ropes, and barrels. I would like to see stamps and dies with a rodeo theme now that you have more little people and stadium seats. So many possibilities.

  22. My favourite part in sports competitions is watching the energetic cheer leaders! We used to have competitions in high school. I never joined but I love watching my friends chant and dance and make human pyramids!

  23. My favorite sport is baseball. I have been a fan since I was a teenager. I have attended many games, including a World Series and All Star game, but my favorite baseball memories come from watching my kids play.

  24. This is hard because watch all the sports!!! I guess I’d have to say basketball or football. I’m so excited about these new products!!!

  25. I’m not really into sports myself. Whenever I visit my mum and dad, I know that at some point in the day I will have to put up with watching football (Australian NRL) or even cricket if it’s Summer. And while I would rather not watch it, I know the rules enough to be able to follow it.
    I did used to play tennis, and sometimes I think that I would like to try it again… one day perhaps. And on that note, maybe you could come out with another Sports themed tiny friends with more sports like tennis, netball, swimming, hockey, rollerblading/skating, golf.

  26. I love how this set works so well with so many others I already have! My favorite sport to watch is hockey, so crossing my fingers for a winter release as well!!

  27. I’m not a big sports fan (although I used to play football and had a dream to roller Derby but can’t risk broken bones!) and I do enjoy swimming as a very very late learner.
    I prefer to participate in cheering on crafts though 🤭

    These sets are very cute and are perfect for fans of teams. Little skaters and skateboarders would be good too!
    I love how the simply celebrate critters have been used with a sports theme- that is a match I’d enjoy watching! And how you’ve cleverly made the foam hands in different sizes.

  28. We love to play volleyball. We go to nephew’s soccer games. Watch college volleyball, softball and football.

  29. I like playing wiffle ball with my family, we have an equal number of boys vs girls so that is always how we pick the teams lol. Super happy to see the sports sets!

  30. These are the products I have been waiting for!!!! The stadium seats are awesome!!! Can I add to cart now? 😂

  31. We have field hockey players, volleyball players and cheerleaders in our household! But we do enjoy watching football in the fall.
    This new set is great!!! Please add future sports sets with field hockey, volleyball and cheerleaders 💗. And maybe a net that can be used for volleyball and/or tennis.

  32. We have lacrosse, field hockey players, volleyball players and cheerleaders in our household! But we do enjoy watching football in the fall.
    This new set is great!!! Please add future sports sets with lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball and cheerleaders 💗. And maybe a net that can be used for volleyball and/or tennis.

  33. I loved watching my kids play soccer when they were small. It was hilarious to see all the kids swarm around the ball, really having no idea what they were doing and usually kicking it in the opponents goal.

  34. I love to watch Tennis, basketball, Kentucky Derby, golf, ice skating, Olympics and gymnastics. The rest of my family loves football. I”m excited about all of the people who will love these cards.

  35. My son played competitive rugby for Ontario throughout high school and I love watching rugby! I could totally work with these sets in my scrapbooking of those fun times!

  36. I’ve always enjoyed figure skating and now that my Granddaughter skates I love to watch her. Really liking this week

  37. I love to watch most sports but hockey is probably my favorite. I’m clumsy and not coordinated at all so I don’t play any sports myself.

  38. Baseball is my favorite because you can watch or listen. It’s slower pace is good for multi-tasking.

  39. I enjoy watching any sport live. I never watch sports on television. These cards are adorable.

  40. Son plays baseball so this sports set was just what I wanted! Hopefully you keep adding to the sports and get volleyball, golf, tennis and running into the next couple releases! Thanks, LF!

  41. I’m physically disabled and was never very good at playing sports anyway! I watch college basketball with my family though.

  42. I played basketball when I was younger and now my boys play soccer. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. YAY SPORTS! I love them all! I used to play tennis a lot and I’m a runner! Love to watch football!

  44. These are fabulous additions to the LF line! My husband is an avid MN sports fan, I’ll watch whatever he has on. We like to see/visit different Baseball stadiums.

  45. I wish reading and card making were sports! I don’t really have a favorite sport. I liked watching my kids play whatever sport they were in.

  46. My favorite team sport to play (when I was younger and able😆) was soccer! Sport to watch is super cross/motocross!!

  47. I’m not much into sports, but do enjoy watching golf once in awhile.
    Loving all the masculine inspiration today.

  48. My favorite team to watch is my children’s team. My son plays soccer and volleyball. My girls play soccer. I actually just made a Ted Lasso inspired card using the “Fintastic Friends” and a soccer ball stamp from my stash. The quote was “Be A Goldfish.” (posted on my instagram and tagged lawn fawn.)

  49. It is a cliché but I am German and it is Fussball or as you call it soccer. Yesterday it was closing day of the season and I have a lot of ideas to use the sets combined.

  50. I love watching baseball with my family. (It’s all about the people you are with!) These sport related sets are exactly what I’ve been wanting and will be perfect with tiny friends, mice, or other critters! Fantastic!

  51. I loved watching my kids participate in all their school sports! Golf has definitely the sport that will continue on through their life!

  52. Oh my goodness, the tiny cheese head hat is the best thing ever on Kara’s card!! I love to watch baseball!

  53. I LOVE all the little people sets! They’re just so adorable. My favorite sport to watch is football. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  54. I am not much of a sports person. I did like watching my kids play their sports though. My husband watches it all and plays golf though.

  55. All of these sets are so cute! I love it!

    My favorite sport to watch is football. Although if my teams are doing well, I’ll watch baseball or hockey also. Lol

  56. What cute sets!! Perfect for coaches, dads, players, and more!!! My favorite sport to play is (was) volleyball and my favorite sport to watch is basketball!

  57. My favourite sport is baseball! My family plays baseball and we love to watch it on TV. I love spending time with my dad and watching the game. He’s 78 years old and still involved with baseball. Hopefully when my grandson gets old enough he might choose to play baseball. This set is absolutely adorable!!! ⚾️🏈🏀⚽️

  58. My favorite sports to play and watch are tennis, badminton, and table tennis! Not yet covered by these cute sets, but maybe in the future?

  59. My favorite sport is sitting in my lounge
    chair, reading a book. I’m too old to
    be in active sports and never really
    cared to watch either. Fun release.
    thanks for sharing

  60. Oh my! So much cuteness going on. Love the football field card so much. I love water so swimming would be one if my favs

  61. Sports really aren’t my thing unless my granddaughters are participating. I enjoy their track and field events!

  62. I’m so excited to see these cute sport sets! Our family’s favorite sport is soccer but I enjoy watching basketball and football too.

  63. My favorite sport to play is disc golf with my son. I’m not very good at it, but we get to laugh at my wild throws.

  64. I am loving these!!! So awesome! My favorite sport to watch is baseball! My boys played growing up and now I love watching professional baseball!

  65. My favorite sport to watch is collegiate football. The Clemson Tigers are my favorite team. I have started watching golf, though, too and I am enjoying knowing more about it and its top tour players. Great choice… there is a lot we crafters can do with these latest offerings!
    Lori S in PA

  66. My favorite sport to play and watch is tennis but I loved all the years watching my daughters play soccer (when the weather was nice 😂)!!!

  67. Love this set. My favorite sport to watch is hockey, with baseball being a close second. This set is amazing, and I love the bleachers!

  68. These are cute! I’m not really much of a sports fan, but hubby is big into football. I’m thinking how I can use the stadium seats and little cars to make a race track.

  69. I am a big baseball and basketball fan (I can’t believe I found another Sac Kings Fan!). I saw my first no-hitter this past week at the Angels game and it was amazing!!

  70. Oh my word! Today’s sports themed release is so GREAT! I love sports, well watching sports! I have 2 sons that were both 3 sport athletes growing up so we watched them play year ‘round! I am a huge College Basketball Fan and seeing the Gonzaga Bulldogs play in person is on my bucket list!

  71. Hockey is my favorite to watch. Volleyball is my favorite to play, but I’m not as good as I used to be…

  72. 👍🏾 Facebook

    I super happy about the tree die and the picnic critters!!! Thanks for making stamping so much fun 🤩

  73. Because of my daughter, basketball is my favorite sport to watch! And, the sports cards are so so cute!

  74. I’m really not an athlete or a sports fan. I don’t enjoy watching any sports on TV (except certain Olympic events). I’ll go to a soccer game live, and of course attended any sporting events my kids were participating in – mostly swimming and water polo!

  75. Football is probably my favorite.
    Love love love this set! So many ideas! Can’t wait to get these!!!!

  76. I am not a huge sports fan but I have family members who are soooooo these will be perfect for them. I already have three cards starting to formulate in mind for birthday and just because. thank you for creating such fun stamps and dies for us to create with.

  77. So cute! I love to watch Irish dancing! The effort that these athletes put into their sport is amazing!

  78. I don’t play much sports but I will occasionally play volleyball with friends. I do enjoy watching football and baseball though. I also enjoy watching ice dancing during the Olympics.

  79. These DT cards are just too cute! I love the Tiny Sports Friends and stadium seating sets. My favorite sport to watch on TV right now is basketball!

  80. My favorite sport to watch is definitely football!! My next favorite is watching figure skating and gymnastics during the Olympics. My favorite “sports” to participate in are reading and card making! 😉

  81. I like all sports, but my favorite sport to both watch and play hands-down is baseball! I grew up in a family where we loved watching our favorite teams together on TV!

  82. We are HUGE football fans…..and a few of us like basketball and soccer also. But FOOTBALL is what we all agree on!

  83. My favourite sport to both play (though it’s been a while) and watch is definitely baseball. Both my boys played too. No better way to spend a weekend afternoon or a night under the lights.

  84. I used to love to watch my kids play Basketball, football and Baseball/softball. I really miss watching them play.

  85. My favorite sport to watch is gymnastics. I used to do gymnastics until I was a junior in high school. My favorite sport to play are basketball and volleyball.

  86. I used to enjoy playing volleyball, badminton,crochet, bean bags so pretty much summer party games I guess you would say.

  87. I love watching sports. Especially football. I love running so that’s my favorite sport to do!! But everything active is my favorite. What great tiny sports peeps.

  88. My favorite sport to watch is Basketball because that is the sport my daughter played in Middle school and High School.

  89. I love seeing this sport themed set…great cards. I love to play volleyball but I enjoy watching the Olympics (all sports), Blue Jays baseball and Toronto Maple Leafs hockey.

  90. I’m not really a huge sports fan, but I support some of the Dutch players. I watch the Dutch soccer team when there are finals and I sometimes watch formula 1 racing with my husband 🙂

  91. Love ❤️ Love ❤️ love ❤️ this set! Can’t wait to get these & start making cards!
    I love all sports!

  92. I don’t play any sports myself,but do enjoy watching my kids play. I also enjoy watching hockey too.

  93. My favorite sports to watch are hockey, football, baseball and golf.
    You have knocked it out of the park with this release so far 😊

  94. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any cuter. My brother teaches high school kickers, so football is my #1.

  95. I love to watch my son play beach volleyball, so maybe you could create a 2×3 add-on set with a volleyball.The Really High 5 critters would be perfect volleyball players! I also love watching football on TV with my husband.

  96. I love these! I’ve been waiting for some sports related stamps and dies. You hit it out of the ballpark with these! My favorite sport is baseball. I like playing at family reunions, sports teams, and watching our local minor league-Giants. I also enjoy volleyball. It would make a great add-on-beach volleyball.

  97. I loved playing Wallyball! Though growing up, I played soccer, ran cross country and played volleyball and racquetball. I love how much the new release goes together to create a huge variety of sports-themed cards! So adorable!

  98. These sets are all so awesome! At first I thought I didn’t need them and then watched the videos with great examples and of course I need them LOL My favorite sport to watch is baseball. My favorite sport to play is handball, the European handball that is… 🙂

  99. I enjoy watching football and Major League Baseball, but I especially loved watching my own children run track and play football, basketball and soccer.

  100. You hit the ball out of the park on this one! (Pun intended)😁 Such great stamps and dies that can be used in many ways! Go team!

  101. Today is one of those days when “I want it all”. With 3 very active grandsons, I can see myself getting a lot of use from these products.
    I enjoy watching football the most.

  102. GRRRRR… so many great sets again in one release. There goes my budget. Thanks for the inspiration. Love these sets.

  103. I don’t have much time to watch sports but I’ve gone to ice hockey and basketball games in the past. We always root for the local teams, and my husband is a big fan! I’m a big fan of these super cute stamp sets, and the Tiny Sports Friends are on my wish list now.

  104. I love to watch the NY Mets and Premier League Football (soccer). I also like watching hockey sometimes too!

  105. People have been asking for sets like these for a long time!!! So cute and fun!! I love to watch swimming

  106. I’m not really a sporty fan, but I do enjoy a good competition – especially when watching with friends!

  107. Favorite to play is Softball. Favorite to watch on tv is football and in real life is hockey.

  108. I played softball for 20 plus years. I also like vollyball and bowling. As far as watching, college football is a number 1!

  109. OMG – the foam hand on the tiny friends!! 👏🤣 I love that! I grew up in a sports family so I’ve watched and done everything from soccer to American football to archery. There really aren’t any that I wouldn’t enjoy watching or playing.

  110. Love all the fun scenes on these cards! I don’t watch sports anymore but used to be a huge cricket fan.

  111. I used to do martial arts and horse riding as a kid, but now I rarely watch sports. I’ll watch the Euros and world championship (soccer for Americans) and the Olympics, but that’s usually the only times I get invested enough.

  112. I love to watch figure skating. I had skating lessons when I was younger, I wish I had kept at it.

  113. I love to watch the Steelers (when they win… which hasn’t been too often these past few years!)

  114. My favorite sport to play is Badminton. It’s sooooo fast and fun! These kids are really cute.

  115. So freaking cute, augh!!! And for the questions, my fave sport to watch is a toss between soccer and swimming.

  116. Not an athlete here – unless you count Zumba or kickboxing class. 😉 I do love Mike watching sports though – mainly baseball, sometimes football (American football and soccer).

  117. I personally don’t really play sports. I rather be crafting or reading a book or watching craft videos on YouTube. Perhaps mini golf counts? I’m terrible but I have lots of fun!

  118. My favorite sport is play is scrapbooking. 🙂 My favorite sport to watch is football. Love football season! I’m not packers fan, but your card with the cheese head…is amazing!

  119. I love watching my kids and my friends’ kids play sports. No real preference. I think I just like cheering for people LOL!!!

  120. Right now my favorite sports are softball, volleyball and swimming because that’s what the grands compete in. I wish the words included “grand” to make #1 grand cards – I’ll have to search my stash to find something.

  121. Ohhhhhhh . . . . I feel like I just might NEED all the things today!! We are a big sports family. My husband, oldest daughter and I play basketball. My husband, youngest daughter and I play softball. Right now we have at least 4 softball games a week, so there is a lot of watching of that. LOVE to watch college basketball, and of course the NBA playoffs are on right now.

  122. I have been waiting for years for a sports release and this one makes me so very happy!!!!

  123. I am not much for spots in general, although I enjoy any game in-person (baseball, hockey, basketball, golf), and especially if my grandson is playing!

  124. My favorite sport to watch is figure skating. I love the bleachers and little sports players on these new sets!

  125. Thay is a tough question! I have been living watching hockey, but I think my favorite is soccer and football. My kids played those and to watch them play was magical. I even played indoor soccer! Kicked my butt!

  126. I don’t play sports but love watching hockey live or soccer on tv especially when it’s time for the World Cup.

  127. ⚾️ baseball all the way. I’ve been watching it since I was little with my grandparents.

  128. I love watching ice skating, dance, gymnastics, swimming, & football with my husband!
    I used to dance, gymnastics, baton & swam butterfly on school’s swim team!
    Looking forward to tiny sports friends with stadium seating stamp & dies! 🥰

  129. We love watching ice hockey and soccer! Or when it’s a summer or winter Olympic year, all the sports!!

  130. Our favorite sport to watch is Pittsbugh Penguins hockey, then the Steelers football team the the Pittsbugh Pirates baseball team!

  131. Love to watch basketball. Played that and softball growing up. Always enjoyed any sport my kids played in.

  132. i love all sports! playing or watching. it’s so fun to finally see sports-themed stamps fr lawn fawn! waay overdue! i’m so excited. also, the stadium seating die is so creative! genius idea!

  133. These sets are perfect for sports team cards! Love them! My favorite sport to watch and play is basketball!

  134. I am not a massive fan of sports but I do like watching the international football competitions when the are on – like the world cup 🙂

  135. I love horse back riding. Used to do it for years. Sadly health wouldn’t let me anymore but i still love it. Would love to see a horse stampset with stables and stuff

  136. We watch football as a family all fall. We love to get together on Sundays and eat yummy food and cheer for our favorite teams

  137. I’m not much of a sports fan but I love these products and can imagine a lot of cute cards for friends and family. If there was such a thing, my favorite sport would be competitive napping.

  138. I’m a fan of figure skating and gymnastics, two sports that I participated in when I was a kid.

  139. Such adorable inspiration! My favourite sport to play was volleyball, gymnastics, and golf, and backyard football with my brother.

  140. It is so great how you can customize these to your favorite team and with the other tiny friends sets!

  141. I am a runner but these days my favorite sport to play is soccer with my son. Typically my husband, son, and I go practice soccer skills on Sunday afternoons at the park near our house. I enjoy these times together because soon he will NOT want to play with us. Plus the dribbling is challenging the better our son gets!
    Cute friends doing their sports. A fun new LF addition!😍

  142. Fun and versatile stamp set. My favorite sport is baseball. Currently enjoying the sport watching my granddaughter play softball.

  143. Hooray! These are all fabulous! Growing up our daughter played soccer so we fell in love with the game! I also love watching football, could be the buffalo wings and beer though. lol

  144. OMG how cute are those bleachers??? Love how much they bring to these adorable scenes. That #1 foam finger really made me smile 🙂

  145. Swimming and ice skating are my favorite olympic sport to watch. Cool creative cards from the lawn fawn Team.

  146. oh my gosh – how cute is this set? So many families with all kinds of sports going on – this set deserves a trophy!

  147. I enjoy watching hockey, football, & figure skating. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  148. My favorite sport is all related to ride a horse (jumping, cross country, western, …)
    And more recently Quidditch ! Muggle Quidditch. We play with volleyball and dodgeball balls, we have a broom (just the stick) between our legs that is our handicap (like throwing the ball behind you in rugby, playing with your feet in soccer, not being allowed to walk in basketball), and the same shoes like soccer shoes. We have headband in different colours to identify our role. The snitch is a tennis ball in a socket scratch to referee’s shorts. Our goals are three hoops, with different heigths.

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    These tiny people are doing an awesome job though, absolutely adorable and great for making cards for sport lovers

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    We also used to live watching our niece and our daughter in cheerleading.
    Love the sports release!

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  166. I once won tickets to a hockey game, I had no idea how much I would enjoy it, it was very cool. Otherwise, I don’t really watch or play any sports.

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    I do love watching my nephew play football! I’m excited about this release and looking forward to making him lots of cards!

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  195. My husband is a volunteer peewee football coach, so the only time I’m watching any sport is when I’m on the sidelines when he is coaching a game.

  196. oh, this is awesome and so many possibilities to expand to other sports! I love watching gymnastics and synchronized swimming. I used to be a gymnastic and a swimmer (but at a ammateur level).
    For my husband I would say golf to both questions 😀 so hopefully a golf in a future sports set!

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  200. My parents are football fans. I watch it if they are watching it sometimes. Honestly I didn’t have a favorite sport 😬

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