Lawn Fawn Intro: Snowflake Background Hot Foil Plate, Winter Big Scripty Words Hot Foil Plates & Snowflake Duo Hot Foil Plates {Bonus Day}

Happy Friday and welcome to a Bonus Inspiration Week Post! All of our Fall & Winter 2022 products are now available at and also at your favorite online and local craft stores! Woohoo!

Be sure to check out this fun Pawsitive Christmas stamp set! It’s our Free Gift with orders over $60 exclusively at, only for a limited time, while supplies last.

Introducing our new Hot Foil Plates

Add some shine to your projects with our new hot foil plates! These add a fun foiled (so shiny!) design to your craft projects! These plates can be used with most hot foil machines and leave a shiny impression but no cut lines on your cards.

Introducing Snowflake Background Hot Foil Plate, Big Scripty Words Hot Foil Plates and Snowflake Duo Hot Foil Plates! You can use the Big Scripty Words Lawn Cuts to cut out your foiled sentiments.

Elena used the all-over Snowflake Background Hot Foil Plate to get the shine started on her amazing design! The Build-A-Snowman is so adorable and is perfect as the star of your holiday cards! Elena added another layer of shine foil goodness with the Winter Big Scripty Words Hot Foil Plates, cutting her sentiment with Winter Big Scripty Words Lawn Cuts!

Grace‘s shiny little gem features the Snowflake Duo Hot Foil Plates! She created a fun little shaker element with Snow One Like You and Chunky Glitter! She used the photo frame from Magic Iris Camera Pull-Tab Add-On to make the shaker.

Elise created a hot foiled design that is so gorgeous! The gold foiling looks so striking on the dark blue background. Elise also used the new Rose Gold metallic cardstock for even more shine!

Yainea “built” two adorable snow people using pretty pink Knit Picky Winter paper for the scarf and earmuffs. Then she created the awesome backdrop with Snowflake Background Hot Foil Plate. To add more shine, she also included the foiled Winter Big Scripty Words greeting!

I love how Marine hot foiled the Snowflake Background on the colorful Really Rainbow patterned paper! That is such a cool idea! She framed the Snow Globe Scene with the Snow Flurries Backdrop and then added the shiny greeting!

Latisha‘s stunning shaker design is so shiny! She used Rose Gold metallic cardstock for the Snow Flurries Backdrop and for the stitched circle. Then she layered the merry hot foiled greeting on a snowflake to finish her design! So beautiful!

Audrey‘s card is simply gorgeous! She combined a beautifully inked background with the foiled Snowflake Duo. Then she popped up two adorable little snowmen anchored on a Simple Wavy Banner.

Mindy‘s rainbow inked card is so joyful! She kept is simple with the hot foiled Snowflake Background and the Snow Flurries Backdrop! With that gorgeous color all she needed to add is the shiny greeting!

Megan used the new Deck the Car die set to create a home for holiday scene! She brought some special shine to night sky with the Snowflake Background Hot Foil Plate! This design is so special!

Latisha‘s simply awesome design combines the hot foiled Snowflake Background with a glittery Giant Outlined Oh What Fun greeting! It’s just so beautiful!

Mindy created another gorgeous card with a hot foiled Snowflake Background! This time it’s a happy Snowball Fight scene featuring those adorable mice!

Caly combined the foiled Snowflake Background with more snowflakes from Snow Flurries Backdrop to create a lovely winter card! The foiled “let it snow” is so perfect for this frosty design! Her inked background is so gorgeous!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Snowflake Background Hot Foil Plate, Big Scripty Words Hot Foil Plates and Snowflake Duo Hot Foil Plates! There are so many fun ways to add shine to your holiday and winter crafts! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

And now it’s Giveaway time!

For this Bonus Inspiration post we are giving away the new Hot Foil Plate sets plus one new Fall & Winter 2022 stamp set of your choice to 2 lucky commenters on this post! (If you already have these sets, you can choose another set).

To enter, leave a comment below telling us what made you smile today by Monday August 29 at 5:00PM ET. We will announce the two winners on Tuesday August 30!


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196 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Snowflake Background Hot Foil Plate, Winter Big Scripty Words Hot Foil Plates & Snowflake Duo Hot Foil Plates {Bonus Day}

  1. Seeing how pretty these cards turned out and how inspired I am to make my own Christmas cards made me smile today.😀 After being in a bit of a craft slump recently it makes me happy to be excited to craft😊

  2. My kids loved the apple-solutely adorable stamp set. I bet the snowball fighting mice would make them smile, too! The sets with lawnfawn mice are by far the favorites in our family. Thanks for an inspirational design week!

  3. Watching the intro video to these hot foil plates and seeing the amazing cards and ideas made me smile today… I was given a second hand GoPress & Foil (barely used at all) by my boss a couple of months ago and I was unsure if I would use it. I had even considered selling it (she constantly goes through her craft stash and gives me unused/unwanted supplies and tells me to do what I will with it, so me selling this would not have been an issue with her). Now that Lawn Fawn has come out with hot foil products, I have reconsidered not only selling my GoPress & Foil, but also my feelings to hot foiling in general. I am now really excited to give it another go and see what I can come up with. Plus any excuse to increase my Lawn Fawn collection is always good 🙂 LOL

  4. What made me smile today was getting some nice text messages from a couple of my friends. I’m always happy to hear from them!

  5. These beautiful cards made me smile today! I’d been wondering if Lawn Fawn was going to offer hot foil plates. Up till now I’ve resisted the temptation to buy another machine, but now I’m did finitely going to join the hot foiling ranks!

  6. My AC has been broken, and it’s been very very hot. So my pets haven’t wanted to come to cuddle me in the bed because they also didn’t like the heat. I woke up with a cuddly friend today.
    We are all happy that the AC is fixed!!

  7. Seeing all the new cards created from using the Hot foil plates dies!
    I’m smiling because Lawn Fawn, you’re offering us a bonus chance
    to win items from the 2022 Release! Have a great day! 💙🥰💙

  8. I check the lawn fawn blog daily first thing when I get up ( obsessed much.) But looking at your blog makes me smile.

  9. My son and I worked together to make a card for his father’s birthday today! He’s only 10 days old so we just used his handprint to turn into a dinosaur and decorated the card with the LF Critters from the past! It made me smile and I’m excited for future craft projects with my little man!

  10. I am happy to be picking up the new lawn fawn stamps and dies from my local craft store this morning. I will be smiling all the way home.

  11. These foiled cards are so pretty, love these new plates, thank you for the inspiration. I smiled this morning when I thought of the crafty weekend I’ll enjoy after a very busy week.

  12. I smiled today because it is pay day and I can buy more amazing stamps and dies! I love all of the beautiful cards by the design team!

  13. I love when I wake up and find my cat next to me snuggling and purring. But the bonus is when she brings me her favorite toy, her fuzzy green ball. She brings it to my room sometime during the night. I love seeing her and her toy. Starting off my day like this always makes me smile.

  14. The sun is coming up and that makes me smile. Now I am seeing hot foil plates here, so that also makes me smile. I have the glimmer machine and use it a little but not a lot. This may inspire me to get back to foiling.

  15. Seeing a neighbor I haven’t seen in awhile on my way to work today made me smile 🙂 Loving the new foil stuff!

  16. Looks awesome! Looking at the calendar…and realizing that today is Friday (!) made me smile! Been a long week. 🙃

  17. I was really happy today when I found out we were going to be going home 3 hours early from work. Made my day. Then your foiling video came out. Oh how simply gorgeous.

  18. Your amazing DT cards ALWAYS make me smile, as they are always gorgeous! ❤️. Snowmen make me smile too, so I am so happy to see the build a snowman die set! ⛄️

  19. The snowflake backdrop is just gorgeous and I love the card where it combines with the snowball fight scene!

  20. What made me smile today was seeing the email that my Lawn Fawn order shipped! I also love seeing the inspiration with the winter release! So pretty!

  21. I smiled looking at the beautiful and fun designs today. I have a hot foil machine that I just have not used that much. These hot foil plates are inspiring me to pull it out and put it to good use making gorgeous cards.

  22. SOOOO excited that Lawn Fawn is introducing foiling!! They are so pretty and this announcement definitely made me smile! xoxo

  23. The thought of winning these hot foil plates AND a stamp set made me smile big time today!!! Two people are going to be very blessed!

  24. Excited about these hot foil plates! The foiled designs add such a beautiful look to the cards!
    My kitty, Coco, made me smile today when she ran to greet me when I got up this morning!

  25. I smiled today because it was my birthday.
    Turned 82 and still able to do whatever I
    want, whenever I want. Going to be a
    fun day. thanks. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  26. It’s national dog day!! That made me smile 😀 Also I finally got a new screw for my big shot handle so I am all smiles today!

  27. What made me smile….we are leaving for England soon. WOO HOO. I LOVE the critters on a sled, by the way. ADORABLE>

  28. I smiled today when I woke up to a rain shower. (We are in a severe drought.) Also, when I watched the hot foil video. Sooo excited to try these foil plates! Beautiful cards…can’t wait to try foiling in the acetate. Loved Chari’s card! 😍

  29. Can’t believe how great the hot foil backgrounds are! Never done any of that before, looks great! My daughter being excited to go to preschool today made me smile. She’s such a character 🙂

  30. SWOON!! Seeing this post made me SMILE!! Snowmen are my FAVORITE and these CUTIES are just ADORABLE!! I CAN’T wait to create with them!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS Release Weekend!!

  31. Wow the hot foil plates are amazing!!! My kids made me smile. They were hesitant to go back to school after a few sick days. I gave them a lot of kisses on their hands so they have something to reassure them that I love them and that they don’t have to be afraid. They started smiling after that and that made me smile.

  32. The cute critters having a wonderful, sparkly, snowy, hot foiled time made me smile!
    Also the fact that we made it through our first full week of homeschooling using a different teaching platform: there were no tears from me the teacher, nor any from my son, the student!
    Have a wonderful weekend LF team/fawnies and thanks for the chance to win the goodies!!!!!

  33. All the amazing inspiration today made me smile! I love getting to see all the amazing inspiration with every new release!

  34. Just thought that I’d ordered all the new products I need yesterday – and today you come up with these cute ideas! Kind of ironic… But sure made me smile!

  35. Thanks for the extra chance to win! The hot foil plates look so fun! Today, watching the puppies play totally made me smile! They’re growing fast and it is so cool to see them change.

  36. I smiled this morning when I saw the sunrise and it’s my daughter’s birthday today! What a gift to be a mom! I always smile when I see any of the mice stamps & dies 😀

  37. What’s making me smile today, making me happy is having a day free from work and volunteer commitments and taking the tme to reorganize/organize my crafting area. While I get excited to make crafts, when too much gets out of order, it dims my crafting joy. So I’m organizing today, so I can craft tomorrow, or with any luck, craft later this afternoon!! Also smiling because my Lawn Fawn new stamps will be coming my way very soon!!

  38. Lawn Fawn always makes me smile. I check it as son as I get up and before I start my work. So cute and I love the Build a Snowman.

  39. What made me smile today was watching your intro video to hot foiling. I have been wanting to try this but was unsure about it. Your video and all the beautiful cards made with hot foil have given me the inspiration to try. I now know what I will ask for when my husband says, “What do you want for your birthday?” I love all your products and can’t wait to try the hot foil plates.

  40. The sweet peas in my flower garden really made me smile this morning! When I walked outside I could smell them before I even got to the garden! All the seeds germinated so I have a fence full of beautiful, fragrant flowers smiling back at me!

  41. I smiled when I woke up and heard what sounded like a squeaky-toy in my back-yard. It was some kind of bird but sounded so silly!

  42. My son made me smile today. He’s usually sleeping all day but he was up early (playing video games of course!)

  43. My son wanted to hold my hand this morning and blew me a kiss goodbye when I dropped him off st daycare. 😊

  44. So many things to smile about today – it’s Friday, I just got my produce box delivered, I am looking forward to a trip to the park tomorrow and I have a big cup of tea to start the day off.

  45. Those snowflakes are sooo pretty in the foil! My son offering to ride along to the grocery store to push the buggy made me smile today!

  46. Love the hot foil! What made me smile today was seeing our house finally get listed and the photos look great. Moving is becoming a reality.

  47. The sky made me smile this morning – it was beautiful with pinks and blues & light fluffy clouds – and it’s Friday!!!

  48. First, no line at the post office this morning!!! Unheard of!! lol
    And of course, all the fun inspiration on this post.

  49. This snowman is so cute and I love all the snowflake items! I would love to win… I need the impetus to spend more time on my personal life and less time on my professional life. LF, you have ROCKED it this release, as always.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lori S in PA

  50. I made plans to attend a couple of in-person crafty workshops with a friend this fall. That’s why I’m smiling.

  51. So many things make me smile, but today, after having a lovely (but accidental) phone call with my mum across the ocean, she then accidentally did a video call too, so I spent a lot of time with her today, in spite of the miles that separate us 🙂

  52. Today my daughter is competing in her first agricultural show parading the school sheep. Seeing her all dressed up in her show uniform with her pearl necklace looking as proud as can be put a huge smile on my face.

  53. What made me smile today was meeting up with an old friend, and then seen three more friends by surprise while we were out!!!

  54. It’s Friday. It’s not so brutally HOT. I got my hair done. And My BFF has a new adorable puppy. All of these made me smile today!

  55. My granddaughter makes me smile every day. Today, she was showing off her moves at acro class and she managed to do a cartwheel.

  56. Love that you started making hot foil plates!! I moved my oldest into his college dorm for his freshman year! I’m so proud of him!!!

  57. Waking up to a notification that my LF order has shipped made me smile today 😊 Let the waiting begin, can’t wait till it arrives here in Australia 🇦🇺

  58. I just love the mice stamps and all the cards made using foil made me smile. I love the Lawn Fawn videos….they never disappoint. Watching the videos really makes me want to jump in and start crafting!

  59. Watching Chari hot foil on acetate made me smile big time! So creative and such stunningly beautiful results.

  60. I have yet to learn how to hot foil! I guess my first task is to get a hot foil machine! This post should come with an enabler alert!

  61. I am so excited about this release. My two standouts are the greeting hot foil plate, and the snow much fun stamp and die. Sooo Cute!

  62. Snowflakes always grab my attention & these are stunning. Getting to spend time with my 3 grandsons today made me laugh, smile, and just generally have a good day.

  63. My ornery man friend made me smile. He usually does. I’m sure it won’t be the only time he makes me smile today

  64. I’m full of smiles today because my kids went to Six Flags, And I have the whole day to play in my craft room with no interruptions!!! WooHoo!!!!!!

  65. I am smiling today because I have the day off. All the cards today are so beautiful! Love the snowmen and the foiled snowflakes ❄️

  66. My puppy made me smile after a rough day today

    I’m hoping that these foil plates will be an addition for other releases too?? Love them

  67. The postie just delivered my order of all the new dies and stamps I ordered from a store here in Germany. I can’t stop smiling when I look at them! They didn’t have the hotfoil plates though, but after today’s post I wish they had!

  68. Just having a quiet day at home with my husband made me smile today. Life can be so busy and crazy that it’s so nice to have some time to recharge.

  69. The build-a-snowman is so cute. Reading a funny text message from my friend made me smile today. Glad we have the technology to connect even when we cannot easily meet up.

  70. I’ve got a bad cold and am feeling sorry for myself, but my wife just got me snacks and ice cream, which made me smile 🙂

  71. Went to a reunion potluck for a group we used to belong to which had not met all together since before Covid. Seeing everyone made me smile

  72. These cards are so amazing!!! I have been on the fence about getting a hot foil system and I blame LF for being the tipping point in my new hot foil obsession!!! Lol

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