Lawn Fawn Intro: Falling Hearts Stencils

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine Inspiration & Release Week! On December 15th our 4 new stamp sets and 5 new Lawn Cuts sets will be available at your favorite store and! This release also includes a new stencil set a new hot foil plate and some fun new products too! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Falling Hearts Stencils! Shower your scene in hearts with this set of two stencils. Layer together to fill your scene with hearts or use them on their own for a softer look. These stencils work well with a variety of crafty techniques.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some great ideas for using this new stencil set! Remember to click on the person’s name to leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Mindy‘s Valentine card is so charming! The awesome pink sky with Falling Hearts Stencils makes it so special! She featured the Wood You Be Mine? beavers and created a custom greeting using Oliver’s Stitched ABCs. I love how she used Cattails Border to create this fun scene!

Latisha‘s design is so bright and cheerful with falling hearts on a white background. She left the Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape white as well! Her design lets the cute beavers with the pink and red hearts be the stars!

Elena used the Peekaboo Backdrop to create adorable little heart day vignettes! I love how she used Falling Hearts Stencils in the background to tie them all together! The So Dam Much beavers coordinate with the hugging critters from Happy Hugs!

Elise‘s design is so simple and sweet! She stenciled the Falling Hearts over a blended background. Then she popped up the Wood You Be Mine? pair with the fun and punny sentiment!

The sentiment says it all about Caly‘s beautiful card! Her clean and simple design features Falling Hearts stenciled behind a Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape! I love how she added Clear Glaze on the bright red hearts, it makes them so special!

I love that Grace used Falling Hearts Stencils on a card that is perfect for any time of year! She combined Beary Rainy Day and Toadally Awesome with Heart Garden Border to create a scene that is so adorable! For that amazing greeting she paired Scripty Love with Henry’s ABCs.

Falling Hearts Stencils creates a great background for our Giant Sending Big Hugs greeting! Audrey added Heart Garden Border and a cute little bee to finish this cheery card!

Megan added more heart to her So Dam Much card by stenciling the Falling Hearts in the background! It’s just one more layer of cuteness the makes her card so special!

Marine‘s fun Reveal Wheel card is so adorable and a great example of how the Falling Hearts Stencils can add cuteness to cards all year long!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce and share some creative ways to use Falling Hearts Stencils! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Falling Hearts Stencils! Tomorrow, we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment with your ideas for new stencil sets you would like to see by December 14th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday December 14th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Valentine 2023 Release Products will be available on December 15th!
Falling Hearts Stencils


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300 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Falling Hearts Stencils

  1. I would love to see more ocean related stencils maybe some coral layered stencils to add some colorful details to the sea bed or some rocks that can be layered on the edge of the card to mimic the deep sea💙

  2. I think a confetti / ticker tape stencil would be fun. Also maybe a stencil set with layer-able fireworks. Both would be good for a variety of celebrations.

    1. I really love the springtime floral layering stencil. I would love to see a different floral one, one featuring the cute acorns from the paper or even one with the print from spiffy speckles.

    1. I like to use stencils for coloring white space or crating texture on my scrapbook pages and cards – so something like confetti, streamers, or geometric shapes would be great. Thanks for all the new products and ideas to use them!

  3. Stencils are awesome, I love them. You can create a beautiful colored image or scene with them. I haven’t seen many animal ones it would be great to have a layered stencil for them. Like a bear, dog, cat, deer, etc…

  4. Layered scene building like an ocean with seaweed, fish, coral or a hillside with various landscapes, pine trees, tree branches, rocks.

  5. Stencils for trees may help build a scene. A splatter stencil would be good for me since I often do not like my freehand result.

  6. I think ocean related would be a fun idea or something holiday related. I think it’d be cool to have a poinsettia layered background. Or like the falling hearts we could have falling stars, falling leaves, falling little flowers!

  7. I think a stencil was shells or something ocean related. Whatever you come up with will be perfect. All sorts of paw prints may be cute. Love the falling hearts.

  8. I’d love to see a layered stencil for confetti ( maybe similar shapes to the party animal stamp set) because it’s hard work stamping each individual confetti as a background for cards!

  9. I would like to see some masking stencils. Something that could be used to stencil a specific shape or pattern, or to add another image inside of it.

  10. I think a stencil with flying insects would be cute- lady bugs, bees, lightning bugs. Also a layered fireworks stencil would be fun!

  11. We have so many critters and pets, I would really like a stencil with paw prints! I think a stencil that coordinates with the bayou backdrop dies would be fun to have, too. Also, a two or three part stencil that coordinates with the stitched speech bubble backdrop die!

  12. I would love a stencil with small feathers – I have a parrot so birdies are my jam. And since you have birds in your line it would be a perfect match.

  13. Love these heart stencils. I like scenebuilder stencils – like the mountain one you have – maybe some water-themed scenes?

  14. Love the heart stencils! I’d love to see layering occasion stencils: Halloween pumpkins, ghosts, maybe even a haunted house; Easter bunny, basket; St. Patrick’s Day pot of gold; rainbow (that doesn’t require masking – now that would be nice); scattered autumn leaves; Christmas trees, snowman, reindeer. And, of course, some matching dies for some of the elements.

    1. I need to use my stencils more! I’m always amazed at what beautiful designs can be created with them, especially the layering sets. I would like to see more stencils with smaller designs – some falling leaves, maybe some falling sports balls, shooting stars, or fireworks. Some grounding stencils would be good too – roads, pathways, cobblestones, etc.

  15. So many stencils…so few ideas. I love any stencil. I think layered scene building stencils or possibly stencils to color an image. I enjoy those kinds very much. Love the hearts stencil used today. The backgrounds look great!

  16. The hearts are such a fun backdrop for some many themes. A city scape, leaves and images to create a background for an ocean scene would be great stencils.

  17. I think a fun stencil would be like this one but with balloons so more balloons as you go up the stencil. May need 2 one for horizontal one vertical . Would go well with really high five

  18. I would love to see multiple layered stencils for flowers,
    ocean waves with various styles of fish, sea creatures, seashells
    various birds/bees! Night sky with fireworks!
    Thank you, for the new falling hearts stencils! 💖💗💖

  19. Everytime you guys ask this question I never have any ideas.. You come up with such wonderful ideas that I leave it up to you to decide whats next

  20. Lanterns would be nice like “Lunar Lights”. Strings of Christmas, pumpkin, ghosts, candy canes, Easter eggs, etc. I would like to see the opposite rays to the stencil “Sunray Stencil”. Alphabet upper and lowercase mini stencils would add that special touch to smaller size cards.

  21. I would like to see winding pathways stencils such as cobblestones, simple wavy, rocky path. Would be nice for adding to cabin or other scenes.

  22. I’m loving the idea of ocean floor scene stencils. It would be great to have seaweed, coral, rocks, the sea floor, shells to really make ocean cards come to life.

  23. I’d like to see more scene building stencils and maybe some stencils with a baking theme. Maybe gardening themed stencils would be fun, too.

  24. I love the falling hearts stencil! Would love to see a set that is layered… like layered cupcakes, candles, flowers etc.

  25. I love any type of layering stencil right now and I’m particularly fond of the “create-in-quad” stencils over at Taylored Expressions. I love how easy it is to get 4 card fronts out of one sheet of paper. Or if you continue to add more hot foiling dies to your collection, it would be great to have stencils that could coordinate with the foiling dies.

  26. Floral layering stencils would be my wish….but I just have to say that Elena’s card today is a ‘must copy’ for valentines day!

  27. OMGosh! You are killing me! I want it all. The little beavers and all the signs of “love” are filling my heart with gladness. Thanks to all the designers with the inspiration they are sharing. I can’t wait to get my hands on this release!

  28. I love stencils! They are an easy addition to so many cards. This set will soon become part of my collection! I can’t think of any new ideas right now but I am sure I will want whatever you create!

  29. Idea for a new stencil set hmmm…….a specific one to do the ocean rays. A sun ray one for slimline. 💚💚💚💚

  30. I love these hearts!
    My idea for a new stencil would be round, fluffy clouds (similar to your cloudy backdrop dies) with a couple of layers for a little shadowing and dimension.

  31. Stencil patterns like tie-die, argyle or geometric 3D shapes; paw prints, wind-blown dandelion seeds, butterflies, cherry blossom branches, and bamboo are some that come to mind.

  32. The falling hearts stencil is fun! I would love to see a scene building stencil. I think it would be fun to see more sports themed stuff.

  33. I love the heart stencil, so cute!! I would like to see a confetti type, maybe an ocean scenery one.

    Love all your stencils

  34. These samples are all just adorable!
    Some stencil ideas: pawprints or footprints to go with some of your stamp sets, like yeti footprints, cat, dog, bear, etc.

  35. SEashells. Spruces (if it’s spelled correctly or not – I don’t know ha ha). Baubles. (Same with the spelling haha) . Easter-eggs!

  36. Once again very cute cards. I forget to use my stencils and can’t remember what I have. I would like some type but of storage system, where I can flip through and see what I have. I like stencils that create a nice backdrop on cards.

  37. It’s hard to think of a new one, but maybe something that’s school-related would be nice. Letters, school supplies, something like that?

  38. I think a forest stencil set, fireworks stencils, confetti stencils, balloon stencils, and small flower border stencils would be fantastic additions. Some organic designs would be great too. Scene building ocean, pond, farm, would also be fun.

  39. I’m loving layering stencils and how you can build off of them. I’d love to see more scene building stencils, trees, houses, etc.

  40. I would like to see stencil sets for animal skin patterns such as tiger, zebra, giraffe, etc. They would make great backgrounds.

  41. New stencil sets? A woodgrain stencil would be great. Larger grain for a subtle background, plus smaller grain to put on smaller items (chimneys, houses, etc). Or various smoke shapes to stencil for fires or chimneys? Or a distant city skyline? Or natural views for a background – like the birch trees but with different options. Or a Milky Way? Constellations?

  42. So fun! I’d like to see a cobble stone type stencil and maybe some other floor and ground type stencils as well 🙂

  43. Layering confetti stencils would be great, so each stencil could be done in one colour but different to the others, so you have multi coloured flying confetti across the page

  44. Been getting into stencils, so this one is adorable. Maybe confetti, or 2 part stencils for added color.
    Great Valentine Release.

  45. Love the falling hearts stencil! I think a popcorn background stencil would be cute or a multiple step pencil background stencil for back to school. 🙂

  46. I think myabe a sports stadium with crowds in the stands or a soccer/football field or baseball. Perhaps even boats to add in the background of the water? I love everything you guys come out with and have quite a lot of your products, but i also mix in other things i find here and there. ;).

  47. How about a cityscape? I’d like to layer buildings, homes, maybe with 4 different sides like the Lawn Fawn cloud stencil. I do love the new heart one!!

  48. I would love to see more layered stencils, like paw prints, pinecones, party streamers. A Buffalo plaid stencil would be great too.

    I really like these heart stencils.

  49. There are so many awesome stencils already, it’s hard to come up with new ideas. Maybe a different confetti stencil or one with fireworks?

  50. Wow. I just bought Lots of Hearts background stencil. It’s a tad more random, but I like the uniformity if this new stencil. I almost bought the birch tree stencil, too, but there aren’t many birch trees where I live. Kind of felt like a Back East sort of scene. I’d like to see more of a West Coast set of trees—not the huge redwoods, but something in scale with my tea party forest animals.

  51. I really like scene building with stencils so some variety of trees like the birch stencil that came out are so fun. I also like the suggestions I am seeing for balloons, those would be a fun addition! Loving this little hearts to mix in with the rainy day set.

  52. Gosh, I don’t know that I have any ideas for new stencils. But keep up the great work! I love everything that Lawn Fawn designs.

  53. I would like to see little suns, little rainbows, little evergreen trees, little streamers w/ confetti, little (or medium) fireworks, and little books.
    Love this release!
    Lori S in PA

  54. i’d love to see stencils of food items like cheese wedges (to go with all these mice!) or pizza slices and halloween candy confetti.

  55. How about a falling leaves set, similar to the new heart one? Maybe make it a 3 part stencil like the awesome floral one from last spring? The leaves would be smaller than the current leaf stencil.

  56. Cute stencil set. More ocean theme sets would be nice. And Kel B. from above had a great idea for food item stencils. That would be fun!

  57. I’m always amazed at the creative stencils you come up with and can’t think of anything new. Loving all this inspiration!

  58. Some new stencil ideas might be animal footprints, an Easter egg one that builds fun eggs with multi layers, Different cute critter faces and Jack o Lantern faces.

  59. I would like a rock wall that lines up so the rocks can be different colors. Hues and textures. Annnd on the silly side pigs… to use when pigs fly.

  60. I like the idea of a stencil that could have rocks, coral, kelp, treasure chest or other bottom of the ocean elements for scene building for ocean cards. Also scene building elements for forest/camping cards.

  61. So many “LOVE” on these cards on this page! <3 I love to see more stencils of "ocean related", cuz I live in Hawaii and I always make "ocean themed" cards all year around. Thanks for asking!

  62. Honestly you guys over at Lawn Fawn make the best of everything so it really doesn’t matter what you bring out – I’ll love it.

  63. The falling hearts are wonderful. Thanks for all the great inspiration for this stencil.
    I’m very much in love with layering stencils, so maybe you might think abaout a set matching you stamp cuties : putting the stencil on and coloring the cuties, not with markers but with stencils ?

  64. More layered stencils. seashells, seaweed, starfish, clams, fish, bubbles for a sea themed background. A layering banner would be wonderful, sized to work with the alphabet stamps for custom phrases or a small phrase sized banner to stencil on! a stencil with clouds, sun, birds, and trees (both pine and oak/maple type – use the branch only for fall/winter and use with the leaves for spring/summer) to quickly make a scene. So many good ideas out there.

  65. Adorable projects and I love the falling heart stencil! I would like to see some basic shape stencils in varying sizes like arches, rectangles, circles and ovals. They would be great for backgrounds and to highlight sentiments; some shapes could be used for envelopes as well.

  66. I’m obsessed with background stencils. Perhaps a fruit cocktail one- I’m imaging little pineapples, cherry’s, bananas, strawberries scattered- to go with fruit dies and picnic stamps would be cool.

    Animal prints and feathers are fun as well.

  67. I love stencils. They are so affordable and add so much to a card with some inks. I would love to see a forest stencil, like with lots of trees in the background of a card? I’ve seen it before and I think it looks soo cool.

  68. I like those stencil plus stamp sets so you can color in the stamps with ink blending because sometimes, you just don’t want to bust out your markers, knowwhatimean?

  69. I would like a nice small snowflake stencil, not the dots that you usually see or the giant ones, but smaller ones that have the snowflake design, maybe mixed with dots too. I also like the layering stencils.

  70. Super cute heart stencil!! I would love to see a scene building stencil, clouds, trees, mountains, sunshine, hillside, etc. Something to build a background scene.

  71. Racecars!! (thinking of a giant race car that looks like it’s coming through the page, maybe) – for the boys in our lives!

  72. I am getting really into stencils! I love the background patterns. I would love to see polka dots, ABCs/numbers, argyle, wood grain…

  73. I would be nice to have more falling stencil like this one… would love to see mini/tiny snowflakes or falling stars. It would be nice to have constellations on a stencil so you could add the appropriate one into the sky on a bday card.

  74. I LOVE the heart stencil. So many different uses. A stencil I’d like to see is maybe something music related like music notes.

  75. I am addicted to layering stencils. The excitement when I reveal the final product is unmatched. I can’t think of anything specific so surprise me with your creativity

  76. I would love to see a coffee beans stencil. I’d love that a LATTE. How about cookies and milk bottles stencil? Music notes, fish bones/ paw prints, bones/ paw prints, little mice, crayons, little feet, baby bottles, little carrots or other veggies/ fruits or little soda bottles. There are so many fun possibilities.

  77. I love stencils and especially the layering type. I think a lemon set (one for lemons and one for the leaves) would be cute. Or even just fruits layer several fruits.

  78. More layering stencils. For stamps or die sets that have already been released. For example, Zesty Lemon, where you can lay down the stencils then die cut it.

  79. I’d like to see stamps with different kinds of whales, blue, fin, minke, humpback, etc. and then a stencil with the spout for each.

  80. The heart stencil is so cute! I would like to have a wood-look background stencil. I think that would work well with the new cabin dies and so much more!

  81. I love the layered background stencils that have the three or four panels. Maybe take some of the single layer stencils and make them three layers?

  82. Hmmm… I have sooo many stencils already, but I don’t really have anything that’s more ‘boyish.’ Like someone else suggested, several types of bugs… or sports equipment… etc….

  83. These falling hearts are so sweet! I love how versatile they are too – such a great design. I love stencils, and am going blank on ideas. But I wanna ditto the comment I saw while scrolling through and request an aurora sky. I grew up with the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis, and they are magnificent! Any type of stencil that could capture that would be awesome. I also would like more plaids and geometrics. And, what about palm trees and sunsets? There are so many options!

  84. I would love some stencils in different types of trees, similar to the birch tree ones that are already available

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