Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant Outlined Love Ya & You’re the Zest

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine Inspiration & Release Week! On December 15th our 4 new stamp sets and 5 new Lawn Cuts sets will be available at your favorite store and! This release also includes a new stencil set a new hot foil plate and some fun new products too! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Giant Outlined Love Ya and You’re the Zest! This giant heart-shaped sentiment will help tell someone you really care! Make a unique card every time with various cardstock and patterned papers. This sentiment die pairs well with Lacy Heart Stackables to add a fancy edge to your sentiment. Or layer it with Outside In Stitched Heart Stackables to add more layers, or even create a shaker card.

This lemony mini set is perfect for quick (and zesty) greetings of gratitude and encouragement!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have two videos at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace‘s card is so creative and beautiful! She used the Giant Outlined Love Ya as a hot air balloon, with Build-A-Basket Easter as the gondola! She included the extra garlands from Heart Garland Backdrop as the balloon lines. Then she added the So Dam Much beavers before layering it on a cloudy stenciled scalloped slimline card base.

Latisha created an amazing card that is so cool! She painted a watercolor rainbow before die cutting the Giant Outline Love Ya. Then she popped it up on a black background for lots of bold drama and fun! I love how she added the watercolor rainbow strip at the bottom, it ties it all together so well.

Rebecca created two simply adorable cards using pretty patterned papers! For the first one she kept it simple, layering the greeting on Knit Picky Winter paper. For the second card, she layered Giant Outlined Love Ya on a Lacy Heart before adding it to a Watercolor Wishes Rainbow panel!

Kara‘s lemonade stand is so charming and such a fun way to highlight the cute lemons of You’re the Zest! She created the pink and white awning using the roof from Scalloped Treat Box Spring House Add-On!

Elise made a pair of vintage-looking Valentines, they are so sweet! She combined Rose Gold Metallic cardstock with sparkly Pixie Dust cardstock on the Giant Outlined Love Ya. Then she layered a Lacy Heart behind each one. I love these so much!

Audrey‘s classic Valentine is so gorgeous featuring Giant Outlined Love Ya! I love the addition of the black splatters on the white Stitched Ripple Backdrop!

Marine used the new mini set You’re the Zest to create a Reveal Wheel card that is so clever! She used the Reveal Wheel Semi-circle Add-On and Make Lemonade to make an interactive element!

She also used Finley’s ABCs for the greeting and the new Falling Hearts Stencils to add fun to the background!

Wow, Megan used Giant Outlined Love Ya so creatively in this super fun card! She started with the hot-foiled woodgrain background. Then she created a shaker element behind the greeting. Finally, she arranged all the cute elements and critters from Let’s Go Nuts and Special Delivery! So adorable!

Kara added the Really High Five mouse to the heart-shaped balloons and he looks so cute! She used the new Falling Hearts Stencils to add the lovely pattern in the background!

Megan‘s clever card combines You’re the Zest with Make Lemonade! She layered the strawberry lemonade scene on a panel of vellum. It diffuses the bright yellow Gotta Have Gingham layer, leaving just a sunny border around the outside. She white embossed the sentiment on a folded banner from Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait!

Melissa combined Giant Outlined Love Ya with Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait. She got really creative and used just the outlined portion of the greeting. It’s so fun how it lets the stenciled clouds peek through!

The new Giant Outlined Love Ya is so perfect for pairing with the So Dam Much beavers! I love how Tammy used pretty shades of red and pink on this lovely Valentine!

Yainea‘s sweet design is so cheerful! She layered two tags in happy colors before adding the adorable lemon on top!

Elena‘s Valentine card is so striking! The bold red and white diagonal stripes are so amazing as the background for the cute beavers and the shiny gold greeting!

Mindy‘s Giant Outlined Love Ya pops against the rich brown and gold of the hot foiled background! And of course, the addition of the cute Wood You Be Mine beavers only makes this card that much more special!

Caly created a lemony card that is so gorgeous! She included leaves and flowers from Zesty Lemon for even more beautiful zest!

Intro Videos

Now, I have a video to introduce and share some creative ways to use Giant Outlined Love Ya! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

And now I have a video to introduce You’re the Zest! Then Chari will inspire you with two clever and creative cards! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Giant Outlined Love Ya and You’re the Zest! Tomorrow, we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by December 14th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday December 13th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Valentine 2023 Release Products will be available on December 15th!
Giant Outlined Love Ya
You’re the Zest


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362 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant Outlined Love Ya & You’re the Zest

  1. Spending the day finishing up some Christmas cards and sitting next to the Christmas tree watching our new lights twinkle and eating some homemade cookies made me smile today 😁

  2. Spending the day with my family. I love seeing my young kids interact with their grandparents. The joy on my parents faces always put a smile on my face and heart.

  3. i just finished unpacking from my trip to Disney World with one of my daughters and granddaughters…these are the best memories!

  4. My husky puppy Sasha made me smile with how happy she was diving around in the new fallen snow. She LOVES it. It’s so cute.

  5. It’s 5:25am so I’m going with what made me smile yesterday! Our Christmas tree is beautiful and makes me smile!

  6. Megan’s card and all the other inspiration cards made me smile today! Checking out the lawn fawn blog first thing every morning makes me happy!

  7. I love all of the lemon cards! So cute!
    It’s early currently but the thing that’s made me smile today is my toddler giving me a big hug and telling me he loves me so much. 🥰

  8. Those lemons are just the sweetest, these cards are so darling. I woke this morning with thoughts of a loved one on my mind and it brought a smile to my face.

  9. Waking up to a beautiful blanket of snow this morning and the surgeon arriving with coffee for everyone at thr clinic today made me smile.
    Lovely card ideas once again ladies, thank you!

  10. My granddaughter made me smile today. It’s her first day back to school after missing a week being sick. She really disliked missing school.

  11. Seeing all the creations featured today made me smile. Would love to see even more fruit themed mini sets in the future 😉

  12. My daughter and her cat are visiting. It made me smile when the cat greets me just outside my bedroom door this morning with all the purring.

  13. I haven’t been up long, but looking outside at what I expect will be another beautiful day (no matter that it’s cloudy, foggy, and cold!)! LF’s inspiration made me smile too.

  14. I spent a bit of time weighing all of my Copic markers in anticipation of a gift certificate coming for Christmas to use on Copic refills. I smiled – and laughed, when I discovered I need 43 refills! I hope Santa is extra good to me!

  15. Watching my nephew play hockey this weekend in Banff, which is close to home for us, makes me smile today. Always a joy to see him; need to do so far more often.
    Fabulous showcases once again! So much cute in this release!

  16. Attending a Christmas devotional made me smile yesterday, and these cute, cute cards made me smile today! The Love Ya set is going to be so much fun to use for Valentines this year!!

  17. Seeing these cute cards always makes me smile. Also, our Elf on the Shelf left notes for my kiddos and I love seeing the wonder in their eyes.

  18. Love the lemon set!! And that outline Love ya! So cute and so many possibilities!!

    Smiling today seeing the beautiful sunrise this morning. Our God is an amazing artist.

  19. Love this Love Ya! heart!! Seeing all the cute LF creations always makes me smile. Truly, your emails make my day many days. Thanks for all the great creative spirit you pour into your cards/tags/ets.
    Lori S in PA

  20. I smiled today at the thought of sending that giant outline Love Ya to my special little grandchildren-It sure packs a punch!

  21. Lawn Fawn always makes me smile!

    An added bonus for the day is that it’s not raining and especially no wind! Hopefully we’ll get a bit of respite before it starts up again later in the week. (in NorCal)

  22. Today I realized I have lost 35 pounds on my weight loss journey. That made me smile! Love the dies and the lemon. Both look so fun to create with.

  23. Seeing our three Christmas trees set up makes me smile today. We have a mini forest of fake trees and it’s so fun!

  24. It’s still earl so not much smiling yet. I did smile at my dog though, simply because she is so cute and greets me so happy in the morning.

  25. I woke up to a text from my bestie. She shared an adorable video of a baby sloth. Cute critters (real or on cards) always make me smile!

  26. I’m smiling today as my daughter and I are going shopping for Christmas presents to put under the tree of someone who doesn’t have much to give and we’re so happy to help them with some Santa like gifting

  27. Seeing these wonderful cards makes me smile… and the Dean/Director hosted a Holiday Breakfast for staff this morning so that’s a great way to start a Monday.

  28. My granddaughters and I all love lemons. The You’re the Zest made me smile and my granddaughters will too when they open an envelope with the cards I make with that set 🙂

  29. So many great cards! My biggest smile came from Kara card where she used the mouse holding on to the balloons. I could just picture him floating away in excitement.

  30. Wonderful new products! I enjoyed a visit with my sister yesterday and she gave me a Danish Kringle. I enjoyed that along with a cup of tea this morning. That made me smile as did the intro video for the new lemon set.

  31. It’s spirit week for my daughter and it absolutely made me smile to see her dressed up for the super fun theme today!

  32. This made me smile today; I THINK I finally get my taste and smell back after getting a cold. who knows, might have been covid but no general testing in Sweden nowadays. And I just stayed home anyway…
    So when dipping my nose into my cinnamon-jar I thought I got a hint of the scent before it disappeared again. But as it has been non-existing for 5-6 days it’s a big step forward 😀
    Love the Zest!!!

  33. Great big Love Ya sentiment and love the lemons. Today having my golden doodle snuggle and sleep next to me while I recover from surgery made me smile.

  34. Every day I like to look for “the gift of the day” – whether it be something in nature or an interaction with someone or any number of things that stand out during the day. (My hubby is actually my “gift of the day” every day!) So far today, my “gift of the day” and the thing that made me smile was watching the tiny chickadees and the flickers eating at the suet feeders! So cute!

  35. Thinking of the fun time I had this past weekend. My sisters came up for the weekend. Our city had their hometown Christmas celebration with a parade and live Manekin’s in the store windows. then on Saturday we had a Christmas party with the rest of my brothers. We had a great weekend

  36. Video chatted with my daughter and 2 granddaughters….that really made me smile! I need to get the Love Ya heart to send them cards.

  37. What made me smile today is looking at the Lawn Fawn release! I keep going and looking at the beavers stamp set! Also, my granddaughters snapchat sent to me this morning, just makes my day!!!

    1. My adoption application was approved for the two cats I will be adding to my household. I lost my 15 year old dog in June and my 17 year old cat in October and I’m ready to fill the void they left.
      Your cards also made me smile.

  38. We are spending time with our son and his wife in their new home. Sharing coffee with them this morning made me smile!

  39. I’m a preschool teacher and I was home sick on Thursday and Friday of last week and came back into work today. One of my students excitedly yelled my name and gave me a big hug when they saw me this morning. That made me smile 🥰

  40. Such adorable inspiration! My team made me smile today at the work they have taken on over the next week. Such a great team to work with!

  41. My adoption application for the two cats I’m adding to my household was accepted so that made me smile along with the Love Ya heart.

  42. I was in the car with one of residents I work with, and I told her to go left. So she did but then we drove somewere where we were not suppose to drive. We really had a good giggle about it, because I told her to do something that was “not allowed”.

  43. Coming home from work and seeing my husband, who caught a very bad cold and was literally sleeping all day yesterday, feeling all bad and unhappy, was doing much better made me smile. And later I was sewing and stitching lots of mushrooms as good luck gifts for the new year for family and friends – finishing up the very last one today made me smile also because I pricked my fingers so often that I wasn’t sure if I manage to finish them all.

  44. Having an extra fun Christmas lunch with special girlfriends made me smile and laugh! Love these new additions to our LF stash!

  45. Seeing this new inspiration made me smile & I also received a text from my mom letting me know she found her glasses that were missing, so that made me smile too.

  46. I took my dog out for a lovely walk this morning and seeing her have so much fun running and playing always brings a smile to my face!

  47. I smiled when I saw the heart as the balloon
    on the hot air balloon ride. The sentiment
    is one we say to each other all the time.
    Love it. thanks for sharing

  48. My conversation with the cashier at the grocery store this morning made me smile. We had a great chuckle about frozen turkeys. I love the lemon zest!! It is so refreshing, bright and happy to look at.

  49. In Kauai at the moment and am watching little chicks with their mommas run around and make cute “cheeping” noises 😍

  50. I brought my husband lunch today (just a Freebird’s burrito – had a coupon 😉). I almost never go in his office, so it was nice to see the collection of family photos and kids’ keepsakes on his bookshelf and desk. One of the sweetest things was a little heart that our daughter drew on his whiteboard – years ago! 🥰

  51. Gave coworkers their holiday gifts today. Got lots of positive feedback on my hand made cards with Lawn Fawn products.

  52. It’s my birthday!! So many reasons to smile but the first of the day was getting breakfast in bed! I love love love the love ya heart! It’s definitely my favorite so far!

  53. My dog was chasing falling leaves this morning, it was exceptionally cute, and brought a big smile to my Monday!

  54. I had my friends over for dinner, and my son and my friends daughter happened to be matching onesies but one was red and one green. We had am impromptu photoshoot in front of my tree and they were so cute it made me smile

  55. I finally got to sit down and look at all the blog posts for the new release and that makes me smile. I love all the card inspiration!

  56. I found my dog perched on the cat tree when I came into the living room. She was on the second tier and it was pretty funny so that put a smile on my face. But I promptly picked her up and brought her back down to safety, lol.

  57. A patient at work today made me smile! I called to schedule his appoingment and he remembered me and said that he always loves speaking with me! Totally made my day!

  58. My doggo had a post op appointment and she is healing as expected, but we can remove that cone… now that really made tha hubby and Ms smile. Also the zest pun… hubby likes lemons so all use that … he is the zest!

  59. I love the rainbow hearts! So great that these new dies coordinate with other heart dies. Can’t wait to make Valentine cards.

  60. I smiled when my daughter sent us a video of our twin 4 yr old grandsons saying I love you mawmaw. I love you pawpaw. They used to live about 10 minutes from us and we saw them all the time, they moved 12 hours away this summer.

  61. I work in a real estate office as a personal assistant to the Property Management team. We had 2 people sick today, including our receptionist, so I was asked to sit at the reception desk (something I avoid if at all possible). But it was lovely to sit out there again and just have some great chats with the Sales receptionist (who is the lady who got me hooked on cardmaking in the first place). It’s been a while since we connected even though we work in the same office. It felt awesome!

  62. Seeing an old friend made me smile, she stopped by the office to wish us all a Merry Christmas. It’s always nice to see people we care about that have moved away.

  63. Shopping for Christmas presents made me smile! I love listening to the music in the malls and seeing all the pretty decorations!

  64. Christmas parties day at homeschool co-op. I loved watching my youngest give her little gifts to friends and teachers, watch Charlie Brown Christmas, and also just time to catch up with a friend while I waited for her class to finish.

  65. When I woke up, it hadn’t started snowing yet! That makes me smile! 😉. We’re supposed to get rain/sleet/snow in MN and that’s always challenging for driving. Those are good days for staying inside and crafting!

  66. that “love ya” is so cool and unique. my boss made me laugh today. we are so inundated with work that she just said something and we went into fits of hysteria!

  67. I love the heart shaped sentiment that was turned into the hot air bool! So clever and oh so cute!!!
    My daughter and I have been battling a nasty cold the last few days. Having my daughter have a normal temperature reading put a smile (and relief) on my face.

  68. The sunshine made me smile today! It was cold, yes, but the sun sparkling off the water on the pond was so uplifting! (And I loved the Love Ya card with the little mouse coming through with the heart balloons!)

  69. I have been waiting to see this sneak. Those lemons are amazing! Something that made me smile today was my annual Christmas supper with my sisters and BILs. We always have such a fun time when we are together.

  70. My daughter was asked by her cousin to be the godmother of his son. What really put a smile on my face was seeing the smile on her face. It’s been a rough year with the sudden passing of her father so to see her smile today was wonderful

  71. So many things made me smile today. I usually start off the day with a smile. My kitties love to snuggle with me when I go to bed. I love when I wake up in the morning and they’re right next to me purring and “chirp”ing. This is my favorite way to start the day and always makes me smile.

  72. I smiled at the little boy I babysit, he is potty training and he tries to trick me int giving him a reward without going to the potty.

  73. I am so excited for tomorrow’s release. The hearts! Oh my. I need the stencil, the hearts frame, and the heart stamps in a line!

  74. What made me smile today was all of the inspirational ideas that were on the blog post today. I am not as creative as others and these ideas are so awesome!!

  75. You’re the Zest is so fun!!! What made me smile today was seeing the sun come up and then lighting up the trees as the sun rose. Absolutely beautiful!

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