Lawn Fawn Intro: Build-A-Drink, Build-A-Drink Cocktail Add-On & Scripty Enjoy

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On June 22 our 10 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 13 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, new hot foil set, 2 new stencil sets and 3 new washi tapes will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Build-A-Drink, Build-A-Drink Cocktail Add-On and Scripty Enjoy! Send cool greetings with your favorite frosty drink! This fun set comes complete with ice cubes, citrus slice, cucumber, herbs, straw, and even one of those fun drink umbrellas! Bring your drink game to a new level with this cocktail add-on to Build-A-Drink! This set contains a cocktail glass, a cherry, a strawberry, and a fancy stir stick. Scripty Enjoy is the perfect finish to your Build-A-Drink cards!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Marine‘s pair of Build-A-Drink cards also include Build-A-Drink Cocktail Add-On! I love all the shiny bits in these shakers with colors so bright and sunny! She created the background with Sunray Stencil in cool colors to add the summery fun!

Marine added a frothy topping using Stitched Cupcake then drove home the strawberry drink theme with Strawberry Patch! And then she added the punny messages on these cards spelled out with Smitty’s ABCs.

Zesty Lemon adds lots of sunshine and also the tang to this refreshing cocktail!

Grace‘s Build-A-Drink card is so tropical and fun with its stripey umbrella! She combined Tropical Backdrop with Happy Hibiscus to set the scene while making the cool berry drink the star!

Megan‘s design features Build-A-Drink Cocktail Add-On filled with a drink that looks so yummy! Maybe a Tequila Sunrise? I love the lemon wedge and cherry on the fancy pick! She also used Secret Garden Window with Stitched Woodgrain Backdrop texture, giving the scene a fun beach bar look.

Lynnette‘s card is so fun with Scripty Enjoy as the greeting! Her card features both Build-A-Drink sets! I love how she scattered the strawberries, lemons and leaves around the bottom of the glasses!

Audrey‘s card is so much fun, and perfect for celebrating a milestone birthday featuring Build-A-Drink and Build-A-Drink Cocktail Add-On! The Stitched Ripple Backdrop gives the card a subtle design as does the black splatters and stars! It’s so cool how she added foam to the “beer” using our Textured White Embossing Powder!

Kara‘s card design is so gorgeous! She took advantage of our new Beach Sunset Stencils set to create an amazing scene for the Build-A-Drink Cocktail Backdrop. And then she added a punny greeting using Henry’s ABCs!

Latisha‘s fresh as summer design features Scripty Enjoy! She paired it with Fruit Salad papers and also the new Playful Pineapple die set! This card is so perfect to wish a friend bon voyage to tropical locales!

The doily and gingham paper that Yainea used makes me think the Build-A-Drink glass is filled sweet tea! I love how she added the fruit to her design! So fresh and fun!

Elena brought attention to her Build-A-Drink Cocktail Add-On by framing it with a Reverse Stitched Scalloped Circle Window. She also added more detail by adding Sunburst Backdrop to the mix.

Caly‘s card design is so bright and happy! It looks like one drink is minty, while the other is a fancy fruity drink! I love the chunky glitter and novelty shaker elements, they add so much fun to this beautiful card!

The joyful pup from Yappy Birthday Add-On is so perfect for sending birthday wishes! Elise created a fun scene with Scripty Enjoy as the perfect greeting!

Rebecca’s simple design is so pretty! The Build-A-Drink glass filled with a lemon wedge, strawberry and cucumber looks so inviting! Swap out the sentiment to use this design for so many occasions!

With fruity drinks and a Fruit Salad gingham background, Grace‘s card is so cool! Possibly the coolest ever! She framed the fun with a Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame and then added the perfect sentiment on a Simple Wavy Banner!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Build-A-Drink, Build-A-Drink Cocktail Add-On and Scripty Enjoy! And then we will create three cards using these sets. You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Build-A-Drink, Build-A-Drink Cocktail Add-On and Scripty Enjoy! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite summer drink, by June 21 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, June 18 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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478 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Build-A-Drink, Build-A-Drink Cocktail Add-On & Scripty Enjoy

    1. My favorite summer drink is just plain lemon water. Now if I want a cocktail then it would be a Pina Colada.
      Great dies gor shaker cards!

  1. Pink Lemonade I love the sourness of it and its sweetness at the same time. These cards are so cute today. And I love these new dies, of my goodness the cards so can make with these are so great.

    1. I love drinking a fizzy drink with a tart flavour like lemon or lime. Love the shaker aspect of the dies

    1. These are fun and I hope we get more add-ons in the future- I’m thinking a martini glass with olives and champagne flutes for New Years and weddings

  2. You guys are killing it with these cards! These products are AMAZING! I’m in love with everything already.

    My favorite summer drink is Frosted Lemonade.

  3. There is a chance that i am the most boring person on earth lol my favorite drink is water!! Every season! A close second is ice coffee 🙂

  4. My favorite summertime drink is a Painkiller…pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut cream, spiced rum and a little dash of nutmeg on top. Could easily make a shaker card into a painkiller, too!! Can’t wait to get this set, too!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to see buildable cocktail dies! My favourite summer drink is pink lemonade!

  6. I love strawberry lemonade OR cherry limeade anytime!!! Love the shakers! Was the first idea I had when I saw the dies! Must have!!!

  7. My favorite drink year-round is iced tea! I do like an occasional lemonade or cherry limeade! 😋 The DT drinks are so pretty!

  8. I drink lemon iced tea, but…………a homemade lemon drop martini is one of my favorites for special occasions!

  9. Ohhhh that’s so hard… but I’d have to say I love anything strawberry and if it’s blended, ahhh mmmmmm!!!!

  10. These dies are amazing! I’m a boring water drinker for the most part, but a flavored unsweetened iced tea is always super refreshing in the summer. Depending on the occasion, a nice frothy coconut or fruity drink (maybe with some rum). Mmmmm!

  11. I turn to iced coffee in the hot summer months.
    Thanks for sharing these cute ideas with these fun new products!

  12. I usually have a tall glass of ice cold water but as a treat I like indulging in sweet ice tea on a hot summer day!

  13. I follow you on instagram

    On the first night there, we’d have a meal together at one of the restaurants, where I’d hand out shirts I’d made for us all, buttons, and pinwheel headbands. We’d wear them all on one of the days.

    It was pretty fun.

  14. I like you on Facebook.

    Our favorite restaurant was Tortilla Jo’s. Back then, we drank. It was the only time we partook outside of home because there would be no driving. Margaritas. My husband would hand our waitperson a nice pre-meal tip and would say “keep us happy”. Back then, we had money to burn. We had pitchers of margaritas.

    It was a fun time.

  15. I subscribe to you on YouTube

    One year, the waitperson had the barkeep make the margaritas with Patron.

    My husband, who really wasn’t much of a drinker, was hit hard by the alcohol. All the way back to the hotel (the Anabella), was holding on to me and steadying himself by running his hand over the bushes. And he kept repeating “I’m sorry” to the group. It was pretty funny, but it still brings a smile to my face.

    He never touched Patron again.

  16. My favorite summer drinks are diet iced tea or diet lemonade! When it’s really hot outside
    my husband will surprise me with either a strawberry or a chocolate milkshake! 😋

  17. I go for a cold Pepsi at any time.
    Don’t have a special one for the summer.
    Love the cards. thanks for sharing

  18. I mainly drink water, it’s my drink of choice. But on a hot summer day a strawberry margarita always taste good

  19. Last night’s release party was so much fun. Favorite summer drink? Honestly, I am a water drinker but I would love some of those awesome LF ice cubes in my cup💙. I do drink hot tea year round and I love, love, love Starbucks Frappuccinos. Maybe I could make a frappuccino with this set and add Chari’s umbrella?? I love you too Lawn Fawn!!

  20. My favorite summertime (anytime really) drink is just plain ice-cold water. I do like lemonade and smoothies, but water is my go-to all day everyday drink. I do have some fun ideas for the drink glasses though, and the design team did super cute and fun colors and gave great ideas.

  21. Ice cool Pimm’s and lemonade with sliced cucumber, sliced oranges and strawberries and mint sprigs is my favorite summer drink🍹

    Love today’s inspiration and the new die sets 😍

  22. I love nice refreshing cucumber water. It’s so yummy and it’s good for you, win-win. I’m excited that I can recreate this yummy drink using these new Build-A-Drink dies.

  23. My favorite summer drink is what my husband and I call a fizzy-lifting drink: fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice with carbonated water. So refreshing. All the cards from the design team are fabulous.

  24. My favorite everyday summer drink is an iced latte! For my once-a-week cocktail at my brother’s house, I love a gin and tonic made with Empress gin!

  25. Great cards from the design team! My go to summer drink is ice water with lemon or lime and on occasion, a white wine spritzer.

  26. My favorite drink for summer of any time really is RumChata and diet Root Beer. It taste like a root beer float. Soo good!!

  27. Yup, these will be mine!! So cute!!!! Everyone’s cards are adorable!!! My fave summer drink is a piña colada. Mmmmmmm

  28. Build A Cocktail: a glorious eye-opening post this morning! Puts me in mood for fun and mischief in the form of a red and white swirly blended concoction.. Mmmmm! Yum.

  29. My favourite summer drink is frozen hot chocolate- oh so yummy! That is what I would create with this new wonderful die set!

  30. My favorite summer drink is freckled lemonade. I love this drink die set. There are so many possibilities!

  31. My favorite year-round drink is tea in all forms, but in the summer I get excited about pink lemonade!

  32. These look delicious and good enough to drink! 🙂 Fruit smoothies is something I love during summer, as well as lemonade… If we’re to add some %%% to the equation, I’d go for a pina colada! 🙂

  33. I drink lemonade. I like the umbrella that fits in the glass. Reminds me of taking my daughter to lunch as a little girl and the waiter added the umbrella to her drink.

  34. Anything cool and refreshing! Right now the uk is in a heatwave and as we don’t have air con, we don’t do well! Haha

  35. Nothing is better then a big glass of ice tea with lemon in it. Only in the summertime. Love all the inspiration from DT.

  36. My favorite summer drink is strawberry lemonade with chunks of strawberries in it! My favorite summer cocktail would either be a strawberry margarita or a Long Island iced tea!

  37. I am so excited about these drink dies I can’t even think straight!! They are so going to make an appearance in my Christmas cards!! Can’t wait for them to be available!!

  38. My favorite all year long drink is flavored sparkling water…. and since some think that it is essentially summer all year long here, then… well…. I guess I will call that my ‘summer’ drink too.

  39. My favorite is lemonade and this die is gonna be a MUST for my stash!!! It’s adorable and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  40. Crazy but I actually enjoy infused water with lemon or oranges. But if we’re talking drink, drink lol I love watermelon margaritas!!!

  41. Beautiful cards!!!! I’m old fashioned and still love making sun tea. Having a nice cold glass of iced tea with lemon reminds me of when I was a child and my mom would always have some ready for summer.

  42. I love all the samples but the 21st birthday card is my favorite today! My favorite drink is iced tea mixed with lemonade. Yum!

  43. My favorite summer drink is ice cold tea or lemonade! I love the drink release so much – can’t wait to try it!

  44. My favorite summer cocktail is a frozen mango mojito. My favorite non-alcoholic beverage in the summer is probably ice tea.

    Loving this release so far!

  45. The best think is tons of ice and some freshly made sun tea! Ahhh☀️🍉😎 That’s when I know it’s summer!

  46. These drinks are the cutest! Absolutely love them. I enjoy a yummy strawberry lemonade in the summer.

  47. Favorite summer drink is a sweet lime juice! Yummmy!

    How cute are thes glasses and how great is it that the fruits we have will be perfect along side it! Love it! TFS

  48. My favorite go-to summer drink is a simple gin & tonic. Lemonade and sweet teas are my non-alcoholic refreshers

  49. My fav alcoholic drink is a mojito and my favorite non alcoholic is a nice cold coke! I love these build a drink dies!!

  50. A frozen prickly pear margarita please! As the temps near 100 here, I’m ready for a refreshing drink. These drink cards are so colorful and happy. They have a happy Summer vibe.

  51. My favorite summer drink is iced tea. However, all of the drinks in the card examples look wonderful!

  52. I love these Build-a-Drink products. Perfect for year round fun! My favorite summertime drink of the cocktail variety is sangria, of the non-cocktail variety (and truly a year round favorite) is a chocolate milkshake. Love all of the design team projects.

  53. In the summertime I love a good iced tea. But for 4th or July I usually have a root beer, or a root beer float. I could totally see making a root beer float out of this new die plus the frosting from the stitched cupcake die.

  54. I love the set with the drink glass and the extras that go with it. It would be so much fun to use this set to make invite cards to mail to your girlfriends to come to your house on a nice evening out on your screened in port h for a few drinks and a lot of good girlfriend talk.

  55. Just sitting in the sun with with that tall glass of cool refreshing drink. That’s what this set reminds me of

  56. My favorite summer drink is lemonade. This release is
    so nice, it can be used so many different ways.

  57. I love getting a fresh juice from my favourite cafe up the road and one of my favourites is called Sun Sweet – it’s orange, pineapple, apple and ginger – YUM!

  58. For a non alcoholic beverage I love a good sweet tea. My current adult beverage choice is called A Summer Dream. It’s delicious and tastes like a tropical vacation!

  59. I have already ordered the tropical drink set now I just need the lemonde glss. Thanks for shring your crd ideas with us!

  60. As a kid there was nothing I liked better than an icy cold strawberry Kool-Aid. Now my preferred summer drink is icy cold strawberry Crystal Light.

  61. My favorite drink is iced tea by Liquid Death. It sounds scary but is a non-alcoholic, no sugar/no unnatural ingredients added iced tea that is very good.

  62. Teas are my favorite and I find iced tea to be so refreshing during hot summer days working in my garden! Add in some great summer flavors like peach to the iced tea and I am in heaven!

  63. Love the RUMforgettable sunset. I’ll be turning 63 this year, which is just my third time at 21. I think I should be crafting some fun drinks with the scripty enjoy!

  64. These drink and cocktail glasses are a must have. Plus the ‘enjoy’ dies are definitely at the top of my shopping list for this release!!!

  65. My favorite summer drink is strawberry lemonade! 🍓 especially if it is made with real strawberries.

  66. Ohhhh!!!!! Chick-fil-A always does a watermelon mint ice tea!!!! It is fabulous. It’s reLly good when they do the lemon aid version with ice cream. Fabulous Take care ❤️

  67. These are so, so perfect for summertime cards! I love a good margarita and these would be perfect to add a lime to.

  68. Mmm…fresh squeezed lemonade! I freeze the lemons when they are fresh and enjoy through the summer!!

  69. These items all look fantastic! Superb! I would have to say an Arnold Palmer – mixed iced tea and lemonade.
    Lori S in PA

  70. The Build-A-Drink set looks so fun! There are several summertime drinks I really enjoy, but my absolute fave is a rootbeer slushie drink… guess I’m still a kid at heart : )

  71. These cocktails are AMAZING ! So much fun, and so versatile. My favorite summer drink is strawberry lemonade. Gonna be a fun set to play with!

  72. LOVE how beautifully all the fruits from various sets can be integrated into the Build a drink. The build a drink can easily change with the seasons! Love the way fruits look with textured papers. Really love all the new goodies!💖

  73. I have lots of favorite summer drinks including iced tea, iced coffee and moscato. Love love love these new stamps and dies.

  74. My favorite summertime drink is lemonade but my favorite summertime cocktail is a piña colada! I can’t wait to get these dies!!

  75. Love these dies & the cards are so pretty! My favorite Summer drink is a frozen Pina Colada. It’s yummy both as a mocktail & with rum added!

  76. These dies are great. My favorite non alcoholic drink is a Diet Coke, but no ice. For a Cocktail it is Aperol Spritz.

  77. Love these new goodies! The new Beach Sunset Stencils look amazing, and all the fun drink-themed supplies are lovely! The design team did a fantastic job of showing off the new goodies, and I was truly wowed by Marine’s spectacular Build-A-Drink cards! I love how she used the frosting from the cupcake set to make whipped cream; that is sooooooooo creative!!!

    My favorite summer drink? It’s an odd one! I like to mix a splash of cranberry juice cocktail with ginger tea and a few drops of cayenne pepper tincture. If it’s not sweet enough, I add a spoonful of maple syrup. I came up with this combination because it is a good base for adding awful-tasting supplements like magnesium; I taste magnesium in other drinks, but it isn’t so noticeable in this recipe. Plus the ginger and cayenne pepper are also medicinal. To me, this concoction tastes like party punch! I also like mixing lemonade, ginger tea, and stevia for the ultimate hydrating summer beverage; this is a good recipe for a day of sailing or a day at the beach.

  78. My favorite drink of all is ice cold water all year long, but my favorite summer drinks are fresh squeezed lemonade, and when we are entertaining and/or sitting out by our pool, I’ll have a few margaritas.

  79. My favorite summer drink is lemonade, so refreshing on a hot day. All of today’s cards are amazing.

  80. Since I am commenting from Hawai’i, it is appropriate to call out my favorite summer drink as the Mai Tai! This set is brilliant.

  81. A flora adora collins! Hendricks flora adora gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and lemonade, so refreshing.

  82. I totally love those glass dies and all the small pieces they come with! Perfect for summer cards… I rarely drink alcohol, usually it’s just diet coke for me, but every now and then, on a sunny and hot day, I love to have an Aperol Spritz. I mix it with quite a lot of water and that makes it really refreshing. Guess I will “mix” one myself at least with papers once I have gotten those glass dies!

  83. I love a frozen cocktail in the summer- pina colada or a strawberry daiquiri, also love mojitos or sangria

  84. My favorite summer drink is an ice cold lemonade… and depending on my mood, I might add fresh strawberries or vodka. 😉

  85. My favorite summer cocktail is a Tequila Sunrise, but I also love to have a mocktail Mojito. But also love to drink some water with slices fresh fruit and a lot of ice cubes in it.

  86. I have to say, I’m pretty boring since I usually only drink water but sometimes I do like to dress it up with a nice glass and a lemon wedge. I LOVE this set 🙂

  87. My favorite summer cocktail is limoncello spritz.
    Those cocktails dies would be perfect for a summer party invitation. 🍹

  88. I love a good mojito or a margarita with fresh lime. I also once had an amazing sparkling lemonade with fresh mint, basil, and cucumber in it!

  89. I have been making the best summer drink.
    Its a Blue Raspberry frozen lemonade, and its super yummy!

  90. We love making Horchata to drink during the summer, but because it can take a while to prepare our go-to simple drink is definitely homemade lemonade.

  91. I love all types of lemonades! Blackberry, raspberry mint, strawberry… I’m definitely a lemonade girl.

  92. My favorite summer drink is fair lemonade. There’s something different about the taste of lemonade at the fair.

  93. Build a Drink is so FUN!!
    I’d say my favorite non-alcoholic summer drink is ice cold Diet soda with a straw. My favorite alcoholic summer drink is a pina colada.

  94. My favourite alcoholic summer drink is strawberry daiquiris and my favourite non-alcoholic drink is lemonade.

  95. We have a place called Fizz and I like their pretty in pink. I know it has sprite, lemon, and grapefruit in it.

  96. The drink dies are true ‘must have’ products. I can’t wait to use these on so many projects all year long. I think I will challenge myself to design a paper drink for each month of the year. So much fun!

  97. Build a drink is what I will be doing all summer long. I can’t wait to see how many refreshing combinations I can design.
    Mango Lassi is a personal favorite

  98. Long island iced tea, baby!!!! Can’t wait to play with this cool set! Love the inspiration that your talented artists always give us. So many amazing ideas before we even get our products!!!! Keep em’ coming!!!!

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