Lawn Fawn Intro: Yappy Birthday, Yappy Birthday Add-On & Slimline Grassy Stencil

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On June 22 our 10 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 13 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, new hot foil set, 2 new stencil sets and 3 new washi tapes will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Yappy Birthday and Yappy Birthday Add-On and their coordinating dies! Let’s have a howlin’ good birthday celebration! This set has super cute pups, lots of party decorations, and punny sentiments sure to make the dog lovers in your life smile! And the add-on set continues the celebration with more cute pups and a birthday pup-cake!

We will also highlight our new Slimline Grassy Stencil! This stencil is great for adding a grassy detail to your slimline cards. It creates the perfect place for all the Yappy Birthday dogs to play!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Caly filled up the length of her slimline card with a very “yappy” birthday party! She combined pups and party fun from both Yappy Birthday and Yappy Birthday Add-On! She also used Slimline Grassy Stencil to ground the festive scene!

It’s party time for these cute dogs! Grace used bright, happy colors and a Finley’s ABCs and Offset Sayings: Birthday message to send birthday wishes! I love the howling dog and the dog-shaped balloon is so much fun!

Kara used her amazing coloring skills to give these dogs look so much personality! Her Yappy Birthday party scene also includes Picket Fence Border and All the Clouds!

Tammy stenciled a pretty grassy border and puffy clouds as a perfect background for this puppy party! She slimline scene is filled with dogs from both Yappy Birthday and Yappy Birthday Add-On.

Rather than create a scene, Yainea designed her card with watercolor circles to highlight the cute pups in our new birthday sets! The delicate Celebrate Border is so perfect to finish her card!

Marine‘s Platform Pop-Up is so much fun! It’s the perfect place to create a fun Yappy Birthday party scene! I love how she used the Critters on the Farm fence to keep the dogs inside the yard!

The Fishtail Banner Borders add to the birthday party fun in Lynnette‘s happy scene! I love the Yappy Birthday Add-On dog “flying” into the party, it’s so cute!

How cute is that stack of puppy birthday gifts! Elena‘s card is so special, combining Yappy Birthday and Yappy Birthday Add-On with the happy pup from Joy to All!

Megan‘s card is so sweet, I love how she stamped the puppy paws at the bottom! She also combined the new sets with a cute pup from Furry and Bright and another cute pup from Pawsome Birthday as all our cute dogs are designed to work together!

Elise‘s Yappy Birthday card also features Yappy Birthday Add-On! It’s so sweet how she arranged the dogs around the birthday cake! She added depth by stenciling two layers of grass with the new Slimline Grassy Stencil.

Mindy created her birthday scene on a Mini Slimline card. She stenciled with the Slimline Grassy Stencil and then added Cloud Background Stencils to finish the Yappy Birthday scene!

Latisha‘s blue doghouse is so adorable! Then she used more shades of blue in this fun “woofday” party scene! I love all the layers of stenciled grass that adds so much depth!

I love Audrey‘s design with a Reverse Stitched Scalloped Circle Window combined with Sunburst Backdrop so much! And in the background she has a peek at our brand new paper collection, too! All the bright colors look so great and make this card so special!

Rebecca’s card is so cute with a mix of old and new patterned papers! They create a fun background for the Yappy Birthday and Yappy Birthday Add-On images!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Yappy Birthday, Yappy Birthday Add-On and Slimline Grassy Stencil! And we will create three cards including a Pull ‘n Pop Pull Tab card to show fun ways to use these sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Yappy Birthday, Yappy Birthday Add-On and Slimline Grassy Stencil! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite way to celebrate a birthday, by June 21 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, June 16 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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    1. If I’m celebrating MY birthday it’s going to Disney World with the hubby. Actually, I like celebrating any birthday in Disney World!!!

  1. I like to celebrate with dinner at a restaurant and if I’m lucky there will be a show to see as well.

    1. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is to have a garden party with some BBQ and Karaoke 🎤

  2. How cute are these pups?!? I can see them being featured in many holiday cards and everyday cards! My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is to do whatever I can to make the birthday celebrant feel special and loved. If they like to do outdoor activities, then I would plan to celebrate doing outdoor activities.

    1. My favourite way to celebrate my birthday is going to the zoo with friends and family and eating lots of cake!!

  3. I’m so excited about these sets … they are so fun.
    I celebrated my last birthday by going to the Sydney Writers Festival … then an early night in bed to read!

  4. I absolutely love this set!!! Dogs are seriously the best. I can’t wait to use this. So many ideas in my head already for it

  5. Super cute cards! Last month I celebrated my birthday. My daughter took me to a used bookstore and we spent a couple of hours browsing!

  6. These puppies are so cute. Can’t wait to try them out. My favorite birthday celebration is just out to dinner with my husband, nice and quiet!

  7. My favourite way to celebrate is a simple, quiet day with my 6 family members, just relaxing and gaming.
    And with cake, of course!

    The little dog running with the bunting is too cute!

  8. One of my favorite ways to celebrate a birthday is to gather with friends and family and enjoy a good meal!

  9. Love the Yappy Birthday + Add-on, and peek of Pawsome Birthday! So many of the people I make cards for are dog people, so I’ll get lots of use from these sets. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is low-key…just dinner out with my family, followed by dessert and gifts.

  10. My favourite way to celebrate a birthday is to share some delicious cake with family and friends. Nothing fancy, just good food and good company.

  11. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday, especially mine, is to fill my day with whatever I want to do ! (Usually involves crafting) .

  12. My favorite way of celebrating a birthday involves many friends, bbq, cocktails, and maybe some fun games

  13. I like to celebrate my Birthday with my family at home where we can just chill and have a calm day.

  14. I am not a big party person, so dinner at a restaurant would be great, and if I could take the day off from work it would be perfect.

  15. I love, love, love all the doggies. My Lucy is a therapy dog and I look forward to being able to make up cards for my fellow therapy teams and for the kiddos who practice their reading with Lucy every week at the library. These will also be great add-ones to the treat box with the dog house add-on. Oh the possibilities!!!

  16. Aww, I love these doggos! My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is …….to have quiet! Lol! Seriously though, I love a day to do home spa treatments, no cooking or cleaning. It does not happen often enough so my birthday is the perfect day to do just that!

  17. Well cake is a must but this year for my girl I want to do an advent…she’s a teen and they always need little things so I thought it would be fun! Crack out the cute Lawn Fawn gift boxes and bags!

    The dogs are dog-gone adorable!

  18. I really like to have any fun event planned to look forward to going to do, like shopping or hiking or really anything planned especially for my special day!

  19. Some of my favorite birthday memories were those when my husband surprised me with a weekend away. I also love a small celebration with my immediate family.

  20. I like to do different things all the time, so I wouldn’t say I have one way I love to celebrate a birthday.
    But I think I will do the same thing this year as last year and go to the claw machine arcade. 😝

  21. These cards are so cute! I love the dogs and the little dog bone cupcake. 😍

    My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is making the birthday girl/boy’s favorite cake and dinner and of course giving them a handmade card.

  22. The birthday person gets to choose their favorite restaurant for dinner and then we come back to the house to celebrate with dessert and gifts.

  23. My favorite birthday to plan is for my daughters
    Every year they come up with a new theme
    Last year the where D&D en Kittens.

  24. I love spending my bday doing all my favorite things the whole day : crafts, being outside, a picnic and a hike, puppy cuddles with books and coffee

  25. I love to just celebrate with family. We don’t do anything special but get together and eat cake!

  26. Favorite birthday is to make special dinner and have family over! We actually had a super fun first birthday party for our dog with a dozen dog friends and their owners, it was actually so much fun! Love these sets!

  27. I love celebrating my birthday with my family! Some years it is just a birthday dinner and some years it is with a trip to somewhere cool.

  28. How adorable are these dogs! So adorable! Favourite way to spend my birthday is with my husband and my miniature schnauzer, Lily. A hike followed by pizza and cake for dessert. Perfect!

  29. Oh my goodness! We just got a puppy last weekend and this stamp set would be perfect to make cards with and color using our little (for now) Sheepadoodle’s black and white coloring!

    I like to celebrate birthdays with family, although both of my kiddos are grown and I’m typically not able to be with them on their birthdays. So I like sending them cards and gifts and seeing them open them over FaceTime calls.

    Thank you for making such wonderful products that time and again make me happy!

  30. My favorite way to celebrate is with a cookie cake and just spending time with family and friends!

  31. I like going out to eat on my birthday! I celebrate all month so I can have hobby time, miniature golf, bowling, and other fun activities that couldn’t be crammed into one day!

  32. My favorite way to celebrate it play with my kids and enjoy the gifts they picked out for me. I also love getting some time to craft and read. And of course I love enjoying my husband home made chocolate cake he developed the recipe for!

  33. On my Birthday, I always cash in on my free Starbucks reward drink (since Calgon doesn’t “really me away,” my beloved Starbucks caramel frappuccino is the next best thing).

  34. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is to eat a great meal and have a nice dessert that was picked by the person with the birthday! And getting to rest!

  35. Growing up we’d always have family over and celebrate with a meal of Fried Chicken, Chow Mein, Orange Pop and Cake! We still do this although not for everyone’s birthday now as there are so many more of us and birthdays to celebrate. 🥳

  36. Cute cards! My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is with my best friend and fiance! I don’t do much for the day but they always have something up their sleeve!

  37. I just love all these sweet pups! My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is by starting the day with donuts!

  38. Oh my gosh how cute are these sweet pups! My favorite way to celebrate my birthday having a BBQ with my family and having a home baked cake!

  39. These pups are adorable!! So excited for this release. I love all things birthday and my favorite way to celebrate is friends, cake, cards, and laughter!

  40. I don’t really do much to celebrate my birthday. I’m happy if I don’t have to cook and I can spend the day in my craft room.

  41. A bbq in the sun! It’s my youngest’s birthday this Sunday which is Father’s Day in the UK so we’re having a BBQ and a unicorn cup cake decorating competition 😂

  42. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is going out to dinner with my family. On my children’s birthday I love to wake them up by singing Happy Birthday really loud.

  43. I always take my birthday off from work. I spend the day doing things that make me happy, like card making and eating cake. (But not at the same time, because the cards would have frosting smudges on them!)

  44. My favorite way to spend my birthday is spending time with loved ones and going outdoors on a hike!

  45. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is dinner with my family and then birthday cake & ice cream!

  46. Love the “howling” dog.
    Clever idea.
    I like to celebrate with a family dinner.
    Don’t need presents – just together time
    for everyone. thanks for sharing.

  47. Fav way is to have ice cream
    Cake and feel the love coming your way when it’s usually you trying to make people feel special on there day.

  48. I love celebrating birthdays with my family. Cake and ice cream or a dinner out add to the festivities.

  49. I adore these doggies! My favorite way to celebrate is to have lunch and supper out and then maybe just ride around in our convertible enjoying the July weather.

  50. I love all of the new LF items, so far and can’t wait to watch the remaining live videos this week!! So much fun 😁♥️ my favorite way to spend a birthday, if it’s mine, at home in cozy clothes, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch with my person, and our dog watching movies and having Thai food delivered…January is always a tough month in the Winter (New England).
    If it’s someone else’s, showering them with love and taking them wherever they want to go and doing whatever they want to do! Just being present in the moment on their day of presents 🎁 ✨️!

  51. *clap*clap*clap!’!!!! So excited to see pupper images!! These samples were all so adorable. I love celebrating my bday with white cake with white buttercream frosting. Soooo not ordinary or boring. Perfection

  52. No cooking or cleaning on my birthday. Crafting all day. Cheesecake for dessert. Hopefully celebrating with my loved ones.

  53. Adorable pups!! The ‘arooo’ just cracks me up!! Quiet lunch at the beach is my way of celebrating my bday.

  54. My favorite way to celebrate birthdays is with family – gathering together to honor the birthday person.

  55. Looks like another great release!
    For my birthday I enjoy a quiet meal, with a delicious dessert and then maybe a funny show on TV.

  56. I like to celebrate by going to dinner with my husband and then with the family over for cake and visiting.

  57. Celebrating birthdays always involves food! We prepare our birthday person’s favorite meal including dessert!!

  58. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is going out with my girlfriends for a fun night of drinks and dancing. 🙂

  59. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is on a camping trip with family and friends. Unfortunately my bday is in February so that doesn’t happen much.

  60. This is so pawsome! Haha i love to celebrate a birthday by going on a holiday! Have not been able to do that for past 3 years and probably this year too! But dreaming of it always!

  61. My favorite way to spend my birthday is taking the day off work, sleeping in and having a nice quiet dinner with my husband and then having cake!

  62. My birthday is July 4, so we always check out as many local fireworks as we can! & I also have to have an ice cream cake!

  63. I celebrate my birthday with a Blizzard Birthday Cake from DQ, flavor is Cotton Candy. Unfortunately, I pass on this tradition this year since I am on a budget. But I look forward to next year.

  64. I’m just happy if I don’t have to go to work or do things I dislike like cooking, cleaning or laundry on my birthday. If I’m able to spend it with some friends or my family, that’s icing on the cake. Oh and speaking of icing, I like a sweet treat like cake, cupcake or cookies.
    Love the stamps today. They are so dog-gone cute!

  65. I love celebrating birthdays with family and friends. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, as long and my loved ones are there.

  66. Love to celebrate my birthday by sitting in my craft room, with snacks and wine, and no one to bug me

  67. Cute new set!!! Our family likes to celebrate birthdays in a really big way with food, decorations and fun all day:)

  68. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is with family and lots and lots of from-scratch cake topped with mountains of yummy frosting!

  69. My favorite way to celebrate birthdays is to make a card (of course) and then I usually make a cake and decorate it, spend the day doing the birthday persons choice of activity, go out for dinner and end the day on a positive note. If it’s my birthday I just hope the hubby bought me all the Lawn Fawn goodness I asked for!!

  70. My whole family gets together to celebrate birthdays every month there are any. I am blessed that we all live in this same county and can be together. 🙂 Nothing better than family!! (And getting a homemade cherry cheesecake! lol).

  71. I love to celebrate with family and friends, especially the grandsons! I always have carrot cake too!

  72. Celebrating my birthday is usually a joint affair with two of my boys, as our birthdays fall all in the same week. So there’s usually plenty of cake and family.

  73. Yay, doggies! And I love that you made them all different breeds!
    My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to have a nice dinner with all my favorite people. I also love having people over to play games together.

  74. We celebrate birthdays with gifts, a special meal, and cake! Fun dog party cards. I was able to watch part of 5he video last night and hope to be able to finish today. I was enjoying it.

  75. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is relaxing, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying a nice dinner.

  76. When I was a kid, one year I wanted a banana split in bed for my birthday breakfast. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my parents would do that, but, they did! So now, my husband honors that little tradition and brings me banana split in bed on my birthday. 😊💜

  77. My B-day is exactly 2 weeks after Christmas, 1 week after New Year’s… I just wanna plop down with my phone and send in my Birthday order to Lawn Fawn and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE!!!

  78. My favourite thing to do on my birthday, is to spend time with loved ones and eating lots of nice food!

  79. Love these yappy dogs…
    If it’s a big birthday mile stone. I love to “ring it in” the night before. I may toast it or take walk with a friend, but to do a little something specoal rather than wake up to it… makes it more fun.

  80. For my birthday I love a nice dinner out with my husband. For a family member’s birthday I like to make them their favorite cake or treat!

  81. I’m not much for celebrating my own birthday, yummy dessert with family is great. Preferably pie or cheesecake!

  82. Wonderful way to showcase the 1st day! It wouldn’t be a yappy birthday without handmade card, dinner, cake and a suprise. Traditional and memorable is our best way to celebrate!. 🍹❤️🍰❤️🐶❤️🎈💌🎁

  83. Yappy Birthday and the add-ons are adorable. I like to celebrate birthdays with dinner and a wonderful cake.

  84. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is doing whatever they want and letting them choose to have whatever food and dessert they want.

  85. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is to go out for dinner… I also love making the birthday person a lawn fawn card of course. I can’t wait to get this set and create with it. I also can’t wait to see these cute dogs in Santa hats! So much fun!

  86. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is with presents….lots of presents. The brown dog with the black mask on Kara’s card looks like my French Bulldog….I will just have to crop the tail when I use it on my cards. Awesome release today.

  87. I love sharing a favorite meal with friends and family ..: followed by cake of course! Absolutely love these pups and can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  88. My birthday was yesterday and I got to spend it with all my family around me, including our two fuzzy pups! Nothing better in the world. 💕

  89. I love to go to the movies for my birthday!

    I love this set so much!!! I have been waiting for more doggie stamps and am SSOOOOOO excited for this!!!!

  90. Take a day off from work, just relax, then big birthday cake at dinner wz friends 😊 oh boy, those puppies! Super cute! Love the stencil, too! ❤️

  91. This set is so cute! I love to celebrate my birthday with my husband grilling and making creme brulee! The best!

  92. We always celebrate birthdays with dinner with family, birthday cake and off key singing of happy birthday!

  93. I love to celebrate birthdays with cake and ice cream for family or taking a friend out for lunch. Fun sets today!

  94. Cutest Puppies., Ready to Celebrate. I love to get together with friends and Family and eat, drink and be merry!

  95. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is with a lunch of the birthday boy or girl’s choosing followed with cake and ice cream!

    Thank you for making all your dog sets work together! I’m a Doxie mama and was thrilled to see all my other Doxie sets will work with this new one!!!

  96. I am in love with both the “Yappy Birthday” set and the new slimline grassy stencil; both are adorable!

    re “favorite way to celebrate a birthday” — I love baking cupcakes, planning a party, and inviting friends over to celebrate birthdays!

  97. I love to celebrate my birthday by having dinner with my family and of course birthday cake and ice cream…❤️

  98. We usually celebrate birthdays by letting the birthday person chose where they would like to go out to eat, and then we come home and have cake.

  99. I love to have the day off and spend the morning crafting with a good book in my ears, then spend the rest of the day with my family (eating out)

  100. I love to do low key… eat out at favorite restaurant with my husband and kids and have a favorite dessert.

  101. OMG, these dogs are so cute. For my family, since we are mostly adults, we celebrate all the summer birthdays in our family one time during the summer. We get 7 birthdays celebrated all at the same time. The children get their own party.

  102. What an adorable stamp set & I just LOVE everyone’s creations using it!

    My fave way to spend birthdays is with family & a trip to Naples, FL. It’s super peaceful and restful!

  103. My favorite way to spend my birthday is a nice paddle down the local river in my kayak with my family.

  104. Thank you for this cute dog set! My favorite animal, along with turtles! My favorite way to spend a birthday is always with family but also having some time to myself and hopefully with a sunset, which is my favorite!

  105. Great set! I like to go for a long walk with my pup on my birthday, have lunch with my sisters and then dinner with my husband.

  106. Well besides gifts it would be the food, I love to eat out for my birthday. And I never worry about how fattening it is, lol! I love this stamp set, dogs are my thing. Everyone of these cards are adorable!!

  107. Love the new dog stamps and dies! I just had my birthday and spending it with my family (husband, mom and sister/BIL and their kids) was all I wanted.

  108. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is having a cook out and eat some cake with my family and friends

  109. A perfect birthday celebration for me involves sleeping late, getting outside for a hike, getting to make all the choices and enjoying a birthday dinner – with dessert of course. My favorite is carrot cake.

  110. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday, is with my family and friends! A cake with lots of frosting!
    I love these puppies! Super excited to use them!

  111. We always celebrate birthdays with a dinner out if it is a human’s birthday. If it is a doggie birthday, there is usually a pawty and special trips to their favourite store to buy lots of treats!

  112. What a fun Summer release. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday with a loved one is to make their favorite meal along with their favorite cake.

  113. My favourite way to celebrate is simple – at home with my family, with my favourite cake and ideally lots of crafty time!

  114. We usually make the day all about them including a special homemade meal or their favorite place out. This year we changed up and took a day trip and spent the day doing things they like as a family!

  115. I like to keep things simple for my birthday… just to snuggle up on the couch with my husband watching a movie (preferably I haven’t cooked, so we’ve ordered takeout). I did do something special just last month when I turned 40 – I arranged with a couple of friends (and their husbands) to all go over to one of the islands near where we live for a weekend and although one of them had to cancel due to being sick, the rest of us had a great time!
    I think this set is absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to add it to my collection!

  116. Celebrating a birthday with family and friends is always the way to go. And a couple cocktails doesn’t hurt ; )

  117. If it’s just my hubby and me, my favorite way to celebrate my birthday is ordering pizza from my favorite pizza place followed by enjoying a favorite dessert (tiramusu, cheesecake or ice cream.)

    I have many dog loving friends who will love cards made with these adorable new sets.

  118. My favorite way to celebrate is to just spend time with the person. Even if it’s to ride with your grown niece to take her baby to the doctor for a check-up and some shopping.

  119. My favorite way to celebrate my Birthday & Anniversary is with my husband down the shore for a week. 🌞
    We spend 1/2 the day on the beach & then have a late-night dinner at our favorite restaurant.
    Cute doggie stamp & die set.

  120. My favorite way to celebrate is going to dance (I love Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and also ballroom). Dance is my life, my passion.

  121. Our family celebrates our birthdays by going out for a special dinner and then have your favorite cake at home.

  122. My fave way to celebrate a birthday is to have lunch with friends. We all get so busy, that it’s easy to forget–but the simple act of spending time together means the world to me. I think these Yappy Bday Pups would understand.

  123. Going to Disneyland is my favorite way to celebrate my Birthday! Last year was Universal Studios Hollywood and another time we went Zip-lining at California Safari Park Zoo. Soooo much fun!

  124. My favourite way to spend my birthday is when we drive each year to a town just over the border for a few nights for good shopping, food and fun!

  125. My daughter is a mobile groomer, I make cards for her clients. I can’t wait to get my hands on this set! Looks like another great release!

  126. Loving all the cute pooches! My favorite way to celebrate a birthday as with lots of yummy cake!!!

  127. I like to have a nice steak dinner prepared by my dear hubby. And a fancy cupcake is always a plus!

  128. So excited to get my hands on these new stamps. I made cards to sell for a local dog rescue so dog themed cards are always a hit!

  129. My favorite way to celebrate is at Disneyland with my kids!Something extra special is staying at one of the Disneyland hotels❤️

  130. My favorite way to celebrate birthdays is to have everyone get together and either go out to eat or cook the birthday person their favorite meal together, but the best time is just getting together and visiting

  131. My favorite way to celebrate is hanging out with my friends and family! My husband took me on a trip for my last birthday and that was pretty awesome too!

  132. We did mystery parties for our kids. For example, The Riddler has stolen the world’s Halloween candy and they have to help Batman find it, or an exhibit is stolen from a museum (actually our back yard). They were months of work, but are our kids’ favorite memories!

  133. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is getting together with my family for good food and lots of cake! I’m a dog lover so Yappy Birthday is perfect!

  134. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to be with my family and friends. That’s most important to me, what I treasure the most.

  135. The best way to celebrate a birthday is with the ones I love (including our family dog). Love these dogs!

  136. Lawn fawn has quickly become my favorite stamp company. I love all these puns and adorable animals. I’m looking forward to my coming birthday because I know I’ll celebrate by getting more stamps lol

  137. What good cuties! 😍 Since I love abroad from my closest family, it’s extra special to celebrate with family and good food ❤️

  138. Great projects, and such cute sets. We love to celebrate birthdays with good food – and of course some kind of sweet treat for the celebrant!

  139. I love to celebrate birthdays with family and friends. A big get together, including all the fur kids!

  140. What an adorable set! I especially like the pup with the ball in its mouth… looks like my westie!

  141. Being with family and friends and sharing food is a great way to celebrate! Love the Yappy Birthday set!

  142. So many fun ways to celebrate, and depends on who we are celebrating, but I love to make baked goods for people and a fancy / fun card and wraps for the baked goods! Sometimes a banner!! Kids love those! This . Set. Adorable. Too much cuteness and is on my wish list!

  143. I love celebrating my grandsons birthday. We pack up our car and drive to Colorado Springs. They always ask us to bring our dog. I know one day, when they are older, they won’t care if we are there but for know they ask us to come see them for their birthday party and we do.

  144. My favorite way to spend my birthday is to be with my family. Having all my sons and daughters there is always a big plus!

  145. I like to either go to Disneyland or stay in my craft room all day on my birthday. In my opinion the two happiest places on earth!

  146. My favorite birthday celebration is going out to dinner with my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, then home for homemade cake and ice cream!

  147. We celebrate birthday’s with a monthly family get together. Everyone brings a covered dish. The birthday person(s) gets to choose their favorite desert.

  148. It doesn’t have to be anything specific….there just has to be cake. Preferably with a lot of frosting.

  149. We normally do themed parties for the kids but my favorite way to celebrate is taking the whole extended family to a great restaurant

  150. Time changes everything! many years ago, it was creating extravagant themed parties for the kids and watching them have fun … now it is sitting back and just enjoying family

  151. I love to celebrate with all the people I love! Doesn’t have to be out or fancy. Just having everyone there is enough for me💜

  152. I just love something low key and would like to do something I enjoy (hobbies, ride bikes or visit a new place) and finish the day with a homemade dessert.

  153. Those pups are so adorable, I can’t wait to get these sets. My favorite birthday celebration is a quiet day – I’m not huge into celebrations for myself. But if it’s for others? Bring on all the fun!

  154. I follow you on instagram.

    The other day I thought I was picking up a little dog poop (using a tissue), but it turned out to be a gopher head.

    Cats. Gotta love ’em.

  155. I subscribe to Lawn Fawn on youtube.

    The area of the yard with the gopher holes is like a sponge. You can stand on it and kinda jump up and down and it’s squishy. Because of the tunnels below.

  156. Whenever possible we try to have a family get together to celebrate birthdays. My sons are adults now with littles of their own. Sometimes it’s a special dinner out, sometimes a dinner at home. All that really matters is that we’re

  157. We don’t celebrate that much anymore. If we do, going out with your love one for a nice evening dinner in restaurant and relaxing.

  158. Ooh my partner has made two scavenger hunts for me and they were such a fun way to celebrate my birthday! He’s the best! 🥳

  159. These are so cute! My 12 year old daughter took one look and decided no matter what I need to buy these!

  160. My birthday is October 31, so I love handing out candy and taking my kids trick or treating on my birthday.

  161. I’m not that big into food, so ideally, I would love to do some fun activity with the people I care about… go on a hike, go on a trip somewhere, try an interesting class…. things like that….

  162. I’ll be celebrating my birthday on vacation with my family at our little lakefront cottage next month. Can’t wait! our dog travels with us, and she looks just like the howling dog in this stamp set. Perfect!

  163. My favorite way to celebrate anything is just being with family and friends, but cake doesn’t hurt 😉

  164. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is going out to eat with my family. The Birthday cards on the new release are so cute!

  165. My favorite way to celebrate is just be surrounded by my family and friends and enjoy everyone’s company.

  166. Since I have grandkids now, I love just seeing all of my family together for any and all birthdays! It’s such a joy to watch my grandchildren grow up and learn and play!

  167. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is with a nice dinner out somewhere (so I don’t have to cook 😂) with my favorite people.

  168. I love celebrating my birthday with a small group of family and friends, probably enjoying a nice meal together.

  169. My favorites way to celebrate a birthday now that I’m older is a nice yummy dinner date with my husband. 🙂

  170. Birthdays are best with family and friends. I like going to restaurants you wouldn’t normally go to. Life goal: Pet all the dogs, I love this happy set so much!

  171. My favourite way to celebrate my birthday is going to the zoo with friends and family and eating lots of cake!!

  172. We’re pretty low-key about adult birthdays at my house, but I do enjoy the ritual of going out with my friends to celebrate birthdays! It’s a great excuse to make sure we see each other regularly!

  173. CAKE!!!! The only way to celebrate a birthday. Or. Anything for that matter!!! 😊😊😊🎂🎂🎂My husband and I actually have the same bday. Valentine’s Day. So if I’m with him I’m good. Take care ❤️

  174. I’d love to have the day for stamping and a big picnic get-together for my birthday… It was a few days ago. The trouble is that since I am a teacher and everyone is super-eager to fly the coop once school is over, usually not many friends are around mid-June for a “pawty.” This year, I went to a retirement seminar, worked in the flowerbeds and then went out for a relaxing dinner. Had a great day!
    Lori S in PA

  175. I love to celebrate birthdays big for my family. But I especially love to celebrate my own birthday at Disney World.

  176. My birthday is December 20, so not a lot of celebrating since so close to Christmas. For several years now I just have manicotti for dinner and chocolate cake!

  177. Since my birthday is in the Summer, I love to celebrate with family and steak & shrimp cooked on the grill! Of course there has to be my favorite cake too, red velvet with cream cheese icing. Yummy!

  178. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is with a nice dinner out and then birthday cake and board games at home.

  179. I love to celebrate my twin grandson’s birthday. They live in Colorado Springs, and since their birthday is at the end of November, we make a weeklong family holiday out of their birthday and Thanksgiving. I hope they will always want us to come and celebrate with them.

  180. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is by having a homemade dinner with my favorite people and favorite foods, and then playing board games out on the deck!

  181. We typically celebrate birthdays by going out to dinner with immediate family and a few friends! Thanks for sharing these adorable pups!

  182. Favorite way to celebrate a birthday is by making the FAVORITE meal of the birthday girl or boy, then serving it up with all out close friends! This collection is adorable!

  183. Oh well, I think the answer to this question really depends on the age. I love the kids birthday parties I had when I was little – all those fun games included! Then about 20 years ago I would have said I like a party night out with friends the best, but I can’t do those anymore, I need a whole week to recover from those. So by now having all my girls home, enjoying cake and coffee and then go out for diner is what I like the best – but who knows what the answer will be in a few years? As long as we are still able to celebrate, each and every way is perfect, I guess!

  184. I would love spending my birthday at an amusement park with my husband and kid only. That would be just perfect!

  185. Who let the dogs out?! My favorite way to celebrate is going to my daughter’s favorite place on Earth – Disney World!

  186. Traditionally…with cake and ice cream!!!
    Gosh, I think the dogs were the first LF stamp set that I worked with…many, many and many years ago!!!

  187. I like to celebrate my birthday with dinner out and a fun birthday cake. These birthday pups are just adorable!

  188. These dogs and the sentiments are absolutely adorable! Love them! I love to celebrate birthdays surrounded by family and friends.

  189. What a lovely cards made by the design team!
    My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to keep it simple just with family and some good friends, love to made some snacks and enjoy a yummy cake!

  190. I love baked treats, a trip to the park/zoo, and a good dinner to celebrate a birthday. All of that could be combined with a delicious picnic as well!

  191. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is going for dinner then watching movies curled up with hubby and the kids.
    I cannot wait for the slimline grass stencil!

  192. The most important part of my birthday celebration is being with my nearest and dearest! Bonus point if we spend some time outdoors or doing a fun activity!

  193. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is to go on a small birthday adventure. This year it was traveling to a nearby town to go to an outdoor flea market and an antique mall and then lunch out with my family at a steakhouse. I try to change up the adventure each year. We do this for my son, too – but for him it’s usually a surprise destination so he doesn’t know what the adventure is until we arrive. 🙂

  194. I’m a low key kind of girl, I prefer a family dinner & a movie in to celebrate my birthday..along with cherry chip cupcakes.

  195. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is just getting together and having a meal. Nothing too fancy. I like to chill and have no responsibilities

  196. For me personally, anything done with family is perfect for a birthday!! But it must include chocolate cake too!

  197. We always celebrate birthdays by having dinner out at a fancy restaurant, then enjoying a homemade cake while opening presents. Kind of boring maybe, but it really has become a tradition for our family.

  198. I love to celebrate my birthday with friends, especially the 4 legged ones. So these stamp sets are perfect!

  199. Eeeeeee I LOVE the dogs!!!
    My favorite way to spend my birthday is with my family at my favorite local restaurant with German chocolate cake for dessert later!
    Thanks for a chance to win and for the inspiration

  200. Birthdays for me are as simple as a nice dinner out with my family. And balloons… I adore getting balloons!

  201. We celebrate birthdays by going out for dinner and if we cannot go out on the actual day, I cook whatever they want for dinner (it’s usually something special and time consuming).

  202. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is being surrounded by my family, eating Hibachi shrimp and finishing it off with Key Lime Mango cheesecake or an Oreo ice cream cake.

  203. As long as I have my family around me, I don’t really care how we celebrate! I can’t wait to get my hands on these adorable pups! Absolutely love the yoooou howl stamp!!!!! So cute! Thanks for always bringing us a ton of inspiration with all your new sets.

  204. I absolutely need this for my LF collection. Adorable!
    I love to celebrate with a big delicious chocolate cake and family and friends!

  205. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is to have a garden party with some BBQ and Karaoke 🙂

  206. What a sweet release! I adore all of your stamps, and am especially in love with the sets that have dogs. Thank you for continuing to make such high quality products. Congratulations on an awesome release!!

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