Lawn Fawn Sneak Peek: “Happy Hanukkah”

Hello and welcome to the second sneak peek of Lawn Fawn’s October release! We are SO excited about this release! It is filled with holiday and winter fun! We have four stamp sets, and they will be for sale on October 7th at 12:01 am EDT and until then we will have sneak peeks and giveaways and lots of fun inspiration!

We already have three places you can leave comments to win:
Release week post
Bows and Holly sneak peek post

AND today’s post too! 🙂

Today is our showcase of “Happy Hanukkah”. This 4″ x 3″ set is perfect for Hanukkah projects and has some year round uses for other Jewish celebrations, too! The design team has made the most gorgeous samples!  I also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some features of the set!

Remember to click on the person’s name or card to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! 🙂


Tiffany has made two gorgeous projects using “Happy Hanukkah”. I am so in love with her embroidery hoop. It is stunning! She stamped on the fabric using Memento ink, and it looks amazing! Her card is fabulous, too! I love the dreidel image stamped in the bottom corner! Clean and Striking (what I call CAS cards) for sure! 🙂


Mariana‘s card is so stunning! I love her color combo! The menorah and Star of David look so amazing heat embossed in silver. I love the gems on the candle flames, too! The yellow accent color really helps invoke the feeling of the lit Menorah.


Maile‘s card is just fabulous! I love her background. It is just so cool and would look amazing on so many types of cards! I love the way she added glitter to the flames. I also love the sentiment stamped in a darker ink over the Menorah in a lighter ink. I can’t wait to use this technique on many different projects!

a happy hanukkah danni reid

Danni‘s card is so fun! I love the way she used the dreidel image. The different colors add so much joy to the card! I also love the way she highlighted the Hanukkah sentiment with the flags on either side. The white ribbon on white card stock looks so elegant! I can’t wait to try that tone on tone look!

Latisha‘s card is so fun! I love how tall it is, and I love the label shape she used to stamp the Menorah on. Just fabulous! She also highlighted the sentiment in a fun way with the white panel and the gems. Glossy accents on the flames is the perfect touch!

Teri‘s card is so wonderful! I love the darker almost gun metal color she used on the Menorah. So cool! The gem in the center of the Menorah is wonderful, too! The yellow circle behind the Menorah gives me the feeling that the Menorah is glowing, which I just love!

Happy Hanukkah-Lea Lawson 
Lea‘s card is so beautiful! I love the bracket border on the sides, and the gems on the bottom are such a wonderful accent! I just love that! Pearls in the candle flames looks so great, too! I love the way she accented the sentiment with the star and button. So gorgeous!

Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!

Now, I have a little video for you showing this set in action. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at You Tube.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of “Happy Hanukkah”. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave me a comment telling me if you’ve ever played the dreidel game by October 6th at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner!
Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday October 5th, at 12:01am EDT for our next sneak peek day!

Thank you so much for all of your enthusiasm! You guys rock! 🙂

Stamps: Lawn Fawn (Happy Hanukkah)
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93 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Sneak Peek: “Happy Hanukkah”

  1. Squeal! Love this! We spin the dreidel every year! We celebrate Christmas for me and Hanukkah for my hubby! Its hard to find fun and cute Hanukkah stamps so I'm really excited about this! 😉

  2. Such cute and beautiful cards by the Fab DT! I have many Jewish friends, but sadly I've never played the game. I'm always up for a fun game though, and maybe will get the chance soon!

  3. Great stamp set! You are totally right that there isn't much out there for Hannukah, so this set is just perfect! Personally, I haven't played dreidel since I was about 5! I had several Jewish classmates, so I can remember playing the dreidel game in school when we would talk about different cultural customs! It was always so much fun! Thanks for the great opportunity to win!

  4. I think it's so great that you guys are filling a need out there in the papercrafting world. :o) I've never played the dreidel game, but now you've got me curious!

  5. I'm so glad to see that you're offering a Hanukkah set! I have a few Jewish friends, and this will be perfect for cards for them. I actually lived with a girl who was Jewish all of last year, so she taught me a lot about the Jewish holidays and traditions, including about Hanukkah, lighting the menorah, and playing the dreidel game. I'm so thankful for what she taught me! Thanks for the chance to win. I'm looking forward to see what other sets you have up your sleeve. 😉

  6. WOW!!!
    Awesome cards and fantastic stamps!!!!
    I don;t have any jewish stamp 🙁
    I live in Israel and reeeeaallly would to be the lucky winner. Thanks for the chance to win this beauty!!!!

  7. This is fabulous – I think it's great that you try to cater to different beliefs! Reminds me of the "Twelve Days of Christmas"-rendition done by Straight No Chaser…

    Now I just have to google "dreidle game" – I know the look of the toy, but have no idea how the game works!

  8. Yes. I've played the Dreidel game and won! I have several dreidels, including a sterling silver one that we got as a gift when our daughter was born almost 21 years ago!

    Cute set!

  9. You really are filling a void in the market by creating this set. Plus, in your fun & whimsical style, it caters to children too! Love that!

    I've never played the dreidel game, but if someone ever shows me how, I'll have a stamp set to make them a thank you card! 🙂

  10. What a nice and truly a unique stamp set! I have Jewish friends who have sung me the dreidel song 🙂 and I would love to learn how to play the dreidel game, but I have never played it!

  11. Such a lovely set! My Dad was Jewish, he would have loved these, so this would be a great excuse to make cards for the rest of his family 🙂 Unfortunately, I've never played the dreidel game, but it sounds fun!

  12. A sensational set for those in need of these great images! I am not familiar with the dreidel game – I will have to do some research. I really wish you had sung the catchy song for us Kelly Marie!

  13. I have never spun a dreidel, but I agree the song is super catchy!! I have to say, I'm engulfed in Christmas card making right now, and while doing so, I was thinking of my former boss, who happens to be Jewish. Every year I send a "Happy Holidays" to him and these stamps would be PERFECT for him!!! WOW! You guys did an amazing job! I love the Menorah image especially!!!! And the sentiment – the font is just beautiful! Perfect! Your design team seriously never disappoints!!

  14. I cannot express how thankful I am that you made this set. I have so many Jewish friends and some family members and there isn't a good Hanukkah set out there for them. I always end up getting them store-bought cards..EEEEK! Thank you for making such a necessary set and making adorable as well.
    I played the dreidel game when I was little with my cousins but I barely remember it =)

  15. YAY! So happy to see such a fun Hanukkah stamp set! And the samples by the DT are super!! One of my 5th grade students taught us the dreidel game one year! It was so much fun learning about her family's holiday traditions!

  16. My boss, who is jewish, showed us how to use a dreidle many years ago. What fun! Your stamps are beautiful! Your team always comes up with the best stuff!

  17. This is a great set! I'd been looking for stamps for Hanukkah for last 2 years, but didn't have a luck… you are right, there are not many Hanukkah stamps out there. This set is not only Great but also Luv those DESIGNS!! Very nice! I also luv the DT's cards! They are all Beautiful!! I've never seen such beautiful Handmade Hanukkah cards before! … no, i've never played Dreidel game before, even my bf is a half jewish. …

  18. Of COURSE I've played dreidel! It's a great game! I'm not Jewish, but all my friends are, so I consider myself Jewish-by-association 🙂 I can't even tell you how excited I am about this set. You are definitely filling a void in the stamping world!

  19. This is a great set, being a Jewish crafter you get used to not having a lot of choices for Hanukkah or any of the other Jewish holidays. This would be a great asset when making my holiday cards. 🙂

  20. Absolutely awesome set, for me it is not one I would use, but I think the set itself is just great!!! Very very nice design, and the projects created with it are also Gorgeous, Great job all the way around!!!

  21. Beautiful cards! I am so happy to
    see a Hanukkah set! It isn't easy
    finding nice images for this and
    other Jewish Holidays. I love
    the font for Happy Hanukkah and
    the many possibilities this set
    offers. We played the game when my
    daughter was little and I taught it
    to many of her classmates as a way to
    share our holiday.

  22. No i've never played the game.. I've always wanted to be jewish.. WHY? IDK.. but i wanted the presents for everyday!! LOL i'm in it for the presents!! LOL

    love the stamps!!

    felkatz at gmail dot com

  23. Yes yes yes! We play the dreidel game every year when we celebrate the many traditions of the season. I am a firm believer in teaching my children that different faiths and cultures have many wonderful traditions.
    I cannot wait to see this set in it's entirety! Love it.
    And now I'm singing the Dreidel song! LOL

  24. Yes, we play Dreidel many times over the Hanukkah week…probably our favorite night is the night we invite our best family friends over and play with chocolate gelt (the other nights of the week we play with pennies)…the kids LOVE having a big haul of chocolate..
    These stamps are soooo amazing…and love love love what the dT did with them…would so love to win them!

  25. I really appreciate seeing Hanukkah stamps and card ideas. They're so hard to find, but I do want to make some Hanukkah cards for friends and family. Thanks.

  26. Yes I have played the dreidel game with my friend Jackie. We used delicious chocolate coins and it was so fun. It is nice to celebrate Hanukkah with her. I got her a Hanukkah stamp set last year and I know she would LOVE this one!

  27. I LOVE this set….hanukkah sets are very hard to come by and i have a couple of dollar stamps i have been using these last few years. You hit the mark with this one. Thanks for sharing your designs. Your pronunciations were just fine.
    Yes we play the game every season at least two or three times!

  28. I LOVE this set….hanukkah sets are very hard to come by and i have a couple of dollar stamps i have been using these last few years. You hit the mark with this one. Thanks for sharing your designs. Your pronunciations were just fine.
    Yes we play the game every season at least two or three times!

  29. I LOVE this set! I used to watch my friends play this game. And I've had a few try to tech me. I have a great place in my heart for those friends and have always loved visiting with those families. I always felt as if I were a part of thier family and still do. I have to have this set to make some special cards with!

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