CHA set up day TWO video!

I am so tired tonight!! We had another hard day of work, but it really paid off!

I have another video by Tiffany today! She rocks so much for making these videos! I hope you guys enjoy it! If you are at CHA make sure to come by booth #4816, say hi, do a make and take and take photos with your favorite critter! Make sure to tell everyone to come and visit us downstairs too! We would appreciate that more than you could ever know!

Big big hugs to you all!

Thank you so much for visiting!
Have an amazing day,


25 thoughts on “CHA set up day TWO video!

  1. Yey! Loving it! I betcha' you guys are the only one that has a fun, bright, cheery and colorful booth!! So the sadness continues :o( CHA not open to the public…booo!!!

    But enjoy the moment Kelly! Can't wait to see more videos!!!


  2. Your booth is going to be the best one at CHA! How could it not be, it's so completely adorable! In fact, when you take it down, could you send it to me? I wouldn't mind living in Lawn Fawn Land! :o)

    Have a fabulous time, you guys! You deserve it!

  3. It was sooo great to meet you both!! Eek! So excited for today ill stop by again and do that cute make and take. I loooove ur booth too!!! So awesome!!

  4. I love this video; so wish I was there! The booth looks amazing and you're going to have the BEST time over the next few days. Lots of hugs! Have fun and keep the videos coming 🙂

  5. Oh, the booth is just wonderful. I super love that I get to see it. The little fire and animals make me happy!! The stamps hanging on the lines… ugh, too cute! Oh and the tree… just adorable. Thanks for sharing this great video!

  6. Goodness your booth is adorable! And who came up with the idea of making a little fire pit from rocks? I want the little fire sitting on the log display. I would put him in my fireplace for decoration! He's so cute!

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