We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2015 {day 1}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Holiday Week! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! We have Lawn Fawn Design Team samples, giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set of your choice and a Let’s Bokeh in the Snow 6×6 pad!)
We will be featuring Lawn Fawn Holiday products this week, both old and new! Woohoo! And, we also have team members from Lawn Fawn Head Quarters (LFHQ) and our friends from Lawnscaping Challenges joining us for extra inspiration! I can’t wait to show you all of these gorgeous projects!
Let’s check out some awesome samples and a fun video!

Elena got inspiration from the Buffalo Plaid gift wrap for the Quinn’s Capital ABCs die cut letters on this adorable card! She used Gingham Backdrops to create her own plaid pattern. I love how she used kraft cardstock to die cut the Snowy Backdrop!

Nadia, who is part of our LFHQ team, created an awesome night sky with Distress inks and white embossed Snowy Backdrops! I love how she die cut Scripty Joy!

Audrey paired Baaah Humbug with the Critters in the Forest tree and added a fun color combo to create her festive card! I love the clever sentiment combining Louie’s ABCs with Snow Day!

Another LFHQ Fawnie, Ivy created a sweet card set using Lawn Fawndamentals inks and Winter Scripty Sayings! I love how she “frosted” the edges with Yeti ink!

How sweet is Christiana‘s Ready Set Snow design?! I love the pretty traditional Christmas colors tied together with the plaid ribbon and the red Scalloped Rectangle layer!

 I love how Chari used the birch trees from Joy to the Woods horizontally as a branch for Winter Owl! All the sparkly glitter details add lots of festive fun!

Lenny created amazing Christmas decor for her mantle with Milk Cartons! I love how she used black along with the pretty red and green patterned paper colors; it’s such a striking combination!

Samantha M. created a sweet, clean and simple design using Cozy Christmas! I love how she colored the fireplace! The polka dot washi tape is a cute and trendy detail!

Next up we have an awesome video by Nichol for her gorgeous Let it Snow Border card! You can watch it here or at our YouTube channel!

Thank you so much for watching!

 Thank you so much for the awesome video, Nichol!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration!

For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment sharing a favorite holiday memory by November 21st at 10:00pm  EST, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set of their choice and a Let’s Bokeh in the Snow 6×6 pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win! 🙂

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday November 17th for our next Fawny Holiday post! We hope you guys love this week!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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223 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2015 {day 1}

  1. Such adorable samples!!! My favourite holiday memory is baking cookies in my mother's kitchen with everyone in the family. So much fun and laughter…. xAsha

  2. I was a military kid and lived in the Florida for my first 8 years, so I loved going to Indiana for Christmas! Loved it when it would snow. Everyone would gather at my grandparents for presents then walk (right next door) to my Great-grandparents to continue festivities! It was always so much fun!!!

  3. Fantastic projects. My favourite holiday memory is my sister and I collecting hail after a big thunderstorm and using it in our drinks on Christmas day. We didn't even mind that we had to pick out the odd bit of grass.

  4. My favorite holiday memory is when I visited the top most hill station and a most snowy place Ladakh, at Kashmir! I am from India! And love the first snowfall too much very first time, made a snowman with my children, decorate with a muffler and a cap:) And enjoyed the Christmas Festival there too at the hotel, where we stay! This was the most memorable time!

  5. My favorite memory is watching my daughter open presents when she was little. Her facial expressions were priceless. Can't wait to watch my grandson open presents this year.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  6. I can't possibly choose one favorite. I have so many…from my own childhood Christmas memories to the year I became engaged leading to 40 beautiful years of marriage, to my memories of Christmas celebrated with my husband and son!

  7. Love these projects! My favourite holiday memory is the first time my daughter helped me bake holiday cookies for family and friends. She helps me every year now!

  8. WOW that snowglobe set is to die for!! Way too cute. My favourite Christmas memory is going to Boston to do all my Christmas shopping everything was so Christmassy & so magical it reminded me of all the movies & was exactly how I imagined the USA to be!!!

  9. Sup;er duper cute!! I just did four Lawn Fawn cards yesterday (soon to go up on my blog and instagram) and I have hopes on MORE getting done today! So happy Fawny Holiday week is here!! 😀

  10. What great inspiration here! Love the Let It Snow die, so many ways to use that beauty. A holiday memory was making Christmas cookies. A real family affair. What a mess we would make decorating them but I never remember mother complaining. It was just fun.

  11. I love how excited my kids get when its time to go to bed on Christmas Eve! They always leave out cookies, milk and carrots for the reindeer with a note to santa.

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  13. My favorite holiday memory is when I was younger and we lived at our first house, we had a fireplace and every Christmas Eve we would toast marshmallows and read the Christmas story from the Bible before bed. I just remember sitting with the lights out and just the glow of the fire on our faces as we listened to my dad's voice. Still gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling!

  14. One of my favorite holiday memories is from about seven or eight years ago. Someone in our neighborhood had a short flag pole in their front yard and they stuck a reindeer on it. For some reason every time we drove past it my husband and I would have a laughing fit! I wish I gotten a picture of it, it was just so funny looking! 🙂 They haven't ever done it again, it was a one time deal!

  15. My favourite memory is my niece's second Christmas. She's a November baby so didn't get it the first time but by Christmas #2 she loved it 🙂 So cute.

  16. I love Christmas is such a special time of the year, the cards are very lovely. My favorite memory I guess is when all of our cousins and me went to bed to wait for Santa and then run downstairs a little sleepy to see what Santa brought us, also is on the 25th when all my family ate what my mom cook for all of us.

  17. So many wonderful ideas. Love the last – let it snow.
    My favorite holiday memory was the year the kids and I pooled our money (this was in the early '60) and bought a rifle/shotgun (I don't know the difference between them) my husband was wanting.
    He didn't want to spend the money to buy it but we I knew it was something he really wanted. He was hard to buy for so we were happy to have any idea.
    He had tears in his eyes (from happiness) when he opened up his present. Made it all worthwhile.

  18. Love all the inspiration! My favorite memory was the year we had no money for ornaments or a tree, so we cut down a tree from our yard and made all the ornaments. It was a perfect Christmas!!

  19. Love all the inspiration! My favorite memory was the year we had no money for ornaments or a tree, so we cut down a tree from our yard and made all the ornaments. It was a perfect Christmas!!

  20. What awesome projects. Really gets the creative juices flowing. of our holiday traditions is for St. Nicholas Day. Our kids put their shoes out by the fireplace and St. Nicholas would leave then fruit and candy and usually a special little something to get them in the holiday spirit. I loved seeing their eyes light up in the morning and they found the goodies. Just some pre-Christmas fun!

  21. My favorite holiday memory is waking up Christmas morning to all of the amazing gifts my mom and dad would have stacked under the tree. Awesome Christmas cards especially the one with the Ready Set Snow design!

  22. Sending you happy wishes too.
    Fave Christmas memory would
    be going to church on Christmas
    eve and after the sermon, we all
    received candles and tried to get
    to the car without the wind blowing
    them out!
    Carla from Utah

  23. These are wonderful!! My favorite memories are the traditions we have have with our children. Since my oldest was born we have hunted Christmas trees, collected a dated ornament each year, opened stockings Christmas eve, gone for drives to look at the lights and had photos with Santa. I cherish every one of these.

  24. So many fun card ideas! Love them all!
    Favorite holiday memory…. spending the holidays in Santa Barbara with my family at my grandparent's home. They had a big 3 story Victorian house and Christmas there was always magical!

  25. What adorable creations!! A memorable Christmas (though, I didn't think so at the time), was the year my parents woke us up on the 24th for opening presents which, as a 14 yr-old I thought was very, very wrong!! We were leaving on Christmas morning for a trip from Illinois to Texas and my parents thought if we needed to exchange anything, we could do it on the 24th. It was a sensible plan but I was extremely put out – after all, I was 14!! But I still remember that Christmas and it's definitely part of my family history. 🙂

  26. Wonderful projects~so inspiring! My favorite memory is one I like to share, because it was the funniest. I was 12 or so when my dad asked me to hold a live Christmas tree up to see if we wanted to purchase it. He forgot I was holding it and walked away. When I couldn't brace it any longer….it fell on me! I was mortified! I stuck my hands and legs beneath the heavy tree and 'hid" until my sister came looking for me. She could hear my voice in the pile of trees but couldn't see me, because I refused to be seen, of course. Through tears of laughter, after discovering my plight…she went to retrieve my dad so he could rescue me. After he lifted the tree…he flippantly remarked,"Stop messing around, we gotta find a tree!!!" It was one of my many embarrassing pre-teen moments, but I love to share it every Christmas. 😉

  27. Wow! This post is especially rich with fun and inspiring work!
    One of my favorite Christmas memories is when we were sick and told the relatives to stay away on Christmas day. It was so peaceful and slow and fun. The relatives came the next day and that was nice too, but I will always cherish our slow, quiet Christmas with our kids!

  28. These are such great examples! I love the one Chari made – I can totally CASE that one:) Yay an opportunity to win…always fun winning Lawn Fawn products!

  29. I remember waiting up for Santa in my new pyjamas, sitting on my Dad's knee. Eventually, I fell asleep and I missed seeing Santa. But, it was fun to wait up!

    I love all of the inspiration. These cards, and the milk boxes, are fabulous!

  30. I love all these cards. They are so wonderful and festive. Favorite Holiday Memory…..waking up Christmas morning at grandma's house and having breakfast rice, sausages, and English muffins with the whole family there.

  31. My favorite memory was our first Christmas with my newlywed hubby's family in Ohio. Our tiny duplex contained 6 adults, two young children and 2 dogs, wrapping paper everywhere, smells of lasagna cooking (yes, we had lasagna for christmas dinner 🙂 ), fresh snow on the ground (one of two of my christmas's where there was snow on the ground), and games later on. It was so warm and cozy and fun! Great inspirations so far! Can't wait to see what the week holds!

  32. My favorite holiday memory is the Christmas Eve every year when my father's siblings families gather at our grandparents home and celebrate with carols, prayers, gifts and dinner.

  33. Love the inspirations! My most memorable holiday was the first Christmas I spend with my in-laws (then boyfriend's family). I was made to unwrap layers and layers of gift wrappers only to reveal a photo of my boyfriend when he was a toddler. Good times.

  34. These examples are so cute. I was busy myself making LF Christmas cards this past weekend, When you're as old as I am there are a lot of great Christmas memories so I can't pick out just one, sorry.

  35. My favorite holiday memory is Christmas at my Grandparents house. My family, my aunt's family, and my grandparents would all stay overnight at their house on Christmas eve, have dinner together, and then be excited for Santa to come! The next morning, we would wake up, open presents and my Grandpa would cook us breakfast. I would love to be able to do that one more time.

  36. Great iDEas, love THE milk cartons, very original and reuseable every year, Great.
    Love lawn fawns products, really Great products and Great quality! Thx for iT.

  37. Wow! I love the variety in these projects. Lots of new ideas for using my stamps. My favorite holiday memories are sledding and baking cookies with lots of family fun. Can't wait to share these fun activities with my own kids and make new memories.

  38. I am so excited to see all the creations. I have just found Fawn Lawn stamps recently. I am having so much fun learning. Cannot wait to see more.
    Angel Graham

  39. Great projects! Love so much here. So, one of my favorite holiday memories might seem a bit morbid, but… My aunt/Godmother died just before Thanksgiving many years ago, and her funeral was a few days before Thanksgiving. Because of work, I couldn't go — she lived in Northern California and I lived in Southern Cali. My mother's family makes a big family to-do for Thanksgiving, but since most of them were at the funeral, including my own family, I was looking at my first Thanksgiving alone. So I was sad at having lost my godmother, sad that I couldn't go to the funeral, and sad that I was going to spend my favorite holiday alone. The day before Thanksgiving, I was eating a lonely dinner in front of the TV, when I suddenly heard the front door. In walked my parents and my brother, with their arms full of grocery bags. Mom said she couldn't imagine us not being together for Thanksgiving, so they'd driven from before dawn to get here before stores closed. Not only were we together and had a lovely dinner with all the fixings — for the first time ever, we actually had leftovers! (My mother's family gatherings were 40-60 people, depending on who came, so the turkey was always merely bones by the time everyone finished.)

  40. My favorite holiday memory….my son's first Christmas. Being a January baby, almost a year old for his first Christmas, made it such a fun event to behold ♥

    Fantastic creations from the team ♥

  41. Wow – all these projects are so awesome…make me want to hide in my craft room and CREATE! Thanks so much for the inspirations! My favorite Christmas memories as a child were when my whole family would meet at my Nanie's place…it was always so much fun to be with my aunts, uncles and cousins (my mom was the oldest of 10 so there were a lot of us back then!!)

  42. So many gorgeous and cute inspirations for Christmas here!!!! Wow!!!!

    My holiday memory that I treasure is every year we would have family mini vacation and just spend time together, just us and kids. Special time.

  43. What amazing designs today! My favorite Christmas memory is when my kids were small, getting PJs on and reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

  44. Awesome video! Thanks for sharing with us!
    There are so many great cards and projects that I can't pick a FAVE. So very nicely done on all.
    My most fun and happiest memory of Christmas is my Mom and I making and decorating cut out cookies. I miss her so much!!!!

  45. Cute cards! My favorite memories were going to my aunt's every Christmas eve. We'd always go on a sleigh ride earlier in the afternoon complete with a bonfire, hot chocolate, and Christmas music 🙂

  46. I love getting ideas from all the talented and creative designers. Best memory for me is making Belgian cookies with my grandma and mom. Sure wish they were still here but my husband and kids fill the gap.

  47. It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas => LOVE ALL the projects today!!!
    … I don't like to choose favourites, but I have to confess Nichol's STUNNING card is a DELIGHT and I really enjoyed the video!!!
    THANK YOU ALL for sharing your CREATIVE Christmas INSPIRATION!!!
    One of my favourite memories is watching (and singing along with) the Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve, I still LOVE IT 🙂

  48. My favorite Christmas memory is opening the presents on Christmas day in our jammies. It was fun even though I knew what was in the present because I peeked!!!
    Love all the Lawn Fawn Holiday stamp sets!!

  49. You'll laugh, but it's the year Dad gave me a box of coal for Christmas. I cried & cried thinking I had been a bad girl. But he finally gave me my presents and I've had no ill effects from it. lol

  50. My favorite holiday memory wad as a child my older brother and sister telling me about Santa Claus and staying up with me to try and catch him. 🙂 My siblings were older eenagers and I was 5. I still believed and they played a long with me.

  51. I love getting inspiration from all of the cards and projects using Lawn Fawn products! My favorite holiday memory is last year when my son and daughter-in-law gave my Mom and Dad t-shirts that they had personally decorated to announce that they were going to be great grandparents.

  52. The year Grandma & Grandpa gave us the big picture book of Twas the Night before Christmas started a tradition of the yearly reading of the story. All of the cards are so wonderful, so much inspiration.

  53. My favorite holiday memory is the first time my husband I went and cut our own Christmas tree. I had him traipsing all over the tree farm. We found a beautiful tree, which we decorated with treasured ornaments. After growing up with an artificial tree, the pine scent in the house was pure heaven,

    Wonderful card and video. I love all the details that went into the card.

  54. My favorite holiday memory is wrapping all the Christmas presents for her when I was a kid. I always knew what everyone was getting, but it was alone time with my mom.

  55. My favourite Christmas memory is watching my son the first time we decorated our tree together – he was so amazed by the lights!

  56. My favorite holiday memory is one of my son being so quiet for two hours and not asking to open his presents. I asked him if there was something wrong that he didn't want to open his gifts. He was so excited to find out that he didn't have to wait for the relatives that were coming over for a Christmas breakfast.

  57. Everyone is so talented! My favourite memory would be when we get together with all the cousins on my dad's side and celebrate together – so much food and fun!

  58. I don't think I can pick just one favorite holiday memory b/c I love the memories we make each year with our family and our kid's wonder at the holiday season each year. It's like reliving my childhood holidays, but with a spectator's seat. I LOVE it!

  59. It may seem a little morbid but my favioitr most cherished holiday memory was opening gifts with my two month old son at midnight on christmas eve, he passed away that chirstmas day. its my favorite memory <3

  60. They are all so wonderful. Every time I would look at one and think.. Ooh, I like this one, then I'd see another and think .. Ooh, I like this one.. hehe Over and over. ♥

    1. Oh right.. was so excited about all the projects I nearly forgot.. My favorite Holiday memory. Well, that is hard to say, because every year is amazing. Every holiday is amazing. My whole family gets together, and we laugh, and have a good dinner, and play games, and it's really just a fun time for everyone.. How do I choose one? Not just Christmas, all the holidays.. so very tough. I will just have to say my first of every Holiday with my son, because that is something that can never be repeated. Of course, Now we have over 21, so many more to look forward to. ♥♥

  61. Now that our children are grown and have children. I treasure our memories with our parents, and our small children & friends. Our home was the gathering spot.

  62. My favorite memory is a still going tradition. As children and now with our own children we would go to a house a few towns over where a man had a display he hand carved all Disney figures life size and every year adds to it its huge beautiful and amazing and something we always look forward to

  63. So good to see all the different designs.
    Gets me back to my "want to" mood.
    All my favorite Holiday memories are with
    my children. Thanks Lawn Fawn for Amazing products.

  64. My favourite holiday memory when I was a child: that the family sit together , had a traditional meal and wait until the little bell was ringing that told us: Now St. Claus and his angles light the christmastree and brought the christmas gifts to us and the Holy Night is here! Then we sing together and after this we had a look if allours christmas wishes came true!
    And in this days I have memories with my kids and grandkids!
    sorry for my bad english:-)

  65. Love all the inspirational cards! My fav memory is from when I was in a teenager and the wind had blown all the snow up against our front door. It was impossible to get out, so me and my siblings had to jump out the bathroom window in order to catch the school bus 😀

  66. All the projects are so wonderful! So a favorite holiday memory is when I was a young child, the family would all get together at Grandmother's house on Christmas Eve. Everyone would get to open up one gift that night and we would all sit in a huge circle with a chair in the middle. We would all take turns opening gifts starting with the youngest and working our way up. Was a great family bonding time and great memories.

  67. When we were young my brother and sister and I would huddle together and keep looking out the window for Santa. We'd get so excited and sometimes convince ourselves that we heard his sleigh bells!

  68. Great projects!

    My favorite memory is from when I was about 11 yrs old and my grandparents and I took the train into NYC for the day. I'll never forget all the Christmas lights and decorationsand watching the people skate at Rockefeller Center, not to mention the tree! As we were getting ready to head out it was getting dark and it started to lightly snow. It was just magical and a memory I'll treasure forever.

  69. My favorite memory is piling into the family station wagon and driving around to see the Christmas lights. We always stopped for hot chocolate after we were done…

  70. My favorite holiday memory is waking up early Christmas morning with my brother and waiting restlessly for our parents to get up so that we could open presents.

  71. Such wonderful inspiration! Love all the ideas! One of my favorite memories is watching Christmas movies with my kids on Christmas Eve. We watch the same movies every year and it never gets old because we're together.

  72. What a fabulous array of cards/projects; inspiration galore! One of my favourite holiday memories was meeting my husband's parents for the first time, two months after we started dating. That's when I knew he'd decided I was 'the one' *grin*

  73. A favorite holiday memory I have was getting a new pet christmas eve – it was lots of years ago (& I was LOTS younger lol) – that pet has long ago passed; but I still remember him and that memory like it was yesterday; I was SO excited.

  74. Super fun cards today! Thanks so much for sharing!

    A favorite recent holiday memory was last year when it was time to take our annual family photo card picture we had decided on doing it outside in a local park. The day started out warmer and more pleasant but during our photo shoot it just got colder and it began misting making it really unpleasant, but we were together and cracking up so much our photo turned out with some rather hilarious looks on our faces. I think we'll all remember that shoot for a long time to come and I cherish those times together!

  75. Last year the three of us all ended up with the flu right around Christmas so we didn't go visit our families. While we did go see them for New Year's and we missed them on Christmas, it was our first year together EVER (son is 8, we're married 17yrs, together 25yrs) that we didn't juggle visiting multiple families, having guests, or whatever. It was SO nice staying in PJs, fixing meals we wanted (cheese and crackers for lunch, steak and shrimp for dinner) when we wanted, playing with toys and not worrying about cleanup. Definitely a favorite Christmas.

  76. We used to always get together with a friend across the street and make tins and tins of cookies. My mom used to let us put on all the sprinkles. To this day, spritz cookies remind me of all those fun times!

  77. Can't wait to try out some of these ideas!!! My favorite holiday memory… Well I have so many but I'd have to say waking up Christmas morning with my partner is always my favorite. 🙂

  78. Wonderful inspiration y'all. Christmas Eve church service and driving around looking at Christmas lights with my family is one of my best memories.

  79. Awesome projects! One of my favorite holiday memories is about 10 years ago – my family walked out of Christmas Eve mass…and it was snowing! We live in Houston, so this happens rarely! It was really magical for my kids, who were very young at the time.

  80. I think my favorite holiday memories are the traditions we'd do every year when I was a kid and then those we started with my own kids. At the start if Advent we'd set up the nativity minus Mary, Joseph and the donkey whi started their journey at the opposite end of the house. (Minus Jesus, too, of course!). Each day we'd do Advent activities and move Mary and Joseph closer on their journey. The kids so looked forward to it!!

  81. My favorite memory is when we baked with my Grandma every holiday. I loved the time we got to spend together and I look forward to doing the same with my family every year.

  82. I always love these inspiration weeks! My favourite holiday memory from my childhood is making the gingerbread house – I still love making them so much that some years I make more than one.

  83. My favorite memory from my childhood is going for a ride to see all the Christmas lights. The houses then didn't do the BIG extravaganza displays like some do now, but they were still so special. I liked comparing the houses and finding the ones I liked the best, and it was just fun being together as a family doing something so simple.

  84. My favorite holiday memory was when my brother and I found new bikes on Christmas morning…I still have no idea where/how out parents hid them from us!!

  85. You guys have the best DT! My wish list just keeps growing! Thanks, Paulette S.
    craftqueen417 at yahoo
    Google made me create a G+ page for a blog closed in 2012 instead of detaching the dead blogger profile from my google acct, lets see if it worked.

  86. Wow what wonderfully fun projects. Thanks for sharing.
    Some of my best holiday memories are those I shared with my sweet Momma. She has been gone for 25 years now and those memories are priceless.
    Crafty hugs,

  87. Amazing projects. Love the owl on sideways trees and Nicole's video. Her card is tops! Holiday memories of celebrating Christmas and Channuka at the same time are special to me and remind me of years ago when my children were small!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  88. Amazing projects. Love the owl on sideways trees and Nicole's video. Her card is tops! Holiday memories of celebrating Christmas and Channuka at the same time are special to me and remind me of years ago when my children were small!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  89. The power went out during my grandmother's last Christmas- we all used reindeer light up antlers to see each other's locations & ate tons of sweets when my parents weren't looking! We laughed so much!
    Thank you.

  90. Fabulous DT samples. I think the snow globe is my favorite LF set.

    My favorite holiday memory is all the big family dinners we used to have. And, the smell of a real Christmas tree.

  91. My favorite holiday memory would be the year that all of my family traveled to Tennessee to stay together at a bed & breakfast for Christmas! We had aunts, uncles and cousins and we had the entire B&B all to ourselves!

  92. My favorite holiday memory was the year my husband & I moved out of state. My parents were both a little down that we wouldn't be around for Christmas so we surprised them by showing up on their door step on Christmas Eve. My mom cried, she was so happy.

  93. My favorite holiday memory is when my parents let me and my sisters put on our pjs and then bundled us up in the car and we drove around the neighborhoods looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations.

  94. Favorite holiday memory would be when all the family was together on Boxing Day for a dinner – everyone in the family was there – it was wonderful! I really want your snow globe add-on but it's sold out everywhere!

  95. My favorite holiday memory is having the whole family over to decorate the Christmas tree. Everyone gets a new ornament each year to add to the tree while we listen to favorite Christmas music and eat Christmas cookies.

  96. Great projects, thanks for the inspiration!
    My favourite memory is of when my little nephew, who was only just learning to walk, saw his first snow and my brother felled him with a snowball. Bad Uncle David 😉 It was hilarious, and captured on camera too!

  97. I think my favourite holiday memory was a very long time ago, about 17 and a half years ago, my daughter was a small baby and I laid her under the christmas tree and she loved the lights and we had a cute little hanging christmas wind chime and she used to use her little feet to make them chime, so so cute still remember this to this day loved it – I really love Elena's project, so sweet x

  98. Beautiful… the milk carton decorations are fantastic! My favorite holiday memory is the year we got a kitten. He climbed up inside the tree and it took us forever to coax him out!

  99. My mother was in the church choir and every year my parents would host Christmas parties. I loved sitting on the stairs and listening to all of the laughing and singing.

  100. Oh that plaid Merry is super sweet! The candle light service, or The year grandpa sent 5 boxes! Or when mom bought a little advent tree, or when all our Barbies dressed up for a Christmas picture, or…..too many…

  101. Since this year will be 6 years since my dad died, just remembering how much he loved Christmas and always found really special gifts for everyone. So those general memories are very special.

  102. My favorite holiday memory is waking up early one morning just before Christmas and our parents having us get in the car to drive up to Michigan to surprise our Grandparents for Christmas!

  103. These are amazing samples, I so love Lawn Fawn!!!
    My favorite holiday memory is the year our (then) 9 year old son wanted to give his older sister a kitten for Christmas. Knowing how much she wanted one we agreed to this cute little barn cat (3 months old) who was never handled before. He was so wild. LOL Within a week she had him trained and tame. That was 21 years ago. We just lost him this summer and to this day she said he was the BEST Christmas present she ever got.

  104. LOVING ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!! =) My dads Birthday is on the 24th!! So for as long as I can remember we have gotten to Celebrate his Birthday with Baking a Cake and Cookies!! It was ALWAYS such a FUN Day and now that we are all grown up and have kiddos of our own we ALL get to make it an even MORE Memorable Event!! The KIDS LOVE to Bake and Decorate the Cookies and I think we'd ALL AGREE getting to EAT it ALL is our FAVORITE PART!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  105. I always love your inspiration week. My favorite holiday memory… hmm, let me think. I guess, my favorite memory is of my cat that climbed up our Christmas tree 🙂

  106. Fantastic projects!! Love the mantle one especially. My favorite Christmas memory would have to be the year that my husband and I bought a Christmas "bush." The tree looked lovely at the farm, but when we brought it into our house it looked more like a bush because it was so fat! Amazing the scale of things in nature and once they are brought inside. Everyone had a good laugh at our tree that year. We have had a fake tree since. 🙂

  107. One of my favourite holiday memories was my dad was in California and we didn't think he'd make it back home for Christmas, but he surprised us late at night on the 24th and made it home 🙂

  108. Such creative projects! My favorite holiday memory is when my finance' finally found a little black kitten 2 days before Christmas! The best present ever!

  109. My favorite holiday memory was when I surprised my mom with a gift for once when I was a kid. Honestly though, having my mom and grandparents alive at any Christmas is my favorite holiday memory. I miss them all so much.

  110. My favourite memory is from my childhood, the smell of floor polish mixed together with aromas from the kitchen where my grandma was preparing Christmas Eve supper.

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