Elena’s Brilliant Waffle Bar Party!

Elena styled a super cute Waffle Bar Party to share with you today! She combined lots of different sets to create her adorable waffle!
 This adorable framed sign welcomes the guests to the party! Elena paired Violet’s ABCs and Quinn’s Capital ABCs to add the charming and punny message!

 Elena labeled all the yummy toppings!
 The adorable banner decoration combines the adorable waffle with Louie’s ABCs letters, Everyday Sentiment Banners and Stitched Party Banners!
 Elena added hand-drawn details to a our Pizza My Heart pizza (see directions below) to create her cute waffle! She embellished it with fruit from So Smooth, a whipped cream “hat” from Baked with Love and utensils from Party Animal!

I think it’s so brilliant how Elena used our Pizza My Heart pizza to make her adorable waffle!
Thanks so much for inspiring us with another fabulous party idea, Elena!

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21 thoughts on “Elena’s Brilliant Waffle Bar Party!

  1. I LOVE this! I'm always trying to find creative ways to use stamp sets for different purposes. What a GREAT idea to create the waffle from the pizza my heart set! Sidenote: I'd love it if you could add a consistent tag for all posts related to party decorations. I was trying to search the site for party decor inspiration, and only found a few tagged with party. I LOVE how much inspiration I get from the blog! Thanks!

    1. Hi, thanks for the great suggestion! We've updated all of Elena's party posts so you can search party or party ideas to see all her awesome party décor ideas! 🙂

  2. I was thinking, "where is this waffle set!" Sitting in my craft room with the pizza my heart. 🙂 Oh I will have to try this very soon, so cute!!! I couldn't clearly see the directions in the image, does she just kind of mark where the squares will be, and then put it in ink? Thanks for such fun ideas to stretch our supplies!

    1. hi Lynette! yes, I just sketched out lines into a grid and then used a copic-friendly black pen to doodle the squares and then colored everything! sorry it wasn't clearer, I should have provided an explanation to go along with the photo!

  3. Lol – Very clever – I also (at first glance) – thought I missed out on a cute waffle set!! Love Elena's party ideas – her cute little waffle man has made me hungry – going to have to makesome waffles for breakfast!

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