Lawn Fawn Intro: Polka Heart Backdrop, new ink, new cardstock packs

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine Inspiration & Release Week! On December 13th our 2 new stamp sets, 8 new die sets, new Cardstock Multipacks and new Ink Pads will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

We already have five places you can leave comments to win:
Our big giveaway post!!
Our Let’s Toast post!!
Our I Love You(calyptus) post!!
Our Heart Treat Box, Tiny Gift Box Raccoon and Fox Add-On post!!
Our Candy Hearts, Sending Hugs and XOXOXO Line Borders post!!
AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Polka Heart Backdrop in Portrait and Landscape, new ink pads and new cardstock packs in Sherbet and Neutrals! This polka heart backdrop makes a cute background for a standard-sized card! It comes in both Landscape and Portrait and it will add lots of fun to your cards for Valentine’s Day and all year through! Our new ink pad colors are Grape Jelly, Apricot and Sage Leaf. The new cardstock packs have 10 sheets, 2 each of 5 colors. The Sherbet pack includes Raspberry, Ballet Slippers, Sticky Note, Cilantro and Moonstone! The Neutrals pack combines Storm Cloud, Narwhal, Ground Coffee, Paper Bag and Vanilla Malt!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these die sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Audrey‘s card is amazing! The Black Licorice Polka Heart Backdrop looks great with the white hearts peeking through! I love how she added the red hearts for bold pop of color and the Let’s Toast toaster pastries look so cute in happy pastel colors!

Megan‘s mini Let’s Toast cards are so adorable! She combined fun colors of cardstock for layering the Polka Heart Backdrop! She stamped some of the toast with ink colors (Grape Jelly, Pizza Crust and Cilantro) to look like jelly, peanut butter and avocado and included the punny Let’s Toast sentiments!

Elise‘s super cute circle cards are finished with Stitched Scalloped Circle Frames! She used a Polka Heart Backdrop as a stencil to add the bright hearts to the background!

Yainea‘s card design is so adorable! She used Say Cheese, Again frames for a picture perfect Let’s Toast card! She borrowed the greeting from Love You S’more!

I love Kay‘s super sweet mix of old and new sets! The cute Critters in the ‘Burbs look so happy in this idyllic scene with plaid grass, pretty Simply Celebrate flower border and a pink heart sky courtesy of Polka Heart Backdrop: Portrait!

Melissa‘s card is so elegant! I love her pink ombre inking on the Polka Heart Backdrop: Landscape and how cool it looks layered with the gold glitter cardstock! XOXOXO Line Border is a fun and simple greeting!

What could be better than rainbow inking? Rainbow inking on a Polka Heart Backdrop!! Latisha‘s card is bold, fun and so eye-catching! I love how she added the sweet Candy Heart and the Stitched Rectangle Frame!

Lizzy created a sweet card with our Black Friday exclusive set A Little Sparkle! I love how she inked the white Woodgrain cardstock with pink and layered it behind the navy Polka Heart Backdrop layer.

Elena‘s card is totally adorable and so sweet in soft pastel shades! I love how she kept the cutout Polka Heart Backdrop on the top portion of the card! That fun greeting combines Finley’s ABCs with the Let’s Toast sentiment!

Now, I have a little video to introduce Polka Heart Backdrop and show you some fun inspiration. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch  at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Here’s a quick video to bring you up to date with all the new ink colors we’ve introduced this year including our newest Grape Jelly, Apricot and Sage Leaf! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.


And now I have another quick video to introduce our new Sherbet and Neutrals cardstock packs! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Polka Heart Backdrop in Portrait and Landscape, new ink pads and new cardstock packs in Sherbet and Neutrals! Tomorrow is Release Day, woohoo! but for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by TODAY December 12th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this die! (If you already own this die and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday December 13th for our release reveal and our Inspiration Week Winners!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Valentine Release Products will be available on December 13th!
Polka Heart Backdrop, Landscape + Portrait
Sage Leaf Ink Pad + Re-inker
Grape Jelly Ink Pad + Re-inker
Apricot Ink Pad + Re-inker
Secret Garden Ink Cube Pack
Sherbet Cardstock Pack
Neutrals Cardstock Pack
Let’s Toast stamps and coordinating dies
XOXOXO Line Border

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223 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Polka Heart Backdrop, new ink, new cardstock packs

  1. OOOOh the sweetest heart background!!! so wonderful ! my 5 yr old said we were both “stickers” cause as we hugged, we were like glued to each other, that made me not smile, laugh !

  2. I haven’t smiled much lately as my mom passed away 3 weeks ago with cancer but I made some gingerbread men with my hubby and we decorated them together and that made me smile.

  3. Such a versatile and charming backdrop <3!
    My cats made me smile today, as they went back to bed, looking utterly adorable all cuddled up when we had to leave for work.

  4. And what made me smile today is something that makes my smile everyday.. My dog ( cosmo) and your intro vidoes. I watch them everyday in the morning while I drink tea and prepare myself for work( no matter how many times I have seen the same video before). They are very calming to me and I look forward to them. They are like my treat.

  5. Just love that heart background!! I see a lot of uses for that one in the future!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

  6. Love that polka heart backdrop and the new inks and the new Cardstock packs. What made me smile today was catching up with a dear friend before she moves country (it also made me cry!)

  7. These new colors of ink and paper are super cool! What made me smile today, so far, is realizing that I only have half an hour left of work. Woo hoo!

  8. I’ve been waiting to see the polka heart backdrop! I’m so excited for release day!!
    It’s still crazy early, so the only thing I’ve done is exercise, but I definitely smiled when I was finished. Whew!

  9. My 4 grandsons made me smile today. They each have such distinct personalities and there is something about each one of them that never fails to make me smile or laugh out loud. Love the Polka Heart background.

  10. It has been a blessing to go through this life with sore cheeks from my husband always making me smile!!! The answer to this question is always him!!!❤

  11. What a wonderful release! The Polka Heart backdrop is lovely! I love that it fits your rectangle dies, you really think of everything 🙂 My baby girl made me smile today.. she wants to take her new umbrella everywhere 🙂

  12. These cute videos made me smile today! I just can’t wait to get my hands on that cute toaster set!! Only one more day to wait!! Loved seeing all of the fabulous examples this week!

  13. Love the heart background and the new colors! My tween daughter made me smile today by giving me a hug for no reason…those are the best!

  14. My heart is all-a-flutter with CREATIVE EXCITEMENT – LOVING this new release!
    Our little blackbird made me smile today … she stood nearby as I filled the birdbath with fresh water, then, as soon as I walked away to turn the tap off, there she was, up on the lip of the birdbath, having a drink, then a bath 🙂

  15. The new ink colors are gorgeous!! So are the papers; so pretty!
    This darling post made me smile today (and the day is young so there’s
    plenty of time for more smiles!).

  16. Love this heart backdrop die! Something that me me smile this morning is watching my 2 older children playing together!

  17. Woo, love the apricot ink, such a gorgeous color! And the heart backdrop is CUTE. A must have! I am smiling today because I have plans to go Christmas shopping with my brother! 🙂

  18. I love all of these wonderful projects!! That heart background die is amazing!!

    What made me smile today was my son. He was hurt really badly on Thanksgiving in an ATV accident (broke both femurs and his foot) and things have been a nightmare of sorts but he slept pretty good last night finally and was in a happy moon when he woke up! Progress!!

  19. What made me smile today is that I’ve finished three more Pysanky eggs for unsuspecting recipients and I know they will be smiling when the mailman delivers these gifts to their doors.
    Loving this Polka Heart Backdrop die and all the adorable projects using it.

  20. That Polka Heart Backdrop is one of the cutest backdrops I’ve seen in a long time! Love it!
    Something that made me smile- honestly, it’s been a bit of a rough start to the day, but I have my office holiday lunch today, so that’ll be nice to catch up with co-worker friends over decent food 🙂

  21. Excited about the new paper and ink colors! The sunshine is making me smile today. It may be cold outside, but as long as the sun is shining, it makes for a better day.

  22. It’s pretty early here, so I haven’t smiled at a lot yet! LOL. I guess my coffee makes me smile! But I get to wrap presents today and that’s always a smile maker.

  23. Getting to work safely today made me smile! We have freezing rain and the roads are slippery! Stay safe everyone in the midwest!

  24. My little girls made me smile today! She always does! And txts from my friends too! I’m so excited for release day!!! Can’t wait to play with all that new product!

  25. Looking at awesome new Lawn Fawn’s made me smile this morning! Looking forward to putting these new products in my shopping cart tomorrow!

  26. A funny postcard from one of my friend made me smile today!
    Beautiful release! All the new products are amazing!!!

  27. when I got out of bed, the sun was shining and it’s
    going to be a warm day. I can do some work
    outside before the rain and cold returns.
    Makes me smile. Great release.
    thanks for sharing

  28. A photo from 4 years ago popped up on my feed today and it showed my kids with Santa. My son was screaming his head off and my daughter looked like she was meeting a celebrity. Santa was pretending to cry. I am loving all the hearts in this release! Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. So many fabulous cards! Your design team is brilliant. If I had half their imagination I’d certainly be smiling today, but for now, I’ll settle for cuddles with my family and puppy to make me smile.

  30. I didn’t think I would ever see a backdrop I would like as much as the quilted backdrop, but this one may change my mind.

  31. Love how versatile the new heart background die is.
    Something that made me smile today was knowing that today was my annual shopping with ‘the girls’ trip.

  32. Love the new ink colors, so pretty! Pictures of my sweet kitties made me smile today, we are out of town and my awesome sister in law is taking care of them.

  33. I love that new polka heart backdrop! Love all the creations. It’s early for me, so I haven’t had much interaction with anyone yet, so I’ll have to say that my emails have made me smile today so far – the creativity from all the crafty blogs and the humour in some of the newsletters I get 🙂

  34. Loving the new Polka Hearts backdrop dies, just like your other background dies, these add the right amount of interest and texture but don’t detract from the focal images! Well done to all the DT members on yet another week of great inspiring projects! What always makes me smile is how my dog gets so excited when I arrive home even if I’ve only been gone a few minutes!

  35. I love this whole release and can’t wait to get my hands on it! I bought a Christmas tutu for my dog and tried it on her this morning – that made me smile! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  36. I love the names you choose to name the different colors of ink and paper, always so cute!! Something that made me smile today was getting up early with the sun, there’s just something I absolutely love about morning time! And also another thing that made smile was a sweet man running to open a door for me when I was going to an appointment this morning. 😊

  37. Those heart polka dot backdrops are absolutely gorgeous!!! Every morning I wake up and as I lay in bed I look at this blog to see all the new ideas and smile as I look at it all. Starts my morning off right!

  38. It made me smile to see all the cute card designs. Love the Polka Hearts and The unicorn catd and colors are so eye pleasing.

  39. The Grape Jelly ink made me smile and remember the hundreds of grade school peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I ate because I refused to eat anything else.

  40. This post made me smile today! I love that avocado toast set and will NEED it. I also hope the Black Friday set is released for sale in the future. Looking forward to seeing all of the products!

  41. Just seeing all the card ideas makes me smile. Lawn Fawn blog and product are my favorite. Thanks for making me smile everyday.

  42. Can’t wait to see the whole release!
    My kid makes me smile every day – first thing today when opening advent calendar!

  43. Love the polka dot hearts!!!! My daughter was so concerned about her lost backpack at school. When we arrived at school, there it was. 🙂

  44. Yowza! These are so adorable. I love this new release!! What made me smile today was getting up early and going to a yoga class before work. Such a great way to start the day!

  45. LOVE all the darling Let’s Toast cards! So so fun! I’m smiling because I’m finishing up my big crafting project of Christmas memory albums for my adult children today!

  46. Wow…The Black Licorice and Navy Cards are just Striking with the Heart Backdrops. LOVE the new Sherbet color. Such fun and amazing Cards and Projects…Well Done!!!
    My Cats were playing and making goofy kitty noises and they just made me Smile BIG!!!

  47. I have been struggling a lot with my migraines, and I woke up headache free today so that made me smile! I love the new grape jelly color!! xoxo

  48. I have to say what make me smile today was seeing all the incredible new Lawn Fawn projects. And I just love the Polka Heart Background dies, so fun! Love the new ink colours as well. It has been a great release.

  49. What pretty new colors! Your team never ceases to amaze me with their beautiful creations with all of your adorable supplies! Thank you so much for the chance to win! What made me smile today? Well, I currently have pneumonia, and we are living in temporary housing without most of our stuff so things are cramped and uncomfortable, so not exactly the happiest time for me, but my little dog came up to me earlier this morning, looked at me with his big beautiful brown eyes, smiled (yes, he smiles!) and proceeded to rub his cute little head against my legs until I leaned over and pet him. I love him so much! Dogs are just the best! So, THAT made me smile today BIG TIME, despite a collection of otherwise unhappy circumstances. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  50. I smiled because someone I know did something nice for someone else and thats always good to see. Love all these beautiful examples!

  51. The design team of Fawnies has given us such wonderful ideas to share with family and friends.
    Thank you to the Lawn Fawn staff!

  52. So looking forward to this new release. What made me smile today is my dog laying on his bed backward, watching me and raising one ear and then the other when he heard his name.

  53. Something that made me smile today I’d the book I’m reading! I can’t wait to get the ink cube pack and everything else!

  54. The thing that made me smile today is that so far, today’s tasks at work have been about 100 times easier and less frustrating than those I was working on yesterday.

  55. Looking forward to the new release tomorrow has made me smile. I’ve sent in a list to my craft store to put aside for me.

  56. Love all the adorable inspiration! So so cute! A great exhibition in a museum made me smile today – it was very interactive and modern, with projectors everywhere, and the bursts of colours around me were super refreshing and uplifting on a cool and grey winter day! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  57. OMG ! This release is the best ever. Ladies your example cards has been amazing inspiration. I’ve just wanted to start playing with these products after each post, so much fabulous ideas & I can’t wait for these to hit out shores. Thank you xx

  58. Surprisingly, I received a nice little surprise package from a friend with a few little goodies that made me really smile. And I already phoned and thanked her for making my day beautiful. 🙂

  59. We’re having our Christmas office party tonight and the theme is Chic Chalet. It made me smile to walk around the office and see everyone wearing plaid shirts this morning – so funny! It’s a festival of red buffalo check!

    Love the heart polka dot background by the way and I’m really impressed that you positioned the hearts to fit your stitched rectangle stackables. What a great attention to detail Lawn Fawn has and that’s a little detail that is totally selling me on this new background die!

  60. I smiled when my 2 year old daughter looked so surprised at the branches falling into place as I put up our fake Christmas tree. It was priceless!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  61. Received a Christmas card and sweet note from a cousin whom I’ve not seen in a while. That made me smile today…
    What a fun week seeing all the new products! Love the heart background die! Sample cards are amazing! Makes me want to get out the craft supplies and start making some cards!

  62. Eeek, cuteness galore! And I LOVE the new ink colors, and especially the cardstock! This morning my friend posted a video on Facebook of her playing with her dog’s 1 month old shihtzu puppies; I can not tell you how CUTE they are! That was my first smile of the day today.

  63. Oh, i love the new polka heart backdrop dies!

    A couple of things made me smile today besides that die- my cousin just this morning joined the Grandma Club with the birth of her first grandchild. 😃. And I have just spent the day with my wonderful & beautiful daughter. 😃

  64. Such an amazing die. Really loving all these beautiful cards. The sweet 7 month old little boy and his two adorable sisters, 2 & 4, that I watch, make me smile and laugh every day!!

  65. Being with my kids and doing 4-H with them made me smile!
    All these cute design team designs sure made me smile too!

  66. These cards are wonderful! I just love the Polka Heart Backdrop! My cat looked so cute curled up and sleeping on the bed this morning…that made me smile as I was leaving for work. 🙂

  67. Oh my goodness, love this new release and all the inspiration!! I spent time with my grand babies today, they always make me smile!!

  68. Oh my god – i loved to see all the lawnfawn ink colors! They are all soo beautiful and unique. hard to pick favorites!

    So today I had to go to university (its about half an hour wit the train) and I went in a tiny restaurant where they serve soups they make entirely themselfs and always fresh with the best ingredients and toppings you can choose, every day 5 different soups so you never know what is on the menu. The soups are AMAZING and the prices are very fair and because of that at lunch time its always full of people. Even worse in winter when you can’t sit outside.
    So you kind of always have to sit with strangers to eat your soup. I usually don’t like to sit with strangers but as I said – the soup is amazing and not expensive. Usually I bring a book so eating “alone but not really alone” isn’t so uncomfortable but today I forgot it.
    So I bought my soup (its self-service) and asked a woman if I coul sit with her and she had such a BIG and kind smile and was so friendly (she said enjoy your meal, that never happens when i sit with strangers) I had to smile back and it felt warm in my heart and really made my day. We didn’t even talk afterwards but it was that kind of silence where no words are needed and you feel completely comfortable. I din’t even miss my book. When she was finished she said goodbye and I wished her an amazing day .

    And it was nice that this question “what made you smile today” was aksed, because of that I thought of it again and now it makes me smile again. It’s strange how sometimes a simple thing can make your day. And It’s nice to think back how the day was like and what made you smile, because you appreciate it even more ♥

  69. Nice inspiration today…can’t wait to see the release. One of my students made me smile…just his innocent reaction to the world around him.. Children are the best!

  70. Today, we had a practice for the local school’s Christmas program. They were so cute!! And they did such a great job!!! It made me smile. 🙂

  71. We are so fortunate to have such talented Lawn Fawn staff members. The recent creations for the new year are just “out-of-this world”. Thank you!

  72. Love the new colors of ink and the paper packs that hard to die cut is just so versatile. Working with some amazing stuff at my school made me smile today.

  73. i love the heart backdrop die! What made me smile today was seeing some lovely handmade crafts and finding a gift for a friend.

  74. I’m VERY excited about the Polkadot hearts! What makes me smile is my hubby who always supports me, and my kids. They’re all very creative too and are starting to show interest in crafty things 💖

  75. I sewed up a stuffed
    Llama and mailed it
    off today, after only
    using one day to
    make it! Made me
    Carla from Utah

  76. My younger daughter received an award at her school Presentation Day today – she has an intellectual disability so this was very special!

  77. I teach 3 year olds – I have a bazillion different reason to smile every day. Today I saw saw a cute little face smiling up at me with alfredo sauce all over it. LOL…he really liked lunch!

  78. The heart backgrounds are adorable! The reason I was smiling today is my doctor appointment went well, I did some Christmas shopping and went to dinner with a dear friend to have some much needed girl time. Great release Lawn Fawn!

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