Lawn Fawn Intro: XOXO Backdrop: Portrait, XOXO Backdrop: Landscape

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine Inspiration & Release Week! On December 12th our 3 new stamp sets, 7 new die sets, a new Reveal Wheel Template and some fun new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

We already have five places you can leave comments to win:
Our Big Giveaway post!!
You’re Just My Type, Love Poems and Reveal Wheel Square Window Add-On post!
Stud Puffin post!
Heart Shaker Gift Tag post!
Just Stitching Hearts post!
AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of XOXO Backdrop: Portrait, and XOXO Backdrop: Landscape! This XOXO Backdrop makes a wonderful background for a standard-sized card! It cuts out delicate Xs and Os along with sweet hearts and looks great layered over a color coordinated panel!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing these new dies! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Tammy created an adorable You’re Just My Type and Love Poems vignette on an Outside In Stitched Heart! Then she added some wow factor with XOXO Backdrop: Portrait in a fun color combo. I love how she popped out some hearts and xo pieces to inlay with the fun colors of cardstock!

Audrey‘s super fun Valentine card features traditional colors and the sweet How You Bean? Conversation Heart Add-On in happy pastels! She left the hearts in place but popped out the Xs and Os so the pink cardstock can show through!

Elise used the XOXO Backdrop as a stencil to create a cool inked pattern inside the Just Stitching Hearts! She finished her beautiful card with a striking black glitter Scripty Love greeting!

Melissa used the XOXO Backdrop in fun way to add color, texture and pattern to her charming scrapbook layout! She layered the XOXO Backdrop panels with Really Rainbow Scallops paper to frame the precious photo!

Mindy‘s interactive pull-tab card has lots of sparkle peeking through the cut outs in the XOXO Backdrop: Portrait! I love how she added the cute cat from Keep on Swimming to the sweet scene!

Latisha‘s brilliant clean and simple design uses XOXO Backdrop: Landscape to add a subtle tone-on-tone pattern in the background while the Bunting Borders and Love Poems sentiment pop on a Zig Zag Circle!

Melissa S created a gorgeous flowery design by combining the leaves from Pretty Poppies with flowers from Little Flowers and Spring Sprig! The pretty flowers look great with the sweet XOXO Backdrop!

Grace piled up pretty Heart Shaker Gift Tag frames in fun pastels and backed them with Pearlescent Vellum to give the look of conversation hearts! I love the fun rainbow colors peeking through the XOXO Backdrop!

Marine‘s card is just so cool! I love how she inlaid pretty Valentine colors for all the hearts and shiny gold for the Xs and Os! She popped up the tiny typewriter from You’re Just My Type on vellum and added a bit of gold thread to coordinate with the background pattern!

For her lovely Valentine card, Yainea combined last year’s Let’s Toast set with the XOXO Backdrop and Happy Heart Day Line Border!

Elena uses Apricot cardstock for her XOXO Backdrop with sweet accents of blue! Her card is just so pretty!

Megan‘s adorable Valentine card features a pretty color combination for the XOXO Backdrop!

The XOXO Backdrop adds lots of fun color and pattern to Audrey‘s fantastic You’re Just My Type and Love Poems card!

Now, I have a little video to introduce XOXO Backdrop: Portrait and XOXO Backdrop: Landscape and show some creative ways to use these dies. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at XOXO Backdrop: Portrait and XOXO Backdrop: Landscape! It’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us which is your favorite product from our Valentine 2020 Release by TODAY December 11th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday December 12th for a recap of the Valentine 2020 Release and our giveaway winners announcement!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Valentine Release Products will be available on December 12th!
XOXO Backdrop: Portrait
XOXO Backdrop: Landscape
You’re Just My Type stamps + coordinating dies
Love Poems stamps + coordinating dies
Just Stitching Hearts
Happy Heart Day Line Border
Heart Shaker Gift Tag

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259 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: XOXO Backdrop: Portrait, XOXO Backdrop: Landscape

    1. I truly love everything in this release! But if I had to choose, I think I will use these backdrops more than anything else. Can’t wait to start shopping!

    1. Squeeeeeeee! This is an incredible release … as always! I think my faves are “You’re Just My Type” and “Love Poems” … But everything is adorable, fun, and perfect. I love this release. You always inspire me and make me happy. You are loved and appreciated!!

  1. My favorite is the cute little Stud Puffins! They are absolutely adorable 💖
    Love how Elise used the XOXO Backdrop as a stencil!

  2. Oooooh what a great backdrop, so subtle – love it! The Puffins are my favourite set for sure, cause I love puffins, but there are lots of great products in this release that I *MIGHT* be interested in 😉

  3. It’s a toss up between happy heart day line border and just stitching heart die. But everything is so adorable it’s hard to choose just one

  4. Your backdrop dies are terrific! I love the mix of hearts and Xs and Os on this one. The happy heart day line border is my favorite product from this release but there are so many others on my wish list as well. Kudos to your DT who rocked the new products. Their projects are magnificent!!!

  5. Oh gosh, I’m having a hard time deciding which new thing is my favorite. I’m going to go with the tote bags because they’re so original and super cute! I love everything Lawn Fawn!

  6. Hard to pick one favorite because there are so many so I narrowed it down to two–the mice images as well as the typewriter.

  7. I love the new backdrop die and the samples today are lovely! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I love the Just My Type!

  8. Hmm that’s a tough one… I think I’ll have to go with the xo backdrop and stitched hearts. But honestly, I think all the products are so versatile. Love them all!

  9. It’s so hard to pick just one … but I’m going to say, Your just my type & Love poems I believe are my favorite!

  10. Wow, these are adorable samples! Love the new backdrop die! My favorite item in the release is the You’re Just My Type stamp set, but everything is really great!!

  11. What a seriously awesome background die!!! Love it and everyone’s projects using it!

    My fave product from this release has got to be the mice! They’re all totally adorable!!

  12. I’m not a big Valentine’s project maker, but this release has changed my mind on the whole holiday! You’ve got a great product line up and I’m itching to get started on my own projects using all of them.

  13. I have a few faves so it’s hard to narrow down! I definitely like the new little typewriter set! But I also love the xoxo backdrop!! You make the decision so difficult to make lol.

  14. You’re Just My Type is darling.
    Brings back memories of my secretarial days.
    thanks for a fun preview.

  15. The heart gift tags are my #1 favorite, but I also really like the xo’s back drop and your just my type set. Would be hard to pick just one!

  16. I’m having a hard time picking a favorite…I’ll go with the Stud Puffins, I’m a sucker for cute critters and puns! But the typing mice are adorable as well!

  17. So many cute items. I do like the scripty friends die. Then there is the typewriter which is so cute! Hard to pick a favorite.

  18. My favorite item from this release is the XOXO backdrop! They’re so versatile, I can’t wait to add this one to my current collection!

  19. I love the just my type set and the xoxo background those are probably my favorites but they’re all so amazing. 😀

  20. Howdy!! Love the inspirations!!! The backdrop is adorable, but also looks time consuming. My favorite new release products are the Happy ❤️ Day die and the cute little stamp sets with the mice!! Thanks!

  21. More great products! Love what the designers did with these backdrops. It’s hard to pick just one favorite but I would have to say the Just My Type stamp set with the mice is my favorite. You can’t go wrong with typing mice! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  22. Squeeeeeeee! This is an incredible release … as always! I think my faves are “You’re Just My Type” and “Love Poems” … But everything is adorable, fun, and perfect. I love this release. You always inspire me and make me happy. You are loved and appreciated!!

    (And, I am reposting my comment here .. somehow I accidentally replied to another person’s comments so I copied and pasted my comment here on the right thread! Sorry, and thanks!)

  23. You’re Just My Type is my favorite product from this release – those little mice are SO CUTE! Thanks so much for the chance to win – and for the adorable release!

  24. There are too many to pick just one! I think my favorites are the Just Stitching Hearts and the Heart Shaker Gift Tag!

  25. “You’re just my type”, for sure Lawn Fawn! Thanks for such h a cute desk and typewriter. My head is spinning with ideas!

  26. You’re Just My Type is my favorite set from this release. It’s actually one of my favorite Lawn Fawn sets of all time!

  27. It’s hard to pick just one!!!! If I really do have to pick one product as my favourite, it would be the Heart Shaker Gift Tag. I love it. I can’t wait to get it tomorrow from my LSS. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone!!!

  28. Id say my favorite right now is the You’re Just My Type set…BUT I love hearts and I could use everything. You’ve outdone yourselves.

  29. Love everything from the new release but the first thing I’m grabbing for are the stitched hearts. So many ideas.

  30. My favorite is the stitched hearts because it looks so versatile. I love the puffins, but not the saying since I don’t have a significant other. I send a lot of my cards to Mexico, so the puns won’t translate to make any sense.

  31. By far the winner set is the cute little mice set! Using it with the other mice on ice set or fir that matter any set, the possibilities are endless!

  32. The XOXO portrait is my favorite. I have never seen anything like these XOXOs, and think I will “need” to get it. The are both great, but the portrait might be a tiny bit better to me….?

  33. When I first saw them, I was in love with the puffins. However, I am increasingly becoming more in love with the mice. But to be perfectly honest, I love all the sets this year. I’m not a big Valentines person, but these sets make me want to do more this next year.

  34. It’s too hard to pick just one because I love everything I’ve seen! But that xoxo backdrop is so very cute! I really want it all! ❤️ All the designers have outdone themselves and seeing this group of projects today is better than going to my favorite candy store! Truth!

  35. This release is awesome so it’s really hard to choose a favorite, but I really just love the little puffins – they will go so well with lots of cute cards!

  36. I was so obsessed with the mice on ice, to have a valentines day mouse now too! My favorite for sure. <3 I've asked my husband for it on my Christmas list this year lol

  37. Just LOVE these new Backdrops, and this entire Release! I guess my favorite product from this Release is the Your Just My The stamp set and coordinating dies, but I have to say, I do love EVERYTHING! Look for my Hubby to be placing an order for me for the Holidays (Grant W.), and whatever he doesn’t order (bless his heart), I’ll be purchasing from my local store here in Iowa! Hee hee 😉

  38. Adorable! These background dies are my favorite items in the new release – I love how a background die can really make an adorable, quick card! So cute!!

  39. The whole release is awesome. I think my favorites are the xo backdrops and stitched hearts. Can’t wait to get my wish list done.

  40. Hi, Everyone! My favorite is You’re Just My Type with the super cute mice and typewriter. (When I first learned to type, it was on the old kind that really did go “click clack” and “ding”! Eventually, typing class converted to all electric typewriters so I learned on both.) I also like the Love Poems, the puffins, and the heart shaker tag.

  41. Usually it’s difficult to choose a favorite, but, this time it was easy. I love Stud Puffin. so cute and clever.

    Carol B

  42. I love all of the beautiful new releases, but my most favourite so far is the “You’re Just My Type” set – it’s just so versatile and can be used for any occasion!

  43. While I doubt if I would use the “stud puffin” sentiments the birds themselves are my fav, and a great addition to the LF critter family.

  44. The one that I pick as my favorite is the XOXO backdrop portrait. I can hardly wait to use this. Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  45. OmG this release is sooooo adorable, really hard to take one favorite. But I think the You’re just my Type stamps and dies are my favorites.♥
    Many thanks for this adorable inspiration week and all these wonderful creations.♥

  46. I love the shaker hearts! They are so versatile! And the your just my type stuff! So many options! I would love to play with everything!

  47. Oh goodness it is so so hard for me to pick favorites, especially from such a great release. I’m going to go with Love Poems because it can be used with so many other sets.

  48. You’re just my Type is basically the cutest stamp & die set EVER! Also combined with the Love Poems it’s just the perfect way to tell your love to someone, not just on valentines day but all year round.

  49. There are several things I like from the new release, however “You’re Just My Type” and “Love Poems” are my favorites.
    Feelin’ the love! Thank you Lawn Fawn.

  50. Valentines Day has always been my favorite holiday to create & send cards. This entire release is adorable! I especially love just a little note!! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  51. Choosing a favourite from this release it really difficult. I keep waffling between “Love Poems” and “Just my Type”.
    Either way this release has reignited my love for Lawn Fawn.

  52. I love them all, but You’re Just My Type together with the Love Poems are my favourites. Those mice are so amazingly cute. Love, love love!!!

  53. Hard decision! I think Just My Type, because it’s food for sentiments year-round. I also love Stitched Hearts though. (Really, I love it all!)
    Thanks, Lawn Fawn!

  54. I think this entire release is great. I really love all 3 new stamp sets but if I must choose I am going to have to go with the stud puffin.

  55. I love everything in this release. Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays. I love the ‘You’re Just My Type’ stamp and die set.

  56. I gotta say my favourite item would have to be the stamp set with the mice and the typewriter. So, so cute!
    Greetings from Australia where our family is visiting family over the New Year!

  57. It’s very hard to pick just one favorite b/c everything is so stinkin’ cute but if you twisted my arm, I would go with Just My Type.

  58. These dies are so so pretty.
    I’m hopeless at ever picking just one of anything, and anything Lawn Fawn is that much harder because it’s all so cute!! Having said that, the “Just My Type” stamp set is the cutest ever!!

  59. I think my favorite is the stitched heart dies. So creative. I can see this happening with other shapes. Well done!

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