Lawn Fawn Intro: Into the Woods Remix + Mini Notebooks + Sticky Notes and Thanks Thanks Thanks

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2020 Inspiration and Release week! On September 10 our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Into the Woods Remix paper collection and Thanks Thanks Thanks and coordinating dies! Into the Woods Remix is a paper collection featuring the greatest hits from the classic Into the Woods collection! With cute woodland critters, birch trees, and cheerful colors, this collection is perfect for fall! And now it includes cute Mini Notebooks and adorable new Sticky Notes! Say “thanks” with this versatile stamp set! Featuring three styles of “thanks” plus tons of coordinating sentiments, this set is the perfect way to express your gratitude.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some creative ways of using this new stamp set!

The bright coordinating colors of the Into the Woods Remix collection are perfect for Fall cards! Kara combined five of the 6×6 patterns to create this beautiful design! She used the new Thanks Thanks Thanks set for the sweet greeting. The cute sleeping squirrel from Let’s Go Nuts looks so cute on the tree stump from Meadow Backdrop: Landscape!

Melissa combined the Into the Woods Remix papers to coordinate with the adorable Fall themed photos on her beautiful layout! I love how she used Scripty Happy and Scripty Smile as the page title!

Lynnette‘s thank you card is gorgeous! I love the colorful wreath she made with leaves from the new Acorn House die set!

Elise created a lovely thank you card set using Thanks Thanks Thanks and pretty papers from Let it Shine! I love how she stacked 3 of the thanks die cuts on this simply beautiful card design!

Latisha is ready for Fall gift-giving or to decorate her Thanksgiving table! She mixed and matched the Into the Woods Remix papers to make Pillow Boxes and tags using the new Scalloped Circle Gift Tag set!

Audrey‘s card is so beautiful! I love how she combined the Into the Woods Remix papers with just a little strip of the colorful stripes on the edge! She stamped the large “thanks” and colored it with coordinating colors, such a clever idea!

Melissa‘s scrapbook page has lots of wow factor! She used Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to add a subtle vertical title and stacked up Scripty Happy and Scripty Love as fun design elements!

Tammy‘s adorable Let’s Go Nuts scene fits between 2 of the trees from Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop! The slimline design is perfect for this cute scene with room for the Thanks Thanks Thanks sentiment! I love how she framed the Autumn scene with Into the Woods Remix paper!

Elena filled the whole width of her slimline design with the greeting combining Thanks Thanks Thanks and a sentiment from Den Sweet Den!

Now, we have a video to introduce Thanks Thanks Thanks and to share some fun ways to use this new set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Into the Woods Remix paper collection and Thanks Thanks Thanks! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you but for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by September 9th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this paper collection! (If you already own this collection and win, you can choose another paper collection!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday September 8th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Fall & Winter 2020 products will be available on September 10th!
Into the Woods Remix Collection
Thanks Thanks Thanks and coordinating dies

Super cute Into the Woods Remix Mini Notebooks

And check out the brand new Into the Woods Sticky Notes

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Have an amazing day!


456 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Into the Woods Remix + Mini Notebooks + Sticky Notes and Thanks Thanks Thanks

  1. Love this paper collection 😍 i love woodland animals! The cats of my parents playing and licking each other made me smile today 😊

    1. Such gorgeous colour and designs in this paper collection. After being in the hospital, waking up in my own bed and feeling good made me smile.

  2. Watching my cat Greek out about the birds outside always makes me smile.
    I love how many comments are about pets!

  3. Yesterday, I hung on one of my wall a massive maple leaf garland for fall season. Everytime my eyes fall on it, I smile big !

  4. I live in an old house and I’m tackling the exterior windows. There are 40 panes of glass on each set of windows. I’ve stripped the multiple layers of paint and chipped out the glazing. Some of the wood seemed a little soft when I pressed on it. I found something called wood restorer that you paint on then it penetrates the wood and hardens it. I’m smiling because it worked! I am amazed and happy all this hard work will last even longer now.

  5. The postman arriving with a package full of Lawn Fawn goodies made me smile this morning!! And I’ll be smiling even more when he delivers all the new goodies next week!! 🤩

  6. My cat goes completely wild twice a day for about 15 minutes. She then runs around like crazy and is just super fun to watch 😀

  7. Loving all these sweet prints. Today is the first day of virtual school for my girls and we are all excited about this new adventure.

  8. Today is my dad’s birthday and that made me smile today! I love the paper collection!! I am a sucker for sticky notes and those little notebooks!

  9. Such a great set! It’s always a good idea to say thank you and I love the card ideas. I am very excited about the cute sticky notes! Today my kids made me smile, as always! But I got a real chuckle when our kitty got tangled in my bed head hair!

  10. what made me smile today… and it’s only 8 am here, is my neighbor’s cat at my door. he always drops in first thing in the morning to say hello 🙂

  11. Love the paper. I, too, love anything woodland, especially with very cute LF woodland animals. My coffee and enjoying the early autumn sounds and smells this morning makes me smile.

  12. Being home with my family made me smile today! Also the new Lawn Fawn exclusive stamp set with Simon Says Stamp made me smile today!!!

  13. A good cup of coffee and a beautiful sunrise…that makes me smile everyday!
    So glad Into the Woods is back! I love that paper!

  14. I smiled at the bears in the mug card! Love those bears and hello warm drink for fall… LOVE!!! The projects for today are all fabulous! But to really answer the question, I smile often now with my almost 4 month old son; he brings so much joy into my life.

  15. I had a happy smile when knitting with my daughter while watching lawn fawn videos on YouTube. The “Thanks” stamps/dies look very useful.

  16. What a great sentiment set! My daughter made me smile this morning…she thinks that she sleeps in when she wakes up at 8 am! Lol! So sweet!

  17. What made me smile today? All these adorable woodland creatures! Gorgeous cards, and I love the Into the Woods Remix paper!

  18. So glad I still own the original Into the Woods collection! Those mini notebooks and sticky notes made me smile today!

  19. Beautiful papers and a versatile stamp set, cool <3.
    My cats made me smile today, as they are using our storage boxes to enjoy themselves. They will be pretty disappointed when we continue unpacking them ^^…

  20. Oh, I do like those sticky notes!! Cuties! What made me smile today? First that I managed to get one of the SSS’s LF-release today – crazy expensive, but.. birthday present to myself (yes, I know it’s not until July next year, but …). Next thing that made me smile it’s that we have a sunny day here. And now I’ll grab a coffee and will sit down in my backyard and continue to read the latest Hilary Mantel-book about Thomas Cromwell who served Henry VIII… super well written!
    What a day, huh? 🙂

  21. Today is a holiday so when the alarm went off, I knew I could continue laying in bed with no worries. That made me smile.

  22. Those thanks cards made me smile because they made me think of how much I thank my boyfriend for always being there for me 🙂

  23. The hummingbirds at the feeder make me smile! And checking out the Lawn Fawn post with all the inspiring ideas makes my day!

  24. Waking up and seeing today is Lawn Fawn on Simon Says Stamp for Stamptember!
    I cant wait to get all these cute things!!

  25. Taking the time to enjoy a good book made me smile today. So thankful for the little moments before the house is awake.

  26. I love Into the Woods!!!! And this is so sweet, and the note pad is adorable. What makes me smile today is it’s my mom’s birthday!

  27. Good morning today’s products are awesome. I really like the Thanks set.
    What made me smile, the limited edition Lawn Fawn set for #stamptember made me smile last night right before going to bed. This morning I saw Nichol Spohr’s video and I loved it. Thank you for inspiring us. Also going back a few days, when I heard Kelly’s voice on the Intro to Shutter Card & Shutter card add on made me smile. I miss seeing Kelly’s videos.

  28. You know honestly knowing my kids are finally going back to school tomorrow after almost 6 months really made me smile today. And these cards – they are adorable!

  29. I smiled when my dog and his doggie friend wagged their tails and kissed first thing this morning.

    The squirrels and the bears with their cozy scenes. I can’t wait til they are in my mailbox.

  30. My one year old made me smile today, as she does everyday! Today’s blog post made me smile too, the new papers look way too cute!!!

  31. Waking up and feeling my dog’s head under my hand, as she tried to get me to give her good-morning pets and snuggles…that definitely made me smile today!

  32. The thing that me smile was your email about the stamp set you guys created with Simon says stamp! It is very cute as are these new papers! Can’t wait sit to start shopping!

  33. Being able to have the windows open, the sun shining,
    and a free day makes me smile. Love the little
    animals. thanks for sharing

    1. My kids aren’t the greatest in the car, but today, they were smiling and laughing and playing together with one another and it just made my heart smile!

  34. Watching the release week, while drinking my morning coffee, always makes me smile! Thanks for another great day!

  35. Love the adorable projects! Cannot wait for this release! My daughter telling me she is expecting her first child made me smile today.

  36. The day is not over yet so I hope there are a lot more smiles to come! Right now I am smiling because my husband made the kids breakfast on a weekday. Always nice!
    The thanks 3x stamp set is preety nifty and one can never have enough thank you cards!

  37. What made me smile is getting to see my grandchildren today. (And thinking about using all the new release products from Lawn Fawn, of course!)

  38. Waking up to a sunny day, after hours of a thunderstorm during the night, made me smile today. And of course the new Lawn fawn designs

  39. Loving everything in this fantastic new release!!! I am smilin as I spent the weekend up at the lake with my grandsons:)

  40. My husband made me smile today – we’ve been separated due to Covid quarantine, but were finally able to spend time together again

  41. My dog, Apollo, always makes me smile. He wants to fit in the bed and doesn’t always fit easily. This doesn’t deter him and he makes it work!

  42. I received a beautiful handwritten letter a few days ago and everyday I reread it…it gives me a smile. Jumping for joy over the cute sticky notes!

  43. Lots of things to smile about to- it’s a holiday day off! I was correct in my Stamptember prediction about today being Lawn Fawn’s day and got my order in early. Heading out later to drop off a card to a fellow crafty friend and picking up some free patio stones 🙂

  44. I am thankful for cooler nights and evidence of the changing season with new colours, shorter days and garden harvest, this makes me smile! The Thanks Thanks Thanks and Into the Woods remix paper also reminds us of what we have to be thankful for!

  45. My husband made me smile today as he brought me coffee he says” I bet you are super excited to watch the Lawn Fawn video today!” He must know me pretty well!

  46. I smiled when my husband told me the first field of peas has been harvested – on to the next field! Here is to a safe and prosperous harvest to all the farmers.

  47. My husband made me smile this morning. I’m taking care of him post back surgery, and he always remembers to be appreciative.

  48. My chicken made me laugh today: i had just given some fish to my cat and the cat bent down to eat it, when the chicken came running by and stole the fish in a split second. the cat and i stayed still, looking at the empty plate, not believing our eyes.

  49. The new release is so cute. I love the trees that hold secrets inside and the into the woods remix paper…it’s perfect!!!! ❤️

  50. I THANK THANK THANK the Good Lord every morning and smile because I got up on the right side of the grass!! Another day to be with my hubby (who always makes me smile) in my house (that has become the perfect bubble) and craft (so I can make others smile)! That makes me smile!

  51. This paper definitely made me smile!! Really cute cards, page layouts, tags and goodie bags! Also looking at pictures of my 6 grandkids makes me smile! 😘😍

  52. My dog made me smile and it is bit naughty, but he likes to bark at our neighbors in their family room if he is outside and they are in that room. We always go get him to come in when he starts barking sometimes seeing him at the back of the yard barking into their bark yard makes me laugh, because what a goofy dog to do that. He is really sweet and loves everyone, so he probably just wants them to come see him. 🙂

  53. I smiled when I saw the Tweetings September set available and just had to have it! Can’t wait for the full release.

  54. What made me smile that the sun is shinning on this holiday & spending the day with my husband!
    Love the new Into the woods paper pad & mini notebook! Looking forward to adding stamps & dies
    to my Lawn Fawn collection! I also just purchased STAMPtember LF Tweeting Stamp & Die Set!

  55. Such a cute basic stamp set! Today I got to smile looking at the adorable samples from the design team (I mean, aren’t they just the cutest?).

  56. the cooler weather combined with a walk with the dogs made me smile today! Thank you for all that you do, Lawn Fawn!

  57. I went for a walk on the trail near my home and smiled at several people I passed. I like Latisha’s tag idea – it’s a little different. So many really great creative ideas during this release – love them all.

  58. I’m interested in the ‘into the woods remix’ paper since I was never able to buy the original. Today, a pumpkin donut made me smile lol, I haven’t been awake too long.

  59. I held out my hand to my dog Lukas. He was sitting across the room. He didn’t come over to me, but he did hold up his paw.

  60. I get to craft all day instead of working. What could be happier?! I’m dying to see this little squirrel set!!

  61. Great products, loving those beautiful Papers! So pretty, so Fall like–so ready for it! Today I smiled when I got to visit my 90 year old Mother and then came home to find some sticky (and precious) fingerprints from our 3 year old grand daughter, we had her for the weekend–nothing better than celebrating the little things of every age! xo~

  62. Hmmm, what made me smile today — our grandson is coming over for his first ever visit to our house!! We are so excited!! Happy Labor Day to us! Also, our daughter is bringing over her new beau — I’ve warned her he won’t get much attention! 🙂

  63. A “thinking of you” text message with a photo from family made me smile!
    Love the papers! Cute inspiration today! 🍁

  64. Having a bright sunny day made me smile this morning. Plus, I was able to purchase the Simon Says stamp exclusive Lawn Fawn Sweet Tweetings set and seeing all the samples made me smile.

  65. My dog always makes me smile, especially in the morning. He loves to see what type of fruit I am having, hoping he will get his “fair” share. 🙂

  66. I smile every day. Happy to be alive and healthy. However, my boyfriend surprised me with breakfast this morning so extra big smile today. I love this new release. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  67. Today my internet went out and I followed all the basic steps and still needed help. My roommate and our resident IT person came down, got under my desk and figured out the probably – all of this within about 15 minutes of them getting out of bed. I really thought it was kind that they just came down and fixed it even though they were sleepy. It made me smile for sure.

  68. Too much cuteness going around! Love it. You can tell Fall is on the way and this is perfect time to cuddle with my youngest…..even if he sometimes doesn’t want

  69. Even tho today is a holiday it is my day off. Spent the morning catching up on cards. When I was done my craft table was clean. That made me smile! Now I am all ready to start new projects, perfect time for a new release.

  70. The way my son was telling me all about the animal facts that he knows. He was so animated and it absolutely put a smile on my face to hear him talk excitedly about what he had learned. 😍😍😍

  71. Woke up to a clean load of dishes – when I wasn’t the one to start the dishwasher! Made me smile and say THANKS. Love the thanks set.

  72. What delightful products today. Those mini-notebooks are stinkin’ cute and hooray for sticky notes. Love the Into the Woods Remix paper.

  73. Love the thanks thanks thanks set. I was hoping you would make one 😃. I smiled this morning when I found out it was LF’s turn for Stamptember on SSS. Love the collaboration set and can’t wait to get it.

  74. So nice to have many ways to say Thanks! My bird JoJo who is an African Grey Parrot made me smile today. She absolutely cracks me up.

  75. My husband and I removed the old bed from the guest room to make room for a craft room update – that certainly made me smile!

  76. Love the remix of the paper pad and all the extra goodies! My dog, Daisy, made me smile today because even though she’s 14 years old she still acts like a puppy and does goofy things. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  77. awesome new things – I love the versatility of the thanks set!
    watching our little puppy do silly things made me smile today. 🙂

  78. Love the paper. I went for a walk this morning and it made me smile when I ran into a friend that I have not seen since March😊

  79. Looking at all my new craft supplies I recently received made me smile. I’m sure can’t wait to order and get this new Lawn Fawn release….that will make me smile for weeks!

  80. My favorite Fall or Autumn activity is celebrating Halloween with my granddaughters. I probably have more Halloween themed stamps than any other theme! We just love Halloween!

  81. What made me smile was eating out at a favorite coastal restaurant today. The first time we have eaten out since March!!!!!!!!!!!! I had crab cakes, seasoned fries, slaw and hush puppies. I’ve lost 17 pounds since this COVID mess started, I don’t care a bit if I gain 5 pounds from this lunch. It was delicious!!!

  82. Amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents! Found some fun painted rocks on my bike ride this morning. They were so cute!!

  83. My younger daughter has just gotten into reading on her own so I found her on her bed reading away this morning and that makes me smile! I’m really looking forward to the Thanks set because I hand make a set of thank you cards for both my daughter’s teachers every year and some versatility would be very welcome!

  84. Just being able to enjoy my kids and husband for the day has had me smiling non stop. I love my family…. And I am loving this release as well! That paper 💕

  85. It made me smile this morning to see all of my nieces and my kids playing together as soon as they woke up 🙂

  86. Today, we went on a trip to a larger city and strolled around in the historic city. The sun was shining and we enjoyed some ice-cream. No stress, no worries. It was a perfect and happy day.

  87. Sleeping in late due to the holiday made me smile today! Such a nice treat! I love these papers with the little critters on them, so darling!

  88. Talking to my Sister on the phone.
    She’s in another state and with the Pandemic we aren’t able to see each other so talking by phone is the next best thing!
    Love the new paper collection!

  89. We had a cookout today at my uncles. When we came home one of my cats was sitting on a table by the door. He reached out to my dad with both paws and gave him a hug. This made us all smile. His name is Daniel and he is my hugging cat. It does startle people, who come in, when he reaches up and puts his paws on their shoulders and leans in for a hug and pet. He is a big lovable cat. Oh, and seeing the Lawn Fawn Stamptember collaboration set today made me smile. So cute. I was smiling even more when I purchased it.

  90. The sticky notes are soo cute!
    I think Thanks Thanks Thanks will be great!
    I smiled when we were able to get my car in garage today!!

  91. Today I had my family over for a bbq and being with my family always makes me smile.
    This is a lovely stamp set. I’m also loving the remix papers. The notebook and those post-its are super cute too!

  92. I love fall! It makes me happy to see all the leaves colorful and bring in the cooler weather. Looking at the new Lawn Fawn makes me happy too, all the inspiration is incredible!

  93. Beautiful sunny day here! Ran across pictures of my daughter when we was 3 while cleaning out a closet. Sweet memories! She’ll turn 9 next week!

  94. Watching a video of my mother learning to putt on a golf course. Meem is 96 years old. She was enjoying herself. That made me smile today.

  95. Today my tiny dogs chased each other all around the yard, complete with falling over each other at one point. They were so busy playing that they didn’t even notice the squirrel in the tree behind them!

  96. Receiving a picture of my grand babies made me smile today! 🥰 They are my pride and joy! Loved all the new papers and the amazing projects from the design team! ❤️❤️❤️

  97. Today my daughter made me margaritas to go with our fajitas, rice, and beans! Definitely made me smile :). I can’t wait for this paper collection to be available.

  98. Today what makes me smile is the thought of being able to reach all of my Veteran clients who were just ordered to evacuate a fire zone. They all answered my call, and were all okay. That is something to smile about. Some days it is the little things, and other days it is the safety of others. 🙂

  99. The coffee cup and marshmallow is a MUST HAVE!!! Love it all so much! Today I got a hug from my baby girl (who is an adult!) and it just made everything right in my world. What more could a gal want…Lawn Fawn release, crafting and hugs. Oh ya!

  100. Making a Snickers and carmel topped birthday cake with my kids was just the thing to make me smile this morning. We celebrated my husband’s pandemic birthday right before school at home starts tomorrow! 🎉

  101. Watching a groundhog eat peanuts in my backyard made me smile today. He was sitting up on his hind legs and his little black paws made it look like he was wearing gloves – such a dignified gentleman!

  102. I couldn’t think of something that made me smile today, I mean I smirked, grimaced, sarcastically curled the side of my face, but nothing until this post. Then I realized, this post made me smile. So hoorah for LF!

  103. Seeing little kids have a great time at work today made me smile. (Not that anyone could tell since I was wearing a mask.) One of those was seeing a little one say, “Choo, Choo.” several times as he walked alongside his parents. I told them, “It’s easy to see what his favorite thing was today.”

  104. Spending time with my family. Making donuts from scratch for breakfast followed by fun family time together all day long.

  105. I smile when I take my cat for a walk and watch him hunting. He never catches anything but he sure does like to try.

  106. With every stampset you reveal I am more amazed and more envious. I want to get my inky hands on all of them!
    These cards are so beautiful and so much fun and incredibly cute! Hope you feel proud of the beautiful cards and I hope to see more, soon!👏👏👏❤

  107. I drove 2 hours today to shop at my favorite craft store – Crafts Direct in St. Cloud, MN. I bought the Lawn Fawn Flippin’ Awesome die (the last one) and that put a BIG smile on my face. 😉

  108. AMAZING 😍😍😍
    I still get surprised by all the different creations that can be made with the same products ❤️😍❤️

  109. All these cute cards and cool new products made me smile today. Love the squirrels and the new Thanks, thanks, thanks set!

  110. More fun goodies! Love the new paper collection and the Thanks Thanks Thanks. My granddaughter made me smile today.

  111. Enjoying a lovely afternoon walk with my husband made me smile. We were blessed with great weather this holiday weekend.

  112. The hug from my G.Daughter made me smile today 🙂 Awesome new goodies & loving that we’re able to say a lot more thanks with our cards with the help of LF. Amazing DT projects!

  113. I work in a hospital, and I go all over the place for my job; I see everything (good AND bad). But today (well, yesterday because it’s 6:30am and I haven’t seen anything yet today, lol) the one thing that put a GIGANTIC smile on my face and kept me smiling for a long time was when I turned around in the one room I was in and they had just brought a new baby in the room for a check-up. Of course I stayed on the other side of the room, and I am so covered up it’s ridiculous, but I got to stand there and see this beautiful new life. Oh believe me, I stayed longer then I needed to just to see this precious little angel. It was the highlight of my day, and probably my week 😉

  114. I got a new kitten yesterday – never had a kitten before – adopted older cats – but this is new – seeing all the crazy things he does – how he bolts from one place to the other then crashes and goes to sleep – new life if sweet..

  115. I love to see thank you cards! we should be thankful, and no is the best time to show it with a card, since we cannot say it in person with a hug!

  116. Those notebooks are the cutest things! What made me smile today – well the kids are off to school today and i have in the oven a loaf of cheesey dutch oven bread….it should be cool enough to cut just before they leave for school to put in their lunch!! I love that i can surprise them.

  117. LOVE the NEW Products and the AMAZING Inspiration shared!! My FAMILY made me SMILE today!! We spent the Labor Day Weekend together making memories!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  118. Thanks Thanks Thanks!!! I love the Happy Happy Happy stamp set and this new Thanks set is perfect! I can’t wait to get and use it. And, what made me smile today is a jigsaw puzzle. I needed to get my mind off the world so I sat down at the dining room table and did a puzzle all afternoon. It was mindless, fun, and I enjoyed myself. What made you smile?

  119. I was on a walk with my dog and we came across this adorable cat that just wanted to love on and play with my dog. It was so cute watching them I couldn’t help but smile and giggle.

  120. I appreciate the Thank you card examples. I like to send out a number of those, just to remind people I appreciate them and all they do. I also think the scrapbook layouts in this post are wonderful. I have been so focused on card making over the years, I forget that these products are amazing for so much more.

  121. First thing that made me smile today is waking up to my 3 little doggies. I love them so much. Seeing their little cute faces just make me smile 🙂 I’m in love with this remix paper and the Thanks Thanks Thanks stamp and die set. I really cannot wait to get this release 🙂

  122. Love the notebooks, Sticky notes and those gorgeous colored leaves.
    My Cat made me Smile. She gets under a BIG rug and takes her nap. All you see is a BIG lump in the rug!!!

  123. Adorable! I love these papers! My daughters (12 and 13 years old) are learning how to skateboard and they made a check list of skills they want to master and the very last thing on the last was “Look Cool”. I loved that!

  124. This Into the Woods Remix paper is so sweet! I’m not sure what or if I’d write in the mini book, but I love it. Again, the fox 🦊 is calling me!

  125. I made my first purchase of Lawn Fawn stamps and dies today, and that REALLY made me smile! I can’t wait until they arrive and I get to play with your adorable products!

  126. Photos and videos of my grandchildren that my daughter messaged to me made me smile big time! I miss seeing them but am glad they’re staying healthy and happy. This paper pad also made me smile and I love what the DT did with it.

  127. I found a card that my now 13 year old son made me when he was in 3rd grade. It had slipped between the car seat in my parents car. Melted my heart to see his handwriting from so long ago.

  128. I love this paper. So cute. My pups always make me smile. Everyday. They are the joy of my life. Thanks. Take care ❤️

  129. My daughter came home for her birthday and we all played games, watched a movie, had cake, etc… seeing my kids always makes me smile!

  130. Seeing my Mom smile when she saw us, made me smile. She’s 91 and is having to be careful so she has not had many visitors in the last few months.

  131. Today is difficult to survive because my dad passed away on this very day 2 years ago but the latest video by The Bucket list family about baby Callihan’s swim lessons made me smile broader than ever !

  132. My daughter makes me smile she’s pregnant and due in a few weeks and everytime she sends me a picture she looks bigger and bigger.

  133. What made me smile today is all the new release items from lawn fawn!! I also always smile in the morning when I get to wake up and take my dog Milo for a walk. He is such a sweetie!

  134. Love this paper. How sweet. This am I saw a story regarding the California wildfires. A woman lost everything, but then her dog came running towards her and she said “My cabin is gone but this is what is most important!” I was so happy to see the reunion, but also got a lesson on being thankful!

  135. What made me smile today was my one year old girl falling asleep in her high chair after eating too much at dinner! I guess she likes black beans, lol!

  136. I can’t remember if I commented on this yet or not….but my youngest cat loves to sleep in my bath tub..not sure why. Lol. But when i go into the bathroom and see her curled up in a little ball that makes me smile.

  137. Being in a Covid lockdown for the past 6 weeks & another 2 weeks to go in Melb, Australia and even though we all have to wear masks outside, everyone was saying hello and smiling, just enjoying the spring sunshine & being outside and friendly during their lunch time walks whilst working or schooling from home. I found that really special because where we were worried and cautious, we know we can all still smile.

  138. This morning when I woke up, my cat was asleep in one of the chairs in the living room. A few hours later when I got home from work, he was sat outside by the front door waiting for me, and when he saw me at the end of the street he ran up to me meowing the whole way, purring and pulling himself closer to me when I picked him up! He hasn’t done that for a long time and it was the best thing❤️

  139. I love these fall cards! I am a kindergarten teacher (teaching virtually right now) and today I received the sweetest message from one of my students saying they were so happy to have a lovely teacher.

  140. Pretty excited about these papers guys, not gonna lie! 😁 Today my daughter happily participating in online school (which makes her cry usually) made me smile.

  141. I smiled because my teenage son was in a decent mood this morning, he is usually pretty grumpy before school but today he was actually pleasant. I am not a morning person either, so I do understand!

  142. What made me smile was the placement of the squirrels on the acetate for this stamp set. I love the squirrel jumping over the leaves!

  143. Into the woods is one of my favorite stamp sets so I am so excited that there is paper to coordinate with it – I will be purchasing a lot of this!!! Fall is my favorite time of year and I tend to make the most cards right now – SO MANY IDEAS for all of these new and wonderful sets to be released tomorrow!!! Sending all very happy thoughts and thank you for all the wonderful products that you make 🙂

  144. Your Videos made me smile today! 🙂 I love the jingle and to see the new stamps and its just so calming, all of the creators sound so friendly and it really gives a good mood! 🙂

  145. Getting a craft room ready to paint made me happy today and will make me happy for years to come making cards with Lawn Fawn’s help of course! I love the Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! Thanks so much!

  146. I love each part of this inspiration week 🙂 And what makes me smile? My kitty which during my sleep brings me all her toys to my bed 😀

  147. What made me smile today was watching my husband dance along to the sounds of the coffee machine. It’s a small thing but so funny and such an insider joke.

  148. The mug die cut is fantastic! I am also so glad that you guys came out with a set of Thank You stamps, there are so many people that need to be thanked these days!!!

  149. Hello from Malta, NY. Once again you have come up with amazing new friends to add to my collection. The stand alone dies are a must have.

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